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Guardian Angels & Shadow People
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Has anyone here ever been visited by shadow people? Most likely. Has anyone here ever been protected from one by a guardian angel, however?

This is what prompted me to post on /x/ today. Normally, I just browse & read a few of the more in-depth posts about enlightenment but last night my girlfriend and I were discussing sleep paralysis and she asked me if I ever had any experiences. The truth is, I've had quite a few, beginning with my brothers first hand account of suffering from a few bouts and the ensuing visits.

When I was 15 or 16, my brother began to tell me frightening stories about how a witch would visit him and paralyze his body at night. Nothing sexual ever happened, from what I understand, but he was visited enough by her to believe someone somewhere was cursing or had cursed him. He explained how he would lie awake and watch her watching him, terrified and unable to move. It gave me chills. He was unable to dispel the entity and later revealed to me that there was "something" extremely menacing about her. As if she sought to hurt him.

So, I chose to ignore his stories and put them out of my head completely. He was always interested in ghost stories so I figured he was just trying to take advantage of my skittish disposition and scare me. Especially since we had just recently moved into a home where an elderly gentleman had passed away. My bro was always up to stuff like that, but the look in his eyes when he explained these visits left a lasting impression on me. The fear was real & my brother was rarely afraid of anything. He's the toughest guy I know.

I've always been interested in meditation and started at an early age after reading about it in a Stephen K. Hayes ninjitsu book. It used to help me cope with my depression and inability to focus on important tasks but I always found it difficult to meditate in our new home. I was often left home alone (home-schooled) while my mother & father worked. My brother was usually away at uni during this point in my life and my sister had just begun kindergarten. That left me with a lot of quiet time between studies to do as I pleased, so I chose to meditate. Or try to, anyway.

Whenever I began to relax, my mind would always suddenly "wake up" and my skin would crawl as if someone was looming over me. I'd peek open my eyes and look around, and no one was ever there, but the feeling of being watch never left. Sure, there were a couple of times I was able to have an experience meditating but this was ONLY when someone else was home with me, and in a nearby room. Whenever I was alone my focus would instantly be broken by some unseen force I could only feel. Never hear or see. Only feel.

After a while, I stopped trying to meditate inside. I'd have to venture to the nearby woods and meditate beneath the trees there.

My mother told me one day, after returning home from a friends house, that during the night she had gone downstairs for something to eat & drink when the old intercom system in the house suddenly flicked on. She stopped to listen, but heard no voice. Only static from the other side. Thinking nothing of it (she thought maybe it was malfunctioning) she got her meal and made her way back upstairs. It flicked off as she passed.

And flicked back on, for just a moment, then back off - right in her room when she walked in.

Needless to say, by this point, I was scared shitless by our new home. I was constantly on edge, and sought refuge in the internet. Downloading music was a new thing to me and I would do a lot of it while playing Ragnarok. Between the music and the mundane grind of the game I could tune out the creepiness of the house. That lasted for only a few weeks, as the longer I stayed online, the harder it began to get to tune out the feeling of being watched. It constantly felt like something was hounding me in my own home. It eventually got so bad I began to "accidentally" fall asleep with the lights on. My bedroom door couldn't stay open at night, because if I did leave it open, it felt like something was watching me from the hallway outside.

This was before I was ever introduced to marijuana or alcohol. The paranoia was unreal and I couldn't attribute it to anything.

One night, during a particularly intense gaming session, something slammed - I mean really SLAMMED - against the sliding glass doors located behind me at our computer station. I ripped off the earphones and whipped around and stared. Nothing was there and it was completely dark outside. Collecting my courage, I got up to see if maybe a bat or bird or anything had hit it. Opening the doors I peered out and looked down at the ground. Nothing. Nothing but fingerprints all over the sliding glass doors.

My mom kept those things clean. I regularly helped her. But tonight I decided to just chalk it up to us falling off the glass cleaning routine and called it quits on the gaming for the night.

I had no idea what was about to happen to me as I closed my bedroom doors, turned on my light, and climbed into bed to fall asleep reading.

