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ITT: Spooky personal experiences
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ITT: Spooky personal experiences

>be me, driving down back road with my friend at night
>Anon I gotta take a shit, can you pull up somewhere?
>Pull up to a gas station out in fucking nowhere
>friend rushes into station
>stay out in the small lot right next to the station
>start fucking around on my phone
>flick lighter a few times
>movement out of the corner of my eye
>I dont see anything but blackness
>Hairs stand up on end
>Jesus Christ friend, take a shit and lets fucking go
>look in rearview mirror
>see friend
>look at him closer
>his face doesn't seem normal
>something is very wrong
>he gets in the car
>he's completely silent
>worried as hell
>I suddenly get a text
>jump in my seat
>its my friend that just texted me
>he's asking if i want anything from the store
>announce I have to piss
>get out of car slowly
>sprint to store
>run up to my friend, who is browsing the gum
>explain there is someone in our car as I panic
> we both drop our shit and run outside
>no one is in the car, the door is open
>we slide into my car and peel out in the parking lot

I haven't gone back to that place since, and nothing like that has happened since.
Sometimes (very rarely) shit will just fly off the shelf, sometimes people notice it sometimes they don't.

The most blatant one was a bottle jumped up to head height from the counter in the kitchen with multiple witnesses.

More weird than spooky I guess

lol, a hobo got in ur car.
>be me
>be on my break from work. Walking around
>mall type setting
>be walking down long hallway
>people are around. Nothing strange
>until wait
>my boyfriend is walking towards me from the opposite end of the hall.
>he's staring at me, not smiling or anything
>wtf it's like noon he would so not be around here now.
>continue walking closer. I start smiling like 'lol wtf are you doing here'
>suddenly he starts smiling back. Huge grin. Nothing like he would smile like.
>horrible feeling
>get even closer, can totally see his face clearly
>is not him.
>looks just like him. Is not him.
>something is off. His skin looks weird. He's smiling weird. It's just not him. Though looks exactly like him.
>move around him. Realize maybe I'm tripping.
>stop. Look behind me at him
>he's still walking. He keeps waking for a while.
>omg I'm jus tripping
>suddenly, he looks over his shoulder back at me.
>call my bf. he's at work.
this happened a while back still don't know what happened.

>friend and I get into ghost hunting/stories
>hear from friend that some ghost hunter needs help fixing some cameras and shit so fuck it let's try it out
>meet this lone guy in the middle of nowhere at some deserted house (2 story)
>we greet each other and he tells us stories about it usually just being vagrants and shit while we place cameras and recorders around the place
>we walk out the house and says he's leaving but if we want we can hang out for a while so we say goodbye ot him
>it's around 2am
>dare friend to touch the farthest closet room door with
>he dares me to do the same
>we start going and joking and shit and finally touch door
>out of nowhere we hear a door slam shut
>time to start shitting pants commences
>hear walking on floorboards but can't find out where it's at
>hyperventaliting by now
>say fuck it let's walk to the stairs and then just bust tail
>fly the fuck out of there and start hearing floorboards creaking real close behind us
>get to car door and we start peeling out
>look back and see something slam the front door closed
>next day
>the cameras don't even pick us up going back in the house nor the screaming and running and shit
As much as I have lurked over the years, I've never actually posted on here. So here's my sole ghost story.

My dad and I bought a cabin in the woods in central New Jersey. My mom had died when I was very young, and so it was just my dad, our dog Judy, and me. The cabin was very old, and had been there since the 1800's apparently, and the gentleman my father had bought the cabin off of was very old and had lived there full time for apparently 45 years. We had bought it primarily to use in the summer and so forth, as it was surrounded by remote wilderness. That summer, we moved all our stuff in as we planning on spending a few months there. My dad worked in political campaigns, so he worked seasonally, so he could afford to spend long periods of time doing whatever the fuck he wanted to do. So it was just my dad, me, and our dog in this old ass cabin living off the fat of the land that summer. Every night however I would lie in terror as I would hear rumblings and the shuffling of feat in the attic, and what sounded like people moving up and down the stairs. I'd look to Judy, who would sleep next to me on the floor, and she would never even lift her head. I assumed it must all be in my head, however when I'd go downstairs in the morning, all the stuffed animals sitting on the steps next to railing were all knocked to the floor. My dad had been grieving hard over my mom's death for years and never came to full grips with it. The stuffed animals were hers, and he never got rid of them. He lined the stairs with them in decoration. Every night for two weeks the noises would get louder in the attic, I'd lie terrified, Judy wouldn't notice, and the following mornings, the animals would all be on the ground. My dad slept on the main floor and apparently never noticed, because when I finally brought it up to him, he was alarmed by it, and assumed Judy was the one knocking over the stuffed animals, like the clumsy dog she was.

So that night, my dad decided to sleep upstairs with Judy and me, and that night it was louder and scarier than ever before. That night Judy was completely alert, and my dad noticed too. It was terrifying, and just thinking about it now makes me feel uneasy. My dad then explained to me what the old man told him when he bought the place, how he warned him of not putting anything in the attic, and how the attic was a perfectly preserved bedroom for a person who was born and grew old and died in that house before he bought it. He warned my dad to not put anything in the attic, and me, not knowing this, had put a lot of our hunting and fishing shit up there, because my dad told me to put it away after I had dumped it all on the floor of the living room, and me, being the little shit that I was, decided to pick it up off one floor, and put it on another, one that wouldn't get me yelled at. Let me tell you guys, that room is still preserved to this day, a bedroom frozen in time. After I moved all the shit off the floor of the attic, the noises stopped, the stuffed animals weren't being knocked to the floor, and everything returned to normal.

My only experience with the paranormal, and hopefully my last. Probably not as scary as some shit you guys have seen, but that was enough for me.
>be hobbo
>desperate for ride
>need out of this shit town
>staying at a fucking gas station
>cousin has job waiting
>new life if i can just get to him
>see guy standing by car
>light from phone illuminating his face
>maybe he will give me a lift
>walk towards his car
>he looks up and seems to acknowledge me
>get in his car
>gives me weird look
>slowly gets out of car
>then runs to gas station
>wtf did i do something wrong?
>get creepy feeling
>like maybe he's planning something
>maybe he's a killer
>slip out of car
>don't even close door
>run for life
You fucking left the car open in public? Shit OP you scary
14yrold fags, LoL
Good shit anon
underrated post

ever take pictures or did research?
Something happened to me when I was a child that still perplexes me to this day:

>be 8 yrs old
>9 o'clock
>bed time for the kids
>me and two brothers share king size bed
>brothers usually fall asleep before me
>I usually lie awake for 30 mins at the most before drifting off to the sound of my brothers' snoring
>this night I can't get sleepy
>look at clock, only 10:30pm-ish
>look out window
>wonder if I just keep my eyes closed, sleepiness will come
>close my eyes
>near instantly, a bright light illuminates my eyelids
>open eyes expecting to see one of my sisters or parents shining a flashlight in my face
>it's the fucking sun
>look at clock
>7:00 am
>everyone else still asleep/snoring
>few minutes later, mom comes in and tells us to get up and ready for school

I got in trouble at school for falling asleep in class all day because I had no energy.

What the fuck happened, /x/?
Y'know, maybe a guy that looked like your boyfriend just happened to be in a mall.

People do look like some other people.
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>hanging out with friend, chilling out and acting like crackheads at a park
>baseball field next to park, which is behind an elementary school
>gets around 8-9 PM
>getting dark
>walking along sidewalk outside school to the entrance to see if we can get in and get water
>figure catches my eye
>tap friend, we're both staring at the figure in the baseball field
>somewhat on the edge of the treeline of the field, couple meters ahead of it, just standing still facing us
>stare at it for a few moments
>friend blurts out, "thats creepy as fuck, lets bounce"
>agree, start walking away
>look back momentarily
>see it running towards us
>my fucking face when
>sprint like niggers all the way down the parking lot and across the street into somebody's bush
>can't get a bead on the guy, hide for a good 5 minutes
>walk back to my house together, his brother picks him up
It could be an autistic squatter.
No, I never actually looked into it. Maybe I should.
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I had a decent one last night...
Roads are pretty spooky, huh?
But seriously, what am I supposed to be looking at here?
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>grew up on farm
>remember spooky things there
>last night I'm back in my hometown
>the house has been abandoned
>strange urge to visit it
>with friends all day
>it's dark now
>fuck it I want to see the old farm
>driving there (have to take the highway 10-20 minures)
>a patch of fog sits right above the turn off for the farm (picture 1)
>spoopy there's no water near this road to my memory
>now driving down a gravel road
>foggy as all fuck and getting worse
>headlights start to dim for a second or two periodically even though being on high beams the whole time (managed to get a picture of it)
>yes I know low beams in fog but the whole thing was so surreal
>have been travelling down this road for a while now
>longer than the expected turn off

>me and friend are going for a run
>it's around 11pm
>go to elementary school playground to stretch and play on swings beforehand
>we're 18
>swing on swings
>hear faint tapping sound
>it's probably nothing
>I bet I can swing higher than you, fucker
>tapping continues
>we get off swings
>pass by the big slide
>the tapping sound is very close
>suddenly, friend is struck by tiny pebble
>friend stops dead
>dude, look up there holy shit
>there are two eyes staring straight at us, suspended in space
>freak out
>while fleeing, I can see that the eyes belong to an adult black guy
>a homeless black man was watching us and throwing rocks the whole time
>alone with dog in house on outskirts of town
>rather small house despite it being two stories
>surrounded by trees on all but one side
>one night, be on computer upstairs
>hear a strange, very low humming noise
>turn off everything in room that's making sound
>sound is coming from outside
>open window
>sound is coming from woods
>as I listen, it gets louder
>see nothing
>starting to get creeped
>dog getting nervous and whining
>fuck this
>close/lock window, close shades, lock door, get bat
>noise is so loud, windows rattling
>sounds like a jet engine hovering over my house
>suddenly, everything silent
>be still
>very faint sound of multiple footsteps outside
>footsteps fade in the direction of my backyard
>think I hear back door open
>heart racing, clutching bat, sweating bullets
>dog is a puss and is just hiding under bed without a peep
>hear muffled footsteps throughout first floor
>now there's some coming up the stairs
>something's just outside the door

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>this isn't right
>set the trip
>I don't know if you know how range roads and township roads work
>but for those that don't
>township roads every 2 miles
>range roads every 1
>I'm awaiting a township
>feel like I've already went two miles
>going slow as fuck because fog no way I missed the turn
>watching trip
>have went two miles with no sign of a township road
>starting to get uneasy
>fog is so thick I can barely see into the ditches now
>hit 4 miles on my trip
>so around 5-6 miles down the road
>no sign of life and the fog is building
>lights dimming more often
>suddenly the radio turns to static
>confused as I remember getting this radio station at the house as a kid
>change the station
>they're all static now
And then...
>pussy out and turn around
>stay at a friends

Did I find silent hill?

