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Full Moon Divinations
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Hey /x/,

ScryGuy here. Going to do some full moon divinations for the next hour or so.

I'll be scrying - reaching out into the darkness and seeing what reaches back.

If you are a seeker:
>post a spooky pic
>post your name/alias
>post your concern/query

I'll only answer those who follow the aforementioned greentext. Best wishes
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Are Jews spooky enough?
I'm going to ask this girl out this week. The way I feel about her, I've never felt it to anyone else before. Basically I can't be friends with her anymore, it either has to be something more than that or nothing at all.

How will it go? In the short and long term if possible.
i'll show ya a full moon!

>pulls down pants
>spins around
>thrusts out big ol' pair o' pasty cheeks

that's the moon alright!
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Are you the one I emailed about my situation with my daughter, around the first of the month? I'd rather not give even THAT info over public forum, so if you still have the email, use the info there as the name/alias.

I need to know where my daughter is, ANY details you can get, even if it's not about where she is. If not that, knowing what going on in that *other place*(The one I mentioned in the original email) is something to look for too, if you can manage it.
looking to see what the next bit has in store for me. I need to know if I will make a smooth transition
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Scryguy! I always seem to come back on here when you start a thread :')

>spooky pic attached

>name: Emma

What do the next six months hold for me? What steps do I take to meet my next partner?

Thanks scryguy!

Hope you're still with us!
for fucks sakes, it's been 7 hours, post or don't
>divinations for the next hour or so.
So everyone in the thread missed him, great.
Hope he comes back ;~;
So- what is my heart doing?
Who is all still here?
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Feels bad.jpg
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A old friend just reappeared.
What he brings with him?
> I foresee a man in a hooded poncho, he stands beneath a gigantic, golden cross.

I would say your friend brings "good news" or some sort of divinity along side them. Perhaps even God? Holy Spirit? If you would believe such things.
I am >>15051611
I get what you mean. Thanks
> I foresee two figures in the dark - silhouettes. They walk through flames or "fire walk"

I would take this as a sign that there is going to be a lot of energy between you two (could be passion?). All and all, should be positive - though I cannot see for how long. Though, if you two are traveling through the darkness and fire together - it's going to take a lot of work/trust.

You are most welcome.
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Will the book I just bought prove to be as beneficial as it claims?
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devils meat.jpg
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Should I stay or go?
I want to know what spiritual path is good for me and how i can start it.

Thank you.
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is my knee fucked, or will i be good?
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When will I find someone to love me as much as I love them?
> I foresee a desert. There is a path marked by tent-like flags or archways. A wanderer clad in robes traverses beneath these archways

Hmm... I'd say there is "path" set before you. But, it won't be easy and it could be a long endeavor. I guess your "success" is determined by you.

Have you ever heard the phrase "Some (or half) is better than none?"
I'm glad Jews were spooky enough, thank you.
I'm not Christian myself. But perhaps this is the best for you now. I foresaw a large cathedral, stained glass windows, large archways, and an alter with a cross.

It may be fucked now, but it will heal. The sign I received was

Time frames are... difficult to determine in scrying. Here is what I saw and you can determine for yourself:
>I foresee a peacock - he fans his feathers to attract a mate. Passersby take pictures of him
Thank you very much! That sounds very accurate in regards to this book
You are most welcome, my friends.
If I tell Alex how I feel how would he react?
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Oof. Not what I wanted to hear if I'm honest. Have "man shall not live by bread alone" in mind now, hehe.

Thanks Scryguy, appreciate it, we'll see I guess.
what will my future husband look like?
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How bad is this Ebola thing gonna get?
Does Mike hate me?
Do bees "enjoy" flowers? Do they not go hand in hand?

You are most welcome. It's not for everyone - like I said, I am not. But it might be a good starting place or a good stepping stone.

>rugid - looking/dressed
>short/cropped hair - dark

> I foresee a wintery scene - animal prints pervade the snow. There are tracks of all sorts of animals.

