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/x/, I need an advise I guess
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/x/, I need an advise I guess

I never posted here, and I barely even visited this board. I'm not that much into creepy stuff. But something creepy happened to me in the past and this shit is back, so... I guess I'll tell you the story.

It started back when I lived in my hometown, Odessa in Ukraine. Ever since I was small, my granddad brought me to 411th Battery. It was a coastal gun battery during WW2 and it was turned into a WW2 memorial some time after. You can check it out, it's on wikipedia I believe. Frankly, that place was amazing. It had a LOT of tanks, guns, planes and whatnot placed all around a huge area, sort of a park. There was no supervision, area wasn't enclosed, and you could come there for free at any time, climb any vehicle and even get inside some. Most of tanks were welded shut, but there was an armored train on a piece of tracks which you could get in.

I was into military stuff, so the place was just purely awesome for me to be at. When I was in early teens, I only visited it with my granddad, because it was some few kilometers from our home and I didn't know the road as it went through a suburban area and near the coast. When I was in my late teens, I kept coming there from time to time with my school friends.

So, anyhow, there were two large vehicles there, standed on concrete supports. One was an old anti-mine boat. When I was very young I got inside of it with a lot of other kids, but it was all rusty and broken there, and there were a lot of insulation pieces around. You probably don't know, but insulation back in USSR was made out of foamy stuff with very small pieces of glass in it for whatever reason, like sandgrain size. I got one stuck in my foot, got terrified that it will go to my heat through the blood stream. Anyway, after that that boat was off limits for me, because I was scared it'd happen again.

And then there was this submarine...
Back when I was young, it appeared HUGE to me. But it was a small sub, which class, "Malutka", is roughly translated as "Baby" or "Little".

There was no way to get inside it from below and it was so large when I was around 10-12, that I couldn't even get on the concrete supports, let alone topside. However, I heard that older teenagers got in from above.

So as you might imagine, me and two of my best friends figured out we should get there some day. And we recalled that when we were about 17. So we decided to go there on one summer evening. As I mentioned there was no supervision or security of any sort, but we didn't want to attract attention of other people. So the day was already getting a bit dim and there were next to no people at the whole place.

It wasn't easy to climb the sub, but we managed to get on concrete support, then on a fin, then made our way up from there. After that, we got onto that tall bridge thing. The main hatch was of course welded shut. But those windoes you can see on top are large enough to get in. Well, me and my friend Maks did got in. But the other friend, Vlad got a bit scared at this point. You know, maybe a bit claustrophobic. I felt it too, those windows weren't exactly comfortable and we had no idea what was inside the sub. Still, we pulled out flashlights and got inside. Vlad stayed on top.
Moar! This is interesting so far.
The sub turned out pretty much as we expected. Inside it was rusted a LOT, a lot of wall and floor parts were missing, so we moved using support beams. First we checked the nose, where the torpedoes were. It was same stuff everywhere. A lot of rusty metal, that's all. Of course it was absolutely cool for us to be there in the first place. Then we moved around the center and finally into the back, to the engine compartment. There, Maks got ahead, while I stayed a bit behind to look at some junk that wasn't as rusted, trying to figure out whatever it was.

And some point I grew bored of it and went further in to see what Maks had found. And then I saw him.

The engine compartment wasn't as rusted and destroyed for whatever reason, I could move quite easily there, and so did Maks, who stood about in the middle of it. He didn't move however and was staring at something I didn't see, frozen, his flashlight pointed there with his arms down beside the body. That was weird, and I moved a bit closer to get a better look. Finally I moved at an angle which allowed me to see what Maks was looking at.
You got my attention, op. Keep writing it down.
And when I saw it, I froze in fear, about three meters from Maks.

There was a figure, few meters away from him, deeper into sub's guts. It hunched near some large piece of rusted machinery, probably an engine or transmission. Maks's flashlight wasn't touching it directly, but I could see it.

