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No Nope thread?

>Canadian, so obviously I played hockey
>Be driving home late at night from a game about 45 mins from where I live
>Hardly any vehicles on the road
>Driving across a small bridge
>See jogger, wearing a blue wind breaker
>Get closer
>Almost right beside jogger
>Some weird electrical disturbance fucks with the radio
>Jogger fades away
>Quiet drive from there till home
>On hunting trip with dad
>We used to go bird hunting every fall
>As we're walking along, shooting the shit
>Ask him about this house in the middle of bumfuck nowhere that everyone says is haunted
>Some weird shit went there, I can elaborate if people want to know.
>House was burned down years before but the barn and other buildings were still there
>Dad says it just looks creepy because the driveway is so long (takes like 5 minutes to go down the driveway)
>After we're done hunting, hop in vehicle and go to the ground where the house was
>In October so starting to get dark at like 7pm but still lots of light
>Go down driveway
>Barn comes out of nowhere, almost shit my pants just by the look of it
>Dad is like "see, nothing down here besides a ratty ol barn"
>Back up to turn around
>Reverse lights light up the face of some weird looking thing in the doorway of the barn
>We both look, its face is all fucked up and is dressed in old timey farmers clothes
>Holding a big scythe
>like a bat outta hell.meatloaf
>Peel out of there
>Dad just says "let's forget this happened"
>At old highschool
>Boys bathroom in Auditorium always feels off
>Always feel like someone is giving you the rape eyes
>Have to piss really bad during shitty talent show
>Using urinal
>Extremely quiet in bathroom for there being a talent show going on just around the corner
>Be doing my business
>Lights flicker in bathroom
>All the urinals (excluding mine) and toilets flush simultaneously
>Finish pissing, wash my hands and leave
>Trying to maintain composure as if nothing happened for the rest of the night
Posted this in another thread but it's still pretty weird

>Late 90's, 8 years old
>Mom decides to take a break from her boyfriend and we have to live in a flat.
>Our only neighbor is a family of Irish gypsies that live in a flat because the dad sold the caravan for money
>Their daughter and I play outside
>Their Daughter (who I'll call S) is awkward and seems to lack any knowledge of "personal space"
>S claims she can pray to a saint that puts a curse on people
>Refuses to tell me what saint it is
>Ask my mom about the saint
>"they're just gypos, ignore them"
>Next day
>Girl tells me she'll show me the saint if I close my eyes and hold out my hand
>I keep my eyes cracked
>She tries to stab me with a knife by running at my chest with it
>I push her down and go back inside
>She keeps knocking on the door, looking in the window then going back to the door for what seems like forever
>Her mom drags her back home
>Mom and boyfriend gets back together and we end up moving out
>Tinkers - not even once

I really want to get this thread-a-goin. Its Friday the 13th, and a full moon, so tonight should be interesting.

>>live in ohio
>>be going from kent to Athens for school
>>staying in a hotel
>>first time in Athens
>>have trouble getting to sleep all night, feel like I'm being looked at. Stuff moving around.
>>With aunt, she hears voices, and feels the same stuff I do.
>>Take this picture (pic related) to send to my mom.
>>Dont know if its "ghost mist" or not, but it is a coincidence that we are felt that stuff
>>Leave Athens a few months later

She had just gotten her phone (the one we used to take the picture) about a week before we took the picture.
She was just trying to sacrifice you to slendy
>At same school as previous story
>grade 10
>Have to do stupid french projects
>Have to film two people having a convo
>Since everyone else was a potato I did all the filming
>Filming two girls who are set up by a closed door
>Door goes to chemistry but is locked as it is early in the morning and no classes are there until after lunch that day
>Be filming, nothing out the ordinary
>Going back through to edit
>Notice the window in the door
>Someone is looking through
>Wating really hard
>Keep going back through and there is definitely someone looking out the door
>Show another teacher to make sure I'm not losing my shit
>Teacher is wide eyed and says "What the fuck"
>Come back next day, have to refilm everything because "the tape went missing"
This shit actually happened, as hard as it is to believe.

> Me and friend walking on creepy road near his house
> Be guy from greyhound on creepy road story if you saw that, only posted it once
> Somewhat close to to my friends house, maybe 1/8 of a mile
> Walking down this road, I think we went to chill at the lake and were coming back
> Sky is red as fuck in the direction of an abandoned block building, we had been in there before
> Friend got possessed after we did a summoning ritual in said building weeks before
> The red looks like fire to him
> Get to to where the road to the building connects with the one we're walking on
> Friend chuckles like he did when he was possessed, spooky shit, very unnatural
> Wtf, why did you make that creepy sound?
> What creepy sound?
> Nope.webm
> While hauling complete ass, this guy is slower than me and he picks up speed, his feet leaving the ground for seconds and I can't catch up
> I was actually pushing his back to give him speed beforehand because he wasn't noping hard enough
> Finally catch up after his burst of speed ends
> We haul ass to the only street light at the end of the road, before it gets somewhat brighter

I can tell the possession story if you guys would like to hear it, I'm still skeptical about it but this guy is my best friend and when he occasionally fucks with me he tells me it was a joke later, and he hasn't cracked up once.
Right, in the 70s or 80s some crazy shit happened there. A few people moved in there and people knew they were weird. Since its a very small area, they would go outside and offer drifters a ride. Then they would perform human sacrifices. Later on, edgy kids practiced "witch craft" there. Then just before it was burned some kids would go there to party, but some people had fucked up things happen to them, like they would go crazy and stuff.
Yeah sure man, tell the possession story.
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What the fuck is the guy wearing? Does his mask have horns?
>In the woods by my mothers house in florida
>pretty deep in
>alone just having a blast
>see this huge fucking tree and decide to climb it
>I'm half way up and hear severel voices approaching
>I just look and see three large men each carrying something
>the first has a shovel the second has a large blue bag and the third has a large cooler
>the first begins to dig while the other two talk however I couldn't hear what they were saying
>knew better than to make any noise or move so I continued to watch
?hole is pretty deep second guy opens bag while third guy opens cooler
>start to get really excited thinking they are about to bury a bunch of money
>so excited about to fall out of the tree looking so hard to see the cash
>bag opens lookes like dirt? cooler now open looking so fucking hard to see how much there is
>heads, 4 of them
>fuck fuck fuck one after the other being thrown into hole all now in the earth
>second guy pours bag look closer, he's pouring worms over the severed heads in the hole
>guy one covers hole
>they all laugh and I'm hoping they just carry on asap so I can get out of there
>they leave I stay put for severel hours trying to figure out who those men where and who's heads were in the hole and what they had done to deserve such
>get down run home never speak of it to anyone untill 3 years ago told a few bros
Yeah I probably would have shit my pants and noped the fuck out of there with and into my nopemobile

> Me and another friend at the guys house
> We decide to go to the building with an Ouija board, red candle, and a lighter for said candle
> Pretty fucking dark out
> We walk to this place and go around back because the front door won't budge, can't remember specifics but I think it had metal bars over it.
> Graveyard across from the building also
> Cautious as fuck because we don't want some homeless guy to jump out
> Kick in the back door because it's swelling and won't open all the way
> Make sure nobody is hiding in the building
> Light the candle, sit in a circle around it and the Ouija board
> Start trying to talk to something
> Fail the first time
> Second time we start talking to some evil thing
> Friend ends up possessed
> Thinks the walls are talking, says people will burn
> We end up getting him to snap the fuck out of it and go back to his house
> We go back the next day like dumbasses
> Friend gets possessed again
> We're trying to get him back to the house
> Picks up a board with nails and we get the fuck away
> He presses it against himself, not much we can do because if he swings it we're fucked
> Presses the board against himself and manages not to stab himself
> Me and the other friend get away and hide in the woods deciding what to do
> We wait for a few minutes hoping he'll come down the road
> He doesn't so we head back
> Me meet him walking back, has bite marks all over
> Says thing made him bite himself
> We head back scared af

That's what happened, strange as shit though.
That is fucked up. How did he ever get it leave him/exercised?
Squats and oats mate.
Not trying to sound crazy or anything, but I did the basic witchcraft shit and channeled my energy to expel it, my dad used to practice witchcraft so I'm able to focus my energy. I can absorb pain from an area in small amounts, make my palms cold, etc. I don't think it would be hard for anyone without it in their blood to learn how to do it, though.
I think it's a some sort of Christmas tradition somewhere in Europe that's been reused in that image, although I could be wrong.
Doesn't sound crazy, there are at least 3 practicing witches in my area. I only know 2 of them though. Might ask them about it someday. But yeah, anything is possible Anon.
made me laugh haha
If you're just wanting to channel your energy and do simple things, close your eyes, meditate on your energy (just focus on it and envision moving lights that you feel represent your energy, then move them into one ball), then imagine it flowing through your arm(s). You can imagine pain on a person as a red glow and absorb it into your fingertips, then push it back out into the air so it doesn't hurt you, same thing with expelling a demon/spirit. That's really how magic works, spells just use words and chanting/candles and all of that shit to make it stronger.
>Canadian so obviously i like to stay in shape
>be jogging late at night about 10 minutes from home
>hardly any vehicles on road
>running across a small bridge
>hear car behind me
>gets closer
>motherfucker hits me
>Car antenna goes up my ass
>I fall off the bridge
>quiet night laying in ravine bleeding internally
Do you think that sometimes they are fueled by belief? Like the words make it stronger as a placebo for people? Or do you think the words really do make a difference? I've always wondered.
Jogger is pepsi
>like a bat outta hell.meatloaf
thank you
Magic is nothing but belief that it works, your mind is a powerful tool. I'm actually an atheist, and I don't mean I don't believe in the supernatural, just a lack of a god. I feel like witchcraft is pretty close to right, and the gods are just something that witches focus through, not so much as an actual existence. Ghosts, magic, and spells are all the same kind of energy IMO. Some people just know how to use it.
I try
That makes sense, sort of like a channel kind of deal. I myself believe in a God, but have many Athiest friends, all of them belief in some form of supernatural too.