>right before fight or flight kicks in, dog barrels out from under bed and charges the door
>his growl is like nothing I've heard before, deep and guttural
>dog continues to growl like a demon for about a minute before turning to me and lifting his ears
>be still
>hear silence
>to be safe, I wait about an hour in silence
>dog is just panting and wagging his tail
>deem it safe to go out
>open door
>first thing that hits me is a terrible stench like rancid formaldehyde
dog runs downstairs and sniffs about
>I check all rooms with my bat
>nothing but that lingering smell
>go downstairs
>nothing out of place in livingroom
>go to kitchen
>fridge door slightly open/a few cabinet doors open
>after determining all is safe and nothing is stolen, I lock every door and window, retreating back to my room where I stay awake through the night with my dog and bat

Nothing like that has happened again. I occasionally get a whiff of that terrible smell outside my house, but never inside, thank god.
This didn't happen to me, but my sister swears that when she was younger, she witnessed the family portraits on the walls start moving their mouths as if talking to each other, though she doesn't recall hearing anything.
Maybe not spoopy, but I have vivid memories of having two 7th birthdays. Whenever I bring it up to my parents, they seem to get mad and tell me I'm just delusional. It's weird how much their moods change when I mention it.
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I can think of a few things that can explain this.

Most "normal" one: Parents forgot you are 6/8 and made you a 7th birthday.

You are a clone, you have memories of your original self's life, but you were somehow put into his shoes in the past, which made you have this memory. And your parents know about this.
>at my cousin's
>family dinner is being held there
>while we wait for dinner to be ready, my brother, my cousins and I all hang out outside
>we play, fuck around and have fun
>it's night time and they live in a middle-lower class neighborhood
>not very well lit, usually just two or three crappy lamps hanging from some wires
>we hang out at street, we're playing tag and being dumbasses

When we drive there, we always drive down the same street. Driving past their house, the neighborhood continues for a bit and then it's just the outskirts of the city. Not much over there. Going down that road, it's mostly dark. Almost no lights, if any.

>looking down that road we can see three dots, picture related, looks like the red dot sight from predator
>it's right in the middle of the street
>can't be a trailer truck because who the fuck parks a trailer truck in the middle of the street
>just 3 dots there, not moving, not doing anything, have been there for atleast 15 or 20 minutes, they do get dimmer as time passes
>we get called inside, dinner's ready
>dots still there, though barely visible
>after we're done with dinner, we go outside, nothing there

I don't know exactly what that was.
There's another spookier story that happened in that house too, I'll share if anything is interested.
I am interested!
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File: ghosts-11008-133.jpg (428 KB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Not sure what is this.


Alright then.

I can't recall exactly why, but one of my cousins and my aunt were at my house, I think they were over for dinner or something, and my dad drove them back to their home. It was late, so it was totally dark outside. Again, same old poorly lit neighborhood, their house had only a small little light at the front door, nothing else. The surroundings of the house are all dark.

My mom, my brother and I decided to tag along for some reason. So we get there, my dad parks the car at their huge frontyard, and they get out of the car. It's kind of a dangerous neighborhood, so my dad goes with my aunt to open the door and make sure she's safe.

From this point on I will split the stories into our perspective (people in the car) and my dad/aunt's.

>dad and aunt get out of the car and walk up to the front door
>the door opens and they stand there staring at the inside of the house
>"...what are they doing?"
>they exchange a few words, but they still don't go into the house
>my dad grabs a huge wooden stick laying around and with my aunt, they go around the house
>we don't see them for a while
>eventually my dad comes out of the front door and joins us in the car
>"what happened?"


>dad goes with my aunt to the front door
>they unlock the door and the door opens on it's own
>"come on in" someone inside says
>according to my dad, whoever said this sounded like my uncle
>the house was empty at that time, no one was there
>he grabs the wooden stick and asks my aunt to follow him
>they walk around the house and get to the back door, leading to their bedroom
>they open it (it's a sliding glass door) and go inside the house
>they check everything
>no one is there
>dad comes out and joins us in the car

If I remember correctly, that's what happened. This wasn't a joke, my dad did not seem like he was joking at all. I don't think anyone found an explanation to what happened that night either.
(This is real)
>be me
>ho to lake by coast
>swimming all is good
>pain in ear and can't hear well
>whole way home fucking with it
>ear goea deaf
>Go to doctor
>Have swimmers ear
>gives me codine tylonol
>says take 1 every 8 hours
>take 3
>sitting in chair
>look at clock
>Look at feet
>look right back at clock
>6:30 pm
good stuff
Or maybe his parents were on a "break" but worked it out and they just want to forget about it
but being a clone is easier
>Be on /x/
>See a thread that's not obnoxious new-age bullshit
>Read it
nice shitpost
That happens to more people than you think, especially to kids. I remeber seeing a huge thread about that over on /b/, everyone was sharing stories about the "blink sleep" thing. It's happened to me. I was like 6, and my birthday was the next day. I close my eyes from the darkness, and when I woke back up - all of my presents were around and shit. I knew it was a full night of sleep but..strange.
Well I am sort of lazy so I had no intention of writing but here is something that happened to my aunt in my house.

>my aunt is a Jehovah witness
>everything is from the devil to them
>my parents where not in town
>me and my little brother were home alone
>my aunt went to the house to clean & cook
>most of the time she went around afternoon
>some hours later we would come from school
>one day my aunt went to the house and heard something in my room
>I always lock my room, she called my name
>no one answered, I was at school obviously
>she heard that someone had thrown everything in my room to the floor
>she heard like someone was moving the door knob
>she NOPED the fuck out
>my aunt came later when we returned from school
>my room was just as I left it
>she was blaming it on all the stuff I had in my room
>Shonen Jump, Newtype USA, other magazines, manga, anime, etc
>I have never experienced anything weird while awake, not even when drunk
>maybe my aunt had a hallucination or something

The most paranormal thing I've experienced was when someone was calling my name in my room, but I was half a sleep so I don't really count that. I am skeptic as hell, though if someone tells me a paranormal experience in person or over the internet I wouldn't think that they are insane. Though obviously I would believe them either, if I experienced something paranormal I would think I am going insane if it keep happening and I would go to a psychiatrist.
>Though obviously I would believe them either
Though obviously I wouldn't believe them either

That's weird.

jsyk, I asked my mom about the incident at my aunt's and she remembers it, but not quite as well as I do. She does remember my dad going around the house to the back.
>That's weird.
Yeah but I never experienced anything weird while fully awake. While sleeping only some nightmares and sometimes sleep paralysis. Though this last few years I've more or less slept like a baby. I have even slept alone in the house a lot. In winter I spend a month home alone by myself.
>that room is still preserved to this day, a bedroom frozen in time.
And yet no pictures.
That happened to me when I was really little. I cut my foot on some broken glass and my dad patched me up and put me in bed. I remember looking up at those stars that you can stick on the ceiling that glow, and then suddenly it's noon the next day.
Could it have been a doppelgänger?
>early teens
>sitting outside
>hear my a guy laugh inside
>go in to see who dad brought over
>nobody's here
>pops drives up
>see him get out car.
>be me
>get strange feeling during meal
>suddenly something pulls me out of my chair
>room goes black
>suddenly fire
>smell of old blood and sweat
>see something again
>not my room, but some stinky basement
>be in middle of badly drawn pentagram
>skinny faggot screams and jerks of in front of me
>quickly get back home
>cry all afternoon, ptsd

Humans are scary.
>Did I find silent hill?

No. You chickened out before you found anything at all.
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sadhu smoking 1.jpg
61 KB, 600x450
>realized gonna die so fuck it we sadhu now

And dubs
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You're a bitch for not fighting with your dog by your side.
Yep. I'll admit it. I was terrified for my life.
For reference at the time of this incident I lived in a house that had been used as a daycare by the people who lived there immediately before us. Because of this they had to have a fire exit for the second story, so I had a door that went from my second story bedroom outside. (Which would have been way more useful to my teenage self.)

>be me as a small child (9ish)
>be playing in my room by myself
>hear laughing and voices
>get up and open door, thinking maybe some kids had come to play in empty field next to house
>disappointed to see no one there
>shrug it off and decide its probably older kids walking around the high school across the street
>go back to playing
>hear it again
>realize its coming from my toys
>being raised in a strict christian home run down to tell my mom
>she comes upstairs
>immediately goes back downstairs and calls the church
>pastor and shit ton of church folk come over
>the walk through the house praying etc... all the lights off only candles
>culminating in burning a bunch of my toys and some of my brothers as well
>fucking traumatized for life

I've always regretted telling my mom about the voices. Maybe they were bad, but then again maybe not. I was just too frikkin scared because of all those little comic-pamphlets they let us read in the church I didn't know to intuit if the spirit/whatever was malevolent or not.
Is that a 944
Good man. At least you're honest. Most people wouldn't fight some unknown monster.
I've had what seems to be an impossible memory in the back of my mind until recently. I brought it up at dinner with my mum and older sister and they were both spooked because there was no way I could've known so much. Really need an explanation if possible.

>be me, not sure of age but very young
>walking with dad and older sister to a pizza hut
>plaid design on booth furniture
>sit down and mum comes over to say hi and takes our order
>the memory ends there
>bring it up during dinner about a week ago
>mum was a waitress at Pizza Hut in town centre in the 80s
>10~15 years before I was born, 5~9 before sister was born
>tell her what the design of the furniture was, what uniform she wore
>too spooped
>"anon, I never told you I worked at PH"

There's no way I could have this memory. It's clear as day. Even if I were told all these details, I wouldn't have acknowledged it.
Anyone else with impossible memories they can't explain?

You've literally never talked to anybody about sleep before in real life, have you? Literally everybody I know has experienced this, typically dozens of times. It tapers off as you age. I personally always found these to be the MOST recharging nights.
Is that a Porsche 924 or 944?
My nigga. I owned a 924 when I first got my license. Fucking fun cars for a good price, but they turn into insane money pits with repair costs thanks to imports and pain in the ass German engineering making work tough.
>be driving down a heavily forested backroad in bumfuck upstate NY with gf
>see something hunched over on the side of the road
>looks like a porcupine or something but the size of a small bear
>big feet and honey badger/sloth-like claws
>large, bulky,
>keep driving, still thinking it's a porcupine for some reason
>finally dawns on me that it could not have been a porcupine
>turn around and drive back
>it's still there, hunched over like before
>slow down to get a better look
>it suddenly takes off into the woods.
>moves in a similar fashion to a hare

what makes it even weirder...

>call mom last night
>mention the animal
>she says that about a year ago she saw what she thought was a honeybadger but bigger on a similar road, not far from where I was
>there's no fucking honey badgers in NY
>there's no large black and white animals with huge feet/claws

the fuck did we see? also have 2 UFO stories
This has happened to me before, I was 5 or 6, and I watched from my top bunk as my mom closed the door, only to open it the next second ready to my brother and I up.
>Driving home from a friends house super late.
>Live out in the country so I have to drive through a bunch of back roads.
>Getting super tired so I have to slap myself.
>Drive past a rich persons house and see a small figure in a pink hoodie.
>Hmmm, 3am, why the fuck would someone be checking their mail
>The figure looks towards me, eyes flash, figure blinks out of existence.
>No smoke, no fazing out, just gone.

