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need some technical support help here,i cant...
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need some technical support help here,i cant gonnect to 5g wi-fi with my pc,but i can connect to 2.4ghz just fine.

my issue is that my device cant even find 5ghz connections in the first place.

my modem does support 5ghz cause my phone can connect to it.

upon googling i have confirmed that it is possible for this pc to connect to 5g wi-fi in its current state.

dont know what to do pls help.

>pic related is said pc
its a toshiba satellite L-series
1. Please post the make, model, serial no, ANYTHING. That picture alone doesn't say much
2. Operating system?
3. Same as 1, but for your router AND the on-board wifi in your laptop?
4. Do you still have the warranty?
5. If 4 is yes, did you call the tech support?
6. If 5 is yes, could you understand the guy over his thick South Asian accent?

Help us help you
ah-yes sorry about that,its t toshiba satellite L50-B
intel pentium

give me a second,coming up with the router info

yes,i should still be within my warranty and i have the papers for it as well
qualcomm Atheros AR9485 wireless network adapter,courtesy of rogers
(yes i'm a canuck)
model name:CGN3ACR

is this what you were asking for?
i know i'm not obligated to give anything in return on this board but,im an artist, for those who help me i can maybe fill a couple requests to show thankfulness
(after the problem is resolved ofcourse
It's almost certain that you can't connect to 5GHz because your laptop does cont contain an adapter with a 5GHz radio.

To confirm this, open Device Manager, expand "network adapters" and google what is says your wireless adapter is.

To remedy this, hit up eBay for a decent Intel wireless card; fitting it is simply a case of accessing the slot (which is usually in the trapdoor underneath the laptop), (un)fastening one screw, and (dis)connecting two wires.


>Qualcomm Atheros AR9485
>The wireless card in your notebook is a single band (2.4 GHz only) wireless N card, so it does not receive or transmit on the 5.0 GHz band.

whoever told you you could connect to your router under your current setup has mis-informed you, to put it lightly
There's no real reason to use 5GHz anyway, don't worry about it. It won't make anything magically faster
i had called technical support and it was about as helpful as a rock is to a brain surgeon,asked to update warranty ond other stuff.
this is one of the few places google sent me to https://grok.lsu.edu/Article.aspx?articleid=17341

The computer has 2.4 GHz and 5GHz network capability IS Dual-Band Compable.

>The network adapter supports network modes 802.11n and 802.11g and 802.11b

and my pc posesses all 3 of these types,if i am reading correctly does this not mean i am able to use 5g?
personally i was fine with the former but the household i reside in heard something along the lines of 5g being "faster" and "more secure"

so im stuck trying to cope,and my phone wont allow me to hotspot this crap
>and my pc posesses all 3 of these types,if i am reading correctly does this not mean i am able to use 5g?
No, it doesn't, as explained in >>41811 .

If you want 5GHz, you'll need to replace the wireless card with one that can do 5GHz. This being a Toshiba*, the teardown is a nightmare, the internal design looks like it was poured in there then stirred, and you won't be able to find a service manual because instead of providing them for free, Toshiba DMCAs them.


* you can't spell "Toshiba" without "shit".
Something like http://cgi.ebay.com/281578355868 would probably sort you out.

I say "probably" because the great documentation embargo makes it impossible to be sure.
well thats just great,well i thank you guys for the help.
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There's a video here of taking the back off: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YatNrUHN3c4 .

The wireless card appears to be underneath a ribbon cable. You need to gently disengage the latch, then slide the cable out. Then the wireless card might be screwed in, or it might just be shoved into the socket. Hard to tell from a photo.
Finally, lots of Toshiba laptops will refuse to boot if their wireless card isn't a Toshiba one, so you should probably buy a Toshiba one.

Or just give up and get a USB dongle.

My name is Harvey. I produce music. I'm looking for an artist, doodler, anyone with some artistic skill, to draw me a profile picture for my Soundcloud page. The one that I have now was made by me and I think it looks shoddy and rushed, because it is/was.

The producer name I use is 'Harvey Trill'. I am requesting that someone draw/photoshop me a cool rendition of the words 'Harvey Trill' that I could use. Full credit would be given to the creator; put a watermark or your signature on it if you want to as well. To provide some context, I produce vaporwave, hip hop instrumentals, and some funny mix between the two.

That just about sums it up. Any and all help/time/effort is greatly appreciated. Cheers!
well although the resolution was not what i had desired twas still resolved nonetheless,thread is probably gonna die by the time i finish it,got an email son?
wait dongle?
if i get one of these,i can access the 5g on my router?

Thanks for your consideration. Looking forward to anything from you.
welp expect it later>>41919
im just gonna buy a dongle,less risk and cheaper
As long as you get one that actually does 5GHz, yes.

http://cgi.ebay.com/111712312756 won't look too bad dangling out your USB port.

If you've got an expresscard slot, there are flush-fitting expresscard ones.
Yes, but there are no fucking reasons why 5GHz would be better than 2.4GHz
- It is a bit faster but your internet connection is slower anyway
- It is in no way more secure than 2.4GHz
i have to convince a 50 year and a 40 year old woman that the number 5 does not necessarily mean its better than the number 2.4.

it will be purely impossible,one knows how old women get once they "hear something" or "read an article"
this is a matter that i can see it being worth my time in the future seeing as ill be using this same pc later on
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28 KB, 419x261
Surely the quads would be evidence enough?

If it can do it, the best solution is both bands at once. That way you get the AP's top speed in 5GHz, and the AP's top speed in 2.4GHz, added together.

If your router can do it, both is better than either.
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