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Creepy road trip stories.
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Road trips, backwoods, generel creepyness.
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>People are actually scared of going outdoors.
>Be me 18, two years ago, going out to the Catalyst in Santa Cruz to see Buckethead play. Great show, we are leaving going on the back roads back from Santa Cruz on the 156 I believe, we are past Watsonville and there is no one around for miles and miles, no houses nothing in either direction. Then we take this turn and we see this shirtless emaciated guy walking on the side of the road, white as paper man, scares me and my friend so much we don't say anything and just let the radio play for another few miles before we mention seeing him.
When angry, I tend to go on a drive to cool off

>angry about family issues
>gf tags along out of fear of my safety
>take random exit on a highway based on the length of song
>notice it's no longer urban environment but steady incline into the woods
>my anger subsides and my confusion takes hold
>driving deeper into the woods, houses are appearing further and further apart
>tell gf to pull up the gps to take us home, there's no signal
>it begins
>we start hearing circular saws
>it's been like ten minutes since we saw a crossroads
>the saws are getting louder as if someone was revving them in the backseat
>intensely heavy fog, driving fast wanting to leave, but slow down like a bitch at any curve
>start seeing two dots in the rearview mirror
>going like 80 mph this whole time, no one should be this close
>horns blaring, it's a truck
>look at my gf, she's in tears
>the truck is getting closer and closer blinding my vision
>taking every turn fast
>truck is not letting up
>see lights off in the distance, it's a crossroad
>the gps finally finds a signal and it tells us to get right
>tell gf to not look
>decelerate slightly and swerve left and then make a sharp right
>truck goes left and we go right
>steepest descent
>slamming the brakes we're just speeding down
>we see lights at the bottom
>finally manage to control the speed as we enter this small town
>christmas decorations everywhere
>all the stores glowing with christmas lights
>no cars on the streets
>it's 3 am in September
>every street corner with a lit christmas tree

The gps guided us all the way home. I've stopped rage driving since
Ever tried exploring the area. Did you talk to your gf about it ever?
>liking buckethead
>not knowing how to greentext
Beautiful country out there. But full of tweakers.
This happened to me a couple of years ago.

>be me, about 18 or 19
>one of very few things to do in my town is just drive around
>friend tells me he visited Monkey Mountain
>Monkey Mountain is a notorious little trailer park where the cops or ambulance won't even go in because the people there are so batshit.
>Tons of families living there on various properties, rumors of incest for years.
>Only one way in and out, so we'd have to do a u-turn to leave.
>"LETS GO!!"
>Shitty weather, we're going at night, raining on and off
>We get there and it's pretty quiet. No one is out because of the weather, which I'm mildly thankful for.
>We pass the fourth or fifth trailer, see someone open the door and just watch us go
>This trailer is connected to a huge junkyard that looks like something out of the Texas chainsaw massacre remake
>See a few other people watch us go by
>Remember my grandpa telling me that they call each other up when they see a car they don't recognize
>Oh lawd are we gonna die?
>Not really panicked at this point
>We reach the end of the park without incident and go on a back rids to turn around
>end up at an abandoned and dilapidated cemetery that has tons of booze bottles and trash and even a mattress near the entrance. Like they party there.
>We turn around and as we get back on the main road we notice a bunch of glass that wasn't there before spread all across the road.
>We just look at each other like "what the fuck??"
>Don't even hesitate, just floor it. Luckily, the car's tires are fine.
>Get the hell outta there
>A car ends up following us out and rides our ass for a long while until we reach the main town

It was pretty strange...
I've tried trying to find it since, mainly through google maps as I was literally taking random exits and don't really remember any specific way of how I got there. I live in North NJ, I believe I ended up getting round Midwest Jersey/South PA area.

Have we talked about it? Sure, but mainly in joking terms. We took a trip out to Wyoming last year( I started lurking on /k/ after the incident and wanted to try enjoy the woods instead of being creeped out by it). But yeah, the minute it started getting remotely sunset-y, she wanted nothing to do with the woods and had us get a hotel. So I feel that I wasn't as scarred by that event as she was.

But that saw noise was eerie as fuck.

I kept thinking of trailer park boys as I read this
bump for moar
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>be me
>3:00am inna woods on spook trip
>me and friends trying to get spooked
>head out waaay into the backwoods
>pass gated house ,see horses inside
>all of them unusually skinny and deformed
>wtf?? We shine a light on them only to realize it was just as we confirmed
>unusually deformed extremely skinny wierd sounding horses
>was enough to spook me
>chased by a truck
>into a town where people have their christmas lights up in september

Sounds like you've encountered the legendary Super Rednecks
Was this over by califon? Cause I've had similar shit happen to me when I was driving back from my dads girlfriends house who lives out in jersey.
Thread is kill?
They prefer to be called Tennesseans.
>be driving long journey
>sign to merge left appears, construction in right lane of interstate hwt
>we merge
>some douche in a black car drives up all fast and forces his way in right before the cones close off the right lane
>very foggy day btw
>so we're behind him and he speeds up ahead
>disappears into the fog
>we talk shit about him being a crazy driver etc
>cones are still blocking right lane
>we see the car that was in front of us before the black car squeezed in
>but where is black car?
Anybody have the screencap of a guy that ran away from home when he was young, slept on an industrial area and thought some hobo pissed over him but it was lighter fluid?
20 years old man, but I've been lurking for 2 years, just never post, calm down.

And if you haven't seen that fucker play live, you can't say shit
Yeah it is beautiful, have family in Hollister and I love the area, just creepy sometimes.
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Yay I'm finally useful...
shiit thanks man

I've spent a few nights out in the Santa Cruz mountains before.

That place can be both beautiful and eerie as all hell.

Once I was driving on one of those dirt roads, getting back to the highway from where me and some friends were hiking. We didn't get back to the car until after sundown. As we take a turn we see what appears to be a Human figure standing by the side of the road, pointing at us. It was wearing a white t-shirt, a grey baseball cap, and blue jeans. Me and my 2 friends damn near shit ourselves. One friend wanted to turn back and find an alternate road. One friend simply wanted to speed past it. I took my second friend's advice, because those roads are really narrow and turning around takes a bit of time. When we got closer we realized some asshole had gone and built themselves a mannequin out of twigs and branches and propped it up to look like someone was pointing in the direction of the road.

Another time we were exploring where a road went, but as we went further in the road become more and more narrow and eventually we started seeing signs that said "Stay Out" and "Dangerous!" We kept going in anyways and we found a bunch of abandoned tools and a few abandoned sheds at the end of the road.

There's also a lot of vagrants that pass through Santa Cruz on their way to wherever it is that vagrants go. Sometimes they end up in the woods and backroads. I wouldn't want to run into them if I was out there alone. I've also heard the locals say there are mountain lions, but I don't know about that.
I've never seen mountain lions, but it is weird, Santa Cruz has weird people, it only makes sense that their weird people are even more strange relative to what normal people would describe as weird
Thread is good. OP not a faggot.
This happened almost 2 years ago exactly. My friend was taking flight lessons out of martinsburg west virginia that summer and liked to fly out over the mountains. One day while flying towards the mountains he saw a little half built house in the middle of a field on a backroads. After he gets home he calls me and asks if I wanna go investigate it with him that night. Being an adventurer i agree. We finally get to the road at about 10:30pm. The road is paved, but his car nearly takes up both lanes since the road is so narrow and winding. We both notice a road sign with an inverted cross spray painted on it. Think its just local kids fucking around so we continue. No houses at all on this road which seems strange. Only hay fields, corn fields, and woods. Finally arrive at field where the house is. Pull off the road about 6 feet into the field where nothing is going except weeds. Being 90 degrees out that day, we had the ac on and windows up. My friend shuts the car off and and we step out. Both of us immediately smell something dead. While getting out of the car i nearly step on a chicken carcass without a head. We both think its strange but decide to look for the half built house my friend says he thinks they stopped building since it was overgrown with weeds. As we walked farther into the field we noticed more and more dead carcasses; deer, more chicken, rabbits, etc..., most of which were already decomposing, but some looked very fresh. The carcasses were all torn apart. limbs were scattered everywhere and the whole place smelled like death. We were getting concerened at this point but found a party site near the back of the field so we pressed on. There were a few lawn chairs, a beer pong table which had been knocked over, empty beer cans and beer cases, but also a few half full beer cases and blankets and sleeping bags which looked like had been left behind in a hurry. We took the beer and were joking around and had almost forgot about the carcasses when cont'd
Cont'd: we realized that the party looked like it had been abandoned in a hell of a hurry. Why didnt anyone take the beer, sleeping bags or chairs with them? We got kinda spooked when we thought somethin had to scare these guys pretty good to just haul ass out of a party and let everything behind, so we decided to leave. We both thought we heard something moving slowly in the woods behind the field. After we were on the way home, we both admiited we felt like we were being watched. The next day we were talkin about it again and we got braver and decided to go back with a baseball bat and a gun in the evening before it got dark. We got to the field again and were shocked to see a nails and broken glass all over the only place we could park, which hadnt been there the night before and a wooden post had been set up that said no trespassing and smeared with blood with a fresh decapitated chicken laying in front of the sign
>liking buckethead

More like oldfag.

