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got redirected from /a/, so you guys are...
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got redirected from /a/, so you guys are apparently my last hope

I'm looking for the anime adaptation of "the new gate" which I'm sure I've watched 3 episodes of at around 1 year ago. Whenever I try to search something related it comes up with log horizon, sword art online or accel world.
All I need is the japanese original title, since apparently "the new gate" is only the name of the light novel.
Any help will be appreciated.
I think it's just called "the new gate" in Japanese too

that's the novel though, I'm looking for the anime. and there is no anime called "the new gate"
Are you sure the anime you're thinking of is the new gate? The wiki page says it's an LN that got a manga adaptation but doesn't mention an anime.

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yes I'm sure. I was looking for replacement anime for log horizon at that time and they only had like 2 episodes out. I've waited for more episodes and kinda forgot about it. Just found the manga again hours ago and looked everywhere, but with no success. I'm starting to question my existence here...
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>yes I'm sure.
Well then, here's a list of stuff that aired around this time last year. Knock yourself out.
Just in case, here's autumn.
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And spring.
hm thanks. Not in these lists either. But since autumn had log horizon s2, maybe it was between s1 and s2.
do you might have spring14 and winter13? I'm maybe wrong about the time I've watched it.
There is no anime adaptation of The New Gate. You've mixed something up.
Maybe you're thinking of Overlord?
I don't know who's doing anime charts these days but for that time period these should be fine.
I'm of sound mind and healthy body, no record of family psychologically diseases and I don't take drugs. I know I've watched an animated version of the first encounter between the main hero, some knights and that elven shopkeeper and got reminded of it when I read it hours ago.
nah, it's not overlord, log horizon or sword art online.
thanks, will rummage through the archives.
Btooom? Hataraku Maou-sama?

Unless you've gotten it confused with a vaguely similar show I think you may have just had a dream about it or something. That's happened to me for some stuff.
A very real possibility is that you've been inadvertently sent into an alternate timeline where an anime adaptation of The New Gate does not exist, even though it did in your original timeline. There's nothing that can be done about it but you might be able to find other people with similar memories to yours.

This is a recurring phenomenon - do you remember it as the Berenstein Bears or the Berenstain Bears? This site has more examples of how this works:
yes I thought so too, but it's not possible because I've watched that after I came home from work in the afternoon and nowhere near sleep.
and no it was clearly the setting of "the new gate". That's why I'm starting to question my existence. It doesn't make any sense at all. The only possible solution I can think of is that the manga might be a adaptation of an obscure OVA with another title, which had multiple parts. Then again: doesn't make sense.
Never watched that show. Not native english, I'm familiar with the concept though
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So I'm either crazy or alternate timelines are real. Time to visit a therapist either way. Thanks for your help anyways.
Try giving a plot summary of what you've watched so far.
guy fights some battle, everybody is allowed to log off, he gets sucked into light, new world new me, wanders around, finds some knights, bitchy mccuntface is getting his ass whopped, lord bitchmccuntface is breaking up everything, knights leave, guy explains what's happened to him, end episode 1
episode 2 lifts curse of black haired elf, gets sent to capital, hidin powerlevel, still get found out by everyone but everyone is completly okay with it, fights with guild leader, gets accepted, first quest is picking herbs, suddenly OP monster, gets rekt by hero, brings back jewel, everybody eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh'ing, end episode 2

does that help?
This sound kind of like Overlord.
it's not overlord. the guy isnt some "evil" undead overlord, he's just a human
.hack maybe? I haven't watched it myself.

Did it look newer?
not .hack either. main hero is a black haired, somewhat tall human.
Also I confirmed my story with my friend who watched log horizon too and he remembers me talking about the anime I'm trying to find here.
So I'm back to thinking something was messed up with the name of the anime. And I also think they maybe only did like 3 episodes and then cancelled the series (could explain why it doesn't show up on the lists that anon gave me)
oh and I don't understand your concept of "look newer". It definetly wasn't some 90's/00's anime and the manga was written in 2013. So I guess yes?
Are you SURE you didn't just read the manga of it and it was so good you remembered it as an anime?
Maybe he watched Steins;Gate
Nah, I can remember the difference in story and colour between the novel and the anime. Otherwise I would have said" fuck it it's a dream", you know?
The human brain is funny. It is very easy to convince the brain of things that it should remember. The next day the brain will remember them, and even minuscule details that weren't even part of your description of what it should remember.
There's been numerous experiments on the topic, ranging from scientists giving people fake childhood memories to people seeing something and immediately afterwards being misled in a conversation about what that thing was.

Don't feel too bad about it.
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I won't. It's just frustrating because it was only like 1-2 years ago and my memory is pretty vivid about it.
But since really no one is finding anything about it, I am probably wrong and it was all just a dream.
Thanks to all the people in here anyways.
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