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Someone posted a story here a couple weeks...
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Someone posted a story here a couple weeks ago telling the story of how we went back to the now-empty 'haunted' house I used to live in in an attempt to contact the 'thing' which we suspect(ed) followed and haunted my older sister. That story was crazy intense and one of the most frightening experiences in that house .. But he didn't really have time to mention in that thread much of the backstory, all the little things that happened in that house before we moved out of it, long before we went back that day with a bunch of friends and a ouiga board. It's all little tiny unrelated anecdotes but some of them are fucking scary as shit and I think you guys would enjoy them because y'all are some twisted fuckers. Some are much less creepy than others and some are only kinda strange but the sheer quantity of things that happened paints a really disquieting story

Here's a sample
>watching a movie late at night on the big screen with little brother and older sister/her bf
>see little bro get up from the long couch and walk across the room to the corner where the bookshelf is. Can see it's him bc the black silhouette is closest to his height
>sister starts to laugh. "Wtf are you doing M why did you go sit in the corner??" There is like no furniture over there or anything and you can't even see the tv from there what is he doing
>bro answers from the couch uncertainly "um I didn't"
>wtf we all literally just saw a silhouette cross in front of the screen.
>I race for the kitchen light (I'm closest) but sister's bf vaults over the back of the couch and reaches it first
>brother in the same spot. never got off the couch. No one in the corner. No one else is even home. What

I have a million of these. Want more?
Here's another in case anyone's here
>be on the computer in my moms master bedroom
>very focused on my hw but see littlest sister walk in and go into the master bathroom, presumably to do hair or something
>start talking to her! complaining about my hw. Eventually ask her a question and she ignores it
>at this point I say "hey D are you even listening??"
>go into the bathroom
>mfw it's empty
>I nope downstairs and find her on the couch. She's been down there with her friend the whole time

It was not the first and not the last time this happened. This 'seeing someone out of the corner of your eye who wasn't there' thing happened to every person who lived there and to friends who didn't. Most often the 'person' was mistaken for the littlest sister, except when it was the littlest sister who saw it
These are only mildly disconcerting things so far. It gets so much worse than that

these are so out of order sorry it's been many years. First truly frightening thing I can remember
>seventh grade. First year we lived there. I'm the first knew who gets home every day
>get home and open the front door
>massive amount of silverware clatters in the kitchen, like five or so people all dropped some at once
>I'm ready to yell at my cat until I look over and see him jumping off the front windowsill to see wtf that noise was
>haha you think I went in the kitchen to see what it was I'm not a fucking dumbass I've seen scary movies
>slammed the front door closed and waited on the porch for sister to get home
>no one inside, no silverware out of place
Not gonna keep going till someone shows up lol but I have a massive store of these. Just say the word
Im here, please cont.
Ok another random thought here. The thing about that cat I mentioned (Spanky) was it was crazy fucking smart. We've had a lot of cats in my life but this cat outlived them all. He was the type that could unlock doors and shit. He was always super in tune to what was happening, like the time our other cat Tuv died Spanky got into my sisters room and meowed at her till she woke up (he was normally a silent cat).

The point being we all had a level of respect for the cat. Anyway as soon as we moved into that house he started acting so strange. He would make 'rounds' as we started to call them. Like he'd go through every room of the house in the same order, several times a day every day, always circling the room like he was frickin casing the joint or something. He had never done anything like that before and he never did it again in any other house we lived in. We'd always joked that he was supernatural be he legitimately started to creep us out after all this other shit started happening in that house
I'll post a really creepy one since I haven't started to really get to those yet.

>one day playing with a ouiga board in the dining room
>first time we ever messed with one
>shits and giggles we're not taking it seriously at all, I mean my mom was even in ere with us making fun of it
> sister joking asks the spirit to punch our friend in the face
>friend laughs, and says "wouldn't it be funny if I just started bleeding out of nowhere after you said that haha"
>we laugh, my mom suggest it's time we play a funner game
>we agree, this is pretty boring
>as we try to put it away blood starts dripping from the friend's nose
>we point it out, "crap you're bleeding"
>she rushes to the sink! blood pouring out if her nose now
>nosebleed doesn't stop for twenty minutes
>later I ask my sisteR if she remembers what A said right before that happened
>sister is like haha it's just a coincidence...
>yeah well then a fuckton of coincidences happened in that house.
Sorry for the dumb typos lol fuck autocorrect
Weird electrical shit happened in the house too. Lights turning on and off all the time, which no electrician successfully fixed. Mom and stepdad would always yell at us for leaving lights on, especially in my older sisters room where it happened most often. Problem was we never DID leave the lights on. Sometimes when everything was quiet you could hear voices. Not like schizophrenia voices ok I mean like when you hear a radio being played really far away and you can't make out anything they're saying. Kinda like that. Sometimes friends would come over and be like is someone watching tv upstairs?? Nope. Just your regular average ambient voices. Fuck that shit so hard
go on
I may be one of the only ones here, but continue on. I'm very interested in this thread. So don't stop with the sp00ky stories.
Ok now the person who originally posted that other thread about my house posted this story there too but he fucked it up a little so I'm gonna resell it. Had a friend with lots of little siblings who lived down the street. She'd bring her littlest sister over to play while we hung out. Now this kid was really fun but not over imaginative. She never had any imaginary friends until she started coming to my house

>one day friend comes over with little sister (K)
>me and friend are talking on the couch, ignoring K as she runs around with this friend she always plays with when she comes over
>she's laughing and running around the kitchen
>eventually stops at the sliding glass door, talking to it
>I assume she's talking to our dogs until I hear her crying
>she comes running over to us, scared
>complaining about the scary guy
>try to tell her it's fine the dogs are nice they play nice
>she's like no no no... But goes to play again
>we pay attention this time as she talks to the glass
>sounds like she's talking to herself actually, trying to convince herself of something
>to this day I remember her exact words because they send waves of chills down my body
>"it's okay he won't hurt me. He's nice. He's nice. He's smiling"
>run over there to grab her
>realize it's dark as fuck outside and you can't see shit through the glass door
>all you can see is the reflection of the inside of my house
>mfw I realize she could only have been looking at something inside

The worst part about this is now that girl is almost ten yrs old and when I asked her a few months ago if she remembers this happening she got really uncomfortable and said she did
*retell. Resell makes me sound like a door to door creepy pasta salesman hahaha. No this stuff is 100% legitimate! I couldn't make this shit up if I tried
don't stop now
Side note of comic relief we compiled all this shit into an email and submitted it to paranormal state (we thought those ghost shows were the funniest shit) and I shit you not the next day my sister and I both had missed calls and voicemails from the producer. I still have that voicemail saved on my phone hahaha buuuut my mom was a wet blanket and wouldn't let us go on the show. She never did believe us when we complained about the spooky stuff and said we watched too much tv
There was imply one time when I saw my mom's shield of disbelief in e paranormal crack a little bit
>master bedroom door is right at the top of the stairs that lead to second floor
>I'm walking upstairs! I see my mom cross her room and go into the bathroom
>I start telling her something
>she interrupts "K who is with you I'm in my underwear"
>I laugh. "Um no one just me mom"
>"then who was that following you up the stairs?"
>cue chills down my spine
>"what?? Mom I'm alone everyone else is still gone with J"
>she comes out of the bathroom, looking at the stairs with unmasked disquiet
>"mom who did you see what did it look like"
(We'd been trying to convince her of the thing we'd been seeing for some time now)
>"it was a guy, a tall guy.. Never,one K I must have imagined it"
>um no. No you did not
>she won't stop walking back over and checking the stairs again with a creeped out look on her face
>sticks to her story that she imagined it happening though or that it was a trick of the light
Holy fuck OP, that scares even me and im sitting in a room with light
At this point I should explain, what started out as us mistaking this 'apparition' whatever the hell it was for our siblings, like seeing it out of the corner of our eye and thinking it was our little sister, stuff like that. That eventually became us seeing that only sometimes, and other times we saw something much more sinister, a darker taller shadow. Eventually the only hint anyone saw was this bigger thing, this silhouette thing in the corner of your eye. Fuck if I know what that means, but eventually we all came to actually MISS the little ghost girl as we affectionately knew her. At least it never scared us, it was just kinda there. This bigger shadow came with an ominous feeling. Like you were SUPPOSED to be scared, you know? Up till hen we all joked about the creepy stuff that happened, but at this point we were all starting to believe that all of this might actually be something more creepy than we were ready to accept
I should also explain that we lived in this house on two separate occasions. First with my step family. We moved when my mom divorced him, but a couple houses later we moved back in (we had never been able to sell it bc of the shit housing market). Let me tell you I was fucking shitting bricks when the electrical problems followed us to the new house,and to the next house too. The haunting shit did not stop. And when we eventually moved back to the creepy house (I will call this the Den house from now on bc of the street name) the haunting came back FULL THROTTLE. Stuff was happening at a frequency it had never happened at before. Like the demon or whatever the fuck it was was happy to be home or something idfk. The worst worst part is that the MOST creepy stuff used to happen in my older sisters downstairs bedroom (we joked about it being the room where the 'ghost died') but when we moved back in, the most haunted room changed. The most haunted room was still my older sisters room, except now she lived upstairs. That was the first suspicion we had that something wasn't haunting our house, something was haunting my sister
What made you guys eventually move out?
I'm finding this interesting.
Now let me tell you some stories about my sisters bedroom. Let's call her L.

>dogs refuse to even walk down the hall that leads to her room, start growling and barking if you even try to take them there

>it sounds stupid but when you walk in there the air feels heavier, it feels like you're moving slower, it feels like something is seriously watching you. Paranoia to the nth degree.