>driving like an asshole because he spends too much time being assmad and browsing /x/
>city asshole sees trees and shits himself in fear

Fuck you, mang.

I lived in South Jersey for years, now I'm a bit further north, just into the Wharton/Blackhorse territory. Wharton is awful. Not really /x/, but:

>trying to meet someone off the internet in a specific place in wharton
>I'd never been there, dunno exactly where it is at, have handwritten directions
>unfamiliar with wharton, just moved here, dunno how big it really is (it's like half the damn state)
>get to general area, small rural "town" around
>drive innawoods in my shitmobile
>dirt road, narrow, state forest
>no road markings at all, not sure if right road
>drive 30 minutes or so, figure something is wrong
>get out a few times, check stuff out, none of it is what I was looking for
>trying to call person, he isn't answering, I'm like an hour late at this point
>turn around and leave, can't find the shit
>get home, ask a buddy who knows wharton well
>told what I was looking for was on the other end of the forest, I would have been driving another hour since it was dirt road
>he would have taken the actual road around the forest, then gone in the other side
>car legitimately could have crapped out or run out of gas in the middle of this place

Never again.
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I am scandinavian guy and i live in the woods, (40 km to nearest shop) but nothing strange ever happens to me.

The most spooky situation probably was when an eagle-owl tried to remove my eyesight when i was cycling to home.

That fucker penetrated it's claws to my back and it hurt like hell. Luckily i had my knife with me so i tried to stab it whenever it was doing the aerial assault. When i got out of it's nesting zone it took off. It was fucking horrifying.
Oh fuck yourself reply field. I had a nice sketchy green text about the time I chased the bug up my ass and took a backroad to Vegas and some motherfuckers chased me to their little enclave of whatever and you fucked me! FUCKED ME!
Fuck jersey man. The back woods fucks there scare the shit out of me.
Bumping for moar

Where do you live? Sweden? Did immigrants also invade the woods or only urban sites? lol
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0/10 fuck you
what? that made no sense.
as I said, 0/10 and fuck that guy.
is that Potosi MO?
save this thread by donating just $1 a month.
So what, you didn't go in?

>having hot dogs with family
>look at table
>fridge by table so open and grab ketchup
>look at table
>ketchup and mustard sitting on the empty table looked at 1 seconed ago....mom was at stove whole time says she put it out before makin hot dogs
My scary road experiences have happened on highways, late at night, alone. Posted one in another thread.
Sorry for your loss.

Captcha: 118 *illustration of anthropomorphic pig in green hat*
In 5th grade we took a trip to Galveston for spring break so my mom could drink wine coolers on the beach and read trashy erotic novels and so my autistic brother could flap around the Alyssa, a tourist trap retired cargo ship from the 1800s. Right before Highway 59 goes into Houston there's a cemetery in the median. It was all grown up and growing wild, and the monuments were old and dilapidated. It was just odd.
Where was the area you're talking about? I live in Vegas and I'm interested.
That road sounds fun, from an /o/tist point of view.
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>walking in woods
>suddenly hear a strange noise
>sounds like creaking
>turn around and see the silhouette of an extremely skinny person, thin as bone
>I stand there trying to rationalize in my mind who it might be
>don't recognize him, but he is walking quickly towards me
>I immediately speed walk away
>every time I turn around he is still there and is walking faster
>the situation started to get panic inducing. I wasn't finding this humerus at all.
>I eventually lose him and head quickly toward my car. I peel the fuck out of there in case he is still skullking around behind me.
>I look in my rear view mirror and he is looking right at me. A horrid looking skeleton.
>I pass out and crash. When I wake up in the hospital they perform numerous x rays on me
>turns out I was a skeleton all along.
I live in Inwood. Do you remember where this place was exactly?
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such scare
very afred
I cant remember the road exactly, but i know we got off 81 onto route 9 and followed it past route 11 for a good 30-45min which eventually turns into 45. The narrow road with the fields on it was on the left of 45 somewhwere going East. Thats about all I can remember
It wasnt in jersey it was somewhere in west virginia, Ive lived around mountains and farms all my life and enjoy being outdoors. I know my fair share of good ol boys and dont get spooked very easily but whatever kinda weird shit was goin on out there scared the hell out of me. Some weird shit goes on in the backwoods of wv I know that
My mistake it was off the left of route 9 somewhere
When I was 18/19 I worked at a fancy golf course in Central Kentucky. A good friend of mine who I worked with was from Elizabethtown, which you may recognize as that shitty movie with Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst. Anyway, my friend knows I'm interested in the occult and shit, so he says "Hey, there's an old cemetery I know of in Etown. We should drive down one weekend and check it out." So I agree, do my homework on the matter, and we drive down on a Friday night to stay at his folks place with the intention to check out the cemetery on Saturday. If anyone is in this thread and interested, I will continue.
Please continue, anon.
Right on. Just seeing if anyone was reading.

So to save me from writing a full on history report, this place is called Kasey's Cemetery, or The Gates of Hell by locals. You can google it and get all the background info and even a little daytime youtube video of the layout.

So we arrive in Etown and party a bit with my buddy's friends. We explain to them the reason for our visit and they all trip out and start going on about the local legends. As I listen to all the rumors and what-not they're throwing around, two things catch my attention. 1. State Troopers sometimes stop by to check on the grounds, especially if cars are parked at the entrance and 2. The owner of the ground, whose house you have to pass on the way, has been known to brandish a firearm against unwelcome visitors

Anyone following?
Not gonna lie, only read >Green Txt
So let me set the scene for you, and you can reference me on google maps to aid your visualization. The Gates of Hell, or Kasey's Cemetery, or Grandview Cemetery, is located east of Elizabethtown at the end of St. John Rd (Hwy 1357). At one point, the entrance to the cemetery had a large stone archway over it, which sometime during the early 80's was frequently set on fire by vandalizing teenagers, hence the nickname it obtained.

Of all the involved participants in this expedition, I was the only one who wasn't a native of Etown. Needless to say, they were all on board for a midnight trip that evening (Saturday night crossing over into Sunday morning), but I had to do a little daytime reconnaissance before I braved an unknown abandoned graveyard in the pitch black of night. Are you with me?
same road yeaaaars ago coming back to the central valley from the coast. Guy just standing in the middle of the road. He looks like a construction worker (orange vest etc). Boyfriend swerves then slams on the breaks. Look back and NO ONE is there. Didn't talk about it until we got home - not sure what to make of it still.
Tough break. I'm not a 14 year old kid who write in emoji.
Here's a little new clipping if it peaks anyone's interest...


also fuck yeah, Kentucky! 270 here, I actually go to Etown fairly regularly to practice with my paintball team
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not paranormal i guess, but creepy

there's a chain of old villages in the western backwater parts of rural florida. i pass through them fairly often when visiting my folks. these towns are almost completely abandoned and devoid of street lights; a lot of people visit those parts to watch the stars because its so fucking dark at night you can see the milky way. all of the traffic lights either don't work or are endlessly flashing yellow because there's not enough traffic left for them to serve any purpose. also i should note ive never seen a soul in these towns, just people in cars driving through

so anyways here's my story:
>driving south on highway at dusk, nobody on the road
>have to piss really fucking bad
>decide i'll wait until the next town to piss because woods are 2spooky
>finally get to the next town
>town is exactly like i've described above, no people, all abandoned shops/gas stations/post office
>i was really hoping there'd at least be a mcdonalds to piss in, cant hold my piss any longer
>pull over on a dirt road next to an old church. the sign in front still said "Happy New Year". this was in september
>walk down the dirt road a little bit and start pissing
>piss for a full minute in the silent darkness watching my car's headlights to make sure nothing fucks with it
>as soon as i'm finish and zip up, i hear a rustling behind me in the bushes
>my skin goes ice cold, i just thought "oh fuck im dead"
>turn slowly around and freeze
>big ass mangy wolf/coyote standing there staring at me, its marble eyes were glowing in the reflection of my headlights
>im pissing my pants even though i have no piss left to give
>start walking back very slowly and it follows my every step about 5 feet behind me
>sprint the last 10 feet and get in my car and lock the doors, the dog thing is still just standing there watching me right next to the car
>throw a tennis ball at it to see if it fetches, and the god damn thing doesn't even flinch
then i gtfo and the end
Greetings, Ky bro. 859 here, but I'm in the 270 regularly. I shall proceed for you & the lurkers.

My friend and I hop in his car on Saturday morning and begin to drive on this St John Rd for what seems like a half hour or more. I'm taking in the surroundings, which are your typical Ky countryside views of fields with various fencing and crops. Now I had been told that the road this place on just fucking stops and you're at the cemetery, but the words don't really do it justice. We see the treeline up in front of us and my buddy says "This is it. Keep an eye out for the owner."

