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ITT we interpret other peoples dreams. only...
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ITT we interpret other peoples dreams. only recent ones

Here's last night.

>in some army development program
>select few who are at the top get chosen for cybernetic enhancements
>get chosen myself
>get turned away for some reason and sent to director
>director tells me im being put into a strategic role as opposed to front lines
>scienttist in charge of enhancements calls me to the side
>tell me he's going to augment me with the next gen stuff, but I can't tell anybody or use it unless its an emergency
>wear a new uniform with the other strategic recruits
>continue my training with the strategy people.

what is the meaning of this?
is there a spiritual war going on or something?
bump for assistance.
> In a dream
> couldn't breath or communicate.
> keeps happening every other day
> smoke weed all day
> not really bothered but I know it means something

Can someone explain ?
subconcious fear of the cancer
I always post this dream
so here is the full story:
>got back from school and go directly to bed
>Before i get to sleep i put my alarm to ring at 14:30
Now i start dreaming and shit
>Wake up in my dream and first thig i do is to change my alarm to 15:30
>As i try to sleep again i start feeling really scared and have this weird feeling that i need to close the door of my room
>Create some balls and run to the door as fast as i can close it and sit on my bed on fetal position
>I get more and more scared so i decide to turn on the TV
>After some time i decide its not helping and i turn it off and decide to open the window
>A panda in a purple tuxedo is just standing there rigt in front of me
>Have a second of my mind processing whats happening
>React by punching the panda in the face and closing the window
>As soon as i close it theres i look left and theres a women standing in my bed with a towel
>I never get to see her face
>Mfw i wake up and the alarm is set to 15:30
probably a lucid dream to start with, then you transferreed into an actual dream
One time I had a dream where I got taxed and actually felt it, to quote the lady cop who plugged me,"I hope you like slinky! Because in Greece they do it by the mile!" And then I woke up with this picture of a homeless man playing with a slinky
In the one that I just posted with a slinky, it was. Is there anything significant about that? Btw I'm not the person you replied to
one thing i forgot to mention is that when i punched the panda on the face his eyes went bright orange
It's best to focus on your own actions i the dream, since they are more concrete in terms of comprability to your internal state. You punched a Panda, was it aggression? Intimidation? Whimsy?
Does anybody else have repeated dreams involving a familiar area but with just a different scenario?
It's probably nothing. It sounds like jus your brain processing stuff. Watched some action movies/ games lately?
sounds like you suffer from lack of real connection with other people
sleep walking maybe?
lots of people dying
>start dreaming
>browsing 4chan
>read a thread where I see an audio file to download called 'music to reawaken'
>hear the file, music starts, for some reason it looks like the sound comes from the back of my brain
>enter trance-like state, everything it's pitch black
>I freak out and try to go back, but something holds me back
>that something grabs me and elevates me into the air, it throws me against the floor
>instead of crashing against the floor, I go through it, like it was made of liquid
>hear a voice
>congratulations for having crossed the threshold, the audience with the "queen" will start soon
>I'm now in this "otherworld" which is exactly like ours just that I can't interact with anyone
>go to my mums room and try to talk to her, to no avail, it's like I wasn't there
>that scares me and I wake up
The only one I can think of now doesn't count because I realized it was a dream midway and turned it into a lucid wet dream where I had sex with a friend of mine. I don't think this says anything about my subconscious

Now about older dreams I had that stuck with me since:

>had it while sleeping in a class
>I'm walking in the middle of antarctica or some similarly icy place, wearing full arctic clothing, either red or blue. I see a body on the floor some meters in the distance, he's wearing either blue or red
>the sensation is that i'm wearing both colors at the same time and the body lying in the ice is wearing the opposite color every time I look at it
>run near the body
>look at it
>it's me
>i experience for a very brief moment the headache-inducing notion of looking at myself looking at myself looking at myself... eye to eye
>start panicking inside from just how weird this feeling is
>wake up, as it turns out the teacher's microphone had a very high-pitched microphony just before I woke up
>wonder to this day how much outside events affect dream events

and then the one I think has the most /x/ potential and/or is prettier...

>be somewhere that looks like a condo's hall or parking lot, never been there before
>dream lasts mere seconds. I'm hugging a lady with light brown skin, she looks very brazilian. She's holding my left arm with her right hand as we hug, it's a very sweet feeling overall, she smells... warm, I guess.
>there's also an overweight girl standing beside us, she's looking happy and friendly for whatever reason
>girl I'm hugging backs up a little, looks at me in the eyes, smiles and says "I'm your wife."
>wake up immediately after

I don't feel this superficially, it's in a deeper emotional level. I'm almost convinced I've met my wife in this dream before meeting her irl. Needless to say I'm yet to know of a girl who fits the description, or a friend who looks like the one in the dream. Fucking weird.

Anybody got an interpretation on those?
>sex with a friend

nope. but it does say things about your conscious desires.

hows that friend zone working out for ya?
She moved away years ago actually. But yeah, same thing.
I'm no expert but I read a lot about dream symbolism.

To be apart of the army means you have feelings of superiority. The cybernetics program is a way for you to be aware of your objectivity in the world versus your own feelings.

I'm not sure about the significance of being put into a strategic position, so I'll leave that up to you to decide.
Anyone else having weird apocalyptic dreams?
> Obama suddenly becomes very ill
> Hamas takes credit for giving him Ebola, somehow
>Lots of people start dying. They call it ebola but its more like the black plague, with big purple buboes on the victim. there is no cure. everyone who gets it dies.
>Weird thing is, its always the 'sinners' and bad people who get it. sometimes their families get it too.
>Most of the World leaders are dead now, after catching the disease from Obama.
>I look out of my window, buildings are on fire, people rioting on the street, or maybe running away.
> Then I see a man in a baclava carrying a black Islamic flag. Hes running in slow motion, as he passes by a crowd of people I can see some of them suddenly grow ill and die.
>For some reason, I can sense those people are the evil ones; criminals, child abusers, corrupt cops. the rest of the crowd is cheering
>Muslim guy yells Allahu Akbar! and I wake up
Is this some sort of premonition?
ill do my best to remember
>start dreaming
>At a shopping center when 'they' start invading
>huge roboting like worm creatures come down from the sky
>I have a backpack, i put into it 4 plastic bottles of vodka ( i know right wtf) and all the booze i can take off the shelf haha,
>chaos ensues. I manage to get some rope, matches and a torch
>run outside, suddenly i am in a big large open field
>see alien worm coming towards me, its massive, the size of a building
>see a big hole in the ground
>jump into it
>suddenly im jaja binks from star wars
>for some reason they cant sense that im jaja binks
>go to sleep
>wake up in dream at a beach shack
>huge tsunami coming from miles away
>suddenly zombie apocolypse
>manage to kill a few zombies murdering and stomping on there heads, green ooze comes out
>inside beach shack with my sister (i dont have a sister irl)
>batter down the hatches
>suddenly rip off my sisters jeans and udner wear and star fucking her
>her pussy is ltierally the tightest thing in the world
>She starts screaming that it hurts and trying to squirm away
>i keep fucking her
>pull her closer, fucking her absolutely amazing tight pussy harder
>quickly flip around and cum in her mouth
>suddenly loose sensation in penis
>she tells me my cum tastes like shit but she loves it
>we hook up
>suddenly another person interupts us in cabin
>more zombies
>wake up

yeah i have fucked up dreams :/ I have others written down that are literally horryfing if anyone wants me to post..
kek this is paranoia m8
Post them
there on a usb some but ill green text them from memory.

>dream starts off like No country for old men
>being chased By creepy dude
>The whole time during the dream I feel my heart beating 200 miles a minute, and have a feeling in my head like a pulsating (the kind of dizzy feeling you get after exerting yourself)
>start running along old train tracks
>suddenly cousin is running beside me
>she suddenly drops to the ground
>face down
>i roll her over and she is just a rotting corpse
>turn around
>guy standing behind me bleeding from his eyes and mouth
>i start running again
>same feeling
>Suddenly i am in a powerplant
>working there
>all of a sudden melt down
>we are all trying to escape
>end up in cement tube
>"dont block the door, how will we breath" some body says
>I saw my leg off and use it as a Stopper to hold the door a jar
>wake up in pool of Radioactive goop
>wake up irl

I have another one where a was with hitler, and we set this young guy on fire and watched him melt and burn and as he was burning his girlfriend came and put on his leather jacket and sunnies and tried to recreate an old photo of Him she had, Like selfie whys, But he was melting. Whack shit
One other one

>be on a school bus
>traveling down a huge hill near where i live at about 100km/h
>everybody screaming
>Teacher telling us to stfu, she has no legs and is standing on stumps
>everything is on fire, all the trees and cars around us
>suddenly at my house
>Walk into the kitchen
>grandma is cleaning up blood on the floor
>ask her what shes doing
>she doesn't reply
>turn her around but all i see is the back of her head (similar to simpsons epsiode where homer eats chilli)
>suddenly she starts screaming
>head for the kitchen door running
>suddenly im on the balcony over looking the town
>huge nuclear warehead goes off
>feel the heat and pain
>wake up
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Sometimes, in the first minutes after I wake up, I still feel like the dream was real. This was one of those times. I was thinking it was a good idea to go to the middle east and fight for Jihad, even though I am not and I have never been a muslim. I only realized how little sense it all made after I had made my way upstairs for some coffee.
lol dont stress man those savage fucking isis dogs will never take over, There to openly violent. and if they tried to contain ebola no doubt theyd end up with it and all die lol
I have a lot of very weird dreams, though they aren't always exactly "creepy". Oftentimes they involve some random creatures my mind somehow comes up with. The most recent one wasn't that exciting, though:

>at my aunt's old farm (she sold it a year or so ago in real life), though apparently it's my mom who lives there (in real life she's dead)
>find myself in the body of a hot woman
>even though I'm not aware I'm dreaming, I just decide to have some fun with it
>start teasing this old cowboy dude (who's just randomly there), like acting all slutty and shit
>my mom gets mad like I'm destroying her relationship, even though the guy himself says he's just her friend
>I proceed to deny everything and say he was harassing me
>wake up

Yes, that actually happened.
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Well ummm. Here we go
>In dream
>I wake up in my room
>Everything looks normal
>But I can tell its a dream
>I get dressed walk outside
>Its snowing
>See friends across the street still wearing summer clothing, looks like they are heading to the pool
>All of their clothing is white
>I listen for what they are saying, its silent
>They don't seem to hear me
>I look at what I am wearing, all black even clothing I know that isn't black is blacked out
>I walk down the street
>I hear a gun fire
>I run to where I think I heard it
>I see a shadow appear and disappear in the trees lining the street
>I run to the appt office because I think the shot came from there
>I see a girl on the play ground back behind the office
>Her face is grey, wearing white, I see blood dripping from her eyes..
>She looks up at me, eyes wide open mouth open screaming as she is falling into the ground
>I see the shadow figure standing in the woods behind the play ground
>He disappears and appears in the office
>It looks like he exploded into spikes, blood everywhere
>He makes his way outside
>Man walking to the gym
>Shadow man cuts his fist/blade into him blood pours out
>Man's body hits the ground
>Shadow man disappears/appears near a family walking to the pool, rips them apart
>I start to panic, I see the dead bodies get up
>Eyes yellow, dripping blood, now wearing all black
>I make a gun appear in my coat, I start putting the living dead back to being dead
>Shadow man has killed the whole city
So there you go
I have only limited control in my dreams its odd, I can kind of help myself out but not wake up
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anyone has any sort of lead on what it means to give birth to a deer and then once it's out like you dont even question it just kinda try to communicate with it through sign language?
There is lots of symbolism associated with deer in mythology. They were usually viewed as 'fairie cattle' bridging the spiritual world with our own. IMO the deer might be a projection of your higher consciousness trying to tell you something. stay alert for more signals.
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>dream I am in a room with many people
>suddenly the mood changes and everyone looks at me
>"hey anon, where is your girlfriend", they ask
>I say nothing
>They ask again, more aggressively
>I say "n-no gf yet"
>HAHAHA, he doesnt have a gf
>they make fun of me
>I try to squat 3 plate to show them, but legs are jelly, cant even squat in this dream
>they laugh even more,"haha, no gf and cant squat. Do you even lift,hahaha?"
>I scream out loud but cant utter a sound except in my own head
>I wake up, go look at pics of scooby for that natty calmdown
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My dreams are fucked up, here is one I had 2 days ago.

>Be in summerhouse in the middle of the woods
>inside dream hear something outside house
>look out window
>see Satans wife/partner
>the sexiest thing I have ever seen
>think "no one intrudes on my property"
>go outside and start chasing Satans wife/parter through the woods
>I want to fuck it so badly
>she goes into cave
>follow her
>we end up in the reception to hell
>ask receptionist where the museum of hell is
>go there
>the museum sells E-Cigs
>purchase E-Cig from a demon in museum store
>look behind me
>Satans wife is there again
>pass out inside dream and wake up inside woods
>See "Her" again

At this point the dream starts to get fuzzy, cant remember if I fucked Satan's wife or not.
What does any of this shit mean?
You want to be special.

>select few who are at the top get chosen for cybernetic enhancements
>get chosen myself

But clearly you're not.

>get turned away for some reason and sent to director
>director tells me im being put into a strategic role as opposed to front lines

So you tell yourself you're special on the inside in a way that noone else can see.