I remember this story from a few months ago. Pretty spoopy ghostuffs going on afterwads too.

This is a random question, OP, but is the thread image a Metallica reference? Their song "The Thing That Should Not Be" is Lovecraftian-inspired (along with "The Call of Ktulu"). If you're into Lovecraft's flavor of horror.
I'm not sure what it really means, though I did save it for the Metallica/Lovecraft reference haha
Fucking Joggers man. I've had such weird shit happen.

>Work in a bar
>Shift ends at 4am
>Walk home from work alone while listening to music cause I'm fucking intelligent
>Constantly look behind me because nearly got mugged once
>See jogger approaching, whatever, usual shit this early in the morning
>See someone passing me in peripheral vision
>Sidestep to get outta the way
>No one there, take off headphones all confused
>*Stomp* *Stomp* *Stomp* off into the distance
>Pick up the pace and NOPENOPENOPE all the way home.
Probably a scarecrow.
That shit has happened to me before, I live in a small community with not many people so I know everyone.

>Walking home form Tim Hortons, cause Canadian
>It's 11:30pm, so dark
>Hear joggers
>Turn around to say hi and see if any are friends
>No one around
>Call my brother to come pick me up
You on Vancouver Island? A lot of occultic shit goes on there,
This is me.

> Be like 14 at the oldest, probably a little younger
> Mom asks me to walk a dog at night, pretty dark so I bring a flashlight, not scared of the dark but my house is surrounded by woods and the only light is the one on the porch
> Pass the flashlight through the woods, feel like I'm being watched
> See some tall fucker in the woods
> Point flashlight at them and they run off
> Looks like a shadow with spines down it's back
> Nope inside
> Check back the next day and there is a ton of brush and branches in that area, no way a human or anything on its hind legs could have ran through that
Same guy

>Later that year, or the following who cares.
>Take same route home always cause its open roads
>That one stretch of road freaks me out to fuck ever since
>Almost past the area that my retarded brain is fully convinced is the haunted zone or some bollocks
>See a male jogger outta nowhere, jogging away from me, woulda have to have seen him approach me
>Whatever, he just left his house, I'm listening to music, I don't hear no doors open or close.
>For the moment I glance, he turns a corner which would lad him out of sight
>Get further down the road, time for my half minutly turn ar-NOPEWTFNOPENOPENOPE
>Motherfucker was at the same spot like he hadn't move an inch, his legs are outta view, but this manoeuvre was some bullshit choreographed shit.
>Like as I look at him, His back is turned, but as I fucking lock eyes on his back, he sorta swivels. Like he was on some sorta frictionless disk.
>Staring at me mouth agape, eyes as black as fuck, mind you he was a good distance away, and t was dark, but whatever that movement was so unnatural, I quickly copied his manoeuvre and fucked off.
>But thats not all, oh no, its a twenty minute walk home from here, and my ass is clenched tighter than a golfers grip around his club mid swing
>Get home though, No probs
>4:30ish now
>Sitting room has a faint glow coming from the back
>Open door walk in, see what I presume is my sister being an idiot on her phone in the fetal position on the couch.
>Like the light is coming from ''her'' hands infront of her knees
>Utter her name faintly, as if to say wtfwhyareyoustillupgotofuckingbedyoudumbwhore, while reaching for the lights
>Ano- Not even halfway through her fucking name and the head just reels up, a faint gasp, the light is pulled closer to 'her'' chest, cept its not fucking her, its fucking him.
>This happens in an instance, I spasm like a tard and the lights coming on, this 'thing'' dissapearing with it
Other end of the country man haha, east coast. Heard that you guys all hate us? Is that true? haha
LOL why would you say that?!

But yeah. Faggot.

Jk, it's only NFLD we hate.
haha, not saying I believe in it, just curious about it is all
Meant to quote you, whoops.
What the fuck man. You could have solved a cold case and given 4 families closure by telling the police.
Nobody hates maritimers, everyone just hates torontonians for some reason
Haha, I'm nowhere near NFLD. And I just heard from some people passing through that travel from west to east. I'm in NB (poor as fuck province) if that makes any diff
That's good to know, I don't have the stereotypical maritime accent. I say some words differently but that's about it haha. I have friends from Toronto, they were pretty chill tbh
Wat, that is pretty fuuuckkkeeddd
>greyhound on creepy road story

Didn't see that, could you post it if you're still in here, driving and general road/highway stories are my favourite
Yeah you guys are cool, I dig.
>Be boyscout back in mid-90's, maybe 10 years old
>Whole troop goes on camping trip up in Adirondacks, NY which is literally millions of acres of not much but woods and low mountains with only small towns scattered throughout, no real big cities
>So it's night and we are in the bunkhouse and me and a few other friends decide to follow this old trail up into the hills behind the cabin
>We walked for quite a while up into the mountain but we knew we wouldn't get lost because it was a straight path the whole way
>See a light up ahead
>Come to a huge clearing way up the mountain and see, I shit you not, a fucking deer standing on it's hind legs dancing around a massive bonfire playing some kind of flute
>The music coming from that flute was absolutely eerie, unlike anything I had ever heard before
>Sounded like something I'd expect the Druid's of Stonehenge played long ago
>I knew this was not a person in a costume because jesus christ the way it danced...It was like one of those crazy flailing inflatable tube men dancing in the wind...Very strange lurching motions that no person could make
>I remember it's antlers where MASSIVE like 20 feet tall
>Then it turned and looked at us
>It looked right fucking at us and screamed like a fucking I don't know what
>Seriously I still wake up in a cold sweat now nearly 20 years later hearing that scream
>We turned and ran down that mountain so fast I think we could have set an Olympic world record
>We heard it trying to fucking talk...Trying to call out to us...It sounded like a fucking dog trying to speak it's was so horrible to hear it sounded like it was saying "Stop" and "Come back"
>We bolted into the bunkhouse in tears and woke everyone
>Scout master didn't believe it of course but he called the local ranger who went up there in a Jeep that same night and came back saying he saw nothing, no fire or anything
>The next day before leaving a couple of us went back up there and saw the fire pit now smoldering ash and deer tracks
Awesome haha, you have more/any nope stories you want to share?
Sure, I don't tell this story to many people because it wasn't nope-y with me, but it was pretty weird.

>be 10
>have a serious history of violent sleepwalking and yelling, all that jazz
>one night, have an episode, wake up on the stairs
>look down the stairs toward my basement, see a bony, dead looking figure walk by
>stops, looks at me, then keeps walking toward my garage entrance
>my dad is always downstairs in his office late into the night, and since I was groggy as fuck, thought it was him, so called for him
>suddenly my mom is beside me and says, dad's in bed
>oh, okay, weird
>go back to bed
>wake up the next morning, we get news my brother is dead

Now THAT was some shit.
What in the fuck? I've never heard a story like that ever. Though, I always treat all of these as face value. What do you think you saw? Like have you looked it up or anything?
What's the source of that image

> Me and friend walking down road near his house, after the last street light the pavement ends and so does maintenance, the road is just graded occasionally
> Really dark out, can barely see in from of you but there is just enough ambiance to walk
> We're heading towards a bend in the road, I see something run past in the woods to the right
> Friend may have seen something on the other side of the road
> We get up to the bend in the road, deciding which way to go
> We're pretty much done walking, then I see some big white bony animal cross the road from left to right after the turn, so it's going straight
> We end up turning back, not so concerned about the animal though
> Get 1/8 or 1/16 of a mile away from the streetlight, hear a padded footstep behind me so I turn around
> See what looks like the rake on all fours, scream like a bitch not just because I'm scared, but I hope the loud noise will scare it and it was the most terrifying thing I've ever seen
> Friend looks back and thinks he saw it stand on all fours, but it's really hard to see outside
> Haul ass harder than we ever have before, the full distance to the light.
> Turn back and see two small dogs, they look really vertically distorted but one could have been a hound and there was a lot of adrenaline going
> Start running again, friend is having an asthma attack (not even bad asthma, hadn't had any problems in years, just can't run for a long time)
> Get back to his house and look up images of the animals we think it is, nothing comes close
> Months later find out it was a starving greyhound
Sorry about your brother man.
Did you see things like that often or just then?
No problem, it was ten years ago.

That was my only direct physical sighting of something. Everything else I could just sort of feel. Still do.
I assume your brother didn't live in the house, right? Sorry to hear about it though.
>Be drinking at a bar a few years back and talking to some old dude because I had nothing better to do
>Guy is a retired sewer worker for the city
>I comment how it must have sucked working down there
>He says sometimes but the pay was great. He then becomes white as a ghost and asks "Hey, you want to hear something really weird?"
Proceeds to tell me how one time him and a couple other workers were down in the sewer and then turned this one corner and came upon a spider "the size of a horse" sitting on a massive web that blocked the path
>Guy tells me there were all rats and cats and even dogs caught in the web and cacooned up
>I laugh and tell the guy he is bullshitting me
>The old dude swore on his life he was telling the truth and holy shit did he look scared as he told the story
>The guys got the hell out of the sewer and told their supervisor who like me, laughed and told them they are full of shit
>They brought him down there to see for himself
>After seeing it with his own eyes, the supervisor hired some guys to go down there with flamethrowers and burn the damn thing
>When they got down there they found the web had been knocked down and all the dead animals were still there but the spider was nowhere to be found
>They never did find it
>They were also disappearances of several small children around this time who never were found. Not that there is any connection, but who knows?
>The whole story just gave me a really nasty feeling
Yeah, I was living in Nanaimo, BC at the time and he lived out in Sylvan Lake, AB, near Red Deer.
>on hunting trip with dad and some friends and their kids
>find some absolutely mutilated animals, and some archaic designs and talisman type things about
>day or two later, I swear I see a naked man watching me and then running away
>no one believes me
>later on, one of the other kids says he saw a monster that was walking upright for a bit even
>we are all getting freaked out
>eventually some guy approaches our camp and tells us this area is unsafe and we should leave soon
>we leave
>as we are driving away, It occurs to me that he has the same hair color as the naked man
>aunt and uncles house
>it always felt like someone was watching you at different places around the house
>sometimes they would wake up in the night and all the lights would be on or the water would be running
Have you ever felt your brother after that? Or like feel anything else?
I hate spiders so much. If I ever saw one anywhere near that size I would probably die anyways.
File: conway-twitty.jpg (32 KB, 350x534) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Back in high school
>Be sitting in math class
>"Ugh fuck math this is so boring"
>Teacher is rambling at front of class
>Suddenly feel very uneasy
>Look at blackboard
>"Two homewerks!"
>have fight with parents
>grab some camping shit and fuck off since it's midsummer
>find a nice spot
>lay down and fall asleep
>wake up because someone is dumping water or worse pissing on me
>it's this horribly scarred one eyed homeless man
>he is dumping something from a canteen on me and chanting in some language
>scream and run away
>smell my shit and realize that homeless creep was dumping gasoline on me
Fucking Skinwalkers man
>go to walk to the store
>friend dries up to me offering a ride
>get a ride
>on the way he hit a deer and car went into ditch
>i got knocked out and fell asleep
>some time later
>i find my self walking to the store, about 5 minutes after i initially left the house

to this day i'm just playing it off as a daydream, but i can remember it really clear
That's a bit unnerving
drives up*