File: shadowpeople[1].jpg (65 KB, 1000x618) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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My eyes opened at once. The same feeling of someone looming over me that I felt while meditating was completely overpowering and I immediately noticed three things.. my lights were off, I couldn't reach to turn me bedside lamp back on, and my bedroom door was wide open. As my eyes began to adjust to the dark I saw something I'll never forget. Something was standing at the foot of my bed. The pictures I've posted in this thread are all very related.

It was staring at me. No, it didn't have glowing eyes or anything. In fact, it didn't really have a very apparent shape. It appeared to be a tall dark mass, like, draped in a cloak or something but it obviously had its attention on me. Man, I can't even begin to tell you how hard I began to freak out. My mouth wouldn't even open to scream. All I could do is make whimpering noises and muffled "mmmm!!!" noises from my throat. It was so dark, so menacing, it seemed to "soak" up the darkness around it and grow. As if it were feeding off of my fear.

And believe it or not, the thing began to make a noise. Not akin to laughter, but it gave me the sensation that it WAS laughing at me. It was moreso an increasingly loud humming noise. It was more than noise. It filled me. I could feel the noise, but I couldn't move. I couldn't move, but it could. And it started to. Right towards me.

fml I'm getting chills just typing about it

Go on...
And just as it took its first "step" towards me, out of the corner of my eye something came swooping up from the ground floor outside of my house (my room was upstairs, around the corner from my parents) and in through my window. And man, was it moving fast.

It was a huge ball of light much like pic related. It illuminated my entire bedroom. There isn't even much I can say about it because that's all I CAN say to describe it. It was just a huge orb of glowing white light that swept into my room through my window and collided right into the entity.

There was a flash of light and the feeling of being "dropped" back into my body. As if I had been levitating over my bed or something. The moment I woke up was the same moment I felt like I had fallen back into being, and I distinctly remember that without sitting up, the bed had made a noise as if I had really dropped into it. My mattress was an old queen sized spring mattress that made a TON of noise when you moved. To my knowledge I hadn't moved - just woken up with a start in a cold sweat.

My eyes were wet with tears, and I put my hands to my face and began to cry hard once I realized I could move again. Slowly, I reached over and turned my light on and stayed up for the remainder of the night, falling back asleep only once dawn had broken.

Several months later, the same exact thing happened, only at an accelerated speed and without me crying afterwards.

And then it never happened again.

/x/, what happened to me? Did an angel dispel something that was hounding me in my new house? After these two instances I was able to laugh a little and relax a bit when home alone.

The feeling of being watched never went away until we moved out, but I can tell you that it only felt like I was being watched from afar.

Never again did it feel like anything was right over, or right behind me.
I was once chased by shadows in my dreams. But there was this one, tall, hunched over figure, and he said all I had to do to make them go away was to wake up and let him out.
I woke up right after that, and there he was, so large he shouldn't have fit in my door, he was black and formless, eyes that were red with tongueless smokeless fire.
He Said "Thankyou." And turned and kinda just stopped existing, as if walking down my hallway was the a three mile walk, suddenly just buckling away.
I was scared shitless, took a bath, prayed, avoided the mirror, Lit up some sage, put on my uniform. And knocked out
Woke up late for school. I was still in the uniform I had put on.
No way to dream all that. I know what sleep paralysis feels like, this wasn't it.
I've been in similar situations with sleep paralysis. That being, that I have woken up in my bed from a lucid dream and these glowing white things and pitch black things were in my room. Similar deal ending with me waking up in my bed scared as hell. The thing that creeps me out about it is the fact that it is so widely reported among lucid dreamers.

What is it about humans, or dreams that creates these things?
I experienced something that may involve shadow people/guardian angels:

>8 years ago, sleeping with an injury and lot of pain
>some voices inside my room wake me up
> I lift my upper boy,open eyes
>saw two young guys in black coats chatting and giggling
>one notice me and say: "hey! he's awake!", both start hushing, still gigglin
>I'm not afraid, but so tired so tell them "shut up and lemme sleep!"
> they stay there, watching and gigglin, while I returned to sleep.