>scienttist in charge of enhancements calls me to the side
>tell me he's going to augment me with the next gen stuff, but I can't tell anybody or use it unless its an emergency
Here's a dream I recently had

>Be in some sort of forest
>Covered with spiders
>Like literally coated with white spiders
>They think I'm cool so I'm not really afraid of them
>They want me to get rid of this snail that's been bothering them
>Find the snail
>Pretty tiny snail
Me: "What's so bad about some tiny snail?"
Snail: "I can make some pretty mean faces!"
>Proceeds to show its teeth and growl at me
>Wake up

What could it mean, /x/?
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>Sitting in the top bunk of a bunk bed with a child version of myself, Doesn't seem strange at the time.
>Annoyed by a housefly, try and smack it against the ceiling with my hand.
>Child-me tells me that it's not going to work, the fly is unharmed.
>Spend a moment in contemplation.
>Get up off the bed, and leave the room.
>Wake up.
I was in high school and left in the middle of the school day to ride in a plane with some strange young girl. the plane blew up and we shared very personal secrets and hugged as we fell but we had parachutes. we held hands at her house while I drank her parents alcohol. her mom came home on lunch and rather than be mad she skipped to fly in a plane with some older dude she gave me liquor instead of her beer i was drinking without her permission. I felt like I had such a powerful bond with her. Now I really wish I was in a plane crash and I feel very lonely
Hmm, my dreams are not as abstract as most of the people on here.

My dreams deal with bad things though. Mostly kidnappings, stalkers, murderers. There hasn't been a dream I've enjoyed in a while and to be honest that kinda pisses me off. The fact this all I dream about and the fact I can't have something more interesting in my dreams.
>went stalking into old metro where a train crashed
>going down the stairs (entering the metro)
>exploring the crashed train
>finds phone (which is turned on)
>goes files
>the exactly place where I stand
>guy's voice
>fast breaths (he's scared)
>looking around
>video suddenly stops
>a guy in a mask appears
>me shit a brick
>he said to follow him
>to scarry to refuse
>following him thru the tunnels (still going in metro)
>we stop here
>8 guys around me + him
>5 of them are in hand-made creepy shitty masks (they're creepy because they're shitty, ye right)
>a pile of dead bodies behind them
>the guy I was following tells me to face the wall
>I face the wall
>he comes closer, pulls of his knife
>starts to cut my cheek
>me bleeding, me suffering, me tolerancing
>(these guys just keep staying and looking)
>he tells me to suck up the blood (from me cheek)
>shit is too scary, I wake up
>I am in my house
>take out psychedelics out of my bedroom drawer and take them(Ive never even smoked before)
>trip like crazy
>random scenes of being in a sunny field, sitting on the side of a highway ect
>I feel very disoriented, vision is blurry
>end up on a plane
>no one is in sight, not even the pilot/flight crew
>take gun and kill myself
>be me
>with Wife
>living in abode somewhere in deep woods
>swank digs... but wait... there be more M8-E
>some awful scream comes from woods
>creature explodes from forest
>Looks EXACTLY like a Dreugh from Oblivion
>can only damage with wood items
>fight him with a stick
>win and it turns to mush
>fashion a bunch of wooden weapons
>It reforms from the mush
>kill it
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>In the dream I was in the military
>at some airport in some middle eastern country
>I commented that everything around here looked so dark, regardless of what time it was.
>The next thing I new I was nearly getting left behind because my shoe fell off
>was forced to just go on without it.
> next I was walking with a bunch of other men up this huge, steep hill
> fairly determined to keep going in spite of my worries about my shoeless foot

the crash represents your family life

masked guy is your father

8 guy are your ancestors

dead bodies represent those people you have had to walk over in your life, or those you feel guilty about what you have done to.

you drinking your own blood is an attempt to find yourself.

you dont know who you are and regret your family life and the things you have done, by doing this you think you will find yourself, but as your facing a wall doing this it only proves that you know that in trying to find yourself nothing will come of it.

you need to move past your regrets.


you took psys in a dream? which ones? either way its meant as a conduit

plane represents your desire to leave the situaion your in, but as their is no one around you fear if you leave this situation you will have no one.

your facing both your mortaility and acceptance that your in a bad situation in life, but are to scared to actually make it better.

embrace death and do what you need to do, you will not end up alone
Here's my dream last night.
Some context I went through a recent break up; it was a long distance thing and he immediately dated some other chick the night we broke up.

>Talking to him over Skype
>He tells me he's going to wait on the roof with a piece of paper determining whether or not he loves me
>Going to spend the whole weekend doing this and he's going to tell me Monday

And that's the end of that dream.
Another dream:
>Get a hold him on Skype
>Ask him why he left and why he feels no remorse for the break up
>His response was simply, "Bliss."

He's been haunting my dreams a bit lately.
>A panda in a purple tuxedo is just standing there rigt in front of me

this made me laugh, jokes aside, everyone has at least seen once some absolutely meaningless combo of several things in their dreams

is this an actual dream and what is an m8-3

the wood is a penis reference, im guessing your dealing with feelings of inadequacy in bed, possible impotence or that your not fulfilling your wife


have you been in the military before?

anyhow this entire dream is about your persieved inability in comparison to your peers, you feel like less of a human than them.

you have an inferiority complex.


the dream is unimportant their is no interpritation to be made, decide if you want to be with him or not.
I dreamt that stumbled on a little ditch in some grass, looked like a moat or something, in the ditch there was a body of water. In the water, a crab was chasing a snake. The crab caught it and killed it, then I woke up.

snake is your penis, crab is a woman, representative of the moon.
water represents unconcious desires.

you feel you are being destroyed by a woman you are around or by your mother
No, i've never been in the military (probably should've mentioned). That actually seems kind of accurate
>decide if you want to be with him or not.

he broke up with me dude
interesting. one problem with your interpretation: i'm female and dating a guy.

or you may, if you enjoyed seeing this happen, have a latent desire to be dominated.


then the military represents unrealized expectations, as if in such a setting you could never measure up.

in the same context you think in society at large you could never do what others can, and thats ok.


then he says he is going to set on a roof with a piece of paper.

listen its obvious he does not want to impregnate you and father your children, and if your looking for a relationship for anything other than that ulttimate goal in mind then you have a problem you need to seriously evaluate.

move on dont put up with the games and find a proper father for your children.


then you have a desire to devour penises (or to dominate them)
>listen its obvious he does not want to impregnate you and father your children
>if your looking for a relationship for anything other than that ulttimate goal in mind then you have a problem you need to seriously evaluate.
>find a proper father for your children

this is 2014 not 1876

i should clairfy the crab and the snake are classical feminine and masculine traits, the fact that you see a crab (female) kill and eat a snake (male) means you have latent animosity towards men, a desire to consume the man and become one with them.

the part about making the snake a part of you (did the crab eat the snake) can be questioned, but you are watching a crab destroy a phalic symbol, no question about it.
>then you have a desire to devour penises (or to dominate them)

i have a desire to eat penises. would it not make more sense that i dreamed of aesop's tale of the crab and the snake?
"A fable attributed to Aesop relates that the two were once friends. When the snake ignored the crab's advice to lead an honest life, it was killed by the crab. The snake then became rigid and the crab commented that if it had done so earlier it need not have died."
It's pretty long but it was weird

>Me at like 8 years old
>Some guy starts touching my private parts
>I tell him to give me money and I'll let him continue, but I just did that to have proof and tell the authorities (?)
>He gets mad when he find out and then kills me and other kids
>For some reason I revive
>Im invisible
>I watching him destroying a fetus that was suppossed to be me
>When I revived I had my actual age
>I get out of his house
>This guy is like a manager or something and is going to take a bunch of actors, dancers and stuff like that to a big event
>My girlfriend is there (we are both actors)
>She can see me, only her
>She gets super happy because she thought I was dead
>I told her the manager killed me
>We start to travel together, I wanted to go to the bathroom but I can't go alone, since if someone gets in they'll find out I'm alive and I'm invisible
>For some reason, I knew if someone find out of that, the manager guy will know exactly what's happening and then he'll kill me
>She goes to the abthroom with me, after I finish we get out, I see a girl with big boobs and I grab her tits, since I'm invisible no one wil found out
>Later, my girlfriend uses a stapler to punish me because she saw me grabbind that girl's boobs
>She doesn't look mad at all
>We get to a big theater and all people start to split
>For some reason, the police is looking for my gf, idk what to do, that was the last time I saw her in my dream
>I start wanderin around the theater, it had a lot of floors, the scenario was on the top floor
>I got there, and the show was about to start
>I tried to get out, but a guy looking like Marilyn Manson was singin on the stairs, blocking them
>The scenario started to fill up with people, I could see my shadow on the lights
>wtf why I can see my shadow?
>I freaked out and ran away from there
>I grabbed a girls ass to see if I was visible again
>She got mad, she could see me
>I started running going downstairs

says the person so thoroughly indoctrinated by cultural marxism ideology that they dont even realize that if they, as a woman, do not have at least 2 children it will lead to the genocide of your entire family in one generation.

what i say, much like dreams is inheirent to the fundamental nature of the human mind, women should be mothers and if you dont want to be a mother then why are you dating in the first place?

please do the right thing, only sleep with people you would be proud to have children with, always judge people by the question of if they would be a worthy spouse


how long ago did you read that story before the dream?

and still what i said applies, the crab (woman tells the snake (man to lead an honest life (be monogamoius with it) the snake doesnt crab destroys them.

you may also be worried about the infidelity of your partner if you desire to use this context,

all i do know for sure is for some reason you have latent animosity towards a penis in your life and you need to talk about it with him
>I got to the area where actors gathered
>I overheard that they were all convicts
>A friend of mine was there, I asked her If she could see me
>She said yes
>oh fuck
>I could hear the manager saying: "I WANT YOU TO FIND HIM NOW"
>I know it was about me
>I ran upstairs now, There was no exit where I got
>Just a dressing room with a closed door, where the main character of the play was
>No place to hide
>I could hear that the manager sent one of his people to give something to the actor in that place
>The only place where he didn't send people to look after me was the place where he was going to find me
>I saw the guy and then I turned my back
>I woke up

This was a pretty weird dream /x/ what can you say about it?
i only read the story after the dream, when i looked up 'crab and snake symbolism' or something lol.
hmm.. i can't think who it might be but okay. maybe it's a subconscious feeling of animosity rather than one i can easily recognise in myself

well have you been fighitng with a male figure in your life or had your father die?


were you molested as a child?

you have a desire to be compensated for some loss in your life, your self entitled.

you are the one destroying the fetus, the fetus being your childhood self, the one who is vulnerable.

do you know the girlfriend in real life?

bathroom represents your secrets that your trying to hide with a person you trust.

you feel guilty about your sexuality and believe you should be punished for it.

police represent an authority figure, likely your father.

theatre is your idealized life.

your shadow represents the looming mistrust you have of yourself (the fetus from before)

ok i have seen enough.

you feel uncomfortable with your sexuality and you shoudl be destroyed for it, your idealized life is part of your perversion and their is a secret your trying to keep from the world about your past that you do not want people to know about and thus are symbolically destroying your fetus self in order to hide your nature.

seriously were you molested, a prostitute or whored yourself out for favors when you were younger and now feel guilty about it?
I had this dream last night. I'm not going to greentext because that's retarded:

So I'm walking from my house to a movie theater which is across town. About half way there I realize "oh shit, I forgot my car," and I go to turn around when suddenly I hear a noise from behind these big cedar bushes to the left of me. I look and there are some little wolves running around. Then their mother, which is like "1000 pounds" (I don't know if that's big or small for a wolf, but I remember thinking explicitly that it weighed 1000 pounds) comes out too. At this point I'm afraid, I'm not afraid of wolves in general but fuck man I didn't want to get eaten. Anyway, she jumps on my back. Now at this point I'm thinking "ok, well, I can't knock her off because if I do she might eat me, so the only logical thing to do is to walk all the way home with her still on my back."

I start walking carrying this big fucking wolf. Her puppies might have been following us, I can't remember. I make it, eventually, to my back yard, exhausted. The wolf is too. She falls off and dies. Turns out the reason she jumped on me was because she was too exhausted to go somewhere on her own.

Then the dream ends.
no i haven't, however about a week ago i got my first boyfriend ever.. from the age i started dating so 13-14? i've always dated girls. i love him to pieces but the dream might just be me coming to terms with the change. (i've always been bisexual, just never in a relationship with a man)
No, I was never molested as a child, and I do know my girlfriend in real life
But I've never cheated on her or something like that. btw, My dream has two parts,I forgot to mention that.
Im not the one destroying the fetus, it was the manager guy, and I've never lost anyone in my life, just my grandad, but I was really young and it didn't made an impact in my life
wtf, I'm the OP of that dream you liar, fuck you

possible furry.

more likely you are bearing a nurden based in loyalty you wish you did not havem but are afraid that if you stop taking the responsability that the person you have a relationship will end the relationship.

likely you want out of a relationship or commitment.


all you greedy perverts, its sickening, stop hogging everyone and spreading disease.

lets get this clear are you a man or a woman?


>have similar dreams for almost a year where the connection between them is that I'm dating/in a relationship with this same girl every time
>had a dream a couple months back where she straight up leaves me
>haven't dreamt of her since
Important thing to note here is I've never actually met this woman in real life.

sounds like you manifested a low level familiar to keep you company while your lonely, not that uncommon thing for people to do, i dotn read much into it
Yeah that's what I thought too but there's nothing really that I can think of right now that fits that description.

