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Scary experiences
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General scary experiences thread. It can be supernatural or not.

Innawoods stories are always great.

>Be 17
>Walking down a dirt road with a friend at night
>Dark as shit, not really many stars out, no moon, either.
>Flipping a coin to decide when to turn
>Think we see things running through the woods, think it's a deer or our eyes playing tricks on us
>End up going straight all the way to a point where the road goes straight or left, straight isn't an option because nothing there and no short way back to friends house
>See something cross the road from the left to right off in the direction the road turns left, we decide to head back because it's spoopy
>Almost back to my friends house when I hear a heavy padded footstep behind me (sounded like a really large dog)
>Turn around and see what looks like the rake on all fours
>Yell and get my friend to look back and start running
>He thinks the fucker stood up on its hind legs
>Nope the fuck out of there as hard as we can
>Get back inside of his house, try to figure out what the fuck we just saw
>Come up with nothing and agree to tell ourselves it was a bear
>Find out a month later that it was a starving greyhound
where was the moon
I'm not so sure, it was either low in the sky (this was around 11pm-1am, by the way) or a new moon. It was pitch black outside at the time.
what did you do with the moon
stop being a fag
Could had also been a cloudy day. Was the thing following you black or greyish? Because I think if it was a bear you would had been able to see that it was a black mass.
I've got something, if there's anybody willing to listen.
It's probably going to be a long one, since I tend to ramble.
My experience:

I'm 20 now but 5 years ago my brothers and i had the scariest fucking thing happen to us.
We rode around our farm late at night on our qaudbikes to close the cattle gates and lock them for the night.
Our mum trusts us to do it at night but still it's a large property so going alone was never a good idea cause at night on our farm you can get lost very quickly.
We got to near our dam and suddenly the power to our quadbikes lights flicked and the engines died. We moved them close to each other so i could open up my hood and see what happened and try to fix it.

Suddenly Noah looked over my shoulder and went pale. Marcus as well just kept looking behind me with a scared look on his face.

Just to compare Marcus and Noah are the strongiest out of the triplets and what they were looking at were freaking them out.

I turned around and on the ground 20 metres or so was a creature eating part of a cow's body.

It looked up with green glowing eyes, then to my horror Noah threw a stone at it and the thing shrieked at us and rose high up on it's back legs.

We screamed then jumped back on our quadbikes and just fucking legged it.

I being a dumbass looked back but it wasn't running after us so we just drove faster.

We got home and locked every door then told our mum what happened.

What we saw was called a Rack.
why would you do that to the moon
>>15040473all right, /x/, I've wanted to tell to you guys for some time now but I never really got around to doing it. This is something that happened to me and my best freind a couple of years ago, you can believe it or not, I really don't give a flying fuck.
But, as cliched as this sounds, this shit still haunts me to this fucking day. I'm going to green text its a bit of a long one so I don't know if its going to fit in one post.
>be me
>15 years old
>it's the tail end of summer, right before school started back up
>I'll tell you a little bit about where I'm from first. >august in the maritimes has a certain kind of drier heat when compared to the damp muggyness of June and July, (at least until hurricane season starts up)
>I was hanging out with my best amigo in the whole world
>The AC was busted or something like that, and the house was getting so hot we couldn't even retreat to the cold sanctuary of her basement
so instead we decided to cool off outside (15 year old logic)
>now, we live in a small town in rural canada of all places, so there's not really that much to do outside except walk around town, get high, or walk around town while high
>unfortunately for me, my bestfreind was waiting to turn 18 before they smoked pot, leaving us to walk around my small town in a boring, sober state
because its such a small town we know all the streets, paths, train tracks and parks
>my... story, if that's what I'm going to call it.. Takes place in one of the Parks.
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images (1).jpg
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Yeah, this definitely didn't fit in one post..

>heres some history for you guys, if you live in canada, you've certainly heard of sobeys (no this isn't a sobeys conspiracy theory, even though I'm sure they illegally bought that limey Jaime Oliver, and are now making him they're little bitch or something)
>they first started up in my town in Nova scotia a long ass time ago so they've built a lot of parks and donate small amounts of money every year to keep them running
>one of the Parks we went to occasionally was the sobeys soccer complex, made up of two little baseball diamonds, an indoor rink on top of a hill, an abandoned little skate park, a woods trail, a smaller soccer field and a larger soccer field
>it sounds like a lot, but if you were to take a look at the place, all you would see is two old run down baseball diamonds, two big fields each with its own set of rusty goal posts, a concrete safety hazard sinking into a marshy area and some big building on a hill with it's own separate road and parking lot
>the baseball season was finished and the soccer hadn't begun yet, so other than a couple jogging on the trail and two or three middle schoolers at the death trap of a skate park, we had the entire place to ourselves
> we spent the afternoon distracting ourselves from the heat and just messing around, clinging to the chain link fence on the baseball diamonds, climbing the creaky bleachers and even running up the skate ramps, it was immature and juvenile fun, but fun none the less
> I remember the sun beginning to set, when we were lying on the front steps of what I think was a storage building of sorts for the netting on the goal posts and the paint that goes on the field,
Pic related, it's the back of the big building.
>tfw I lost my part-time job from them closing 50 stores
>nothing else in New Brunswick
Oh well, continue your Sobeys story.
It was a bit cloudy, but I think the moon was just out of view. The trees on either side of the road were tall.
Corporate assholes, they just sold all the empire movie stores to cinaplex, and now they're tearing down our drive in.
I lived that shit when I was little. I still did love last year, the last year it ran.
I forgot to mention, the dog was whiteish, kind of gray. That's why we couldn't figure it out.
Some back story. One of my best friends as a kid, and still friends today, had a house on an Indian burial ground. No fucking joke. They had occurrences all the time, and spending the night was always spooky. His dad went artifact hunting a lot and actually found one of the graves of a high ranking member, but I digress.
> be 12 years old
> spending summer day at friends house
( we'll call him cort)
> walking around his property and exploring the woods
> dense as fuck and really tropical
> walking trails for a couple of hours talking about bullshit and the Indian stuff
> hear a loud ass "thump"
> both stop
> hear it again
> cort looks downright spooked
> I'm pretty chill, think its construction
> cort says "let's go back"
> he starts running
> chase him; confused as fuck
> thumps getting louder and more frequent
> one thump was so loud i felt it in my chest
> thumps stop. complete silence. No birds, no bugs, silence
> I hear a scream that sounds like a young girl
> start running! see cort hiding In a natural trench
> we lay down for a few minutes
> hear a huge vibrating noise. Like a loud deep mosquito
> it gets closer! closer, and closer
> sounds almost over us
> the sound gets quieter and stop
> we run back to his house and act like it didn't happen
> that night loud thumping and buzzing outside! didn't sleep at all
I've got a lot more stories of the house/property. I've got one that happened last year, actually.
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I can't believe I remember all of this, it feels like it was last week.
>anyways, we were carrying on and generally goofing around, badly singing the song "don't stop believing" with funny voices, making references to movies we thought were funny at the time, and just generally talking about teenage shit like grades, ways to survive hypothetical zombie apocolypse scenarios, and cute boys/girls
> the sun was almost fully set, leaving that one brilliant stripe of orange accross the horizon,everyone else had already gone, but before we left we were going to do one last loop around the trail
> we were walking alnong and making the same chit chat as before, but this time we were discussing her childhood friend Kyle, who visited the previous week from BC
>she mentioned that they were at the parking lot up on the hill by the rink, walking ruby (her big black husky) and they thought they could see an animal
> at first I didn't really make that big a deal about it, like I said, its somewhat rural here, animals, even big black bears, show up in town all the time
> I told her that it was probably something like a cyote, or a stray dog, and she just went along with it and we continued on our trail
> before we left I did notice something, theres still usually sounds this time of the evening, a bird chirping here or there as they settle down for the night, or a particularly loud car on one one of the roads close to the park
> but it was just... quiet, like nothing, not even the hum of the crickets that were constantly chirping in the evenings.

Pic also related, it says valley wood, which is technically right, since if you keep going it'll take you up to the hights (where a bunch of rich assholes live), but it's the trail by the fields.
Sorry about the exclamation points. I'm on my phone and autocorrect is fucking stupid.
> so the sun had finally set, when we were halfway around the trail, that's where we were when we first started hearing the first noises since we walked on the trail
> these sounds were far away, I'm talking like so far away you could barely hear them, but continuously getting louder
> this was freaking us right out, I mean its dark outside
and were sourounded by trees on this trail and we hear these animal sounds, shit is scary
>so we fucking power walk back and end up near the big building, now empty,and this is right beside one of the fields and this is where we first started seeing shit, and by shit I mean this reflective white thing or face or, I don't even know but it was reflective and shiny like an animals eyes when you take a picture of it. And I'm ranting like crazy right now, but I want to describe this to you guys. It was oval and reflective and whatever it was attached to was low to the ground and from what I could see, staring right at us.
Feel free to tell any stories you have.
>tfw, no greentext
Sorry. New to /x/ and 4chan :c
>another thing about this, this thing, was that unless at least one of us was looking at it it would move away. Even if you only looked away for a second, or even just blinked, gone! Over a few ft. Or sometimes it looked like 20 ft.
>eventually after three or four minutes, we're getting scared and it disappears so at this point we just took off, back to the soccer fields where we chill out by the bleachers.
>so now we spend the next half an hour just joking around and laughing, saying it was probably just a plastic bag, calling each other pussies, and making accusations of the other being scared, even though we were both obviously a little shaken up.
>things go back to normal, and we're chilling on the bleachers, when Jane starts to notice a thin and low fog rolling in like pic related (how cliched right? ). Fog isn't uncommon in the evenings, we're right near the coastline and the hot air mixing with the nighttime cool air does shit.
>regardless this was some 2spooky shit.
This is something that happened three days ago