Yep, I sure as shit was awake after that and ready to get the fuck home.
please share yuu-foe stories
you woke up at the unoptimal REM cycle

>2 UFO stories

Go ahead...
File: toy-story-best.jpg (483 KB, 1934x1088) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
483 KB, 1934x1088
>Andy no!
so did your mom hear anything too?
>crazy religious nut makes excuse to have control over your life
I don't know she never told me. Assumedly either she did, or she hated my toys.
>calling others 14
>go to bed
>change out of sweaty work clothes, down to my underwear, into a pair of basketball shorts
> have a dream about coating a white room in my blood with people watching me
> wake up, even sweatier
> take off my shorts
> wearing different underwear, the pair I was wearing are folded back up in my dresser.

So did you find your back door open or no?
Sounds like he'd be a bro
you were kidnapped from your real family

consider dna testing
where exactly was this??
>be me walking down the motha fuckin street i swear to god.
>see the intersection about 75 meters away,
>hear car go by, look over, just some beater
>glance down at feet cause i've been walking about 3 miles and tires as shit
>hear a honk, look over, some dude's car pointed at me
>kinda jump, look around
> im in the middle of the fucking intersection
hoooly fuck it's been a loooong time since i thought of that
I found your moms back door wide open, yes.
Have a sort of reality glitch for you guys, shit affected me much less at the time
>be maybe 10 or 11
>baseball player
>in a game, my teams up to bat
>gotta pee
>I'm in the but there are six guys up before me so I have time to go to the bathroom
>as I'm asking my coach, kid hits a triple
>everybody celebrates
>I go pee
>get back, see same player at bat that just hit the triple
>ask the other kids why he's back up to bat
>"wut are you talking about anon"
>he hits a triple again into the same exact spot as before
>I shrug it off and hit a homerun two innings later

Spread your back door for me, stud
This is the only eird thing that ever happened to me. To start, a little back story, I had a cat that used the litter tray once, and would never use it again and instead would shit all over my flat. One day, my girlfriend's parents visited. We were all stood around talking and I notice the little shit machine creeping into the bathroom. I scream the cat's name, no response. go over to the bathroom door scream cats name again open the door and see nothing. Confused I scream cats name again, movement in corner of my eye, look left cat sat up from sunny spot in window with expression of dafuq? Go back and sit down confused.
Not the greatest story, the cat didn't look spooky or anything like that, but that's the only thing I've never been able to explain.
le funny mom comeback xD
this happened a couple years ago

>walking back home with friend after a party
>not pitch black but pretty dark
>friend has to take a piss
>i wait on the sidewalk
>friend runs into the bush next to us to take a quick piss
>20 seconds later he comes back out
>we start walking again
>walking for about 10 seconds saying nothing >hear a noise behind me
>turn around
>it's my friend
>look next to me
>nothing there

maybe i was just tripping because my friend didn't see anything but it freaked me the fuck out for like a week
Do you seriously scream your cats name like a madman? What did the parents think?
>says take 1 every 8 hours
>take 3
File: ghost-face-and-orb.jpg (1 MB, 2560x1920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2560x1920
>be 18
>be with my friend
>be bored
>decide to go up to a nearby abandoned mental asylum
>it's on a hill, completely surrounded by forests with only one road leading up to it
>walk up there fo about ten minutes until we have to get off it and go through a section of forest
>walk up a steep bank and find a building
>2 stories tall, about 50 feet in length
>according to friends map it's one of the two buildings that the asylum patients used to live in
>I start taking photos
>friend finds an open back window while I'm taking pictures
>I suggest we go inside
>we climb into what we guessed was one of the loungerooms
>room is completely trashed, glass, garbage and ripped up books all over the floor and carpet is ripped apart
>go upstairs
>find a long hallway with heaps of small bedrooms along it either side
>after only about 5 - 10 minutes up there we hear voices downstairs
>get scared as fuck
>"What the fuck?!"
>be silent as hell
>voice just keeps talking loudly
>hear some footsteps walking around
>voice stops talking after about five minutes
>remember that the asylum is rumored to be haunted
>not sure what to do
>creep downstairs, immediately leave

pic related, it's one of the photos I took inside of a closet. My friend and I analysed all of my photos and we foun that there's a translucent face on the door, about half-way up it, as well as some kind of orb floating on the middle right-hand side of the doorway that you can only see a little bit of
I dont know why, but that one gave me chills. It may remind me of somethiing that happened to me.
I was about 7 or 8 when my parents and grandmother went on a roadtrip to visit family. On the way there, we stopped at a cabin in the woods. I brought it up with my parents, and we remember the trip just fine, but this cabin is very fuzzy in all our memories. We all remember going there, but cant remember why, or who owned it. At the time, I was jus a kid, so I didnt really care. I just wanted to get back in the car to get to our destination. I remember sharing my banana candy with the people in the cabin,=but have no idea what they looked like.

I only find this spooky because me and my parents all have the same type of memory of it. We remember going down a dirt road off the transcanada, but then it all goes very fuzzy. We dont remember how long we were there or anything. Iits like it happened and just never talked about it again until last year.
You must be loads of fun to hang out with...

I did a slight edit, marked all objects of interest with red arrows. Looks like faces and handprints.
File: 1403864415771.gif (2 MB, 480x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 480x270

No matter where you post this, i will still find you and laugh!
that sounds truely awful man.
The hand print is in the dust not from a ghost
The face is just matrixing from the shape of the dirt on the door and the shadow
I don't believe in ghosts myself. I just checked if what he says is true.
Hold onto your hats guise, mines a bit ridiculous.

>Be me, 8 living in old house
>Not a fan of anything horror/scary at all
>Talking to my Father on way home after shopping
>Tells about ghost encounter in house
>1 year later
>Wake up at 11 in the night for no reason
>Generally spooked so i decide go down stairs to see who is up
>Open my door, Figure.png at the end of the corridor
>Run like 9 year old bitch, jump down 10 stairs at once...keep in mind i'm 9
>No injury, scared shitless, back to bed with parents.

Second encounter

>Be 12
>Sneaky Mcsneaketon
>No pc, nip downstairs for "reasons"
>Sky channels 900-1000
>Naff porn but w/e
>Finish off and back to bed
>Turn to door with glass pannels
>Figure.png at door
>Freak out and cry on couch
>Porn still on tv

Third encounter and by far the most off

>Moved out
>Tfw actually has GF
>Lives in my old house
>Oh shit.wav
>Stay at hers in hope of sexytime
>No sexytime
>Tell stories
>Creep myself out
>Too freaked to sleep
>GF's snoring
>Stfu biach
>Kick anus mightily
>Rolls over to shout
>Figure.png looking through stained windows on stairs
>Fuck that.omg
>Shirt on, Jeans on, Shoes on, Beast mode activate, Home in 5, trail of pussy stench to front door, haven't been back since

May seem a bit far-fetched, Victorian house tho and plenty of examples from parents made a believer of me
>Go to friends house one day
>Playing video games and shit
>Look out the window
>Woman at the back of his garden
>Pale white skin, grey hair, tattered clothes, hovering above the ground
>Nope, I didn't see shit
>Decide to leave a little later
>Woman is at the front of his house
>We're both seeing this shit
>She turns very slowly and faces us
>Literally fucking flies towards us
>Nope the fuck back into the house
>Somehow manage to muster up the courage to leave a few hours later

He said he saw her a few times in her garden after that but she seems to have disappeared.
Not as creepy as the other stories here but oh well

>Be me, quite young (maybe 9)
>Sleeping in bed on night, on top on a bunk bed
>Having this nightmare that I'm being attacked by unknown things.
>Wake up to see a bright light outside the window
>Still having this nightmare in the back of my head which was quite unsettling
>Suddenly, lose control of my body and sit upright
>Watch as my body just slips out of bed, stares at my sister sleeping below for a few minutes
>Body walks out of bedroom, light still beaming through
>Shuffling towards the stairs at a really slow pace
>Dream still going, getting more violent the closer I get to the stairs
>Get to the top of the stairs, feeling complete terror
>Suddenly, nightmare ends, light is gone and I can control myself
>Nope back to bed and ever tell anyone about it.

I'm still quite spooked thinking about it

>Being attacked by unknown niggas
>I need my damn eyes tested
I know /x/ is pretty much all role play, and shit, but my story is actually legitimate.
So I live in australia, and we had to move state from Western Australia to New Sourh Wales for dad's work. We stayed at my Nans old house, our whole family the night before we left (note my dad and his brother grew up in this house). I woke up in the night and went to the bathroom, came back to bed and lied down, looked at door way and saw white shady, blurry, floating lady at my doorway. When she saw I looked, she dashed away, almost embarrassed.
I told my dad this only recently, because he is like skeptical to this spirit stuff, he said he remembers when he was a kid he and his brother saw the same thing as me, on the same night. Like they both saw it at the same time.
So yeah thats my only paranormal experience, I wish people would tell the truth more :/
Sam Fisher?
I distinctly remember the individual deaths of the Kennedy brothers like I was there for both, always have. It's something that since I was little I was convinced that I had personally known each one of them and had been there. I used to tell my parents about them like they had just happened in my lifetime, and what nice guys they were. I'm only 22
Right in the feels..
You may have seen a badger or wolverine.
>I wish people would tell the truth more

How is your story any more credible than any of the others here? Crawl back into your judgemental hole of niggerdom you slime.
made me lel
There were either kids exploring like you, or a hobo lives there.
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Read this story a while ago, so good to be an old fag
>slept like a baby
So you shit yourself in your sleep?
I have two

>Be me
>Be 8
>At my grandmothers house
>I go to bed at like 9, but wake up an hour later.
>Look over and see some old guy sitting in a chair next to my bed.
>Walk downstairs and ask why there is an old guy in my room.
>Parents and grandparents freak the fuck out and run to my room.
>No one was in there.
>My parents had later told me that some old guy had killed himself in that same house before my grandparents bought it.

Second story

>Be me
>Be 16
>Now I live in my grandparents house after my grandmother died and my grandfather moved next door into a smaller house.
>Sleeping in my room until I wake up at around 2:30
>Hear someone walking.
>Freeze up as I hear the walking getting closer to my room.
>I actually began to sweat as it sounded like it reached to door.
>Jolt up and stare at the doorway.
>No one there.
>Lay back down, and begin to fall asleep.
>Hear the same walking noises start up again then get fainter.
>To this day I still believe the house is haunted, even after no activity for a while.
Does anybody, who has experience with skinwalkers, want to Skype. I would like moar info...
*tips fedora*

The ghost was hoping he could join in

Sounds like a mix of astral projection and sleep paralysis. I get nights like that sometimes
U mad.
I just did a wiki search on it, and I'm a little disappointed. I was under the impression that a skinwalker was a being that killed people and wore their skin a la Silence of the Lambs. From what I've read though, they seem to just be people that can turn into animals.
The old man and your grandma seem like nice people.
Alright, I never shared this one of mine here.
>Be 4 years old
>Me and brother go to bed, we have a bunk bed and I'd sleep on the bottom bunk
>Some time later, brother is asleep above me, I don't remember if I fell asleep and woke up at this point or just never slept at all
>There's a man next to me, he's wearing a black suit, he has normal length gray hair, and a thick gray mustache, wearing aviators with dark brown lenses, he's squatting
>Sit up and begin a conversation with him, as if I've known him my whole life
>Some conversation goes on between the two of us, I don't remember anything of what I said or what he said to me except for the end
>"That's good" (I think I was telling him about school)
>He gives a heart warming smile, puts his hand on my knee, being all comforting and shit

I don't remember anything here, I suppose I went back to bed, I don't know if he disappeared or walked away, but never the less he left
>Next day, wake up, walk out to see family
>Mom takes a photo in a frame out and puts it on a ledge or table or some shit
>It's the same fucking dude I talked to the night before
>Same aviators, mustache, hair, suit, everything is the exact same
>"I saw that man last night!"
>Whole family looks at me, their faces just express "What the fuck"
>"You saw this man?"
>"Yeah, I talked to him in my room last night"
>Family continues to give me the wtf look
I found out a little bit later that the man was my grandfather on my moms side, who died just a bit before I was born, the picture was from my moms wedding with my dad.