Also I can confirm that I am not a furry.
im the top reply not the bottom one.. pic related, so shut up
>all you greedy perverts, its sickening, stop hogging everyone and spreading disease.
>lets get this clear are you a man or a woman?

im a grill you fucking retard

dont rule out work or just yourself, you could feel your entire like situation is an overwhelming burden, but you have been packing it on for months now you have not noticed it.

another one could be that you actually want to take on more responsability in your life but your afraid if you do so you will be overwhelmed and destroy what ever it is you help.

have you been thinking you want to start a family recently?
Yeah, I realized too late, sorry

propane or charcoal?

well your still a greed pervert and given your reaction and animosity to a basic misunderstanding im wondering if their is not something else.

the whole point being is you feel uncomfortable about your sexuality based upon the molestation, the prostitution, trying to watch your fetus self be destroyed, the shadow looming over you and the tits and ass grabbing (greedy pervert) so its obvious to me you need to reconcile your perversions with the fact that you dont think the person your with now will either like what your doing or seems to you to be a adaquite lover that you desire.
> have same dream about 3 times so far
> always starts with a plane crashing somewhere in the distance
> for some reason I'm camping but at work, watching the crash
> there's lots of screaming but I'm still working, serving people beer and shit
> suddenly walk from behind the bar and find myself on a beach
> there are lots of people running around, screaming
> think it's something to do with the plane
> look up at the sky, see a giant fucking hand floating around
> the hand keeps swooping down, grabbing people and throwing them into the sea
> realise I can avoid the hand if I run along these narrow red lines
> the red lines stop half way up the beach, stop and the end, see the hand coming for me
> crouch down on the group, terrified
> look up, the setting has changed
> in a clearing surrounded by wooded area, marshy boggy water in front of me
> there are stepping stones across the marsh to the a little white thatch cottage
> start walking across stones
> realise they start sinking as I step on them
> look down, realise that I'm walking on the faces of dead women, they're all like Millais 'Ophelia' painting, palms up, floating
> hear a voice from house that yells "goose to the drains"
> freak out, run across the rest of the faces to the house
> slam door shut, open doors of a cabinet in the kitchen
> There's a mini white city inside the cabinet, completely abandoned
> climb into the cabinet, then I wake up

> jolt up in bed. It's fucking creepy and I wake up terrified everytime.
im a greedy pervert because i get more pussy than you?
don't be mad cause i stole your girl bruh
very spooky
When I took the money from that guy I thought more about taking something from him before he will get caught by the authorities.
I think the shadow doesn't has a really deep meaning, It was just because I was not invisible at that point. I forgot to mention that in that part, I saw myself from the audience (the part when I ran away from the scenario) and I was wearing black clothes, well, more like black clothes, it was like a black tunic, they were really battered clothes and it had a hoodie who was battered too
Well, shit. Stupid subconscious making my literal dream girl break up with me while I'm still lonely and miserable...

keep them i have a wife and a pregnancy fetish.

guess what she is right now?

pregnant with our second of child, and she knows she isnt going to stop having kids until she gives birth to 5 sons.

just be glad your not in front of me because it would take all of an hour looking into my eyes and talking to me and you would be begging me to put one of my children in you as well.


the shadow is highly signifianct considering you were invisible before it grew and then after were visible again, it represents your fears becoming public and fully animate.

possibly we could even say you were the shadow considering how much black you were waring and were trying to run away from you looking at your self since you were in the audience

then i think the answer is obvious, go out and talk to people, find someone you can actually love and be with, eminations like that appear because you need them, if it left that likely means your ready on some level to go take a chance.

its ok if you go make mistakes and get rejected, just go out and interact with people, give it a weeks time and before you know it you will have a steady stream of people you can interact with and form bonds with.

everything will be ok, this is actually a good sign, now go out and make a fool of yourself, walk up to a guy or girl at a cafe and ask if you can sit down and have a conversation with them, i bet you would be surprised how man, so long as you act civilized would love the banter.
Alright, guys. So, last night, I had a dream that one of my co-workers was running through the woods wearing red, footy pajamas. He's an older man with little hair, a white mustache and just a little bit of a belly. Something was chasing him and when it caught up to him, it was Satan who proceeded to rape him. I'm counting on you, /x/, to come up with some meaning because I sure as shit can't.
>calls me a pervert in spite of your own perversions
well done you knocked a bird up, good luck raising those little hellions because the kids aren't going away soon, they're going to follow you around the rest of your life leeching off your money, time and attention.
impregnation is gross anyway, it turns the female body from a work of art into hive
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The woods represent your anus and your co-worker represents my hard dick geting inside of you
How informative, thank you.
I've had this recurring dream for years, now. I'm with a group of friends, coworkers, or a mix of the two. And we're always on the run from something, be it a zombie horde, some terrible monster, a shady government organization, or a serial killer. Inevitably we come to a roadblock, usually in the form of a locked door or just a straight up dead end. I always offer to hold off whatever's chasing us while someone else fumbles around trying to open us a path to safety. And then I die because this other person always takes too long, screwing up.

not a bird, maybe thats how you see yourself and if so i am sorry.

yep im going to be taking care of children for the next 20+ some odd years of my life while i keep making more, i get to torture my sons and daughters, give them gifts and take them away, tease them and love them, watch them grow up and have children of their own and i will die an old man on my death bed sorrounded by them as i go into the night knowing that my fetish, unlike yours, will sire a legacy which will carry on my name so long as one of my descendants yet lives.

can you say the same for yours?

and as for your comment about a gross hive, yes you need to keep yourself properly moisturized so you dont end up with stretch marks, but i dont think you even know what beauty is.
Thanks for telling me your thoughts on my dream

your welcome, have a great life :)
>In Library, looking for some book
>Know I gotta get what I need quick, then get the fuck out
>Flash or some shit from one of the entrances
>I'm suddenly standing in a cavern, I'm with Pic related, the person on the left
>2 goblins up ahead, enough cover to take them out silently
>Which one of us can stealth better
>Fuck it, I'll flank, we will take them from 2 sides
>Really on the edge of alerting them, as I was ready to pull the ambush, accidentally step on some bones
>GIANT FUCKING undead dragon awakens
>His weight crumbles the side of the cavern, immense pitfall imminent
>He drags the goblins with him, somehow me and the woman manage to be spared
>Suddenly on a rooftop, both of us standing on a crane while it's moving
>Look down to see that shit hanging over the edge, we on a highrise skyscraper
>Woman nearly falls, I grab her
>Next thing we know, she's shooting a horde of enemies coming towards us while on my back, and I'm trying to run to a safer position

Shit becomes elaborate when you keep a journal.
Another one from the same night, much shorter and simpler
>Walking around in my highschool, it's roughly morning. (Inb4 Underaged b&. Graduated 2 year ago)
>Saying hi to various people I knew, school is built on a hill, so stairs are fucking everywhere
>It's also built with outdoor hallways and shit, was originally supposed to be a college campus, but the city wanted it as a highschool
>At one of the lunch tables, sees some girl I dislike, lightweight, fair skin, brown hair.
>She was disliked around the school because she was a tryhard who failed at half the shit she does.
>I yell at her "FUCK YOU" at about 20 feet away
>Wake up with the worse bloody nose of all time.
>outside of house and sitting on a v tall diving board looking at spooky bath house building
>meet with some friends and go to this spooky house
>we go through house multiple times and spooky stuff happens
>house seems like a bath house thats been abandoned cuz spooky dooky shit went on in there
>friends sucked out of bath house and im chasing them and the house is being boarded up
>bust out and im on some ledge of some sort
>body of water below me and large industrial building is across that i think is a college
>jump in water and swim to college
>go into college
>man says im not allowed here and dragged out
>wake up

I felt like I was dead because I was in an europhic state and the feeling wore off after about an hour
Sorry if this reads wonky, i tried to cram in as much info as possible while keeping it to greentext.

>last night
>dreaming about a third person videogame (i don't think i was actually controlling it, just 'experiencing' it) featuring the Powerpuff Girls, except it wasn't set in Townsville or any other place from the show (you could actually replace the PPG with any other generic girl characters and it would've been the same shit), but rather had slightly modified places from and around my neighborhood
>it was a terror game, where the girls had lost their powers (completely, so no flying, no lasers, absolutely no powers at all) and for some reason they had to avoid being killed by all sorts of things, such as cars, random creatures who would jump from bushes and shit and angry townsfolk
>they leave their home, which had the professor missing, didn't look like the one in the show and was absolutely dark, no lights at all
>can't remember too much about what happens next, but they had to travel to some far away place in order to acquire some item, and then trek back to their home, still with no powers
>on the way back, they had to use random weapons to fend off enemies, such as cans of spray (also, i remember distinctly that a new enemy popped up during this bit, which was a 2D car sprite that came screeching on it's side, as if it was doing the MULTI-TRACK DRIFTING thing)
And probably the thing that left me confused the most was how to win the game.
>get home, still everything dark and creepy as fuck
>go upstairs
>use the item acquired before (one of those cards you slide on machines to open electronic doors) on this light switch (which doesn't do anything)
>open a door to the closet, close it
>sit in the middle of the closet, and the game is over

Also, i feel as if the events in the dream had happened twice, as if my 'dream session' ended, and then restarted itself as a second 'dream session'.
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Off to bed for now.
This is from last night.

>gain consciousness in a wasteland or grey desert
>im there with my best friend
>we are some kind of assassins and both wear old persian outfits
>mission is to get to an hostile ancient city and steal (or learn) something there
>can see the city at the horizon, but have to get through the wasteland first
>suddenly hear a deep and droning sound
>me and my friend look at each other alarmed and start sprinting
>big terrifying creatures break through the ground and try to catch us (they look like a mixture of djinn and worm with too much extremities, but twisted and blurred)
>kind of enjoy being swift and evading their grabs and hits for a while
>eventually my friend gets caught
>see the creature ripping him in half
>i get to the city unharmed; it got dark at this point
>get flooded with emotions of sorrow and despair
>start crying but then remember my task and commence sneaking through the alleys
>architecture looks like out of One Thousand and One Nights; the buildings are round but incredible thin
>the people there are wearing old arabic clothings but have an odd skin color and look mechanical (pic kind of related)
>i enter one of those thin buildings and find myself in a large, empty and bright locker room
>get uncomfortable
>leave the locker room back into the alleys
>turn around and go inside the same building again
>locker room is gone, it now looks like the inside of a shamans tent
>bonfire in the middle of the tent with one of those non-human people meditating in front of it
>i get close and sit down next to him
>hear his voice but his lips arent moving
>"Can you see it now?"
>realize my friend who got killed by the djinn creatures was also my brother
>get overwhelmed by emotions
>wake up
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Me and some fat fucker started raping teen girls. We just grabbed them to some room and started fucking the bitches while threatening with knives. I woke up hard as shit.

I think the fat guy was a representation of chans/anons.
>stuck in car and forgot how to drive
>once i figure it out i fap to a photo of a bowl
>drive half-way home before i fall out of car
>i turn into roadrunner
>get home and marry a bowl
>walking at night, there are streetlights
>see building, it's the middle school I went to as a kid
>lights are on inside
>see a group of four kids, all guys, one has an axe
>they're killing a kid and laughing
>I freak out and head for the school's front doors
>they notice me as soon as I start running
>they run towards me, guy with the axe is closest
>he swings at me
>I jump up and miss
>I jump so high I fall into bush by the school's front door
>the guys continue running after me
>wake up
the fuck, anyone wanna try and decode this
This is easy to interpret and it's not really paranormal. In a dream the brain goes through aquired information and fucks around with it. It takes your memories and picks some to save and deletes what evolution found useless. While it's doing that, thoughts flow through the kindof conscious parts of the brain.

The whole point is that a dream has to flow. It is separated in multiple parts about 4-6 and this is exactly how it works:

Lets say you dream about killing a monster in a video game, your brain will look throug ALL associations of monsters and migt come across fear in something that wasn't going to be a nightmare, it will then shift the dream towards fear because of that. So powderpuff girls > powers > no powers > etc it literally works like that. I didn't say enough so if you want more explanation ask me.
you should make a movie, that's some badass shit
Oh, i get it. Interesting.

Anyway, if it isn't that much of a hassle for you, could you give me laydown on what the dream means?
>I was in an abandoned temple area. An area I have never seen before. Some area with tiki's and huts. Kind of like a war tribes settlement. There were numerous severed heads all around the settlement.

>Have numerous dreams where I am in the army from numerous time periods. It goes from WW2 era, with an enemy tank blowing me up, to shooting towelheads and getting stabbed in the chest. One was super vivid and somewhat in the future. Was in a bunker talking to a friend who was laughing and smoking. A foreign speaking person kicks through speaking some weird language I can't notice. He shot me numerous times in the chest. I was thinking about joining the army when that dream happened. Never again.