Honestly doubt to be a sleep paralysis because I could move head, hand and arms and was not afraid at all.
Wow that sounds kind of similar to something that happened to me. It's different, but I can relate.
>grow up to be a Christian
>actually just a Christian-by-name-only
>start to doubt God's existence
>one night spend a long time reading through my Bible to find something to put my doubts away
>give up and say that God doesn't exist
>put Bible on nightstand
>turn off lights, time to sleep
>can't fall asleep, something feels off
>weird noises from below my bed like shuffling of papers
>turn on lights to check it out
>still hear it but can't trace the source of the sound
>try to ignore it, go back into bed, turn off lights again
>noises getting louder
>intense feeling of dread overcomes me
>black shadowy mass at the foot of my bed starts forming
>freaking the heck out by now
>mass grows bigger and beady, orange eyes start forming in pairs inside the mass
>I'm almost crying at this point
>grab Bible near me
>say out-loud "God if you're there, please protect me tonight"
>shortly afterwards mass starts to shrink
>noises start to quiet down
>fall asleep with Bible in arms
>wake up next morning realizing it wasn't a dream and cry
I've had weird dreams in that room before of a witch-like being chasing me through the house. It was the scariest thing I ever saw, and I think I mentally blocked the face from my memory. I never had those dreams again after these events but I know I was being protected that night.
going from awake to asleep leaves you floating momentarily in the planes where these beings dwell, if your consciousness doesnt go to where its supposed to go right away you'll be in this 'inbetween' where you can see them and they can interact with you, i think theyre echoes of people or energy that feeds to survive, fear is enegy, it harvests the people it can.

does this sound like something of an explanation?
Im not sure if these were shadow people or not but here is my two experiences with them.
> be me, age 8
>go to bed
> i soon have a strange dream where i am paralysed but i rolled out of my body with a "popping" noise
>Look around my room
>At the window there is a completely black figure staring at me with glowing red eyes
>All of a sudden it starts banging its head against the window while syaing "huh" repeatedly
>Try to run but it feels like im being pulled back by a rubber band
>Suddenly wake up in a cold sweat

I have another story if you guys are interested, im on a mobile and i cant be fucked typing more atm.
I have heard a lot of stories like these, people feel being watched or as if something was "wrong", the one day shit happens too fast but they remember every second of it.

I'm not saying you are lying OP but i hope you know you are not the only one with a story like this.
tell'em m8
When my grandfather was in seminary he went on a mission trip to new orleans in the early 50's. This happened to him.

>Be grandpa Anon
>Preaching outside the Quartier to anyone who'll listen
>Three young toughs (his words) start heckling you
>They box you in, shoving you back and forth
>One of them pulls a knife
>Nope right out of there
>Be running for your life. Literally. Not thinking, no plan, just running
>Right into a blind alley
>Turn around. Back to the wall. No way out, nowhere to hide
>The kids from earlier followed you in, laughing and taunting, telling you how this is gonna end
>Closer and closer. In arm's reach now
>Make peace with God. Pray for family's safety
>Suddenly the largest, blackest arms you have ever seen reach over your shoulders, grabbing the thugs in a grip that will not be denied
>Their eyes raise to a point somewhere a foot or two above your six foot seven
>The deepest, easiest voice you have ever heard booms out in yat,
"Look here, now. This man has come all the way from Arkansas to try to give y'all some knowledge. What you gonna do is, is stop givin' him a hard time and listen to what he says. Ain't that right?"
>The voice is so deep you can feel it through your spine
>knife hits the ground. Heads bobble yes
>Surely you are freaked right out, but you're a seminarian. One thing you can do is talk
>So you do
>You read some psalms, share your testimony, and ask the boys to join you in prayer for forgiveness, love, and mercy
>You all shake hands and part ways in a state of grace
>You turn to thank the man who saved your hide
>To find a solid brick wall at the end of a blind alley
>You remember that the voice knew where you were from
>You remember that the voice held each boy steady by both shoulders
>There were three kids
>Today was a pretty good day
Thanks for taking the time to relay these stories to the world, Anons. I'm very interested in Shadow People but have never experienced them for myself. Hope to see more people sharing and maybe some theories as well.