>Skip a year, 5 years old
>See the same man again (my deceased grandfather) standing in front of the pantry, aviators, hair, mustache, and suit, all the same
>His hands are together in front of him, same pose as the picture of him
>He gives a comforting smile like before, a tear rolls down his left cheek, and just like that, he's gone

I never saw him again, thinking about this gets me emotional though.

I second this.. i found this confusing :/ but ehh whatevs.
One time I was sitting at my dining table with my male cousin, nothing out of the ordinary. Suddenly I feel a tug a the leg of my shorts. I blurt out "my pants just got tighter" realizing what I had just said and how it seemed to everyone else I shut the fuck up. Stuff like that happened a lot though. I used to feel tugging on my clothes and they would get a little tighter. It freaked me out.
haha i wouldn't worry about it
your father must be a supreme prankster
This happened to me a few weeks ago

>be me
>be late for university
>decided to take the car

I usually go by bus, because it's for free with a student card. Free parking lots on campus are really rare and small and my old driving-dump is too big to fit in.

>drive onto freeway
>look at the passenger seat to search for cigarettes
>look up a second later and find yourself in a parking lot, way too small for your bad driving skills, on campus

Nothing spectacular but it kinda freaks me out
You smoke anything else? If not someone might've slipped you another kind of cigarette.
Sounds like Sandslash the Pokémon
>be me

who else would you be you retard
Nope, just regular cigarettes.

Even if it was a funky cigarette, it must've been magical, because nothing can improve my driving skills at the same time and erase my memory at the same time
lol \o/
>be me
Which one?

lol so edgy.
Anyone who begins their post with
>be me
deserves to be spooked.
Starts the post with
>Be me
You deserved it.
NY has so many fucked up animals.
I was walking back to my house at like 5 am, after being at my friend's all night, and in my neighbor's yard there was this dog sized thing, bolted away when i shined my flashlight on it.
I don't get it, I assume it's something to do with baseball fields?
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you repressed a memory of being raped in the bathroom.
>be me, 6 or 7
>hear name called from hallway every night for years
>stop giving a fuck after a while, this ghost is a pussy, wont do shit to me

>some time later
>wake up one night to see a stuffed animal looking down at me from top bunk of my bunk bed
>it starts shaking and laughing
>cover my head with blanket and piss my pants
>don't remember what happened after

Moved out of that house a while ago and everything stopped then, I wonder if it was haunted or it was just my imagination
>Be an NZ fag
>Go camping up north in the forest home
>Set up fire and tent.
>It's midnight and silent as all shit
>suddenly hear from the tree line "Oi bro get the fuck out of my forest G"
>Reply back "I'll get out when you get a job"
>See what looks to be a tail go into the treeline from my peripheral
>Suddenly acoustic guitar comes flying out of the darkness.
>Make like a moa and get the fuck out of there.
Fucking Taniwhas.
Nothing special but...
>be private
>at ft lostinnawoods bct
>have to use one of the only remaining ww2 barracks
>be january
>on 3rd floor pulling my firewatch
>see shadows at far end of hallway
>I do a room check
>no one is awake on this floor just me
>ignore it
>next morning mention it to a guy from downstairs (different plt)
>he says he also saw a shadow/figure around the same time
>i still dont know what to make of it

That was some bad weed yo.
Porcupines are the size of small bears and can run like hell when they want to.
File: retarded.png (11 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me

i was at fort lostinnawoods too, Alpha 31st combat engineers, about 6 years ago, maaaan so much creepy shit happens there, especially during field training, but the shadows i'd blame on our drill sergeants, most were SF and were sneaky bastards.
Yeah, as opposed to it being a secondhand account you twat.
dude calm down
>17, about to move out
>3 AM in the morning, been playing Starcraft all night on the PC in the basement
>decide to go to bed
>basement is creepy as fuck, refuse to go back upstairs without light, so I always turned on all the lights in the basement, then turned them off as I left
>decide to stop by the basement bathroom for a piss before going back upstairs to my bedroom
>take a piss
>suddenly, at the exact moment I flush unholy buzzing sound
>the whole house shakes a bit, the lights flicker
>every time the lights get darker, I swear I can see a fucking creepy skull floating outside the bathroom in the darkness
>"Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck please stay on oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck"
>eventually, it stops
>lights stay on
>smoke everywhere in the basement
>the fridge has shorted out and burned a patch of the rug, everything is fine though
>mom is freaking out

I'd have a bunch of stories related to that basement. The house I grew up in was FUCKED. I used to think I was afraid of the dark, until I moved out of there, then I learned it was just that fucking place.

Your aunt made shit up to try and manipulate you.

This could very well be a case of induced memory. Your sister told you about that one time she went to Pizza Hut with your dad and you made it your own memory. Young kids have a tendency to do that.
>be me
>be 24
>recently remember one night when I was 8
>wtfwhyisthisnope.repressed memories
>be sleeping
>wake up suddenly
>feel presence near me. Looking
>realize door is slightly ajar
>look at space door is open
>see face
>is a male. Older.
>never seen him in my life
>he motions to his mouth, 'shhhhh'
>I for some reason nod willingly and lay back down
>can't remember anything else
>wake up in the morning and ask parents if they came in my room last night

>mfw i remembered a possible rape repressed memory from my childhood.
I was with chem brigade bct about 3 years ago
any spoopy stories you wanna share?
minutes ago i posted this on the steam forum explaining a bug to the game the forest.

when i re read my writeup i thought that it was pretty eerie at the least.

ill post exactly what i typed here
>tl;dr do enemies spawn from dead enemy body parts? does the exit path of the cave go on til it spawns an exit? do enemy health levels vary? what is with that huge tree?
alright im going to post this here and send this in because it was quite bothersome. ive played this game for a while now and im not terrible. everything seems fine, build a shelter start making some other stuff on the beach righ by the yacht.

first encounter with enemies i fled up a hill and found a few enemy bodies around this huge sleepy hollow type tree , the active enemies didnt follow me and i thought id dismember this body to collect some parts for an effegy. when i hit the body with my axe it incompacitated me and also launched my character miles into the sky i could see the whole map before my character fainted.

woke up in the cave per usual, except there were no enemies around me. i found the flare gun and procdeeded towards an exit which i usually found by following an upward slope. well this slope seemed to repeat itself for about 5 minutes before i got out of the cave. finally i reach the exit and have all my gear and head back to camp.
enemy encounter 2 : theres like eight of them and i lay down all of them with the flare gun, go down within about 15 seconds after being hit. all variations of the enemies except the spider mutant. i turn 360 (check behind me then quckly back infront of me) and one male and one female enemy are standing alarmingly close but motionless. i hit them with the flare gun several times and they dont drop. after hitting the female like 12 times (not an exaggeration) she just starts walking straight towards me very casuallly. i seriously lay another 10 flares into her and realize how fast the flare gun shoots and she just turns 90 degrees and kind of starts making large circles, eyes focused on me the whole time. the male in the back is still motionless. btw when i say motionless its not that theyre character is frozen, they have the nuetral animation. breathing and slight wobbling. a couple more flares and the female goes down. approach the male and lay flares into him and finally do him in with the axe, never retaliates.

sun gores down and a group of enemies show up, take em all down with the flare gun no problem. sun up and i continue building, still no saves. i go to the yacht, come back and find another male and female motionless basically inside my camp disregarding the couple effegies i have going. hit them with the flare and the female starts casually walking towards me again. lay all my flares into her, click click click, and switch to axe, at this point ive backed way into the water and her character bumps into mine and doesnt attack. i kill her with the axe and she lays infront of me. male is still motionless. when i attempt to dismember her it acts as if ive recieved a fatal blow again.

days survived : 1....thats wrong.
This is the most New Zealand story I've ever heard.
Fort leonard woods I take it:
got a couple, give me a minute though, on skype
I keep having these dreams...I know it sounds crazy but shit they feel so real.

In the dreams theres always this man...He looks homeless. He wears a brown hat and this ugly ass sweater. The worst part is his face though. It's all fucked up like he was burned or some shit. The look in his eyes...He looks totally insane. And he wears this glove....with knives attached to it. Ugh I can't sleep because I know that if this guy gets me in my dream...I won't wake up. Ever. I told all this to my parents and the looks on their faces...They went completely pale like they had seen a ghost. Then told me just to not think about it and try to get a good night's rest.
>freddy krueger
Is this the man you're referring to?
>have two jobs
>also have dspd so awake at odd hours
>try to get along with everyone
>have next to no non-workplace friends
>if people keep me around for a year I tell them weird things happen to me and those close to me
>something always happens within a minute of sharing this
>have lost friendships over these occurrences
>there's a guy who drives 3 hours to see me just to have something happen that he can share with his friends back home
>these people think my life is an adventure
>nobody knows my life is drive to work, drive to other job, eat, come home late, play vidya/lurk 4chan, catch 2 or 3 hours of sleep before work, and repeat

As I typed this I saw a shadowy woman wearing a nondescript white nightgown/dress materialize and stand on the water of my swimming pool looking towards the moon. She did a little twirl before disappearing. She's been here once before but was coming out of the water then. Both times the water was completely still
Maybe she drowned there.
Skinwalker? Upstate NY is hardcore Iroquoi Indian territory.
well lets see...