The tiki house one was the most recent. Was also quite scary. It seemed like I was trying to escape. I'm so unsure. Any help would be appreciated. These dreams are weird as fuck.
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too much time on 4chan?
maybe you need a place or group you can feel connected to?
not sure about the bath house part

you want more emotions while having sex... or experience love? are you a grill? :3
roadrunner part is about not feeling fast or fit enough?

seems like you have experienced some shit as a teen your mind hasnt fully processed. betrayal?

tiki dream is about fear of unknown cultures or new environments?
the military dreams are obviously pretty easy to explain when you were thinking about joining the army at that time
note that this is just what my gut feeling tells me
ive no experience in interpreting dreams

post more! i find it exciting to read through these
>walk into poor lit room
>16th century asian warlord(Chinese judging on his clothing/armor) in the room
>points at a huge 2 by 2 meter map on an equally large table
>notice a dragon skull on the table
>gaze at it for a while until the warlord says we're in a rush
>when i look at the map i see every single thing clear as day
>as i'm about to point out where to go next
>the map catches fire
>managed to put out fire after alot of hard work
>the dragon skull burned to ashes though

Pic semi-related, it's nearly identical to the skull in my dream but in my dream the dragon skull had goat horns
>in a dream
>suddenly aware that I'm in a dream
>lucid dreaming in 3...2...
>woke up

> air plane crashes
>earliest I ever remember is being in a hallway full of doors
>almost all doors lead to further hallways door after door all long hallways filled with doors
>certain few doors open to a room completely obscured by dense olive green smoke
>tall skinny faceless humanoid figure made entirely of side by side interlocking fingers which moved and contorted to form a constant skin as it moved appears out of smoke
>Extends arms and opens hands and on the inner palm of one hand is half of a broken stone sphere about the size of an orange
>inner palm of other hand contains a pile of red sand which constantly pours to te floor between its fingers but never seems to decrease in size
>no matter which hand I choose it knods
>slowly backs away into the room
>the door closes
>the hallway lights go out
>I wake up

Have this dream once or twice a year at random times still dont know what the shit it means
Have had this same dream every night now for around a month now since i started taking champix
Ancestral memory
My dream is here
What do you think guys?
>American has a dream . txt

You should post this on /pol/
Seen from an overwatch perspective. There are a group of vagrant looking people in a corner, separated by the rest of the room by iron bars. there is a man with a bow killing the vagrants at a slow but steady pace. The vagrants that run from the corner towards the open doors are immediately cut down by a hail of arrows.
Perspective shift and I'm the captain of the men with the arrows. All the vagrants are dead and the bodies are carried off by the guards. I stay in the room and a woman comes in with a long handled brush to scrape the guts and congealing remains off the floor. I think she is a princess. I help her with the cleaning, but she asks me not to. When we are done and I go to put the brush broom away, I see the bits of human clinging to the bristles.
I remember the woman teaching me to play piano. She said the song she taught me was offish and course, but I was happy and the song was beautiful. she held her hands on mine to guide my notes, but I still played it wrong at the end.
A group of me came in the room that the woman and I had cleaned. I saw a man I remembered told me about a relative of mine that would sit on his lap
The man apologized and was the first to attack. I broke his arm and killed each man individually, mostly by breaking their arms and cracking their skulls on the stone floor. The man that I knew was still alive, so I told him to leave. He said the same thing he would say, when my relative would go away from sitting on his lap. I looked around for the woman, but she was gone.
>In a black suv on a hill
>parked by some old ruins
>my family is there and we are staring into this wide valley
>flash, heat, the suv is thrown backwards
>I clench my eyes, can't hear a thing
>can feel the force of the car spinning pull at me
>my flesh is becoming warm
>everything stops, I open my eyes
>I am standing by the car, car is wrecked, family is dead
>I turn my head into the valley and see the mushroom cloud
>wake up, no fear, no sadness only acceptance
>married, have wife and daughter
>on vacation in some deserted town
>suddenly, i find myself driving the mountain road, off to the town for some supplies
>a cop stops me
>friendly guy, says it's his last shift before going on vacation w/ his family
>asks me if ive seen something recently
>consider what he said and said yes, in fact there is a guy in the place where i'm coming from
>constantly asking "do you want to die?" "do you want to die?"
>a sudden sensation of dread overwhelms me
>wake up
Snitches get stitches

Thanks for the help, it would explain why i cling so much to eastern ethics of honor lol
Looks dead in here now but I'll give it a go. Copy/paste from my journal, this entry was from this morning just before waking up to my alarm at 4:30AM

>Nightmare this morning.. Everyone was crammed in a car. I was in the passenger seat, then B, then C (fem) and I think M was driving. I turned to say something to B and he was tongue deep in Cs mouth. I yelled 'wtf?! pull over' but M said we were already there. So we all got out and everyone was looking at me like ive fallen for the biggest prank in my life. I confronted B and he just said whatever and started walking towards a cabin. I followed, still asking for an explanation. He threw dirt at me, a lot, enough to catch me in the face and mouth. He called me names and told me how stupid I was for ever thinking that he wouldn't do those things and more whenever he felt like it because I was a worthless piece of shit that was only good for weed and maybe a quick fuck if he wasn't getting anything on the side. I was coughing and crying. He came back up to me, I looked up. He shoved me in the face so I would fall backwards and left me in the dirt to be inside the cabin with everyone. 9/8/14 500AM

I don't really care about the interaction. What I keep focusing on is the dirt, the taste of it and texted in my mouth. In the dream it was good rich earth, I remember the smell of pine trees and loam. It's unedited from this morning.
>i was with my family in a place covered with snow, when suddenly a man came and started to treathen us as we panicked dad grab the man and ask me to kill him, which i did, after that my family ask me to leave and run, i panicked and tried to hide while i figure out what i had done.
when i woke up i felt really sick and sweaty
your subconseus feels like you deserve that kind of treatment, you probably have low self esteem cheer up anon, you deserve better
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It's recent, but it's been recurring for close to 18 months now.

>In the town near mine
>At the bus station
>No one else around (usually it's very busy)
>Running to my bus stand
>As I reach it the bus is just pulling out
>There's a bloke there in an old fashioned suit (more or less like the pic)
>He's looking at a picket watch
>Says "It looks like you've just missed it I'm afraid."
>He looks really, really sad for me.
>I feel awful, as though my life is ruined or something

Occasionally there's an added part to the dream in which I run after the bus and end up sinking into the ground as I'm running.

I have this dream at least once a week.
>be outside at night
>smoking cigarette
>light armor and other military driving by
>rural area so wtf
>look at stars
>sky "breaks"
>old cmd line scripts appear in sky
>moon glitching and skipping
>think to self "this is how it ends"
>wake up
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>be like in school or something
>meet 10/10 qt
>want to hang out with her
>I think she's also into me
>we hang out
>felt good
>I wake up
>tfw no gf

Why are dreams so cruel?
Had this one a long time ago but i still remember it clear as day

>drive around a town at night in a jeep
>seems abandoned, no cars in parking spots etc
>drive into a new street
>notice big open field of grass in the middle
>at the end of the street is a HUGE rock, easily as tall as the average flat
>park next to the rock and climb it
>reached the top and see three moons in the sky in a nearly straight line
>all differ in sizes
>one moon is so big it takes up around 30% of the sky
>climb back down after over looking the big open field behind the rock
>climb back down and drive around the open field
>as i start the car i hear a growl
>look to the right
>a brown bear comes running my way
>floor it
>escaped but the bear managed to bite my leg
>halfway towards the field behind the rock the dream ended
this dream is from last night
>part of a team that worked with human cloning. we were in a town that looked like it was left in a hurry.
>in a very large house. i rummage through a room and collect a handful of flashlights and lighters
>when i get back to the group, one of the guys is angry that i went off on my own.
>we didn't bring flashlights as we entered the tunnels under the house. Only the angry guy had a flashlight at the front of the group
>in the darkness we were taken one by one
>i sat beside a woman. we were strapped onto heavy wooden chairs
>a gaunt man in chains placed a wooden box on each of our laps.
>inside the boxes were metal fins that ran around the inside edge. The fin cylinder was made to spin when the boxes were plugged in
>the man threatened to push our faces into the boxes unless we answered his questions.
>he said we wouldn't believe from looking at the room how much blood the machines splatter
>the man brought in the people who we had separated from
>one of them had needles stuck all in her body. there was one pushed into her skull.
>the man took two of our friends and suspended them above what looked like a pit of lava.
>the lava bubbled and popped, and when it landed in the womans hair, it melted through. it didn't melt all the way through their faces though. they still lived.
>the torturer had a clone that came in to do things to us
>i don't know how i escaped, but now i don't think anyone else did
>as i ran i came near a few houses, they knew about the torturing and they would return me to the dungeon if they found me.
>i noticed i had a fistful of shackles. i dropped those at the edge of the woods so i could move quieter.
>i ran until i woke up
Dream from last night, I'd really like an interpretation because I can't figure anything out.
>in my dream, laying in bed
>probably time to wake up
>crawl out of bed, go to bathroom
>Look in the mirror, see a purple spot on my neck, almost like a bruise, but it's a very dark purple.
>go to wash my hands and face
>I notice more spots on my hands and wrists
>The spots are extremely dark purple on the outside and black near the center
>no pain no nothing
>dream ends rather abruptly because I actually have to wake up for real now
>gasp and look at my hands and am relieved by the lack of weird spots.
I know this this isn't exactly interpreting but I've noticed no one ever talks in my dreams as long I can remember, its just like i have just know that they are thinking. Anyone else experience this?
Last Night
>Get sent to prison... not even sure if I deserve it.
>Get in a fight. I fight because in prison you have to.
>Get stomped by a group of people. Get really beat up.
>I some how earn their respect and they don't hassle me anymore.
>Realize I am going to do the same shit I do in prison that I do outside of prison.
>So... I ask for some books. Later try to find a good place to meditate inside the group area.
>Ask myself if it is possible to reach enlightenment while in prison.

I usually have a series of short to moderate length dreams each night but this one seemed to be relatively long and realistic.

Been taking borax and iodine recently so it might be having an effect.
This past fall I had a recurring dream every night, no matter my state of mind (drunk, high, etc).

>Walking through my dorm building
>Excited to go hang out with dormies in the basement and watch movies and play pool
>Running down side stairs
>Open door to basement
>Basement door takes me into a cabin
>tfw teleported to cabin in woods
>explore cabin, but nothing worth noting is ever here
>walk out the back door of cabin and try to find civilization
>journey through woods, only one clear path so it is always the way I take
>come to a patch of tall grass
>part the tall grass with my hands, can see a large, dead tree with a tire swing hanging from it
>every time a sense of urgency comes over me when seeing the tree
>Hear a noise, like a shrill screech from the path behind me
>wake up in bed

Every damn night for 6 months. Occasionally the beginning of the dream will be different, but at some point when I open a door, it leads into the cabin.

Anyone have anything to explain this one?
This is a dream I had about 3 days ago, and it felt extremely real.

>For some reason I went backpacking to London(?) or some random big city in Brittain.
>I can't seem to find the hotel I was suppose to stay in.
>Walk around with a big backpack for a long time.
>I come to an urban neighbourhood.
>A kid, maybe 13-16 years old is there, I ask him for directions.
>He says my hotel does not exist.
>His mother lets me stay at their place.
>For some reason I stay for what seems to be days.
>Something happens (can't remember what)
>For some reason some IS (Islamic State) members live in this neighbourhood.
>I take a photo of them and they threaten me.
>They capture me.
>In the middle of the street there is a playground (the road went like a square).
>Everyone is at the playground.
>I get to watch the execution of some random dude, I stand next to him.
>They threaten me and lets me "go" under watch, they know where I was staying.
>I escaped somehow.
>Wakes up.

I really dreamt this, should I be scared? I'm going to NYC in 2 months.
I love new areas and environments. I want to travel when I grow older. Explore the world and what it has to give.
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This is a dream I'll never forget it happened like 6 months ago, the dresses and scenarios were similar to Thor but no supernatural stuff

>My father is a king, not my real one but an old guy
>I shall be king someday although I did a lot of bad and disappointing shit (not evil), just like in real life
> I was not a good successor
> He becomes intoxicated about the idea of democracy so it declares it
> Things get ugly and somehow I defeated the new system (This part wasn't in my dream, but I knew it happened)
> We were in a very crewed room of the castle
> Then he announces that I'm the new King

I felt proud like never before, the feeling was so much real

Pic somehow related
Personally, I find the emotions felt during the dream are huge hints to what they indicate. Also, just looking key features up in a dream dictionary can give a bit to go on. I can say from personal experience that I tend to have soldier dreams when I’m being emotionally inhibiting and overly objective.
But like >>15181989 said, your being a soldier in army indicates you feel confident and superior to others you associate with. You're being recognized for being exceptional and have an opportunity to improve yourself. Are the enhancements fixing weaknesses, eg poor eyesight, or are they replacing capable parts? And pay attention to whether you’re glad for the changes, or wish they were doing something differently.
Likely, it’s more or less a reflection of a situation in your current life, so pay attention for opportunities that are advantageous for you, no matter how insignificant it is. Your organization thinks you’re competent, so prove it.

Everything is stale, you're deprived of something and your mind is telling you. Lack of communication indicates lack of connection with others. Was the communication failure on the other party's end, or because of you? Shows where you place the blame- them misinterpreting vs you being incompetent. Might also be lack of freedom or control, maybe you need some physical exercise to empower yourself again.
bump for more dreams!
>new worldwide illness that you can catch just via touch
>you'd know if you had it by an orange dot next to your thumb nail
>everyone is fighting against it, using guns for some reason
>after the 'fights' you could go do whatever you want
>after fight
>go to see significant other
>hug them
>they start laughing evilly and they say its not really my significant other
>look at thumb
>orange dot.
>have to be quarantined
>quarantine in my dream is being put in a pool of water
>you have to stay under water without breathing
>wake up after realizing i can't breathe
I have reoccurring night mares where zombies are killing people. My friends take all the roles sometimes as survivors other times as zombies. The setting changes as well each time to different places I have been, as do the roles played by my friends. What does that mean other than I watch to much Romero.
>in place similar to pic
>walking somewhere
>entity crawls out of the water
>blurry, light sort of distorts through it.
>attacks a nearby man with such force he is thrown almost instantly against a building and dies
>i face the creature
>i feel no fear
>wake up

happens all the time, cant figure it out

Thanks a lot brother
Here's a weird one I had a while ago, let me know what you think

>I'm on my knees in what appears to be a dungeon
>Stone walls, cobbled floor, torches in brackets etc
>Door opens behind me
>A man enters
>I distinctly remember he was wearing a checked shirt
>He's carrying an axe
>My hands and feet are bound, but I make no effort to escape since despite the situation I feel no fear at the sight of him
>He uses the axe to cut off my head
>Everything goes dark

There was then an intermediary period that I don't remember much about. I was in an office bulding with a girl I knew from college and there were zombies everywhere. The layout of the office building was extremely unusual, with doors and interior windows everywhere, but it actually proved useful as by opening and closing the doors in a certain sequence we were able to trap the zombies in the building while making ourselves a safe path to the exit. (I think so anyway, I can't remember how the intermediary period ended.)