Well, seasons change and come and go. Animals flee to warmer climate and migrate back. I would take this as a sign that nature is just "doing it's thing"
I received a sign that he might've in the past - but no longer.
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I have to make a pretty big decision soon, should I go with the "right" choice even though it'll hurt my loved ones?
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How will peace be attained in my neighbourhood?
What does the person I'm thinking of look like?
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will p and i ever be together
Who is the voice inside my mind?
File: 1405211510608.jpg (16 KB, 230x230) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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General reading please
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How do I recognize my next partner?
I tried summoning a succubus and a lighting just hit down right next to my house and killed all electricity for like a minute, does that mean she has arrived? What happens next? Should I be afraid?
>I foresee a field. There is a ladder that ascends into the sky/the clouds - much like Jacob's ladder or like that of a dream.

This, I would take as a sign of the divine - extending themselves towards you. I would take whatever opportunity that should come your way.

Go back to "simpler times" or bring nature to the area.

> I foresee a female with dark hair - she is smiling at wedding/in her wedding dress.

Does this seem appropriate?
no it was a guy.. sorry :\
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1 MB, 500x281
My name is David U...

If you need other info, ask.

I want like a general reading, please?
Why do I feel so attached to him?

Your brain has released oxytocin and vasopressin.
Christianity? I don't think so, friend.
I don't foresee it - I'm sorry. Though, I'm just a humble diviner... Perhaps there is something you can do to alter the future to a more preferable one?

>I foresee a father and son - the father holds him/holds him up

Could be your "higher self" or maybe the divine. Perhaps the spirit of someone older who has passed... Who do you think it is?

Geez! A little warning before posting stuff like that!!
>I foresee clear waters and tropical temperature - a sandstone path and bright flowers

A vacation perhaps? Or perhaps your own type of paradise?

> I foresee a woman gathering sticks in a large bundle above her head - she does this to help her village.

They will be selfless and a hard worker.

Sounds pretty spooky. Care to share your ritual with us, here on /x/?

Well, to be fair - I did see both men and woman at this wedding. The bride seemed to be more "in the lime light" or center. Perhaps I should've paid more attention to the groom.

Not scary or spooky - but pretty funny.
>I foresee a woman with a pale face, red lipstick, and pretty crazy black outfit. Her hair is wild. She's very "model-esque" or model-like. She appears as an avant garde goth or witch.

Hmm... Visitation from someone strange? An unfamiliar face might enter your life. You might want to be weary or keep your guard up.

This is the sign I received. Essentially, a bare breasted woman
File: ayyy lmao.jpg (169 KB, 999x835) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
ayyy lmao.jpg
169 KB, 999x835

A general reading please.
Thanks, m8.

thanks will do
>none shall sleep

That... That is creepy. This is the sign I received... Maybe you might have some hard times ahead of you. Maybe you're not going to sleep much in the near future...

You are most welcome, friend.
Could you read me?
christina here again, thanks for the reading. could you tell me is there anything special about him why i find him so intriguing compared to every other guy i talk to?
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alias: kenny
general reading please
**will give feedback if possible**
Well shit that's creepy indeed
You will be the last one for now...
I remember this thread from here (/x/) actually

> I foresee a tree that is in the shape of man/human. It's arms/legs grow from the ground.

I'd say that your heart could be growing figuratively - perhaps you are growing as a person. What do you think this is?
Is a girl im meeting lately is going to keep spending time with me, how long our relations will last ?
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>Casey Langner
>Is she my One?
No spooky shit am on phone. Have some Yotsuba instead
Also have a question about my late vivid dreams. Should i be concerned about them ?
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13 KB, 259x194

I recently got out of depression, but lost my social and academic standing. Will I ever be able to study abroad?
I'm still here :)
Owhhh looks like I'm too late :(
I must ponder.
Many thanks.
I'm not sure actually.
Were there abstract impressions inside your vision?
Specific recurrent colours perhaps?
Vibes? Atmosphere?
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xthread creature.jpg
1 MB, 2592x1936
Name: Cameron
Could I just get a general reading? Maybe tell me if the path I'm going in life is the right one?

