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Light gun thread
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I fucking love light gun games. Probably one of the biggest losses to the world now that CRTs are dead, there's nothing like making a leaf shot in Point Blank.

LCD based solutions are all awful, both in the arcades and at home. The latency added makes snap shooting pretty difficult, and home solutions require you to both stand in the perfect position, and the sights aren't remotely accurate.

At least it's still relatively easy to play the console ports.
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virtua cop 2.jpg
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>not perfectly timing your reloads in lulls so you don't get caught out
>not getting the automatic and saving it all the way to the boss for 15 bullets of destruction

I haven't played 3 in over a decade, despite it easily being my favorite. I really fucking hope the Xbox emulator goes somewhere, given my only other option is waiting for a debug console to go on sale.
My favorites

>Area 51
Played the absolute shit of this in the arcade

>House of the Dead 2
Same thing, tons of quarters on this one.

>Silent Scope
My brother and I loved playing this because we watched a shitload of enemy at the gates. Felt really cool, my parents even got us the Xbox version with the stupid sniper rifle.

>Not Retro
The resident evil survivor series is actually really good. Dino Stalker has the standard on rails levels but also lets you move through a 3D environment, same with Dead Aim. The original PS1 one was kind of sucky becuase it doesn't have lightgun support in NA. Fucking faggots in Columbine ruining it for everyone.
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>enjoying Area 51
I hated that game. Police Trainer was my jam.

I really wish there was an easy way to play Police 911 at home. The PS2 version has webcam support, but because it came out before the Eyetoy, you need a very specific set-up with lots of conflicting reports on what cameras work and which ones don't. I wish there was a plug-in for PCSX2 so I could just emulate it, but nobody would ever bother programming it.
i'm actually ok with inferior lightgun technology of the wii.
Yes with the right gun attachment accessories my friends and I have had a blast with House of the Dead Overkill on Wii. Still though I miss playing my once beloved Saturn & SEGA CD light gun games.
I can't stand it. Overkill almost bored me to tears with how easy it was, compare any of the bosses in that to something like the Sloth in HotD3 where you have to land every shot in 2 seconds on a tiny erratically moving target. The story was fun, but the gameplay was just dull.

Pretty much every new arcade shooter is machine-gun based to try and hide the inaccuracy and latency of the newer technology, it's far easier to hit something if you've basically got a cursor due to all the bullet spam.

And for home stuff, playing with a cursor defeats the whole point in my book. Anyone can make a perfect shot if they know exactly where the bullet is going every time.
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light gun games.jpg
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#1 (read: ONLY) reason why I still have an old school style standard definition convex screen TV.

My favorites are:
>Duck Hunt
Probably the sheer funnest game in the genre to this day.
>Hogan's Alley
Another classic. Also OPERATOR AS FUCK.
>Wild Gunman
REALLY UNDERRATED. One of the few dueling games ever made.
>Barker Bill's Trick Shooting
Obscure NES game that's actually pretty solid. Worth it for the fact that you can shoot the Duck Hunt dog.
>House of the Dead
Main series + Overkill are great. Favorite is probably 2.
>Virtua Cop
2 is my fave, but the rest are cool as well.
>Rail Chase
UNDERRATED AS FUCK series. Both games are great.
>Lucky & Wild
One of the funnest, most underrated, and most hectic fast paced action packed light gun shooters of all time. A must play if you ever have the opportunity.
>Bick Buck Hunter
Modern day classic. Like Duck Hunt, such a simple concept that's so fun. Favorite is probably BBH Pro on Wii.
>Target Reload
Referred to as "Reload Target Down" on some websites despite that not being on the box anywhere. Essentially a modernization of Hogan's Alley. Not perfect, and virtually unknown, but one of my favorites on the Wii. A hidden gem.
>Pheasants Forever Wingshooter
Extremely obscure and underrated bird shooting light gun game with bare bones simple gameplay and a cool 2 Player head-to-head mode. In the vein of Duck Hunt, but with more variety. Another really underappreciated Wii title.
>Sports Shooting USA
Sammy did a quadrilogy of light gun arcade releases in the early 2000s. There was Deer Hunting USA, Turkey Hunting USA, Wing Shooting Championship, and Sports Shooting USA. This was my favorite one. The others were OK.
>Police 911
Can't say enough about this series. The original in particular is one of my favorite games of all time.
>Ghost Squad
Absolute freaking classic. Basically a more advanced version of Police 911 with an anti-terrorism theme.
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light gun games.gif
2 MB, 443x269
>Gunblade NY
Fast paced and fun as fuck.
>LA Machineguns
Sequel to above. More of the same. Just as awesome.
>Time Crisis
Actually consider this overrated, but still a fun series. Hard to pick a best entry, but if I had to I guess I'd go with 2.
>Silent Scope
Cool series, awesome gimmick especially if you played the arcade machine.
>Operation Wolf
The game that changed EVERYTHING and the most influential light gun shooter of all time. An absolute classic to the highest possible degree even if it's been surpassed by many games since. The sequels were also cool to a lesser extent.
>Mechanized Attack
Not all that popular, but I enjoyed it. Underrated.
>Cabela's Most Dangerous Hunts 2013 (Wii)
The other consoles got a hunting sim. The Wii got an on-rails safari themed light gun game. There are better titles on the system, but it's worth it if you're a fan of the genre.
>LCD based solutions are all awful, both in the arcades and at home. The latency added makes snap shooting pretty difficult, and home solutions require you to both stand in the perfect position, and the sights aren't remotely accurate.