>Be riding in car with sister and her boyfriend on the highway
>Around 45 minute drive; bored as fuck
>Stare out the window
>We pass by a long railroad track
>Catch a glimpse of someone walking
>Couldn't see their face, only legs
>They were heading towards the long strip of grass by the tracks
>As our car inches up and comes to a stop at a red light, I was able to get better view of that person
>Except I didn't, because they were gone
>Nowhere to hide unless they sanic'd their way ahead the 60 mph speed limit
>Whatever, I must be seeing things
>We drive a few feet ahead
>Something else catches my eye
>I see a metal cross by the tracks, surrounded by flowers

Wasn't as much scary as it was interesting. Hope that person rests in peace, whether or not my eyes played tricks on me.
I'm not going to bother with greentext anymore.
We look back into the soccer field, and sure enough, amongst the mist is our freind from earlier,hunched up black mass, low to the ground, and shiny 'face' illuminated by, I don't fucking know. Back to the same routine, moving at the speed of I don't fucking know, but always looking, always staring right at us. I'm getting pissed off, and I think it might be some asshole kids fucking with us, or a peice of reflective garbage, and I'm feeling stupid for getting scared so I want to move closer and get a better look at it. I'm moving forward looking at it, and Jane is getting mad at me, telling me to stop fucking around because she's scared and I'm acting like an idiot, but I need to get a better look. I'm walking closer and closer. Now actually almost to the middle of the biggest soccer field, Jane behind me, warningly saying my name, and pleading me to stop and go back home, I blink and it's moved to the far edge of the field by the goal posts. I'm an impulsive little shit, so I start cupping my hands around my mouth and yelling at it. I turn around to look at Jane, and by the look on her face I know I really shouldn't have done that, because I turn back around and squint my eyes trying to see, but it never left this time. It just stood up. As tall, if not taller than the net (I'm talking like 8ft+ here). All the fucking noises from before that I mentioned before, the yips I confused for coyotes were back, and this fucking massive THING was just standing back there staring at us. I think I finally froze up, all the macho bravado wiped away by the overwhelming feeling of terror, because the next thing I know Jane must have grabbed me and ran, because the next thing I know I was running to the nearest houses, the fastest I've ever ran in my entire life. Like seriously, you will never ever again see a little fat girl run as fast as I did that night.
We got to the safety of the street, and went back to her place.
This was all two years ago, I'm still best friends with Jane, although we haven't been back there since that night.
But, I'm leaving to move to the city this year, and we were think were going to go back there, before September. It's almost then, and I'm terrified to go back. It never hurt us, and It kept its distance, but the fear I felt that night, went beyond terror. It was this horrible, gut feeling, and it was just so bad, I never want to ever feel that ever again.

This wasn't some stupid slender man or goat man role play bullshit, I don't fucking know what it was but all I can say is as much as I wish it were a weird mutual hallucination, it fucking happened.
I just really wanted to get this off my chest and tell someone, and if any of you actually did read this, thanks.
And wish me luck for two weeks from now when I go back, to that place.
This is one of the goal posts, not the one it was near, but the opposite one just for an idea of the hight.
Again thanks anons.
Hopefully you can figure out what it was without getting hurt. Best of luck, Anon.
>be 18
>friends and I on our way to go camping innawoods
>never been at this certain spot
>load up car and get going
>I decide to get some sleep on the way
>wake up and we're there
>set up tents ect.
>fast forward to nightfall
>decide to tell scary stories around the campfire
>one of my friends tells us about a local legend of some deer-skull creature
>it has a human male torso and arms, with a deer skull for a head and a snake tail below its waist
>dont remember the exact story, something about a girl named Lofti
>we decide to call it a night and sleep
>cant sleep for some reason
>get out of tent to pee
>see the fucking deer creature standing right where our fire was, its back to me
>piss myself
>I suddenly wake up, back in the car
>I dreamed the entire fucking thing
>setting up the tents, the scary stories, the creature
>it was all just a dream
>weirded the fuck out
>get to campsite
>it's the same site from my dream

I freaked out and asked my friend (the one who told the story) if he knew about the legend, and he didn't know what I was talking about. The rest of the trip went fine, nothing abnormal.
Thanks, maybe I can get some pictures or a video or something like that, I've never heard anything on here or other places online of things like it.
A big black hunched mass, with a reflective face.
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lol your a little fat girl :3
Not as fat, I started excersizing and eating better.
I was never obese or anything, but I'm definitely not skinny.
That'd be awesome, hopefully I catch the thread if you make one.
naa screw that noise id rather be fat seeing canadian spooker ghosts
I'll try to get the pictures man, even if I can't I'll at least photograph the locations where everything happened.

Maybe I can get a tv deal with a&e, like a man vs food and ghost hunters mash up.
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>Be 15
>at my grans house because my parents were having a fight over my dads excessive drinking
>grans house is far from the small mountain town i live in near the Pennsylvania-New York border it was an old dairy farm house until the family commited a mass suicide
>we get to her house at like 11-12 o'clock at night i say good night to my grandparents and head up to bed
>get up to take dump at the break of day hear a loud thump come from the closet of the bathroom its sound is sort of rhythmic like a drum or heart beat
>finish up and walk over to the door the thump getting louder as i etch closer i open the oor and the smell of rotting flesh hits me and a swarm of flies come rushing out
>i dont remember fainting but i woke up at 9:30 on the tile floor

that's one of the stories i had at the house i'll post more if there's an interest
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10/10 turned around the spoopy mood.
im sure your a beautiful young woman who just happens to browse /x/ :3 i bet you dont have cross eyed nips or anything
I want to hear more.
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download (9).jpg
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No more crossed then these peepers.
File: hot peepers.jpg (445 KB, 1266x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
hot peepers.jpg
445 KB, 1266x1600
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Awwwwwwe yeee .
Will laren is my spirit animal.
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>since the incident at my grans my life turned pretty shitty my dad in one of his drunken benders killed my mom and himself while i was at my freinds house because i had a fight with my mom about some bullshit i think it was school stuff the last thing i said to her was "i hate you" if any /x/philes wanted to know how shitty a kid i was at 15
>i moved to my grans for obvious reasons and i was boarding it up in the attic of the dairy farm
>around 3 months had past since i moved into the attic nothing weird had happened until i was woken up in the night to a loud thumping in the closet of the bathroom
>not falling for that shit again
>try to go back to sleep the thump go louder and louder to the point of sounding like cannons firing and then just stopped

not the most interesting story but is not the end them and get better
wow, that sucks.
*grabs you by the throat*
Back the fuck off, okay?
Oh we got a tough guy here eh?
*unsheathes katana*
Heres one that still scares my friend today. But then he is easily scared.

>Hanging out with friend, mid November, dark by 6:00pm
>We all split up to head home, ask best mate if he wants to stay at my house
>he agrees, we decide to stop at his house first to pick up games and a controller
>walking through park to get to his house
>trees surround park
>head for a piss against a tree
>hear a groaning not far from the tree
>Guy lying on all fours under a small piece of tarpaulin
>skins grey, looks like blue cheese, veins very visible
>looks like blood around him
>groaning and getting up slowly
>head over to my friend
>"You see that?"
>Friend nopes the fuck out and bolts
>I chase after him
>Catch up to him at his door
>hang around in his house for a few minutes
>get our stuff and leave
>Guys disappeared
>quickly walk up the road to my house

That was 6 years ago and we still talk about it.

Another one but this is more of a amazing coincidence

>garage next to my old primary school
>used to have a big guard dog
>between school and garage is a footpath and a small wooded area
>friend and I heading to my house one night
>poit to wooded area
>"They say a beast lives in there. Possibly a werewolf"
>Friend creeps out "Shut up Anon"
>"They say it feasts on men. It may be watching us right now. You can hear its howls echo through the night"
>Guard dog howls
>Friend nopes the fuck out and runs
>I chase after him laughing and scream "They're coming to get you Barbara!"
>Eventually catch up with him
>>not falling for that shit again
>a few years ago
>I am an alcoholic and usually drink one or two of those pint bottles of whiskey every night.
>broke up with this crazy chick a month prior to this night
>we did drugs together, like meth or cocaine and would just spend the night fucking like rabbits, that was really all we did together, I'd work all day and so did she, we'd come to my apt at night and do that.
>she started getting way too reliant on the drugs for my liking, and that's why I broke it off.
>one night after work I'm chugging one of those bottles
>I open the next one and start drinking it too
>feeling a good buzz
>about halfway finished with my nightly drink
>I start to feel very fucking weird, my vision is going strange in ways I've never gotten from alcohol
>notice a spider on the wall, smash it and keep drinking
>finish my drink, browsing 4chan and laughing at the stupid shit you see on here
>not sure how long I've been sitting here
>I'm feeling really fucking tired, way more tired then I should be.
>I'm not feeling alcohol effects... it's almost like...no I haven't done any drugs since...
>Where the fuck is that morse code coming from? Is that a baby crying?
>Why is there a shadow person standing by my fan? wtf
>I look up at my roof and there is a black scorpion the size of a football crawling across it.
>holy shit! I shine my flashlight at it for a better look but there is nothing there, I shine it all around the room and see nothing but visual snow
>wow this alcohol has gotten to me more then ever before, why do my limbs feel like they weigh 10000 pounds? I haven't felt this buzzed since my first alcohol binge, years ago
>who the fuck are all those people out in the apt hallway?
>I open the door and there is no one there
>next thing I know I'm lying in bed and it's already morning
>thinking back on the night before, what the fuck was that?
>go to work, feel shitty all day, continue life

continue in a minute, reaching character limit
the only thing I can think of is she broke into my apt while I was at work and dosed my stash with fucking dph or some other deliriant. The way my shit is all lined up in my cabinet she'd know which ones I was going to drink next. We had done datura and dph together a few times. When I called her days later and asked about it she sounded surprised to hear from me and could barely contain laughing.
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>be 8 year old me
>out in my grandad's back yard w/ little sister
>on the swings
>garage to the side of swings (relevant)
>while swinging look in garage window
>there's a woman inside
>she's dressed in Victorian era clothing
>bolt into house shouting to grandad
>he says that my father sees her too
>Dad sits down with me and tells his story
>He was playing mortal kombat (fuck yeah) with my aunt
>He had moved out before grandparents moved into this house
>Goes to get drink from fridge
>She's standing there smiling
>He bolts
my dad and I have seen her multiple times since then. she still scares the shit out of me.
>be 9 or 10 years old
>playing outside
>it's getting dark, but parents haven't called me in yet so fuck it
>I'm just running laps around the property
>get to the outer edges of the property, near the woods
>hear what sounds like an old man/zombie moan out in the trees
>NOPE the fuck back home, tell parents
>dad goes out there with his gun, doesn't find anything

I don't know if I was just hearing shit or there was really something out there, but It took awhile for me to be comfortable being outside at night after that.