Now, I'm not sure if you guys are aware. Ukraine back in 90-00's? It wasn't as wild as you probably imagine but that wasn't America or Europe either. We were fully aware of various dangers. It could be a junkie, criminal or homeless person (who I was scared of when I was a kid for whatever reason). So we weren't curious and weren't inclined to say "Hello?", okay? We were scared SHITLESS. All of that ran through my mind, as well as the perfect realization that getting out of that sub will not be as fast as I wanted it to be.
Nice story. Post more!
Go on, OP.
Now, if you were terrified at some point in your life, you know full well that if you don't freeze up, your instincts kick in. So I took a step back, and my flashlight's light shook forward, lighting the figure a bit more. It slowly turned it's head to us and then... well I have no fucking idea if it was a man. I hope it was, just out of sheer will to stay sane. It was very skinny, wore some sort of torn clothing, possibly a uniform and it wore an old gas mask, you know, that scary soviet model with round eye holes. I think the glass was shattered, because when flashlight slipped about it, the reflected light wasn't in circular shape.

At this point the figure stared in our direction for I have no idea how long. It was probably a second. Felt like a few. And then the entire sub filled with a loud sonar ping. If you ever saw a submarine movie or whatever, you know that sound.

The sonar shook me from freeze up and I just started screaming at this point. I turned back and bolted out as fast as I could. You have no idea how hard it is to navigate on rusted-out submarine in almost pitch-black darkness, when your entire body is shaking like crazy and all that goes through your mind is sheer terror. At this point I was so horrified, I didn't know what happened behind me. After I reached the bridge I heard loud running steps from below and my mind told me it was the figure, and it's chasing me. So, this close to losing it, I kept climbing on instinct untill I reached the window, and Vlad, also scared because he heard my screams, practically pulled me out.

Only after taking a few breaths on top of the bridge I realized Maks is still in and Vlad is asking me what happened.
I clealy wasn't in shape of doing or saying anything, but senses started to come back to me and I understood I also hear screaming from below. It was Maks.

After what felt like an hour, Vlad started pulling someone else out. At this point I thought that the figure is probably getting out, but I froze in fear again instead of trying to warn him. I admit it wasn't the best moment of my life, far from. I left my friend in danger and now didn't warn my other friend. I regret it to this day and probably will forever.

It turned out better than I expected though. Vlad pulled Maks out. And I tell you what, I have no idea how I looked, but Maks's face appeared almost completly white and the expression was well... I have no idea how "he must've seen death itself" looks like, but that was probably it.

We managed to catch a bit of breath and then Vlad helped us both to get down, keeping on asking us what happened. I mumbled something barely making sense and Maks couldn't speak at all.

Somehow we managed to return to our homes. Needless to say, the night was sleepless for me, but I didn't say anything to my family, because I didn't want to get in trouble for getting into the sub. Neither did my friends anyways.

But that wasn't the end of it...
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continue plz...
Few weeks went past and I gradually became calmer and calmer.

From when I was very little, having some sort of weapon around me always gave me confidence for whatever reason, even in matters like fear of the dark or not being able to sleep after watching a horror movie.

When I was little, I kept some of my airsoft pistols around my bed, thinking that if ghosts or monsters are real, then my pistol will hurt them, because that would be just, right? Kid logic I guess... Still, few nights after the sub, I kept them and some knives around my bed. I also had a meter long pipe with duct-tape handle on one end. That gave me enough confidence to sleep decently.

Vlad of course asked me what happened, and I recapped it to him. He figured it might've been just some homeless guy, and I kept telling myself just that, even if I didn't believe in it.

Vlad however, did not hear the loud sonar ping.