Anyone ever experienced a visit from Hat Man?
Boy have I got some things to tell you guys. I saw a shadow person (red-eyed variety) when I was 16, am now 35, and have spent the majority of the time since then doing research. I'm in the process of transcribing audio logs from people I've interviewed into a book. Is there anything you guys would like to ask me?
I have sleep paralysis/hypnagogia on a regular basis. What sets them off is when I try to fall asleep and shortly after something off happens which awakens my mind. I hear a buzzing (painfully)loud noise and feel like falling or being pulled or some combination. First time I got them I was hugely terrified and also saw wierd shit, but now I just deal with the terror and it's alright, just don't open my eyes anymore . After I have one and I can move again, it feels like I slept for 6 hours and I'm feeling pretty refreshed, only to find that approx. 10-30 min have passed. Weird huh?
When I was a very young child I was deathly afraid of the dark, to the extent that I had to have the closet light on when I went to bed. If the light wasn't on, sometimes a man in a large, dark hat would come into my room. I'd get chills and shakes, like a fever, and the ceiling fan would change speeds on its own. Is that what you're talking about Anon?

Sounds like the hatman.
Seriously? I didn't even know that was a thing; figured it was just a sort of bad imaginary friend. Do you know anything about him?
I have a few stories, but im short on time so hopefully i can share them later tonight. For now I'll just give my own personal thoughts on the subject.

These shadow beings are some kind of LVB or lower vibrational being which means they are attracted to lower vibrational states likes sadness or anger or guilt, so being depressed or experiencing some kind of trauma can make you more vulnerable to them. Some I'm sure are more powerful than others, but the ones I personally experienced were scary as fuck at first, but once I calmed down they didn't seem so bad. More like a vulture or rat or hungry dog (not in shape, they've always been humanoid or abstract) than some evil monster. They were just there to feed off my energy, not with any malicious personal intent, but they just came for the all you can eat depression and guilt buffet i was unintentionally offering. They do have ways to kind of tip the balance of your mind to make you more scared or sad or angry to keep you in that state so the food keeps coming, or even to make you a little more relaxed and content to calm you down if you start becoming aware of them or breaking the hold. For me, knowing what it was and knowing the danger (or most of it) was illusory changed the whole experience. Now once I'm aware of an attack I can kind of just will it away, or even call it closer and let it feed, but ive only managed that once.
This same theory can also be looked at in a more physical/scientific way. The mind in those states (depression, anger, etc.) can become very self destructive and erratic. From this view you can look at the shadows as sort of a projection of yourself. Something like the subconscious trying to escape the blame for feeling and thinking these things we know are "wrong" and thus creating an outside imaginary entity we can use as a scape goat for our negativity. While both are the same thing for all intents and purposes I prefer to go the LVB route. I find any kind of healing or emotional work much easier to change through a more spiritual perspective rather than a physical one.

Hope this helps, but I'm out of time. I'll likely be back later with a story or two.


His behavior is very similar to the red-eyed shadowman, and in fact sometimes he is seen with red eyes. He likes to scare people, and he, in contrast to the red-eyed variety, is most often seen indoors. He seems to be attached to places more than people, much like his red-eyed cousin (the eyeless, hatless shadow people seem to attach themselves to people and not places.)

The most common feelings associated with him are fear and dread. Physical illness like you described is a bit uncommon, but not unheard of. We all have different fear reactions. He is, without a doubt, the most mysterious of the types of shadow people, simply because of his rarity.
That kind of makes sense. After we moved to a different house I stopped being afraid of the dark.
I have a guardian shadow woman. She is faceless and terrifying, made of smoke and screams, but she has these encircling arms and whatever else is dreadful out there, she can keep at bay.
It's not always frightening.
The shadow people are the real guardians. You're being hunted, anon. The ball of light was the presence / 'heart' of an unknown entity that feeds off your 'faith' in it. The shadow people exist in a realm parallel to our own, and can only move in darkness as they've strove to eliminate all light from their realm in an effort to defeat the unknown, vaguely sinister Light. The terror you experienced comes from humanity's own misbegotten views on light as inherently good and darkness as inherently bad.