>sister has her first panic attack in there when nothing stall is happening
>Runs to my room crying and hyperventilating
> It's so out of character for her it terrifies me
>this is the girl who's been killing scorpions and wolf spiders and black widows for my mom since she was five
I suppose a ghost burnt down the house
We moved out the first time to get away from my stepdad, who turned out to be fucking psychotic

We moved out the second time because the house was huge and we couldn't afford it anymore on only one parent's income

We moved between two houses in between the two times we lived at the Den house for similar financial issues
I'd like to say we moved out bc of the whatever it was, but we didn't. Like I said my mom closed her eyes to the whole issue. She's always been religious. The really scary thing though is that after we moved out of the Den house my sister moved away and we never had a single paranormal thing happen at our new house. I thought it had all gone away until one day L told me it's been happening in her apartment. She went through several roommates and several apts, and each roommate came to her of their own accord and said some variation of "hey don't think I'm crazy but do you think our apartment is haunted?"
Scariest apt story I can think of off the top of my head
>L and her roommate R start getting late night pranksters
>someone banging on the door at really late hours
>they never get there in time to catch them
>start getting really damn annoyed
>one day L is going to take out the trash and her hand is on the door handle when the loud knocking happens
>she whisks open the door, ready to yell at some stupid kid
>there's no one there or on the stairs leading down to the first floor
>person would have had to vault over the wall and down thirty feet in order to get out of sight that quickly
>needless to say L and R are freaked the fuck out and they call R's bf to come over and stay the night with them
>they wait outside on the stairs bc they're too freaked out to go inside
>they're sitting there in silence when they hear the knock again coming from the inside of their apt

I'm telling you guys I could not make this shit up if I tried
Anyone still here? Sorry these stories are so out of order I'm jousting posting as I remember. There are honestly so many of these it's hard to sort out which happened when
Oh, i'm here allright
haha ok anon its just you and me i guess. here, have another

>acquaintance from across the street asks who the heck lives in the upstairs left-most bedroom
>we ask why
>"bc theyre always standing at the window at night it creeps us out lol"
>we're like nope nope nope nope (let me give you a hint. they were referring to L's bedroom)
>we're hesitant to believe him though so when night comes we go stand across the street and look at her window
>her light is on so you can kinda see vague silhouette shadows of the furniture between her lamp and the window
>theres this one shadow though that looks unmistakably like a person
>the kid was exaggerating, you can tell with any certainty that someone is there but it sure LOOKS like someone is there
> we're like wtf still
>we go upstairs, there's no one in her room obviously
>we try rearranging all the furniture to change the shadows on the window
>from outside it still looks like theres a person there, in the same exact spot
>nothing we do changes it
>it just always looks like a person is there no matter what
> even years later im afraid to even drive down that street because after we first moved out (we still lived in the same neighborhood) i would still see the same shape in the window. her window still scares me. i dont go to that street anymore
Has L ever considered exorcisms, or something like that?
keep goin.
I've been followed by ghosts all my life. The severity of the haunting ranges, but I know what it's like to be at unease in your own home. Keep going, I'm intrigued.
let me explain why my sister used a lamp in her bedroom...

>one night L is laying in her bed in the dark when she hears the closet door creak
>looks over
>its still closed
>hears it creak again, like its opening
>she pretends its not happening. shes seriously tough ok. i wouldve been screaming
>the springs at the foot of her bed start to spring, one by one, in a fluid motion moving from the end of the bed towards her
>as if someone is slowly climbing onto the mattress. you know which sound i'm talking about
>at this point she loses her cool and flies off her bed to the her door
>tries to open it but its suddenly locked (she never locks it because her room freaks us ALL out)
>turns on the ceiling light but the bulb shatters so hard it breaks the glass cover
>door is completely stuck, wont open
>she screams until the door finally breaks free of the frame and she can run out

L never slept in her room again after that, the whole time we lived there. she slept in the playroom next to my bedroom and left the light on every night. eventually my brother wouldnt sleep in his room anymore because L's closet shared a wall with his closet and he began to hear noises in there during the night. it might have been simple paranoia but he started sleeping in the playroom too. i dont blame them
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L's Demon 1.png
134 KB, 1321x297
Wait you're related to this story, right?
Pic related.
It's hard to explain L's personality. I know she has to believe all this shit happened because most of it happened to her. but she always joked about it and made light of it. she's never been religious and never really believed in anything at all really. above all, she doesnt like asking for help or ever admitting she needs any. she would think the idea of an exorcism was completely laughable
Yes, that is the thread i was talking about. that thread told the story of us going back to that house (we still technically owned it and no one had bought it yet) on the day of my own housewarming party. he told the story incredibly accurately, even if his details on the backstory were a tiny bit off at times. it was really unsettling to read his account of that day bc it made me remember some things i have chosen not to think about since then (also i wouldve linked to that thread if i had saved it in any way)
Alright, thanks. I am going to be lurking all night.
oh and the ceiling light never worked in her room again after that. multiple electricians tried to fix it to no avail
random anecdote

>early yrs of us living there with the stepfamily
>me, L, and stepsister G are sitting at the dining room table talking
>suddenly L quiets w this wierd look on her face
> immediately after that, G quiets too
>i'm wondering why we stopped talking when i hear it
>rustling sound
>its that distinct sound that your jeans make when you walk, the way the fabric rubs together rhythmically
>moves past L and G and eventually the sound stops somewhere in the front room
>we all look at each other
>L speaks first "you guys heard that right?"
>G says "you mean those footsteps??"
>im like wtf i was hoping i imagined that
I remember being in that thread not too long ago. Keep going, this shit's really interesting and i'm getting spooped.
We need more, this is sp00ky as hell.

I remember this thread, really interesting. Thanks for sharing you story with us.
Here is the link to the archive: http://archive.4plebs.org/x/thread/15101140/

Are you still planning to try an other ouija session ?
lets see, what else... i mean i could sit here and bore you with the thousands of instances when we saw lights turn on and off, or when we heard doors close, or when we saw people that werent there, but im trying to think of actual stories
ohhhh oh yeah. ok i got one

>its the second time we lived there (no stepfamily)
>im in my room, which is arguably one of the least haunted rooms luckily. only some problems with my lights and that fucking ambient radio voices noise
>but as im trying to sleep this night (im a freakin insomniac) tossing and turning
>i think i hear something
>something kinda soft, like someone's dragging paper across the wall or something
>but i can see no one and nothing is in my room
>like i said, L and M slept in the playroom w the light on by this point so it was never fully dark in my room
>i keep hearing the noise but decide its probably nothing
>maybe its them breathing in the playroom or something
>the next morning i get up
>i notice as im leaving my room that there is a tiny handprint on my wall
>its just smudges, like as if a really dirty kid put their hand there
>except no one with hands that little has been in my house for years at this point
>not only that but the handprint is directly in front of my desk/deskchair
>no way that slipped my notice for this long
> i show it to everyone but it creeps us out so i clean it off
tbh i dont know. i kind of want to.. its been so long since all this happened that i'm no longer so scared. but the night after that last time we went there.. idk man i couldnt sleep, i felt like i was never going to be the same. before that night i was still willing to convince myself it was all some crazy series of coincidences, but that night really, really shook me. i want to try it again because, hell, its INTERESTING you know? the possibility that something outside of human understanding actually exists. hell, it gets to me more than church ever did. so yeah, maybe i would try it again.
unfortunately someone lives in that house nowadays so we couldnt go back there. but like i said, i'm more inclined to believe it's my sister that's being 'haunted' and not the house
hmm i wish i could remember more of the stuff that happened to my siblings. there's a lot of it i simply dont recall. as a family its something we never, ever bring up. there was one night though when i got home from practice, ready to babysit my little bro and sis (M and D) and find that they werent home
>freak out
>they dont have phones yet theyre still pretty young
>think im gonna be in so much trouble
>call my friend who lives down the street, panicking
>she tells me M and D are at her house
>i go over there to get them
>my friend's mother comes to meet me at the door and says we are going to stay at their house till my mom gets home
>"M and D came over here CRYING. they said they saw a man in the house and they refuse to go home. i sent [friend's dad] over there to check it out but there was no one there. still you guys arent going home right now because M and D are still really scared"
>after that i get M and D alone to find out wtf really happened
>they say they were sitting in the playroom when they saw it go from the bathroom (just outside L's room) to L's bedroom
>i didnt have to ask what 'it' was. we all fucking knew what 'it' was
>from then on they wouldnt stay home alone, they would wait at friends' houses till one of us came home
Well, that could be the only way to figure why it is following L. So it can be useful, and if you are careful and respectful, it shouldn't worsen the situation. So far, this entity doesn't appear really malevolent.
yeah i guess you could argue it wasn't malevelent. after all, none of us was ever hurt by it. but if you ever went into L's room you would feel differently. none of the animals would go near it. L herself only went in there for changes of clothes. as soon as you went in there you could practically feel an atmospheric shift, like walking from a lit room into a dark room, except with no visible change. it was suffocating. it felt like the room itself was trying to expel us from it. ugh im getting chills just remembering the feeling.

not only that but.. one thing i haven't mentioned is that for many years now L has been plagued with horrific, bone-chilling nightmares. i wont disclose them here because that is something i dont feel comfortable sharing. but she's always blamed the nightmares on this 'demon' (as we've referred to it since the last fateful ouija board incident). i dont know if she really thinks they have something to do with the demon, but when she describes the nightmares to me i get this scalding liquid feeling in the pit of my stomach. stuff so horrific you wouldnt see it in silent hill, or a saw movie. its nightmare stuff that actually makes me believe in demons, you know?

but yeah, i stand by what i said. L would never ever agree to an exorcism or anything remotely similar. even to this day she hides behind a kind of 'jokey' veil of disbelief, like she thinks its all some really funny practical joke the universe is playing on her.
the other reason i disagree that it's possibly benevolent has to do with that ouija board story mentioned earlier. it's so long that i'm not gonna do it injustice by condensing it here, but i encourage anyone to go read it if they want to appreciate the full story being told here. think of that ouija board story as the epilogue to all these tiny stories, because it came at the very end. if you read it you'll get why we call it a demon now
I'm still here op, this shit is spoopy as hell

>L would never ever agree to an exorcism or anything remotely similar.
But that seems to be the only thing you can do, unless you manage to convince him to stop bothering you.
This entity probably won't leave by itself, so either you try something or accept to live with it your whole life. It may cast bad vibrations unintentionally because it has a tortured soul which need to be appeased.
haha you asked for it, i'll keep going.

