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Does anyone feel the Resident Evil movies...
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Does anyone feel the Resident Evil movies ruined the tone of the franchise? It's not like the sequels after and including 4 are bad (they're fun), but the atmosphere and storyline went from a gristly tale of horror and survival to a dumbed down action movie. It's all too linear and monotonous, and even the protagonist designs (except Ada and Leon) look bland and uninspired.
>resident evil
>5th gen
>n64, ps1, DC
>not 2d

I'm talking about the course of the franchise which started in 1996, nigger.
Tell it to the ban appeal page faggot

The only good thing to come out of the RE movies is the theme.

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"Retro" only encompasses MY nostalgia, the rules say so! READ THE STICKYYYYYYY it says ONLY 8 and 16 BIT GAMES ARE RETRO

next you snot nosed brats will think sixth gen is retro?!????!!!!?! NEVER WILL BEEEEEE




/vr/ is for /r9k/ ONLYYY
Mods don't delete anything which is not obvious shitposting.
You what? 16 bit systems are from yesterday, how they can be retro?

Retro as a term is typically used to describe "of, or relating to" anything in retrospect. That is the case of this board. If somebody mentions something that is newer, but remains on the topic of something retro related, like this thread, then that newer thing is now being compared to things in retrospect, making the discussion as a whole a discussion of retrospect.

Get your logic right fuckfaces.
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>implying this isn't one of the greatest scenes in cinema


The overall cheese can be too much, but hey it's a movie about zombies. But a lot of the underlying concepts are very horrifying.
What is wrong with the posters on this board lately? Are we being invaded? Is this some kind of protest for newer content on the board?

We won't ever take new content I don't think.

This board may use the moniker of "retro" but I think it's quite clearly meant for the discussion of gaming's "origins" (that's why we play ball with pinball and CRT threads right?) Even as other consoles like the PS2 age they'll never get any closer to gen 1 than they are now.
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literally get the FRUCK!!!!!!!!! OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this board is for RETRO!!!!! ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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No, I feel that Capcom ruined the feel of the franchise when they made it multiplayer.
He should've sold his Xbox 360 instead of breaking up with it.
I think it's because reddit users comes here to shitpost and /v/ is leaking.

These are people that thinks sincerity is for losers.
The only problem with multiplayer is that they haven't figured out how to do it right. Well, they did it right in Outbreak, and then fucked it up in 5, 6 and Revelations 2, each to a lesser extent each time, but still not where it should be. But none of that's retro REEEEEEEEE
I wouldn't attribute that to the movies.
To be honest, the kind of people that watch RE, as far as I've seen, are a completely different audience to the ones that play RE.

I feel like the bigger issue is how games these days feel obligated to have certain features in order to appeal to the mainstream that started gaming one or two gens ago, and aim to have CoD levels of sales by ditching any originality that gave the series its niche.
Generic online features are especially terrible and feel tacked on 90% of the time.
I somewhat agree with this guy, but I don't think multiplayer alone is the reason for this.
I think with the popularization of over-the-shoulder cameras, Capcom realized that most people no longer felt comfortable having fixed camera angles, and using guns with tank controls on that angle.

Thing is, they haven't really been able to keep the sense of mystery that the original games had, because it's much harder to hide things from view when the player can look around freely.

It's not impossible, of course. Games like Fatal Frame for instance manage to do it, but RE4's success made it pretty much certain that Capcom will never focus on horror for the sake of horror again. Just horror as a sidekick to a shooting gallery.
This nigga cones to retro games to discuss movies and the non retro RE games. Can someone please go sandy hook on the faggot and his family.
The first boss in the series is a snake the size of god isn't it? I don't see how the movies aren't in line with the tone, the games were always campy wannabe action that mixed it up by making you slightly less than omnipotent.

Think about the weapons. You get shotguns and magnums and rocket launchers that can clear rooms in seconds. How is that horror? The characters are all cops or ex cops or whatever. The reason people do knife only runs is that the game is easy no matter what and you are essentially John McClane.

I love RE but come on man, it was never gritty horror stuff.
Your internal dialogue must be excruciating, friend.

I think the main issue was the stylistic change from a hallway of 1-5 slow, but fairly threatening zombies and enemies, into basically a horde shooter.

Multiplayer didn't really have anything to do with it. Outbreak was multiplayer but kept the same classic style which made it good.

5 basically forced co-op because Sheva was so retarded. It also didn't help that they upped the pace of everything while making the puzzles basically completely braindead easy since they needed to be solved with one person, and they locked it into being forced onto the same area at all times. Then theres also the whole "scale" issue, where you're dealing with relatively small environments like the Mansion, Police Station and stuff like that, you're suddenly on a globe trotting adventure in Africa, going into old power plants, oil rigs, driving around on boats, fishing villages, volcanoes, etc. It got retarded to say the least.

They could've made it good.

>Low ammo counts
>Lower enemy counts
>Actually have to separate at times to solve puzzles, or can independently explore to scavenge or find keys/puzzle items
>Lower the scale

The older I get the more I think less is more. A horde shooter isn't as interesting as a handful of well placed enemies that are interesting to fight. Scale in terms of story and environments are always way out of proportion to what you're actually doing as well.
Said in another thread but I liked the first movie as a loosely based title based on Resident Evil.

Had some nice touches like the bodies in the laser room vanishing just like they do in the games if you exit a room.
>To be honest, the kind of people that watch RE, as far as I've seen, are a completely different audience to the ones that play RE.