As with Maks, it was far worse than me... He was anxious as fuck and shut himself in, started talking less and less. When Vlad asked him about sub, Maks started shaking, frozen in fear. We were afraid of his health, so we stopped talking about sub with Maks around. After a while, he grew more and more disinterested in pretty much anything, and we stopped seeing him altogether, except when at class. He kinda broke off, and being stupid teenagers as we were, we didn't help him through it, we just sort of distanced ourselves out too. His parents were so neglegent, I doubt they cared, even if they noticed the change in his behavior.
After a few months I completly recovered and started sleeping and living just as always. Funny enough - I never once had a nightmare about the sub. Ever. You'd think I would. Well, nope.

However, after a few months, something happened.

I woke up in the middle of the night. I had no idea what it was that woke me up. I felt extremly uneasy though, so I got my weapons back around my bed and after some hour fell asleep.

About two months later, I woke up again in the middle of the night. I was fairly sure some sort of sound woke me up. Again, weapons, confidence, sleep.

Another couple of months. I wake up. And then I hear the sonar ping. At this point I got scared shitless, bolted out of the bed to turn the light on and spent the rest of the night with pipe in my hands, sitting on the floor, leaning against the wall. Couple other nights, I could barely sleep as well. Then eventually it got better, although I felt quite anxious since then.

About half a year went by.
So, about a year after sub event, I woke up in the middle of the night again. At first I figured I'd hear a sonar ping again, so I reached for the pipe, which I chose to keep around my bed from the last time. But the sound didn't come, and with weapon at hand I felt confident enough.

Now, you have to know that back in Odessa, I lived with my grand parents in 3 room flat. Each of us had own room.

Mine had a balcony, really kind of large one. My granddad made a lot of work back in the day to put windows and stuff in it, so it wasn't an open balcony, it was more like an additional room, separated from my room by windows and a door, all covered with semi-transparent, actually sheer I guess you might call it, courtains.

So I get a bit up on the bed and look there. The moon was near full then, it was cloudless, so there was a lot of light on the balcony. And yes, I saw it.

I saw that same fucking silhouette, with old type of gas mask, with the "elephant trunk" rubber pipe. And I could swear I could see moonlight reflecting in the cracked glass.
Nice story op, continue
give us more!
I wanted to yell out, but my scream froze in my lungs. Besides, my granddad was paralyzed by then, so he wouldn't help me in any way. My grandmother was almost 70 year old.

The figure stood motionless there. But the pipe was still in my hand. So I took a few deep breaths, trying my best not to move or blink and clean my mind. As I mentioned, weapons give me a lot of confidense, even when I'm scared. Maybe even too much.

So my mind went to the bravery routine, you know, when you get so scared, you get mad? And you go "Fuck you! BRING IT ON!", even though you are scared shitless and it's an empty bravado? But that happened. So I stood up and went right to the door, slowly, with pipe raised. After all, I thought, either I fuck this bastard up right here and now, or live in fear for the rest of my life.

I did not turn the lights on, because due to the nature of courtains and loss of night vision, balcony would be pitch black for me then. Moonlight was enough. My heart was beating like crazy, my body was shaking from adrenaline. The shit was as real as it can possibly get.
The figure was standing facing a bit away from the door, considering the gasmask. So I slowly started to turn the handle. But the door is old as shit, so it produced a sound of course.

The creature changed posture a bit and my legs got weak inspite of my will. It then turned it's head a bit in my direction. I suddenly lost the idea of what am I going to do. The adrenaline was probably still there, but I couldn't force myself to do anything. Then a loud sonar ping hit my ears. It was so surprising, I closed my eyes for split second.

The figure was gone. I got very anxious and checked all around the balcony and my room, cieling included, then got out on the balcony and double checked. It wasn't there.

I bolted out of the room, closed the door, got into room where my grandmother was sleeping and spent a night sitting in a chair, my eyes trailed at the door, pipe in my hand.

I haven't told anything to anyone. Maybe I was just crazy. Shit, I still think I might be.

Still wasn't the end of it though...
First thing in the morning, I drank some coffie and checked my room and the balcony. Windows on the balcony were intact.