I've had similar experiences. Nothing really note worthy though. It kinda screws you up for a day or so after
I woke up
Had a full day doin shit
I laid down ,was really tired
I put my head to the pillow
Then I really woke up
I was tired that whole fucking day
jesus this

>fall asleep in my dream
>wake up for real

this happens to me sometimes
I actually don't believe that we feel the presence of those who were once alive, I believe if we have that impression, we're influenced or visited by familiars. But I've had a few experiences, yeah.
Nanaimo? Shit, I live in Duncan
Small world
Odds are I know you, man. I frequent Duncan a lot and I'm pretty social all over the island.

I live in Delta as of a couple weeks ago now.
>Went camping with friends by the beach with friends.
>all went fine during the day and we made a huge fire during the night.
>our tents were set since we got there.
>beers and party with the girls, six of us.
>me and s joke about all day long aliums.
>be 3-4 am hear some weird hum sound.
>wake up and notice a huge light in front of us...(the sea)
>open the tent and observe a light bolt into the distance under the water.
>talk to friend in the morning says he saw it too.
how do you know you are really awake? Maybe you are still in that dream and just awoke from your dream-in-a-dream.
>Depersonalization disorder activated
>be driving late at night from a small town to small town in a rural area.
>hear some loud *thump* like sound, think nothing of it and continue to drive.
>a few minutes later (±20 minutes) hear another *thump*.
>look around while still driving at around 40mph, see nothing.
>keep driving thinking it were probably some birds or bats hitting the car.
>see a light in front in the road think it’s another car.
>*thump* sound out of nothing, keep driving and see the light growing in the darkness.
>I start to notice the car shaking a bit oddly...
>and the light is now what I think it’s a few meters over the ground.
>light gets so big I can’t see anything...
>hears loud *thump* and i blackout
>came to it a few miles ahead of my trip.
>find out I have no pants, no trousers, no money.
>my butt hurts and all my cargo stolen.
>i have been mugged.
>my cargo my watermelons are now gone.
>damn space niggers.
Anyone have the story of the who who saw the baby-like creature crawling around in his hallway and then it crawled upon onto the bed and attacked his gf?
>be 25
>see creature, kinda looks like a baby
>crawls through hallway
>jumps on bed
>starts hitting gf's chest
>turns out it's my daughter
>wants to nurse

Don't you 404 on me!
>after graduating from new jersey, I decide to settle down in a farm
>go to iowa and buy a plot of land with my parent's money
>^backstory not necessary

>creaky two story farm house
>just came home from farmers market in next town over
>pull in and turn off the engine
>I hear rustling in the field
>cornstalks are snapping
>what the fuck
>think it's some locals messing with me
>pretend to be brave and yell "GET OUT OF HERE, WHOEVER THE HELL YOU ARE."
>rustling stops
>thank god that's ogre
>heading towards the house when
>someone fires a fucking gun
>rustling begins again
>cornstalks snapping
>whatever the fuck is moving in the field starts running towards the road
>there's a struggle between the gunman and the mystery monster
>I tear ass into the house
> I keep watching from the window in the kitchen
> just two shadows tumbling around in the dark
> after a few minutes a second BANG
> a shadowy figure begins to rise to its feet
> run out of house to thank gunman
> its not the gunman
> a shaggy creature in the shadows rises on its hind legs
> stares at me
> then runs away

I tried to stay up until morning but fell asleep on my dining table. When I woke up, there were no bodies on the road. Just blood everywhere.

Everythings quiet now, but I bought a rifle now just in case.
>With friends at old school (not ours, but it has a playground)
>Get the idea to play hide and seek (I was 20 lol)
>Hide in obvious spot, am wearing a black hoodie
>See friends who are looking for everyone walk right past me
>Hear creaking
>Look over at the swings
>One solitary swing is moving
>Hear other friend from his hiding spot "What the fuck!?"
>work in a mining laboratory
>giant warehouse for core storage connects to laboratories by a series of big thick double-doors down the length of the warehouse, which are swipe-card access only, and have windows in them, and are spring-loaded to close and latch if you let them go
>be working late one night with another guy
>we're wheeling a table of core across the warehouse towards the labs
>i'm facing the labs, he's facing me, at each end of the table
>i look over at one of the double doors
>it's about a foot ajar, and i know this because i can see in to the corridor behind it
>it slowly and quietly closes
>nobody is on the other side of it
>nobody is even in the labs at all
Ontariofag reporting
BC here! There's another homo from Duncan too.
holy shit
Weird but intriguing, at the same time.
>A lot of occultic shit goes on there
Really? I live in Duncan and I'm unaware, do tell.
Also damn, lot more Islanders on here (4chan in general) than I thought.
There's actually a really high practicing druid and wiccan population throughout the island, especially on the gulfs (e.g. Gabriola, Saltspring), and you can't discount some of the Native ceremonies that go on here.
And yeah dude you'd be surprised how many islanders are on the chan.
Keep the stories coming bros, the night is proper!
Those brush and branches are what you saw and the way the flashlight played with the shadows gave the illusion of the shadows "running".
>thank god that's ogre
seriously thought this was gonna be a shrek story
File: Ego 4 y medio.jpg (9 KB, 270x366) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Ego 4 y medio.jpg
9 KB, 270x366
Reading that hurt my head
I have no fucking clue what it was. The closest I have found through research would be a wendigo or skinwalker and the Adirondack mounts of upstate NY are ancient Indian lands like Mohawk and Huron tribes. I had an ex gf who's mother was half Saint Lawrence Mohawk and I once asked her about it and she said it was likely a wendigo or some kind of ancient forest spirit that can take the form of creatures of the land, i.e. a deer.
I would say the same, but there was a very humanoid shape in front of the branches and such, and I pointed the flashlight straight at it, without it moving the shadow moved, and I could make out legs. I've seen a lot more that I've dismissed. I could be wrong and it was an actual person who was much shorter and didn't have spines down their back though, still scared me shitless as a kid.
That is still spooky as shit. God knows what would've happened if you were like "seems legit, lets go back" when it called out
>adding text to a photo
Top fucking kek, would be spoopy if that wasn't a tradition
>Last 4th of July
>Driving to Maine with three friends
>All teammates at UMass
>Decide to leave at night so we get there by morning
>Leave at 10 get to New Hampshire around 11:30
>Me and Jeff are talking, Donny and Byron are asleep in the back
>Dat 99 Jeep Cherokee tho
>Start to get this weird feeling that somethings wrong
>Start go through a mental checklist
>Nah all set
>Keep hearing little sounds and grunts from the back
>Keep telling myself its my boys
>Im lieing to myself
>A half hour of this weird bullshit goes by
>On edge, somethings going on
>Around 1, pull into a gas station near the highway, Need an excuse to get out
>"Im craving an Arizona"
>Me and Jeff go inside and get drinks n shit
>Go back outside
>Look at my Jeep and MY FUCKING TRUNK IS OPEN
>"Dude what the fuck?? "
>I always lock it manually and double check every time, I even remember doing it before we left
>Jeff wakes Byron and Donny up
>Check the trunk, find a brand new shit smelling oily spot spot near my helmet and football pads
>Find a fucking ice pick wrapped in a tattered cloth and a boot lace
>Carry a loaded PPK underneath my seat in a locked box
This happened probably 10 years ago and to this day I still don't know what the fuck it was.

>Sitting in a local bar on the outskirts of small town in upstate NY
>It's a weeknight, monday, maybe tuesday so the bar is dead and I'm sitting there bored as shit trying to catch a buzz
>I'm the only patron in the place and the only other person there is the bartender, I remember she was a cute little college girl named Mandy, maybe 19 years old
>I think I was probably 22 at the time I was chatting the chick up pretty hard trying to get myself a piece
>I remember it was probably around midnight in the fall, very still dark night
>Suddenly this wind and rain hits out of nowhere like a fucking Mack truck
>In out of the storm walks this guy, average height, maybe a little under 6 foot and extremely thin man who is so white he looks like new fallen snow
>The bar has probably 20 seats and this guy sits right next to me
>He turns to look at me and jesus christ his eyes...His eyes are entirely jet black, no white or colour whatsoever
>I am instantly hit with this terribly feeling of absolute bottomless dread...I mean like a fucking black hole just filled my entire existence
>They guy orders a beer but doesn't drink it. He then starts asking me the weirdest questions and he has this VERY deep gravely voice
>He is asking me questions like "Was your grandmother a strong woman?" and "Do you like the sound of children playing on a spring day?"
>Dude is seriously making me uncomfortable and those eyes...
>Asks me to tell him what I hate about people
>Feel myself getting angry with his questions and actually feel a rage building inside me. I'm normally a very chill person but this guy made me want to punch him
>Somehow get the impression that that is what he wants...Like he feeds of anger and violence and negative energy
>Instead I smile and tell him I love everyone and that includes him
>I actually see what I think was disgust come over his face
>2 weeks ago, at night
>driving home from the grocery store, windows down cuz why not, I live in the country and it's nice to hear the nocturnal wildlife
>going down my road, woods all around
>hear a kid's voice yell, "HEY!"