The story is difficult to tell in a coherent order, because at times it gets convoluted. At first we thought there was that ghost of a little girl there, because of all the dozens and dozens of times we thought we saw D (littlest sister) when she wasn't actually there. Then later we thought there was that little girl ghost AND the tall dark figure. But later on all we ever saw anymore was the tall dark man... Nowadays when I think about it, I wonder if there ever was a little girl ghost at all or if it was just the dark man messing with us the whole time. The creepiest thing, what really gets me about that pet theory of mine, has to do with that fateful Ouija board story I keep referring back to. At that time we learned through the board that whatever this thing was said it had been following L for 8 years. If you went back 8 years, L would have been about the size/appearance of little sister D. So, it stands to reason that if the tall dark man was messing with us with these apparitions of a little girl, that he was using the image of L as she was when he first 'met' her. Now isn't that some fucked up shit
So, what do you want to accomplish with telling us these stories? I love 'em, but do you want advice on how to handle this or what?

Speaking as someone who has lived with this, I want to help.
Yeah idk. It's hard to put faith in stuff like exorcisms, which rely on religious faith, when you aren't religious. I mean, even I myself would need convincing. I don't really believe in all that stuff either (I know it sounds crazy coming from the person posting this thread) but I really just believe in a general agnostic kinda otherness, that something exists, but we don't understand it. I don't think an exorcism would help, personally, because I don't believe in the foundations that the tradition stands on. If that makes sense?
idk I guess I'm not really looking for advice or a step forward really.. just wanted to share some stories. I don't think there's really any way to help. L doesn't even like to talk about this anymore and gets super uncomfortable when we bring it up so ?? I dunno. Although she has mentioned once since then that she would be open to another Ouija board thing, which surprised me, but I would probably be open to that too if she let us do it

Well, I don't know a lot about exorcism, but I don't think all of them are based on religions. And you can do little things like throwing salt or holy water around. Anyway, it worth the try even if you don't believe it will work, but I'm not sure if this is totally safe since I don't know how it will react.
>>15215496 #

Well the only thing I can say then is to research what you're going to do on the Ouija, and no matter how awful it gets, finish what you started. I mean, stop if you get hurt, but don't chicken out if it gets scary. You'll only get peace if you finish this
yeah yeah you're right I suppose, I mean I am curious. Right now it feels like an unfinished story. It would suck to die without really understanding exactly what happened. If I ever do look into it again you can be sure I'll post about it
I'll be waiting then. Look for my username, I'll be sure to discuss when that day comes.

I know you said you wouldn't talk about the nightmares, but... how bad were they, exactly? I'm curious just to know a little about them
can you ask her more about it?
oh really? fuck you
Are generally nope stories aloud in here? I had one happen last night...but it was more beautiful than scary.
Sorry I left for a while but I'm back. I won't go into specifics on the nightmares but I'll say that they usually involved L being forced by someone to watch her family members brutally murdered, or to commit horrible acts in order to save her family members. That's as far as I'll explain them. But I will say that the dreams scare her so much that she always calls to make sure we're alive if one of us was in one of her dreams. The scariest shit is sometimes the dreams coincide with reality I a creepy way. Like the time she dreamt about me the night before I totaled my car. Or the night she dreamt about my mom, when two days later she was in the hospital with a bad reaction to her medication
She lives in another city now and I'm not about to call them up asking "hey can I talk to K about that one time when she was being really creepy about ghosts at my house?" They're super religious and probably wouldn't like that
Yeah go ahead, tell your story. I running out of stories now so I don't care if anyone wants to post any
Don't worry OP i've been lurking
keep going OP these small stories are great. Anything else big and spooky is appreciated.
Haha ok for your sake then I'll post another. I can't believe I forgot to mention this one until now. This was probably the 3rd time we tried using a Ouija board and the LAST time we tried until that one day years later
>sitting on the floor in a circle in the playroom
>me, L, M, A, Y
>asking a bunch of questions
>the answers are really stupid so I'm sure one of them is moving it
>A accuses L of moving it and L laughs
>she promises she isn't doing it
>I know her well enough that I can tell by the way she's laughing that it's totally her
>so I keep watch on her fingers as we continue on
>she must've been serious when she said she would stop
>now she's not actually touching the piece anymore
>now I'm curious as to whether it's A or Y that is moving it
>I take my fingers off too! putting them just close enough so that it looks as if I'm touching it
>I'm hoping to catch the mover
>suddenly L says "wait A are you even touching it?"
>as soon as she says that I realize Y must be the only person touching it so I immediately look to her fingers but I realize there's a whole centimeter of space between her fingers and the piece
>look at L and A
>they're still mid-realization, looking at each other's fingers
>we all realize at the same time that none of us are fucking touching the piece anymore
>there was a second of blood curdling silence as we all stared at the next person around he circle like a freakin horror version of a that 70s show stoner sequence
>after a second we finally reacted, pulling our hands away from the board
>L flips it, piece goes flying
>none of us touch it after that
>after we move out the Den house is completely empty except for a single wooden chair
>idfk where the chair came from it wasn't one we owned
>it would always be in different spots whenever we came by
>(our house had a rep in the neighborhood so friends always wanted to go to it, hoping to get spooked)
>D tells me the last time she and her friends went there before the house sold, the chair was sitting in the very center of my bedroom
>she happened to tell me this the morning after I had a dream about the Den house for the first time in years. Unrelated but it creeped me out at the time. Her timing was eerie
Bravo, op. I'm definitely glad that I stopped by to read all of these. Thank you for the entertainment.
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However you should just make up actual names instead of letters, it would be easier to follow.
Yeah lol sorry I really should have. I figured I would just forget which pseudonyms went with who though. Ah well, it's a little too late to fix it now
Did OP die?
Im still bored so why not. Story of the last time I went in my sisters room alone
>we're to the point when L and M no longer sleep in their bedrooms out of fear
>L avoids going in her room at all costs
>one day she asks me to get her running shoes out of her closet
>i reeeeeaally don't want to but she begs and I love her so I agree
>I mostly only agree because it's broad daylight and well lit in there
>go upstairs
>see that fucking shadow in the corner of my eye where we always see it, moving around on the other side of the stair rail around the corner to where L's room is
>you'd think I'd run but seriously this was an everyday occurrence for us it was almost routine
>I'm almost more annoyed than I am scared
>I go in there anyways like a dumbass because I know L is too scared to but won't admit to it
>walk in there slowly like I always do
>ready to bolt at any moment
>go to her closet (which is a walk-in)
>push door gently, ready to reach in and turn on light. Door opens inward btw
>door is stuck on all the clothes and junk all over her floor in the closet (it was a serious pigsty)
>try to push it more. It's still stuck on all the clothes and won't go very far
>I turn on the light then, ready to squeeze myself into the crack of the door to move the clothes/just find the damn shoes
>as soon as I turn on the light I retract my hand like I touched a freakin hot iron
>there is a shadow on the part of her dresser I can see through the crack in the door
>a fuckn person shaped shadow. As if someone is standing behind the door inside the closet
>as I step backward like a dumb idiot the shadow sorta lunges to the side so that I can't see it anymore and the door creaks loudly, opening another inch or so
>I run away
>last time I go in there by myself
>I fucking warned them against going in there when we went back with the Ouija board that one time. I warned them
So how old are all of you now? Or rather what year was it when you first moved in, and what year was it when you went back with the ouija board for the last time?
She is a fucking ignorant person then. Sounds like she deserved it.
I can see why you say that but I disagree. She's not laughing at it in arrogance. She's always laughed at everything bad that's ever happened to her, long before the creepy stuff ever started happening. We had a fucked up childhood and making a joke out of everything became her coping mechanism. I'm not surprised it bled over into the haunting thing too
Yeah let me give a clear timeframe.
When we moved into the Den house for he first time me and L were in 7th and 8th grade respectively. So we were uhhhh..?? I think that made us 11 and 13. I think that's right. We moved out of the house 2 years after that away from the stepfam. We lived in two different houses in the same neighborhood the next year and a half, and then at the end of that we moved back into the Den house, where we lived until the year I graduated high school. We moved out that summer, and a month after that I moved into my own house (which is when the final Ouija board story happens). So when the final Ouija board thing occurred I was 17 and L was 19. I'm not gonna explain my other siblings relative ages in the timeline bc it doesn't matter, but M is three years younger than me and D is 2 years younger than him.
So the final Ouija board thing happened in 2011.
Breh, cats are legitimate spiritual wards, keep them around.
Yeah that cat was really something else. Sometimes he would leave for days on end and then just come back like nothing happened. It was weird because he was a house cat and he was never the kind of cat that tried to bolt when you opened the door. But sometimes he would just slip out for a few days and then come home. Towards the end of that time living there he would be gone for longer and longer when we left, and we had had so many cats before that we knew what it meant when a cat left and didn't come home. Either it got attacked or eaten by a coyote or it was sick and it crawled away somewhere to be alone and die. I would start to grieve very time he was gone too long, but he always came home again. The last time he was gone for two weeks and came back nearly emancipated but he came back. He would always go back to doing his rounds, room to room. We would call it his guard duty. He loved to patrol that stupid hall where we always saw the shadow, and he would go as far as L's door, which was farther than either of the dogs would go.
Anyway, not long at all after I moved away from home my mom calls, saying Spanky's been missing for more than a couple days and she has a bad feeling that we won't see him again this time.
I tell her she's probably mistaken. He always comes back. He's a tough motherfucker. But when I get off the phone I'm crying already, idk, I just knew.
We didn't see him again. He was too smart to go where the coyotes go, too tough to be taken down by a neighborhood cat. He was old and he probably just crawled under a bush and closed his eyes. But it made me think about all those times he disappeared from the Den house, like maybe he knew he was gonna die, but he kept coming back for guard duty. Maybe he finally left for good when we moved bc he was no longer needed for duty. God I miss that fucking cat.
Cats are bros man, but dogs are too. I honestly believe cats and dogs have an unusual ability to diminish the hold of a spirit on something.
I used to be in the presents of a witch tree in my apartments. Literally people would come out of their apts to make sure eachother were all right due to something casuing a ruckus and such on the residents. There was also a chair near the playground behind the apartments that would creak VERY loudly at night and a vacant laundry shop behind us that would power up every now and then. Seriously, if you're ever in Euless, Texas; check out Spring Valley Apartments.