Here's a little daytime video some guy shot of this place for reference. Before you watch it, go ahead and disregard the guys commentary, because its painfully uniformed and closed-minded, but such is rural Kentucky:


Are you with me still?
>be late evening, around 7-8 PM last Winter
>live in the middle of bumblefuck nowhere, Irish countryside
>whole area around my house is either deep woods, bogland, or fields.
>be strolling through woods
>dense and overgrown path, tree cover lowers light levels significantly
>sun already cresting horizon, it's getting dark
>on the right of the path is a thick treeline, which opens into a field
>continue walking, all is normal, if not a little spooky
>cold weather, wind howling, it's getting dark, and I'm a good half hour walk from my house

>I'm stopped in my tracks by screaming
>sounds like a horse dying
>or foxes fucking, whatever
>it was scary as balls
>come up on fence to my right, the one which leads into the field
>the setting sun silhouettes these dainty, slender, quadrapeds standing still some distance into the field
>I see that one is lying on the ground, probably dead

At this point I was turning down the volume on my ipod to listen out for the direction of the scream, I'd lost concentration and banged against the wrought iron gate, making some noise.

>figures, which I've worked out as being horses, notice me
>one canters over, limping
>it gets close, and I can see it's been starved, its ribs clearly jutting out
>it comes up to the gate
>I notice that the horse has no fucking eyes
>just empty fucking sockets with some dried blood that had ran down its face
>Right on fucking time, the screaming starts up again
>all the horses start neighing and making loud as fuck noises as I bolt it in the opposite direction
>never ran so fast in my life

Thinking back on it, the situation itself wasn't that creepy in retrospect. I've seen eyeless horses quite a few times in my life, it was just the right combination of ambience and foxes fucking that sp00ped me.
Fellow Floridafag here, where exactly were some of these towns? I have an urge to do some urban exploring.
but who was phone?
>Are you with me still?

Stop asking this shit over and over and just fucking post. No one likes an attention whore.
Th-that's so r-rude a-anon!
they're in an area that forms a triangle between Tallahassee, Gainsville, and Hernando County. a lot of little towns along route 19 are ghosttowns or have tons of abandoned buildings or burned out motels. tons of backroads on the west side of the highway near the coast, but ive never explored anywhere around there, just passed through. most of the towns dont even have names, only named ghosttown i remember was called Capps but it wasn't one of the more spooky ones, it was just an intersection with a couple of run down shops and an abandoned gas station. if you go exploring watch out for bears, dogs, crazies, and the FHP.
also, dont ever stop in Cross City.
Alright, thanks for the tips anon. If I do ever make my way out there I plan on being armed. I'm in SoFla though so probably not anytime soon.
>also, dont ever stop in Cross City.

Anon really no need to ask if theres still people lurking because we will always be with you


So yeah carry on with the story man
>I've seen eyeless horses quite a few times in my life
Where do you fucking live? SILENT HILL?
lol was about to say the exact same thing. How the fuck is that a common occurrence for anybody ever?
I am tennesse and can confirm existance of super-rednecks.
This guys story so far, stretching across 4 posts.

Continue man
despite finding the story good
I found this goddamn hilarious
Around Baker, CA.

It wasn't bad enough you were seeking "tell me to continue, anyone, please" attention but you had to do it after each and every post.

I sincerely hope your most cherished loved one dies in a single car accident. Please continue.
>not pissing on your tire
>not having a piss bottle

You're a disgrace.
Same here
>being a degenerate
No thanks
Ky bro here. Eat shit. I didn't want to type out a drawn out story to empty thread of Berenstain time-warp conspiracy theorists. Serves me right for trying to contribute to this shit-pile board anyway.
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Are we still gonna get the story or is anon too pissed now :(
So this is how it ends
scariest thing i've ever read 10/10
My friend those horses were victims of the tinkers. These paranormal beings are also known as knackers,buckjacks,pikeys,scumbags, and ittinerents. Avoid them at all costs. They turned once normal horses into demonic skelly beasts that you saw
File: 39182468.jpg (188 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Once on May 1st, I went to the forest to visit the old child camp's remains. I've put my bike near a concrete well. When I was done with my exploring I returned to my bike and there was a big red candle burned to chunk above my bike on the edge of the well with molten wax even on the side of the well. It had a fresh smell. I was away for like 20 minutes and I think the candle takes more time to melt like this.
You didn't contribute much, you smug faggot.
why do people give things that turn horses into skelebones such shitty names?

You've lost more time attention whoring your post over multiple shitposts than what you would have lost doing it all at once. Good job you fucking moron
Okay. I'll go. We don't really talk about this anymore and I've lost friends over it.

>organize a camping trip with 5 of my friends
>tenting out innnawoods
>beer, tobacco, guns and women aww yeah
>two assholes I wasn't particularly fond of caught wind by one of my friends and invited themselves along
>we're going to have fun anyways so I'm not that bothered by it
>the campsite we've chosen is pretty fucking remote, but nice
>it's near a legitimate campground that you have to travel through to access it
>the legit campground has a narrow winding road full of washboards and water runaways down a large valley into a big riverbed
>I've seen cars and vans get down it, but not without precision and patience
>the campsite itself is okay, but it's not actually on the river just a back channel of it
>we drive through the back channel from the campsite through steep hills and ledges and general shit from being submerged in water for a month or two when the snow melts
>4x4 necessary
>lift preferred
>2 wheel drive trucks have made it out there when conditions are good, but not without protest
>remote as fuck and only a few people know how to find it
>it's an opening in some trees on an island between the river and back channel
>beautiful view of the inside of the valley for 1 kilometre
> and it's open enough for 6 trucks with 2 people each to tent in it
>with a fireplace and a makeshift outhouse
>camp here all the time it's paradise
>until this trip ruined it
>during the fun I notice a girl is watching us from the opening
>she is from 6 to 8 years old (guess)
>dark skinned
>wearing almost 80s type clothes
>big long sleeve shirt hoodie
>and bright green shorts
>big straight peak hat
>she doesn't look away when I look at her
>dead soulless gaze towards the fire
>walk up to her
>"hey are you lost"
>no reply
>she doesn't look at me
>she doesn't move
>doesn't stop staring forward
>friends notice
>I'm getting creeped out
>one of the assholes throws a small pebble near her
>she doesn't flinch
>doesn't move
>doesn't blink
>doesn't say anything
>I'm getting more creeped out
>I keep asking her questions
>no response
>soulless stare straight ahead still
>other asshole walks up with one of the guns
>pretending like he's gonna shoot her if she doesn't move
>now my fear has subsided next to my rage at this idiot
>walk up towards him and convince to put the gun down because it's not funny
>he makes a big scene out of it but finally agrees
>anger of 1000 hammers in my bones
>as soon as the guns out of his hands I sucker punch him in the jaw
>-3 friends (the 2 assholes and the one who told them about it)
>he's out on the ground
>not knocked out, but not coming back to contest it
>I grab the girl and force her into the passenger seat of my truck
>she felt firm but didn't fight back or move at all
>I'm going to drive her back to the main campground area to find her family
>she stares straight ahead out of the window
>I haven't seen her move yet
>upon returning to the campground there's no one camping at all
>no signs of life or past visits
>now I'm worried
>I'm gonna have to take this girl to the nearest police station or something
>as we leave we approach a park at the end of the campground
>she moves her head
>she's locked eyes with one of the slides
>it's one with a circular staircase underneath enclosed by metal
>I ask her if she wants to go play
>she just nods slowly
>I open the door for her, she hasn't moved
>lift her out of the truck
>as soon as she hit ground she started walking
>glad she finally seems human
>she walks to the slide
>staring intently at it the whole time
>she goes into the staircase
>she doesn't come out the top
>I get worried and run over to check
>i get to the staircase enclosure but can't see anything
>have to turn on my phone light to illuminate the enclosure

>nothing's there
>but after a few more seconds of looking I hear the most gut retching scream
>sounds like it's in my ears
>like I have headphones on with this thing full blast
>the girls gone
>I run to the truck
>sit in my truck and cry out of fear for an hour
>see all my other friends leaving for some reason
>don't even bother grabbing my stuff and leave too after an hour
>few days later I asked a friend why they left early and if they grabbed my stuff for me (out of hope of getting it back)
>they were dodgy about it, but they said if was a good thing I didn't return to the campsite that night

One of my friends also told me they heard a girl died at that park once, but I've never found proof. Think it's just that friend trying to rationalize it.
No need for the harsh words. For your information, I'm getting into my late 60's and I'm losing my edge with my eyes. Just can't follow the paragraphs like I could in my younger days.
Best story so far.
Share pic grandad
nice story, creepy

esh, close call. Good save too


>throw a tennis ball at it to see if it fetches
Holy shit this was brilliant! lol
Good story
Go sit on your donut and fart out your soup you old geezer
>be me
>be 3
>Friends call me "G"
>Get into childcare for free
>Cant walk since birth, problems with my knee
>Meet girl, named Dee
>Settle down, now 38, ask her to marry me,
>She's blind, could never see
>Go to Grand Prix
>Find Key
>Fits perfectly in tree
>Never had sex, half chub, start to pee
>Finish with sounds like waves on the sea
> be me
> be country fag
> driving my truck down road
> come up on car going like 30, keeps speeding up and slowing down
> stoned city fags
> get on their ass
> nut job squals tires at intersection crazy stoned bastard
> intentionally go out of my way to not follow him
> fucking cityfags
So does that mean someone there is abusing their horses?
> scared of wolf
> pussfag
>Anyone following?
stop this
either post or dont
we will not validate your attention whoring
File: Humerus_large.jpg (121 KB, 1000x1123) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
121 KB, 1000x1123

>I wasn't finding this 'humerus' at all.