There's also a cemetery 500 ft away from my house, so I have more nope stories...
>He stares at the bartender like he could leap over and attack her at any moments
>Finally he says goodbye without touching his beer gets up and leaves back into the storm
>I go to the door and look down the road. There is only one way to go as the bar was on a deadend street and you can see a good 3 miles in that direction and I would have seen headlights in the storm and didn't see any which means he must have walked...
>I then get the terrible feeling that he didn't leave but was still out there, hiding, watching the bar...
>The bartender starts to freak now and starts SCREAMING and crying screaming things like "It's hopeless!" and "We're all going to die alone!"
>This was from a girl who literally always had an ear to ear smile
>I'm wutting hardcore now and trying to calm her down and the wind and rain sounds like it could break the glass of the windows at any moment
>The bartender Mandy pukes some fucking hardcore projectile vomit all over the bar and I swear to you the minute she did the storm just stopped. The rain, the wind, the thunder it just STOPPED like it was turned off.
>Mandy kind of shakes her head like she was in a daze and is back to her normal self. She is terribly embarassed and started cleaning the puke apologizing profusely
>I keep reassuring her it's not a problem everyone gets sick sometimes
>I think I honestly could have taken her home after that but I just felt so completely shitty I just wanted to go home myself and crash
>Never saw Mandy after that night. She quit working there and who knows what happened to her
>This was 10 years ago but I remember it vividly. I still have no fucking clue what took place that night...
Please more nopes my fellow man
Man I know exactly what you're talking about. We used to visit up there once a year for family. I fucking knew something was in thoes woods. And I saw that too. It didn't see me. But I fucking saw it. Fuck you for bringing that to my memory again.
This is pasta. Creepy, but still pasta.
Contributing, posted this one a while ago in another nope thread.

>wake up before alarm (set for 6 before work)
>hear loud repeated knocking on front door
>dark and rainy out, try to see who it is from side window
>see police, open door
>"please step out sir"
>ask what is going on
>we received a call from a neighbor of a break-in on your property
>"there wasn't anybody inside, officer"
>they search the house
>he was in my bedroom closet the whole time
>some guy cracked out of his mind
>they book him

Still don't know how that fucker got in, or how long he was In there. Fucking bothers me knowing he could have easily murdered me then and there
That's like, real fear. Fear of something completely tangible.

That's fucking terrifying.
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Not too creepy but I'll share.

>just moved into new apartment
>its nice as fuck and cheap too
>bedroom is in the back of the house
>have a big jar of change I've been keeping since I was a kid
>heavy as shit, probably about 1000 dollars in it by now
>am a pretty light sleeper
>sometimes when I'm in there, just as I'm about to sleep I will hear the change moving like someone picked up a handful and dropped it back in
>this wakes me up everytime
>whatever it is likes fucking with me because literally about half the time when I'm almost asleep I will hear a LOUD thump or that change rustling around
>one time i woke up and half the bed was cold as ice and felt wet
>didn't piss myself (lol) and wasn't sweating
>another night I get woken up by what sounds like the fucking lid getting put back on the jar
>been sleeping in the living room every night since then

Fuck this place. I want out but it's a really good deal and super close to my job.
Why don't you record it? If nothing happens, but you see yourself react to it by waking up, then you'll know you're just hallucinating. If something DOES happen... well, who knows what from there?
>>14722564 here
>get home from work early
>sit down in the kitchen to enjoy a light lunch
>hear stomping right above me
>wtf wtf wtf
>grab beretta that's in the study
>try to climb stairs all stealthy
>stomping goes from room to room
>shitting the sistine chapel but this is Texas and I must gun
>stomping comes closer
>prepare to bust a cap
>stomping abruptly stops but I then get a loud ringing in my ears, my face gets warm and I get dizzy.
>I was at the top of the stairs so I could have tumbled to my death
>regain balance, run downstairs, get my keys and go to Whataburger just so I won't be alone
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Not a bad idea. Just got paid today. I should set up a webcam in there on my laptop, put my big boy pants on and sleep in there for a few nights. I've kept that fucking door closed and only go in there during the day.

I've lived on my own since I was 18 (am 27 now) in tons of places but something about this place just seems off. I'd sleep in the pitch black in every other house I'd lived in but I keep the TV and most of the lights on while I sleep now.
I would probably cry
Awesome to hear from someone who is familiar with the Adirondacks. It's beautiful up there but it can be creepy as shit at night.
Not pasta. I've posted it in a couple other NOPE threads but it's not pasta.
No one is probably going to believe me on this since everyone I tell it too doesn't anyways but this actually fucking happened I'm not entirely too sure what I saw

>hanging out with friends over at their house for the first time
>I'll refer to friends as R, T, and D
>T is basically the most badass dude I know saw him put a person in the hospital before
>Comes into the room while I'm chilling with R
>Says he doesn't wanna walk into the woods because he's seen some shit
>Ask him what he's seen
>says it was a werewolf, so I call him out on his shit and tell him he's a bitch
>walk through the woods to D's house with R and T
>get halfway through and T says he can walk the rest back by himself
>R and me walk back nothing happens at all and I'm busting his balls about this "werewolf"
>a couple months pass and I'm back at their house again
>I go to walk through the woods at around 2-3 in the morning to D's house
this is the part where no one believes me on
>I shit you not there is this huge fucking thing in the woods
>at first I think it's a bear (I live in pennsylvania it's not uncommon)
>I don't panic too much because I've been hiking my entire life and I know what to do with bears
>now this is the part that gets me and every time I think about it I freak out
>this thing stands up on it's hind legs and as it does I realize it's not a bear at all
>all I can describe it as is this big fucking wolf
>starts chasing me through the woods and I'm chucking rocks at it as I'm running
>get out onto the road
>this is like right out of a fucking movie
>car passes me on the road and this thing is just fucking gone, vanished like into thin air

To this day I still have no fucking clue on what I saw and I'm not gonna go around and tell people it's a werewolf because I don't really believe it was. It could have been a skinwalker but I haven't really researched them enough to know.. if anyone could help me come to a conclusion on what I saw that'd be great.
>Be in some third world shithole
>Also the only nuclear scientist in the entire shithole
>One day I was threatened by some big guy in a mask
>Decide to ask CIA for help
>They happily accept my offer in favor of the Mosque Man's
>Next day meet up with him
>He says his name is Siiayay
Man, that's some really weird shit. Though somehow, your description of that man rings a bell.
File: 1375520074067.jpg (31 KB, 447x345) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>wtf am i reading
>not mosquito man

>>Late 90's, 8 years old
underage b& detected
If I make this meme joke will it die?

not even anubis or plinkett can stop the fire from rising
You know people born in 1996 are 18 now right? Let that sink in for a bit
Even if he turned 8 in 99 he wouldn't be underage you fucking retard.
It would be extremely embarrassing.
Like I said before, I take everyone's story at face value. So I'll believe you. What makes you dismiss that it was in fact a werewolf? Myself, I don't really believe in werewolves but hey, anything is possible. I've seen some crazy shit in the woods in my time as well.
Guy was a Pedo and the Spider's a metaphor. Major psycho, comparing children to animals. Dun dun duuuun
>GFs dad flipped houses for a living
>buys place with big empty basement
>agrees to let me use it for band rehearsals
>moving stuff in one night with friend
>go in front to open garage
>hear clanky banging noise from down the hall
>fuck me what was that
>run to garage
>tell friend we gotta check the place out
>friend thinks we got squatters
>turn on all the lights check every room and closet
>not a damn thing

to be continued
>week or 2 later
>drummer wants to go practice one night
>sure np heres the house key
>calls me up an hour later
>gotta come to the house right meow
>says he hadnt went inside yet
>said he got a phone call so he sat on the patio and had a smoke
>starting hearing weird thumping and banging sounds from inside
>fuck not again
>search every nook and cranny

continuing again
>Be like 9 years old in bed
>Always keep a flashlight next to me while I sleep because I get paranoid in the dark
>Suddenly wake up at some point in the middle of the night
>Without thinking, turn flashlight on and shine it at closet door
>Door is shut, nothing physically out of the ordinary
>Stare at closet door for what feels like hours
>Next thing I know I'm waking up in the morning

I'm not sure if it was a dream or not, but I will swear on a stack of bibles that there was something in that closet.
for you
>several weeks go by
>not much happens
>no one wants to go over the alone though
>band practicing one night in the basement
>just finish jammin out a tune
>discussing said tune among ourselves
>all of a sudden POW on floor right above our heads
>bricks have been shat by all at this point
>have to go check things out though
>nothing big and heavy that couldve fallen and made that noise
>thoroughly check the house inside and out again

>GFs dad finally sells house less than 1 month later
>drive by it all the time
>seems to always be for rent or for sale
does anyone else's eyes water up/start to feel really uncomfortable like i'm reading into something that i shouldn't be and that something doesn't want me to doing this whenever they read these threads/paranormal shit? idk, maybe i'm weird or just a pussy but i feel like i'm legitimately in danger or being watched when i look into this sort of shit. i don't want to think that i have an abnormal connection to the supernatural/parnormal but even as a small child i've always felt a strong connection to this sort of shit and been greatly interested in it. i kinda feel like i have some suppressed memories of shit like this outside of the stuff i remember but i'm probably just a spooky faggot.

anyway i'm not going to post the full story but i;'ll post the description/rough outline of the UFO sighting i saw with about 10-15 other people which was later confirmed by a local college professor with his own crazy theory if anyone is interested. i also have a few paranormal stories of unexplainable shit that's happened to me.
you're just very sensitive
relax bro
Sure bro, post 'em. Will probably read them tmr because its 3am where I am right now
i figured i'm just a little bitch. anyway onto the stories.

