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Post a wallpaper that makes you feel something...
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Post a wallpaper that makes you feel something and say what's on your mind

This was a good idea before, lets do it again
Previous thread >>6434653
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My path in life is not clear, I have no vision of where I'm going to go or where I want to be. I feel uncertain about my future.
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Moreover; this causes my emotions to sway around a lot. Sometimes I feel worthless and incapable of achieving anything and some days I feel free and indestructible.
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The quote says it all

I know where I am in my life, going to india alone for 4 months, don't know what to do after my studies

But hell no I'll trade this for nothing else, mystery is so thrilling, and goddamnit i'm happy to be alive
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And don't forget guys, "Life isn't about the number of days you live, it's about the number of days you remember"
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I am happy for you my friend, that sense of security in life must feel amazing

In addition to this; so far I have figured out that life falls into place by some means or another, we are human and after all; we are a part of nature. This is a thought I stumble into at rough times but it is a nice thought to fall back on none the less. It just makes me feel at ease.
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I'm split between my emotions for another, and the moment I think I got over it, I'm back at her stronger than ever. I don't want to be caught up on another person before I learn to respect and enjoy myself, but yet no matter how hard I try I find myself stuck between two sides of me and their wants and needs.
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I feel insignificant but content.
I worry that no matter how much effort I put into life, I'll never be more than one man.
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Furthermore, I feel disappointed at how content I've grown.
I often put the least amount of effort into my life because I feel like my efforts will be futile regardless. I've no doubt that I can achieve great things, but the idea that they'll become irrelevant to me once I die keeps me limiting myself.

I'm not saddened by my inconsequentiality, but I am made complacent by it.

I wish I wasn't.
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I worry that I'll never do anything meaningful with my life. I tell myself I want to work on wall street and get rich, but at the end of the day I'm only trying to do that because I have no real passions. I'm scared I'll never truly do anything that benefits anyone and I'll just glide through a purposeless existence
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I'll just enjoy the chill winds while they last. I love this weather. Stop, watch around and enjoy.
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Pretty much my life. Just kinda try to calculate all steps, take all cautions, and predcit all outcomes, and never be right.
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I feel like I ignored every warning sign chasing after a light that, I swear, HAS to be there.
You wont ever do anything "meaningful? Do what you want to do. You only get this chance.
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I´m lovin' this kind of thread, it makes me feel in good company. Also, for the anon with the Cloud Atlas ost in the last one, I'll take your offer anytime, thanks man.
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Feel you man, that's usually how I end up abandoning my ideas
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Lonely Astronaut.png
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I'm going crazy and I don't want to die in some group home.
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I've entered a period of contentment and low stress, but I've gotta work to preserve it if I want it to last.
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This soothes me. I don't know what it is but if I can lock myself in my office and just stare at this for a few minutes usually it makes things easier.
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I feel like the whole world is there in front of me for the taking but if I take a step to grab it I'll just fall. But somehow I'm almost content where I am, with less than I deserve or have worked for.
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I'm glad I'm not some existentialist bitch.
Seriously, get over yourselves.
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What does that mean, "get over yourself". Seriously, we're all we've got, you can't count on anyone else to look out for your well being so getting over yourself is actually not advisable. Get into yourself. Get fucking digging.
You have to be 18 or older to post here, bucko.
It's thinking like that that'll get you down.
Just get out there and do shit. Try to have some fun. If you fuck up, so be it. Nobody cares, and that's awesome.

If you're feeling blue, man up and carry on. 'If' by Rudyard Kipling gets me going again when I'm having trouble.
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I often feel so alone in perspective. I have friends and people I can turn to when I need to, but I don't think any of them see the world like I do. I want someone to travel the path of life by my side, right now I just trust that the universe has this person hidden up ahead somewhere.
Even if that person exists, you have to remember that they might feel the same way about their lives. At the end of the day, everybody and nobody is right. Being human is learning to live with that duality
is that Black Tusk up in garibaldi? it looks like the approach.
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I want to just leave my home behind, I have so many bad memories and I don't feel I can trust the people I live with anymore.
Paranoid, I know.
I need to keep my spirit up and try to push myself out into the unknown, at this point I will take an unknown danger. It's better than ramming my head against this wall and expecting it to move.
Might be, got in on a climbing thread on /out/
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even though i have some good friends and family, and know i can turn to them when i need to, i sometimes feel like i can't make a deep emotional connection with them, as if i just took them for granted. i feel like i have trouble meeting new people and making friends. furthermore, i don't even know what i want from life, have no big passions and/or lack enough self-confidence to make a career out of what little i like, like writing and photography.
nonetheless, i'm glad uni already started, since it gives my life some kind of meaning through homework and projects, at least until the semester ends, then it's books and vidya all day every day
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thanks for the thread tho op, have some oc for y'all
I feel the same way sometimes anon, its tough to crack your own shell sometimes. I would say get out there and find somewhere you can do those things you love in a semi social setting, find some way to share your passions.
Try taking a science lab course in uni. Easiest way to make friends is mandatory group work. That's how I found my first friends in uni (other than my other friends from high school). Or join a club. Any club.

You just gotta take that one small step.

gl to you anon.
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being aware of your situation is the first step, i'd say. i guess i'll eventually crack my own shell. had some ideas to work on, hopefully homework will ease soon.

joining a course seems like a good idea, meeting people, passing time and having more tools for my professional life. i'll look around for a good one.

thanks for taking the time to respond anons. how's life going out for you?
Same guy as from this post >>6450120

Life's not too great atm. I'm 3rd yr uni and planning to go to grad school (University of Toronto). Sadly, my grades are not high enough. Have to work my ass off during 4th yr to even get them to look at my application.

But whatever... Could be worse. At least I have good wallpapers.
Fucking beautiful pape. I hope you have more similar ones. What is the location? Korea?
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sucks man, but you can still make the best of it. working your ass off might be a pain but it'll pay off. try to learn all you can and i know it might be a bummer, but consider some plan b just in case. what are you studying? i believe in you anon!

will post some similar ones imo. don't know where it was taken, downloaded it from here long ago
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skirt + converse best combo
bigger res?
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not motivated to do anything other than shitpost and play vidya, thus I have nothing to do, thus no motivation. I know what I have to do but my brain just isn't working that way right now and I have no idea how to fix it.
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