Is there some problem with HDTVs that makes light gun games no longer viable?
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What are the chances of this getting re released on anything, ever?
>>Actually consider this overrated,
You're nuts. The addition of the pedal and thus risk-reward was inspired.

Light guns work by flashing the screen and then calculating the precise time it takes for the diode to see white from the electron beam. LCDs both don't have an electron beam (the entire screen lights up at the same time), and introduce far too much latency.

>the entire screen lights up at the same time
Usually not. LCDs typically update line by line, watch some high speed videos.
And if you had an LCD display with zero latency (not possible), you'd only be able to possibly calculate vertical position that way. And I'm not sure if you'd even be able to do that, the update rate doesn't seem consistent enough from high-speed video.
>Sports Shooting USA
I had some fun with this yesterday. Wish I could have tried it out in the arcades, the scope looks like it's fun to use from the guide.

Also, the emulation is annoying, a bunch of the later games like this one seem to have some kind of issue with shooting off-screen to reload. I had to shoot all my bullets to reload leading to some lost time.

My only complaint is that the game seems to easy. Maybe having to keep the scope exactly straight made it harder in the arcades? I was easily hitting targets with iron-sights.
Anyone ever played Crypt Killer? I've been meaning to get my hands on a copy, was wondering what people think of it.
I'd be far more interested in the sequel, Evil Night. Despite running on M2 hardware, it seems like nobody has got it working in an emulator.

I know it's kind of mean, but I can never really be bothered with the 2D sprite games in 3D environments that were all the rage for a year or two. They just feel so dated.
Hey guys is Elemental Gearbolt as awesome as I want it to be
I honestly didn't care for it at all. Maybe I'll try it again some day with the guncon patch and see if that improves it.

Project Horned Owl is the standout PS1 only title in my eyes.

I didn't even know there was a sequel. Seems like it's pretty rare.
It's beyond rare. I thought it was M2 as in Model 2, it's actually one of the 5 games Konami made with the ill-fated M2 3DO boards they bought for cheap.

Emulation is never going to happen for something like that, and I imagine the cabinet itself is very rare. It's a shame, with a faster framerate and removal of the CD loading times, it looks like it'd be quite fun.
I wish they would make compilations that are programmed into the gun, so all you would have to do is buy the gun and plug it into the console.
Someone has to set the bar for low standards.

There are many famiclones and similar shit that did this.
It's a bit of a longshot, but does anyone have anything like a pack of just the lightgun games in MAME?

My only options are either downloading some crazy 30 gig full set, or going through the list one at a time, both of which don't sound like a lot of fun.
Lucky & Wild
My negro. Can you imagine how beautiful a remake / reboot would be? VERY EXPENSIVE
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The fact that Police 911 and other games like it are doomed to unemulateable hell is a fucking disgrace.

Once you've played a full-body light gun game like that, you just can't go back to regular ones. It's never quite the same. If I could get one of those for myself, I could die happy, at least after about a month of playing it to death - and given the physical exertion I would put up, that "to death" might as well be literal!

Greatest god damn light gun game idea ever. Shoutouts also to Silent Scope, which isn't as great but also scores big points for a fun as hell gimmick.
Police 911 might eventually make it in a decade or two, all it really needs is someone to write drivers for a more common camera.

Honestly, the number of people who can actually emulate lightgun games at a decent level is pretty low, and the number of people who can emulate stuff like the PS2 or Wii on their lightgun rig is even lower.

The idea for silent scope is cute, but I don't like the positional gun based implementation. It makes aiming too easy.

The Golgo 13 game combined actual aiming with high pressure single shot sniping.
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I know the main beef with light gun games are arcade ones like Virtua Cop and Time Crisis, but how about console light gun games?

I actually did enjoy the Super Scope when I was a kid, I played a lot of the 6 games on Super Scope 6 games, especially the LazerBlazer ones, they were simple but pretty cool and fun, and even though the tetris-like ones were a bit weird I still played them but more than anything I played Mole Patrol, the whack a mole-type game, it got fast as fuck in the later levels until it was almost impossible, I never beat it but I remember getting very far. I don't know if any of these games had an ending.