Hey. Just wanted to thank you for the reading! :)
This is retarded
I am
please don't let me be too late again
I'm still here if OP is.
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the abyss.jpg
101 KB, 1280x1024
There is a deep fog that hinders my sight. I feel lost and alone. Isolation that pierces my spirit and chokes my heart rendering me unable to move towards the path I am supposed to walk. What is causing this? Will I be able to walk far and away from this?
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>a tune

>old soul
>old church/building

I foresee you heading to a new place - I saw a rippling pond reflecting an image of a town. Very colorful and pretty

Indeed - if you're still here, what does it mean to you?

>how long our relations will last ?
Hard to say. You'll enjoy it though.
>vivid dreams
>be concerned
Eh, maybe. I foresaw fallen art and a depressed man - a world devoid of color.

> I foresee a beautiful scenic seascape - lush water and vibrant colors

Very well could be. There is strong emotional ties here. It may take a lot of conscious effort

> I foresee a gecko that clings to a wall - it's eyes wide and searching

Yeah, maybe. Keep looking and "stick" to the things you hold dear

Sorry, busy and eventful day.
> I foresee bloody hands - they are being washed or cleansed. Larger hands help with the process

A couple of things to contemplate: you may get a "partner in crime" and they could be cathartic/therapeutic for you

You're most welcome. From what I remember? Well, the impression I felt was that the father cared deeply for his son if that helps.

>An old gentleman stares at an old machine at a museum. It's rusty.

I see "time" here. And a lot of it. Also, remembering of the past. Think about who you were and who you want to be.

You are most welcome.

>This is retarded
Oh? In what way?

I don't believe that I was that same diviner. Idk. I do several divinations for many people. It's hard for me to remember each one. This is when I offer a new divination - to see if anything has altered or changed.
>ANY details you can get
Well, I initially saw a frozen landscape. Much like a tundra. Could she be somewhere cold/er?
Also, does her name start with "N" or is similar to Nicole?
Cristian, you will be my last one for now. Until another time (if Anons can be so patient... )
Hmm... I'll tell you what I saw:
> I foresee a night sky from the ground of a wheat field. The wheat is tall and golden - long stalks of wheat. The stars glitter in the dark.

Not sure. Perhaps there is something that goes "bump in the night" that is bothering you? Do you feel any connection to nature at all?

Well /x/, that's it for me for now. If this thread is still up tomorrow - I'll provide with more divinations. It's been a crazy couple of days for me, bear with me.
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Last response here, thought you were that one dude, sorry, no wonder your attempt was so off.

Let me give you the correct information:
>ANY details about my daughter you can get, like where she is, what's she doing, how she feels, ect.
Her name begins with M. The ears will be the tell, once you see them you'll know.
Damn, should've posted >>15055492 sooner
Oh well
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>Where on earth is my love life going right now? I'm so confused.
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You're fine - I will hurry and do these last ones.

Hmm... Begins with "M" huh? I wasn't too far off. I'm not seeing anything with or about her ears. Does she have darkish hair? I wanna say brunette. Kinda curly or wavy?

The impression I'm seeing of these girls/women is that they are content. Not unhappy or in life-threatening situations or anything like that. Just going about her life/business.

K. Ragnhild - you are my last, LAST one for tonight and then I must go.

>butterfly amongst the flowers
You can't make up your mind or which one to pick from
>a long pier that stretches out into the ocean
An emotional journey of sorts - in and out
>a tumultuous sea
Things are gonna get worse before they get better
>A young, pretty/beautiful model - hair is done up and wears a dress
You'll find love eventually. It'll just take an emotional toll

K, night /x/!
Ragnhild here, thank you for that! It all rings very true. Goodnight :)
Roxane here, if the ears didn't stand out to you, it's probably not her (Though I hope she wasn't forced to 'fix' that to avoid sticking out). Hell, she may not even be 'here', if you know what mean. Thank you for the attempt, goodnight.
File: image.jpg (72 KB, 500x311) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
72 KB, 500x311
General reading, please.