You didn't even tell if you found the bone dude!?

Anon confirmed for skeleton.
This has stayed with me my entire life, since I was 5

>driving down to arkansas to see meemaw and pip-poop
>on an interstate
>see what looks like a cow on the side of the road
>drive past it and see red glowing eyes
>eyes stay with the car for several seconds right outside my window
>had to have been going 70-80 mph

It's been nearly 20 years and it's still fresh in my mind.
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Chik-Fil-A and their damn subliminal advertising.
was that supposed to be funny?
I live in North NJ too, the are weird inbred tribes of Indians called the Jackson Whites or some shit like that. I stay the fuck away from the mountains, those guys are nuts. Anyway I have a story.

>driving home from prom house in Poconos
>be really stoned driving back with lots of alcohol, pot, and fire works
>going down lonely road with a gas station
>We see some weird worm like thing wriggle across the road ahead of us very fast
>it was like a giant snake and moved fast as fuck

Here's one from earlier tonight
>go to party
>drink a few beers
>smoke a of pot
>take a nummy of cocaine
>Drive home
>see a deer and bambi on the side of the road
>momma deer sits still, doesn't give a fuck,
>bambi goes fucking nuts running all over the street
>just like running from my car going back and forth in the street
>it was fucking weird, like it wanted to get ran over

I'm still very stoned.
>In the UP camping with friends on our way up to Ontario
>Want some of that tasty Lake Superior trout
>No fishing pole, no license, no boat
>Fuck it I'll buy some
>There are little fish shops all over, stop into a nice looking one and they were sold out
>driving down the road we take a wrong turn
>end up right near the lake
>I spot a sketchy looking fish store
>Hell yeah delicious lake superior trout
>Pull over and enter
>A girl who was with us loves dogs, there's a golden retriever in the parking lot, she plays with it while I run inside
>Place seems empty, smells fishy, there are Nautical themed Jesus paintings on the walls
>ring bell
>An enormous man lumbers out from the back room
>At least six feet tall,
>his eyes were too big for his head
>he was grotesquely obese, there was blood on his beard and his belly stuck out from under his yellow stained t-shirt
>He gurgled when he spoke, its hard to explain but it sounded like his throat was full of water
>I ask him for some fish and he gets it from the back room
>I pay him
>there is a little shed connected to the shop where they cut up fish.
>The door was open and I took a look inside
>there were beer cans all over the floor, and old porn tacked to the walls
>I noticed there was a dwarf inside cutting up fish.
>the dwarf said hi to me, and seemed like the most normal person I had seen all day
>In the back of the room there's another man
>looks like the man in the shop but skelethin and badly burned around his neck and chin
>he's not working or anything. He's just sort of staring
>he didn't even acknowledge me
>I looked to see what he was looking at
>he was staring at the girl
>she was blissfully unaware just playing with the dog
>he was just staring at her
>we leave

sorry if that wasn't spooky enough. It scared me at the time. Inbreeding is fucked up.
I three am from North Jersey. Used to go camping up in the mountains ya know for Boy Scouts.
You'd see and hear things man. The counselors and scout leaders would pay no mind, saying it was just our imaginations. All my friends can't seem to remember any of the stuff, so they just say I'm making it up,
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Sounds a bit like my great-grandfather.

Light jokes aside, people like that are very common outside of the city. Nothing wrong with a different way of life.

>being a /pol/lack

ultimate degeneracy.

too spuki for me
So weird, I'm in a neighboring area (513)
Didn't realize there were that many spooky people in my area.


>On a road trip to a funeral
>Driving to stay at my estranged Aunts house in the mountains of Virginia
>Very. Fucking. Long. Roadtrip.
>Nearing the end of the trip, GPS says to turn onto a state highway
>It's dark as fuck, 11pm or so.
>2 lane highway, cutting through a mountain
>extremely curvy, winding inclined roads
>The trees canopy us and we are engulfed in darkness
>absolutely no other cars
>absolutely no exits for 50-60 miles
>30 miles in, gas tank hits E
>My phone (which we were using as GPS) dies
>Other phones are getting no signals
>Keep pointing out this is the start to a bad horror movie
>We thought we were lost for a while, but kept driving
>Finally make it to a clearing, and an ''exit'' - i.e. a dirt road
>see a local gas station not far, so we turn
>creepy, local 2 pump gas station is closed - maybe for the best
>Out of the mountains, we get signals finally, drive to the closest chain gas station
>Filled up, and made it safely there by 1am.

That mountain was creepy as fuck though omfg.
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I don't know about both eyeballs but I've seen plenty of horses missing one eyeball. Most places with large amounts of horses have at least one.

I took riding lessons on a one eyed horse. She was nice and all but looked fucking nightmarish from the side with the empty socket. The worst part is that it twitched, like it was still trying to roll around the missing eyeball.
>be 16
>homecoming weekend
>be a tradition to toilet paper someone's house (TP-ing)
>me and my two friends decide to go out and TP some bitch I hate
>we drive to her house at 2am
>get out of car
>start looking around the place
>kinda eerie and quiet for a house near the busy part of town, but then again it was 2am
>about to start until friend says that this might not be the bitch's house
>decide to leave and go TP some other bitch's house
>start to drive off, me sitting in the back, two friends in front
>we're coasting around, I'm looking out the windows to make sure no cops are around
>headlights are following us for quite awhile
>tell friends that this car has been following us for the past ~8 blocks
>friend goes down foreign roads that no one goes down to be sure that this car isn't just coincidentally following us
>car keeps on following us, fuck
>we start to speed up, taking fast turns
>the car is still on our ass
>at this point my friends and I are spooked as fuck
>we've managed to drive on about every road in town and they're still following us

cont. I guess
Ima just write out this story since idgaf. Around the age of 16 me and my friends used to just drive around for fun. We lived in Jersey and there wasnt much to do except that and becuase we only had one friend who drove we all went in his car and just went places. One day we decided that we should go to Clinton Road. A creepy road that when you go there a truck follows you donw the whoele road before dissapearing. Well my friends and I decided that would be our plan for the night to go check it out. There must have been about 7 of us in a 2004 Toyota Corolla. We were packed in there pretty good, i was even sitting on the floor of the car but my head was high enough i could see out of the window. On the way there though me and my friends experienced the weirdest thing. As we were about to get to the road we stopped at a stop sign. At the stop sign for some reason me and my friends all took the time to make sure there were no cars, Something we wouldnt usually all do because we had trust in the driver. We saw no one. And the driver begun to drive. When we did all of a sudden we see lights from the right and a horn blaring. We all yelled and our driver slammed on the brakes. When he did we all saw a suv pass us by and we just looked at eachother. Then when we looked back, the car was gone. To this day we have no idea how it happened and it was the weirdest thing.

technically 812 but in the 502 frequently. Either of you /x/philes been to Waverley Hills? I've never been but would love to spend the night there.
>we start honking for something in return
>the car doesn't honk back
>we drive down neighborhoods blasting our horn to maybe scare off the person driving the car, no use
>we finally lose them after sharp turns and speeding through a neighborhood only me and my friend would drive through
>get to the end of the neighborhood to get back onto the main road
>coming out of the main road, the car turns into us and hits the front of our car
>car has it's brights on
>friend starts frantically screaming
>she can't see shit because of the brights
>she puts the shit into reverse
>we hit a mailbox
>she puts it back into drive, and starts speeding off past the car
>car does U turn in the road and starts following us once again
>we're going 85 in a 40mph zone, passing two police SUVs, honking like hell for help, we're so desperate
>police don't even give a shit, they didn't even follow us
>the car starts edging closer to the back of our car
>it's tailgating us with it's brights on, we can't see shit back there
>I'm trying to get a glance at who's driving the car, no luck
>car is tapping the back of our car
>I navigate my friend to drive to the only place in town that would be open this late, McDonald's

I hope someone is actually reading this.

>we show up to mcdonalds speeding infront of the car, so we were ahead by probably half a mile
>we dash into mcdicks and start crying while watching outside for the car
>nothing for a good 10 minutes
>at this point the mcdick workers think we're crazy as fuck, they give us free sodas without question
>we finally start to relax, thinking it's finally over
>right as soon as we finish our sodas, the car comes into the mcdick parking lot
>all of our fears have returned
>the car is parked at the back of the lot
>eventually the car's headlights shut off, like the driver was wanting for us to not see them
>we wait hours for them to leave
>many soda refills later
>the car finally turns on it's headlights, and creeps towards the exit
>we still wait an extra hour, making sure they're gone for good
>after an hour, we get inside our car with our hearts pounding and started heading to my house to sleep
>as soon as we get out of the mcdick parking lot, the car was there again
>fuck, we are screaming our heads off at this point
>we speed through another neighborhood that only we would know shortcuts for
>we get towards the end, and once again, the car turns off the main road and hits the front of our car
>my friend puts the car in reverse, we back up the whole neighborhood, about half a mile long
>back into a driveway
>friend wants to just bang on the door and ask for help
>convince friend that we need to stay in the car, and just go to the police station
>we blast out of the driveway, making our way to the police station



Are these horses owned by someone? Are they being starved?
>'outdoors' perfectly and accurately describes every single outdoor location in the world
confirmed for basementdweller
im'here anon
>the car chases us the whole way down to the station
>after vigorous turns and speeds, we drive there.. realizing they're closed inside at 4am, what the fuck
>decide to high-tale it back to mcdick
>we arrive back at mcdick once again, shaken scared and once again crying
>car sitting out there watching us again
>luckily, me and my friend has police officers for dads
>I decide I'll call my dad, even though he'll be pissed for me sneaking out
>call up dad bawling on phone
>he shows up to mcdick, sporting two pistols (I don't know shit about guns), his police baton, a high powered flashlight/baton, and of course, his badge
>dad steps out of car in uniform
>car suddenly makes a dash for it, speeding out of the mcdicks lot as fast as light
>dad buys us all cheeseburgers and drinks while we all cry telling him what the car looked like and what happened

Weeks later, I had my dad search the car license plate (yes, I got the license plate, when they hit our car the first time), turns out it was a 64 year old man who had charges for child rape, drugs (meth), and assault. I haven't drove past 10pm since.
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Fucking hell this is some mad shit right there,
good thing you didn't go banging on doors, I bet no fucker would help.
Good story.
Beats the fuck out of my being followed story. Jesus fuck knob. That's insane
>enormous man
>at least six feet tall


TL:DR: Dumb cunts are dumb cunts, get saved by cop dad abusing his job privileges.