When i was in highschool during drivers ed i would walk with my girlfriend to her grandmas house after the class was done. My girlfriends grandmother actually helped clear homes of negative spirits, she believed in portals, people having energy etc, shit i really don't believe in. She was a odd person. But anyway, one day we walked to her grandmothers after the class, its around 5 or so and we stayed for an hour. This particular day we would be alone, and had a key to get in. We sat on the couch for a little while talking, and all of a sudden we hear a sneeze from the kitchen, and we look at each other with the expression of. I KNO WE BOTH JUST HEARD A FUCKING SNEEZE. so we are un-easy for a moment or 2 but it didnt scare me enough to run or anything. So i suggested turning on the tv to ease that akwardness. we didnt hear anything else after that.
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Welcome to my world, bitch.
Nah the people who owned the house before us installed the pool a few years before we moved in and their kids were already fully grown. The apparition looked like she had been swimming and now like she was just chilling here. There's a lot of plants and flowers and stuff around it and our neighbor has a small waterfall type pond so it's a pretty calming environment except for the mosquitos everywhere
Then I guess she figures it's a good place to chill for the afterlife.
Dying when you try and dismember a body is just a glitch in the game, you can even see it on Pewdiepie's channel as for the enemies who were near invincible and just didn't give a fuck I've seen lots of players encounter the same thing, and I think it's just a bug with enemy ai and spawning. Remember, the game is still alpha.
I've got a couple, will write in separate posts. I was about 4 years old at the time. I was bored as shit and my parents were just watching T.V. For whatever reason I decided to just walk into my parents room. This was generally something i wasn't allowed to do so I was a little nervous. My parents room is at one end of this hallway with really creaky boards, at the other end is the nursery that I had been living in a couple years prior. I walk into my parents room and am already a little creeped out/scared because I'd never been in their alone. After I walk past a certain point I hear this loud ass THUMP behind me. I turn around scared as shit and see one of my dad's shoes at the other end of the hallway at the entrance of the nursery facing me. I immediately noped my way out of there, but looking back on it I realize that my parents didn't react to the thump, and it was really fucking loud. I don't remember what I did after, pretty sure I just watched T.V. with parents or something. I'm also surprised that I remember the event with such clarity even today, some 20~ years later. I can even remember the what the shoe looked like.
>Be camping (sort of, we had a cabin, not exactly roughing it) with boyfriend a few months ago
>They're not exactly sure what he is but used to call him schizophrenic, he's been seeing and hearing shit that isn't there his whole life but he's not really a nutjob, no crazy episodes
>He can usually tell if he's seeing something that isn't there, asks me if he's not sure
>This night he's smoking out the window of the cabin while I'm reading, hear someone calling out
>Sounds like a kid, can't tell if male or female, sounds like they're lost
>He asks me if I can hear it, I say yes, get up to look outside
>Can't see anything, call out, no response
>Go back inside
>Can still hear it
>Getting concerned because it's spring break and there's a heap of families staying here
>Boyfriend and I go out, a little further up the path
>Still hear it, sounds like it's getting closer
>Call out again
>Remember getting frustrated because it didn't respond and was still just like "mom??? Danny???"
>Walk on a little further
>See something crossing the path down further but it looks weird, like he's kind of.. Only half there. Boyfriend insists that it's a boy, he can see him, so I pin the weirdness down to low lighting even though I knew that wasn't it.
>Run up there to the spot where he was, seriously takes only a few seconds, shine my torch into the trees
>Fucking no one, start to get really uneasy because there's no way he was moving fast enough to disappear
>Call out again
>No response, can't hear him anymore, give up after a little while
>Head down to the office
>Tell the woman we think a kid might be lost maybe but he seems to be deaf and blind because he didn't respond to shit
>She's unphased, just like "oh, that's just so and so"
>So and so
>She pulls out this picture of a kid and says that his family stayed here in the '80s and he went missing, they found his remains only about ten years ago
>"Don't worry, he's not around much, you probably won't hear him for the rest of your stay"

It freaked me out for a little while, then I was more annoyed because when something like this happens it sets my boyfriend back a little mentally. He has such a good handle on his illness and then something like this will happen and he doesn't know if what he's seeing is there or not all over again, or if it's a hallucination or a fucking ghost. Sometimes I wonder, too, honestly. There's been so many times where I'll see or hear something that really shouldn't be there but I keep it to myself.
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What's that
a few years later when I was somewhere between 8-12, I was in my room alone. My brother was out with my dad and my mom was watching T.V. in the living room. I shared a bunk bed with my brother and I had top bunk, and at the time had a massive collection of stuffed animals. The bunk bed is at one end of the room and the dresser in our room was directly opposite it, so that I could climb down the ladder and immediately get to the dresser, there was maybe about a yard of space between them. For whatever reason at the time I was going through the bottom drawer of the dresser and had been doing so for a little bit. Out of fucking no where this white stuffed animal owl I had at the time goes over my shoulder as if thrown from my bunk, and lands face up on my clothes looking directly at me. I can swear to whatever gods you may or may not believe in that I was the only person in the room at the time. The owl never actually made contact with me, it was as if someone from the top bunk had simply tossed it down. If for whatever reason it helps with the story I got the little at a Raging Waters theme park. None of us really knew why they had owls at the souvenir store, but I was a kid and I wanted a souvenir so I bought it. To this day talking or thinking about that story creeps me the fuck out.
You saw the legendary Super Skunk!
>be 6
>go to bed one night
>Fall asleep after playing with self.
>Wake up in parents bed, only me and Dad in bed.
>Get up and decide to go to the bathroom and then back to my room.
>Start walking.
>Everything looks smaller than usual, I feel taller.
> walk past my room, look in.
>See myself in the corner of my bed looking out of the doorway into the hallway.
>Mouth wide open, eyes rolled back.
>Get weirded out.
>Continue to front of house to bathroom
>Everything starts shaking violently, vision fading to back.
>Wake up in my bed.
>mom is making me breakfast.
>Telling me I scared her last night because she got up to use the bathroom and I was sitting in the corner of my bed sleeping and drooling.
>Tells me I followed her to living room where she told me to go back to sleep.
>never ever ever ever tell her what happened.
Sure it wasn't a dream, anon?
When I was ten I walkinng outside and talk to myself, some adult girls laughts at me "look! This kiddo talks to himself! What a retard".
I stood in silence and confuse. I Yelling - "John! They spotted us!!" and run away.
It's happened more than once, but that was the most unsettling one because I saw myself in a zombie like state and it's the only time I've ever moved.
About half a year ago I had a weird thing happen to my friend and I and whenever I bring it up to anyone, they basically get mad and act like I'm dumb for claiming it ever happened to me.
>go to class
>take tests on Thursdays and Fridays >today is Thursday
>class is over, do everything else I'm supposed to do for the rest of the day
>next day, go to class
>live out everything exactly the same way I did yesterday
>take same exact tests, listen to teachers say the exact same things they said yesterday, etc
>go home, have same dinner, same conversations
>talk to friend Dylan about this, he notices the weird shit too
>bring it up to family and friends, everybody gets mad and denies it

And that's the time I experienced 2 Thursdays. What the fuck happened?
I lol'd
For some reason this reminds me of a story I had a few years back.
>Early morning, 5am-ish, driving to work at Service Station 30 miles away.
>It's raining heavily
>Cross a bridge and see a jogger in the distance running towards me, looks like he's black and white colored?
>He's same side of road as me, for safety reasons.
>Get about 20 feet from the jogger, pull over a bit towards center line give him a big berth.
>He vanishes completely right in front of me.
Even through the rain my vision was clear.
I was in a good state of mind.
Have no idea why he was black and white and how he just vanished.
Thought about it over and over on the way to work until my mind convinced me something logical and provable had happened.
David Mitchell should be the official laugh gif for everyone forever.

dude, he wanted to sleep and you idiot fucks were disturbing him. still, i haven't laughed this hard in a while
>tfw no understanding supporting gf
Have a lot of stories ive posted a couple on here before. Ill post several again. Ive got a long running hustory of seeinf crazy shit and if it wasnt for the fact that in many cases my sightings were seen by others as well or people had seen very similar things in same location. Ive always seemed to attract or bring out paranormal activity, and my dad had suffered similar issues his entire life. Neither of us know why, but luckily ive missed out on experience he has claimed multiple times. He feels like things follow him from one location to another pretty often.

>Spending a few days with friend who lives pretty deeply recessed into a woods
>Think i was like 16 at the time
>House is located a quarter of a mile or less east of a Native American burial mound that a farmer found and left be upon hitting it
>Decide to camp outside for the night
>Think nothing of it as their home and their area around it seemed very calm and comforting
>Trying to get to sleep in the tent
>Notice light in the distance approaching tent
>At first think someone is coming up towards his house late at night for some reason
>Light keeps getting closer
>Starts seemingly waving around
>Can now see its bright orange
>As i stare this thing down it approaches the tent silently
It comes right up next to the tent its bright orange and nearly the same size as a basketball
>It was throbbing growing dimmer and brighter in a soft subdued way
>Kick friend
>wakes up
>he wakes up and sees it
>Shoots up
>Ball now starts circling the tent
>Does 3 full loops and shoots off into the woods
>We sleep inside the rest of the night
ah, corpsepaint and typically feigned acetic behavior

good sadhu are hard to find, anymore, you know?
sounds like a possible fever, if it could be logically explained away. otherwise, i dunno, dude. i've had a ton of weird dreams similar to this and have been looking to explain them away logically because i don't even want to begin to speculate about what else they could possibly mean.
When I was about 10 I asked my parents how old I was when my dad had a white mustang with a tv screen in the dash, and a really cool steering wheel. I told them I remembered sitting in the backseat while they were talking about something. I figured i had to be under 3 years old, and I thought it was cool I remembered something from such a young age. My mom told me he sold it 2 months before I was born and we all agreed that there was no way I could have known anything about that car. Freaked both of my parents out
>Be staying at same friends home several years later
>deep trench existed surrounding a creek that ran east of his home
>Wake up at around 2:45 in the morning for no apparent reason
>Dark as hell still
>For some reason I feel the need to look outside
Pull apart his blinds and peer outside into the area of the woods where the trench ran
>very unnatural pop culture esque green glow coming out of the trench
>The light seemed to be radiating out evenly from one point in all directions as if something was glowling super brightly
>Whatever it was, it was far enough down in the trench u could only see the light
>Watch it slow move from the left side of the trench to right side slowly
>dont want to look away
>I'm as freaked out as I was intrigued
>start trying to wake up my friend by yelling at him in a hushed voice
>Eventually wakes up sees it tail off out of our sight from the windows
>He nopes the fuck back to sleep trying to ignore what he just saw
>explains he has seen balls of light around the house before at night
>Didn't want to make me worry and didn't say anything about this being a known occurrence last time figuring it would be a one time deal
>Closest experience to ours was apparently when he was playing jail break when he was younger
>sees glowing ball of green light fading in and out laying on the ground hiding in the dark
>tries to catch it like it was a lightning bug thinking it was one
>Passes through his hand
>feels cold chill run up his arm
>Runs into the house and hides and won't play with his cousins anymore
>get cat
>cat shits everywhere
>keep cat and do nothing but scream at it

this is why there should be a fucking litmus test before you can own a pet. or fucking rent a place.