I remember having a night of waking up to loud screams and banging on my bedroom door. My cat ran past it and my dog growled and it just vanished.
Since you've graced us with your stories, ill throw a couplr of my own at ya. I need a bit to type though, im on my phone.
Music keeping me sane as i type, organic audio - nurega, good stuff.

Ok this is back when i was like 4.
>living in house in virginia, furnished basement
>i would walk down hallway and i had three voices i would talk to
>one was a kind old guy, didn't talk much but was more comforting then spoopy
>women, kinda like old guy but almost no patience for my retard answers since i was four
>that guy, i dont know what else to call him, he would talk to me from like 20 feet away but then whisper behind my ear 3 seconds later
>i didnt like him for obvious reasons
>mom would be doing laundry and muh brother, may he rest in peace, we'll call him peter, would hang out in basement with his bros, it was his room as well.
>super loud one day, so mom swings open basement door and yells down steps telling him to be quiet
>no noise, only washing machine and dryer sounds.......
>me sleeping in moms bed, we both wake up to white......mist i guess is best word, thicker then smoke and low to ground, see it go underneath door to basement
>hear voices coming from basement shortly after and door opens, peter goes into bathroom, pees, then closes door and goes back down stairs
>i hear voices much more often now, like 5 times a day
>mom hears whispers of my name now too
>like hisses, cus my name is seth
>one day i come home from school, mom picks me up from busstop, we walk to the house, see curtains from kitchen move
>mom goes in i follow like an idiot
>hearing my name in whispers from a lot of different voices
>old guy bro suddenly tells me to get out
>door to basement starts to shake violently, hear wood splintering, pictures shaking on walls.
>door rips off hinges and slams into the wall, falling sideways
>mom and i are out of house by then, front door open so we can see down hallway
>see my rooms door swing open, loud screaming sound, porch feels like earthquake
>we slam front door shut, go to stay at gmas place for couple days
>i never went back cont.
>i complained cus kid retard
>mom went back, pictures of me are misding but house is just fine
>except my room, oh god why my room.
>claw marks on inside of door, as if something wanted out, my room was ransacked, matress flipped, like they were looking for me.
>mom about to leave housebut she hears old guy bro talk
>"is he safe?"
>Turns out my dad was like 50 when i was born, he died same year, so he would be 70 now, i think it was my dad, but my said she didn't recognize the voice.
I have more, none from when i was 4 but more, if you want i mean, i know mine arn't exactly, edge of seat stories lol.
That's fucking terrifying
Yeah keep going anon I'm listening
Don't make me cry, damn, I came here to be spooked.
I guess ill continue, not so much demon paranormal activity door ripping of hinges anymore since we moved, but unsettling none the less.

>20 now, but 18 at time
>my friend aaron is over, he is one fucked up dude, batshit nuts, bipoler like a fucking woman on hormone treatments taking personality lessons from barbra streisand and rosie o'donell, not even kidding
>but hes sensitive to the other side, prob because hes fucking nuts
>we are in kitchen, new house, we live in florida, getting water cus dehydration, we go to let dogs out through garage, see treadmill but normally you can see wall behind it but instead its pitch black.
>i go to treadmill, but as soon as i take first step, something lifts it's head, a shadow person or whatever, and darts to the left and suddenly we can see wall, we shrug off cus "lul ghosts n shit lul we no scared suc muh dick"
>finish letting dogs out, turn on outside light for later on
>10-15 mins pass and go to to let dogs back in.
>there is window in garage 5 feet from door to the right but you can tell when light is on from window.
>we let dogs in, close, lock door, go to turn off light when we see head peeking through window at us
>5 seconds later, which felt like a lifetime
>head retracts, bangs on door like a battering ram, keeps banging then going back to window
>we turn off outside light,
>banging stops
>hear and see nothing for rest of night.

Btw, for the record, i know it was just someone fucking with us because on outside between door and window is a 3 1/2 foot tall air conditioner and they would either have to mount the fucking thing and drop back down within .5 seconds or run around it and back it the same amout of time.
Wasnt i mean, i couldn't have been someymone fucking with us since head was completely black and light was on and it was physically impossible to move that fast.
If thread is open tmmre, i'll draw up the blueprints from memory from house when i was four, i actually remember a lot from that house.
I'm sure there's more than a dew lurkers, this shit is pretty spooky.
Another lurker. Keep the stories coming, shits spooky.
We need to keep the thread alive, keep posting.
Pretty sure I've seen op post before. Looking forward to more.
Is there more to this story or ?????
If that happened to me, I would literally be physically unable to turn around in look. I'd walk straight until I got to a window and just kept going until I was clear of the property. How did you ever stay home alone in that house?
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>mfw reading
wtf is a dew lurker?
I used to hear all sorts of strange sounds in my first house in lansdowne just out side of Philly. I can clearly remember hearing scratching on my walls of my room the faced my closet and what sounded like heavy breathing right at the end of my bed. I also remember one summer off from school when I was around 6 me and my sister had decided to sleep in the same room which had been just my room before hand(same room I heard noises in). This one night I woke up feeling something on my legs like some was sitting on them I woke up to yell at my sis to see just a black massive shadow at the foot my bed and the cover I had was on the floor like it was tossed there. The shadow just slipped away and before I could even say anything I just heard heavy breathing start. I couldn't move I just stared at my sister's bed a few feet to the left at the end of my bed she was sound asleep not aware to what was happening. I just stared at her until I started to see her cover being pulled from the corner of her bed. I worked up the courage and reached for my bed side light and clicked it on. When I looked back to my sister's bed her cover wasn't moving and I noticed I could no longer hear the breathing. I walked to pickup my cover and wake my sister to tell her what had happened she didn't believe me when I was telling her tell me to stop joking and go to sleep. I heard other noises in the house like whispering and sometimes like someone was blowing in my ear when I tried to do homework or watch tv. But I never saw a shadow again. We moved to new home in a close town but had to get dropped off at my grandma place every day so my mom could go to work and as if something knew the last time before school was going to start and I wouldn't see the house again I noticed all the blinds had been pulled up and even the windows. It was early morning in summer nice and bright I noticed my sister also seeing what I was looking at but she wasn't looking around just at my old bedroom window.
Bump to keep the thread active
That is some scary shit you got there.
Fello lurker here plz mor
Staying home alone in the house was a nightmare. During the day it wasn't so bad. If it was nighttime, I would pretty much just hole myself up in my room and not leave unless I had to. We had a big family though and lots of nearby friends so I was hardly ever alone for very long.
Yeah, someone posted the archive to that story somewhere above. If you mean 'is there more to that story beyond the archive?' Then unfortunately no. Not much has happened since then. We've all pretty much tried to forget about it. The only thing worth noting is that the picture was nearly lost for a while, because it got corrupted on the camera and the computer somehow. Idk how he dug it up again or from where. I'd have to ask him.
Well since we're all doing the sibling thing.
My family rented 2 apartments of a 3 apartment house. My mom and dad stayed on the 2nd floor while me and my brother were in the top floor which was an attic before it was converted. Anyways, my brother started complaining about the cat scratching him in his sleep so I started keeping the cat in my room. Too bad the scratching didn't stop. It was all down his back in places he couldn't reach himself. At that time, nothing really happened to me. I just got a bad feeling if I left my room at night. I didn't want to say it at the time since it sounds stupid but I felt like the apartment "belonged" to someone else at night and the longer I was out of my room, the more I annoyed it. From my room I heard footprints that sounded like they walked around my apartment, a woman humming a melody, things falling over for no reason, and my brothers door opening/closing throughout the night. Sometimes I thought he woke up and got to get a drink of water but if I called his name he wouldn't answer.
The tipping point for my brother was when a picture of him and his gf went missing from his bible. After questioning us, he threw a fucking fit. I mean he was screaming all throughout the house just basically talking shit to this ghost. At one point he kind of just said "give me the picture and I'm out of here." Well, the next day comes around and guess what's sticking out of the bible? The picture. He moved in with his gf that weekend.
After my brother moved out things seemed to pick up on my end. The humming/footprints were louder and more frequent. They also seemed to be right outside my room on a few occasions. It was almost if someone was walking around my apartment over and over again all night.
I should have mentioned that I ALWAYS kept my door closed at night. I felt that it made my room my "space".
I'll think about this at work today and see if I can dig up any more memories of shit that happened
That's creepy as fuck
For a while everything stopped which kind of made me second guess whether I really believed there was something in my house. So one night I left my door open while I watched TV. At first it felt great. My room was small and I felt like I was closed off from the rest of my house in there (which was a good things sometimes). But with the door open, my room felt so much more open and like a part of my apartment.
After about 5 minutes that good feeling faded. Then I heard the footsteps again. I can't describe this feeling too well but I couldn't close my door. I knew I should have and I wanted to but I couldn't. It was almost if I knew the rules and I broke them so I deserved what I got next. I think I was frozen on my bed for like 5 minutes before I heard someone hum a song right into my ear. Needless to say, I ran downstairs to my parent's apartment and slept there.
I kind of feel like that opened a door for her to go into my room. The footsteps/humming happened every night outside my door. During that time period I was also having trouble staying asleep. I'd wake up at least once in the middle of the night. Some nights, the footsteps and humming were in my room. It would start on the other side of the apartment and just walk in my room like she had every right, then walk to the other side of the apartment again.
I never got scratched like my brother but 1 thing did happen to me which made me move downstairs until I was able to move out with my bf.
Before I go finish, I just want to say that in the midst of this my friends stopped sleeping over due to whatever was there. They felt the same feeling of unease and heard the footsteps. Once friend saw someone in my brothers room (I don't know who left the door open since I always kept it shut) and she stopped coming over all together. Another wanted sooo bad to do a Ouija board session but fuck that. My mom told me about her experience with it and that scared me into never touching one.