Riveting stuff.
10/10 story
that's fucking disturbing
Dude. Holy shit. It's your kraut friend.
>I hope someone is actually reading this.
I'm kind of bothered by your irresponsibility. why didn't you shoot the car?
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I am from Tennessee and I can confirm super rednecks do exist.
Read this in another thread a couple nights ago, Copypasta?
Because I didn't have a gun with me? I was 16 at the time.
more driving stories pls
One good story.
I'm thinking on making one of my spoopy driving threads very soon, with all of the stories I've saved over the past several years I've been doing them.
Awesomeness, poor kid.
>Be me
>Staying at grandmothers for a while
>I love woods and nature, so sometimees I just like to stare out the window and look into her woods and see if I can spot something interesting.
>One day I'm looking out the window and I see something strange.
>In the woods it looks like there's a man just staring at the house WTF.jpg
>I'm like meh maybe it's just some tree
>Look in same spot next day, and there's nothing.
>I start hearing noises in the house
>Noises stop eventually thnkGod.jpg
>nothings happened since.
I do have moar stories
>road trip with gf to kecksburg, pa
>start heading home way later than we planned
>fuck sleepy
>tell gps to find closest motel
>follow overly long, winding, back roads
>you have reached your destination
>fog rolls back
>nope is not enough
>drove over a hour till we found a well-lit holiday inn
>Be me

I'm sorry this story is not believable.
I laughed solidly at this picture for at least 2 minutes
>be me, 21
>visit moms
>she wants to go out and eat
>little brother refuses everything besides a buffet
>search the googles
>the second closest place is in Olympia about an hour and a half away
>closest place is a place called "super green carpet cleaners"
>check reviews
>only place i can find reviews other then yelp is some sketchy ass websites
>think ok it says its only about 30 minutes away
>me and my mom keep joking about the name
>i say inb4 soylent green restaurant
>we end up spending 2 hours trying to find the place
>were in bfe
>gps keeps on sending us down dirt roads and back tracks us.
>finally start going the right way
>end up going down some dirt road
>only room for one car down said road
>not a drive way, other small dirt roads branch off it
>finnally gps says you're at your destination
>we're at a dead end of the dirt road
>spooky ass run down house
>some guy standing in house.
>smiles and waves like he was waiting for us.
>we were gone so fucking fast
606 fag here. Ive been to Vinegrove a lot, if you know where that is.
>The USA of weird fuck shit
Just stop, you autistic fuck stick.
should have called 911 sooner.

dad is a cop/10
>being a redditor
Straight to the gas chambers with you.
Good riddance
googled super green carpet cleaners, cant find shit?
was in thread when that was first posted. good thread that was indeed. good times

Captcha: was nyixch
Seems like it, after some googling. http://uteez.wordpress com/2010/08/14/beware-monkey-mountain-boys-missouri/
You do realize that people tell stories they've heard from their dad, their friends, or relatives and the like.
Adding the "be me" lets the reader know that the writer is the person it happened to
Fuck your autism.
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tfw I just realized I am a skeleton wearing a suit made of skin.
>be 13 year old me
>At boy scout summer camp, it was in Gettysburg that year
>troop goes off to a field with tree groves on each end to play capture the flag
>Setting up borders with flashlights, it's pretty dark
>friend is tromping through bush
>I see this dog/coyote thing run out and I scream to look over at it
>dog thing darts into bush and we both look for it, friend thinks I'm crazy after we find nothing

Later on, I'm walking away from the bathrooms and I hear this heavy breathing from right behind me
>I keep walking like nothing is happening and I look back and I see nothing
>I start to fast walk, then jog, then full out sprint and the breathing is right on my ass along with footsteps
>Get back to group and ask if anyone was over there
>they say no
>Paranoid the rest of the week

When I got home it turns out there is a reported dog ghost that belong to a farm that soldiers fought on during the battle, it freaked me out and I remember it clearly
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2 MB, 390x219
mfw mcdonalds is better than the popo.
Since when does Randy and Lahey live in MO?
File: image.jpg (357 KB, 1366x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You've been given a special blessing and a sacred curse, anon..

You are..

>scared of a 64 year old man when you outnumber 3:1
>Visiting family friend in 2007
>Small town north of Gainesville
>"Hey man, take the last street outta town. It takes you where you need to go in shorter time."
>No cars driving on the street except us
>Drive for about 20 minutes
>Start passing homes that sit really close to the street (3-5 feet away from the front door max)
>All of the houses were abandoned but not destroyed
>No restaurants, no gas stations, no farms
>Overgrown lot with drive-in movie screen that looks like it's about ready to fall over
>It looked like everyone just got up and left
>Keep driving for almost a hour when we hit a gas station
>"Hey man, where the fuck did you send us?"

The street was built up by snowbirds in the 60's. Everyone that lived on the street knew each other and all attended the same moose lodge up north. When they started passing away or found better snowbird destinations, the rest just stopped showing up. The state widened the street a few years ago (hence why the houses were so close.)
that was me, the creaking you heard was actually me entering your thoughts
I got one for you
>Driving from South Texas to bumfuck Northern Minnesota with Brother and his fiance for their wedding
>always been able to see auras and had lots of experiences up until I was about 14 or so and got a feel for how to filter that shit out
>knew there was gonna be a big snow storm across the midwest (December 2012 if anyone remembers)
>brilliant idea of cutting up through Kansas, Nebraska then the corner of South Dakota to try an avoid it
>shit didn't work
>fucking blizzard hits us about 90% of the way through Kansas
>I'm driving and can barely see 5 feet in front of me with all the snow
>snow suddenly clears up and I see people standing on either side of the road
>not just people, but people dressed like old pioneer timey without eyes, just dark shadows where they should be
>ask brother and his fiance several times if they're seeing this and they think I'm fucking with them
>one old one points up towards the moon then the snow picks back up harder
>we end up stopping at some shit motel just into Nebraska

Brother hates paranormal shit and refuses to talk about it. This was maybe 24 hours or so before 12/21/12 if that's significant to anyone.
that actually sounds like it'd be fun the pick through and take some pictures
I'm saving most of these. I wish I was good at putting them together, though.
yeah, lived in PA for about a year an ahalf, visited lots a creepy/haunted/evil places. PA is fucked up and needs to slither on down to the South and switch places with DC so it can be with it's nope ridden family.
>be me

I grew up all around that area. I know exactly what you're talking about. Weird shit happens there with all the towns in between that are just run down. My home town was over half rundown and abandoned buildings, a bunch of which were scattered throughout 100's of acres of woods and overgrown brush.
>we started seeing signs that said "Stay Out" and "Dangerous!" We kept going in anyways and we found a bunch of abandoned tools and a few abandoned sheds at the end of the road.

Congratulations, you found the set of Wrong Turn.
I agree

It's so mind numbingly excruciating to have to be told by the person telling the story that they are themselves that I can't bare to read a word more.
>People are actually scared of not being n attention whore.
Stopped off in some hick town about 30 minutes outside of OKC. Went into some gas station and here were a bunch of meth heads muttering about "dem daym coyotes man". Got back to my car and there were like 5 scraggly dog/coyote things up on the car looking in the windows. All on the same side on their hind legs. I yelled and they just looked at me and casually walked away. Dem daym coyotes man.
well come on, at least get a solid two paragraphs out. If you feel that strongly no ones making you post here.
i like it
Come on, you need to ve prepared against spooky situations
>>Driving to stay at my estranged Aunts house in the mountains of Virginia

immediately poor decision making. Lived in VA for 4 years, drove through many times, partied it up, always, always, ALWAYS creepy shit. If it's not weird happenings in the woods it's sketch ass locals or eerily empty towns. I swear man, went to hike in some park, took a side trail, ended up behind an empty general store and apparently a whole little town. Empty. Smelled like smoke though.
In defense of anon, I remember doing stupid shit at 16, besides he would have hesitated with all the sneak out shit.