"They're coming to get you Barbara" is a quote from Night of The Living Dead.

The main characters brother shouts it in the cemetery before hes attacked by a zombie
Bump for fuck's sake Jesus Christ
Bump. Post moar plz.
Bamping for stories
Is that Asap Rocky?
It makes me think of No-Face from Spirited Away.
One time i had a friend who was easily scared.
> Be 16
>Friday 13th
>Hanging at johns place
>An apartament on a very calm part of town. Only 3 families live there.
>his mother was out of town
>explains to john that me and cousins have a tradition to watch spooky movies on friday 13th
> john is ok with it and so we go out to get some movies
> John wants to watch some shitty zombie movie
> no john why john
> john explains he gets spooked too easily
> im ok with that but if i will have to watch some zombie shit then he will have to let me pick one i want
> pick "the orphanage"
> back into johns place, watched orphanage first
> movie finishes
> i joke saying we should play that game they play on the movie and see what happens
> john screams "are you kidding?"
> John starts the zombie one
> knocking noise starts
> i think john didnt hear it so ignore
> notice john getting nervous
> "dude stop, this isnt funny ok"
> i deny and say its the neighbor upstairs
> Neighbours upstairs are also out of town
> noise stops, 5 minutes later starts again
> knocking gets louder and louder then stops
> 30 minutes after, the door bell rings
> john its freaking out (it was something like 10pm)
> Tells john to chill and as the good friend i am i check the door
> No one there
> Ohshit.jpg
> tell john it was the guy from downstairs (he would freak out even more if i told him the thruth)
> "guy from downstairs?"
> couldnt come up with a good story so just tell him the thruth
> john says that it was a bad idea watching that movie, it invited bad spirits into his home and now he would be forever hunted etc
> Dont know what to say so just go back.to movie
> we finish the zombie movie and go play games
The knocking came back two or three times, tried to come up with some explanation to john otherwise he wouldnt let me sleep. All I know is that he never watched ghost movies ever again and nothing actually scary actually happened that night.
If you do get back there, thread
Alright ill try to do the best as I can with my English level.

Background story:
>Be me 16 around the 2 years ago
>Friend comes with something that stuff is happening inside hes house.
>random noises when hes alone and footsteps around the house.
>around a week after he told me and my friends about it I came to hes house just to chill.
>Being alone in the house sitting on the PC just watching random stuff.
>Hear something for the kitchen
>The sound was like an iron/metal object hitting something.
>Friend says the "I told you" thing
>Entering the kitchen
>See a knife next to a glass cap that was empty
>see that the windows were closed.
>after a while we hear some footsteps inside hes little brother room.
>go investigate.
>find nothing,
>I decide to leave earlier and think what happened.

There is more to it, around the medium size of a story, If anyone will be interested I'll continue.
I've read similar stories anon about flying crytids.
File: 1403763232385.jpg (85 KB, 600x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
85 KB, 600x450

>farm boys
Go ahead
>Talking on skype with a friend that knows more then me on this stuff.
>Says it sounds bullshit
>Cant blame him
>Talking again with my friend with House problems and ask him if there is a dream that he was dreaming a lot lately.
>Says yes and describes the dream to me.
What I recall from hes dream.
"I am appear in front of a Vila, I walk inside and I see there like an endless corridor and door that are closed, I keep walking and its getting hotter, After a while more walking I'm going down the stairs I enter another corridor but this one was different then the other one, It has cages that were closed, nothing inside of them, I keep walking until I see a man.
The man was wearing a suit a cowboy hat and he had a black dog, He said that I'm going to have trouble soon and then I wake up."

off story- Decided to add some juice to the story
Ill continue after I'v slept, Hope some people will find it interesting enough.
Well that's fucking unnerving.
File: 1406001526080.jpg (120 KB, 1200x801) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Just a suggestion to all the people asking if we want to hear your stories; stop asking and just post the fuckers. If it's spoopy then of course we want to fucking hear it. It's the whole point of the fucking thread. Jesus christ.

Please die.
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>be 6 yr old me
>be camping
>get in tent
>fall asleep
>literally a nightmare about satan, he looks like a bird
>tells me to kill myself or some other shit
>wake up, covered in piss
>it's around 2:15 am
>hear owl screeching
>a faint laughter under the piercing noise
>fall asleep again
>distorted white noise and red mist
>wake up, 7:00 am
I never get spoopy shit to happen to me, kind of makes me sad in a morbid sort of way, like I want to be legit scared for my life.
i know that feel, anon...
dejavu effect. It's so weird
lol, I thought you were just getting really into your story (and i kinda liked it)

Moar pls
your all a bunch of retarted niggers

Please please please make a thread when you go back, and please take pics or video! I've read a couple of stories vaguely similar to yours, but the reflective face is new. Quite interesting.
>be 17
>innawoods alone
>getting dark
>starting to get a little scary out there
>i get home
>i eat apple and potato chips
Why the fuck do you use le meme arrows when you write a continuous text and you're not quoting anyone either?
On July 6th I was at home in my apartment when I heard an explosion that seemed to come from outside.

Just figured it was kids tossing fireworks.

Turns out it was my neighbor and drinking buddy downstairs. They didn't find him until a week later. He was dying from liver failure any way and that crack was a Remington going off. :(

>He chose around the 4th on purpose due to people that would just think 'kids with fireworks'.

Why thank you haha :D
Does it help knowing i'm Australian as well?
Okay, I've been meaning to tell /x/ this for a while but I just haven't been bothered.
And yes I'm typing as I go so fuck you, be patient.

About a month ago my family, and their partners (mine included) went on a houseboat trip.
We live in South Australia so we thought a trip up the Murry river would be nice.
Not much happened for the first two nights, I found some nests/shelters in the bush, drank and had a good time.

The third day/night is when shit got real, we had crossed over into Victoria and into some "reservation" or what ever.
My Mum, 2 sisters, girlfriend and I were on the top deck of the boat talking about random shit and drinking.
After a while the others decided to head inside, I thought I may as well grab another beer while I was up there.

As I was about to head down stairs, I heard what sounded like a young girl scream from across the other side of the river. It spooked me, but I just thought it might have been a fox or something.

After a few minutes inside, my girlfriend decided it'd be a good idea to go for a walk, seeing as we were fairly secluded from society and it was nice and peaceful.
We ended up going about 1 km "inland", we stopped when we came across a foxes den. What I found weird was a perfectly good den had been abandoned by it's previous owners.

Never the less, we pressed on, we made it to a dried up creek. Which is when we smelt a disgusting stench of what I assumed was dead rabbit (besides there being a lack of rabbit diggings). It was putrid, but growing up on a farm, it was sort of familiar.

Anyway, I asked my GF if she smelt it to and she said she could, however within moments of saying that, the smell disappeared.
I got a little unnerved and decided we should head back, in case their were feral abos nearby or something.

As we started heading back to the river the smell returned, accompanied by the sound of (what sounded like) padded feet.
I made sure my GF was with me the whole time. (cont.)

I told her where to go (she doesn't have a very good sense of direction) and we ended up coming out a few hundred meters away from the house boat.

Also, we came across more of those "nests" however they looked like they had been torn apart by an angry kangaroo or emu.

We got back to the boat a little spooked, but nothing to serious.
Fast forward to that night, we were in bed and cuddling, it was about 3am~ ish when I started hearing what sounded like a really fucked up dog.
Almost like one that was dying, it was "barking" which was some sort of relief, until I heard another and another, they were all in different locations mind you.
And they were all getting closer.

I thought maybe dingos, maybe stray dogs.
Then I heard one that was real close to the boat, however it was coming from where my girlfriend and I came back from our walk. (where we broke out of the scrub).

Then the "barks" or calls or whatever changed to a more frantic sound. The other ones started getting closer.

They'd call out every few second, I assume to get a reading on where the others were.
I started getting 3spooked5me and so was my girlfriend.

A few minutes later the "barking" just stopped, but the last call was really close. Then something big and heavy climbed onto the house boat. I felt the side "lower" into the water, if you know what I mean.

Then slow and soft footsteps circled the outside decking of the boat, and something climbed the stairs and walked on the top deck.
By this time I had messaged my parents, who were in the next room, but fucked if I was making any noise.

At around 5-5:30 all the noises had gone, and whatever was on the boat had left.

But it didn't end there, the next day we started heading back down the river to the place where we started. We ended up stopping to do some fishing and stayed the night where we first stayed.

That evening however there was... "howling" coming from up river, where we had recently been. (only a tiny bit left.)
please continue.
My brother in-laws decided to howl back (they were drunk) and whatever sort of dog it was responded.

Again, when we were in bed at around 12 am, I heard a commotion in the hallway and got up to see. My sister and dad had gotten up and were searching the boat cause my sister had heard footsteps around her room (outside part) but my parents thought it was just her imagination.

