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I have a .AVI of Men in Black, and an SRT...
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I have a .AVI of Men in Black, and an SRT of the non english parts.

Is there an easy way I can hardcode the subs or permanently attach the SRT?

Or would it be quicker/easier to DL a version already done?
Download ffmpeg
Command is:
ffmpeg -i movie.avi -c:v copy -c:a copy output.mkv
Now download MKVToolnix
With this you can open up your mkv and srt, and put the srt inside the mkv

Of course you could just download one if you want to
mkvtoolnix is all you need. open mkvmerge GUI, add the avi, add the srt, click Start muxing, done.

alternatively you can do it all in ffmpeg. just add the srt as a second -i. if you really want to hardcode them (which i do not recommend) you would need to do it in ffmpeg. but it has to re-encode the whole movie which can take quite long and runs the danger of lowering quality.
What I would prefer to do is have the SRT attached so that I can turn them on or off with the subtitles option.

Having them hardcoded because it is only a few parts where they talk alien would be preferred, but it seems that will alter the original folder and as you mention possibly compromise the quality.

Sometimes though I put the files on a USB for family to use and they play them on a PS/DVD/TV, so they wont be able to turn them on or off if its only attached....
no dude, hardcoding means that the subtitles are put into the video file
muxing them means you can turn them off/on with the video player

see, files like mkv, mp4, avi are just containers
the actual video files are .h264
the actual audio files are .mp3, .aac, .ac3, .dts, .flac

so yeah you should mux with mkvtoolnix
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Like this.png
171 KB, 1360x768
Do i add both parts to the input?
yeah that's right
Nice and easy.

Ill just do them all this way now to save having a separate subs folder, fuck the non PC users, they can go without..

Other than searching the usual ways is there a place I can get subtitles for fresh of the air TV shows? for example i got ep 3 of 100 and needed subs straight away but couldnt find ant the usual googling and searching. any tips there?
I like http://addic7ed.com

99% of the time it works for me, though you might have to try a few subs depending on what release of the episode you have
That has never come up through my other searches before, but it seems to be gold.

Will see how fast the yput them up and go from there. Thanks dude.
>Sometimes though I put the files on a USB for family to use and they play them on a PS/DVD/TV

just be aware that many devices don't recognise mkv. which is stupid, because mkv is open source and everybody should support it.

if you want to keep them compatible you should maybe run a test before you convert your whole collection
yeah this
If it doesn't work, convert it to mp4 with ffmpeg:
ffmpeg -i movie.mkv -c:v copy -c:a copy -c:s copy output.mp4
Yeah I have discovered MKV is pretty much incompatible with 90% of TV's, DVD players and, my in car DVD head unit. as well as Xbox and PS.

Which like you said really sucks because it is so popular now. Its the reason why I have not just gone to having a laptop connected to my TV, and use hard drives.

I havent watched an ad in years.

I wish there was a really easy way to convert the .mkv's back to AVI or MP4 format. without compromising the quality.

Its what I dont quite get though, if they are both h264 and mp3, aac or whatever then why cant the container be changed easily between .avi, mp4 and mkv?
Probably the answer to my last part above,

will this change quality, dimensions or anything else dramatically though?
No, it's just changing the container. The filesize should be identical or very similar. The audio/video doesn't get reencoded, just put into a new package so no quality loss.
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sorry to be retarded, but how the fuck do I get it to go to the directory?

I get it to d:\, then when I type in the rest it gives me this.....
ah, good old DOS commands... cd = change directory

cd Utilities
cd ffmpeg
cd bin

you can tab-complete the names of the directories

alternatively: that ff-prompt.bat you see in the ffmpeg directory. you can execute it, which adds the bin subdirectory to PATH. that means that (after a restart) you can execute ffmpeg from any directory and Windows will automatically check the directories in PATH if it finds an ffmpeg.exe.
Ok do this
open a fresh command prompt
in windows explorer go to ffmpeg/bin
drag ffmpeg.exe to command prompt

in those commands i wrote, substitude "ffmpeg" (at the start) with the drag

for example

for you it would look like (when you drag ffmpeg.exe into cmd and write out the command

D:\Utilities\ffmpeg\bin\ffmpeg.exe -i input.mkv -c:v copy -c:a copy -c:s copy output.mp4

then press enter

input and output should be filepaths

or you could do this >>50794
but i don't have experience with this
just saw you put the video into the ffmpeg directory.

i honestly don't know if that works, but ffmpeg's default directory is actually your user's home directory (C:\Windows\[Your Username])

alternatively, you can put the whole path into the ffmpeg command

eg: ffmpeg -i "D:\Videos\TV\input.mkv" -c copy "E:\converted videos\new\output.mp4"
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95 KB, 1354x622
Yeah its been a while....