I will be waiting and will even pre-type the shitty (in comparison) stories that I have to share

You were what was for dinner m80. :^)
>implying you contributed anything besides being the poster child for the attention whore community

By this point you could've told your story ten times over and gotten the menial attention it would've merited and you'd have been quickly forgotten.

Instead, you gave us this and got all the attention you could ever want. Well played, whore.
Bro, haven't you heard? This is now r/nosleep and even the mere thought of digging into these stories is now frowned upon and bitched about.
tell more

Oh look somebody who abuses their pets, better run the fuck away
But what if they were telling the story from the POV if their aunt/mother/brother? You'd never know unless they specified.
hey /x/ heres my story
I come from germany so I excuse for any further mistakes in my vocabulary

>in the woods @ night with a friend and airsoft guns with 10joule
>its about 11pm in the night and were in the black-forest in south germany
>black forest is famous for its darkness and huntings
>many legends many spooky
>on the way back home, still had to walk like 800m to get out of the forest, walking with compass
>hearing boars far away
>we walk very silently so we dont get attention of other hunters like wolves or boars (they can easily stomp you in the ground)
>we hear a loud boom, like a big tree felt down somewhere
>another one, its coming closer
>we stop and watch and listen
>birds fly away from our position
>another boom and cracking noises of treebranches
>see something moving far away but cant make it out, too dark
>we still look
>another boom but it more sounded like a stomp of something far to big for this world
>I get scared, friend is also scared
>"lets go man, what the fuck"
>another stomp, this time very close, we could feel it in the ground
>we run like were followed by angry hornets
>another stomp, another stomp, its following us
>we run faster its about 500m till the end of the forest
>I look behind me and cant see shit
>look behind me again as we run across a small clearing
>its about 5-7m tall, long legged, long armed, looks like a fucking walking tree and follows us
>"RUUUN" I scream for my life and we run
>we ran out of the forest
>runned across the hayfield, after 2 minutes we stopped
>we couldnt hear anything anymore
>it was death-silence
>we talked about that afterwards, but we never had an idea what that was

What was it /b/?
A pissed of tree?
I don't know if anyone's still lurking but I have one story.

>annual family trip to Wales
>coastal town, very small, about 3 shops, very rural, next town is 1 hour drive.
>meet up with cousins, old relatives etc
>one of my cousins (out of about 12) is old enough to drive
>we take turns going out in her new car with her (again, theres 12 of us)
>on the 4th night she decides we should go a bit further
>we've been coming here for 12 years, but have never had the means to explore the area
>driving for what seems like 30 minutes
>haven't seen another car or person since we left
>no streetlamps, surrounded by woodland and fields
>suddenly a turning with a very intriguing sign displayed on a mechanical barrier
>something along the lines of 'strictly no entry' and something about 'no turning' and 'danger'
>we get out to inspect it, and see if we can see what we're supposed to 'keep out' of.
>just a dark, long dirt road, surrounded by parallel iron gates
>cousin decides to try his luck and lift the barrier
>holy shit he lifts it
>cousin drives under it, we all get back in, excited
>drive down this road for what seems like an inordinate amount of time.
>suddenly the headlights reflect on something behind the iron gates, either side of the road
>shapes, large shapes, hugging the gates, shapes behind other shapes
>suddenly tiny reflections, eyes
>so many fucking eyes behind the gates
>entire car is silent, struck by bewilderment and fear
>cousin is too shocked to stop the car
>gates stop and we get to a more open road, where it forked into two directions.
>me: ''what the fuck.....was that''
>cousin stares at me mouth open, then looks at other people in the car, they're all just as silent.
>she turns the car around in the small opening
>dims her headlights so they dont luminate as wide an arc.
>drives fast back down the road, none of us brave enough to look through the gates, even though the headlights no longer illuminated them well.
Drive is not a gear.

I live out by Shepherd where is this exactly? I'd be willing to go out there when I have some free time assuming you aren't bullshitting me

>replying to tripfags
It's an auto, anon.
>about 5 or 6 years old
>staying at aunt and uncle's place, they live in a rural area
>sleeping in the basement room with my little brother
>suddenly woken up by my aunt, says we have to leave NOW
>we don't even change out of our PJs
>she brings us to the pickup truck, my uncle in the driver's seat and my older cousin sitting in the back, we all pile in
>he drives off in a hurry and goes on an old dirt road
>we drive for a few minutes, then we reach an intersection and he stops
>far down the dirt road to our left is a bright blue light, like a flame
>we look at it for a few minutes, uncle and aunt talking about it
>we finally leave
>next thing I remember we're at a big house next to a lake
>it's some sort of party, my parents are there
>we spent the rest of the night there

I still don't know what the fuck happened.
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get out.gif
868 KB, 295x210

>be me
Do people really still drive those?
Yeah, I used to drive an automatic 5 series bmw. Best car i've ever owned, I love auto. I might be wrong but isn't auto a big thing in the US?
I don't know, I've never been to Murker.

The reason it was a good thing you didn't go back is because the assholes were probably planning to shoot you on sight.
>be camping in the Appalachians with a friend
>night, we put out the fire and go to sleep at about 11 PM
>get woken up, dark as fuck, moonless night
>check watch, it's 3 AM
>I can hear people talking
>shake my buddy hard to wake him up and motion him to be quiet
>he hears it too
>we think it's just some other campers, decide to check it out
>as we get closer, it gets obvious it's some sort of weird chant
>some of the voices sound weird as fuck, like buzzing
>suddenly, friend freaks out and tells me to run
>we bail it back to our camp
>he doesn't stop, tells me to keep running
>we run all 6 miles back to his car, leaving the gear behind
>left like 100 bucks worth of shit there
>to this day, friend swears he saw what looked like a giant shrimp coming towards us

He refuses to go camping now. The voices were nonsensical, all I remember is something about "the black goat of the woods" or some shit.

Then at that moment they specify they're telling the story from someone else's perspective. "Be me" is just redundant bullshit.
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>Doge meme
The fact that people ever found this funny, let alone keep spewing it to this day is perhaps the scariest thing of all.
You're right. Even people who claim they use the term "ironically" should be ashamed.

>so funny because it's so bad
File: 759.gif (2 MB, 380x380) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 380x380
>I haven't drove past 10pm since.
Lel. Nigga, your dad just had one of his friends chase you around the entire night to teach you a lesson.
The whole thing about it being an old child rapist druggie was just a goof.
>Mfw you fell for it
>You'd never know unless they specified.
There's this thing called context cues. Normal people use them to infer things about certain situations without anyone specifically telling them.
For instance, if you are telling someone else's story you would likely use "he" or "she" instead of I.
Either that or you could just lead into the story with "my aunt told me..."
Telling a story that is not yours is the exception, not the rule.
>Be 8 or 9, living in phoenix
>Driving up to my grandparents cabin in the forest for a week stay. Grandpa driving
>Around 10PM we hit a dirt road that means we only have about 25 minutes of driving left
>See deer standing in a field to the left of the road, about 20~ of them
>All just looking at the truck
>Grandpa stops to look at them, they still stair.
>Weird feeling grows
>As grandpa is looking at them, i start to hear a weird buzzing sound.
>No one else hears it
>We start driving again, finally make it to cabin
>Buzzing noise slowly grows
>Grandpa looks really tired, so he just lays on bed to crash
>Grandma sits out back, looking at the stars
>Walk outside to sit with grandma
>Start talking about the forest
>Buzzing sounds suddenly stops.
>Then i see something to my left, moving slowly.
>Start getting a really bad feeling
>Grandma stops talking, looks at me, then to her left.
>We both see it
>A large black box, moving perfectly straight, just above the trees.
>No noise. silence, like it has no engine
>Looks like the monolith, flying very close to our cabin.
>As it moves past, i'm to shocked to move, jaw dropped, pants shat
>Then a large boom, sort of a crashing noise.
>run the fuck inside, hide under covers
You were basically right outside Philly there are a group of houses that keep their Christmas lights on all year. It actually an icon of Philly its call Boathouse Row. As for the truck driver he was probably on Meth and had something going on with his truck which would explain the sawmill noise and his insane driving.

I've seen this too on my way to work one day. It was like a giant milipede 10 feet long.
>Many years later, almost 17 at the time
>Started to think it was just a dream, something my child mind made up
>On a trip with grandparents, and parents.
>Talking in the car
>Then my grandma says it
>"remember what we saw at the cabin"
>What the fuck
>"umm yeah, i thought that was a dream tho" i say
>"it was real, i saw it too"
Gainesville fag here, what was the town called?