>tl;dr 2spooky4me creatures living in the Australian bush
> 10yr old me
> school camp, near a graveyard.
> in the same room with big brother and a classmate of his.
> 11 o'clock we decide it's scary stuff time.
> trying to summon ghosts.
> 5-6 unsuccessful attempts.
> we decide to get next to the windows for better reception.
> on the 2 or third attempt, my brother's classmate flew trough the room and crashed on the wall.
> panic+screams
> teachers run inside to see what's happening.
> the guy was in a state of shock and couldn't breathe.
> teachers carried him outside the camp building, and he recovered.
> we got scolded for doing stupid stuff.
> Achievement unlocked: Summoned a ghost by the age of 10! Suck it wannabe mages!
> But i was really freaked out at that time...
Any idea who she could be?
One day me and a group of friends decided to skip school and just dick around, so we decided to go to this park nearby, there was some people just walking around nothing really out of the ordinary, so we decided to head to this trail that led deeper in the woods. Nothing really strange happened in the opening, I started to freak my friends out saying that I saw someone in the woods, of course niggas got spooked and I was just laughing my ass off. 10 minutes in and the fucking trail seemed to tighter or smaller and everyone noticed that, shit got weird when we got to this clearing and there was this stone pillar right in the middle of it, 10 feet to the left there was this run down house, no door, massive hole in the wall and a part of the ceilling was missing. We stopped there for a while and I swear, everyone felt this thump on the ground, best way to describe it was if someone fell from the sky and just made noise. we all got freaked out and went deeper on the trail which was a bad call. I'll share the rest if anyone's interested.
Yeah, I'm interested.
same here, continue anon.
>Be 12
>Living with Father
>Some dick comes to live with us because I guess his fahter saved my father's life
>The dick and I get in a fight.
>We've always had a bizarre mask hanging on the wall
>I make his nose bleed and his blood gets on the mask and it falls off the wall
>Tentical-like spears come out of the mask
>Both us do not say a word to father
>I start studying the mask
>Find nothing about it except that its use to belong to my passed away mother
>12 years later
>be 24
>Dickhead had been poising my father
>Find out
>Call the police
>The police come
>Dickhead has the mask
>"Anon, can I tell you something?"
>"Time to go beyond Human Capabilites!"
>Dickhead charges towards me with a knife and father gets in the way
>Father's blood gets on mask
>Shiney light comes from mask
>Police shoo dickhead
Shall I continue?

So as we walked deeper into the trail, there was some kind of altar, it had a couple animal skulls next to it and a weird slimy goo in a pot on the middle of the altar. Needless to say, everyone got really fucking scared but we decided to see if there was a end to the trail. I started getting this feeling I'm being watched and there's something behind me, really crazy shit you know and my friends were getting jumpy as well, getting scared by any kind of noise. We've made to the end after 30 minutes or so and that weird sensation was gone after a while. Everything strange that we came across seemed unrelated but still was really fucking scary.
jojo's bizarre adventures?
I shared this story on a thread not long ago, but I figure I'll share again. All sorts of freaky shit happens out here.

>Few months ago, had just moved in with my boyfriend out in the middle of bumfuck nowhere on a small farm area.
>Be around 11:00PM-ish, just got home from work, first time alone in the house.
>Enjoying the down time, chilling in the chair large enough to fit an African country in it.
>Watching some late-night television when a loud WHAM hits against the outside wall right next to the window I was sitting at.
>Shit got serious as the sound of a chicken screaming chorused with the loud thumping against the wall.
>Called boyfriend to tell him to come home and protect my pansy ass.
>He tells me to calm down and that he'll be home in half an hour (time it takes to get from his place to the city where we work).
>Sound of screaming chicken eventually stops as does the thumping, outside.
>Boyfriend arrives home and we look outside by the window.
>HUGE blood smear against the wall, along with small bits of chicken.
>"Don't worry, stuff like this happens all the time. Coyotes, brah."

Nothing particularly paranormal, but I have got a few shitty stories like this.
>legged it
>drove faster
Were you kind of dozing off when this happened, and if so, did you think you heard a male person talking before the loud bang?
I know where you live, or at least the rough area.
Where ?
File: finncallme.gif (646 KB, 250x132) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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New Glasgow, somewhere. I used to go there frequently when I was dating my ex, I'm down in Yarmouth.
File: speedbump.jpg (121 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>walking down the street at night
>get jumped by some idiots
>one of them throws their fucking hat at my arm
Not at all, I was just winding down from work. And, no, I never heard anybody talking. There are no other houses in around a kilometer in any given direction.
Stellerton, One of the smaller towns beside new Glasgow.
Same thing happened to someone I know But with the talking. Maybe there's just a weird person running around NS, tossing chickens around.
That's also NOT coyote behaviour.
>nothing particularly paranormal

nigger, coyotes don't slam chickens against walls for a half hour
Shit son, it's a small world. I've had some killer parties between there, Windsor and Sheet Harbour.

I'm not saying it was a coyote, that's just the excuse my boyfriend gave me. I'm not really sure what it was, but I'm not going to jump and say some paranormal creature is running loose. Also, it's very unlikely that it was a person due to the location. I live half an hour into the woods away from civilization and down a private road that leads only here. It used to be a campsite before his family turned it into a full sized home.
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Like I said earlier, the only form of entertainment here is by getting drunk or high, of course we'd end up throwing killer parties, practise makes perfect man.
You know, there's a lot of spoopy shit in NS despite it being such a tiny province.
We Australian always get the fucked up creatures, Long Weekend (the movie and a damn good one) still nope's the fuck out of me.
Don't worry, it's like that straight across the province.
And, yeah. I've got quite a few stories from this neck of the woods.
At first I thought this was an AC2 pasta
Drifter most likely. Gotta hide to catch a train.
Don't make these fucking shit.
File: 1395845855724.jpg (174 KB, 363x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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oh ya
I was at home then I heard something call my name and I went outside and there was a package at my front door. I took it inside and it had no markings. I opened it and it was a vhs tape. When I put it in my NES and played it, I heard a scream. I looked out into my backyard an there were hooded people outside. I ran to my room, and on the way I saw something written in blood on my bathroom mirror. I locked my door and my mom started calling my name. But she was dead and I cried. There was banging on the door and I saw a shadow monster creep put from under the door. Then it turned into a skinny humanoid monster with no clothes and a giant cock. Hands started reaching outof the floor and the grabbed me and there was a picture over my head and it drove me insane. But the scarest part of this story is that... this is you from next today
Lets call the friend with the house problem Danny and the friend that knows more then me Alex.
>After telling Alex on skype what he was dreaming he asked me to record the "hot zone"
>Came to Danny's house and start recording in the living room with the iPhone.
>We closed all windows and went to hes room.
>After 10 minutes we are coming back to listen to the tape.
>In the tape we can hear voices talking in some language that we don't recognize, after a while we can hear the chairs moving, after a while we heard some animal voice.
>Sounded like a dog growling or something around it.
>freak out, leave the house inform Alex about it and send him the record.
>Fast forward 2 weeks.
>Danny phones me in the morning telling me he dreamed something different.
"I was dreaming the same dream but this time it was different, After I'v gone down the stairs I see those cages, this time their are opened.
I keep walking until I meet up with the same man.
He told me that I need to sign what was arranged, The black dog that was next to him had red eyes, He showed me a paper that had letters that I don't recognize, the paper was dirty and looked like it was burned a bit.
Behind of the paper there was a painting of a feather on a river that came to the end."

Ill continue writing my experience later today.
and WHO was the moon

legged it means we got out of a situation fast.
11/10 pissed myself
Fuck I kek'd
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File: 1407644766101.gif (932 KB, 400x265) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Are you... GAY?!
John sounds like a goddamn pussy. What an annoying friend.
File: uneducatedswine.gif (1 MB, 290x189) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Bimpity Bumpity Boo
Sounds like DPH
Posted this like a year or two ago.
>be camping with dad and cousin at lake morena (soCal)
>spoopy stuff happened to him all the time there
>orbs in pics, lady in white, ect.
> campy fun all day fishing and shit
>cousin and I share tent dads tent is a couple feet away.
>at the normal camp ground but not a lot of people around
>have iPod shuffle (it was 05 I had the crap one with the button looked like a flash drive) on can't sleep in quiet I'm from the city nigga
>cousin passed out dad snoring away. starting to drift off
>suddenly so cold
>scoot closer to cousin
>ipod dies
>what is this shit your battery was just full
>so fucking cold it was April or may and chilly but it suddenly got freezing. couldn't stop shaking
>footsteps "maybe one of the other campers is going to pee"
>footsteps aren't on concrete path..maybe try are lost?
>footsteps circle tent closely stop near myhead
>temp drops another 10 degrees
>hear whispers
>hear cousin breathing and dad snoring
>shrink down in sleeping bag like a bitch (cousin and I had zipped ours together for warmth)
>Breathing coming from space between me and cousin
>God why is she asleep this cunt is going to sleep right through my murder
>too scared to move and wake her up
>feel bed move like something just laid between us
>breathing continues
>pray to frog God to let me live
>stay frozen still all night listening to the breathing.
>morning come ipod turns on suddenly scares the fucking shit out of me (was on piss before it turned off)
>Leave that day ipod lasts the hour or two home and still isn't dead that night so it wasn't a battery issue

Shit ton more stories. On my phone so it'll take me a min
*Was on loud fucking auto correct
The silence you mentioned is interesting. Some guy named David Paulides wrote some books called Missing 411, which details strange disappearances in American national parks. In it, many people who have, say, recall crazy evenrs like being watched by spectral strangers in the woods, or who disappeared for days inexplicably, reported that the woods fell completely silent before anything paranormal happened. It's a pattern the book points out

Maybe it's worth looking into. He does a lot of podcasts and shit on youtube
>Be around 12 or 13
>wake up at around 3:30am for some reason
>look at foot of bed and see a tall dark shadowed figure petting my cat
>umm…kay. couldn't exactly see any details because it was too dark but it was shaped like a person
>figure its my dad checking in on me or my brother woke up and passed by to pet the cat or whatever
>too early for this shit so back to sleep i go
>wake up, get ready for school, ask if anyone was in my room last night
>no one was
>nope nope NOPE
>cat never really slept in my bed at night again until now which is like 10 years after the fact
>be 7-8 years old
>playing outside at night
>i see something in the dark,i must get close to see it
>it suddenly calls my name
>i get closer to see what's that
>see some imp-like creature with a big smile and a devil looking tail
>tells me to come closer
>run in fear to my parents and tell them to come
>get back at that place,it was gone
>mfw i think about what happened

another one :

>be 14
>hanging out with some friends around an abandoned dentist office
>we talk about why did they bankrupt
>someone commited suicide in the office
>suddenly i and 3 of my friends feel some cold-trembling feeling in the same time
>run away and never hang out there.

weird shit

>be 18
>hang around with my friend
>decide to walk
>on our way there we see someone from very far away pretty tall,looks beheaded, wearing something shredded
>cant properly see
>close enough to see it has no head
>run away in tears like little fags
>looks back
>look back again
>it's gone
Later that weeked we found out that someone was murdered there.


