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So I have a theory about the latest One Piece...
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So I have a theory about the latest One Piece chapter 810 and what Pedro might have meant when he said "the world is waiting on those two", many have said he's merely referencing the upcoming reverie; but I don't believe this to be the case.

I'll start by saying we know non sentient animals can communicate with sentient ones (chopper talking to camels, crabs, etc). We also know the minks isolated themselves from humans right around the time the void century was wrapping up.

Since the two kings of Zou are obviously not old enough to have been alive during that time period , but Zushina (Zou) was; what if when a king is appointed on Zou they go and speak with Zushina who relays the story of the void century to the new king(s).

This coincide perfectly with the Noah on Fishman Island awaiting the 'promised day', the world is waiting for the revelation of the void century to kick off the war that will engulf the entire world.

Luffy and them will find one piece, the kings of Zou will reveal their portion of the true history, war will begin and firemen will be moving to the surface world
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this isn't /a/
but i fucking love one piece so ill bump with a pape and my own input

there HAS to be a poneglyph/some information about the void century, somewhere on Zou. it's been 2 islands without any information about the void century, and i think Oda is progressing this with Zou and the King of Beasts, Kaido (or rather his right hand man Jack). i think the "promised day" is highly likely that they are connected to the void century/raftel/nobles.

when the straw hats reach Raftel, at the end of the new world, luffy will go and destroy raftel and saboady (which raftel is technically the other side of reverse mountain).

if they reach raftel, Franky would have completed his dream
zoro would be the #1 swoardsman in the world. his dream.
nami would have made a map of the world. her dream.
Robin would've read all the poneglyphs and discovered the void century by then. her dream.
usopp would be a brave warrior of the sea. his dream.
Chopper would be the worlds greatest doctor. his dream.

destroy reverse mountain?
Laboon is on the other side; brook's dream.

reverse mountain being destroyed, thus all the 4 seas connecting into one place?
All Blue. sanji's dream.

after all this, Luffy would be the freest man in the world, thus naming him the king of pirates.
his dream.

they will all have completed their dream, thus concluding One Piece after the massive war.
Nami has to visit literally every single Islnd in the World. Raftel doesn't mean shit to her.

There's no guarentee that getting to Raftel will magically make Chopper a better Doctor.

Usopp is honestly already a Brave Warrior.

Robin would probably also need to visit all the Islands to see if they have ponyglyps too.
Thanks for this wallpaper!
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true, but in the sense, reaching rafter is them going around the world, really. Nami can't go back to reverse mountain and take a different route, cause then one piece will never end.

he'll be able to cure any disease in sense as the crew "evolves" further along the story and gets stronger; chopper will learn more medical shit and become a better doctor

fuck yea he is, fucking God Usopp man

also true, but Oda wouldn' make them backtrack to other islands

in a sense, the way Oda is making his story, Luffy is pretty much re-doing everything Roger did (sky island, fishman, etc.)/wasn't able to do (because of his incurable desease).

In an authors point of view, its illogical to backtrack your story; every story line is linear, in a sense. there's a start, and a finish. For writers telling a story it will take time and effort to go back and "find the missing poneglyphs and islands"; which, with the One Piece fandom's demand, Oda has to move forward.
One piece seems fucking awesome and i love the characters, but it's so looong. I watched the first 30 episodes but i don't have the motivation to dedicate months of my time and most of my free hours to a single show.
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its worth trust.
One Piece is the fucking best.

go on an adventure.
an adventure you cant get with your usual day-to-day routine

experience the storytelling
experience the character development
experience the feels
experience the fuckin badassery
experience the adventure
sail into the grand line, and into the new world.
I know, i love the characters already and from what I've seen of recent seasons it only gets better. But the length is intimidating.
oh well, better watch it anyway i guess
I feel obligated to post a pape
File: 1446762675833.jpg (63 KB, 520x836) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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you can read the manga it would be faster; its just not animated

you can read 5 chapters in like 15 minutes

(phone wallpaper)
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