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What are some nice anime/manga/LNs/games...
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What are some nice anime/manga/LNs/games that can distract me from my shitty life?
Love Live
Persona 3 and 4
They're both very long RPGs with life/dating sim elements, good characters, and fun things to do.
4 is more comfy than 3.
Non Non Biyori.
Also second the Persona 4 rec.

What sort of things do you like, Anon?
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>not playing the source of that image
top nep
Non Non Biyori
Ichigo Mashimaro
Yuru Yuri
Ika Musume

Yotsuba to
Hoshi no Samidare
Sprrit Circle

Mushoku Tensei

Muv Luv
Sengoku Rance

If you know all of these I have plenty of more obscure recs if you want.
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Aria: The Animation / The Natural / The Origination

Dark Souls
Fighting Games such as Guilty Gear and Street Figher (this one is what keeps me going. They require consistent investment of time and effort so they keep you distracted for a really long time)
Rune factory 4
I've seen Undertale cure depression in a lot of people. I can post a big paragraph if you want.
Here's one.

>Hey all. Um, sorry if this doesn't really have a place here...I just really feel like I need to vent. So I guess, ignore this, or mods can delete it, or whatever. But anyways...

>I watched Jacksepticeye's pacifist and genocide runs, and eventually downloaded the game a couple days ago. I've fallen really hard into loving this game, and its characters. I've been happier in the last little while, than I have in a long time. This speaks volumes to me...um, bit of backstory, I guess. I'm a super anxious person, and generally always stressed out. I've been trying to start up an online art shop, and raise money for charity...I'm planning to start a gaming channel on YouTube, too. But up until now, I've been flooded with self-proposed deadlines. Deadlines I can't always meet because I'm either too busy....Or if I'll actually be honest, I didn't have the willpower to meet. I have a day job, so if I give this up or not, really doesn't matter.

>But...just playing this game, throwing myself into this fandom...I feel so much less stressed about life in general, and I'm happy. It's kind of like, I could keep trying to chase this little art goal I've had, or I can step back and do things on my own time, and just be happy. And...I need to be happy. It's strange and maybe kind of stupid that it took a game to bring this to light for me, and it's doesn't even make a whole lot of sense to me. But...I'm chasing happiness now, thanks to Undertale.

>Ugh...Did anyone even read this? Thanks for sticking with me. <3 I know that was pretty pointless.

I can't get Muv Luv to fucking install on windows 7.
Not OP but can you suggest me some really cute, comfy, feel-good animes?
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Yozakura Quartet.

It's episode after episode of people having the shit befriended out of them.
Doesn't Yozakura Quartet jump in quite a ways into the manga? Seems like it'd be hard to pick up.
It did originally, yes; that's the episodes in blue.

Then, later-on, they started from the beginning, skipping only the stuff they'd already done; that's the episodes in red.

Then it got continued by another arc; that's the episodes in green.

You need to watch it in this order, because the later series is actually designed to have the earlier series slotted into it, and will make no sense if you don't.

Now you need to go buy the BDs so I can have more episodes, kthx.
You need some slice of life. Here's four from varying years:

Non Non Biyori
Tamayura Hitotose
How faithful is the adaptation? That's something else that concerned me when I saw the OVAs were so short. Though I guess it must be adequate enough to recommend if someone made an image like that.

You know, I wanted to try this series a while back, downloaded Hana no Uta, and was gonna start it but got confused about the viewing order and wasn't sure if it was actually the first one, so I set it aside. But even if I'd watched it I'd have fucked up with the OVAs. I'm thankful you posted this guide.
(in no specific order)
If you're looking for anime that isn't too serious:
-One Punch Man
-JoJo's Bizzare Adventure
-Kill la Kill

Otherwise, there are these:
-Darker Than Black
-Zankyou no Terror
-Another (maybe??)

For games:
-Ori and the Blind Forest
-Shadow of the Colossus
-Crypt of the Necrodancer
-The Portal series

YouTube even?:
-Joel from Vinesauce

Stand Up?????:
-Louis C.K.
-Ricky Gervais
-Bo Burnham(?)

Get well, homie
>Tamayura Hitotose
more like Tamayura Comatose amirite
Really? You're the first person I've ever seen say something negative about it. It's one of those things where if it's not your thing you just plain don't watch it.
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