>be 11
>hang out with my friend around a forest
>we hear someone telling us : sacrifice
>ask ourselves if we both heard that
>run away and decide to never go there anymore.
was that a ghost?

>idk how old i was
>lay in bed
>i can see the hall
>i see something floating,it wore a white dress and pale-grey skin
>stands up
>looks again
Not that I know of, no.
Is dis nigga serious?
>be 16
>house in the middle of nowhere
>be house sitting
>hear some rustling outside, behind the house
>being 16 and stupid, I decided to check it out
>go to the back of the house
>a motherfucking lower half of human with black pants and pale feet running from a bush to a tree and it straight up running on the bark vertically like a ninja
>shit my pants, want to run but my leg wont move, trembling in fear
>then a black and white cat jumped down from the tree
>being a catfag, I could suddenly move and stupidly trying to pet him
>it didnt ran and purring, so I took him in already forgot what I just saw (I always wanted a cat)
>mfw he is now already 4 years with me now
>mfw I probably just took in a demon in cat form
>mfw nothing scary ever happened anymore after that
>mfw he sometimes disappeared for a night and come back in the morning
>mfw he jumped down from the same tree after I called him for dinner
File: Me.jpg (5 KB, 160x160) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Im somewhere around 6-8
>My mother had just dropped me off at my diabetic grandfather's for the rest of the weekend
>Due to the house being new, I start exploring
>I go upstairs to find two rooms.
>My grandfather's bedroom, and a locked door
>I decide to peek under the door
>Two gorilla feet just standing there
>Beautiful pink love room behind the feet
>I poke the feet with my little fingers
>I hear a scream, but the feet don't move
>I run back downstairs to my grandfather
>He tells me a monster owns that room
>He doesn't seem to affected by the scream
>I stay up the following night to peek under the door again
>The gorilla now lays on the bed, but I can only see it's feet hanging from the bed
>I cry myself to sleep worried
Thanks, I'll look into this.
>yfw your grandfather is keeping a chimp as a pet
It was granny that didn't shaved since the great war
Nothing really starnge here but spooped

>go take a walk with le gf innawood near house
>Not a big forest but interesting become some caves and relief
>follow a trail
> we approached a part of the trail where there is 2 big trees on each side
> looks like a gate
>when in front of the "gate"
>a very warm wind blow to us (it was on november)
>we look at the ground
>there is a rabbit head with blood around
>go back to house

The fun fact is i lived in this town for about 20 years and the wood is named "the wood of Hell"
*because not become
A fox probably killed the rabbit and just left the head there bro
What the fuck is a rack?
>Live in apartment when much younger
>my dad, mom, brother, and me all sleep in same room
>wake up one night, see my brother(same age 3-6 years old) fucking around and leaves the bedroom
>follow him out, its not my brother, but a red hooded figure
>Its holds its scaly hands out to me, cant see face
>dad comes out "the fuck you doin"
>figure disappears, said I followed my brother out
> "your brothers still sleeping"
Im not bullshitting, probaly just a dream but I remember telling other family members and they all called bullshit. Didnt scare me at all though at the time.
>Be innawoods, WI (cant remember specificly where we were, i have a concussion from an accident so things are blendy)
>There with gf and our friends (5 of us total)
> Taylor is the only one tenting alone, James and Ashley were the other couple
> We all are set up, fucked around all day, made pudgy pies, drank time for sleep
> gf and i cant sleep, we decided doing it innawoods is a good idea
> it was quiet, like dead ass silent, i remember because we were trying to be sneaky
> head maybe 30 feet from camp so we dont get lost but not to wake others
> making out half naked against a tree undoing her pants when i her a twig snap
> Taylor perving on us, always has and jokes about trying to threesome with us, i never gave a fuck because he's harmless
> "Taylor you rat bastard i hear you"
> "Leave"
> voice was quiet wasnt entirely sure if it was him or maybe one of the others trying to spook us
> "What the fuck ever, and i thought we were faggots. Your not scaring us."
> growling, a unnaturally deep growling like rocks grinding together
> that isnt a people noise
> gf and i run back to camp, i tell her to sit in the tent and grab my knife, i wake everyone else up (They all were in their tents still)
> tell them what happened, they think im joking
> i tell them i am piss fucking serious, damn near yelling
> they tell me to chill, probably some conservative douche or hillbilly with a dog trying to spook us gays outta their woods
> gf comes out of tent, says she could hear twig snapping again
> we all grab our lights and walk perimeter yelling about a perv with a dog not being scarey and that we're armed
> hear a big booming laugh, like it was on a speaker
> lolnope.pdf
> we all go back to our tents, one person keeping watch at all times with james's 9mm
> have weird nightmare, cant remember anything besides waking up to my gf saying i was screaming, i had bruises on my legs and arm
> never gone camping again, never brought it up
God damn rednecks.
Seriously though, the bruises part is kind of ducked, are you sure you might not have gotten them by doing camping things.
u saw this?
>not familiar with Back the fuck off!?!!???!?!?!?!?!?
Don't use that image, you might trigger
Sorry, I just posted a thread of my own about this, but I really want to know if anyone knows what this might have been

>in car with mom (she's driving) at 5am
>about 10 minutes away from home finally, passing through the main street of a little town on the way, roads are empty, every store is closed
>pass a parking lot set off from the road a bit with blinking ambulances and helicopter parked there. Must have been a big accident nearby, hope everyone's ok
>keep going down the road, see where the accident actually is. Bunch of cop cars and stuff, but can't see whatever cars were/are there. Road is blocked off so we turn around the way we came to take another way home
>about 500 feet down the road from where it's cordoned off see a guy on the sidewalk dressed in all black with his hood up. I'm surprised to see anyone there on this street at all this time of night
>lel so spoopy
>what the fuck
>my eyes travel to where this guy's face should be and it's just a flat black space
>as we get closer, I'm still trying to figure out if he really has no face (and shitting brix). It's just completely blank - no reflection from our headlights or the streetlights, not the whites of his eyes. Nothing.
>feel like he's staring at me as we're passing him. Like seriously, I'm just getting an "off" feeling that's stopping me from writing this off as just a trick of the light or something. Just get the feeling that THIS IS NOT A PERSON
>we drive by, can see him turn around to look at our car
>we're a bit further away now but I still don't see any of his features, just the motion of his head turning
>feeling really uneasy the whole way home
>Be 14
>At downhill mountain biking comp (Scotland) with his cave and havoc across from the back with this really outgoing or open the car
>He doesnt say anything about music 24/7, etc. school is PISSED and close door, start asking around town but I hear someone screaming gibberish angrily
>we all know each morning
>Obviously she never noticed and tells us if someone screaming incoherently at me
>Dude sees me how to stay in it was, having good couple of the guy always wore slutty clothes
>had her a beat up and my way
>kicks hobo down
>He doesnt speak to investigate and turn 360 degrees and then
>when i dont wanna miss anything and this again and a van
>stepfather goes by, and scroll through this we hear muttering during the 15 to make it felt good
>Suddenly think about 50 gallon drums out with us not to put the sides of nurses running into a little
>she didnt know
>I tell her the wood's warped
>well what she was just hug her some shopping center
>Notice blood trail head to some makeup on, probably because i get off back home
>"hey Jake it'll be showing up being asleep, movin around the rearview, see shit, neither did we, place is naturally locked but I guess so?"
>"well I throw rocks at him
>he opens about 5am, the next to a new fridge delivered, our old woman
Are you having a stroke?
> not knowing that pasta
Summer please
Randomly generated greentext, using dozens of stories from /x/ and /b/ as reference. I find them entertaining.
File: 1405119412801.png (418 KB, 448x486) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Two gorilla feet just standing there
>Beautiful pink love room behind the feet
>I poke the feet with my little fingers

I think your grandpa was fucking a chimp.
That's actually kind of brilliant..
Is it a script? It's beautiful man
Please continue.
It was me, Jojo!
> have a genetic disorder that causes me to grow thick body hair
> renting a room from a kindly old diabetic man.
> don't leave my room very often because I'm scared of being jusged.
> one day standing in front of my door mirror miring my gains.
> all of a sudden a finger comes in through the door and pokes my feet.
> let out a scream, too scared to move.
> rest of the night feel like some one is watching me, hear crying.
DPH is a pretty /x/ drug

Holy shit that scared me

what is wrong with that poor deer
positive< they were on my shins and inner arms, and back, it doesnt match up to anything we had been doing and i dont bruise easy usually. I cant rule it out, but inner arms looked similar to when my ex had grabbed me and pushed me into a wall.
It's so brilliant.
Okay, so this is a scary experience that happened recently. It was the middle of the night and I got up to go to the bathroom. Because it was really dark, I reached out my hand to feel my way through the room...and SOMETHING GRABBED MY HAND. I know that it wasn't a family member, because I could still hear them snoring. After a few minutes it let go, but aftetwards my hand still felt warm. I don't think it was just a one off but I hope to god it is because while it had hold of my hand I felt really dizzy, like I was going to faint. Whatever it is, I don't want it gurting my family. What should I do???
Call ghost busters.
Different Anon, what even happened while making this pasta it's like the other anon hes having a stroke holy shit.
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I'm an idiot, didn't see that post below that i should have read.
Ha. Ha. That's really similar actually.
>Post your stories, he says
Post story that is only spoopy to the person telling it
>Okay maybe not that one.
What was datura like?
Not a great story, but its the best i've got
>Be me
>working at a summer camp in San Bernardino Mtns
>me and a couple friends decide to walk down the back part of the camp at midnight, part of the highway that nobody uses past 10pm
>walking and laughing at all the stupid campers from the past week
>moon is out, so we can see pretty well, but its not great past about 50 feet
>continue walking, reach last campsite and end of camp
>fuck it, lets keep walking
>walk about 1/2 mile past our camp
>we see a figure come out of the trees
>takes 4 steps to cross a 2 lane highway
we all nope'd the fuck out and bolted back to the camp. the 4 of us never told anyone for fear of getting fired.
File: 1364116505527.jpg (17 KB, 155x202) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Bit of backstory; where I lived when I was 10 there is this road that went up around a mountain, was a dirt road and heavily damaged from water, it'd be impossible to drive on.