Few people tend to find the brightness of day terrifying, which makes it easier for the Light to move about and conduct it's business unchecked.

If I seem cryptic, it's because I am. All will be revealed, but just know this, anon.

Trust in the shadows.
i think you're a shadow people
File: bedroom_ghosts[1].jpg (21 KB, 600x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Is there a name for shadow people that doesn't have a shape of a body? Like just a big black ball of smoke just looming over a single area?

Kinda like image related but less intense as you can see through it completely quite easily but much bigger and could easily hold a body so it wasn't completely sphere shape but more like a bodybag shape. Lastly there was black smoke looking stuff coming off of it, a weird mix between being smoke and being fire actually.
Well I am going to bed. I highly doubt this thread will still be alive when I wake up but just in case it is and I remember to check back on it,

I am asking as I have one that seem to be stuck in one of my rooms. Even it plain daylight at noon you can see it. Sadly pictures and such doesn't seem to work on it but everybody who look into the room see it right away and generally try to run the hell out of there. The main reason why I got a huge house for almost nothing, everyone else was too chicken to stay in the house.

Before I get suggestions of what to do with it, I already try feeding, talking, recording and so on with it. It is just a big giant black smoke that just hangs there and do nothing. I was actually thinking about turning it into part of a haunted house project for Halloween. It seem safe enough and as far as I can tell the smoke it gives off is completely harmless though others like to claim it make them feel ill but I'm sure that is just a mental thing.

I want to do more research on it but I could never find a suitable name for it.
Sorry i was doing other stuff, here is my second encounter with shadow people
>Be me, age 16
>Falling asleep
>All of a sudden i start intensely vibrating and cant move
>I start to see a fully black figure with red eyes poke its head through my door
>Oh fuck
>All of a sudden i feel like im falling then snap out of it
That was the most intense feeling of malice i ever recieved just by looking at something, i was pretty shooken up.
The only Shadow people i see are ones that look through my doorway very ;ate at night. I frezze up and shit myself, then they leave and I dont see it for ages.
Really thats interesting i know a few others who see them peek through their door as well thats wierd.... i also have a couple more experiences but i wont type them up unless the thread gets interest.
I used to live in an old house up north where an old man died in the cellar by drowning because a pipe broke and he got trapped in some hole down there. I used to have the worst dreams and feelings in that house. Do note, my room up stairs was directly above where he died.

I always had an eery feeling in my room. It felt like the darkest room in the house despite the large window next to my bed. One night I was sleeping and I began having really bad night terrors. One of the worst I've ever had. In the dream I was being pushed, pulled, grappeled, what have you, by a dark entity. It led me down the stairs, through my kitchen, and by the cellar door. I don't know what woke me up but when I did, I was in the fetal position bawling my eyes out right by the cellar door. The door was open.

I must have sleeped walked, but I've always felt I was being led there down into the cellar. It happened on more than one occasion.

I'd also have the typical cold air moving through me or a feeling of being watched all the time.
Other stories. My sister was alone in that house one night. She told me that she went to the kitchen and made a bowl of cereal and went back to her room. A couple of minutes later she went back into the kitchen and all of the drawers and cabinets were wide opened, picture frames tilted to the sides.
If occult + science = Scientology then shadowpeople + scientist = Scientology lawyers.
>occult + science FICTION = Scientology
File: 3MMcxLh.jpg (77 KB, 640x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I used to see him when I was younger. hell, i didn't even know "hatman" was a THING then.
It was when I was 10-11ish (a lot of weird shit happened those two years), When I was younger, my closet didnt' have doors on it, because the frames or something were screwed up. So, there would just be an empty frame, and then clothes. However, for months on end, he would just stand in the arch of my bedroom closet late at night. It was the scariest fucking thing I can recall experiencing at that age, and it took placing my stuffed animals against my back like a sort of "shield" to sleep properly. Even then, when I'm alone, I need to keep my back to a wall to sleep. I get too paranoid otherwise.