Any more info on this? Google doesn't turn up shit
>Be going through this thread
>Dog starts acting really weird, almost starts mutilating his own tail at one point
>Bizarre weather going on

I'm spooked solid.
Because Nick Collins, the Defensive back for the Green Bay Packers, lives there.
You're like a stranger entering somebody's home and telling them how to live. Cut it out.
Autism will do that to you.
this >be me shit all started when reddit became obsessed with greentext stories
You literally did the same thing.
>he doesn't like something i like
>lel i call him autistic
>LOL epic troll!
>better upload this to my prank channel on youtube!!!
Next time you tell this, instead of yelling, say you immediately went inside and started muttering about them damn coyotes, man. It may not be true, but it's 1000 times more entertaining.
Your friend is lying, he was just too scared of the chanting.
>southwest florida
>live in tourist beach town
>decide to one day go east out of where I live and into the wetlands
>girlfriend of that time comes with me
>take my dad's jeep and pack a tent, sleeping bag, fishing rods, food and supplies since I was thinking of camping out that night
>drive to fakahatchee strand which is like 40 minutes from home but its pretty secluded and huge
>everything is fine, pass a ranger cabin and many trails that lead out into the swamps and fields
>get a couple miles in where we find a clearing with 2 trails coming out of it
>decide to park and unpack there
>notice 3 dried up raccoon corpses in the entrance of one of the trails, skin is still on them except for the head where its completely bone white, decide to kick them off into the water so my girlfriend doesn't freak
>moment I kick them and they land in the water, I hear a yelping sound coming from deep within the trail
>look back at girlfriend and she didnt seem to notice, it was pretty fucking loud though
>decide to go check it out since I'm not camping close to some crazy animal
>get my revolver and machete, girlfriend decides to tag along since she doesn't want to be left alone
>she keeps asking why i decided to go into the trail for about like 2 miles of walking
>get to what seems like a dead end but i can smell smoke and see metal shining in the sun behind the plants
>cut em down and pass through
>get to another clearing, circular with metal pieces of what looks like a car outlining the edge of the clearing, big metal stake in the middle of clearing
>gf starts to freak out, tell her to get behind me
>suddenly hear the same yelping noise but super fucking loud this time
>what looks like a human covered in trash bags on all fours slides out from directly in front of us heading towards the middle of the clearing
>start running back to the jeep, have about 2 miles of trail to go through
>can hear a fuckload of rustling behind us as we run through the trail

go on
>look back for a second and see two of the same trash monsters or whatever the fuck booking it towards us on all fours
>yell at my girlfriend to run as fast she can
>take that moment to turn quickly and fire a shot blindly behind me
>my vision turns dark like if i suddenly put on sunglasses, still looking behind me and i can barely turn my head
>the trash bag demons aren't on the trail, still can't move
>another like 5 seconds pass and my vision returns to normal so i turn and start running after my gf
>no more rustling, just the sound of us running and breathing hard
>finally get to the jeep
>quickly pack all the shit back on and have my revolver at the ready
>girlfriend screams and points to the front of the jeep
>there's a fucking severed dog head stuck on the front
>what the fuck, kick it the fuck off and jump in the truck
>peel the fuck out of there, gf is freaking out
>finally get to the main road to go back home
>try to calm my girlfriend down, give her some water
>between sips she keeps repeating the same shit over and over again
>get closer since I can barely hear her
>"they had the faces of my parents"
>at that point I'm about to shit myself, her parents have been dead for like 5 years
>go back home and lock myself in for like 2 days since I'm still feeling uneasy, especially at night

Nothing else happened after that. Me and her never talked about it after that day and broke up 2 years later due to other shit. Fuck going back there, seriously.
oh fuck
People like you amaze me with either
1-Your shitty storytelling.
2-How fucking stupid thou are if this happened on real life. (Oh shit we just got chased by trash monsters and we passed ranger cabins on the way out but didn't stop to tell them we were almost fucking killed by them.) Like, what?
Fakahatchee Strand is literally alone 95% of the time. The ranger cabin he is talking about is always closed and is only used to post up notes and signs. Only thing close to it are some bathrooms and a stone with a plaque on it.

That place is creepy as fuck. Water moccasins and poison ivy everywhere too.
> How fucking stupid thou are if this happened on real life.

Yeah you're one to mock storytelling. You can't even use correct grammer
I went down that road with a few of my friends last winter. My friends made a joke of it, speeding and blaring Slayer but I got creepy vibes.
A year ago my boyfriend was driving me home through bum fuck nowhere on route seven in the middle of the night when some guy came out of the woods and started running alongside the passenger side of the car. Probably nothing but it freaked me out so badly.

Another time when I was 6 or 7 I was convinced I saw someone murdered in a trailer when I drove alongside an rv with busted blinds and what looked like guys in white blood splattered shirts rummaged around a room. Again, probably nothing but I was convinced I saw something bad.

Friends went down Clinton road, posted above, got creepy vibes but nothing happened.
Duel meets The Dead End, with elements of Silent Hill.
>implying that actually happened
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I am the car.
>be driving with gf through an upstate NY backroad
>it's a little after dusk
>see something on the side of the road, looks like a HUGE porcupine hunched over
>turn around, get a better look
>huge feet, not a porcupine, long face, long arms
>stares at us before bolting back into the woods in a similar fashion to how a rabbit would run (bringing it's hind feet between front ones)
>tell my mom about it a month later
>says she was driving in the same general area on day on her way back from work
>sees what she thought to be a honeybadger but very large
>stares at her
>runs into woods

Honeybadgers don't live in upstate NY. Regular badgers, or ANY animal besides a bear don't even get that big in upstate NY. It wasn't a bear, I have seen bears.

I've done a rough sketch of what I saw, excuse my sloppy handwriting, but it says that sitting down I'd say it's total high was about 4ft.
Britfag (Cornwall/Southwest) contributing here but decided to leave some of the details out in the interest of preserving my privacy, mainly because I live in a very small town/large village with a low population.
I hope that is OK with you guys.

>it is winter 2007, I’m 11 years of age.
>living in my old neighbourhood, same town.
>small cul-de-sac type arrangement for middle-class/disabled people, it is fairly old though and just behind a large housing estate.
>it’s right behind the town near farms and woodland, everything fun is a two mile walk away.
>exactly a two mile walk through a portion of field/woodland, super-tall coniferous trees.
>creepy old manor with a restaurant in it on the walk down, but an attraction to tourists and rich people.
>never been there, never will go there. It is no interest to me, what is of interest though is the local swimming pool in the town.
>i walk down this lane by the creepy shit because it takes me there, like clockwork every weekend the quickest of any other route.
>it’s ok in the day, but I still check over my shoulder constantly. Having lived on farms and in the country side my whole life I always found this weird.
>after long swimming sessions I NEVER went back through here in the dark.
>instead I walked through the town and along the roads back home where civilization was.
>as you can see, even for me there was no particular build up to this incident. It just happened.
>all I remember is walking through the lane, just before dark at dusk. That time of night/day where you can’t see a fucking thing, no night vision and shadows everywhere.
>in my recurring nightmare about this i’m cold and wet, it gives me shivers thinking about it. My vision is blurry and I find it hard to open my eyes, as well as breathe.


>like something is crusting my eyes, nose and mouth over…
>while writing this up I actually have to have a break and survey my surroundings.
>they built new houses in 2011, bungalows to be precise (mother is disabled and this is closer to town for convenience.)
>i’m 18 now, and we moved almost adjacent half way down the lane. the old lane is pretty much in my back garden.
>i stopped having those nightmares a LONG time ago, but now i feel more unsafe than ever as they started again.
Pretty unexciting, but this has me almost to tears because I don’t know what’s wrong with me.
I have no idea what this is, I haven’t been down the lane since and prefer to take the long way.
I was living in Kansas at that time and I do remember that snow storm.
The fuck is ''brights''?
The headlights on a car that are extra bright so you can see farther in the dark.
Those are called ''high beams'', who uses this term anyway?
I don't wanna say too much to give it away but near Starke.
Well when it's pitch black outside and you have to drive on winding, unlit roads in deer-country they're pretty nice.
Oh I thought you said "them" not "term". I dunno I guess it's like the same as "pop" and "soda". Just depends where you live.
Im from that part of Florida as well. That place has always been pretty much a no go area for me.
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>demonic trash bag demons

I'm sorry but I had a really good laugh, this ruined the entire spoopy atmosphere for me.
It's called Swype texting. Simple words like "you" get changed to "thou" because of the letter placements.

Don't know if this thread is still alive, but I found the place he was talking about. True story 10/10

El Monte Super Green Carpet Cleaning, 3053 San Ignacio Dr, El Monte, California 91732
>>it is winter 2007, I’m 11 years of age.
>winter 2007

So you're still underage.
I am eighteen years old now.

Goddamn time flies
I should have known that would come around and bite me in the arse, but whatever.

I like it when people who don't speak english as a native language try to talk on 4chan

it's so cute
I saw the cutest thread of probably an Asian who wasn't a native English speaker. So adorable.
I've been there too. Except I'm a New York fag and all I did waste gas and get pulled over on the L ride. Fuck jersey. You can keep your fed ass road.
I don't know what else to call them. They look like they where covered in black trash bags, on all fours with arched backs and their heads down.
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sad owl.png
457 KB, 498x398
>Also /x/ is not age restricted
File: 1384421650065.jpg (20 KB, 198x234) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You haven't had any issues with it. My Beamer was a piece of shit when the computer malfunctioned. And yes and no. Most people drive cars with automatic transmissions. But every now and again someone will roll up in the manual.
You are addressing two separate boards with that post. You had it right the first time, this is /x/.
>be me
>about 4 years old
>with mother and father, and grandmother and grandfather
>driving through the desert at dawn
>accident up ahead
>a truck load of indian workers had wrecked or something
>Indians scattered all over the highway, bleeding to death.
>the car stops
>that was the first time i tasted fear
2SPOOKY FOR /x/!!!