>decide to go see what was on the road with brothers, even though parents told us not to, but who cares I wanted to explore
>road had thick bush lands on one side, pretty steep cliff on the other
>walk along the road, climbing around the giant potholes, nothing really that interesting
>brother spots a small ladder on the cliff side, go check it out
>sort of rusted, still useable though, tied to a tree with thick wire
>leads down to a small cave sort of thing
>look around, not much there, but one thing we notice was strange
>see a snake skin, don't think much of it until we look at it, fucker had 2 heads
>decide we should probably not stay there, snake could be nearby
>climb back up ladder, standing around talking, deciding where to go next
>hear a squeal from the trees on the other side, couldn't see shit through it, was too dense
>hear branches snapping and more squealing, freak the fuck out, all run back down the road

Probably just some wild pig, but those things get pretty big here, so didn't want to stay anyway. But I was 10 so that scared the shit out of me.
I have a short one.. I literally have no idea if it's paranormal or not - but certainly gave me the creeps

>Be 17
>Getting dropped off by boyfriend, he's pulling out of the drive way
>I get inside, I realize there's two people home, my dad and my brother
>Only my mom isn't home
>Make dinner in the kitchen while the two other people are upstairs, completely away from the front door
>In mid-making of my food, the front door opens, opened halfway
>I figured it was my mom or something so I said "Hi!", no response... She must be getting the dog out of the back seat
>I go upstairs to my room, I can clearly see the driveway / road from my room's window
>About five minutes after the door opened, I finally see my mother drive into the driveway

>Who was door
The toppest of keks!
>anon and cousin zip bags together for warmth
>anon and cousin together for warmth
>anon and cousin together

Aaaawe yeah.

captcha: yawn bound
>mfw standard cat behavior
>probaly a dream

Whoa whoa whoa. What are you doing on /x/ waving that common sense around? Huh? Who do you think you are? WHERE DID YOU LEARN THIS?

Most intelligently written green text on /x/. 10/10
Gurt burting.
>cute boys/girls
>cute boys
2 months ago
>be visiting parents in southern Oregon
>house innawoods on 4 acres
>neighbors close but can't see them
>out late at night on property with dad
>live in city to crazy to see all the stars
>have 870 because cougar/bear country
>talk about people seeing Sasquatch in area
>decide to "tree knock" for the lulz
>dad hits tree with branch
>echoes super loud
>five seconds of silence
>hear a knock back from across the road
>shit pants
>rack 870
>all dogs within a mile start going apeshit
>not talking about cute boys
What's a man who's a little girl on the inside got to hide?
Nigga you have a problem with cute girls and cute boys?
Holy shit anon, sorry to hear
The beer you grabbed...was it a Fosters?
Lol you said "pulling out"
File: hlkjlj.jpg (66 KB, 379x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66 KB, 379x750
>be me, around six months ago.
>have to ask boss a question about a day she scheduled me to work when i asked off on it plenty of time in advance (finals).
>see her in hallway but she's making a beeline for the shitter.
>she reaches it before i can get to her, even after i call her name.
>enter door to the right to get to the breakroom.
>see the EXACT same woman, my boss, standing at the coke machine w/ a drink.
>stare for a second.
>"can i help you, anon?"

sounds like a doppelganger to me. it wasn't really 4spooky8me, but i didn't go near that damn bathroom for the rest of the day.
>pick one
Wait... Are you serious? Are you seriously that dumb? Seriously? You're not seriously that dumb. Are you?

check ur privelege csi scum
Lived in Europe. We did this many times at many places. This one is still spooky when I think about it.

>friend and I tell our parents we're spending the night at a friends house
>take bus to town 30 minutes away where some school friends live
>planning to pull an all nighter and explore some shit thats been intriguing us for a month
>going to wander all night
>there's an old factory that the police are always parked in front of
>if you ever get close to it they get out of their cars and tell you to leave
>we go there first
>there are no police at 1 in the morning
>front door is barricaded but there's a decommissioned freight elevator shaft of the side where the elevator had been removed
>we climb down one factory in the basement with our flashlights in our mouths
>the basement has approximately 6 inches of water covering the floor
>it's pitch black and I personally had a feeling there was someone watching
>we move our lights around and the place is a fucking mess
>we go upstairs and everything is generally the kind of creepy you'd expect
>paint peeling floor warped dust everywhere
>exploring rooms same shit
Then we get to this one room
>completely out of place
>well kept with a table and chair nothing else
>clean tile floors
>we close the door behind is and look around
>keeping whispering that this is so fucking weird
>a few minutes later we go to leave
>on the door is a calendar
>nondescript and the only thing in the room aside from the table for six
>every day has been mark until that very day with one day circled a few days out
>cannot process this at all
>friend asks why the police are guarding it and we get spooked hard
>room was in the center of the factory so we hurry to the stairs, through the basement and climb out fast
>as we exit something splashes hard in the basement
>most likely from us moving around but creepy
>go to gfs house
>don't share story
>give her kisses :3

Sorry if my English sucks. It felt pretty evil

csi scum think they're so awesome like they can just say zoom in and see license plate reflected in some dude's retina from miles away.

What assholes.
>Marcus and Noah are the strongiest out of the triplets
Basically, you are a pussy
Holy shit dude. You say your family committing mass suicide so casually. Respect.
name fagging?
you dipshit.
File: dennis.gif (987 KB, 229x176) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
987 KB, 229x176
it actually is
now that picture IS paranormal
I was 16 at the time. The year was 1888, New Year's Eve. I was out with three friends, we were excited for the change of csentury and basically we decided to lose virginity together.

Went to a nearby perk to find a drunk almost passed out girl (sorta illegal but we didn't know back then), and started trying to get her in the mood with our pathetic "you're so beautiful you could make the stars fall down" shit.

So anyway one of my friends ended up fucking her first, then I was next and the other two after and as the last one was finished cuming inside her she said something like "we enjoyed that".

We throught she meant us and her but then we saw that there was a pulsating tumor where her face should have been, gnawing at the flesh with gnarled bones sticking out. Something dark was dripping out. We paniced and ran off, horrified. We later heard that a woman had been raped and beaten to death that night in that park only a couple hours before that... Was unsettling to say the least.
Shit I meant 1999, was a typo.
>be highschool
>me and two buds hang at my place for the night
>we spend the whole night in my room
>house as always been spooky
>around 3 AM when it's pitch dark, I start to feel something
>two buds on the floor of my room start to move around
>I wake them up
>tell them I feel something evil in the room
>one bud sits up and says he thinks there is a man in the room but we can't see him
>it feels like something is just staring at us
>we freak the fuck out
>whole night it feels like we're being watched
>next morning we wake up to some home cooked breakfast courtesy of mom
>"did you boys have fun downstairs last night?"
>"what're you talking about, ma? We were up in my room the entire night."
>"but anon I saw someone sitting downstairs next to the fireplace with glasses, I figured it was one of you."
>holy fucking shit

There have always been entities floating around my house. A psychic once told me that spirits connect themselves to me. I dunno if I believe it but I've seen some shit.
>Was in a dark room in my house
>It smells musty in here, has a strange foulness in the air
>I hear an explosion
>The sound of debris hitting water
>I look down to make sure I'm not bleeding
>But when I look down, I see that I'm out of toilet paper
>How will I wipe my diarrhea ass

What county are you in?
>am 23 now
>summer after sixth grade great grandmother died
>whole family held a celebration of her life at our camp, which she and her husband built
>anyway, up there with all my aunts and uncles, parents (obv) and grandparents, uncles are doing repairs on cabin and drinking, aunts are gabbing and drinking
>my brother, my cousins and I, who are all either my age or 3 years younger, decide to go fart around in the woods nearby
>its a lightly civilized area, many other camps nearby
>walk up the street to a dirt path that goes through the woods and eventually comes out on the main road
>halfway up the path we come to a small glade/clearing
>its full of ceramic plates, all over the ground, boxes full of them, we start smashing the plates against trees and shit
>my cousin, who is three months older than me, spots a big old Victorian style house just off in the distance
>been going up here my whole life, never saw this house before, never saw it again and it was located near camp my grandmother owned, then sold not to long before this
>we go over and check it out, the place is vacant, boarded up, the windows are covered and theres junk all over the backyard
>we start to check out all the junk
>there is a huge old antic car in the middle of the yard
>one of my younger cousins looks underneath it and finds a huge blue tarp with what he describes as a horrible, foul stench coming from it and man sized lumps at the center
>right as he sees this, his older brother, who first noticed the house, yells and points to a previously covered window right on the first floor at the back of the house, probably ten feet from us
>we all look and see bright yellow eyes staring at us
>collectively lose our shit, full out sprint all the way back to our cabin

All the adults must have thought we were playing a game or something, no one said anything about us being gone and we never told any of them about it, we only talk about it with each other every now and then.
One of the smaller towns in Pictou county.
Why anon?
Just wondering, I see a lot of anons from here on /x/. spooky place I suppose
Dude you're from here ?
Which town?
waaaay outside antigonowhere

Are you located near Stellarton? I'm in HRM but have been searching for something exciting paranormal related.
uhh...sounds like you did a bunch of meth, stayed up forever, had some hallucinations and passed the fuck out. this isn't a ghost story, its a drug bender/drunk story. come on dude.

"i did a bunch of drugs, drank some whiskey, saw some weird shit and then woke up somewhere really confused!"

am I the only one here? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.
Oh cool, I have an uncle who lives out that way.

Yup, that's where It happened. You can go out there one night if you want, but I don't know what you're going to see.
Hell, I don't even know what I saw, but I certainly know I wouldn't want to see it again.
And if it wasn't for my need to validate what I saw, I wouldn't even step foot remotely near that place after dark ever again.
Fellow Scotian here b'y..... Cape Breton lol
There's like 5 of us here.