>Now I'm suddenly back in the dungeon again
>I'm still not wearing a shirt, but I'm unbound and standing this time
>There is a door in front of me
>At the side of the door is a checked shirt (the one the man was wearing) and an axe
>I put on the shirt, pick up the axe and open the door
>Another "me" is in the same situation I was in at the start of the dream
>I use the axe to cut off his head
>Dream ends
Forgot to mention that as I saw the shirt and axe a voice behind me (can't remember any details about it, not even the gender) said "You know what to do" to which I remember thinking "Yes, I do."
>Wake up
>have to piss
>really bad
>walk to bathroom
>start to piss
>subtle warmth starts to spread throughout body
>realize I didn't get up and go to the bathroom and I'm still in bed
What does it mean?
Since is not a /x/ thing i wasn't going to post, but i have this one every week.

>in my street
>walking really slow because i feel heavy
>i start running like a quadruped
>i can run really fast
>run so fast i can run in the walls a little bit
he's getting you ready.
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I "woke up" in my dream in bed with one of my close friends a few nights ago. I immediately got out and tried to walk out of the room. The next door over had my mom and Bill Clinton boning, so I just jumped out of the window and woke up.

The thing is his girlfriend also had the same dream on the same night.

What does it mean?
I figure I'd ask here. Does anyone else have 3rd-person dreams. My dreams are always very cinematic, like I'm watching things happen on a movie screen. The way most people describe their dreams it seems like they dream in 1st-person. And I can't figure out how to do reality checks that would work in my dream, things are just completely out of my control.

So, anyone know whether it's an issue, and/or how to start dreaming from my own perspective.
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>walking through house
>younger brother says he is out side
>i look
>its a full yellow man with a blue dog
interested in hearing your guys' opinion about my dreams. Every night I get about 4-6 dreams and I remember most of them, but here are some recent ones that I don't quite get.

>wake up in a dorm like room
>for some reason I feel like it's in Minnesota (though I've never been there)
>getting ready for the day to meet some friends (who I saw in a different dream, said friends live in a different country)
>when I look in the mirror I saw a gorgeous blond woman with a good body to boot
>I'm a guy
>in my head I was thinking how everyone would be surprised to see her come out of the room

then poof I wake up
too lazy to type another one although I have other weird ass ones
Yeah man, sort of location based. I have several venues I return to frequently, some are mixtures of real places ( like my hometown and my old house/shool are sort of the same place at once but rather compressed. There's also places I've never been to before, like this weird amusement park and other, slightly darker stuff
Here's last night.
>have dream I woke up
>being restless! walk around on bed and floor
>realising I'm dreaming
>call out to mum (who sleeps in the room next to me)
>she says 'yes' in a creepily enthusiastic way
>I realise she can't help
>I wake up

The night before
>swinging an axe at the necks of people I'm friends with but not too good friends with
>only make red marks
>it's as if they were made of metal
>one of the mocks me sarcastically
>'oh yeah that'll do it!'

This one didn't have any particular feelings of anger or anything at the time though.
i've recently had dreams with one recurring thing - i try to get attention from one girl in my dream.. but i can't ever see/remember her face after i wake up. i only remember that she was normal height, had long straight hair(black).

latest one
>in some kind of academy, kinda military related because some classes deal with strategy/tactics
>i try to get attention of one girl, i fail. always
>somehow everything i am supposed to do is related to her(classes, exercises etc)
>managed to get lost on school grounds/campus - one teacher points me in right direction - into somekind of VR battlefield simulator.
>end up flying with her in VR space
>wake up
>weird feeling of "who the fuck she is?"

now that i think... i've had dreams with similar girl for few years, but only lately they've started to become really common.

i know that she does not look like anyone i've known or seen. ever.

i. can't. recall. her. damned. face.
samefag here

i've just remembered another dream - year or so old.

>futuristic buildings - white sterile, with green plants here and there and some black accents.
>on a big kind of walkway/balcony with glass
>see that girl
>go back to my room
>sleep in sleep - got woken up in dream
> someone tied me to bed and was asking for anwsers while using candle to burn my foot
> wake up with right foot feeling like it was being burned.
Interpret this. It will require a few facts on my real life so that you can see the differences in the dream. 1. I'm transgender. 2. Both of my parents are alive and well with a wonderful relationship. 3. My father is an incredibly down-to-earth man. 4. I left home at 17. I am now 26. My parents and I have a good relationship but don't see each other often due to living across country.
So in the dream I was born what I would call the "correct" gender, but my mother died at a young age and my father spiraled into a deep depression that lead to almost complete isolation. In the dream, he and I were very close, almost to the point of obsession. He had very little contact with anyone else and I had been taught never to leave the property without him. (This is not something the real me would have ever cooperated with.) One day the police came by our house, which was basically the same as my parents place really is. A good sized plot of field in the country with a nice two story house on it, a big barn-shed thing, and a fenced in pond. My father told me to talk to them and promptly fled the scene. I tried to talk to the police but was incredibly confused about what was going on, and when they started asking me questions about local disappearances and my father's state of mind, I defended him to the best of my ability. I did not know him to be a murderer, but what the cops were saying got me suspicious. Eventually they told me they had to investigate the pond, and, as they were armed and outnumbered me, I had no choice but to allow it. They found multiple decaying bodies just under the silt bottom of the pond. I suspected my father, but still wanted to defend him to the best of my ability. The police took me in for questioning, decided that I had nothing to do with the murders and didn't know that my father had been doing this. Later on I heard that my dad had been killed by one of the victims family members before the police could find him. -c-
Happened last night
>just driving down a road in my car
>path gets pretty twisty up ahead
>I can see a destroyed, square building up ahead
>someone in the back seat wraps their arms around me and I can't grab the steering wheel
>suddenly, a bright light shines on my car with a LOUD buzz sound
>its a fucking UFO
>the beam almost makes me pass out but I struggle to grab the steering wheel to avoid the UFO's next pass-around
>I fail and the next loud blast zaps me unconscious
>wake up at 4 a.m.

Fuck aliens, I can't stand this stuff. Always spooks me to hell.
-c- My father had always told me never to go into the shed, but, as he had been killed, I mournfully took the key and did just that. There I found what was basically a murder dungeon, which for some reason had not yet been taken as evidence. I left it there, and the dream skipped to a few years later. I was stalking what I believed to be the man who'd killed my father. I broke into his house, intending to take him back to the murder shed, but found him already on his death bed. He was in pathetic shape, and, seeing that he was alone, I decided to talk to him for a while first. I don't remember what was said, but I remember crying a lot and finding forgiveness. I sat with him for a long time, and in the end, he left me everything he owned, as his own family had already been taken by my father. -end-
>Mfw I browsed the catalog before making the other thread just now but didn't see this thread
Last night I dreamed I was synchronized swimming with Joey Fatone from Nsync, he turned into a corn dog and my teeth fell out.

Anyone know wut mean?
The moral of the story is don't be a faggot and whatever gender you're born as is the gender you are, regardless of what you think or what surgeries you mutilate yourself with.
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I don't remember many details but god, its fucked me right in the feels, all day long. It almost brought me to tears thinking about it.

I use the words "feelings" a lot here because that is all that I remember, how I felt about the events.

>have some sort of ordeal (travel possibly, maybe trains?)
>A good looking girl with brown hair and a 10/10 smile is involved in these endeavors
>I have a feeling of completion, the same sort of feeling you get when you watch the final episode of a show or the end of a movie
>I lay down next to a couch
>someone grabs my hand
>shit nigga fingers are entwining, shits getting real kawaii up in here
>look to my right
>brown haired girl gives a massive smile
>snuggles up to my right side
>right side real warm and shit
>wake up feeling relaxed, moreso than I have felt in a long time

The thing here is that she has shown up in my dreams multiple times before, always a brown-haired qt with a wonderful smile. She is always my gf, or something that feels like it, whenever she shows up. I've fucked other girls in my dreams but not her, I don't think the thought ever crossed my dream-self's mind. Shit's getting weird.

I only got to see her smile for a second or two, but the feeling of love, of belonging, the completely pure joy of being against me that she radiated... it was wonderful. It was like a soulmate, someone who connected with me on an intrinsic level.

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Once it hit me that I was awake, I felt immediately like shit. I've been thinking about that dream all day.
So what is it /x/? Do I just have that feel when no gf? Is some /x/-tier qt conveying her feelings through the aether? Did I attract an udine? Is it actually a demon? What do /x/?
Fuck, forgot to mention something. I have narcolepsy, so I need powerful sleeping medication. I rarely ever have dreams that I can remember, the only reason I had this one was because I was temporarily out of medication (I ran out before I could refill my prescription). I wonder why this particular one was the one that slipped through the cracks.
>following railroad tracks in the woods
>late summer/early fall
>warm out
>tracks go through the center of a hill with a tunnel to walk through beside them
>climb hill to get to other side instead
>polar bear on top of hill
>jumps towards me
>wake up
I keep having dreams where I'm waking up in my bed. Every time I have one of these dreams I usually just stay inside my bedroom, but every now and again I leave my bedroom and venture to other parts of my house. I had two of these dreams recently, so this is going to be a two part post.

> feeling sick
> just hot and tired so I chalk it up to a minor cold
> combat cold with asprin, hot soup, and sleep
> wake up, run over to my lamp to turn it on
> I'm scared of the dark for some reason which is odd because I'm not scared of the dark when I'm awake
> pull the switch and the light doesn't turn on
> notice I'm still asleep
> fall on my knees, grab my head in pain, and close my eyes
> wake up again
> the dream repeats
> wake up, run to the light, it doesn't turn on, fall in pain, wake up
> this happens around 7-8 times
> 9th time or so I fall in pain and close my eyes and expect to wake up again
> darkness
> a voice in the darkness speaks, it sounds like a young woman
> "Your mind is corrupt, please take this..."
> I see a flash of green light
> wake up for real this time
> it was a strange dream, but one I've never been able to forget

I never looked into it because dreams are usually just weird nonsense, but I've never been able to forget this one. Any idea what it could mean?
Part 2 of 2. This dream happened around 3 days ago.

> wake up in my bed
> usual bedroom dream, nothing interesting happens
> but then I hear a knock on the door
> this is a first, because my dreams usually involve just me
> the knocking scares me for some reason, but I know it wont just go away if I ignore it
> I walk out of my bedroom and head to the front door
> the rest of the rooms between my bedroom and the front door were completely destroyed and filthy, as if no one had been living here for years
> walk over to the front door and turn the broken door knob
> a man was standing in the doorway, he was bald and shirtless for some reason
> he asks me if this man is me
> he steps out of the doorway and points to a man that looks like my dad
> I quickly slam the door and take a few steps away
> wake up shortly after

From what I can tell, this dream just confirms the fact that I want nothing to do with my father and my fear of becoming like him. I haven't seen him in years and I left on bad terms when I moved out so this doesn't surprise me. I just think it's strange some of my dreams take place in my house.
>I've been having recurring sex dreams with my professor
>the dreams are super vivid
>sometimes stuff in the dreams come true
>like certain conversations in classes or certain dialogues
>I've talked about weird psychic-shit with my professor
>Pretty sure he believes in the astral plane
>Is my professor fucking me via lucid dreaming?

A few mutha ago I had a dream of 3 overlapping circles, like a ven diagram type thing. It was in space and I remember talking to someone about something and about the 4th and 5th dimensions being hidden within the first three and also the doors of perception was mentioned. My memory of this is very spotty but idk I just thought id share.
It admit it is odd and probably will sound stupid but here it goes.

It took place in a dimly light dusk colored open space, the only this I see is a shiny metallic like sphere going constantly going across the space on an imaginary path (like a string but i couldn't see it). it would be dead silent and I'd be more of a spectator to this object, I couldn't interact. I'd wake up in complete and utter terror and I could never figure out why, this dream came back to me last night (I am 30) again i again woke up in terror...any ideas why?
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Don't normally have dreams but I had a strange one the other night

There was a doll in my focus falling onto a windowsill. Out of focus a real girl fell to her death at the same time as the doll, they were wearing the exact same clothes and had the same hair- The real girl was falling into a water fountain. They both fell at the exact same rates and the doll smashed into many pieces, it was outside in a posh looking garden. That's really all I can recall, I wasn't moving at all it was like seeing through a stationery camera, it befuddled me completely.
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CCS Eyes.jpg
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>be me about 11-12 years old
>first part I remember is looking at the front of my house from the outside
>walk up to the front door
>turn knob and open, enter into front room / living room
>across the room someone sleeping on the couch
>can't see who is it, they're laying down on their back with the arm-wrest cushion over their face (for some reason)
>decide to wake whoever it is up by scaring them
>start tip-toeing to couch
>bend down over their head, get ready to lift up the arm-wrest cushion to reveal their face and yell in it to scare them awake
>right as i go to grab the cushion, person jolts up and lets out this blood curdling scream
>not someone who lives in my house, total stranger
>pale white face, possible female (can't remember)
>had eyes like in the pic kinda, but with vertical slit pupils
>shit scared me so bad i shook awake
>loud-ass noise like something falling across my room right after I wake up
>turn on the lights, look around, nothing on the floor / out of place
While I don't need anything to be interpreted, I could use a little info on how to induce nightmares. I've tried horror movies/games before bed, spicy food (which just gives me the shits in the morning and didn't make sense to begin with), leaving horror movies to play in the background while I sleep, etc. But none of the recommendations I've read so far have helped.