>at a Halloween party
>no drinking or drugs yet since we're gentlemen waiting for everyone arrive
>friend shows up saying UFOs are outside
>we all go out
>sure enough there's a bunch of orange lights outside in a malformed triangle
>friend says they were in a perfect 3 pointed right triangle when he saw them but now there's 4 lights and more appearing
>they gradually form a line as more and more appear
>eventually it's a line of lights in a perfect line going as far as the eye can see (trees were blocking most of our view)
>dogs start to lose their shit and attack each other when they were getting along fine just an hour ago
>everyone is in awe
>go inside because it's a cold wisconsin october
>day or two later my bro talks with a regular at his work (burger shop) who happens to be a college professor and saw the same shit
>he's the only person any of us ever found who saw what we saw
>he wrote a paper on it saying they were spirits or angles/demons manifesting in out plane of existence or some bullshit
we all still get the shivers thinking about it to this day and that was like 4-5 years ago.

also got a few ghost/unexplainable stories that i'll post next.
Quantum immortality?
>all in a line
they were military flares.
don't beat yourself up over this shit
everyone gets uneasy reading this shit alone at night, that's the whole point and thrill of it all

it messes worse with some than with others is all
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I'm sure it's FINE.
wtf am i reading? the jogger was at your house?
these are short and to the point because i'm slightly drunk so i apologize for not dragging things out and making them interesting. also combining 2 into one because drunk lazy.

>move to duplex
>like i said always felt i had a connection to supernatural/at the very least been interested in it
>this place isn't that creepy but just gives off a weird vibe when you're alone
>doors close on their own constantly and i just blame the wind/draft even with closed windows so i don't nope the fuck out for good
>often alone due to parents having tons of DRs appointments and other shit and i'm a shut in with social anxiety and no job
>anyway i'm sitting in my room alone playing some vidya and i've got some books piled on my mini fridge
>these are thick mother fuckers, mostly stephen king
>suddenly the whole stack goes flying across the fucking room
>no way my cat did it as i would have seen him and even his fat ass couldn't send the whole stack from one wall to the other
>nope the fuck out
>turn on all the lights and TV till someone get's home
>tell them and they tell me to fuck off/stop being a bitch/stop lying

part 2
>my room is small and my bed is wedged into a corner
>i sleep with my forehead against the wall a lot of the time because it's cool and soothing and creepy shit happens
>sleep with my door cracked so my cat doesn't meow like an asshole when he wants in
>door shuts despite no windows being open
>hear my hangers in the closet rustling like a mother fucker despite my cat not being in the room and being too fat to mess with the hangers
>nope nope nope just keep trying to sleep what ever you do don't turn over
>head/face still touching the wall
>suddenly feel an icey cold finger poke my closed eyelid
>couldn't touch my eyelid against the wall if i tried due to my huge jew nose
>nope the fuck out of there
>sprint/fall out of bed trying to turn on all the lights in the house and sit in the fetal position watching TV till the sunrise in the living room
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which area of hair?
believe me we all tried to find a rational explanation for it and the shit didn't make sense. the whole ordeal was 15mins to 1/2 hour and we watched the 3-4 lights gradually go from a triangle to a line and then more appeared seemingly out of no where. not to mention the fact that this was a small town with no military bases anywhere even remotely near by. i've looked around online extensively and found numerous similar sightings, mostly of orange lights forming a triangle over cities, but it definitely wasn't something easily dismissed as flares or anything like that.
Jesus christ don't even
bump because fuck you someone needs to read my nope stories.
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whats wrong?
File: 1402727112589.jpg (62 KB, 676x550) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Come back...
Shits just freaky
also me and several friends experienced extreme temperature drops in that room constantly. way more than just the AC kicking on, and it was often before/after the door would slam shut. also a friend of mine had a seizure in that room twice but that was probably because he was on mushrooms and other drugs both times but i can't help but feel they were related. we asked him about it and all he would say is that he experienced some profound life changing shit when he had those seizures and that he didn't like to talk about what he saw/experienced.
I totally get that. I like all this stuff because I've always wanted to believe in something. When I was a kid it was dragons and shit and now I am older and the idea of something good being hidden away? That's kind of tired out now. I have nothing to believe but this shit because it's the only thing that I can find anymore. They're fun to read, and shit's interesting, but like you said, I feel a bit odd about all of it and get very paranoid shortly after reading.
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That's not very nice, friend.
>be like 9 or 10 maybe
>wake up saturday morning
>its chilly
>have heater vent near foot of bed
>always liked to warm my feet up on it
>sitting at the edge of the bed
>something underneath the bed feels like grabbing or pawing at my feet
>wtf cat y u bother me
>look in hallway see the cat sitting there all cat like
>oh god
I am kind of just sitting here reading this shit and I don't have a lot of spooky life experiences, but I have one dream from when I was a kid, like ten years ago and I still remember the general idea of it. I'll green text what I can remember from it if anyone is remotely interested.
Oh fuck it's happening
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Go ahead and post. I'm lurking.
>Implying it ever stopped happening
also unrelated story but same poster, not really paranormal unless something is following me from WI to FL.

>experience what i think is demonic possession/alien abduction at the time turns out it was probably just sleep paralysis
>sort of wake up from dream
>not sure if dreaming or what
>can't move or scream, feel like i can barely breath/can't take deep breaths of terror
>feel like i'm being pressed into my bed/that the bed/me/the whole room is shaking violently
>feel the worst sense of dread and absolute terror i've ever experienced
>afraid to open my eyes
>not sure if i opened my eyes or imagined this but i saw bright lights coming through my blinds and a dark figure over my bed
>nope some more and close my eyes
>willing with ever inch of my being to scream and get up and run the fuck out of that room
>finally gain the ability to move again
>turn on all the lights in the house and basically cry myself to sleep after 5 hours of terrified misery

i blamed it on not sleeping for 2 days and taking like 2-3 5 hour energy shots in a row to try and make it through school. never did 2 of those in a day again.
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They never stop until they die.
Man, fuck deer. When I was a Scout I went to Philmont. There were these toilets that were totally outside; no outhouse or anything around it. I was shitting on one and these stupid fucking mule deer were just fucking staring at me the whole time.
24 is underage now?
holy shit
File: 1402676284755.png (81 KB, 700x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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only if you cant do maths
>2007 detroit
>be gangsta
>be dealing cracks and shit wit dawggs at 2 pm
>going home alone
>drives around whitey oppression memorial
>drivin mah gangsta bling bling cutlass wit 50 inch wheels
>listens to 50 cent wit 6000000 niggawatts stereo
>see something on the bush
>suddenly stereo goes off
>see some skinny punk ass peckerwood wearing white triangle mask
>shouts NIGGER
>nope tha fuck outa there
Ever been to Norwalk?
Why didn't you stop?
Why didn't you come back?
We could be friends.
The Primus cover is so good.
Tim... Let us all be Tim!
File: image.jpg (76 KB, 529x940) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> be sitting in my kitchen
> celebrating my birthday by myself with a nice dinner
> finish food
> after washing the dishes I sit back down for a sec
> suddenly a hushed voice right in my ear
> " bet I can make you stand up "
> ummwut.jpg
> then the chairs ripped out from under me and I stand just in time
> I swore I heard faint laughter from all around me

I have more if you guys want em
So basically, wendigos. Right?

Sounds like they can mimic sound.
Alright we get it
File: 1402550529126.jpg (36 KB, 221x246) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm not sleeping until the sun comes up. Proceed.
>Couple years back
>Trying to get some sleep in bed around 1-2 in the morning
>Having deep thoughts about life, death e.c
>Suddenly out of nowhere hear "boo!" in my ear
>A gravely human voice like that of an old man
>Room gets cold
>Nope the fuk out

Worse things happened in that house...
Fuck. I was just warming up to go jogging too, and It's night here. Never mind that.
> be nigger
>be out nigging with my niggas
> some nigga starts nigging out havin a nigga moment
>niggas start niggin
> some real nigga shit starts happening
>niggity niggity NOPE
>be back in 2012
> reading nope thread on /X/
>pretty casual night
> get up to make myself a hot pocket
> knock knock.jpg
> I look through the peephole and I see two identical young men in white t-shirt, black pants and tie.
>I shout out "im not home"
>sounds like they left
>look out the peephole and they're gone
>as I head towards my soon to be finished hot pocket I hear the faniliar sound of my computer rebooting
>sure as shit its rebooting
>idk what happened and I dont wanna know
>as I go to grab my hot pocket I hear Knocking again, but it sounds like its coming from my computer room.
>nothings there
>knockknock but this time I swear it came from upstairs.
>on my way upstairs I glanced through my front door peephole just to be sure I wasnt going crazy
>nobody was there
>I go investigate upstairs and sure as shit it's empty
>Fuck it
> go downstairs and whip open front door
> the young men from earlier are still there
>they look at me unphased by my obvious temperment, with this empty look about them
> I could feel something was off about these young men, they both held eye contact with me and I noticed they blinked in unisom
>id bet they even breathed as one, these two mysterious beings seemingly linked as one
>as I went to open my mouth to speak. In unison they both addressed to me the same inquiry
>"Sir do you have a moment for our lord and savior jesus christ?"
Its a picture of a holiday in baltics, I think latvia, it is near halloween time, similar concept.
>Be me having a late night session of Halo with some mates
>Tell them brb, piss break
>Walking down the hall because fuck turning on lates bout to piss myself
>Bump into what I thought was my friends brother on the way
>Quickly turn the light on to see if he is ok
>Fucking nobody there
What the fuck did i bump into!
Must be a troll. You really can't be this retarded.
I would of went back I would of been in tears laughing at the dance I could just imagine it.
File: 4124124.jpg (106 KB, 500x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>for a whole week my older brother says he gets a white light above his head when he is outside playing at night.
>every day through this whole week we see dead birds all over the backyard (we had a big ass tree in there , so it was full of nests)
>later that week i decide to go out to play at night (around 7-8 PM)
>suddenly i feel my body heating up really fast
>i turn around and see a fucking grey floating on top of my neighbors house
>he stares at me for a second
>as my body heats up i start crying and run as fast as i can inside
>mom grabs me up and asks what happened.
>tell her i saw something on the roof
>she takes me outside to check
>nothing is there anymore
>she looks up in the sky
>big ass UFO just standing there above the neighborhood.
>stays there until we go to bed.
>years go by , we don't see anything else
>meanwhile we moved out to another house in 1995
>we buy a big ass telescope
>start using it
>first night everything alright , nothing wierd.
>second night , we start seeing wierd "moving stars on the sky"
>they keep apearing for the next few days , always dancing around in the sky.
>one day everyone goes out to use the telescope
>i stay on my room playing vidya
>then i hear everyone calling me out
>huge bright lights flying everywhere
>one of them passes right over our house and looks like a comet.
>we go to the balcony
>bunch of UFOS playing around , going up and down on the horizon , spinning and shit.