Well I think that itself is the problem. One movie can return more money than all the classic games combine and as a result they changed the games to match the perceived larger audience
before the movies came out the series had gone through many revisions

the first game had 2 playable characters and multiple endings dependent on who if any one dies

the second game had b alternate plot with the major boss berkin being replaced by mr.x a production quality tyrant who can follow orders not the prototype from the first game

the 3rd game had a dodge function which varied depending on what the attack was and live sequences which allowed the story to branch a little and change the number of times you fought nemisis (basically a g virus tyrant)

come code veronica ammo conservation wasnt even needed and you got to dual wield guns momentarily

4 still no need for ammo conservation and no fixed perspective or tank controls and they added in hitting specific points to stager for a hand to hand move

by 4 resident evil was a sort of action game
>No tank controls

RE4 has tank controls. It's just the camera is fixed behind you instead of being fixed for whatever room you're in. They're still tank controls.
Stop feeding the trolls. And reddit is shit.
2BH i liked the movies more than the games.
I think both of you are right.

The elaborate response addressed trends within gaming which changed the course of the franchise, particularly the over-the-shoulder camera and the controls designed to fit it.

On the other hand, action movies have always appealed to wider audiences than horror survival games, so it was economically sensible to fit Resident Evil's plot accordingly.
Resident Evil has always been incredibly stupid so not really.
I doubt it. The story was a ridiculous mess long before any movies came out. And also, Resident Evil 4 has an AMAZING tone. It's not creepy and tragic like in the remake of the first game (I never played the original so I can't cite that; I gather it was goofier) but it's still awesome. Leon's "psh" attitude is done just right. The dialogue is hilarious, but it's all taken just seriously enough to make it work well as a genuine action-adventure story too. Some kind of magic happened when they were writing and voice-casting that game. (And of course none of that would matter much if the game weren't also a lot of fun, which it is.)

Resident Evil 5 kept almost everything the same but killed the tone, for no clear reason. It could have stayed awesome but instead it became merely ordinary (albeit still pretty good). Losing the tone of the earlier games had nothing to do with that. It's just Capcom milking whatever makes money by pumping out a few too many sequels, just like they always do. The tone is good or bad according to the luck of who happens to be working on the given game, and what resources they're given, and what unexpectedly good design choices they do or don't happen to make.
There's also the fact the first sequel came out exactly three months before the release of Resident Evil 4
When the first movie came out I was hyped enough that I didn't care about all of its flaws, it was a movie set vaguely in the Resident Evil universe and had zombies and a licker and a reference to Nemesis. The bullshit with the Red Queen and all that didn't matter, it was already awesome.

It was when the second movie came out, based on my favorite game in the series, that I started thinking I'm being fucked. Milla Jovovich beating up Nemesis in a fist fight, Nemesis becoming a good guy, Nicholai also a good guy, no Mikhail, comic relief black guy with golden desert eagles. They even got S.T.A.R.S. wrong, calling it the Special Tactics and Rescue Squad because I guess squad sounds more tacticool.
Not really. I honestly have a clear mental divide between the films and the actual games. I think because Alice is such a Mary Sue and nothing like anything in the series up until RE5. Hell even when they shot for shot the Wesker fight, I still didn't create a mental bridge between the two mediums. The movies are just that terrible. Also, lol those quality safety precautions they are taking on their sets amirite?
To be fair, I think you could make a pretty decent argument the action-movie-fication of Resident Evil began not with 4, but with Code Veronica. You never have to worry about conserving ammo, especially with the hugely improved knife, the scope of the story and locations visited feel much more apropos to an action movie than horror, you have Chris who's already established to be a mega-badass fighting Umbrella from the shadows (Jill gets that badass boost in RE3 too, but it's mitigated by the sheer number of zombies and the fear of Nemesis). There's also the cut scenes - that badass opening that the movies actually lifted, and Wesker's return with bullshit bullet-time superpowers... I'm not sure what the production overlap between the first movie and Code Veronica was, but it seems doubtful the makers of the game were influenced by shit the movies wouldn't get around to until at least Apocalypse.
Oh, and CV also establishes the trend of writing really, REALLY hammy, arch villains for the series, which continues directly into RE4 with Salazar and Saddler, and is also a trope associated more with American action movies than horror (the dumb, pompous Eurotrash aristo villain).

Honestly? I think it comes down to the fact that Resident Evil is inspired by American B-movies, and the line between what makes a horror B-movie and a horror/action B-movie are pretty blurred. Ultimately it just comes down to whether or not your protagonists spend most of the movie freaking out, or getting shit done and killing anything that needs killing. As the Evil Dead trilogy went on, Ash goes from being a whiny goober to being a legitimate badass in his own way, and that's why it's no longer really horror by Army of Darkness. Same thing happened to RE I think - Capcom wants to keep those iconic characters, but they've been through so much shit it's hard to imagine them being afraid of zombies or most monsters. But even disregarding characters, there's the Player to take into consideration - even back when RE1 was the only game out, there were fans for whom just beating the game and getting the mediocre-end wasn't good enough - they had to go back and master it, memorize the placement of every enemy, item and ammo, and once you figure that out, you're pretty much an unstoppable beast with the game clock as your only real challenge. RE's ranking system only got more complex with RE2, so they obviously knew and were catering to those kinds of devoted players.

Basically, as much as the music and fixed camera angles make those early REs really atmospheric and spooky, a lot of people who loved that at first also learned to love beating those games while feeling like a huge badass. And as the series went on, the games became more and more conductive to that kind of experience, culminating in CV and 4. REmake not selling well didn't help either, alas.
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