Any tips?
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Why would you want to have nightmares? If you want to have a bad trip or something similar I suggest watching some horror shit or reading a spoopy story, just make sure you're scared out of your fucking mind or thinking of your phobias. Then go on a DMT trip, you can get it where you are I'm sure. If you're happy beforehand it will be a magical experience, if not you will probably enter hell and see the pointlessness of humanity and how miniscule you really are as a being. You should do it if you want a really visceral, searing nightmare.
Because this anon wants to be an edgy, unique, snowflake
>the darkness consumes me, so i must become the darkness, enter my fears

ebin edge master
It's a fun rush in a safe environment. I once played CTF against Goro from Mortal Kombat. Drugs are a fun rush in a potentially dangerous environment, and I'd rather not have that.

Not really, no. But I would like to get in on the coolguy buzzword fad you're a part of. Seems like it could really boost my confidence.
>In dream
>cool as fuck
>meet some dude
>is cool dream-dude
>after a while dream is becoming nightmare.
>Entire sky is just black
>Dream dude keeps telling me hes here
>Animals are all bleeding or dead
>See people eating other people
>People killing pregnant people and eating unbirthded babies.
>hear a shit fuck of screams
>wake up
>sleep paralysis
>the same screams again
>fully wake up and piss is everywhere
someone mind telling me wat the fuck happend
Your missing out on some life altering psychadelic trips mang but if you want to be a pusspuss about it that's fine. I don't know of any other way to induce nightmares, maybe you need to stop being so straightedge about drugs and go on a trip
It has nothing to do with being anti-drug; I've done enough of that for the both of us I'm sure. But you should already know trying to go into a bad trip is a really stupid idea. Those aren't fun either. Not just for me but those around me, who will ultimately hold the responsibility of making sure I keep my shit together.
the clock was 15:30 all along, you never reset it.
>There is not enough terrible things going on in my real life because I'm a rich white Amerifag who is given everything from mommy and daddy. Please help me escape this paradise so I can at least be miserable in my dreams
>in dream
>some big event near a lake, fireworks going on
>see father's uncle
>my uncle is approaching
>fathers uncle says something like "here comes that fool" (about my uncle)
>then they start walking up a little path
>fathers uncle tells him about Dachau and how there are some untold secrets and he's about to show him
>I follow and eavesdrop from a distance
>they arrive at a door, inside there is a old steep stone hallway
>I want for them to go in and walk a little then I open the door
>uncle hears me and catches me, makes me go in front of them
>we arrive to an altar, there are two granddaughters of my fathers uncle and his daughter
>they say I am the missing man and instead of the one (I suspect his dead son...) I have to do the ritual
>the women say some words, the young and the old respectively
>then I have to say this: "THORIN KHASANA KHASANA KHA"
>they repeat it to me so I get the pronounciation right and before I say it I wake up.

The words were written in some kind of runes, I don't remember how it looked, just the pronounciation


the "kh" is pronounced like the jewish Heth, or like the "ch" in loCH ness

what does it mean?
>Racist, xenophobic, issues with those who have happiness, wealth, or parents, and projects personal issues onto others.

I bet the school administration has their eye on you.
>I'm so mad that no one will teach me how to nightmare, time to tantrum. That's how I got my way with mommy and daddy, surely it'll work in all areas of my life.
There is that projecting we discussed earlier.
Yeah, well at least I can have nightmares, faggot.
Haha, fair enough; I'll concede.
And this is why all of my girlfriends end up leaving me. I win all of the battles, but never the war.
had the most vivid dream last night, me and my family stepped onto a bus and went up some super steep bridge, when we descended into a beautiful city, that looked massive, like NY city but much more packed with buildings. we walked down the streets and it was just really beautiful. then suddenly it got dark really fast and everyone just started crying in the streets and black ooze started coming up from the sewers . we went inside one of the buildings and the walls were painted with morbid and bizzare pictures (think yummi nikki) after that i woke up
Had this dream a couple of months ago
>walking through a wheat field, looks like gold
>in the distance I can hear some explotions
>suddenly, a little kid appears, maybe 8 or 10 years old
>as we walk and chat, we arrive to a river
>the water is very bright, almost as if was made of light
>little kid tells me "we need to hide, hurry, lets go to the trees"
>we start to climb, a lot of people appears
>little kid tells me "look, all the world is trying to find us!"
I woke up after that, went back to sleep and to continue my dream
>in the same field
>I am small too
>now is winter or something like that
>everything is frozen
>little kid is running trough the snow, but the thing is that he doesnt leaves any step
>he keeps jumping and dancing
>try to keep up with hom, but I keep falling
>as I fall, I start to grow to my real age (25)
>then everything starts to get really dark
>no dusk, no stars, no moon, is like if they just dissapeared
>walk a few steps and feel a door
>hear a weird voice calling me
>open the door, and step inside
>I am in my old house
>there is already morning, the sun is really bright
>I see a playground near, which os weird because there has never been a playground near there
>little kid is playing there
>says that he told everyone that I am his only family
>nobody believe him
>I talk to him "we are family, no matter what"
>little kid thens tell me that he now must leave
>"thats all I wanted to hear, I have to go, sorry, maybe we will meet later"
>he runned to the door where was the frozen field
>now is again a golden wheat field
>as he is walking trough, all the plants starts to fade away
Fall asleep after 200 ML of Diphenhydramine
>Everything is swirling chaotic colors
>Different colors skitter by like bugs, others flap through the air like moths or bees
>Suddenly floating through space
>See the galaxy to my left, all the stars flashing and blinking in patterns like it's trying to communicate
>Land on a cold rock in between two galaxies
>Filled with blue energy skeletons
>Skeletons aren't human skeletons but there are vague similarities
>They tell me it's not time

>woke up an hour later freaking the fuck out.
>Strong urge to get a tattoo of the galaxy in glow in the dark ink
On several occasions in the past I've had dream like beings that seem like humans trying to infiltrate where I live or a home like structure I am occupying, usually trying to get or steal something inside, and I have to destroy them or keep them from getting the item inside/or getting me.

I had this dream two nights ago and it stood out to me amongst the others because this time I was on the offensive rather than the defensive.

>Be in a dim lit library
>The kind you would find in a church or sunday school, mostly dark wooden furniture
>Multiple "people" at least 20 are in the room sitting at desks and studying
>I have a very large sword like the kind pyramid head would carry, except the handle is kind of awkward and complicated
>I get the notion that these are not real people, they are the fake people I despise
>I start killing them brutally with these sword
>They don't even fight back, they don't scream, they don't move, they don't make any sounds
>They do bleed profusely though, and each one feels like an actual murder, like I'm snuffing out a life
>After I killed more than 6 or 7 of them I got a good look at one of their faces
>The eyes are all distorted and very empty looking
>Their faces are just missing some unidentifiable feature that would convince me they are real people
>It seemed like there may have been a few that were genuine
>I acquire an apple some how and it has a slice mark in it from where I must have scraped it with the sword
>One of the possibly genuine people, asks me to try and cut it right along the scratch mark after throwing it up in the air.
>So I try, I keep throwing the apple up in the air and try to cut it right along the "seam" as it falls
>Eventually I manage to cut it.
>I don't cut the top clean off though
>I just cut out a chunk, and it looks like the apple is volumetrically a torus with a hollow cavity exposed.
>The one who asked me to cut it, studies it profusely.
>I wake up
I dont remember much but
>be on a train with my family
>feel it derail and fall off a bridge or something
>can feel the train rotating in the air
>feel it crash into deep water
>fills up with water
>I can feel how cold it is
>feel like I'm dreaming so i force myself to wake up
>wake up
Time for a weird one, be prepared for a long story:

>Be living in house with family
>trying to sleep n shit
>mom keeps putting dolls of aliens around to fuck with me
>god fucking dammit stop mom
>start to get rid of aliens
>wind up getting abducted by real ones

Now, normally things would start to turn into a nightmare here, but

>wake up in hotel room with best friend next to me
>we're like wtf
>4 aliens walk through the door
>freaked out at first
>they're total bro's
>say to me and friend "the men in our species that dont get layed like constantly normally die early so we're totes worried about you guys"
>leave hotel room
>we're on a giant space ship city thing
>turns out they brought us there for a wedding
>hit up some space bars n shit
>during the night, they start disappearing
>one by one, including friend
>winds up with just one alien left and me
>he "accidentally" falls on me
>90% sure he's coming on to me


now here's where shit gets crazy:

>feel ominous presence behind him
>look behind him
>girl in school uniform is behind him
>a majority of her is covered in a weird dark aura
>nightmare mode engage
>can never look directly at her for some reason
>I remember her somehow
>I realize that shes been picking off my bros all night
>she doesn't actually want to hurt me, just kill everyone else in my dream
>alien bro and me separate because he thinks shes gunna kill me
>get outside of hotel
>parkour up a giant jungle gym thing on the side
>look inside window to see last alien bro
>out of my left peripheral I see her parkouring up the jungle gym twice as fast as me
>have feelings of attraction for her after seeing what she could do
>she gets up to me and walks by me
>shes gunna break the window and kill alien bro
>alien bro looks terrified
>wake up

The weird thing about this dream was that my dreams follow certain rules, and she was the first thing besides myself that has ever broken those rules. Normally as my dream goes further on, the gravity for me specifically lessens, but for the first time the same thing was happening for her. This is also the first nightmare I've ever had where I knowingly had no danger to myself, but was fearful that she was going to tear the dream around me apart.

I'm like 90% sure she just didn't want me to get layed. That was generally how i felt throughout the dream, but man did she make my dick hard.
Alright, before I even fucking begin, I know for a fact I am a straight male. but ive recently had gay dreams, like im literally dreaming of me fucking some dude. Then I wake up and ask myself what the fuck.
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Was about a week ago;

>go to sleep

>wake up in 'dream' by noise
>walk into living room
>doors open
>screen door is closed.
>little, tiny, bulky, pale white, alien is still, staring, frozen.
>both of us frozen, no movement.
>no sound.
>it talks to me, but not with words
>talks to me with a chat box, in my mind.
>the words are colored, in a pattern
>the pattern went from;
>it had no name
>mine was a number
>in the ten thousands
>Ask a question with my mind typing
>[-----]>>>"why are you here"
>"to warn."
>[-----]>>>"to warn about what?"
>(no reply)
>I turn around and go back to bed
>it's still there, like a statue,
>look at drawer by side of the bed
>slightly open
>close it.

I then wake up in the middle of the night, go back to the living room to see everything was normal, it seemed so real. Then I went back to bed..

>wake up
>teleported or can't remember going back into the living room this time
>it's back
>room is warped.
>writing is back
>I asked it a bunch of questions but these are the not personal ones that stuck to me:
>[-----]>>>"do people know about you?"
>"not me particular"
>[-----]>>>"would I get in trouble for knowing about you"
>(it replys in gibberish three times)
>might as well ask some other questions aliens might know
>[-----]>>>"is the illuminati or a new world order real?"
>"but not the way you all think"
>[-----]>>>"dose life have a purpose"
>"yes, for most"
>"more than you would know"
>[-----]>>>"is time travel real?"
>(Numbers in no particular order fill the chat)
>mind flashes black and white
>all numbers are black
>(overload or something)
>back in room
>drawer is slightly open again
>close it
>go back to bed

>wake up for the final time
>look at drawer
>slightly open
>wish it was real

What do you guys think? I'm not going to proof read this, so I hope it's fine.
Hey everyone!

I keep having these reoccuring murder mystery dreams where I'm always doing something social and then get a call or some sort of notification of a murder. Then, the dreams progresses to me trying to solve the mysteries and getting very close to the killer(s) but then waking up on a cliffhanger. For example, last night, after what felt like hours of investigation, I was finally about to catch the culprits of a string of ritualistic murders, but at the last second they ran to their teleporter(?) and zoomed away WITH my partner/lover before I woke up.

If anyone can give any insight I would highly appreciate it.

I had a similar dream of an alien bro, but different
What did alien bro look like?
You are trying to solve something personal I think
>on vacation with my dad
>discussing global warming
>suddenly massive tides roll in like tsunamis and separate us
>im running across a bridge above the waterline watching a black lady swim through the muddy water
>she emerges with burns all over her body like the water is boiling
>some screams and everybody looks up to the sky
>the moon is massive in the sky
>some other celestial planet sized objects rockets out from behind the moon and keeps growing in size until it drops below the horizon
>i get down on my knees and begin to pray
>"i love you all"
>"please forgive me"
>it feels like it should have happened already
>i open my eyes disappointed
>the the ground begins the crack and open up in absolute silence
>i'm hurtling through the air in a storm of great rocks and boulders
>i can hear other people screaming
>some of them come into view
>they begin to twist in sickly impossible ways and lose their color
>the people are twisting into gray play-doh spiraling tornados
>i awaken in a futuristic looking room
>i'm surrounded by other people
>i look through a window with a nearby person and we can see famous people lining up for a picture just outside the room
>i get the sense we were only saved due to our proximity to important people
>the people in the room become Nameks from DBZ and I'm Goku or Gohan or some shit
>I think I've found Piccolo in the crowd but it's not him, and the guy is an asshole and pretends he's piccolo
>everything returns to normal before weird DBZ and the scene ends
>im in the middle of a football game
>the field is a floating island in the dark
>the other team's bleachers are absolutely full of people, but we only a giant tangled mess of roots
>the coaches are only running ridiculous gimmick plays
>i go on field, and I don't even know what play we're doing
>despite this I run for a touchdown
>i talk to the QB as the special teams
>he's wearing a necklace with an emmy and oscar hanging from it
>he says he got it because his dad wrote a book
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Anything with DBZ is cool
>you must be cool
Last night I dreamt I was cuddling with a human-sized cat. It had unbelievable soft fur. felt very good.
Strange, because I never had a cat, no recent encounter with one, and they are not my favorite animal either. Any ideas?
You probably want someone you know to be closer to you than they currently are
sounds plausible, but why a cat?
When I was about ten years old, I had a dream that I can't seem to forget, despite it's seeming unimportance. I'll greentext it, I guess.