Yoshi's Safari was also good, and probably remains as one of the most obscure Mario games. What I liked the most about that game were the mechas the koopalings had, some cool designs there.

I always wanted to play Battle Clash 1 and 2 but I never got them, I hear they're pretty awesome.

I haven't played with my Scope in a while because 6 AA batteries, but I guess one of these days I'll remember to buy some and play with it for old time's sake.


I really never got the hang of landing Justice shots or disarming shots. I still love the crap out of VC2 though, and the PC port was fine enough, much like how the ports for the first 2 HOTD games went.

Also, I love the crap out of the usual ones. Time Crisis (1 and 3 are personal favorites), Silent Scope, Crisis Zone (the kick on the SMG lightgun is very satisfying), the first two HOTDs, and VC2. Even older I can recall enjoying Duck Hunt, Hogan's Alley, and fuckin' Wild Gunman (which I hadd a hard time baeting)

Special mention to that Police Simulator thing Konami did (wasn't it called Police 911?) where you had to physically duck and lean in and out of cover. May not be retro but it's something everyone should try when available.

I think I can dig HOTD 4 too, but that's not retro anymore for sure.
>the PC port was fine enough
I find the PC ports pretty poor, actually. My major gripe is that you can't really turn off the cursor in most of them. Luckily, the model 2 emulator is almost perfect for VC1 and 2, and pretty good for HotD.

The only port I actually like is HotD3, because you can't emulate it. You can half-disable the cursor, but it still pops up every time you shoot and then just hides in the corner, and the game has an annoying auto-reload that can't be disabled.
I always wanted to try out Confidential Mission, but I didn't know anybody with Dreamcast back then.


Looks cheesy as fuck, and that's how I like it. I wish there was a game with that same aesthetic, but did something else than lightgun game because railshooters are very restrictive.
>dat Solidus Snake on the cover
I remember it being fairly fun. I should really give it another try.

The issue with railshooters is that innovation got cut short. We had the major leaps like the addition of a pedal, recoil, and dodging, but then the devs just got lazy and started doing shit like changing the shape of the controller so we had shotguns and machine guns. We never had a game with decently randomised spawns or a large amount of potential paths, because the genre at the time was always about making the game look prettier so it'd stand out against console titles.
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lethal enforcers.jpg
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Lethal Enforcers 1 & 2 on the Genesis.
Used to play the arcade game every time we went out to the mall, then later at the theater when the arcade closed and their machines got bought up.
I wish I owned the pink gun, or at least a second blue one I could mod to work for two-player fun
I don't actually have a player2, I just wanna duel-wield
I had a buddy who owned it, the guns were fantastic to hold.
They're pleasingly big without being too heavy to be comfortable, and the home-port is pretty much spot-on with the arcade version that I remember.

Fine enough in a sense that I could deal with it, but comparing it to emulation of course it pales. I should try the M2 emulator for those games, might be cool.

Also, while not a lightgun game technically Typing of the Dead is fun shit.
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>Police 911 might eventually make it in a decade or two, all it really needs is someone to write drivers for a more common camera.
I would say that a decade or two is a bit of a stretch, but even so, its more than just that. The Konami Viper hardware is quite unique and not heavily documented. Many of the components themselves, such as the particular PowerPC CPU and the 3DFx Voodoo hardware can be pretty accurately emulated, but other things on the board such as Konami's custom I2C bus devices and how they communicate with each other is the area of difficulty right now.

>Luckily, the model 2 emulator is almost perfect for VC1 and 2, and pretty good for HotD.
The M2 emulator is pretty cool. And although it isn't open-source unfortunately, ElSemi did actually contribute to the MAME team, and his code makes up the majority of the model2 driver. However, what he wrote for the M2 emulator doesn't coincide with how MAME works and their "emulation philosophy."
Sure, but the PS2 version is easily emulated. It'd be way easier to just work on the USB code for that.

Now, Police 911 2? That's another matter.
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>but the PS2 version is easily emulated.
Heh, that hadn't occurred to me.
I just mentioned because I follow MAME development regularly, and noticed that the Konami Viper driver was updated today. Nothing big, but its progress. Although its not playable at all, World Combat, which is another light gun game, now starts.
>Given my only other option is waiting for a debug console to go on sale

Or just softmodding it yourself for the cost of a blank CD
VC3 requires 128mb of RAM to run on an Xbox. That means you need to either surface mount a bigger RAM chip which requires a specific motherboard version and pro soldering skills, or get a debug unit.
>Pro soldering skills
Not really, though.
Changing a battery is considered expert by /vr/ standards. I'm surprised he didn't say SMD requires God Tier soldering skills
>making a leaf shot in Point Blank.

I ran a highschool gambling ring around that. Holy shit.
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