Anyways, back to my last night in my room. So it was a normal night except for the fact that I woke up anywhere between 2-4 am freezing cold. I was so cold that I was shaking so much it looked like I was seizing. I begrudgingly left my room to go get more comforters and tried to go back to sleep but I couldn't. I just kept getting colder and colder. I had 3 down comforters on me and I was still cold to my fucking bones. At that point, I was shaking so bad I could barely walk. I had to crawl down my flight of stairs to my parents. My mom woke up and was freaking out. I couldn't tell her what happened since I couldn't talk but she knew something was wrong. She tried to hold me still but I was still shaking so bad that I was kicking/kneeing/elbowing her and leaving bruises.
I'm pretty sure I just passed out after a while but I've honestly never been that scared. The next day I stayed in my mom's bed downstairs since I pulled muscles from all my spasming. I also chewed my tongue and cheeks up pretty bad from it.
And that's the last time I slept in my room.
Am I a thread killer?
Good story tho
I'm not OP, but I will repost the story of his previous thread in case you missed it. (http://archive.4plebs.org/x/thread/15101140/).
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I had heard stories from my gf, who, as a relentless skeptic, is chilled to the bone by the unexplainable things that happened when her sister was around. Her skepticism of her own stories was what fueled my desire to really see these impossible things first hand, and while I regret very little in my life, a large part of me wishes I never went to that house. Although it has nothing to do with pets as the OP had requested, I'll try and write down to the best of my ability what happened that night. I know there is a lot of fiction and roleplay on /x/, but I swear on my life that everything I'm about to tell you is true.

It started out as a house warming party at my gf's new home. Her sister had come over as well as many other friends. Over the course of the night however, I noticed that little by little the party members were disappearing. I became suspicious as to their whereabouts and began searching for them. I opened a door to a bedroom belonging to one of my gf's roommates, only to find ~12 people huddled around a small gameboard that was glowing in the dark. Everyone was silent and you could feel an energy of anticipation in the room. On closer examination of the board, I found it to be a Ouija board. Even though I had never seen one, it was easily identifiable. The people holding the planchette were addressing questions to some unseen force in the room as it slid across the board answering yes and no. I was more than a bit skeptical as I could easily tell that the individual who had supplied the board was moving the planchette by his own will. I eventually made my way to the planchette and called him out on it, which the other people around the board were quick to agree with. I began asking questions but there was suddenly no response to the board. We decided to try it in the bathroom to see if we could make it work, but alas it remained motionless.
Then I had an idea. I had heard my gf's stories of the supernatural things that happened around her sister and the sightings by multiple people in her house of a tall threatening shadow of a man out of the corner of their eyes, so I decided to put my skepticism to the test. I wanted proof that there existed something beyond our logical understanding. I decided to bring it up with her boyfriend first. I began to explain my idea to him and my purpose for doing it and he was as intrigued as I. He too wanted proof that there existed something beyond the natural, logical world and agreed that it would be only me and him and that neither of us would move the planchette by our own will. I believed him completely and would believe him again, although I would imagine it hard to find the same trust for him as a reader through just my words.

From this point on, I will refer to my girlfriend's sister as L, for simplicity.

We made our way back into the original room. Him and I took control of the board so as to have minimal interference from would be trolls. I was the one who began asking the questions.

>Is the thing that follows L around in the room with us?

It should be noted that we had not spoken with L at all about this and she was deeply against any contact with this thing, which she believed to be a demon. As she voiced her concerns, the planchette dragged slowly across the board and fell upon the word "Yes". My heart began to race and the room became silent. I didn't know the rules behind using this board and still am not sure of my preconceptions, but I was told we should ask 5 yes/no questions before proceeding to ask it more complicated questions. Unfortunately I cannot remember the content of these questions, but this only tells me that their answers were irrelevant to the story at hand.

sorry if this story is becoming long, I've told it a few times before, but never in such detail. I want to write this down as thoroughly as I possible.
The first thought on my mind was to ask it the obvious question. I had been told of a story in which L's closet door slammed and her lightbulb burst out of nowhere, so first asked it about this.

>Were you the one who broke L's lightbulb

The plachette fell upon "Yes"

>Do you enjoy frightening L.

The planchette once again dragged to "Yes".

>How old are you?

The plachette moved to the number 9. This confused a lot of people and L was visibly disturbed by this answer. We knew that it was not 9 years old, so what was it saying? Was it trying to deceive us? Someone suggested this meant it had been following L since she was 9. If this was true, it matched up with the age my gf began to notice strange things happening in their home. When asked if this was true, the planchette dragged itself to "Yes". At this point L was deeply disturbed and decided she had had enough. She got up and left the room, and no sooner did the planchette violently throw itself to the corner and drag across "Goodbye". It would not even stay in the room unless she was there.

At this point in the story, I should mention that my gf's family was currently in the process of moving from the home in which the lightbulb had exploded. Every piece of furniture had been removed save for some chair that had been left for whoever was working on the house.

I had more than enough evidence to prove to myself that this was no figment of delusion, but I foolishly wanted more. I needed to see with my own eyes that which had been repeated around campfires, so I presented an idea to the immediate group that was still with us that we go to where this entity had been most prominent. I suggested we take the Ouija board and go to L's old house. The majority was excited by this idea, perhaps foolishly believing that I was experienced in this sort of business. It took quite a bit of convincing, but L finally agreed to come, so long as she could put in her headphones and listen to her music, avoiding any and all involvement in this session. And so we drove to the house.
The house was completely vacant of all furniture, save for that chair, but the electricity was luckily still functioning. We set up in the kitchen, which had both a walk in pantry and a counter top island which we set the board upon. L, wanting nothing to do with this, sat on the chair in the pantry with her friend. They kept the lights on in that small room and closed the door. We turned the lights off in the kitchen, not because we had to or anything, but because we were enjoying this rush of adrenaline that our new location had provided us. I began by asking it the same questions as I had at the other house, to ensure that it was the same entity to which we spoke.I then walked across the room and placed my keys on the microwave.

>Would you move those keys off the microwave?

The planchette moved to "No".I was a bit frustrated,but hadn't given up hope.

>If I were the only one in here, would you move those keys?

The planchette again moved to "No". It apparently could not move them or did not like the idea of it doing something because I told it to. So I tried a different approach.

>If one of us were to be left alone in this room, would you appear to them?

The planchette dragged over to "No" again. I would have thought that I was annoying it, but I had this strange sensation that it was speaking to me very formally, which to this day is something I desperately avoid thinking about. I then realized what I was doing wrong.

>If L was in here alone, would you move those keys?

The planchette hesitated, but then it dragged itself to "Yes".

>If L. was in a room alone, would you show yourself to her?

It again moved to "Yes", this time with much less hesitation. I then had an idea which, if successful, would prove to me beyond a doubt that what I was dealing with was not some subconscious will of my own moving the piece, but rather something beyond our understanding. I whispered it so it would not be heard

>Would you shut the lights off in the pantry
The planchette hesitated and then began dragging toward "Yes". However, it did not stop at "Yes", but continued to drag until it had gone straight off the board, which to my horror and excitement, was in the direction of the pantry in which L. resided. Everyone was dead quite.

What happened next happened in a heartbeat and I lack the literary ability to accurately describe the resulting chaos, so my fractured account will have to do.

Several things happened at that moment. There was an incredibly loud bang, like a gunshot. Both people inside the pantry screamed. The door handle frantically jiggled and the lights went off in the pantry as both girls fell out into the kitchen. Now mind you, this happened in less than 2 seconds, so the panic was incredible. I sat staring at the open pantry, completely baffled. I couldn't believe it, this was what I had come for and I had found it. Actual proof. Not scientific by any means, but proof enough to me that there exist things that we cannot see, smell, or hear, things that lack any sort of scientific description but exist nonetheless, things out there that go bump in the night, that children grow to fear, that parents must lie about and say that it's all in their heads. I should have been terrified by all means, but I was thrilled. A small grin crept across my face, but I had to stifle it as the two girls I had sacrificed to acquire this realization were nearly in tears. After the lights went on and everyone settled down they explained what happened.

On the top shelf of the pantry was a wooden board which functioned as a shelf in the cupboard, but had been removed for whatever reason. It was standing up on it's side leaning against the wall. L's friend had been staring at it when it suddenly flipped away from the wall, slamming the shelf and flipping off to the floor. Both girls quickly tried to escape the pantry, bumped against the wall and turned off the light.
It was unsure if the lights went out by paranormal means, but the timing of the incident along with the mysterious way in which the board was ejected from it's resting place was enough for me. The lights going out was just a bonus.

I should have left it at that. I had what I wanted and I didn't need any more evidence. What I did next I will always consider an act of foolishness, although had I done differently I would have regretted it for just the opposite reason of not going far enough, but what was done was done.

Our group was largely through with dealing with the supernatural and wanted to go home, but I insisted that one more session take place, but this time with only 3 people in the room that L once occupied, the room that the dogs would never go into, the room who's hallway was actively avoided by the entire family, and of course, the room in which the lightbulb had erupted one unfortunate evening. It might also be mentioned that the light fixture on that ceiling never worked again, to the confusion of many electricians who attempted to fix it. We all made our way upstairs to the door. The other group members refused to go in, and I could not blame them as I could feel it too. The hallway had a subtle, but dreadful feeling. It's the kind of feeling you get as you walk through a dark house alone, knowing nothing is there but checking over your shoulder regardless. Me and two others entered the room and I will never forget how horrible it felt. Even the people outside could feel it. Only a poet or a madman could describe it in a sufficient manner. All I can say is that upon opening the door, the stifling feeling of dread, stagnation, and solitude caused one member of the group to run outside and throw up.

We sat down in this room and began asking questions. The door was shut behind us for maximum effect.
Immediately we could tell how the difference of location had affected our board. Instead of dragging as we had become accustomed to, it began launching itself violently between letters and hurling out from under our fingers on more than one occasion. We were on it's home turf. Strangely enough it is hard to recall exactly what was said in that room. The most dominant memory to me was the overwhelming feeling of dread and a feeling that someone was watching us from the corner of the room, which I later found out was a feeling shared among the three of us participating. I do however remember the question that finally drove us out of the room. I wasn't phased by the answer so much as my colleagues, but I refused to stay in there alone with that thing.