>in town, on our way out of the grocery store
>a conflagration sweeps across the town
>windows are blown out, cars are washed in fire
>take cover inside the grocery
>it passes, I am unscathed
>feel rumbling, peek outside
>massive humanoid robot thing comes over the horizon
>it's about 1/3 the height of the empire state building for reference
>it's shiny, has no visible joints as you'd expect a robot to, and it's completely black
>has a single glowing green 'eye' thing on it's forehead, very bright
>crackling in the air as a green beam sweeps the parking lot


>terrified, we run out the back of the building
>somehow I'm suddenly home, it's night time and nobody seems to remember the scene I just described
>have a bad feeling about it, but assume it was just a dream or something
>start walking to my room before I hear the front door get slammed HARD two times.
>nobody seems to notice, what the fuck is going on here
>shaking, open the front door
>a shiny black cat with no fur runs across my front yard, a glint of green on it's forehead as it passes into darkness
>completely fill with dread and fear, stammer to my parents that we need to leave, it's not safe
>rumbling outside, it's that giant thing again
>not sure why, but I run to my bedroom and get in my bed and try to 'wake up' from this nightmare

And I woke up. I was scared shitless and still terrified for a bit, then I fell back asleep. The dream continued, but I'd like to see what folks think of this so far.
Femal sexuality, free spirit, art, or if it was a black cat it could mean bad luck, maybe you are still greatfull for what you got but want more
Could someone help me with mine?
Might be no definite relation to a certain event behind the story itself. To me it sounds like your mind ran a little amok because there are too many confusing thoughts constantly in your head during daytime
> be a university student
> one of the most rigorous in the nation
> weed out differential equation class has a test
> i made the mistake of taking a semester away from math classes
> do not remember any of calc..very necessary for diff eq
> go to sleep day before test, worried as hell
> i know nothing
> really surreal dream
> dreaming about going to uni and doing the test
> time is going really slow in the classroom
> i am solving the questions and there is someone behind me walking me through them
> i never looked back, because i had a feeling if i did I would wake up
> solved every problem and the voice behind me said "remember"
> i woke up
> sorta felt weird...but really i was in an absolute fuck this shit stage
> so i decided to write those questions down and commit the solutions to heart in the few hours i had before the exam

long story short: got to class, sat down at the exact desk i did in my dream, got the test...fucking exact exam i dreamed about

> got grades back, 99...highest he has ever had in history of teaching at tech.
> mffw
> my mind is blown cause i barely even remember how to integrate...

How the fuck did I dream the whole exam?
We should all be physics! I think you are right, thank you!
>I see the world from a 3'rd person perspective
>A giant head is stuck to a mining cart
>It rolls down a railroad inside a cave
>A floating saw it's way through the head
>The head is screaming in agony
Haha, welcome. But that was just a guess, can't tell for sure of course
So I had an /m/ related dream. I hope this is the right place for this.

I was behind something that looked like a camera, and I was watching a purple suited guy walk around the set. The set looked like it had parts of green grass with stand out props, white fences and a bridge connecting parts of the field together.

Then a humanoid blob monster jumped out and yelled at purple dude about stealing his show.

Then the two of them fought for a while. The purple dude threw a bunch of japanese characters down like a torrent of characters.

This has defeated the blob monster.

The rider turned around and popped off his own head. He then spoke in english subtitles, "That's my head folks!"
It's a shot from my wall of me sleeping, in greenish dark colours. It lasts for about 20 minutes.
Not really looking for interpretations, but if you have them go ahead, mainly just sharing.
>Be in unfamiliar environment
>Somehow someone shoots me four or five times in the back and my ass
>Rush to hospital
>Doctor doesn't give a fuck thinks he has other things to do while I'm dying from ass wound
>Finally get him to remove two bullets
>Still three or so left
.Doctor leaves me to fend for myself
>wake up
I think It shows my confidence for the medical system
In the sitting room and there is a strange section of the roof that looks like it goes into the attic. The roof is normally solid. A small green monster looks down on me from here. I stand up to confront it and I hit it only to find out it is a tree. In this dream I am also later entering a temple while being gestured towards the temple by other people.

Me and my mom and dad all had dreams having to do with spiders. Anyone willing to help out and I'll tell them the dreams
Had this dream months ago, stuck with me.
>I'm in deep water trying not to drown
>Climb on top of a floating chunk of debris
>World has a yellowish, with a tinge of green hue to it, and its almost sunset, but no sun in sight
>Looks sorta like an old school movie set, but i could tell it wasnt
>Look around to try and find land
>Chunks of debris everywhere
>Wonder where this stuff came from and where i am
>Peer into the water, see houses and buildings broken apart sinking down into the darkness.
>Bodies sinking too
>Water is dead black but i can see into it, like how you can see things in a dark room
>See tentacles destroying the buildings and dragging the bodies into the darkness deep in the water
>Deeply afraid of giant squid so i look up and start running
>Jumping from floating platform to floating platform
>Eventually get to an island
>The island is shaped like the island in the spongebob shows when they go above the water
>Huge shack built on it, looks like the shacks in Megaton on Fallout 3
>Getting darker outside
>I get on the island and start sneaking up to the shack
>See in the windows these five or so guys have a woman (i think it was at least) tied up and rag tied around her mouth
>I sneak inside and creep around the dark edges of the room
>Pull a couple knives from my leather overcoat
>Run up behind one guy, slit his throat, throw the knife at a guy pulling out a silenced pistol, hits him in chest, falls over
>Throw second knife at another guy and hits him in between the eyes
>Still using first guy as a body shield, throw him down, dive for dropped pistol
>Shoot other two directly in the chests and heads while on the ground
>Stand up and shoot guy i hit with the knife in the chest in the head
>Walk over and untie girl, she hugs me and sobs
>wake up

First time guns ever worked in my dreams too. They never worked before. It would be like i pulled the trigger and there would be a cartoony gasp and nothing would happen.
>wake up in my apartment
>it's raining outside
>I have a headache
>go to bathroom
>the toilet is flushing endlessly
>the sink is overflowing
>the sing drain is jammed full of orange, teal, and purple colored pencils
>wake up in my apartment
>it's raining outside
>I have a headache
>go to the bathroom
>look in the mirror
>my eyes are bloodshot and there are dark heavy bags under them
>phone starts ringing
>can't find it
>wake up in my apartment
>it's raining outside
>i have a headache
>my bed is soaked in urine
>my teeth are loose
>they start falling out on the sheets, one by one

Then I woke up in my apartment.
You're anxious that your life is not progressing fast enough?
> Outside my house
> My teeth start to hurt a lot
> Teeth are cracking
> Blood and chunks of teeth fill my mouth
> I reach into my mouth and pull out a red tree root with blood in it
>I reach in again and take out a piece of broken rib

I woke up and i had no idea what to make of this. Maybe you guys can help.
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In ALL of my dreams it's either:

>at the beach, tsunami comes, covers us. It's massive waves one after the other and I always throw myself in.
>something is chasing me and I open the window and jump out to "kill myself" and wake up

Always one or the other, or even both. Any got any idea?
>or even both

Like jumping out of your bedroom window to outrun a tsunami wave? kek
no, like having both dreams the same night lel
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>Humanity is at war with dolphins.
>losing the war
>one touch makes you become one of them
>the great battleships and navies are gone
>assigned to patrol on a fishing boat
>dolphin attack
>everyone gets taken, not even a chance to fire the harpoons
>they flip the boat
>they come for me
>become a dolphin
>"the pod will always love you"
>accept my fate
>be driving out the in the country near where I live
>Its dark and stormy. Rain coming down hard.
>out in the distance you multiple skinny tornadoes all over the place. and become even more define when lighting strikes.
>running away from tornados everywhere.

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>have a dream that i wake up after falling asleep on couch
>there's a brain on the coffee table
>just a brain, sitting there
>freak out
>put latex gloves on, pick it up
>throw it out back door onto grass
>neighbor sees this happen
>Palm begins to itch
>go to scratch it
>hand begins to split open along one of the lines on my palm
>gets progressively itchier
>just a gaping black abyss where hand opened
>other hand does the same
>clawed hands begin to pull themselves out of holes in my hands
Inability to help yourself. Self-destructive behavior.
i just woke up and had this dream
>be me / f
>be in a weird house in the forrest or something
>kinda looks like a cottage
>some friends are there
>my crush, his gf and some other friends
>we were in a room at around afternoon, made of wood
>we were like chasing each other and accidently my crush ran into something because of me and he banged his head on the wall
>little blood
>i apologized and hugged him
>he didnt reacted, i hugged him all around, the he hugged me back
>he was sitting in the floor and i was gently hugging him and caressing him
>he is doing the same
>we both are super sweaty. like waterfalls sweaty
>start gently putting my lips around his neck and shoulders he seems to like
>he turns and tries to kiss me softly even thou his gf and other people in same room
>we try to conceel it
>i stand up and i walk to another room in the cottage
>my real life mom is not my real mom in the dream
>i get a turquoise paper box with the 100 years old remains of my supposedly biological mom in the dream
>my real life mom is the one who tells me this and gives me the box
>demands answers from mom. says my biological mom in has been dead for 100 years and that she just married my dad. sister is actually half sister
>i accidentally almost broke the box and see some bones and smells weird.
>try to fix it
>i put it in an altar with flowers or something
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Yosuke Bigger.png
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>be me
>have a vagina
>make sweet pure love to a woman
>about to cum
>notice that I'm bleeding
>go look at a mirror
>my left eye has sunken into my skull
>get it back into it's socket
>mfw I see my left eye
>it's backwards
>can't see shit from my left eye
>it kinda hurts
>it's bleeding
>wake up

According to Islam, dreaming of being blind in one eye makes you the Islamic equivalent of the Antichrist
i'm not sure what to make of the eye thing but i can interpret the first half:
in your dream did you have a dick, but irl you're a grill? that indicates that you're having problems getting in touch with your masculine side (this isn't anything to worry about, both masculine and feminine qualities mak eup people of both gender). you want to show more masculine traits such as taking authority and leadership, perhaps you worry that you aren't paying enough attention to education or are having problems with organisation
I'm a dude, but had a vagina in my dream.
My uncle just passed, I'm not having visions, but my mind finds itself wandering to him in a forest with a big big bear, the bear comes to him, and they look at eachother, and the bear grabs my uncle, not forcibly, but in the most gentle way, and pulls him into his body, as a mist, the bears eyes shine blue for a moment, then it fades. Backstory on my uncle, he grew up in south Florida, belle glade to be exact, my dad tells me this story about my uncle, he was at HIS uncles hunting property when he was very young, in the early 60's and some people on his uncles hunting property trapped a bear, in a cage, and they were shooting it with twenty two caliber pistols and the bear was roaring in pain, and my uncle saw it and started screaming, my dad described it as the most blood chilling thing he's heard in his life, my uncle didn't eat for a while, the bear died after they shot him about 9 times. I've been having this vision over and over, and in my dreams too now. Any help?
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>be orphan
>in human experiment facility
>whole facility is empty and seems to be built in soviet time
>few doctors that are always smiling
>they make me happy
>one doctor smiles and asks me how am I
>"okay" and I smile back
>"could you lie down for me"
>put my head in holder chair, like masseuses chair (pic related)
>"now get comfortable and loosen up"
>I think happy thoughts
>giant needle slides between skull and spine
>he squirts something in my Cerebrospinal fluid
>my brain fires up like crazy
>million thoughts a second
>literally can't catch up with myself
>wake up
Alright then here goes nothing.

>i'm telling this joke to some people
>i'm getting to the punchline
>sudenly some assburgers faggot interupts me mid sentence and blurts out "and then he broke his legs!"
>fucker you ruined my joke
>how is breaking your legs funny?
>it has nothing to do with the joke i was telling
>assburgers doesn't understand
>you stupid fuck you ruined my joke, "and then he broke his legs" isn't even a proper punchline.
>guy doesn't understand what i'm upset about
>get angry
>punch him in the face
>pick him up
>throw him face first against the wall breaking his nose and jaw
>wake up

What the fuck is this I never get angry and I never have violent dreams.
My friend says it means i'm turbo gay but he always says that.
>makes you the Islamic equivalent of the Antichrist
Do you know why Illuminati always make eye gestures?
Because antichrist is amongst the jews that run the corporations. Antichrist is hurt on one of his eyes (don't know which because they change between left and right eye)
>two eyes = seeing good and bad
>one eye = seeing only one side
>Aftermath of disease that killed off most of the world
>Brother and I are the only ones of our family that survived
>Disease finally passes area
>Everybody's starts rebuilding
>People start disappearing at night
>Bright lights in the sky are saw too
>Hardly anyone left in the town
>Brother and I hole up in a cave with food and guns
>Go out to forage one day
>Hear loud noise
>Try running
>Suddenly frozen
>Dimly aware I'm floating
>Time skip
>Aliums explaining to me and 100 or so other people, that we have been drafted to fight for the RF, a interstellar empire
>They strip us of our clothes for sanitary reasons
>Put us in green pods that molds exoskeletons to our bodies
>Give us weapons that can't really be described
>Load up in dropships
>Know I'm probably going to die
>Tell a few people to tell my brother what happened if they ever get back to Earth
>Load up in drop pods
>Begin shooting down towards the planet
>Things similar to missiles start flying up at us
>One begins flying right at me
>Try figuring how to fly pod
>Pod has no flight controls, just autopilot
>missile blows up, dimly feel a burning sensation and know I'm dying

And that's where I woke up, and what was weird about it was I could feel things which I normally can't do while dreaming.
In dreams, your reflection is usually fucked up as hell, but, what your fucked up reflection looks like might be a reflection of your psyche, maybe your guilty about seeing something you shouldn't have, maybe your keeping yourself blind to something you don't want knowledge of, or maybe you need to look inward
I'm sorry but your friend is right
I'm not sure that interpretation of Islam is accurate. Maybe you should go ask a local imam.
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I have had a weird recurring dream since I was a kid
> wake up in the middle of a snowstorm
> storm so thick you can't see a foot in front of your face
> sometimes I see flags or old weapons on the ground
> walk for a while, eventually reach a big block of ice
> look closer, there is a body frozen inside
> I have never been able to remember the face, but I always wake up feeling that it was someone I know

I can't make sense of it, maybe it makes sense to you x
I knew it,
Welp time to suck dick I guess.