Picture isn't so spooky but I'm on my phone.
>too late
Bwah. Well I'll keep the thread minimized, so don't skip me if you do end up coming back tomorrow, please.
Nature calls to me in a profound way. Especially death. The concept of the devil intrigues me but he is not who I fear. I become uneasy at the witching hour and that is when I am most unnerved. If this thread is still up tomorrow I hope OP can finish this following statement.

also I'll be archiving this for the others who did not have their questions answered.

Completely understand :) sorry, hope it didn't sound like I was being a jerk was just disappointed if I'd missed ya cause you're the best on here.
Thanks for still taking the time to do a reading though! :)
File: natalie.jpg (99 KB, 485x658) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
99 KB, 485x658
Artist of picture is Natalie Shau

My name is Miranda
What should be the best for me to further my journey into my spiritual path? What should I do?
File: 1391071018836.jpg (52 KB, 500x418) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Robitussin DM
File: 1405478251159.gif (2 MB, 424x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 424x240
strange but im relating my future with art. Thanks for the readings.
File: us.jpg (50 KB, 490x311) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I've had a long/crazy/eventful day. Sorry I haven't posted much; but have been lurking. These will be my last divinations for tonight. Perhaps tomorrow I will have more time to dedicate towards seekers.

> I foresee a yellow tree, in a yellow desert, and is dead; but sits in an oasis of water. Yellow pervades my vision.

I would say that there is something in your life that is "dead" or dormant but is worth keeping or holding on to. I hope you find what that is.

>What should be the best for me to further my journey into my spiritual path? What should I do?

I foresaw an old, Asian man - fishing with a net in about waist-high water. An old decrepit house made of clay, stone, and sticks.

Perhaps simplicity is what you need? A more innocent or more nostalgic lifestyle? Contemplate on this. If there is some you wish you experience more spirituality - hunt for it. The waters may be murky and the fish, elusive - but you should find what you are looking for.

You are most welcome my cosmic friend. Best wishes.

And with this, I must go. Farewell until next time /x/
File: 127006440373.jpg (556 KB, 1680x1050) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
556 KB, 1680x1050
>Anondrgn is one of the aliases I've listed on here.
>concerned about desires for self employment in near future.
File: image.jpg (8 KB, 105x135) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8 KB, 105x135
Just incase OP returns:
How do I die?
Sorry for not having a legitimatly scary image
>> I foresee a yellow tree, in a yellow desert, and is dead; but sits in an oasis of water. Yellow pervades my vision.

>I would say that there is something in your life that is "dead" or dormant but is worth keeping or holding on to. I hope you find what that is.

Thank you so much, ScryGuy. I've been wanting a reading from you for a while. I'm almost certain that your feeling of something "dead" but worth holding on to is a very dear friend that has shut me out. If it's worth holding on to, it may mean she will come back to me, I am hoping.

This probably isn't noteworthy but maybe it is worth mentioning that I do live in the mojave desert, so what you first described does sound a bit like home.
File: #celticasfuck.jpg (343 KB, 400x472) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
343 KB, 400x472
>I could use a hand sometimes~
I got the fishing answer thing. It seems quite something I should consider. Thanks, ScryGuy!
> I foresee a kabuki actor - pale face with white make up. They hide behind white panels with pictures of cherry blossoms on them

Self employment eh? Well, I see entertainment here - acting, portrayal, and symbolism, etc. Do something you like and make sure it has longevity

Initial divination. Upon further inquiry:
>Nature. I foresee 3 birds that are silhouetted against black tree/tree branches

You'll probably pass naturally and, most likely, not prematurely. As for HOW? Mushroom was an interesting sign. You are not a druggie are you?