You can imagine, when I started coming around here and saw a picture, all the horrible memories of that guy came flowing back; but three cats sleeping on the bed kinda abates the fears now a days.
When i was young, i would always have dreams that centered around a very tall, broad shillouette. Some of these would include me turning on the light and this figure would come storming down the stairs, almost at the speed of sound and grab me, i would then wake up panicked. This was a recurring dream that eventually went away, but I had many dreams like this, all with this same silhouette. I even had a name for these creatures that I made up, I called them "Ooo ooo's"

Yeah, my childhood m8
>made of smoke and screams
Alright, i admit im new to this but how is she made of screams
File: 1351684879047.jpg (176 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I remember I had some creatures living under my bed.

They wouldn't come out in the light, so I would take running jumps at my bed from the light switch at night.
When I was young, I always cought a glimpse of what I thought was a man in a trench coat and a cowboy-like hat. I always felt skeeved out whenever I saw him. Places that I remember seeing him include my houses basement, by a wall when I was playing baseball one time,
And one time in a hallway at my private grammar school. It was just an all black shadowy figure.
The man sorta looked like these >>14937757 except all black
After reading these chains of posts this was indeed that hat man. I made the posts about seeing him multiple times. Someone explain him a little more for me?
Funny, I also had "ooo ooo"s. Mine were flying shapes in the plaster of my ceiling that would begin circling like vultures when I was alone.
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darker woods.jpg
875 KB, 1920x1080
I was the anon talking about him living in the closet for a couple months.

From what I can say, he just sorta stares and scares the shit out of you. One night he was there, the next he was gone. I was also having a really hard time in school because I was bullied a lot, so maybe he is drawn to negativity as well.

I'm sorry I can't help you much more. All I really have to go on is personal experience and what he looked like.

This description fits him perfectly. Where the hat was, I never saw a face. I dont' want to imagine what that face looked like, if there ever was one.
Oh god... This is a thing???

Well heres my story ill greentext

> Be 3
> Earliest of my memories
> Go to bed early every night.
> Door would be open when I went to sleep
> Long skinny man wearing a tall fedora-esque hat would come in and shut the door
> Called for mom
> She came and stayed in my bed untill I fell alseep
> This happened regularly
> Eventually I wasnt afraid of him he just stood and watched.
> Have a dream where everything is spinning around different colors etc
> Dont see him again
> Mom died when I was 9
> Be 12
> Have dream about hat man
> wake up and start screaming for my mom
> No one answers and I realize im stupid and he wont hurt me.

I dont know and tbinking back on it it kind of scares me and facinates me.
I dun seen some shadow peoples once.

>Going to sleep on futon in my bedroom at around 2 AM, was about 15 years old
>Room is pitch black, on 2nd floor, no light source at all, inside room or out
>Can barely see hand in front of face
>Suddenly see 2 black masses on the wall in the shapes of men
>Generic trench coat + hat, and the robed one too
>The fuck
>Get up, look out window, like I said above no light source to cast a shadow, or moonlight
>Turn around thinking they would be gone
>Still there, not moving
>Lay back down
>Feel completely safe, not threatening at all
>Close my eyes and go to sleep
>6 years later haven't seen them since

Was interesting. I've never hallucinated before, and I wasn't sleep deprived enough to just have been seeing things. I still think about it from time to time.

The scariest part was the morning after, when I realized I wasn't spooked at all when I saw them, and was more scared after I woke up. Like they somehow put me at ease or something when they were there.
>The scariest part was the morning after, when I realized I wasn't spooked at all when I saw them, and was more scared after I woke up. Like they somehow put me at ease or something when they were there.

Yeah that is bizarre.
File: 1400046160848.gif (956 KB, 400x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
956 KB, 400x240
>be 4 or 5 years old
>2:00 am
>in bed sleeping
>woke up after a nightmare
>Used to have 3-4 nightmares per week
>Anyways, wake up after a nightmare
>See giant, darker than pitch black "thing" with red eyes staring at me
>become confused/scared shitless
>as soon as I get scared it smiles
>blink and it's gone
>wake up brother and tell him what I just saw
>"You were dreaming Anon, go to bed"
There's interest! So much interest. Please Anon?
The shadow people are only here to help. Watch for the so called guardians made of light. It's a terrible and cold brightness.
>be me about 14 (19 now)
>chilling with grandma on couch in den watching some tv
>Something down the hallway in front room catches my eye somehow even though paying attention to tv
>about six foot tall black as pitch humanoid figure walking across room
>Continues walking with a slight hunch until it disappears out of sight presumably to garage or under staircase
>Look at grandma she's looking where weird shadow figure was
>we saw same thing
>Grandma says it's probably her dead sister, my aunt
>Aunt was not six feet tall
Well that's a problem now isn't it.
If that's your aunt then I'm Elvis.
Did she die in high heels?
Hmm she died in a hospital dead so I wouldn't say so ya fuck