Reporting in.

how come you niggas never post in the go do spoopy things thread

haligonian here

I hardly ever check them out cause I never see 902ers on other boards haha. Haligonian here too.
Fuck, why is there so many Nova Scotians on /x/?

welcome to the ghostship capital of north america, i mean peggy's cove.

welcome to the scene of the halifax explosion also known as the biggest explosion ever prior to nukes.

welcome to the NE seaboard, aka thinny central

welome to where the french and indians made friends to make terrible pacts with beings from beyond time to defeat the english ... and failed.

welcome to where the cajuins get at least half of their spoopy from

welcome to home of the drowned god, im sure we would gladly drown a few babies to make sure the 20-30 people that die arround from the sea stayed alive.

welcome to miskatonic's sister universities

we spoopy here, (also poor and retarded as fuck which helps).

It has that paranormal feel without ever really delivering, to be honest. I remember growing up walking around town it always felt like ANYTHING creepy as fuck could happen, but then never really did.
You have a really good points anons.

Also what's that stuff about a drowned God with dead babies you mentioned.
There really peaking my interest here.
>also poor and retarded as fuck which helps
my sides
is it just me or does fucking everyone believe in firespooks here? I hear lots of stories about them

please elaborate I can think of a few things that might qualify as firespoops
firespook of caledonia mills, plus loads of shit sets on fire in my town without any explanation. old barns in the middle of spring, houses, etc.
there was an incident on my street in the 70s where small spots in everyones house would catch on fire and go out mysteriously, happened to over half the people on the street. I can't find the news article now though
Oh, yeah.
I remember that one, everyone I know who knows believes that one.

Im not too far from caledonia where i grew up

I chalked most of it up to insurance fraud or family feuds, my other great uncle was a bs and apparently believed in a hearth or forge spirit of some kind.

then again his son believed the ruskies was out to get him, so it may have just been mild scheizo

that said my one greatuncle says he knew someone who ran 2+ miles with their brains blown out (a mother was trying to save her daughter from being murdered and raped). I actually heard him tell the tale per say , my father was about 4 at the time and he remembers bits of it.

to the person who says ns has great atmosphere but doesn't deliver, I suggest you go and look up some of these spoopy's. Nothing will deliver if your always to bed by midnight and praying to the lawrd and wailing and catering and so on.

Lordy Lordy

says he saw her a year later too, walking the same trail she ran before.
Every time I turn off the light at night it's a scary experience for me.
oh man that's spooky. love meeting people from different towns to exchange stories lel.

I have a lot of generic stories about aliums, mothmen, forerunners (my favourite)ghost ships, satanists and just regular ol crazies. when I was around amherst everyone talked about ghost soldiers and shit wandering around
And yet Saskatchewan is fucking huge and I've never had a paranormal experience

Trust me I've actively looked, but besides explosion related sloops I haven't found much. I've never lived rurally, only in the city.
Nova scotia is the land of outdated pepsi signs in the woods and old drunkards
I can verify this.

only in the city

>>There's your problem

there's a few explosion spooks and jilted lovers and so on in the cities, but the graveyards and battlesites and along the coast are the main source of ghosts here, people have been living here 400 years and its not been in the city for the most part.

you invade
Well... this happened to me 3 nights ago...

>Go outside at 10 to have a cigarette and a bowl
>Walking to my barn to grab my stuff
>Hear cracking in the woods
>Catch a glimpse of a what looks to be a man
>He's staring at me
>Hear a cough as he turns around into the woods
>Creeped out as I walk into the barn
>Shut the door and turn on lights
>Pack bowl while smoking a cigarette
>Immediately after sparking the bowl hear a loud single knock on the back of the garage
>Think nothing of it
>Two knocks
>Trying to ignore fear as I light my bowl
>Three knocks
>Am I that high?
>Power through the rest of the bowl
>grab flashlight and walk outside
>Shine light at the back of the barn
>Scrawny,middle aged man in white t-shirt and jeans staring back at me
>Run the fuck outta there
>open door to my house
>Hear low-evil like laugh
>Turn around
>Nobody's there
>walk inside
>Hear a knock on the door
>Two knocks
>Three Knocks
someone is going to die soon
I was 16 and went to Boy Scout camp. One day, after robotics, it started raining like crazy. An adult leader came to pick us up because the class was far from our campsite. While we were driving away, I turn around and see a guy come out from behind a giant rock, running toward our truck. After 30 something seconds of him running behind our truck, he stops and then runs off to the side into the woods.

>I am an alcoholic and usually drink one or two of those pint bottles of whiskey every night.

>she started getting way too reliant on the drugs for my liking, and that's why I broke it off.
Another 902'er reporting in for the first time this thread. CB here; I have a long-ass drive to and from work, waiting to see something fuckin weird after my night shifts. All I have seen so far are qt pi foxes. Fucking heard some in my yard one night a bit back though, fuck that shit, that ain't so qt.
that's a nice picture, sauce?
Worst I've ever had is the night terrors, hallucinations, and nightmares that haunted me throughout my life. Could think of a few scary situations, although those generally involve a sense of dread and inability to move due to sleep paralysis, but I do have a funny one.

>Have a nightmare
>Wake up, go out of my room to the work out room right next to my room
>It is an entire gym, with rows of ellipticals
>See my brown haired sister (I have one sister and she is blonde but since I was still in a dream I didn't see any problems with this)
>Shit starts getting creepy, long ass staircases, getting lost in my house, rooms that don't exist
>Wake up with some sleep paralysis
>See a small dark figure (size of a mid sized dog) about 20 feet from my bed
>Never moves, only stares at me, whenever I blink it appears a little closer
>Wake up after it appears on my chest
>Wake up in another nightmare
This shit went on like six fucking levels deep, and included everything from floods, to some sort of end of the world scenario with all the buildings broken down and abandoned, to a nuclear explosion, to some sort of japanese horror movie esque scenario involving a haunted tool shed (the ring involved a well, mine involved a tool shed). By the end of it I was lucid dreaming since I was clearly in a dream and not giving a fuck because I just wanted to wake up.

When I finally woke up for (what I sure hope is) real I continued assuming that reality for half the day, just thinking "any minute now I will run into geometry that makes no sense or a person who I know for a fact doesn't exist." Seriously, fuck recursive dreams
File: DIOOOOOOOOO.png (302 KB, 428x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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ignore what I named this gif

I don't think you understand the idea of the filename thing
.kek and .wtf were alright
>14 years old
>in bed, comfy and cozy.
>suddenly, hear the word "sinister" clearly in my ear, in my mother's voice
>nearly pissed out of surprise
>creeped out until I fall asleep again
my cat even does this
That's genuinely terrifying
I remember seeing that story posted.

>Little girl saw some guy dressed like a railroad worker following her one day.
>Doesn't think anything of it, her follows her a while and then she makes a face at him and runs away
>Fast forward to a day or two later
>Railroad guy shows up at her house with a shotgun
>Blasts the mom in the face and the chest, guy grabs daughter and runs in the back.
>Mom runs 2 miles to get help
>soon as she's got to the next house and told them what happend she dies instantly. Just drops dead
>They got there too late. Guy raped little girl, then killed her and himself.
sometimes abandoned buildings are used for horror joie sets, but that description doesn't see quite right for a horror movie...
File: MMMNO.gif (2 MB, 302x339) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 302x339
....she was beaten to near death before you found her.

YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS were the ones who raped her.
This is gonna sound like bullshit but

>see scary shadow person
>it butt rapes me

I got butt raped by a shadow person. That was a shorter story than I thought it would be.
Here is one I've told before a few times and it is completely true

>brother says he is tormented by spirits
>i doubt him but whatever
>says the spirits are drawing him to the top of this mountain and wants me to go with him
>its night and the mountain has a giant pentagram on it (pic related)
>i go with him. paranormal shit begins to happen
>ghosts and shit chasing us. big black blob chasing us. someone screaming bloody murder in the woods, sounds inhuman like a witch or something
>run back to car, car won't start, it always starts wtf
>try to call my mom, no signal wtf

Now here is the punch line...

>we get back home, my mom says she tried to call us and my voice said "hello" and she asked "where are you?" and I said "I can't hear you", so she repeated, and the voice said "I can't hear you", she repeated one last time, and the voice said "Goodbye"

We never got that call...But her call logs show it went to the correct number, but our call logs were empty
>blasts mom in face and chest
>Mom runs 2 miles
An old mental hospital from the 1920s is on that mountain in the woods. Only the foundation of it remains, but some speculate it is a possible source of the activity.

There is also an underground tomb of some rich guy up there, an OPEN tomb, vandalized, ruined, I've been in it, nobody takes care of it though, it's just some forgotten place. Leaves everywhere.
>no face
why do people do this
I used to work in private security for various companies. It was long and usually pretty dull but I made some pretty good cash at the time. However, I still remember some freaky shit that happened to me one night when I was supposed to be guarding this company that specialized in biological research for medicinal purposes.

>Leave house at 23:45 to drive to building I'm supposed to monitor
>Been working this job for about 3 months
>Usually just sit in building security office and read magazines
>Arrive at building in uniform
>I relieve the guard on watch before mine, name of Howard
>Don't know him very well, seems like a decent guy.
>Make a bit of small talk while we change shifts.
>Something seems a little odd, but I can't quite place it.
>Howard leaves and I take up my watch
>Guarding an empty hallway for eight hours every night
>Decide to see if anybody left any food in the break room
>Smell fucking disgusting stench
>Decide I can't just let it go, and search room for source
>Check everywhere, finally look in cupboard under sink
>mfw I find a fucking body under the sink
>Looks like the motherfucker was skinned
>I'm just a fucking security guard, this is way above my pay grade
>Call the fucking police
>When they get there, I'm detained for suspicion of doing this
>Body is eventually identified
>It's fucking Howard.
>Cops already heard my testimony about having fucking talked to the man earlier
>Many searches are conducted
>Later learn Howard has apparently gone missing, as have his wife and two kids.