Good story Jim
File: covereddrive.jpg (154 KB, 408x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>at my family's camp with my dad, about 8 years old
>dad has a rhino, somewhat like pic related
>vehicle needs some work, it stalls out a lot
>go out for a ride down the road in pic, its a few miles long and the trees meet at the top
>rhino starts sputtering
>stalls out
>won't start
>we both get out, I sit and enjoy the trees for a bit
>see a small white monkey jump from one treetop to another
>point it out to dad, he gives the tired parent response "oh yeah look at that"
>sit around for 15 minutes while he messes with vehicle
>sun starts to set, its much darker with all of the trees
>he gets really tense and starts swearing, he's a calm person
>finally fixes whatever it was
>yells at me to get in
>starts driving before I get my seatbelt on
>drives past camp
>drives all the way home
>goes back a few days later to grab our stuff from the camphouse
>ask him about the monkey a few years ago
>he saw a bunch of them that night, never figured out what they were
Good story m8
File: image.jpg (1 MB, 1775x1336) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>the Black Goat of the Woods

Holy shit, you almost got ate by Shub-Niggurath!

Then I grew up to be a whiney bitch even though my whole family claimed that this story never even happened so I killed myself at 27 in France like a bitch
File: campingsite.jpg (118 KB, 645x551) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I've told this twice before, will post again. My only innawoods story and one of two events in my life that confirmed there are things that we, as humans, will never understand or know entirely.

>week after HS graduation
>plan a small camping trip with 3 others, one being my cousin
>camping next to a bend in a creek that runs around the hill uncles house sits on (pic related)
>arrive just as sun starts to set, set up tent, start fire
>no guns, small bottle of whiskey and some smoke
>haven't begun to partake in any of them yet, cousin and I spotlighting fish in creek after sun sets fully
>large campfire in background, roughly 25yds away from us
>start to notice everytime we turn off spotlight, hear loud WHOOSH, WHOOSH in the water, always twice back to back, def. sounds like someone wading through the water
>turn light on, sound stops but heavy ripples/disturbance in water
>light off, starts again, figure out they are heading towards us, start to freak out
>decide to keep it to ourselves, head back to fire with other 2 friends who are rolling a joint
>walk in mid-convo, they were talking about how it was creepy, and they could hear people talking around them in the woods, like whispers
>it would come and go, not very loud, but consistent
>figured it could be people hunting for raccoon, or night fishing
>we hear it as well, plain as day, and I make out one voice say in an almost whisper "what are they doing here"
>i freak out, everyone follows my lead and starts getting scared
>something runs through the tall grass behind us, outside of firelight..could have been animal, who knows
>decide that we've had enough, stand up and say it's time to go
>everything goes quiet, i mean dead silent, cuz and I both hunters so we know what this means
>just then we hear a tree CREAAAAKKK and SLAM into the ground, sounds like it had just fallen over
>everyone scared,especially girls,and just as they stand up a huge gust of wind comes in from the creek and almost puts out fire


>everyone is up and rdy to go, we will come back for everything tomorrow morning
>i turn,start to jog towards ATV,which wasn't parked far but in dim fire light
>stop dead in my tracks, looking back almost felt like I was rooted to that spot out of sheer terror as I notice leaning up against our ATV is a dark shadow of a person, couldn't see feet but had to be over 6'6"
>just chilling there, with one hand on front of ATV, it was so dark, it stood out against the pitch black night behind it, it almost radiated darkness if you can imagine
>just then girls and cuz catch up to me, also see this and are frozen next to me, girl lets out a loud scream that echoed forever
>this "thing" flashes back towards the train tunnels shown on map above, it was so fast it had a trail behind it, i remember clearly
>all jump on ATV, try to start it but it is very sluggish, like battery is low, we had to roll it forward a few ft to get it to start, but it did
>as we are hauling ass out, our trail takes us right past the train tunnels
>get past them with no trouble, tbh i was avoiding looking at them the whole time as I was driving and didn't want to freak
>trail out takes us up steep hill that is entirely innawoods, just a 4-wheeler path up hill with trees in every direction
>girl sitting on back starts to freak out BAD while we are climbing hill, telling us to GO FASTER, PLEASE OMG
>i ask cuz over shoulder what is up, he turns around and looks and doesn't say anything right away, after a second he kind of gasps and just tells me to punch it and holds on
>we make it to uncles house at top of hill and practically break door down to get inside
>girl who was on back is in a sheer panic, can't catch her breath, crying, shaking, just a fucking mess
>she had to go home that night, then later to the hospital

Ever Their praises, and abundance to the Black Goat of the Woods. Iä! Shub-Niggurath!
Iä! Shub-Niggurath! The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young!
>in between sobs and cries and screams, i can make out that shes saying something like "it was following us!" "what if its here now?" anytime an adult would try to comfort her and tell her it was nothing she became very agitated, saying she SAW IT, it followed us up the hill
>her parents show up and get her, as mentioned she had to be hospitalized
>i ask cousin that night what he saw, or she saw that caused her to do this, or if it was just the whole experience
>he was hesitant, wouldn't say it in front of others, but when we were alone later that night he said
>when he turned around to look, he only saw it once before he turned around and shut his eyes but..
>every 10-20 seconds, always from behind a diff. tree on either side of trail behind us, a tall black figure would peek out from behind a tree, and it had bright, white eyes almost like headlights that were WIDE-OPEN.
>girl is still medicated from this, she completely broke down.
>never went down there after dark again.
File: 1267397452809.jpg (84 KB, 405x550) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Ever her praises!

interesting (short) side story:

>uncle was out hunting, at night, on the TOP of the hill behind his property with a coon dog
>standing at bottom of rock cliff, dog is up on top rooting around
>dog knocks a large rock loose and it fell down and hit my uncle in the head/neck, completely paralyzing his bodies right side, blind in one eye
>nobody knows how he turned his 4-wheeler around and got out of the woods that night but after our story got published on a website and it made its facebooks rounds, he texted my mother
>he had surgery btw, and made an (almost) complete recovery
>in his text, and mind you my uncle is an honest man if there ever was one, doesn't lie, wouldn't tell you something if it wasn't true
>he said that the man in the black hat we saw that night was the person who helped him turn his 4-wheeler around and got him out of the woods that night, basically saved his life.

that really fucked my mind hard. still don't know what to make of it.
>the black goat of the woods
jesus fucking christ
your friend saw exactly what this is
All of this happened in the northern panhandle of West Virginia, the part that is smashed in between Ohio and PA.
not a road trip story but
>be me a few years ago
>just moved into new house, back on a field surrounded by woods
>lets dogs out one day, see someone standing in woods outside the fence
>in full camo and shit (stupid when these woods aren't good for hunting at all)
>home alone so i go inside to grab the gun
>when i get back the person is gone
>next couple of years we got some cats from my bro
>multiplied like, well, cats
>got a few that are loyal as fuck
>sometimes go outside at night to check on them, especially in the winter
>always have an eerie feeling i'm being watched
>sometimes the cats go missing for days at a time and come back skittish as all hell, even though the woods aren't very dense so not many predators
>because of cats not much small wild life around either
>often through the woods you can hear the revving of car engines and howls of dogs as if they're being beaten
>looking on google maps doesn't show enough because the woods mask the neighbor's property
>mother cats go missing way too soon after they've had a litter
>our most loyal cat completely vanished out of the blue one day
>dogs sometimes will get jumpy at literally no provocation and begin to bark
>other stuff, back door knob has burn marks around it and the lock began to stick after awhile as if someone tried to jimmy it
>still whenever i go outside, even during the day, get the weirdest feeling i'm being watched...

Head wants to explode when people don't greentext.
It's thread etiquette to write stories in green text so people can find them among the other posts. You're only screwing yourself over, Mr. Edgy.

No one gives a shit about your tired-ass cemetery story.
Looks like you've met a /k/ommando.
Its bimmer not beamer.. only bmw MOTORCYCLE enthusiasts use that term.
Best story.
alex painter in this thread, sup 859 BRO's

do i know any 859 lurkers????
I believe you found a /k/ommando there, mate.

Jesus christ, it's all over the fucking boards. If you don't like it then fucking don't read the posts. Just for the love of christ, will you shut the fuck up about it???
I enjoyed that.
Just saying.
Fuck off you autist.
I just started it
If anyone's interested:
Florida seems like a fun place for skellington parties

Jesus Christ, it's only asking you to stop writing two words which are fucking stupid, why do you have to be such a gigantic faggot?
You met Deep Ones, Anon.
Deal with it you fucking sperg.
ITT: kids arguing over the usage of "be me"

Bmw's are pretty sturdy cars. The only problem is when you buy second hand, which most people do, and the person who owned it before you didn't maintain them. I bought my BWM when it had only 180,000km on the clock and was maintained regularly. It's now hit over 300,000 and the only major issue I have had with it was replacing the diff, which was due to my brother abusing it.

thank you anon! i'll be contributing now
I just researched these Jackson Whites, interesting stuff. Got any stories?
>not realising 90% of your population is sheep
>lrn 2 wales
>coastal town
>glowing eyes
>large forms
You found welsh Deep Ones anon congrats
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