The skin walkers you guys are thinking of is just more of a body snatcher. The Yeenaldlooshi is a witch/werewolf thing.
>Be me around the age of 8
>staying at friends house
>Always thought my friend was full of shit but he claimed his house was haunted and weird shit went on
>Sleeping over one night and can't sleep laying in bed next to him
>Moonlight is coming through his bedroom window lighting if up well
>his bedroom door slowly creeks open
>a black figure moves around the bed and takes a right at the third corner and walks through his bedroom closet door without opening as if it was simply not there
>Nope and hide under the sheets and try to play it off as a trick of my eyes or some shit as I was terrified
>whatever it was also blocked out the light from the moon and did not illuminate at all
>In the morning I tell his parents what I saw
>His parents drop silent when I told them it walked through the one door as if it wasn't there but opened the other
>Apparently before moving in the house they had it remodeled and his closet used to just be a empty door way and part of the living room and his bedroom was just like a little space set off to the side for whatever connected to the living room
>Did this to make a room for their son
>The door that opened had always been there and the rest of the house layout wise was the same
>Friend did not even know this
>dspd guy again
>be a year or two ago
>house shaped like square
>can see into backyard and driveway from living room
>sitting on couch watching a movie
>about 3am (my 9pm equivalent)
>back porch light is on
>see something like a cat tail waving by back window
>window goes to about a foot off the ground
>fucking cats are rampant in this neighborhood
>figure it's a cat, back to movie
>tail moving more rapidly
>suddenly tail goes straight up, makes several impossible bends
>goes straight up again before slowly sinking down
>about half the length now
>tail becomes human hand
>waves at me and does a "come here" motion
>waves again, makes pic related hand position, then does the "walking down stairs" motion until out of window sight
>jump up and run to door picking up knife along the way
>less than 2 seconds until outside
>there's nothing outside at all and driveway motion light is off
I would really love to know what the fuck is going on in this post. Could it be scary? Is it retarded? We'll never know...
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Fuck forgot pic
Thanks, Anon. At least I got a laugh out of it.

so your brothers were witches?
this was great haha
Was way to strong of light, like I'm talking it looked like a super bright electric lantern was lighting up the place and it cast shadows and what not. But it was way to steady and slow moving to be a human walking around. And no one should have been out there to begin with.
>and some of my brothers as well
is this srsly the kind of shit this thread is gonna have?
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mfw he just said "5-9 years before my sister was born"
>says take 1 every 8 hours
>take 3
That's not how it works anon
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Silent Hill
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feeling really lazy so sorry for lack of detail

>family owns farm in lucas, oh (south-east)
>farm was hundreds of years old - used to house slaves - was very apparently haunted
>would go there every year with entire family (mom dad sister brother cousins aunts uncles grandparents)
>tons of rooms in house
>my family had the most people so we were always given the biggest room (2 story - top floor - huge window over looking 300 acres)
>room consisted of a cali king bed and just a tiny fold up single bed
>I was lucky enough to get the single bed (sarcasm)
>this room was fucking scary - the whole house was fucking scar
>the queen bed was pushed up against wall - my bed was on the other side of the room right next to large window
>my family would fall asleep fast and i would stay up all night do to being too frightened to close eyes
>outside window over-looked about 40 acres of corn stalk
>I would periodically push the old moth-nibbled curtains aside and peer down at the stalks
>walking in and out of these stalks were black figures
>maybe 10-20 at any given second
>it wasn't walking - it was more gliding - it always reminded me of melted butter idk why

i have more stories if you're interested
I'm 16, friend is too we're staying in some colonial home in Martha's Vineyard. Friend has complained that when it's windy out the shudders are loud in room we're staying in. Thinking nothing of it, that night I hear what sounds like someone slamming the shutters my friend, and I wake up also hear scratching on bathroom window from tree. Loud as a concert hall, after ten minutes not one other person has heard this, there were 9 other people in adjoining rooms. Decide, fuck it we're going to go outside and take off shudders. we go outside, no wind. Both think that's weird but whatever maybe it's just not ground level or some bullshit. Find his window, he doesn't have shudders, no trees either. We just noped, and they stopped at some point while we were outside.
Black out general?
Black out general.

>be me, 8-10 at a summer camp
>summer camp is actually a church in the middle of the city
>still fun
>counselors decide one afternoon to set up tumble mats and have the boys rough-house/wrestle one on one
>no homo, i swear

>my turn to fight
>we're all kinda friends here, knew the other kid's name
>look up at ceiling light before the bell
>suddenly walking back to my seat
>black kid scared as fuck sitting next to me
>feel kinda badass; all I knew was that I'd won
>shrug it off, counselors announce movie time
>watching movie, don't see boy I fought
>ask younger semi-counselor where anonB is
>"they took him to the hospital. might be a broken nose"
>find out from other kids that as soon as they rung the bell I lept across 3 tumble mats in one jump
>tackled anonB down and just started wailing on him. Scared the shit out of everyone and then just calmly stood up and walked back to my seat

Still have no recollection of the events. But I avoid fights to this day.
>about 10 years ago
>used to go to a friend's place and get stoned
>walk home, about 25 min
>5min from home there was this place on the street, four of five houses
>walking past them would feel like half an hour
>walk past sober look in, creepy ass old colonial era house (NZ, chch)
>walk home sober one night, same thing. wat?
>be me about 8
>have bad dream so deside to go to perants
>turn on bed side lamp, looks safe
>I can hear the TV on downstairs, great someone's up!
>move to my door and turn on main light, can still hear TV.
>open door, pitch black which is a little unnerving, but the sound from the TV downstairs comforts me.
>look down the stairs.
>Pitch black. Noise from TV instantly cuts out, I'm alone in the dark.
>cry like a little bitch

I've always had SP and hypnogogic hallucinations, so it's pretty easily explainable.
you made me laugh
I have always done a thing where I have been able to predict simple stuff, by simple I mean things like RNG in games, where stuff is hidden etc.
>be 15-16, playing Mario kart
>don't know why but just start predicting stuff
>every single box he got I predicted the item
>13/15 pretty much per map
>predicted every single blue shell with a countdown from 15
>friend is getting freaked out/mad at me
>I watch anime he knows, but still embarrassed about it so his family doesn't know/would judge me
>was watching anime on couch while predicting
>friend has had it with anime in general
>steals hides my headphones, (well I asked him too because he was annoyed by it, and I would feed my addiction)
>comes back 5 mins later, have been chilling on couch
>asks me to guess where he hid them as a joke
>I say after thinking for a second, behind some glass in the bathroom, he has no reaction entirely strait faced
>asks me to look, can't find have checked everywhere but bathroom because of his reaction
>came back empty handed, friend like why didn't you get your headphones
>say I couldn't find them
>asks if I checked the bathroom I say no because of his response
>go to check, headphones are hidden behind some weird stained glass piece on window
>go back to friend, I was honestly stunned
>he was hiding response from before
>mad at me for doing that stuff anymore, worried I'll summon a malevolent spirit
>friend wants me to see psychic
Happened to me last year, around june. I was texting my gf at like 4:30am at parent's friend's house, I was laying down but I positioned my arm so my body would stay up and I blinked and it was suddenly 6:30am and i was in the same position, phone in my hand and everything. Twas really weird.
Reality glitch or you missremembering shit. Which is more likely?
I have a couple actually. First one.

I was about 14 years old, trying to fall asleep for hours because the next day school started and I was anxious. I remember suddenly blacking out and having a dream where and extremely pale girl with long dark red hair dashed onto my bed and grabbed my arm as hard as she could and put her other hand on the wall. I woke up in a shock and ran to turn on the light. There was a hand print on my arm and a MASSIVE handprint left on my wall, the fingers were 9 inches long a piece, including the thumbs.
Next one.

I was about 12 years old and staying the night at my friends house. His bedroom has a door that leads directly into the attic and it's just a wooden door like in old style saloons. We're sitting there playing Super Smash Bros when we hear a bunch of rustling in the attic. We block the door with his bunk bed because we're terrified and then his dad's power tools start turning on one by one. We run downstairs calling for his dad who runs up with a gun. We get the bed out of the way and the second he opens the door the light turns on and all of his tools are suspended in the air, then suddenly drop. They moved out two weeks later.
Another about a recurring nightmare I had.

A year ago, I was 19, I had this recurring dream where I'd be walking down my street at like 3 am so it's very dark outside. Every time I'd walk past a street light it would instantly turn off. I'd look behind me and I could see very faintly in some sort of glow what looked like a body hung by a rope in rags. Every street light that turned off the body would get closer and closer until eventuality I'd turn around and it'd be right in my face, staring at me with its mouth wide open not making a sound but it's eyes were shifting around.

Any idea what that could have been? It lasted for 6 months.
Isn't that signlanguage for R or something?
>be me
>about 15 at the time
>staying at my friend's house, always found his house kinda creepy but w/e just chalked it up to being a creepy old house
>parents give us candy and all sorts of shit that keeps us up to ungodly hours, mainly 'cause his mom feels guilty about the divorce and overspoils him
>we used to play vidya in the basement but friend decided to move his setup upstairs to his bedroom one day
>there's this really old well down there all boarded up with junk and shit all over it, hardly noticeable but the thing used to give me the jimmies
>he said his parents wanted to renovate down there but i never really asked/cared, playing upstairs better anyway cause we don't have to climb stairs to get food
>fast forward a few years
>we were laughing about the basement days (we would've been about 7/8) and got on the topic of the well
>"so anon did your parents do up the basement or what?"
>he goes kinda silent and just laughs, says something about his dad moving out then asks me if i want another coke and pack of chips
>friend goes downstairs to get snacks and shuts door behind him
>i'm just fucking around on vidya
>can hear slow thumping up stairs, then what seems like heavy running footsteps across the landing and a fucking bang on the door
>that was quick, figure its just friend struggling with snacks/wanting to get back to game/just generally being an idiot
>"anon you want help?"
>half assed yelling from where i was not really wanting to get up
>no response, i turn around and door isn't open
>fucking invalid must be struggling

1/2 cont.
oddly appropriate
I have bouts of deja vu when confronted with certain circumstances; sometimes i'll be having a talk with a friend about something mundane, stupid, and downright idiotic and then think "wait a fucking second, i know EXACTLY what he's going to say next and that the door is about to open" and lo and behold, his mother opens the door as he calls me a faggot. i dare not mention the times i remember the future or whatever the fuck it is to call that
I must not have lurked long enough,
but am I supposed to kek at the hook hand door man hand?
>be me
>sitting in my room on the second floor of my house at like 3 a.m
>hear something on my roof
>my neighborhood is a cat neighborhood, so cats getting on the roof isn't rare
>suddenly, hear a sound like someone's trying to pull my window open
>they start pounding on the window
>I have blinds, so I can't see what's going on
>I run for my hunting rifle
>then it stops
>as I listen for more sounds, someone is POUNDING on my metal safety gate on my door (I didn't install it, it was already there)
>this is loud as fuck, like someone is trying to bust down the door
>I run down the stairs, loudly as fuck
>I pound on my door to try to scare whatever it is off
>open the door
>nobody there, but two sets of footprints in my grass
what are you talking about?
>Be me
>living in Littleton Colorado
>Meet kid at the mall named Eric
>older than me but cool
>we hang out on weekends
>he has some weird friends but still cool guy
>makes firecrackers I thought
>fast forward a year
>move to new mexico
>look on news
>Picture of Eric and his weird friend
>they shoot up the school and killed themselves.
>be Ukrainian immigrant
>go back to Ukraine for the first time in 14 years because grandmother is dying
>living in a town in the middle of central Ukraine
>after a month, she dies
>a few days pass since the funeral (maybe 2 or 3)
>sitting at night and watching MTV with my dish
>hear the dog barking outside
>it's going fucking insane, running around the outside of the house
>barking gets louder
>soon, the other dog starts barking as well
>then out of nowhere, it stops
>go check outside after like 10 minutes
>dog is asleep now
>think that maybe a fox got onto the property since they weren't uncommon in the area
>go back inside
>the metal gate in front of the house is thrown open
>"what the fuck is going on?"
>look outside of window, gate is open, didn't just imagine it
>then, the very heavt door to the veranda is thrown open
>there's no wind or anything
>run outside
>nobody there
>get into my grandfathers house (there are two houses on this property, the one I was in is newer and larger)
>they apparently heard creaking in the kitchen after the gate was opened

I don't even believe in ghosts, but this was some creepy shit.
i've seen shadow figures and i completely understand the melted butter thing. they glide the way melting butter does across a hot pan.
Does anyone have a link to that thread, it wasn't /x/ but /co/ or something, where they did these captions?
Wait, I found it, never mind. Here it is in all its glory.

