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im trying to create a simple vpn so i can...
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im trying to create a simple vpn so i can use the internet from school. but i want to use the built in windows tool, and all the tutorials and stuff are SHIT if you dont already know what you are doing.

first of all, cant use the defualt port and i cant figure out how to change the port the program uses, i tried routing a different port on the out side to the default one on the inside, but then i have another problem. i cant figure out were to put the port when connecting to the vpn. there is a field where you can put in a domain or an ip adress, so i thought maybe you just put in "" but when i try that it fails instantly when trying to connect. if i try to connect with just the ip it takes like 30 seconds before failng.

i cant tell waht wrong and i cant find any usefull information on the internet. please help
The Windows VPN uses a protocol called PPTP. This protocol uses port 1723 and you can't override that. If you have set up a VPN server, it'll be listening on port 1723. If your network is firewalled to block outgoing connections not going to standard ports like port 80, the built-in VPN functionality is useless to you.

If you can't "use the Internet", what good is a VPN going to do anyway? What's your scenario?
i can use the internet but nearly every website is blocked, it makes doing research really difficult when websites like the scienctific american website is blocked.

and i actualy can use the port 1723, i just thought i couldnt because when i had tested it earlier with some online tool it always told me it was blocked, turns out that it actualy wasnt and i was misunderstanding.

so now im trying to connect to it and its still unsuccessful, ive been trying from my laptop and android phone- though my laptop is at home, where i am trying to creat the vpn so im not sure if it would even tell me if it worked
Your VPN server should be your home machine. Testing it with your laptop at home first (using the machine's internal address, not your outside IP, as that's just asking for trouble) is a good idea, because if that doesn't work, it certainly isn't going to work from the outside. Get it to work inside your own network first, then worry about getting it to work from a school machine. That's actually the difficult part since you'll need to configure your home router to let the VPN through. Not all routers actually support that, especially the cheaper ones locked down by your ISP may not allow it at all.

A VPN may be more trouble than is necessary if all you need to do is browse websites. Browsers have always had built-in support for proxy servers. It may actually be simpler to run an HTTP proxy like Privoxy at home and point your browser at that. IE and Chrome both use the built-in proxy settings that may be locked down with Group Policy; Firefox has its own set and there are builds that can be run without installing them. If running a proxy server is too much trouble, you can try your luck with the publicly accessible ones, but they'll probably be blocked (and even if they're not, you don't usually want to trust them with your traffic).
i have the port open on my router, and i think its a good one, pretty new and expensive netgear router.
our moden that the router is connected to is really locked down because of our isp making us their box with proprietary software. could that be causing a problem?
if i cant get it to work today i may just end up using a proxy server like you suggested
even from inside the network i get error 800

unless you have any other ideas im gonna give up on VPN
The modem (DSL, I assume) will almost certainly have a built-in firewall/router and *that* is where the port needs to be opened. Your router comes after your modem and is already within your own network. You can try enabling port forwarding on the modem; even the locked down ones usually have this. If it has something like a "PPTP passthrough" option you're set; otherwise you manually need to open 1723 and make sure to allow protocol 47 (GRE) through, and on the router as well.

At this point you're basically trying to get VPN to work through two routers, though. That's been known to make grown men cry.
Inside the network you should have no trouble from routers, so the only thing that can trip you up there is bad configuration or a missing entry in Windows firewall.

But even if you get that to work you're only halfway there due to the aforementioned router issues. I wouldn't give up on VPN, but I'd definitely try the proxy route first. :-)
i cant seem to connect to the modem, i have tried all the internal adresses that the isp says it could be on, and when i try and connect from my external ip it brings me to my router. because of this i have no idea how to tell if thats a porblem.

i suppose i have to get it working on the inside of the network, so ill try that some more in the next few days.

for now i think im going to try a proxy server since it seems easier.

also i have hosted game servers and a teamspeak server on the network before and the modem has never given me any trouble all i had to do was port forward on the router
A VPN is slightly more involved than a simple port forward. Specifically, PPTP operates on GRE (protocol 47), which is something different from TCP (protocol 6). This is why your router/modem needs to specifically support/allow it.
i see

im gonna go for tongiht thanks for the help

ill be sure to try again another day soon
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