You are most welcome. Thank you for your input. I love feedback.

>I foresee an impressionism painting of a group of people

Fear not Anon, you are not as alone as you think. See beyond this illusion.

You are most welcome. Best wishes.
> Skeletonwitch i really like them !
File: GYG1.jpg (70 KB, 391x567) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70 KB, 391x567
In case as well...

>will i rekindle with the former lover in the future
Thanks for the reading, OP, and no, I'm not a druggie.
As do I.

>goose bump books
I quite literally owned all of these when I was younger - I loved them.
>choose your own adventure
I loved these ones too. Funny you should show one in a divination thread...

As for your love... I'm sorry Anon, I don't foresee it. I foresaw an older man in the subway, sitting on a bench by himself, his head in hands - as if crying. A dark, lonely place.

Of course, you have to ask yourself - are they worth the heart ache?

You are most welcome. I didn't figure as much - but that's why I asked. Best wishes.
File: 1393744093789.jpg (174 KB, 600x870) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
174 KB, 600x870
>does the girl i like at my church have any interest? will there ever be anything between us?
GOAT Goosebumps
First CYOE of the series as well, I believe

skeletons are a myth
>Will I ever be able to find a better job?
OP, it's Cristian again and this was my follow up post and I was wondering if you could give me a follow up if you were willing to?
>I foresee a jellyfish surrounding and engulfing it's prey
Consumption - energy gain
>A BMX racer, he power slides around a sharp turn - debris and dirt kick everywhere
Chaos, speed/excitement

I would take these as good signs - she would seem healthy and not-boring for you

>I foresee a pair of shoes - wooden clogs. Two severed heads are placed into each one. They are the heads of two elderly persons.

Hmm... I see pairs or similarity here. Like twins or mirror images. I don't foresee anything that is "different" - so a change in jobs may not be in your future. Also, severed heads is never a pleasant sign...

Of course, if you're still here - proceed.
File: images-4.jpg (2 KB, 259x194) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 KB, 259x194
>What is my inner potential as a spiritual person? Also, are there dark energies around me?
I hve connection with nature especially with death. I feel at peace when death feel imminent. I feel most awake during the witching hour.
> Hmm... I see pairs or similarity here. Like twins or mirror images. I don't foresee anything that is "different" - so a change in jobs may not be in your future. Also, severed heads is never a pleasant sign...
> never a pleasant sign...

Umm, Im not the person you scryed for with this, but what exactly does that mean? Sounds bad...
Still doing these, OP?
Oh. I think he left.
Hey now, be nice.

>I foresee a foggy field - a storm/weather vein is barely seeable. Large birds gather and flock to this field.

Dark energies? Perhaps. Fog does convey mystery and "darker" forces (light cannot penetrate as easily). I also foresaw a gathering of sorts - perhaps you do have a lot of spiritual power here

Ah, I see. What do these signs mean to you? I'll divine again after your answer.

It would seem like a negative sign, yes.

I am. Indeed.
Am I attractive?
File: call jesus.jpg (12 KB, 236x314) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
call jesus.jpg
12 KB, 236x314
>I'm starting my formal training to be a martial arts instructor soon, and I'm extremely nervous. How am I going to do?
I really need to find work, where would I succeed in finding a job?
File: CreepyBaby.jpg (62 KB, 500x660) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62 KB, 500x660
Forgot picture, sorry!
File: creepydolls8_0.jpg (23 KB, 640x430) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23 KB, 640x430
are matt and i going to work out?
Why do you feel the need to ask this question in every tarot thread you find?

It depends from person to person what is attractive to them. You can be a fucking disgusting looking faggot for some people, but attractive to some others.

Do you think asking a person online whether you're fuckable or not (who hasn't even seen your face), hoping they will tell youre hot?
What if the next day you get called fugly? Youre gonna come back here, searching for another divination thread, wishing to be told that you're indeed fuckable?