>be me
>be 10
>see a picture of a Djinn (devil) in a newspapper obviously a hoax
>heart starts racing
>gets dizzy
>turned my head to see someone dissapears like turning into sand in the next room who was at my left
>mfw i was alone when that happened
>still gets the chills
I have many experiences with something stalking me: Here's my first one.
Hint: I'm not a psycho
>At party at lake
>At night and only source of light is a campfire
>Decides to go get more firewood
>Go into nearby forest with /x/ mate to look for some
>No success
>End up walking directly through the forest
>End up on street in a village
>Decides to go to other friend’s house and steal wood
>Talk about skinwalkers while walking
>On the way back to party hear a female scream behind us (far away, though)
>Slightly freaked out
>On small road near forest
>Sees something human stand on road
>Yell “Hey who’s there!?”
>Creature turns around and runs into the dense forest
>/x/ mate and I hold up improvised weapons
>Feel it looking at us
>Hear steps coming closer inside the bushes
>Yells “stay back or we’ll hit you”
>Recognizable female voice laughs
>Yells “Anon, is it you”
>/x/ mate and I nope the fuck outta there
whoa, whoa, whoa...

seriously? bro, if that's true then i would seriously love to hear some stories. those fuckers fascinate me. i'm studying criminal psych.
>go to take a piss one day
>hear this buzzing noise after i finish
>confused as shit
>check that there isn't a bug in my clothes or anything
>look around
>check again
>there was a fucking fly in my underwear
And because the archive is retarded at saving pictures.

I only have one that is unexplained, but the fact that it is unexplained is all I need to be legitimately scared when reading creepypastas, and leaving the light on when I sleep.

>be 9
>share a room with my younger brother, two beds next to eachother
>bedtime, we're both in bed reading with the light on
>my bed is next to the window, the curtain is closed
>hear a distinct "tap tap tap...tap tap tap" on my window, like someone would tap with their finger nail
>shit bricks
>brother said he didn't hear anything
>mother comes in later, tell her
>she says if anything was out there the dog would have known and barked

If it wasn't something supernatural like a ghost or demon tapping on my window, then it was definitely a human. Either possibility is spooky as fuck.
my sides are at different poles of the earth
That actually sounds like schizophrenia. My girlfriend's mom has it. She's pretty put together despite it, though she needs help separating reality from hallucinations sometimes.
my girlfriend has a similar recurring dream where she paints the walls with my blood

but then again dreams don't really have any significant meaning. cool coincidence
Once i was in a bus with just the driver and another man. I was suddenly thinking about something, i dont remember exactly what it was, but the man replied EXACTLY to what i was thinking, like seriously, mind reading. Then he started to speak to me more and more and ask me personal questions. Driver ignored everything. Got scared, got off bus in the middle of a dark street, almost piss my pants with terror until another semi-crowded bus came
r u solid snake
big moth
fuck off sperg.
>I look up to see man door hand hook door hand man
A moth would make a soft thud like a finger tip

This was a hard taping sound, and it was rhythmic like a person tapping
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>no way of telling

>Be 8 yo
>have rocking-horse in living room
>one day i tear off it's tail just coz i'm a kid
>every night after that i have a dream
>I woke up have to go to the bathroom
>living room is between my room and bathroom so i need to got through it
>There is a black wolf standing in the room waiting to strike me
>jumps on my back
>can't see anything but i can feel terrible pain in my lower back
>pain is so horrible usualy wakes me up

this continues for 2 fucking years, parents don't give a fuck. If i sleep in their room it kills me there if i went to camps it never appeared in my dreams.

>be 10 yo
>tired of this stupid wolf fook
>kill it in dream with my bare hands throwing it on the wall
>he appears in my dream only 2 more times next 2 night
>never appears again

20 yo now
rocking horse is in my aunts home as a gift to her kids. I dont have contact with them so can't ask if they ever had dreams. Still anxious when thinking about it.

Repressed memories can be tough. I always had an image of my mother with bandages on her wrists. I always assumed I saw it in a dream. As I got older I realised it was probably true because my dad was a scumbag and would beat her up
>About 5 years ago
>Cousin gets new job just a couple blocks from where I live
>Asked me to move in with me
>Sleep in same room as me
>One night I feel a poke in the shoulder
>Turn around, dafuq you want at this your bro?
>Cousin sleeping like a rock
>Someone is sitting in the corner of his bed, at his feet
>Sister's not home
>Mom and dad are on a trip

That's the moment I said fuck this, turned around and went back to sleep. Not dealing with this shit right now.

After about 6 months my cousin went back to his place and a little after I switched rooms, since there's a spare room in my home where my mom used to make it her mess room. Yes, she preffered to slap an extra bed in my room than fix the mess room.

Anyway, after I moved to her mess room she threw a lot of shit away and my old room became a guest room. That's about when my at the time little cousin, she was around 6 at the time, spent a night in my place and downright refused to sleep there, because she saw a man in the room.

>dafuq you want at this hour bro

do you guys have hot schizo sex?
Anon! That's L-lewd
It sounds like it, but his psychs have decided it isn't really.

Just... Hot regular sex.
As a kid I had those glow in the dark green stars all over my bedroom ceiling when I got older I took them down and that first night I did I woke up and looked up directly above me and there is a bright green glow the same as the stars except there are none there anymore. I go and get my mom and ask her if she is seeing this, she is and I can tell she is weirded our but trying not to show it. So we bless the room and watch it fade away. It was gone for like a week and it came back. I rolled over and said out loud "OK I see you just do me a favor and stay out of sight" rolled over and went back to bed. The next night it was in the back corner if the room! It fucking moved positions after my request the night prior. So I figured if it survived 2 holy water blessings maybe its not bad or something, after a while it disappeared and I never saw it again

That's perfectly natural for a boy your age
File: kawaii.jpg (63 KB, 499x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Am I kawaii yet anon-kun?~~~^.^
File: image.jpg (884 KB, 2056x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I recently posted on here about how me and my girlfriend have been having bother from a ghost in her home and actually have photos of what it's been doing as well.

Here's the story:
>Be couple of months ago, first time staying at her house, we're not partners at this point.
>I'm 20, she's 28, old enough not be scared by normal dumb shit
>Sleeping next to her bed on the airbed
>Middle of the night I wake up and can see a black mass moving about on the ceiling
>Fuckin' weird considering the room is dark as hell and there's no light source
>So creeped that I end up waking her up to turn on the light (Yeah, I know I'm a pussy, whatev.)

>Fastforward to about a week ago
>Me and girlfriend decide to try EVP
>Don't catch much, sounds like a little kid going 'Hi' but it's so quiet that we're not sure.
>Delete it and go on with our lives.

>Few days ago found scribbling on the wall in different kinds of pencil
>Girlfriend is freaked out because we were both out of the house at the time it could have happened and she's the only one with the key to her room.
>Rub it off and try to forget about it

>More pencil on the wall, some pressed so hard it's scratched the paint
>I know it's not her because she we were both out when it happened
>Also I keep hearing a kid laughing, like a little girl, just faint enough that it leaves me wondering if I'm imaging things.

Today we left out a piece of paper and some pencils, said it could draw on that instead, nothing has come of it and we're just hoping it doesn't draw on the walls again.
Pic included, it's of the wall yesterday.
You saw Little Mac
I have a childhood memory of waking up reversed on the bed (head at the foot of the bed, feet at the pillow). The sheets were completely undisturbed, so if I were sleep walking or something and got back into bed, I figure I would have messed the sheets up.

Most likely not paranormal, possibly not even something that even happened, but a weird childhood memory about sleep
File: 1405237454806.gif (971 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So i used to live near 3 cementeries
And the entire house area used to have small incidents and weird shit
We were 15 friends that lived there and in all of our houses things dissapeared or sounds were heard.
We were friends of different ages where the youngest had 12 and the oldest 21, i was 15 and 5 years later i still feel them spooks.

Worst thing that happened was this:

>be me in summer vacations,the hood was a pretty safe place to play with friends.
>11:30 p.m. we were tired of playing football (soccer) so we sat down and started talking about the recent weird shit that happened in our houses.
>the 12 year old guy dares us all to go visit the cementeries, 21 year old guys face changed to scared as fuck (he knew something)
>we finally decided to go, 21yo and 20yo guys and 20yo girl used to protect us as little brothers and sisters.
>they took us to cementeries, they were 1 mile away.
>when we were half way a guard told us that he wanted the 16 of us to be back in the hood in 1 hour (from 12 to 1).
>we didnt notice he said 16 but the 21yo guys face changed to horror mode, but we kept walking.
>we arrived to cementery at 12:15 and weird shit started to happen, footsteps, laughter, shit moving, and finally the noise as if a big rock broke maybe a tombstone or something and then a horrible woman scream.
>21yo guy said we have to leave NOW, trust me.
>12:40 we were running godspeed the 20's guy and girl were carrying youngest members of the pack and 21 yo guy was behind of us for 3 meters and talking with the air.
>we were halfway when guard told us "hey guys i counted 16 kids whrn you left... who did you left behind".
>we said no one sir we have always been 15 and we are all here, guard answered, i saw you (21 guy) with a kid your brother maybe?? He was behind you.
>22 said no sir i was alone (horror face x9000)
>guard called the 3 other guards and drove godspeed to cementery, 10 minutes later they were back and we were at the hoods park.
1/2 continue??
File: 1308800486636.jpg (39 KB, 423x578) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This post here.
Seriously...most stories of ghosts are OMG SO SPOOKY.
This one starts out SO SPOOKY and becomes annoying.
And maybe kinda cute.
you two adopted a ghost. You should buy her toys. :3
>a guard told us "what have you done???" He had horror face and just left with the other guards
>the cool neighbour guy came out drinking his beer as usual (he was 35) and asked us this "werent you 16 an hour ago???
>everyone shiting pants.
>we all slept in my house (that was the plan, some kind of camping day in my backyard with tents and shit)
>we all slept inside and oldest guys took turns to keep watch as sounds and laughter was being heard around the house and backyard.

Later i spoke with the 21 yo guy to understand why his reactions and the 16th member thing and him talking alone which answer made me shit bricks and be scared and confused my entire life but im lazy to write it.

