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Gaming memories from middle school
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>Girl: "Hey, we have homeroom together"
>Me: "Do you like Kirby Superstar for the Super Nintendo?"
>Girl: "Yeah I guess uh, I was wondering if you wanted to go down by the creek"
>Me: "It's really multiple smaller games in one, offering gameplay diversity you don't usually find in-"
>Girl: "The teachers can't see what goes on there you know"
>Me: "-other titles, and it really builds on Kirby's Adventure rather than just updating the graphics, although-"
>Girl: "We could hold hands on the way"
>Me: "-Kirby's Adventure already looked pretty close to a 16 bit game despite being on the NES due to the quality of the spritework and masterful use of color"
>Girl: "I will kiss you right now if you stop talking about Nintendo games for at least ten seconds"
>Me: "What about Pokemon do you like Pokemon? I hope there's one for the N64 it would be awesome to see pallet town in full 3D-"
>Girl: "Actually....sure, I like Pokemon too, Kirby is my favorite. Let's go down by the creek...and talk about Pokemon"
>Me: *snort* "Kirby isn't a Pokemon they are totally different franchises."
>Girl: "Okay well I'm going now it was nice talking to you sort of"
>Me: "There's also a rumored spinoff being developed where you photograph wild pokemon on some sort of Safari, that sounds dope. Oh she left"
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You know it's true because OP is a fag.
bullshit immediately detected
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school desk.jpg
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who /playedgameboyhiddeninside the schooldesk/ here?

I was the kid who ratted you out to the teacher for it :{3
Fuck you
That's some serious autism, Even though it's fake
>be in highschool
>actually hot with a deep voice
>pussy left and right
>have girl over
>anon is that a super nintendo?
>uhhh yes?
>sorry anon, I don't fuck gamers
>she sleeps in guest room

i had a girlfriend already anyway
yes, yes. Heh
>win big football match to make playoffs with TD pass(I'm the qb)
>decline after game party invitations to bring the cheer captain to my place
>things getting hot and heavy when she notices my 64 with SM64 in the game slot.
>freaks out since her brother went insane playing it for years looking for Luigi(was a murderer suicide)
>leaves in such a hurry she accidentally wakes up sister
>"oh, hey big brother. Sry 'bout your luck. You know mom and dad won't be home for awhile...
>Now I'm a dad and an uncle
>be me
>Huge buff football playing nerd in 1996.
>Go to school wearing my pokemon shirt.
>taking spanish class with the hott 18 year old teacher.
>hoping people don't realize you have to have 4 years of college to be a teacher so already there is a flaw in my story.
>She bends over my desk, "hola, senior. I love your pokemon shirt.
>I look down her shirt and she takes it off and we begin having sex.
>I had lots of sex since then.
>Strangers on the internet are really impressed with my fake... err... real story.
>Feel good man.
the first time i played videogames it was SkyRoads and Commander Keen on the school computers ! I don't know who installed those games but I'm eternally grateful. I was the only kid smart enough to open games i think. i remember a few days after they asked me if i wanted to skip a grade. I was an idiot for saying no but i didn't want to be outside of my comfort zone.
Also anybody remember a strategy game from the late 90's where you are underwater or something ? I'd love knowing the name of that game !!
Women hate video games because it takes attention away from them.

It encourages them to actually be interesting.
Fuck you namefag I play games as do other females. Maybe you're mad cuz you did stupid shit and couldn't get pussy due to it.
>freaks out since her brother went insane playing it for years looking for Luigi(was a murderer suicide)

ok, i laughed
Summer between 8th grade and freshman year:
1996-fuck tloz is hard
winter between jobs:
2016-fuck tloz is hard

some things never change.
Women don't give a fuck about average males when they have a list of 100s of chads who are promptly down to fucking on demand on whatsapp.
>I play vidya as do other traps
>in computer lab
>normie girl stumbles across a flash version of Tetris
>she goes nuts
>"omg it's Tetris!!!"
>she's playing on level 1 and gets a couple lines
>"I'm doing so good!!!"
>she dies before getting to level 2
>I decide I'm going to play it too and try to "impress" her with my Tetris skills
>say "alright here I go" as I start
>I'm playing competently
>getting several tetrises
>she looks at me like I'm subhuman scum
>mumbles "oh my god" under her breath in that middle school white girl "I pity you" way
>I keep playing
>she walks over to the class Chad and his lackeys
>hear them all laugh