TL;DR Get off the internet and gain confidence.
Is that a spooky house?
>Am I attractive?
Hmm... A rather relative perspective. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" (or beer holder to some lel). I'm sure that you are Anon - I didn't even divine and I know that you are because you are apart of this universe. Care for a divination anyways?

>I foresee a tiger in the woods - his fur wet and his eyes alert. He sits tall

Yeah, you should do well. Remember all that you've trained and try to remember too - there is a starting place for everything. Teaching is also an ongoing learning. I wish you the best.
File: image.jpg (60 KB, 500x503) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60 KB, 500x503
Will I get into a relationship with him? Will something in the near future happen between us?
>I foresee a tiger in the woods - his fur wet and his eyes alert. He sits tall
That's actually pretty funny. Our head instructor always says I'm a Tiger trapped in a Snake's body... Snake being the animal related to water and all.

Thanks OP!
hey op how did you get into scrying
No worries. I received a sign of glass blowers and glass cups. Perhaps something in sales or pertaining to glass?

>I foresee a woman meditating on a stone floor - she has black garb or apparel on.

I should think so. Meditation is usually associated with good for the mind, body, and soul.


Nice get!
I'm seeing a lot of nature scenes here - peaceful ponds, meadows, humming birds fluttering towards flowers, etc.

I'd say there is harmony here and peace. Seems to be a good sign. Of course, you are both in charge of your OWN futures. I wish all the best.

Also nice get!
You are most welcome. I hope the spirits guide you.

This is a long story. I initially stumbled into Tarot cards and fortune telling years ago - not knowing that they were apart of a bigger picture: divination. Divination is definitely more spiritual and ritualistic. From here, I started studying and learning about the occult.

A couple of good reads I always recommend to beginners are: Frater Achad's "Crystal Gazing" and Benjamin Rowe's "A Short Course on Scrying"
hey can i have one? also do you give away your email?
tell me anything you can about me getting beck with my ex and how he feels about me, and if you can, how he'll feel about me in the near fututre.
no spooky pics but i have this which is kinda :s
>Hmm... I see pairs or similarity here. Like twins or mirror images. I don't foresee anything that is "different" - so a change in jobs may not be in your future. Also, severed heads is never a pleasant sign...

I will say, you are good. I'm not actually the person that is normally inhabiting this body. I am a construct being that he made from himself, so yes, we are mirrors of each other and recently had a 'coming together' of sorts. So the mirror/twins thing is spot on. The shoes would be an old pair of mine, the heads I would guess would be mine and his, nice that we seem to live to an old age, but seem to die violently, which isn't unexpected of us.
Sure thing, look at my original post to receive a divination. It's not a lofty sum, I promise.

>I foresee two traditional African shamans/healers - adorned with headdresses and amulets bound to them. They appear jovial

Hmm... Perhaps your relationship with this person needs some healing. You both need to open to one another. You may find more in common later. Idk, seems like a good sign

Are you a tulpa RPer or something?
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kawaii scarecrow.jpg
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I'm worried that i' not going to find love in the future. I'm also wondering what my spirit animal could be, since you said you could help with a divination. what should I do to find out if love is in my future and what my spirit animal is?
>long-legged bird
>pointy bill
Definitely a heron. I received multiple signs that this is your spiritual animal.

As for your future love:
>I foresee olive orchards - olive branches. Rows upon rows of trees with hoe-lines in-between.

I think love is a definitely possibility here. Olives have very positive connotations - peace, victory, immortality, etc. I foresee abundance here
I read that as heroin at first
Lel, no - not the drug. You are most welcome my friend. Do you feel like this is accurate of your nature?
yeah, actually. herons are my favorite bird, and they were also my grandfathers and my dad's favorite.
could you do another reading on how far into the future we will open to each other? hes quite persistent in not talking to me currently? also do he/will he eventually want to talk to me?
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how should I go about a guy to fall for me?
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