>What is your name?

It spelled out God.

that was the end for the other two people, who had had enough for one night and left me quickly. I said goodbye so as not to upset it, packed up the thing and left. As we left the house, a feeling of unbelievable relief washed over me, not I suspect unlike a prisoner on death row who has been informed that he has been pardoned. It wasn't until I returned home that I broke down in tears. I had what I wanted, but at what cost? What man can ever sleep peacefully at night knowing such a thing exists? I deeply regretted going to that house, I deeply regretted going into that room, but there was one thing I regretted most of all.

When I said I packed up and left the room following the declaration of it's "name", I didn't pack up and leave just then. I asked it one more question, the answer to which will haunt me until the day I die.

>If L. leaves, will you stay with me?

It said yes.
File: 1408606541667.jpg (1 MB, 3648x2736) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 3648x2736
I hesitate even mentioning it as I don't know if it's significance is all in my head, but It scares me enough that I refuse to look at it except for when it is absolutely necessary, even if there is nothing in the picture as many have told me before.

On the trip back home, I had my friend take a picture of me in the car as I started to feel sick to my stomach to the point of throwing up very suddenly. The picture on the left is the one that she took. Upon examining it she refused to let me see it until days later. There is something very strange reflected in the car window, a reflection of something that just wasn't in the car. I hesitate posting it as it may easily be nothing more than a figment of my imagination, but here it is nonetheless.
Op here again. Thanks for reposting the other story, that makes things easier! I have to say that I've always had mixed feelings about that photo from the car ride home. By itself it's not too scary, just strange, but when we looked at the other photos from the same car ride capturing the same window, the reflection doesn't even come close. In the other photos the window is just blank. I was so freaked out by the whole ordeal that I wanted to chalk up that photo to a trick of the light and nothing more, but I still can't help the horrible sickening ominous feeling I get when I look at that damn photograph.

And bear with me here.. As I was just looking at it it suddenly STRUCK me what freaks me the hell out about the pic. I never thought of it this way before because it's been so long since I've talked about any of these stories, especially altogether like this. But I just realized the shape in that damn window looks just like the vague shape we used to see L's window at night. I have chills. It's broad daylight but I wish I was not home alone right now
Nice to see you again OP.
You're welcome, I just wanted to bump this thread and to offer a better visibility to your awesome story.

Actually I hesitated to repost the last part. And I agree with you, it is impossible to tell if this is something more than a random reflection. Can you share an other picture taken during the ride for comparison ?
Unfortunately I no longer have the other pictures from that day because they were on my (now ex) roommate's camera. But I can share a better version of that one photo. ugh I hate looking at it lol but I dug it out of the depths of my computer
And just because, here's a version where I outlined what I see when I look at it, in case you guys are having trouble seeing it. I just outlined everywhere there are 'edges' in the reflection. The creepiest part, to me, is the part int he front that looks almost unmistakably like a hand with its pointer finger up, the way a person holds it when they beckon someone. Ugh it's freaky. It was bad enough the thing having an interest in my family and mostly my sister. I don't want it to have an interest in my boyfriend too just because he was too damn curious.
Yes I definitely see it. How many people were in the car ?
I think there were five people in the car, two in front three in back. I wasn't actually in the car when this happened because I had gone with my sister, brother and one other friend in the other car (we took two cars to get there). There's actually a really good reason I went with them and not with my boyfriend, and I've never known with certainty whether or not it was relevant to the rest of the night's terrors, but I'll post it anyway,and you guys can take it however you like.

While we were at the house someone kept complaining about a car that was passing by really slowly. It was long after midnight by this point I think so that was strange. None of the rest of us saw this car though, although the person kept mentioning it. I think we were all a little worried we might be seen as breaking-and-entering even though we owned the house, because it was thought to be vacant. This seems pretty irrelevant if you ask me but I can't help but think about it when I consider what happened after we left the Den house. Friend N was throwing up on the lawn and wanted desperately to leave even though a few of us were still inside. So we agree, but as we're leaving we get a call from my mom, who's sobbing incoherently. In the light of everything that just happened in the Den house our first thought is something along the lines of FUCKFUCKWHATDIDWEDO
so we sped over to her new house which was only about thirty seconds away, in a different subsection of the neighborhood. We get there and find my mom and sister D hiding in mom's bathroom, scared out of their wits. Someone had been pounding mercilessly on their front door for the last ten minutes on and off. The first time she answered it to find no one there. The next time she and D became very scared, from the sheer ferociousness of the incessant banging, like they were actually trying to knock the door off its hinges. Not too long after the cops showed up. No one was there, or at least no one had stuck around. I can only think of one explanation. Ex-stepdad still had a hold on part of the mortgage so maybe it was him driving by and saw us in there and decided to ruffle some feathers because he didn't like it... But he only problem is, he had no possible way of knowing where my moms new house was. And if it wasn't him, then who the hell was banging on my moms door after midnight like they had some kind of a vendetta??
>On the trip back home, I had my friend take a picture of me in the car as I started to feel sick to my stomach to the point of throwing up very suddenly
>I wasn't actually in the car when this happened

I don't get it, are you the guy in the picture?

The more I look at it, the more I think it can't be a reflection, we clearly see an odd face and hand in a different position than the guy in front of the window (you?). And you can't see any other reflections beside that shape. It looks like this silhouette is actually outside the car or "inside" the window.
Sorry, sorry, I know this got a little confusing. I am the OP, the one who lived in the house, the one whose family it is. But at the point in his this thread when the story becomes the long posts about the night we returned with the Ouija board - some other anon reposted those. They're from another thread my boyfriend started a few weeks ago where he told that story. So the person who told that specific story is my bf, who is also the guy in the pic.
And yeah,in the other photos there were virtually no discernible reflections at all, which is what makes this reflection so disconcerting.
Nnope, it was good :) Moar please
My bad, didn't realize it wasn't the same OP.

Do you have an idea for why it is following L?
Nah, not a clue, not even an inkling. Sorry. The only thing I could possibly think of would be that she's always been a really angry and resentful person, for reasons that make sense considering her childhood. So idk. Maybe the massive amount of anger condensed into one little girl drew some creepy demonic thing from the ether that fed on those sorts of negative emotions. My house has always been a hotspot of negative emotions, long before the haunting
The OP of this thread is the gf of the guy in the picture/OP of the other thread?
Yes. Sorry I didn't realize I made it so confusing??
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Oh neat you're here.

Give us more stories.

Also when I read:
>me, L, M, A, Y
I thought of this picture
You know what though that looks remarkably like the reflection in the car window ... 2 spook I'm crepped out
Ever plan on going back?
Idk I'm honestly running out of stories. Most of the stuff that happened is hundreds of times that lights turned on and off with no reason, sometimes the switches themselves would actually flip. Like we would HEAR the flipping of the switch. We would hear footsteps upstairs when we were home alone. Sometimes I would hear footsteps in the hall when everyone but me was fast asleep. It happened so often though that they're all kinda lumped together in my memory. I've already told all the scariest things that happened. Some of the most heart stopping moments though weren't as full of stories. It was as simple as walking into my bedroom and hearing my bathroom door click shut as if someone just went in there, but then going around the corner to investigate and seeing the door never shut at all. That happened often. We would hear doors closing or opening when no such thing was happening. One time there was a shadow in the crack under my door, as of someone was standing right on the other side. I was home alone. I steadfastly ignored it as I read, trying to drown out my horror. When I looked up again the shadow was gone. Once I was playing on my stepsisters keyboard while I was home alone (because she never let me play it ) and I was just goofing around playing Heart and Soul and messing up a lot. I went downstairs to eat something but I heard the distinct plinking of keys upstairs, and suddenly realized it was the same song i had just been playing, and I listened, unnerved, as the song messed up in the exact same measure when I had messed up. I didn't check until later when my friend came over, but the keyboard was indeed off.
Someone lives here now so ehh probably not. I get panicky when I even have to drive down that street, and I never ever look at the house as I pass. Especially not that window. Ugh. I guess I would go back if the opportunity arose, but I would never do it alone and never at night.
What do you mean by "lives here now?" Is that a typo for there? If so, did the current occupants ever contact your family about anything?
Where were you during the events of story #1?