However, those balconies were used for fire ladders back in the day. Ladders were long dismantled then by flat owners, but hatches remained there. However, hatch in my floor was covered in a lot of heavy stuff that granddad used to store there. None of it was moved, there was a lot of dust on it still. I checked the hatch above, but my granddad painted over it some time ago. Paint had no cracks, so that one wasn't opened either.

At this point I knew there are two possibilities.

Either this figure is something paranormal. Or I am going crazy. I had no idea which I would prefer. Either way, after that event, I started sleeping on sofa in my granddad's room. Grandmother asked me why, I just told her that balcony really creeps me out for whatever reason. I don't know what she thought, but she just shrugged it off.

Then, after a few months, I moved in to my mother in Warsaw, Poland and went to school, then found a job and lived there, untill now. I'm 25 now. Nothing weird has happened to me since then untill lately.
So I live here in Warsaw for about 6 years now.

I don't keep much contact with my friends back in Odessa, I'm just like that.

However, Vlad contacted me a year ago.

He told me that Maks moved to Moscow two years from now. And at the time of contact, Vlad spoke to me to say, he just got to know from Maks's parents that he commited suicide. He left no note, details are not known because Vlad didn't want to dig in too much.

Back then, I thought, well shit. That's a shame, I mean it happens. There could be any reason for him to do it, hell, at some point I was extremely depressed and suicidal too, for various reasons. Life can be tough, especially for an immigrant.

Something happened this night though.
gg, good story
I woke up in the middle of the night, and heard a faint sonar ping.

It made me recall everything, even though it happened years ago.

I tried contacting Vlad, but he is at sea, working on a ship and won't be in reach for a couple of months at least.

I double checked my house, doors, windows, whatever.

I still like weapons and I have some swords and bayonettes in my house, so I put them near my bed. My girlfriend asked what it is about, and I eventually cracked and told her the whole story. I wish I didn't, she is also anxious now. But I had to tell her. She is around me, she might be in danger. I'm considering sending her off to live with her mother for some time, even though it's a shitty idea.

And now, I told you. Why? I guess because you would read this and I wouldn't face you calling me crazy?

I can't call the police or ask anyone for help over a fucking sonar ping, right?

Maybe it was just some neighbour from other flat, watching a movie? Maybe I mistook some other sound for sonar? Maybe I just imagined it from being half asleep?

I don't know. I have no idea what to do.
>I don't know. I have no idea what to do.
If you really can't move forward without figuring out why this thing is tormenting you, I would suggest going back to the submarine. you might find clues that can help you understand what you saw and what you can do to put it behind you. In my opinion, you and you're friend both saw a filthy, diseased homeless person in a rusted out, derelict submarine and you hallucinated the sound of a sonar ping in your frightened state.

after that, you heard the sonar ping while sleeping because it was a hypnogogic hallucination(many people hear things when they're between sleep and wakefulness). hearing the ping over time caused you to feel something from the submarine was following you, so you had a vision of what you saw in the submarine. in reality, it was most likely a human being, but the conditions of the sighting(your friend scared stiff, dim light, claustrophobia, being in a place you aren't supposed to, etc) caused your perception to be heavily influenced by fear.

you are not crazy. like you said before, you were a stupid teenager who didn't know how to explain what you saw. now you're an adult and you have the ability to face your irrational fear and move on, however you now feel deeply troubled by your friend's death.

tl;dr go back and take pictures of the submarine, inside and out. its probably all in your head.
You're probably right...

As far as submarine goes, I'm low on finances now and going to Odessa in near future might be quite a problem considering the war that is getting closer and closer.

For all I know, they could even drag me into army after I cross the border (I'm still a citizen and I didn't serve due to living in another country).

Still, all of that seemed very, very real. And I doubt any homeless person would wear a cracked gasmask.

Maybe I'm overthinking it.
homeless people do some really weird shit, man. there have been a lot of threads on /x/ about scary experiences like yours, so to me you obviously aren't crazy.
also, sorry your countrymen are at war.
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