I moved ffmpeg folder to c:| for ease, and I have the video file in the bin folder too as per a pootube vid I saw, or do I leave the input file elsewhere?

Can I have the same input output name?

just tried again with the mib.mkv in c:\users\me fodler and it gave mib.mkv no such file or directory...

SO i go this far and it comes up with these errors?

Perhaps the command is wrong?
Does the file play?
Sometimes ffmpeg gives obscure errors but the files are perfectly fine
yeah, i wasn't gonna say anything, but i was pretty sure that guy's suggestion (>>50775 >>50797) wasn't going to work. -c:s copy means you tell ffmpeg to copy the subtitle codec, ie the srt format. but that isn't supported by the mp4 container which has it's own homebrewn subtitle format.

try it with
-c:s mov_text
instead of
-c:s copy

and double check the output file, since the subs might not be enabled by default.

get back with any new error messages
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ffmpg results.png
183 KB, 1212x916
File dosnt work at all, comes up with errors in WMP and VLC..

I changed the line as you said and it seems to have worked, it created an mp4 file in the bin folder that has the srt file attached (able to turn on in the subs option)

Thanks so much for your patience and help anons, you are all legendary in my books..
No problem man, have a nice day
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Old Town.gif
693 KB, 768x256
Yeah gonna go to bed now, its midnight in straya.

You dont know how I can have working gif's as a wallpaper do you?

Like attached for example?

since you're using ffmpeg anyway, you can now skip the mkv part entirely

ffmpeg -i video.avi -i subs.srt -c:v copy -c:a copy -c:s mov_text output.mp4

sleep tight
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63 KB, 677x340
I just tried it on a second one, and got this error at the end but it seems to still be working fine, with subs as well..

with that command line i put both the .avi and the srt into the bin folder to make it mux them and that cuts out needing mkvtoolnix?
Yeah mkvtoolnix is not needed then
All good, I got it worked out now.

With those base codes I can just change input file name and extension to whichever I need, add subs if required and change the output filename and extension I want and it will turn it out to whatever I have done.

Fuck its easy once you have done it..

Thanks again..
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195 KB, 768x256
This should work


Funny thing, they have the other version of your town gif there
Ay, thats a pretty cool alternate version.

Thanks for the link mate. Ill give it a try.
>with that command line i put both the .avi and the srt into the bin folder to make it mux them and that cuts out needing mkvtoolnix?

yeah. you don't *need* to put the files into any special directory if you write out the full file paths as mentioned above >>50798 you only need the quotation marks if your file paths contain special characters like spaces

you can btw prepare commands in your favourite text editor and then just copy/paste them into the CMD window (you need to right-click > paste though, ctrl+v doesn't work)
Ok cool, ill probably just copy them to the bin because ill be sortin them as I go and it will make it easier to manage the copies.

And yeah, I have already got a wordpad doc with the codes ready for copy/paste.

I am in bionix now, and I can add the GIFs but it dosnt seem to be animating them? any ideas?
I haven't actually used bionix. Can you post a screenshot?
Try running it as administrator
or maybe remove your current wallpaper
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154 KB, 655x706
Downloaded and installed, added the 3 gif's and its showing them as per the timer but not animationg them, the UI looks different to the one on the website too... cant find the animation settings to change speed etc..

running as admin now...
seems like they're asking for $$$ now

You could try this


It only works with .mpg and .wmv videos

I think you could convert your gifs to wmv with ffmpeg

try ffmpeg -i input.gif output.wmv
They made me turn off AdBlock, and it seems to have no setting to change the animation speed as per the UI example on the dl page.

Ill try dream scene now...
Dream scene didnt work either, downloaded an enabler, but it didnt do anything, and found a youtube vid with a link that installed a registry editor (and told me I was gonna fuck my computer with warnings from windows) but it didnt do what it said either...

Ill have more of a search tomorrow..
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