Were you manning the Ouija board too?
Is this thread kill?
For some reason this one scared me the most...
Holy RAVIOLI I completely forgot to mention. I mean, it never seemed relevant in the context before, but regarding everything I was mention about my cat Spanky before. I mean if he really did have some idea what was going on/some weird animalistic instinct to protect us from it then this would make sense. Cont.
>we moved out of the Den house for the first of two times
>move to a smaller house literally around the corner
>Spanky gets out and he doesn't come back after a day like he usually does
>we get worried and start searching
>eventually I find him at the empty Den house in the backyard
>for some reason he runs from me which is unusual for him
>I have to chase him to the back wall and grab him
>I'm shocked when he's writhing in my arms, struggling to get away. What is up with him??
>he's actually scratching me in his effort to get away! which is downright WIERD for him to do. He's usually stoic and nice if a little in cuddly. Never would he ever scratch me
>maybe he is just in shock from moving idk
>really I know that can't be true because he's been through like six moves in his lifetime and he's always been the only cat that was indifferent to it
>eventually my mom gets there and helps me restrain him and bring him home
>but he keep escaping after that
>every few weeks he would slip out. He's never done it with that frequency before, and when he had in the past he was never gone for more than a day or so.
>but now he stays gone until we find him
>we quickly learn to like at the Den house first thing
>he's always there
>I don't know why
>We move eventually to another house, another street away
>he still does it. We still find him at the Den house every time
>this continues until we move back into the Den house
>his behavior abruptly returns to normal for a long while
(until the time much later which I talked about above when he began disappearing for long stretches of time)
I never really though of that as a scary story before or anything like that. But when you look at it along with his other behavioral changes.., I guess it could be considered related.
When Spanky disappeared for those long stretches of time, do you ever feel the entity still being in your house during those time periods? Or was the house in a calm atmosphere?
God that's such an interesting question, I wish I had an answer for you but I don't. I'm really interested to know now, but it's lost. It's been too long, and I never connected those things to each other before so I have no way of remembering that. I never kept any kind of track
Damn, it's just that with that new piece of evidence about Spanky, it seems like Spanky returns to the Den house to keep the entity at bay as way to protect you and your family. This is also knowing that it likes to follow your family around. Also, when you guys moved back into the Den house, the way you worded it makes it to where Spanky is actually shooing away the entity or having it follow him to a far away distance as a way to keep it from returning. This is why whenever Spanky returns and starts checking every room, he's actually making sure the entity never came back and if it does, the process starts all over again. Shame he never returned during that one disappearance you wrote.
Maybe the ghost of Spanky will haunt somebody and be a chill as fuck pet ghost cat.
File: 20140916_004403-1.jpg (500 KB, 1896x2638) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
500 KB, 1896x2638
This is the house as it was set up. You can pretty much imagine the way everything went down from the story.
So where's the garage in this?
this happened to me, too. and bedroom dorr opened by itself too. I also just saw something off the corner of my eye, it's pitch black but it was purely white holy hsit
Garage story happened when i was 18 and is the house im in right now. The diagram is from the house when i was 4.
Anything going bump in the night the past hour or so?
File: 20140916_011328.jpg (3 MB, 4160x2340) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 4160x2340
Nah, nothing much since then happened here, a few isolated incidents but they all occured when i was with aaron, in different places usually, ehich leads me to believe it wanted him whatever it was. This is the garage now, the treadmill was turned so the handles face towards the opposite wall of the one with window in it, thats when we saw it.
File: 20140916_011424.jpg (2 MB, 4160x2340) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 4160x2340
Anothe pic focusin on window to show the way we were standing. The bottom right corner is here we saw the head pop up.
Sounds like sleep paralysis
you better tell us about a few you faggot its an anonymous image board your identity and hers is safe
File: 1410850766940.jpg (2 MB, 4160x2340) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 4160x2340
Another weird thing i ferl i should mention is i have like this white residue on my walls, o have no idea what its from but i can wipe the walls but it comrs back. Theres like this koala looking thing that is next to my bed thats been there ever since i moved back into this room.
File: 1410851018900.jpg (2 MB, 4160x2340) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 4160x2340
Another pic, looks to me like a dragon which is weird because its next to my dragon poster.
File: 1410851173894.jpg (2 MB, 4160x2340) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 4160x2340
Another that looks like finger marks but i dont make a habit of touching the walls so idk what its from.
The pic are sideways so tilt your head left, the right side of pic is down. Or maybe they're not sideways and its just my phone, idk.
>Inb4 young keanu
Have you ever had those sleeping whispers?
you know, the ones when you're highly suggested and tired keep talking to you from quietness itself?

>I was 10 years old first times standing up late.
>decide I might as well watch some ghost videos on youtube.
>Spend like two or three hours looking at this shit.
>Eventually I needed to go to the bathroom.
>Master toilet was downstairs and it was pitch dark.
>Went all alpha on this bitch, lights all out, to prove myself I wasn't afraid of no ghost.
>worst idea of my life
>slowly go to the toilet
>hear someone calling my name from inside. It sounded playful, like a little girl.
>she just kept calling my name, so I opened the door.
>The next this I saw was the most fucked up thing I've ever seen in my life, it was like a shadow, but with body. I quickly turned on the light and the creature just dissapeared.

I keep hearing voices in my head, that's why I don't ever get myself in sheer silence. I have the TV on right now.
Maddest thread I've seen on X in a while this spooked the shit outta me as well haha
File: 111holy shit.jpg (600 KB, 3648x2736) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
111holy shit.jpg
600 KB, 3648x2736
I think you're looking at it wrong. Warning: if you listen to me it might scare you further

open the picture in a new tab so you can see it in max resolution and zoom in on the reflection thats up above on the top part of the window. If you look at it in great detail, and look at each individual line on it, it takes form. It looks like a beastial sort of face. You can see eye sockets, a nose, maybe even ears. Ill outline what I interpret it but also open up the original in a new tab and look for yourself.

My illustration is pretty shitty, but it should give you an idea. Make sure you're zoomed in enough niggers, but not to far
File: 1407263236466.jpg (32 KB, 1024x726) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32 KB, 1024x726
I saw it before reading your post, or this thread. Spoopy!
Fuck you I did not need to see that right now
How can you be scared of that weird pale face when we have an actual demon picture above?
Late to the thread so might have been addressed but if you think its following your sis, and it changes based on the room she's in, why didn't the hauntenings start happening in the playroom instead?
Sounds plausible, but to me the face is so distinct. It looks kind of like a hyena/bear maybe. it's hard to accept any kind of distortions could make a moth look distinctly like a face like that
Thanks for the stories OP, the house I grew up in was actually haunted too.

We lived in a village on the foot of a mountain and my mom said a lot of POWs were buried there from WW2. I can't find any history on that place though apart from it being Japanese Occupied territory during that time.

There were also a lot of haunted houses in that village. Across from my grandma's place, lived my grandma's friend.
>always sent my mom when she as a kid to her friend's place on errand
>tells her never to look out the windows
>and don't ever look up the staircase
>my mom goes to that house, enters into the living room
>was a bit of a cheeky cunt, decides to look up the stairs to see if grandma's friend is there
>instead she sees a European looking young woman (this was in the Philippines), probably a mestiza standing at the top of the staircase
>dressed in traditional Filipino clothing (the Maria Clara, see pic)
>she's looking into the distance
>my mom stares for a while
>grandma's friend comes out of the kitchen into living room
>mom goes to greet her, asks her about her foreign guest
>grandma's friend is all nope, it's just me here
>mom looks back at staircase
>no one there

Whenever my mom recalls this story she always told us that the woman was way too beautiful to be a native (ha) and looked as if she was pulled from an entirely different time period, in looks alone.
Horse headed Minotaur ?
The demon in the photo is too small for me to see in the thumbnail. The pale face instantly gave me a shock as I scrolled down. Stupid, I know, but there's your answer.
File: zZLa0sA.jpg (23 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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c'mon man, this made me go on a feels trip even with all this spoopy stuff
Looks like im the thread killer this time round
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giphy (50).gif
1 MB, 400x225
This spook'd me to the point that I had tears in my eyes.
Like the goddamn faggot I am...
I'm really enjoying this thread! I just want to say thanks to all you anons who contributed with your stories. It made my night.
Holy shit your stories hit close to home. Only difference is I see dead people on the regular (I guess I'm a medium?)... we have a shitton of groundwater around our house and it attracts a ton of spirits and shadow people. Do you have underground streams or lakes nearby? Do you have your own water supply under the house such as a well?

As for the ambient voices I know that noise too well. When I was around 12 there was a shadow person that just kept following me. For a few nights in a row I would see it lean over and peek around my doorway at me in bed, hence why I keep my door shut these days. When I spotted it and it leaned away, I would always hear whispers and murmurs. Never coherent, it was like I was so close to understanding but it was like they spoke another language too.

You know that stone archway with the veil from Harry Potter where they go to rescue Sirius? The whispering they describe that comes from behind the veil is very similar to what I hear a lot.

BTW we still live in the same house, I see shit that's just as scary every day. Do you know if anyone in your family has paranormal abilities?
Also where did you find Spanky, from my knowledge cats don't really do that unless trained to. Egyptians used to train and used cats to ward away demonic and harmful spirits and believed cats had the ability to swallow the spirit and take them to the underworld when they passed.If he wasn't trained, that cat is a bad as nigga.
My cat did the same thing. Some cats are very spiritually inclined and feel a need to protect themselves and their people. Cats are more perceptive than one might think. You have to admit that cats seem like they know paranormal shit too.
It's not about identity I'm not keeping it to myself because I think you'll know who I am. I'm uncomfortable sharing it because it's really really fucked up. If they were my dreams I would share but they aren't and I respect my sister too much to divulge something so personal even if it's anonymously.
Not the same guy

Idk that's a pretty good question. My only thoughts were because maybe she was no longer living in a room alone, since my brother slept there and I slept ten feet away through an open door. And she didn't live in there she just slept there at night, so it was never really her 'room' you know? Plus on top of that, that playroom was wide open to the hall where we always saw the shadow which led to L's bedroom. It's not as if she moved very far at all. Maybe I'll sketch up a floor plan so you guys can tell what I'm talking about
Don't worry, digging up all these memories I spooped my own self so bad I keep jumping at shadows in my own damn house. At least you can convince yourself it's someone making up stories online.. I have to live with the actual physical memories, which I assure you are scarier than I've made them out to be haha
Yeah!! Holy shit that is such a good description of the voices. That is actually EXACTLY what it sounded like. And no we didn't have any underground streams or anything like that that I know of.
We got him when he was a couple weeks old. He was half Siamese half alleycat mutt, and he had these piercing green eyes. But no he was never trained in any formal sense. In fact I always got the feeling he was never litter trained or trained to stay off the counters and not eat our food, he only did that stuff because he liked us haha. He was the kind of cat you felt could actually understand everything you were saying to him. Like I would tell him "hey I'm leaving ok bye spanks" and he would run to the front door like he wanted to see me out. That cat was so damn clever
File: image.jpg (137 KB, 768x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Here you go
Wow, even my schematic for the house from when i was four was better then thst lol
File: image.jpg (129 KB, 768x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
129 KB, 768x1024
These are really rough but you get the point
Lol shove it I'm using the equivalent of MS Paint on an iPad While drawing w my finger I am not an artist or an architect or an MS Paintist
Lol im just kidding. I just used paper pencil and a ruler.
Good cat, is there anymore activity following his death?
Unfortunately my knowledge of all the stuff happening afterwards is pretty thin on the ground since it was all occurring at L's various apartments. There's only one full story I remember and I already told it somewhere above. Mostly it was lights again,cupboards slamming and shit, the silverware,the radio noise. Her roommates, every single one of them, independently came to her to ask if she thought it was possible their apartment was haunted. This of course always freaked her right the fuck out because she never ever talked about the Den house or any of the haunting stuff to her roommates (because they would either think she was crazy or not want to room with her)
No more spoopy stories? :(
File: 1409067791812.jpg (8 KB, 261x195) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8 KB, 261x195
fuck. I guess I'm not sleeping tonight. I'm alone in a lit room, but I'm nearly shaking and constantly looking over my shoulders. FUCK
I've been following this thread since sunday and i'm very interested about it all. OP, i hope someday this thing that follows L stop this and i hope someday you feel better about all this scary memories.
Since I'm pretty much out if coherent stories I'll tell you one more little thing to go out with a bang. I said before I wouldn't disclose the contents of her dreams and I stand by that. But I'll tell you this, she kept quiet about them for the longest time. I knew she had nightmares but she always laughed them off. I never knew the EXTENT to which she was having them. The first time she told me all about one of the dreams was after she had moved out, when she was living with roommate R I think. She woke up from the nightmare (the contents of which I won't go into) screaming in the night, soaked in her own blood and her boyfriends blood, who was next to her. She was just screaming and trying to wipe away the blood and figure out where it was coming from and get out of it. Her boyfriend (the same boyfriend from the Ouija board story) told me she was writhing and crying about blood in her sleep and he had to shake her awake violently to get her to snap out of it. Dreams within dreams always screw with me, but in her case I can't even imagine.