Bed* rather

Anyone else you know die?
Not sure if I was hallucinating or anything but oh well. When I was about 8 or 9 I remember being somewhere between awake and asleep. Sometimes I'd see these black figures shuffling around in front of my room, sometimes by the door. Haven't seen them after my family moved out
I too was being bullied in school at the time and was plotting to beat people up so I must've been a buffet to him.
Guys, thank you for all the fantastic responses in the thread and taking the time to share your experiences with me. As much as I would like to claim they bring me comfort, I must admit they only arouse more curiosity than anything else.

After doing some further research in shadow people being the actual guardians, I found that the Cherokee actually believed them to be guiding spirits and have seen them for thousands of years. I have also learned they are seen in the US more than anywhere else in the world (perhaps due to our high death rates) with NC being a hot spot for activity in particular.

I live in North Carolina.

So all of this new information leaves me wondering if the shadow person I saw WAS in fact trying to help me by 'eating' away my fear, etc or if it was a low level malevolent entity.

The bigger question is this, however - if the white light wasn't an angel, as I would have liked to believe (I've had several unnatural occurrences involving near death experiences that I've been 'rescued' from, and attributed to this light, if anyone is interested) then WHAT is the light exactly?

Any info regarding the light in particular?
What's near it..?
Does anyone know how to torment shadow people?
..or above it (in roof crawl space?)
I've never encountered shadow people, although my mom says I have shadow people following me, and a couple pagans have confirmed that they sense not being alone when I'm around.
Although, on the flip side, whenever I go camping I feel totally safe and protected. I've been to a friend's house that she was convinced is haunted, and she said verbatim "It feels like he's holding his breath when you're around". I'm native american, and my grandmother was the last of a line of medicine women, so perhaps the spirits are protecting me? Or maybe something my ancestors did has granted me some sort of get out of jail free card, and they just leave me alone?
I've never experienced sleep paralysis, though sometimes(often) I get the feeling of being watched when I sleep or when I walk around outside at night. I hope I never encounter a shadow person.
Didn't read this post until I got all the way to the bottom.
I'm not Cherokee in particular but like I said in >>14941624 it's always felt like spirits back off when I'm around, and even though my mom says she can sometimes see the shadow people following me(I think it's 3-5 shadow people, not just one) they've never hurt me and I've never felt them mess with me when I'm asleep. It kind of feels like they stop at the archway of my doorframe, it would make sense because I've done some protection rituals for my room but not the house or property(which I really should).
It would also make sense that shadow people are more common here, if they're the spirits of native americans, cowboys, or other types of people throughout time their reactions are gonna vary. I don't think all shadow people are bad, just like not all people are bad, but I believe they're usually harmful.

OP I think you have a guardian, I don't know if it's an angel in particular but something good that wants you to live. Maybe you could try offering it food or flowers and it might want to reveal itself to you.
I see them all the time.
Whether I feel calm or terrified when I see one is about half and half though, so I can't tell whether or not they're good or bad.
Tell us about them. I got time.
Hey!! I actually have a lot of experience with this!