>they eventually go away.
>we haven't seen anything ever since.

i wonder when shit like this will happen again.
i always look up to the sky at night expecting something.
>visiting friend at uni
>pass out after a long days drinking
>wake up as a completely different person but don't realise
>think i was always this random dude
>have memories of his entire life
>have his fears and goals and everything
>live his life for what feels like a fortnight
>go to bed as that guy
>wake up as me in friends flat
>proceed to existential crisis
>i could still remember everything about this dudes life
Can barely remember a thing about it now, was drunk for a few months after this, had no idea who i was, still scared im gonna wake up and be somebody else.
I remember that the guy was called Matthew, was American(im from England) lived near the beach. He smoked a lot of weed, used to have a dog called fido that died and left scars on the guys psyche and he was deeply scared of spiders but tried to ke ep it secret from his friends. The most elaborate dream ever. No really nope or paranormal but its amazing what the brain can do
Krampusnacht is preety nope for a foreigner though.
>At airsoft field camping the night before with other players.
>Get hungry, can't sleep, go to Dennies.
>Come back to field, the guys that are still up have a fire down the trail.
>To the right there is an old barn with door open.
>Walking past it, something catches eye in barn door.
>Look, it's floating, white, transparent head looking at me. (Not just the head though, also upside down triangle below the neck, like it was wearing a button up shirt that was as dark as the barn)
>Heart drop's and start running to fire.

>Get to fire panting, guys say it looks like I seen a ghost.
>I say I did in the barn, they freak out cuz they have been getting wood from it all night, no one doubts me.
>Still rustled and a bit out of it.
>See what I think is toy goats head on a sitting stump.
>Put my hand around it's horn and pick it up
>Real goat head
>be a third generation farmer
>doing my evening scything to cut down weeds
>wearing my respirator because I have terrible allergies
>mysterious vehicle pulls into yard and two creepy neckbeards that look like father and son get out
>I go outside to see what they want, pribably directions to the My Little Pony convention down the road.
>they shine their lights in my face and take off
Fucking brknies man
A lot of bathrooms do that because lazy slobs like to not flush so they flush periodically so that the bathroom doesn't smell like a japanese porn studio.
I've had a pretty fucked up life when it comes to the paranormal and supernatural.

>Few weeks ago talking to parents
>Telling me stories about when I was a kid and did stupid things
>Then they go quite, like afraid quite
>Asked them whats wrong
>They refuse to tell me since they think it will scare me to much
>Scare me? Bitch i got lvl 70 fishing skills on runescape
>After using my lvl 40 speech skills they tell me what happened
> When I was around 1 and a half, I couldnt speak
>Could barely walk, and shit my pants more often then breathing like a baby does
>But one morning in the lounge room
>I start telling mother about my adventure from the previous night
>Very detailed, keep in mind i couldnt talk well, at best I could say food then jibberish
This was no dream either, its over 17 years and Im pretty sure you cant remember dreams from back then
>I told her about how the grey men flew me up into there ship and put a needle in my neck
>Then put me back into bed and left
>Now i only remember 1 thing from this
>That was being lifted out of bed by a mysterious dark grey thing
>That same night my dad got home from work around 10ish,
>he told me on his way home he seen this bright red dot fly towards the beach and past a cliff
Im still trying to figure out if it was a fucked up dream, or if theres things about my past I dont even no
Duncan, shitty of totems

I live here too
Was happening upon a fire with a dancing deer part of your plan?
>Using tape
>Using scythes
>Toilets flush

Wow, you're full of shit, Tim.
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"It's only me, Georgie Boy."

child molesters? in my schools? it's more likely than you think.

even scarier: they're union!

more liek he could've gone back with a shovel and be 4 skulls closer to your very own skull throne.

>perfectly normal people

>be me
>have to cover early shift
>decide to get high and bike to work because lulz
>still dark out
>hit first lake (MNfag here)
>hella tree cover on bike path
>no bike light because i can see in the dark lol
>dodging joggers coming in my direction
>while stoned
>in the dark
>like a boss

the annoying part is there are two paths around that lake, one for pedestrians and the other for bikers, but people who jog before dawn don't give a fuck.

you shouldn't be gripping your club so tightly. a good golfer keeps his grip as open as possible without letting go of the club of course.

>trigger warning

First of all, spiders are bros. They keep the other insects in line. You should <3 spiders.

Second, due to the load bearing capability of an exoskellington and its considerable mass, there is a hard limit to how large a creature with an exoskellington can be and under Earth gravity. Pic related.

This is why traditional skellingtons are so terrifying. They enable monstrous creatures to tower over you.

>bought a rifle now just in case

didn't do the last guy much good. i'm thinking full auto shotgun.
I live about 2 or 3 miles away from a barn that burned down my junior year of high school. I wanted to go visit it about a year ago but my friend said that it used to be used by some druggies/gangs, silo next to the barn used to be full of needles or some shit. Kinda sucks, would've been pretty sp0ky to check it out since it's surrounded by trees.
File: 1390310234754.jpg (162 KB, 698x671) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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nice try

but how could its antlers have been 20 feet tall? how tall was the deer itself?
File: NOT_A_SPIDER.jpg (188 KB, 600x491) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's true though...
>Reading through thread
>The sun peaks into morning
>Drinking from favorite canteen, tired as hell
>Get to deer story
>All the while listening to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky's Bandit Radio
>Read through deer story
>The need to Cheeki Breeki intensifies

Thinking of next weekend try to gather friends for a Supernatural adventure through Huntsville/Madison here in AL. We bring all the essentials.

Yah yah. Wait, what is general shit you bring to deal with supernatural shiet? I do not know if bullets will help entirely against the ghosties. What, like, fucking salt and garlic? Ash? Rent-A-Witch?
>Scare me? Bitch i got lvl 70 fishing skills on runescape
I lold
>implying fishing is going to save your from anything other than cthulhu
I remember when I was five I was sleeping on my bed and I used to put my head under the blankets all the time kinda like a safety charm, one night I was awoken by a tapping on the blanket near my face. Thinking it was my mother I lifted the blanket off my face and saw this small blue thing with a theater mask face with super piercing blue eyes it was looking at me and he whispered telling me to come with it, it's voice was very deep. Me terrified threw the cover back over my face repeatedly whispering leave me alone. after a few seconds I put the covers down to see the little blue thing gone. Anyone else ever see this thing?
>Not going back and dancing with the devil
>Not being bros with dancing deer devils
Yeah. Going up there again soon. We haven't been in a couple years. My grandparents own a part of a lake so we stay with them. Let live off some back road right by a closed motel. The motel is creepy as shit. I'll get some pics and post after I go. There's also a creepy barn down the road a bit. I love it up there.

what did you see?
i've never went into the woods or saw some strange creature but one thing recently scared me shitless

>go to zoo with family
>there's one proboscis monkey
>simply eats a banana
>suddenly looks in different direction and stops immediatly
>this whole ordeal resembled human behavior so much
>suddenly get fucking weird thought that maybe these monkey have as much self-consiousness as humans
>stare into these pitch black eyes like they belong to a human

at this point my heart was racing so fucking much i couldn't calm myself down for few hours

fucking hell, i'm never going back there again
Also I have a nope story of my own. It's more of an delayed nope

>>be like 4-6
>>be laying in bed
>>would see figured come into my room
>>looked like a bunch of little dots all arranged in a human shape
>>they'd just stand by my bed
>>I would talk to then seeing as I could only see them
>>one night they try to take me
>fight back throwing useless punches
>>they dissapear
>>I can't sleep with an open door now

My sister has that room now and says she feels watched in it.
Salt, a bible, a cross. Depends on how religious you are.
You were probably dreaming. With things like this, it honestly is best to rationalize that you were simply dreaming.
there's a zoo in germany where all the monkeys all of a sudden got really upset about noone knows what and they spent days staring at the same spot, the whole group, didn't eat or sleep, nobody knew what they were looking at. after a few days it stopped.

White ash, bro
I wouldn't worry about it anon

Let's go back to that same spot
Wait, he has the exact same picture as his setup on his computer screen, though.
Spooky, right?

sounds like a bear. they rise on their hind legs a lot and can be pretty tall and large in size

Yeah, I'm on the Island too... how come I've never noticed anything like that either?

Is that what we mean by "occult"? I guess I was thinking you meant something else, a little less hippy a lot more... dark-ish?

And none of you mention "Deer Dance". Gosh, you goddamn kids and your shitty music these days. /sigh
>be me
>scroll x
>hoping to avoid shitpost

Ew, gross. wtf, you win :| as a female that's pretty much the nopeiest thing I could ever imagine :|

hahah, it's just hypnogogia :) I'd put money on it(if I had any :P ).

I know this because when I was learning about OBEs/astral projection/lucid dreaming/dream yoga-type stuff, I'd always get to this point where I'd be like "fuck yes! this shits working!" and then I'd hear a knock at my door, or my cat or boyfriend making noise or whatever, like someone/something would be moving and/or doin shit in my house. So I'd have to abort my attempts and go looking for wtf was going on. Nothing was ever going on. I came to the conclusion it was probably some weirdass hallucination and taught myself to "push through" that bullshit(which is when I was finally successful); nothing that I heard had ever actually happened.