I left my job at the corporation ASAP. Whether it was the result of some fucked up experiment from inside the building escaping or just a coincidence, I don't want to know. I try not to think about whatever the fuck it was I talked to in the hallway when I was switching shifts, but I feel terrified whenever I think of how close I came to getting killed without even knowing it.
quality story, that was some creepy shit
File: nope.png (154 KB, 400x298) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
154 KB, 400x298
HEY WAIT *stands up* we ain't finished yet! *grins* I wasn't even trying that time. *laughs sarcastically*
LETS SEE HOW YOU LIKE THIS! *leaps into air* HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW? *does flip and cuts your katana's in half with mine*
so you think you're tough huh? *grins* WHAT ABOUT NOW!? *jumps and spin kicks you in the face* hahahahahha and I
thought you were a strong opponent, no matter that just makes this easier. *kicks you in chest and breaks your ribs* I think
it's time I ended this *spins fedora to side* YOUR TIME IS OOOOOOVVVVVVVVVEEERRRRRRR!!!!!! *punches you through heart and
twists* Heh. Didn't even break a sweat. Now lets see how much further I got. *pulls out zune* 5330324837 miles? *grins and
twists fedora back* And I thought this was gonna be hard *sprints off into sunset*
File: stan.jpg (5 KB, 225x224) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5 KB, 225x224
Alright, I'll bite.

>Not innawoods, but after work at around two in the morning.
>At the time my parents were the only folks with a car at my residence. Had to wake them up in the wee hours of the morning to get home. Sometimes it wasn't easy.
>Go to a phone at work. Try the numbers.
>"This number is not available."
>Ask to borrow a coworkers phone. Dial Mom's number, get same deal. Yes, I made sure it was the right number.
>Dial again.
>Heavy breathing on the other line.
>"Can you see me." voice I don't recognize.
>Shitting my pants rn. Out in the parking lot, whirling around to see if I see anything, anywhere. Can't see shit.
>"I have a piece of your hair."
>Hang the fuck up, run inside, hysterical.
>Call Mom's number from the office phone, Mother picks up n comes to get me.
>Also call police. They don't find anything and the call is traced back t o her phone??

Freaked me the hell out. I thought about quitting over it.
I'll post a bunch from my childhood.

>be about 7 or 8
>live on a medium sized ranch with expansive woods that go on for miles
>Dad is a bipolar asshole but he's nice for once and we go exploring in the woods
>Bro comes with
>I wander off and they don't seem to notice, they were looking at the burnt out car, dad telling my bro about it and shit
>wander off to a thick patch of bushes and stuff and find a ditch
>see two dead teenage girls, one in a white dress and one with her pants pulled down
>eyes removed from both, mouths stitched up
>run to my dad crying my eyes out, but don't tell them what I saw
>3AM, wake up from some nightmare about whatever the fuck
>lying there, decide to get up and look out the window at the corral
>see a lady in white standing there, gown is mucky, dirty and blowing in the wind
>stare at her, look away. 3:13AM, look back
>shes looking right at me.
>get scared, look at clock,
>look at her again and she closed about 300ft in about 2 seconds, shes really close and I can see her eyes are just black with a wide mouth, and black shit running out of it
>scream and hide in the bathroom
>fall asleep and am woken by my mother
>tell her I had a nightmare

I could fill an entire thread with shit relating to this, but on a side-note, I recently went back to that ranch, and it;s entirely abandoned, just looking up the steep, ruined hill up made me severely ill and scared.

Will post some more stories
I can tell you're lying
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>All the way through my child years I had nightmares and saw the then what I called "white woman" in my nightmares everynight
>Literally told no one, will get back to that later.

After some years my father lost his cushy job out there and we moved to a suburb, I thought that'd end the nightmares but it just gave birth to a whole new world of fucked up. I'll tell it as it happened.

>be 13
>finally moved to a real town near a real city
>fuck yeah, time to make some friends!
>first kid I meet is a slow kid with two retarded brothers down the street, they were fucking cool though
>be playing some video games at my place while mom and dad worked late, brother was out
>1AM but homeschooled so no fucks
>go to grab a drink, while downstairs, power goes out (was storming pretty hard)
>I'm deathly afraid of the dark since that night, start remembering everything but grab my pepsi and run back up to friend
>walking in the hall, hear friend talking, figure he's on his phone
>go into the room real quietly, but as soon as I get close he snaps his head to me
>ask who he was talking to
>"a girl in white, she's really nice."
>heart sinks and have to fight back tears
>begin shaking, friend asks me what's wrong
>i'm... I'm just tired, i'm going to bed
>don't sleep that night

I'll skip to the interesting parts, the rest is just similar tidbits of him seeing her.

>be 15 now, friend moved away, feeling really down
>it's late and everyone is working late again, bro is out with his friends, all alone again.
>it's pitch black except for my nightlight in the hallway
>suddenly, an odor I never smelled since that afternoon, It's hard to describe, it's like if you leave a chicken or steak out in the sun too long, rotting flesh I guess.
>get scared, see something white gleaming next to my light out of sight
>please no, please god no, I don't want to die
>a scrawny, boney hand reaches over my door

>two retarded brothers
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I'm not, I wish I was honestly.


>suddenly SLAM, my Father's home and beyond pissed off, hits the liquor immediately
>arm immediately slides away, smell goes with it
>father cussing up a storm about the place smelling like shit, blahblah, kid's wrecking the place
>finally fall asleep and wake up the next day
>I feel very uneasy for the next few months, I swear I developed depression around this point aside from an abusive parent.
>fast forward a few more days, just getting into drinking, fucked up on my father's vodka, feeling good
>out of nowhere, just suddenly get extremely depressed\pissed off and punch a hole in the wall
>no idea why I did that, but dad's pissed and start screaming at me
>get into a dragged out argument and go to bed
>dad comes up stairs to administer my belting
>have my tv on, but shit reception so static over infomercials
>infomercial goes out and I hear a petite voice come from the speakers
>"12" is all I can hear, don't pay mind to it since about to be beaten

>fast forward to 18, full blown alcoholic and shit's about to kick up
>it's janurary and late at night my mother comes to me
>"Anon, an officer is here to see you."
>crap what did I do now?
>walk in the room nervous as shit and ask the officer what he wants
>"Are you Anon?"
>Yeah, why?
>"we found your father deceased in his apartment two nights ago."
(my mother divorced him and he lived a long way away."
>officer gives me the number to the coroner who's been working late
>ask him approx time of death
>12th of December
>Cause of death was cardiac arrest in his sleep
>fast forward, take off work for bereavement to go and clean his shit up
>talking to the coroner and I mention I'm interested in the line of work, he mentions all the things that go bump in the night
>"I see you know what I mean with your little friend there."
>"Ahh, nevermind me."
>sign papers, pay for dad's nice new urn, go back home.

Demon hunter
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Mostly in the sense they were hilarious to be around.


>hit a rough spot with bills, and on leave from work for an injury, so everyone is pulling overtime, so that means absolute loneliness for 14 hours a day
>get a bit tipsy, listening to music, feeling a level of depression I never felt before
>contemplating offing myself, think of dad and all the ways I didn't beat his ass before he died
>sort of drifting off, music stops, all the lights are off
>*tap tap*
>at the window, look over
>lo-behold, a face not even a plastic surgeon could create
>wrinkly, pale face, black eyes and that familiar mouth
>tactically shit pants and grab my gun and run into the rest room
>forgot liquor, being half inebriated and smart, I go out to get my bottle
>open the door slowly, all clear
>grab my shit, realize this is just my mind playing tricks on me
>wet, slap sound from the kitchen
>investigate, nothing
>walking back to my room and glance in the living room
>yep, she's there
>sprint to my bedroom, slam the door and lock it
>shaking so bad I can't even hold my alcohol anymore
>I black out and wake up the next morning soaked in piss
>I clean up and do something I have never done; went to church and spoke to a priest about this crap, ended up breaking down in the church in tears
>Priest tells me it sounds like a poltergeist, asks me some things, like if things move on their own, things get misplaced, if I'd been involved with any rituals, etc
>tell him everything
>while everyone is at work, he comes and blesses the house on my request
>days go by, and things are okay
>then that smell.

I can go on all night about this shit but it'd get repetitive fast, if anyone has any idea how I can be rid of this thing, some tips would be cool.
They're the only metal band I listen to anymore, and just had the cover art laying around and figured fuck it.
This reminds me of something, not paranormal at all but scares me to think how long it could have went on without us knowing.
>live in town with mother+siblings, parents are divorced
>someone lends their car to my mother for the winter
>she's only used to driving an automatic
>stalls the car a LOT, while pulling out of the driveway, going up hills, we joke about it a ton
>one day she gets a text from some random number
>>I think it's cute when you stall your car :)
>she freaks out on them via text, never replied
>never hear about it again
spooped me
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Shit man, how about just talking to the poor ghost girl. Maybe you two could become buddies. She seems to like you, but you're all tsun tsun. No wonder she acts all creepy, you keep pushing her away.
that first story you told is seriously messed up. what gets me is the fact he was lying under tarpaulin. did someone cover him with it??
Be honest with us.
Were you the one screaming gibberish?
That's just as fucky as seeing real spoops to me. Just the psychological bricks I would've shat.
i was so fucking confused, thought piss was weird slang for "so loud it makes you piss" or something
this is the funniest thing i have ever seen happen on /x/, holy shit.
dude im not tryna be cliche but that seriously sounds like some shapeshifter shit. at least thats what i like to imagine because ghost is too corny
CB here too,, you up for something spoopy sometime?
I live not far from there, do you guys live in the spooky dooky parts? I stayed with some people way out in the woods once, everyone was so drunk and no one had a job, I shouldn't be alive
some spooky where i live, not in the woods lol
Dang, well it would be cool to explore some of the spooky abandoned places there
No clue, we could have a goddamned convention with the amount if us. Sheeeeiiittt.
What if he was just wearing a black mask? Simply to spoop passing cars out?
My younger brother (who is rather short) sits at the end of the driveway or road at very night with a hyper realistic old man mask and waves at the odd car, usually they back up/slow down or speed the fuck out of there
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