The only Good thing that happened that night was that i caught the 20 yo chick changing clothes in my room but still i was way to scared to have an erection.
There's that word again: edgy.
>be me
>live in historic town
>quite a few medium/large cemeteries
>out with friends one night
>longboarding cause delinquency
>go by cemetery
>one street light on road
>street light is on
>as we pass by cuts off
>spooky.jpg but we ignore it
Few days pass
>night, around same time
>light is off
>get to start of street and the light comes on
>okay not too weird
>pass by light
>shit cuts off
>high tail it out of there

This happened a few more times with different street lights around that block. Never did see any spooky ghosties though.
>be me at 10
>always sleep with door open
>one night, start hearing weird, low pitched female moans; sounds like someone dying
>i'm frozen in my bed with the covers up to my chin
>sound eventually stops and I warily get up on close door, but can't sleep
>sleep with the door closed from then on

8 years later, I got up in the middle of the night once to get a drink when I heard sex noises coming from mom's room. Right then and there, I realized those moans from when I was 8 was actually my mom getting fucked by her then boyfriend. After I realized that, I stood outside of her door and fapped to the sounds of her getting worked by her most recent boytoy.

Here's another story from before I found that out.

>be staying at grandma's house
>closet is right across from bed and the closet door is shut. Bedroom door too, of course.
>start hearing the sound what sounded like a baby mewling from inside the closet
>piss my pants
>fall asleep in my own piss

Next morning, with my newfound bravery from the morning light, I open the closet.

Right in the middle of my closet is granny's cat, dead, in a pile of it's own feces.
I had a similar experience. I was with my friend at his dad's house. We were playing vidya, and my friend suddenly sneezed all of a sudden.

He wasn't even sick.
>tfw no qt swimming ballerina ghost gf
>Be 12 years old, 2005ish
>girl invites me to sleepover party with her friends
>fuk yea gonna get some pootang
>I'm only guy there
>all girls go into the washroom
>be the pervert I am i slowly follow and wait on the outside the door
>Open the door
>The bathroom lights are off
>They're all infront of the mirror doing that Bloody Mary thing
>Nothing happens at all

>Be the next day
>I go home
>Later that day just before bedtime I decide to do that Bloody Mary thing
>Decide to be edgy/artsy and use one of my mother's red, rose-scented candles
>Turn off all lights
>Light two candles, place them next to sink
>Turn on sink
>Chant Bloody Marry
>Nothing happens
>Turn off sink
>Go to bed
>Wake up at 1 AM, heard a noise in the washroom
>Go into washroom
>Sink is on
>Coldest water I've ever felt
>Turn off sink
>Go back to bed, spooked
>Minutes later sink turns on again
>Luckily my bedroom door has a lock
>My bedroom has a mirror though
>The rest of the night I'm huddled under my blanket, afraid to peak out at the mirror, with the sound of the sink running
>7 AM
>It's light out
>Nothing can happen right?
>Pull off my blanket
>My bedroom door is open
>My parents are still asleep
>The sink is still on in the washroom
>I turn it off
>As I turn around it turns back on
>I turn around
>I face the mirror
>I see a disembodied, feminine hand on my shoulder
>I scream as loud as I can
>Parents wake up rushed to see what's wrong
>There's no hand on my shoulder
>Whatever the fucked happened never happened again
A handprint on your wall? Did you live in a house made of play-do?
Big time kek
>Being this stupid.
The vet I used to work for was haunted, so much that even the vet herself was wary, since she lived behind the practice on the property.

>Washing out food and water bowls at sink in hospital kennel.
>Hear a big foot paw at the chain link gates of one of the kennels.
>It was a Sunday, normally no dogs in the hospital, just boarding.
>Thought I forgot and didn't notice one
>Look at the feed schedule, no dogs have been in there for 24 hours
>Look inside each individual kennel
>Go back to finishing task
>Hear gate rattle again

>Every now and then when the kennel was empty, one could hear a small dog yipping as they passed
>Instead of barking in response, the vet's dogs that roamed the yard at night would whine whenever it barked
>They only went into the hospital kennel if a human were there

In my time working there, I found out animals were very perceptive.
>dog sized thing

A dog, maybe?
I have a similar story
>walking to 7-11 with my grill
>about 12 am
>small town, close walk
>been dranking and underage, so avoid cops
>get to park and decide to cut through for short cut
>walk about ten feet in grass and see shadow by tree
>trash can stands up
>dead sprints straight at us
>run shrieking and drop my phone
>figure runs towards creek in park and disappears
>call cops later to find phone and report
>engage sober mode
>cops have been getting similar reports
>tell me it's a homeless man
>never been caught
to this day sometimes when I drive past the park I can see a silhouette sitting at the tree. Never again.
>Later i spoke with the 21 yo guy to understand why his reactions and the 16th member thing and him talking alone which answer made me shit bricks and be scared and confused my entire life but im lazy to write it.

You already wrote this much, just do it, you lazy ass.
Sorry m8 I think you're a bit of a loon.
>just after 3 the other night
>notice a noise coming from outside
>distorted sort of laugh mixed with whimpering
>the fuck is that m8
>it gets louder
>grab rifle and decide to go have a look
>turn on porch light, go outside
>noise immediately stops and is replaced with a deep growling
>dark shape darts out of the bushes into the yard
>holy shit what
>thing was gone before I could even see what it was
>mfw spoopy demon lurking outside my house at 3 in the morning
Fucking foxes.
File: derp.jpg (5 KB, 209x241) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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yeah he mentioned that it was even before his sister was born. nice try anon.
well that's what you get for being a literal faggot
I have children memories that no other family members remember. Is that spooky?
Yeah I have memories of jacking off in my closet too but that's not that spooky.
>be little kid
>home alone
>old man knocks on door
>says he lost his dog and he wants to go in the back yard to look for him
>say ok, and close the door
>see him studying our house and looking in the windows and stuff
> faps to the sounds of his mom getting the D

The fuck is wrong with you?
>be little kid playing in back yard
>see this glowing figure walking though some tall grass on the other side of the house
>we both turn and look at each other
>I freak out and run inside
>to this day I have no idea what I saw
>I wish I would have went over to it instead of running away
Spill the beans, god damn you!!!!
I would have screamed so hard (like a little bitch) that the windows themselves would have been shattered.
maybe he was jaking in to the sound of him dad ge,,thats not as gay nevermind

anon, thank you for this glorious thread.
Thanks anon. It's good to have comic relief like this once in a while in an otherwise spoopy thread.
I've got one.
>be 15 year old me
>home alone, fapping in room
>hear obvious footsteps down stairs
>Fuck fuck fuck someone's home
>clear search history, put away laptop, throw away tissues
>clean up and go downstairs
>look around, no sign of family, start searching house
>no cars in the driveway, all doors and windows locked
>Call mother
>"did you just come home and leave"
>..."uhh, no Anon....why?"
>hear fucking footsteps upstairs
>Oh hell fucking no
>grab my grandfather's Walther P38
>go outside and chill in the driveway for 5 or so hours till someone came home.

to this day, I still don't know what the hell was in my house
This reminds me of something....
> wake up at 7 am to take a piss
> pass by room which is pointed to the East
> can't see the glow of sunlight through blinds
> wtf intrigued
> decide to walk to the other end of house
> walk up to room pointing west
> see sunlight comming from west
> WTF wrong side
> mfw when the planet's rotation was inverted
> still no idea what happened that day
> went back to bathroom to take leak
> back to bedroom and slept for 3 more hours
> baffled and confused for the rest of the day
Aliens, mate. Aliens.
Fuck man you just reminded me...

>used to be an usher at at movie theater
>sweeping popcorn off the floor, making sure people weren't sneaking into movie for free, that kinda shit
>cleaning the largest theater one weekday afternoon by myself
>Capote was the film at the time, for reference
>near the top row, just finishing up
>for some reason look down towards the screen
>see dark featureless figure standing on the floor near the screen
>figure its a maintenance guy to check the speakers or something
>figure starts to glide, not walk but glide in the direction of the closest exit
>feel sudden dread, like I dont want to know what this thing is all about
>sprint down the stairs, leaving my trash can broom and all to be eaten by the ghost thing
>refused to clean theater alone ever again

I later found out that the complex that the theater was in was built pretty much on top of a Seminole indian village. All kinds of strange shit happened there, especially in the projection booth.
I am skeptic as hell, though if someone tells me a paranormal experience in person or over the internet I wouldn't think that they are insane.

why are you on /x/?
File: tfw.png (5 KB, 645x773) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>He gives a comforting smile like before, a tear rolls down his left cheek, and just like that, he's gone
HELL no.
bumping for 3spooke5ME
>be me
>about to go to bed
>check closet first because boogymans
>a skeleton popped out
>mfw I almost died
File: 1405053271493.jpg (13 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Can anyone tell me what happened here
>be 2 days ago
>having deja vu the whole week
>that day its strong, like 4 cases of it
>Have another deja vu but then I remember what happens afterwards
>predict the next 15 seconds of convo and events that happen
Help me ;_;
It happened to me at the same age.
>Friday evening after dinner watch cartoons on TV
>Fall asleep
>Dad doesn't want to wake me up and carries me to my bed
>Open an eye to check time, VHS player says "11pm"
>Remember beeing lifted and the sensation of air on my face as we were moving through the corridor
>Soft landing on my bed, dad covers me
>remember telling to myself "uhh, now I can sleep"
>immediatly after, see light through the window
>Check my clock, it says 9am, saturday morning.

To this day, It still confused me too.

Interesting. I remember when I was six I had trouble sleeping as well. I remember laying in my bed, closing my eyes and slowly counting 1,2,3 and when I opened my eyes it was morning.
>Be me two weeks ago
>Living with gf for two years now in small one-bedroom apartment
>getting ready to go out
>go to bathroom to brush teeth/do my hair
>see gf in the mirror walk into bedroom
>she looks right at me. Doesn't say anything
>I tell her we should get going in 10 minutes because I see she's still wearing her white pajama top
>no response
>go into bedroom. No one there.
>Go out to living him to find her ready to go. She's wearing a black shirt.
>shit bricks but don't say anything

I looked this up after and found there's something called doppelganger phenomenon. It hasn't happened since.
two times
> Be 11
> Mom died two years ago
> Talking to my awesome stepmom
> She is making lemonade
> Dad walks in and kisses her
> Two seconds later the glass pitcher flies off the fridge
>Almost hits my stepmom but she moved
> im positive my mom tried to kill her

> Be 13
> Fall alseep
> Loose control of body
> Stand up walk out room tottaly naked
> Embarrassing as hell next morning
>Walk into living room with my family in it
> I say "We need to get out of here 'they' are going to come"
> Walk back to bed
> Wake up next morning
>"Hey dad I had a wierd dream yesterday"
> "Yeah kid you must have, you came out here last night talking about stuff coming
> freakout.jpg
> Sisters hot friend saw my dick
> Not that large flaccid

Latter still freaks me out and confuses me becyae nothing has come yet
Another human bean wanted to rape or kill your faggot ass, you should be glad.

Any weird stories or convos with him?
to be honest we could've easily fucking known even if he got rrid of the >be me
part considering he said

>>be on my break from work. Walking around
straight after
I had one strange experience like this.

>Go to sleep as usual.
>Wake up.
>It feels like I slept for about two seconds.
>It's really bright outside.
>I'm so confused.
>Go downstairs.
>See Mum serving a bunch of relatives dinner.
>She claims that she tried multiple times to wake me up but I just lay there as motionless as the dead.
>Look at clock.
>What the fuck to this day.
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