I've read on some forums & whatnot that other people have experienced the same thing. I'll bet that's what's going on with you :)
That story was scarier before you embellished it.

No shit! Animals are waaaay more important and awesome than human children. Kids are gross. I'd be all for mass-sterilization.

On that note, I can't help but feel you're the same person in EVERY thread who somehow relates peoples stories and whatnot to pedophilia. No sane, healthy person thinks of pedophilia *that* much :| Maybe consider seeking help? Perhaps your subconscious is trying to tell you something.

I used to feel like this and yeah, I just attributed it to being sensitive as others have mentioned. It was bizarre because like you, as uncomfortable as paranormal stuff made me feel I still couldn't get enough of it.

When I moved out onto my own for the first time in my life last year(I'm 27 atm but I moved in with my bf of 10 years at 16, prior to that obviously I lived with my mom so yeah...) and it's been as if my mind has told my body "okay, no more fucking around now cuz you're on your own. No ones there to save you, lel" ... instead of getting nervous and terrified(I was so bad before that I couldn't sleep in the dark nor alone, sometimes I needed an escort to the washroom if I'd just watched a horror movie, lol, or if I wanted to go outside for a smoke on my own balcony, etc) it doesn't really affect me anymore. I used to not be able to read /x/ if I were home alone and it was dark out but nothing really affects me anymore. *shrug* It's just not frightening.

I've even had some situations which required me to be hella brave and I was able to deal with them all by myself! lol, I know that sounds silly but if you knew me personally you'd be impressed :P

It's literally as if a lightswitch has been hit for me, I'm just not the same person... maybe the same will happen for you? when you're ready of course.

In the meantime, as others have said, try not to worry about it too much... I'm sure that wouldn't help :|
>be me, 16 from Austria
>small ass hicksville, mountains everywhere, next city 80km away
>big fucking forest behind our house
>my mum being quite strict I had to hide for a smoke
>do so in the middle of the night, 2am
>cool as i am, ipod on max vol
>playing snake or some shit on my nokia
>think I hear something, take out one earplug
>listen into the night - nothing
>continue with cig
>one of the nights, when there's a thin layer of ice above the snow
>imagine to hear something again
>earplug out and i hear this stereotypical zombi-growling
>roughly 20-30 meters away
>night couldn't be darker, no moon or anything
>dont see anything after staring into my cell
>must be animal
>growling comes closer
>steps break through layer of ice and i hear this typical sound of something heavy "compressing" the snow underneath
>step by step towards me
>growling continues, intensifies
>I start to sprint inside house
>never been so fast - adrenaline really fires a rocket up your ass if it has to
>wake mum, tell her somethings outside
>she's transforms from annoyed-tired to furious the moment the smells the smoke
>same moment tells me that she has never seen me that pale
>she sticks her head outside door, doesn't sense anything
>I got no pocket money that month

Yeah, my one and only story. Still don't know what it was. Can't imagine some freak waits for hours in the cold just for giving me a spook. And I couldn't imagine an animal coming towards me? Somehow doesn't sound right.
yup, pretty much

ack, I had a similar sort of thing.

I'd been experiencing a lot of false awakenings at the time, coupled with sleep paralysis episodes that I'd had, off and on, my entire life.

I woke up one night kinda groggy, realized I couldn't move, "ffs, not this shit again" and proceeded to close my eyes in hopes of (ideally)getting back to sleep or, at very least, attempting to block out any potential creepiness while waiting for shit to get back to normal.

I realized I could hear heavy breathing and feel gross hot breath on my neck. Awesome. I open my eyes to see that both my arms have these huge black hands holding onto them just below my elbow. Oh dear.

So I feel this brutally intense sense of absolute dread deep in my guts; I can't help myself - I try to see whatever I can, although I'm still unable to move much, if at all.

My eyes scan whatever they're able to, taking in everything possible and I realize that I'm being held down by some giant black humanoid thing who looks like he's not got any skin, or at least, not as we humans would know it. Picture a person, minus skin & that fatty layer - he was kinda like that, there was definitely some type of innards but he seemed to be held together by shiney black garbage bags which were also transparent. At some certain points it seemed as if his garbage bag skin stuff was stretched tight and had been sutured together but you could tell it was under a lot of pressure. its difficult to explain :S

I'd been laying in my bed on my back and he'd somehow come between me & my bed(he was in the same position as me except I was laying on him, my back to his chest kinda thing, hope that makes sense)and was holding me in place.

Well shit.

Next thing I know, I realize he's speaking, RIGHT in my ear. Of all things, what's he saying? "BoooOOOoOOOooOOOooooOOO!" in this creepy like, idk, soft, feminine, awkward voice(like that guy on family guy, the weird one, and when he's a bee he's like "bzzzt, bzzztt" etc).

You sir, are in need of an exorcism.

dang, better be kerrfull. Aged AIDS is the worst kind. And trees too? Whoa man...

You kids are such pussies these days, wtf is wrong with you all? Seriously. Holy fuck.
>sitting in jail
>suddenly everything smells like the ocean
>hear a giant voice that is like a child molesters say "mmmmmm"
>voice gets closer
>see bright light
>suddenly I wake up as a skeleton tapping a wall
>theres a phone on the wall right above my immobile skeleton form laying on the ground
>reach up and take phone
>voice yells at me
>here huge bang and feel something run into the hall outside
>here bang to rome on door and feel something rush into room
>it's the goat devil with the legs and horns but no eyes
>bugs spill out of him
>I realize the bugs are money
>bugs swarm over my skeleton and my body gets rebuilt by bugs
>wake up in the hospital with no memory of the past 3 months and tons of broken bones
Not if all four of them were from the same family
>in iowa
lol dumbass
I'm just imagining it dancing around to something like this
Do not like...
I just realized that every NOPE-Story in america Involving crimes doesnt get send to the police.
In this Story he just buys a gun.
>Wake up in the middle of the night, hearing knocking on the wall
>Of all walls to hear it from, it's the impossible wall. On first floor, other side of wall is outside, no windows, just brick all the way, no balcony or anything
>Go back to sleep, almost a bit too quickly
>In a dark hallway, stretches onwards forever, can't see very far because darkness
>Walk for ages thinking there's a way out at the end
>Look at the walls because nothing else to do while walking that long straight path
>Made from bricks, same as my house
>Keep on walking for ages
>Eventually find a door along wall, looks exactly the same as ones inside my house
>Being asleep, I'm not thinking clearly in this dream. "Maybe there's someone on the other side, I don't want to be rude"
>Knock on door
>Wake up again
>Realise the knocking pattern I did on the door was exactly what I heard from the impossible wall
>Can't go back to sleep because of thoughts
I saw people like that too! I never spoke to them or anything though
I've already read this a few days ago, only slightly altered. You were hiding behind some trees, not being on one.

Fuck you.
This is fucking stupid.
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joseph jaguars.png
514 KB, 595x590
>>They were also disappearances of several small children around this time who never were found. Not that there is any connection, but who knows?
>>The whole story just gave me a really nasty feeling

I mean, did you really had to do this?
File: 8718676_orig.jpg (9 KB, 300x395) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> Babysitting for my sister.
> Hear speaking coming from the kitchen.
> Thinking she and her boyfriend came back early.
> Stay in the living room and wait for my sister to come in and take her child to bed.
> Sitting there for 20min and she still hasn't come in to say hello.
> The kid wakes up and I decide to take him to her.
> No one there..
> Kitchen light on and the radio was turned on.
> Would normally think of a logical reason for what was going on.
> Then I remember what happened the week before.
> Pic related.
The upstairs hallway in my old house gave me really bad vibes every time I went up there.

The worst time seemed to be around 11-2 at night. I'd go to piss, come out into the hallway and get a really strong feeling like "I shouldn't be here. I really shouldn't be here. Get away from here now" and so I'd book it downstairs and into my room. My housemates also said they got bad vibes from there as well

I'm glad I'm out of there now
Tim's unite!
Look at little tim tim, sleeping so soundly,
So salt actually has some basis and isn't USA Supernatural marathon bullshit?
Yep. It's used all around the world to ward off evil. I know in some Buddhist traditions, it's customary to throw a pinch of salt over your shoulder to ward off spirits or something.
What the hell is that word? Try typing like you aren't retarded

Google it you god damn double nigger
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shiggy my diggy.png
20 KB, 535x451
Are you in grade school?
Germany please stop.
you need to stop bullying your cat
that's awesome
>tfw no ghost bro to banter with
>School was poor
>Idk man that's what I saw
>Toilet thing has happened to a lot of other people to go to that school

It's okay though, you don't have to believe.
That's true, though my school was poor so I'd be surprised if they did that. Even if they didn't still made me nope
>live on vancouver island
>always hear the stories of the weird shit that has happened
>get really into it and freaked out by it
>around 8 years old
>me and two friends are walking a dog
>go to this sandpit thing
>throw sticks for my friends dog, all that shit you do with dogs
>start walking back
>dog starts getting uneasy
>"he must want to play some more"
>see a stick in a bush, proceed in throwing the stick
>dog goes ape shit when it reaches the stick
>me and friends walk over
>three human fucking skulls, flies and shit all around them
>nope all the way back to my friends house with dog
>tell friends dad, he checks it out
>couldnt find them
>go back the next day out of curiosity
>nothing there other then a small design made from pebbles
File: 1396398171702.jpg (46 KB, 395x273) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>go to lay down in bed with gf
>feels butterflies man
>wake up
>tfw no gf
Since no one is asking, Well what happened the Week before?
He didn't spell maneuver though you shit
Jesus christ.
and again no one calls the Police.
One of you should have stayed or you could have used your mobile phones
File: image.jpg (228 KB, 1297x892) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You BritShiites need to fuck off. Spell maneuver correctly.
>be me about 12-13 years old
>be sleeping like a log in my childhood bedroom
>suddenly wake up, not panicked or anything, just feeling a bit uneasy
>bedroom in the first floor with door open, facing at the living room
>I can see straight at the little led on the vcr
>led vanishes for a moment, then comes back on
>too drowsy to think anything of it
>head hurts slightly
>about to get off bed and go get a glass of water
>led vanishes again, but this time I hear footsteps
>sounds like paws walking on the parquet, like a dog or something
>led on vcr appears again, like the "dog" just walked i front of it slowly
>I have no "dog"
>start freaking out
>stay still for a bit, listening
>weirdly enough I feel like taking a piss, so once again I'm about to get off my bed
>fucking led vanishes again, this time I'm sure I hear the footsteps of some sort of animal, no doubt about it
>it's coming towards me with increasing speed
>can't see shit because it's dark (thank God)
>completely frozen
>the "dog" runs jumps and lands on my feet
>momentarily glad I never pulled my blanket away
>start crying like a little bitch until mom comes down the stairs and turns on the light asking what happened
>there's nothing on my feet