>I'm inside a tv show world
>I change what person I am a few times in the dream
>anyway, there's this family living in a fairly large house (there's a rec room on the ground floor), it consists of a small kid which was driven around in a car while my PoV was a little above the rear seats, a teenage girl, an older brother, and their mother
>A guy named Sorenson.breaks up with the girl and her mom is pissed
>a big guy who kinda looks like that guy from Burn Notice appears out of the background and says he's 1.9m tall, might also be a member of the family

Don't remember the rest.
An hour ago:

>be upstairs with some guy, I think my actual younger brother, but we're both older
>we might have watched a movie together but I'm not sure
>we talk about Japanese jive movies (wat) and I've got a DVD of such a movie in my hand, the cover kinda looks like the one from 'Infection'
>he says he won't let the burglar go this time and brings a bunch of guns
>I choose something that looks like a silenced Sig
>we go to sleep
>I leave the pistol in his room (they're next to each other)
>I drift off while laying in bed, I've also fallen asleep instead of studying in real life
>I suddenly wake up and realize I've fallen asleep
>I've rotated by 180 degrees, what
>My room also kinda looks like my real life room
>Quietly walk over to the door and slowly open it
>It creaks like a motherfucker
>The burglar, who is a Chinese woman (looks like the Hawaiian girl from Hawaii 5O) sighs and tells me to get on the ground as she is coming up the stairs which are opposite my room
>I do it while leaning tobmy brother's room as much as possible
>As I lay down, I wake up scared shitless
I keep having the same recurring nightmares
>getting chased, or in danger of some sort
>everybody else either doesn't care or is oblivious to it
>desperately try to get help but nobody gives a shit
Any ideas what it could mean?
Did you have a shield and a friend in a metal suit?
File: symbol1.png (3 KB, 307x274) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 KB, 307x274
>Be me in parents house, kind of spoopy
>walk through house
>all the sudden a smoky version of the symbol in pic appears in front of me.
Done quite a few searches to see if there is any hits but nope. kind of loots like a person slouched over.
fuck those flourless peanut butter thingies forever i tried to make em last month and the dough was so watery it got everywhere and when i baked it i got this weird sticky puddle
>In my bathroom
>I am standing in front of three mirrors
>I am wearing a different shirt in each mirror.
>on the left mirror I am wearing a red shirt
>my reflection in the red shirt is yelling at me
>it's really angry about something.
>really animated with it's hands and movement
>what ever it says is making me want to cry.
>On the middle mirror I am wearing a blue shirt
>my reflection in the blue shirt is crying
>face is blurry on the one in the blue shirt
>it's really hard to hear that one.
>On the right mirror I am wearing a white shirt
>the reflection wearing the white shirt sounds
really amicable and I think it's trying to be nice to me.
>the white shirt one sounds like it's having a conversation or lively debate with someone.
>I can barely understand any of them or remember what they said because they are all talking at the same time. I hear bits a pieces from each one.
>the voices don't really sound like me except the one in the white does a little.

I have been depressed lately because I found out my Ex is having a baby with her new partner and I always used to talk to her about having one.
This is the second time i had this dream, the first time was a long time ago and i woke up when i saw her for the first time.
I tried making a tulpa and saw a girl similar to Ana(?) in my mind however this was 2-4 weeks ago and now i dreamed this

>running from the police
>somehow get in a dead circus town(kinda silent hill but with a circus on it and not a single soul)
>dead girl with the same height/age as me appears
>she asks me if i want to help her
>i say yes
>she shows me how to sell turtles to old man(in a way they dont get the turtle and i get the money)
>we laugh
>she suddenly dissapears and appears(this keeps happening through the day)
>the guys from mithbusters appears on the city
>i try to scare them but one guy saw me
>he tells me i'm gifted and very rare
>its night time now
>the guys are gone
>the girl appears again behind me
>she cries like a wolf
>i call her by ''ana''(dont even know how the fuck i knew her name)
>she is blushing and very happy and tells me no one called her that anymore
>i ask her why and how should i call her then
>she is crying tears of joy
>i wake up

What the fuck /x/? I tried making a ritual to summon Ana but it didn't work, should i try to lucid dream and summon her or just go to sleep?
File: bufjellet_26valley.jpg (843 KB, 1536x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
843 KB, 1536x1024
> I was a slave. Native American to be exact.
> I finally decided I was going to escape from the plantation I was being kept.
> I leave right before dawn.
> I keep running and running without stopping to catch my breath and don't look back either.
> The sun is coming up and I hear people yelling and some dogs barking.
> I keep running and I'm about to reach the fence marking the land.
> There is a little valley that I have to jump into in order to reach the fence to freedom
> I jump and end up landing wrong and breaking my ankles.
> In an attempt to get up, I turn around, and at that instant, a dog jumps right at my face to bite me.
> That's when I wake up.

Can someone please help explain this? This is a dream from many months ago that I still remember clearly.
A week or two ago I had a bunch of crazy dreams. I can only recall this one because this was the only one I talked/thought about a lot:

I woke up in my house but everything was black and hazy/smokey. I was calling for my family member's names but I didn't get any response. I heard screaming from the other side of my parent's room so I went to check it out but the door was locked. After busting it down I see my whole family locked together in what I can only describe as chains made from the black smoke/haze. I didn't really know what to do so I just stood there. I looked to the left and saw these tall cloaked figures pointing at me. I high tailed it out of my house. Somehow I knew that this was all caused by a spell and by chanting something with other people it would be broken, so I ran to my neighbor's house across the street to try and get them to help me. I forgot what the chant was to break the spell was and had to look it up on my phone. When I turned on my iPhone the screen only displayed static like from an old CRT or something. I looked up and the cloaked figures were in the house. They killed my neighbor and his mom and one came behind me and put his hand over my mouth. That's when I woke up.

The reason I thought about it a lot was because my friend said the thinks its because I changed my room around and my bed is under my window and facing my closet. Another reason I think so too is because I have a stolen baby jesus in my room (I didn't steal it, my friend did and it just ended up in my possession). Not sure if I agree with these though because my bed has been placed this way for a long time since before the dream + the baby jesus was taken almost a year ago.
File: 1312691988957.jpg (865 KB, 800x1119) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I go outside my house and I see 3 and a half moon in the sky
>I yell to my mom to come to see it
>Can't remember well what happened after that, but I was amazed.
>Now I'm watching my dream like in all-knowing POV
>Somehow I know it's the end of world
>People start going crazy and killing each other in some places
>There is paranormal activity happening in the houses
That's all. Please help /x/
I've made them 3 times and every time they come out differently
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Don't believe his lies
I had a dream where my mom shot me in the head 3 times. And another where I killed my girlfriend and her brother then was forced to live with the rest of her family and act like everything was normal while they tried to break me.
Anyone that can explain?
Nobody? Bump?
Shit might go down.
First thing i thought of when i connected the moon and the people killing each other is that "full moon madness" urban legend. Maybe the dream is telling yourself not to get too caught up in others worries. Either that or you feel as though a big event might happen in your future. How did you feel seeing the places you mentioned become engulfed in chaos?
> be in japanese house-restaurant with boyfriend
> see older version of ourselfs
> older me goes away
> suddenly I'm at my house with the older version of my boyfriend
> he gives me a pill box
> says I "look like her"
> he's not there anymore
> I take a pill
> grow a dick
> wtf for a moment, then decide to kill my curiosity about how having a dick feels
> fapping feels pretty much the same
> pill effect wears off and I'm penis-less again
> wake up needing to pee
>>Green text to get attention.

Here's one. I'm sitting at a picnic table with another older gent. He's not feeble, but you can tell that this man is at least in his fifties. heavily balding, white hair, that sort of deal. Across from our table is another with a young man and woman. Our tables are beneath a highway overpass. We're all sitting at these tables under the overpass, and all you can see for miles around is desert, and highway. This overpass seems to have been created for the sole purpose of providing shade for these two picnic tables. I'm smoking a cigarette and talking with the older gent at my table, and he tells me that it's probably 45°c. We're all waiting under there for the sun to set, so we can leave. Somewhere there is music playing. Our day continues like this, smoking, talking amongst ourselves, and waiting. Finally dusk is approaching, the sun is setting, and I wake up. It's dusk, the sun is going down, and I need to go to the store to buy cigarettes. Is this /x/? You make the call.
Bump mine, help
shieet, quads say one has to help
File: 1402945654112.png (359 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey guys, what's this one mean?:

At a beach with a hottie, she has some sort of stand up and is selling stuff. some dude comes up and starts spitting game, he doesn't fuck her but she is all over him. Afterwards he leaves and we do as well, before we leave I look down and she introduces me to her pets. a dog whom was being hugged by a cat and a lizard on top of the cat. They seemed nice.
I feel like his grandpa is now spirit bear and watches over him.
In most dreams I've been having recently I see a rattlesnake.

I'm not afraid of him in either the dreams or in real life. Is it a sign?
Still sticks to me
>Normal day, tired and sleep
>Russian scientists experimenting on people. Trying to induce multipersonality disorder but with a twist
>Anger = almost Neanderthal intelligence but extremely heightened strength, Misery = extreme depression, almost suicidal, etc.
>Now they get to fear
>Guy starts screaming and banging on walls
>Scientists start getting scared, some sort of aura is coming from the experiment
>Fear becomes so prevalent, scientists start fearing irrational things
>Deletion and destruction of vital scientific knowledge happens, sets country back in terms of technology by several hundred years
>Fear spreads to Military, generals order execution of all under rank of colonel to halt any sort of mutiny
>Launched missiles at cities because of "sleeper agents"
>Moscow, Stalin/Leningrad, Vladivostok, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy
>Experiment finally ran out of breath/knocked himself out
>Fear subsides
>Most of military dead, or at war with each other
>Most of scientists dead, technology lost
>Much of the population dead from missiles
>Almost fired nukes into the USA

Then I woke up thanks to my 6.30 alarm
Still confuzzles me
>sitting in some fucked up class room, no walls, american style desks (I'm english) and a black bored
> this one fella in a white Arab-style man dress with matching white turban sitting on teachers desk
>conversation going back and forth, can't really remember most of it
>I know for a fact I've never seen this man before, something in my gut is telling me so
>I ask why life is going so strangely at the moment, if the happening is imminent.
>He said, "Just roll with it, you're a lunar child, you'll be fine"
>only clear memory of the conversation
>wake up sweating about a minute later.

Help me /x/
Shit, man, sorry for the late reply.
That makes a lot of sense actually!
>How did you feel seeing the places you mentioned become engulfed in chaos?
Almost indifferent, like "Whatever dude, let them kill each other".
Now I remember that I was searching for something in the houses, and that's why I knew there was paranormal activity going on inside of them.
only thing I can make of this is 'fear of the unknown'
dude i just had a dream.

>bunch of people in my house hanging in my room
>dude comes into my house out of nowhere
>think nothing of it
>looks like this young dude i used to work with
>been in jail before
>he says something extremely offensive and rape-y towards a small kid were chillin with
>get upset tell him
>he instigates it further
>flip shit, chase him into bathroom
>strangle him by neck almost killing him
>supposedly had it all recorded on some conveniently hidden camera
>edits it to make it look like hes the innocent guy
>a whole lawsuit is now in place
>get scared
>wake up

I often have dreams my teeth are falling out; like they are loose and come out with no blood or anything. All the time with this dream.
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>dream I am a tall thin asian woman (I'm not)
>breaking into yakuza/mafioso warehouse to retrieve some sort of information
>realize I've walked into a brothel and the girls are being lined up
>try to blend in with these women who are being walked out onto a stage
>realize they all have scars/trauma/open wounds on their faces (pic related)
>stumble onto stage clutching right side of my face
>follow line backstage and duck out behind some crates, dodge some big dudes then find what I'm looking for
>looks like a nintendo ds game.
>run out of warehouse, hop on a train
>baddies everywhere
>little asian boy/data/short round hides me under his bed as baddies search the train

Then I woke up, but fell almost immediately back to sleep.

>dream I am walking around town at night
>see some friends and my sister up ahead
>suddenly sky lights up with curly purple lightning
>looks sorta like soul cairn in skyrim
>sirens blaring, people running in panic through the streets
>specifically remember saying to my sister "I had a dream about this."
>we grab blankets and begin wrapping up the elderly

and then I woke up. wtf.
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