One of the reasons I avoided girls who weren't weeaboos or social outcasts for the rest of my teenage years
>Middle school
>Invite first girlfriend over
>All I do is game, but she seems nerdy
>Don't really know shit about her
>She asks to play a game since all she hears me talk about is games
>Pop in Street Fighter 2
>Learned that day that every single woman loves fighting games

Non woman one for those of you that for some reason get pissy about them

>Was bullied all elementary for being nerdy weird kid
>Got fairly popular in middle school because I hit a growth spurt and got pretty tall
>Felt bad for the kid that became the next punching bag
>Invited him over to play some Doom
>We hung out for a bit but he was really fucking weird
>I told him I had shit to do, so he left
>Heard him outside my window trying to flirt with my 9 year old sister
>Went out and beat his ass
>Started picking on him with everyone else

I bet you're on one of these boards, you shithead. He got caught masturbating in class in high school too.
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>go to girl's house
>flirt a bit
>I see she has a Super Nintendo
>violently rape her and leave
Sega does what Nintendon't, bitch.
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5th grade pokemon all the time.

4th grade we would have tech deck mini ramps inside
You guys need to realign your QPUs. For real.
Whoever becomes president should make memes punishable by death.
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>get good grades and excellent test scores
>never raise my hand, give short, correct answers when teacher decides to call on me
>never talk to anyone at school
>either do 100% or 0% of the work when there's a group project
>on the rare occasions someone tries to talk with me I give short vague answers until they go away
>go home and play video games alone
>find out after Columbine that I was informally voted "most likely to shoot everyone"
>respond with disinterested apathy
I'm not trying to be cool or edgy either. I've never had a friend or the slightest hint of romance. I'm like a dead person and the only things I have that resemble feelings are a gnawing impression that I'm missing out on something wonderful that comes easily and naturally to everybody else.
I was memeing before, but you are in desperate need of a QPU aligment
I know yoy are scared of vagina and I'm glad you accept that but some of us don't frequent other boards to make such assumptions.
Must be hard being that young.
>be me in middle school
>sitting in the shrubs playing pokemon red with my poke crew
>everybody wants to trade with me because my grandma has webtv so I used my l33t interweb skills to learn to dupe rare candies and catch lvl +130 mewtwos
> cute girl comes up "hi anons what are yall playing"
>"go away and kill yourself kyra"
>continue doing the missingno trick for rare candies and being the coolest poke trainer around.

years later I look at my fat ugly wife and wish I hadn't been such a fag in my youth
That's a thing from a YouTube video. All right.

I used to play so much Mario 64 that I could 100% it in one sitting but I never discovered anything that unusual aside from falling through the side of the tower next to Yoshi.
Go away and kill yourself cunt.
Was meant for
>12 year old flirting with 9 year old
so what? you're just jealous he had more game than you.
>years later I look at my fat ugly wife and wish I hadn't been such a fag in my youth

Why did you marry someone fat and ugly?
Sorry I touched a nerve must be hard being young AND a virgin.
Sounds like me, except I don't have a gnawing impression I'm "missing out on something wonderful". The only reason I'd even consider being "in the market" is because others tend to have weird superstitions about loners, it hurts a person professionally and in lots of ways in life.
3-D Pig Disgusting, not even once.

The air of entitlement is strong this one, like they assume they can just walk up to any beta and get kisses/hand holds because they have a gaping whole between their legs.

I'm not saying they all deserve rape, just the 99% majority.
I enjoyed your story.
Is that rock Wollastonite? I'm asking because I went on a field trip to an open pit mine last semester
when I was in school kids mostly suspected that I might possibly be the antichrist

so you did pretty good
were you there when your mom got raped anon

do you feel like she betrayed you
Now that I think about it, a 4 year difference is totally meaningless but at that age a single year can seem like the world.
>having this much of a pent up desire for divorce
Just do it you little shit
You can tell by the part where the girl talks to him
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