Thankfully, that's my first and last "paranormal" experience. What creeps me out the most is that I am 110% sure that I was awake. I've asked around but I always get laughed at. That memory still gives me chills to this day.
my neighborhood is creepy as shit
>be like 13
>walking down street with neighbor who was the same age as me
>tons of woods in my neighborhood
>walking past other neighbor's house with acres of woods around and surrounding it
>hear bloodcurling screams deep in woods
>speedwalk past house
i have more if interested

> Once again, I was babysitting.
> Kid's asleep, so I go for a snack.
> just before I get into the kitchen, I clearly hear someone say my name in my ear.
> Not a happy bunny for the rest of the night.
> Tell my sister about what happened when she came back.
> She tells me that there are three ghosts and about all the spooky things that has happened in the house.

I hated that place, but it was nothing on my other sisters house. I have more stories, if you're interested?
gopher it
this one is my older brother's story from a few years ago
>he went to take garbage out at night
>sees girl in the middle of the road in front of the house next door from us
>shes just staring down the road with her back turned to him
>she jumps into the air
>streetlight goes out
>he nopes back to house and tells me there's some girl in the middle of the street just standing there
>i go to end of driveway because my thought process: maybe it's one of my friends wtf are they doing outside alone
>no one to be seen anywhere
am interest
1. 8 years old
im pretty sure we collectively shit ourselves and we obviously werent carrying cellphones
>Two-story house that landlord told me was haunted like two weeks after agreeing to rent it
>Whatever, nothing really happened up until then. Old historic town so a lot of buildings are supposedly haunted anyway
>Late at night, maybe 10, 11pm? Everyone in the house is asleep
>Watching TV in room
>Suddenly there's this huge puff of breath like HUFF over my shoulder, like RIGHT next to my fucking ear
>Noped the fuck out of there and slept on the couch that night
>Still not sure if I was just hallucinating because I was tired or what
me again yes hello
>be in middle school
>be like 10 or 11pm at kitchen table studying for math test
>the rest of my family is in the basement watching american idol or some shit
>dogs start freaking the fuck out which was extremely unnerving considering the rottweiler i had at the time never barked or anything like that
>go to check on them
>they calm down
>start walking back to kitchen table
>pass sliding glass door that leads to my backyard
>see large orange light moving slow as shit in sky
>it suddenly starts moving like 10x faster toward my front yard
>"ok that was weird"
>go back to kitchen table
>one of the windows in the front of my house are visible from my seat
>see and hear big sparks explode from the ground across the street from my house
>get parents
>we look outside
>there's no one across the street
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Don't get me wrong. I have a new recent fear of skinwalkers, but my sides.
I can just imagine a skinwalker flaying around like a retard screaming "Beep beep beep motherfucker; I'm home!"

> Staying at other sisters house.
> Find out that an old woman fell down the stairs and died before she got the house.
> Her kids have spoken about seeing an old lady in the house on a few occasions.
> Kids never told about what happened.
> I'm sleeping with my wife and have a very horrid Dream.
> A very old woman was floating over me, waiving her fingers at me.
> I can remember shouting at her to keep away from my wife.
> Get woken up by my wife saying I was shouting "Stay away from her!"
> Decided not to tell her what was seeing. I put it down to just being a bad dream.

As the years went on I started to come across other peoples ghost stories and on a few occasions I hear the same story of a figure standing over the person waiving their fingers. I vowed never to stay at that sisters house again

My wife has also seen a shadow figure there in the house. I was not told about this until a few weeks later. This leads me to my next story.

Back in a mo.
For real though. What does your fat cat have to do with /x/?
My sides.
>vancouver island still
>about 12 now
>me and friends think its rad as fuck to walk down to the gas station late at night
>go to gas station get candy and stuff
>gas station is across from the beach, over the water we see this weird light, figure its just a boat or something
>on our way home we notice two dogs lurking 15-20 feet away, every couple minutes after noticing them theyd run ahead of us barking and jumping around
>dogs turn right on the road were taking
>when we turn shortly after them theyre gone
>keep walking
>hear a terrible scratching noise
>two raccoons beating the fuck out of eachother
>turn around to take another street
>dogs are back
>pass this weird old church
>dogs run into the church courtyard
>see six people in robes where the dogs just ran
>"fuck this im out"
>run back to friends house
>cant sleep all night
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youre welcome.gif
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Dumbledore's female persona.
There, no more nightmares for your brother.
Guns, Texas and burgers . . . This guy's so fucking 'Murrican he shits John Wayne.

Another story

> At home talking to my wife about how I get a eerie feeling in the place.
> My wife then drops a bomb of an admission.
> Tells me of a shadow figure she saw.
> Reminds me of a previous conversation we had.
> During that time, I was getting ready to go out and I was standing in the hallway.
> She said that a shadow figure was standing right behind me.
> I'm 5ft 10, from what she told me, this thing was easily 6ft 5.
> Asked her why she had not said anything?
> Says that you should never acknowledge a ghost. It will come back If you do.
> Time go's on and nothing is seen by us.
> New neighbours move in upstairs.
> Get to know them and become friends.
> Decide to ask them if they have seen "Anything?"
> The colour go's from there faces as they tell me an assortment of things they have seen.
> They had also spoken to the people next door and got some interesting information.
>A man had hung himself next door in the 80's
> He has been seen in the houses surrounding the one he died in.

I think my wife had the right idea about not saying anything at the time. What the hell was I going to do anyway?
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>he has a wife

I worked very hard on this.
>gf moves in with mme and my mom
>she don't have car so I drive her to work
>I work only weekends she doesn't work weekends so its fine
>she works at jacks its a 2 min drive
>she has to open sometimes
>take her there at 4am
>driving back home
>on main hwy
>go on smalleer road to house
>almost home just 1 min to go
>car comes flying heind me doing 90mph at least
>high beams glaring into my rearview mirror
>all of a sudden my car shuts down and lights stop
>car pulls beside me and turns off his lights
>nope nope nope nope
>he gets out
>oh for fuck sakes I'm going to die
>lock my car
>no gun so I'm screwed
>trying to crank but sounds like battery is dead
>he is standing beside my window
>not doing anything
>just standing staring off in the distant
>he punches my car door
>car lights back up
>crank it anddrive like a idiot
>he follows me
>I drive for a good 1 hour around town until he turns off
>drive to grandmas and then head back home
Grandma was asleep so I just parrked ym car in her drive way. Sold my car a week later just incase if he found me.
wendigo!!!! It was gonna eat you guys!http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120213141914/powerlisting/images/3/32/Wendigo1.jpg
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Is this you anon?
>be 9 or 10
>grampa got me a new rifle for my birthday and he said we could go out camping and shoot it
>Mom was hesitant, but eventually allowed me to go on the 3 day camping trip with gramps
>gramps was a ww2 vet and overall hardass
>first day goes fine as we hike into the area and we end up on a ridge following it towards the afternoon
>I start feeling sick and he says we can bed down for the night
>set up camp and gramps says he need to go and get some fire wood and check out the area around us
>sun is starting to set and i hear gramps shout my name
>come over and he shows me the sun set from the ridge, greatest thing I've seen since then
>head back to camp and start eating typically hardass food, beans, bread, and a can of soda
>night sets and we start hearing rustling around our camp which was very spaced out rustling like something taking slow steps
>gramps says its just some opossums checking out our fancy meal
>i go to sleep while gramps makes the fire huge
>next day we set off and i'm feeling even more sick than before
>we get halfway into the hike and he can't take my complaining so we set back to the truck
>he decides it would be quicker to straight line it instead of following ridges and trails back to the truck
>we set off down the ridge into a valley
>after about a few miles we stop to get some water and eat some granola
>gramps says he has to take a dump and will be right back
>10 minutes go by and I hear him shout my name
>then hear it again and again
>I shout "where are you?"
>no reply for a few minutes
>Get the reply "ANON, ANON, ANON, ANON,ANON" very fast and almost sounded stressed
>slap my bag on and start heading towards the sound of his voice
>after about 5 minutes of chasing his voice I shout "I CANT FIND YOU"
>Hear it once more and I start moving towards it fast
>something snags my backpack and i fall on my ass
> asshole is creating diamonds from being so clinched
>turn around to see gramps with a finger over his mouth as to say "shush"
>2 min drive
Your lazy girlfriend can't walk 5-10 minutes to her job?

Top lel
Hey guys, this thread is pretty nice. We should archive it. Anyone up for it? I have no idea how to.
am going to bump for more nopes.
I have no idea either, but it'd be cool if we could

Meant to quote you. have archived it here
Thanks Anon you're awesome!
No problem! In the future, if you need it, all you have to do is go to 4archive.org :)
Will do, thanks again :)
so.. he raped you? I don't blame him since you were such a complaining beech

Good taste, my friend, good taste.



(Made my night.)

Really? Never knew the did one. I'll have to check it out. Thanks!


(Stupid keyboard. I blame Cthulhu.)
Nice distortion effect, what software?
what the fuck
It's scarier when you realize it's not saying "beep" it's making the beep sound somehow.
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