Anywho, that's probably the last story I'll be posting! My memory well has run dry. Feel free to post your own related stories though. All the ones you guys have posted so far have been really interesting.
Whats the story with your mom and the ouija board?
? Expand your question idk what you're asking.

Whenever I say "the Ouija board story" n this thread I'm always referring to that one night we went back to the empty house after we had moved out, the night with the light in the pantry and the demon spelling out the word "GOD."
Wait whoops lol my b I didn't even look which post you were referring too nvm
Op if this is you, get a Native American shaman to cleanse her body with incense and stuff. Or, get sage and diff herbs. Burn them in her house/apt. Hell, take the burning herbs and go to the four corners of the place. Have a calm and positive mind doing this. Have her meditate with burning incense. Also, what works is basically commanding the spirit to leave and never come back. She has to mean it! And I think she's pyschic by what you said of her dreams.
Entities mostly follow pyschics because they leach off their energy
Has this been archived yet?

I've been on 4chan for years and I still have no idea how archiving works.
Well op I guess I can post a little about my childhood house in upstate NY. Here is some lengthy backstory. I am in no way plagiarizing or playing off the ops stories. There are no guarantees for veracity on 4chan but everything I put in this tale is true.

>house i grew up in was built back in 1910 in the finger lakes region which was Seneca territory before being settled by europeans. Never did any digging with regards to whether the Seneca had any sacred sites ie burial grounds ceremonial grounds i or battlefields where skirmishes took place between them and the algonquins/hurons in the area but it wouldn't surprise me
>lived in the aforementioned house from 1991 to 2004
>4 bed 1 bath with an attic and a full size basement
>house was host to several traumatizing events for myself and my siblings which I will go into greater detail later

So to start my biological mother and my dad were married in roughly 88 and moved into the house at that time. My dad was a corrections officer and my mom was editor in chief/owner of the smalltime small town local paper. Had around 4 happy years growing up (91-95) until my bio-mom started having an affair with a 20 something drug dealer.
I had by this point a sister who was 2 years older than me and a little brother who was 2 years younger.
Due to my biomom snorting and drinking the ad revenue away her paper was in deep trouble and my dad simply either was too slammed at work to notice at first or simply didn't have enough energy to realize something g was terribly wrong. I don't know the details whether it was quid pro quo or just something that merely happened but in spring of 95 my older sister was sexually assaulted by my moms 20 year old boyfriend. And from there things spiraled quickly out of control. Tragic? yes. Disgusting? Very. Paranormal? Not necessarily.

What I can tell you is that shortly after that the atmosphere of the house changed. A feeling of dread blanketed the house for years to come. Tbc
Prior to this event my biomom never truly did anything zany or strange but a noticeable change in her behavior followed. Where before she never lashed out or hit either me or my siblings she started handing out harsh punishments over minor childhood infractions. Whether due to narcotics eroding her logic centers or being driven insane due to knowledge of what she allowed to happen i personally dont know. Here is an example:
>was being a normal 4 year old kid and playing with toy cars on the floor. I don't remember why but I suddenly found myself being grabbed and dragged up the stairs to the second floor. Next thing I know I'm stuffed in the unlit attic
>being a young kid left in a tight dark space I immediately panic and plead and ask to be let out but after what seemed like an eternity I realized there was nobody there and my cries were going unheard.
>what I then realized was though nobody was outside the attic I wasn't alone in there. Last thing I can recall was renewing my cries for help saying I was sorry and then passing out.
>when I came to I was in my bedroom with bandages on the ends of my fingernails with my dad and uncle looking over me. My dad said my biomom said I fell roller skating and somehow messed up my fingertips. I told my dad that wasn't what happened and miraculously he believed everything but there being anything but there being something else that was in the attic with me. He had the sheriff's department initiate an investigation which eventually led to my biomoms and her boyfriends arrest on sexual assault on a minor, neglect, and for giving controlled substances to my little brother. This could easily be written off as merely the antics of two drug addled minds but stay tuned tbc
From the day that my dad gained sole custody of us the feelings of dread never subsided the entire time I lived in that house.
On a side note I never did get the real reason why my mom and her boyfriend both went to jail being a kindergartner I figured it was just because they were bad. It wasn't until I was 13 that he revealed to me that my older sister (I'll refer to her as N from here forward) was sexually assaulted. I knew she had to testify whereas I merely gave a statement to a detective on how I scraped my fingertips down to the bone. I went to a few therapy sessions and that was it. Anyways moving on.
We had some unexpected good news in that we had a little sister that social services was dropping off after my dad was proven the father of a daughter my biomom had in prison. This required that I move in with my little brother (I'll refer to him as d). At this time d was 3 and I was 5. This of course meant I was on top bunk (being older and therefore less likely to fall off and bust my ass). There were several nights where he would wake me up crying when I would ask why he was crying he would say something was watching us. Similar to op's shadow man sure enough there was some nights that from behind a dresser with a vanity mirror I could see a shadow head peeking out at me. So being 5 and being a big boy I slept for 5 years (until I moved rooms to the upstairs master) sleeping with my head under the blanket. If I had to piss I would look everywhere but where I las saw that shadow sprint across the hall and piss. Sprint back climb the ladder with my eyes closed and vault under the covers.
At age 10 I moved with d into the upstairs master while my dad moved downstairs with his then fiance. N moved into mine and D's old room. My little sister W moved into Ns old bedroom by herself. From then on d and me only had mi or scares in the bedroom. I recall several times where the door would slowly creak open the way only an old door can and slowly creak shut. I never had the balls to go see what the cause was but after seeing what I know now to be a fullbody apparition peaking behind a vanity mirror I found it was difficult to force myself to walk out to a dark hallway to find either my dad checking on us or option b a malevolent spirit. Anyways around this time we setup my dads fiance's console TV and futob in the basement and ran coax cable down there so me and d could have a little mancave to keep us from watching pokemon/yu gi oh and toonami on the living room TVs. We had both mostly forgotten about being terrified during the previous 5 years but we remembered that feeling of dread soon enough.
At first the boycave was pretty balling. Console TV and 63 channels from time warner? What isn't to love. Well let me tell you. Being a basement it was always perpetually cold. Being ten I readily accepted it being due to the fact it was underground and therefore cooler. Never mind that the hot water heater and dryer were down there. What's more the only lighting was a pull chain bare lightbulb and an automotive shoplight. There was one half window that let some natural light in but that was all. Tbc
Dodged a bullet, OP. Out of all the terrible ghost shows that came and went leaving only Hunters and Adventures, Paranormal State was truly the worst. Charlatan fraud quasi-hollywood primadonas who would've devalued even the most believable bullshit.

Though, I guess you could still appear on The Dead Files and have that cockeyed bitch and fat bicep cop show up nowadays.
>I couldn't make this shit up if I tried.

Harping on your lack of imagination, creativity and intelligence doesn't lend credence to anything. Just let the stories speak for themselves. I've enjoyed the thread without the constant side bars to pump up believability.

Though, I'm only up to this point and fuck, maybe this whole thing falls apart. SUSPENSE!

Just ask her if she wants to buy your organic sage already, faggot.

>muh advice
>I don't know a lot
>I don't think
>I'm not sure
>I don't know

Thanks for the help, dumbfuck.
This thread turned to shit, unfortunately.

The attention whore hijack and the reposting of OPs boyfriend faggotry confusing the yokels well, it was good while it lasted.
Still going to bump, I am on lunch and won't have time to finish the thread. Very spoopy in the beginning and want to finish the read before it 404s.
Best thread I've seen on /x/ in quite awhile. I am only up to here >>15215079 and I want to say that it occurs to me that the hauntings may have occurred because of the messing with the Ouija board. I have heard of similar things, hauntings that followed people to a new location. Fucking with Ouija is not wise.

Continuing to read, great stuff, very spoopy.
This fucking thread... I got the chills, immense build up in my tear ducts. Awesome stories thanks all
Nothing really exciting. I can't even remember the good parts. All I know is that she fucked around with one, got freaked out, threw it away. The only thing was that it wouldn't go away. It'd keep showing up on her doorstep or in her room.
I forgot what she did to finally get rid of it. I think she broke it and threw it in the ocean.
WTF? is a 'reem'?
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Anon could you join me in muh reem pls
I'm waiting. This is good
Nice thread op. I've never seen anything spooky except when I've been on drugs, never sober.


especially like these, but i haven't read the whole thread yet.
Damn. I didn't come here for feels.
>piece goes flying
Right there. You released a fucking spirit. Never let go of the piece without telling it goodbye, or you release a potentially malevolent spirit. No wonder your sister is getting haunted. I've heard of this before.
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