I've seen shadow people all the time since I was little, a lot more when I was younger though. Used to watch then quietly every night on my wall walk around, sometimes dance. One night I tried to talk to them and a couple of then came off the wall and approached me, they grabbed me and I was suddenly out of body looking down on them holding me. They suddenly vanished or left or something, I looked out of my window down off the 2nd floor of my house to see a bright white figure looking up to me. That scared the piss out of me. I continued to see the bright figure untill this day, shadow people on and off, and specifically one really terrifying one I can never seem to make leave for good. I haven't seen it in a few months though, I was meditating one night, I felt it sort of brooding over me and I got scared.
But then I got really mad for some reason, I was just pissed it couldn't take a hint or leave, I never opened my eyes, but I heard fire, I heard it clear as day all around me. Haven't seen it since. Will probably be back though.
Thank you for responding and sharing your story. As much as I would like to make some sort of friendly connection with these entities if they are indeed a guardian of some sort, I can't say I'm too keen to the idea of offering anything to whatever they may be unless I'm certain I know what I'm dealing with. The spirit world is a strange place.

Assuming you are referring to my near death experiences, I've got three that stand out and are all different.

A few months back when i was sleeping,the top half of a shadow person appeared above me.It said "i've come to get you."I then told it to fuck off and gave it the bird.The thing then laughed and said "i'll be back for you."

I still don't know if it really happened or if it was a dream.Looking forward to meet that bugger anyway.
1) when I was 17 or so, my friend and I had the swell idea of pulling me along down the road I lived on via car and skateboard. It wasn't the brightest thing in the world, and it embarrasses me to discuss, so I'll keep this one relatively short.

Long story short, it was a long straight road that gave him plenty of time to accelerate but neither of us factored in how we were supposed to stop with me skating ahead or bailing safely. As the stop sign approached, he hit the brakes and my body flew forward. My head was aiming right at the pavement, and I know for a fact it slammed against the ground. My vision was engulfed in white light, and the next thing I remember was standing up and being perfectly fine. My friend looked shocked out of his gourd as I dusted myself off, grinned, and walked home. There was no pain. This was could almost be easily dismissed, save the fact another kid tried to same exact thing a few years later on the same road and ended up nearly dying in the hospital. A part of me believes I should have died that night but my landing was ridiculously soft.

2) two years later I fell dangerously ill. Turns out I had both pneumonia and bronchitis, confining me to my bedroom for a week and a half I have nearly no recollection of save for one memory.

I was floating through what appeared to be a black ocean beneath a starless sky. Every time I would submerge beneath the waves my body would bob back up until I finally decided the comfort of the dark sea was too pleasing to deny, and with that thought went under with no sensation of floating back up. Same as with the other experiences, when my vision became clouded with darkness it was broken by white light, and the next thing that happened was I woke up to my mother crying over me, saying she loved me. We don't say things like that to each other, hardly ever.

3) I've nearly drowned a lot. A lot a lot.

Well, when I was about 7 or 8 my mother and one of her friends took me to the beach with them. The ocean was really riled up on this day in particular, but we made the trip and didn't want it to go to waste, so I put my little goggles on and waded in with the rest of the crowd. Needless to say it wasn't long before I found myself peering up at the most obnoxiously large wave I had ever seen in my life. It crashed down on top of me, ripping off my goggles, my snorkel, and slamming my body against the ocean floor. All the air I held inside of me was knocked out, and my first impulse was to breath in.

So I did.

And when I did, contrary to what one would expect, I didn't get two lungs full of water. In fact, I breathed in what I remember to be some of the most refreshing air I had ever inhaled in my entire life.

Yes, I was submerged under the water. Yeah, I just said I breathed underwater. And I agree, it sounds like complete bullshit.

But it happened and I'm alive to share this story with you now.
Hey Op thats pretty interesting. Duriing Sleep paralysis I often feel my body levitating but I soon realize it wasnt my body. This may be astral prjection that we experienced.
I'm glad I decided to check out /x/ me and my sister use to see shadow people but in a figurative different light.
She always was more in tune with those "things". I was at one point but I closed it off somehow.

Anyways yes we saw them mainly in low income housing. It felt like they gave a presence of fear not from them selfs but from merely existing. We have had many experiences with those things almost on a daily basis. I can recount some of it if you would like.
My sister and I both saw those things. We think they are imprints in time of a moment of powerful emotion or energy rather than sentient things. They would crawl along as if quickly pulled by a rope at their waist as if stuck in a certain moment.
..kick it ass.. :)
pretty funny, problaby just playing around..
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