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Tell me about Arc the lad 1, 2 and 3
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Tell me about Arc the lad 1, 2 and 3

If i play these games i would die?
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The first and third are okay, but the second is the fucking tits. Especially Arc Arena.

>spent innumerable days and save slots creating and leveling teams
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Arc 2 would be extremely enjoyable.
But yeah, play them, it's a great series with a surprisingly good pacing and characters, especially shotgun ninja Char.

Really good take on the classic hero story with a pretty daring development and ending too, the only flaw of the games besides being pretty easy is that Arc 2 is extremely slow when it comes to battles, but the great pixel art, content and pacing more than makes up for it, and I'm not one who likes standard RPGs, but Arc games are very entertaining.
Also this>>2965948, if you like monster hunting, raising and arena fights both Arc 2 and Arc Arena will be huge timesinks.
I second this

Played it when I was 14 and it was the most amazing of the time, better than breath of fire III&IV, and better than lunar 1&2.

A truly amazing game with tons of sidequests,
great oldschool beats, lovely pixel designs and an interesting world
I remember being depressed for days when I finished ATL2 as a kid.
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Who wouldn't be with that kind of ending?
And this fucking music while Arc and Kukuru's souls fly away in the clouds holding hands, fucking hell ;_;
Remember playing these back in 2003-2004. Breezed through the first one. Transferred my saves to the second one. Got fucked over in the mission where you needed to use the Jihadist looking guy/his summons and as I didn't level those in the first game wasn't able to progress any further =[
I only played the first one but it was really fucking boring. The story was an extremely generic "save teh world" along with everyone not so secretly being a demon conspiring against your party. The gameplay was laughably unbalanced; everyone except the MC was weak as shit and would almost always get killed relatively quickly, meaning the MC is the only left to clean up the battlefield.
>everyone except the MC was weak as shit
>weak as shit

Did you even play for more than thirty minutes?
Compared to Arc they sure as hell were. Also I didn't bother grinding because fuck that.
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>better than breath of fire III&IV
You don't need to grind.
Tosh completely BTFO Arc's damage output without effort once you get a certain accessory, Arc's only advantage is that he's relatively tanky compared to Tosh, but he's not even half as fast and doesn't hit as hard as Tosh, even with three or four levels less than Arc Tosh is still potentially much stronger.
Iga's kind of bullshit too but he's slightly inferior to Arc because he can't tank just as well.
Gogen can nuke the shit out of everything if you bother keeping him up with the rest of the party, the only useless members are Poko and Chongara, and if you do bother getting Choco Chongara becomes bullshit powerful too.

Even in the second game, Arc gets overshadowed by most other party members like Elc, Shu, Gruga or Choco, they also nerfed Tosh a bit because he was bullshit strong in Arc 1.

The game was indeed unbalanced, but the problem wasn't Arc, Tosh is the rapetrain in Arc 1.
Not him, but I too prefer Arc to BoF, BoF IV looked gorgeus and had beautiful music and visuals, but all the rest was mediocre, Arc 2 alone had a better handled story, content and for some things even gameplay.
Sure, BoFIV kinda had better thematics, masters were an interesting mechanic and there were cool things such as combos, I won't comment on fishing because I always thought it was shit in all BoF besides 2, but Arc 2 has the arena, Diek, monster party members that you can train and customize to a certain extent and a lot of subquests, and Arc 3 has cards.
BoF is more polished, but Arc 2 and to an extent 3 simply have much more stuff to offer, so I can see why he would prefer it to BoF III and IV.
Played the whole collection when I was in 7th grade and again a couple weeks ago.

>those scenes with Elc and Muriel in the playground
>Arc finding his father and everything after
>spending most of the game helping people around the world for that happen
>the ending with Arc and Kururu
>Elc's monologue at the end
>Chongara in Arc the Lad III

Way darker than I remember.
Chongara in Arc III is really, really depressing even if it's not comparable to the rest you've mentioned.
It's really weird how the game has a very standard premise but then it's full of sadness and not really cliched stuff, it really made a lot of things right when it came to plot and characters, much better than most RPGs from that time.
Thread replies: 14
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