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So, I got a pic related at long last (I basically...
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So, I got a pic related at long last (I basically skipped that entire generation of consoles) and I'm wondering what I should play. I've already got Parasite Eve and Wild 9, and I have a stack of 99 Taiyo Yuden CD-R's ready to burn. It's been modchipped. I've only got 99 because I was missing disc 2 of parasite eve.

Besides the obvious "Symphony of the Night" and "Final Fantasy 7" and maybe "Tomb Raider II", which games should I play? What are your favorites?
Do you like train simulators?
By the way, Harry Potter games.
Vandal Heart and Valkyrie Profile.
Threads like these are never really useful, because the only replies you'll get are indiscriminate lists of AAA titles, without any explanation as to why those particular games are recommended, or what they're even about.

>What should I play?

You should have asked, "WHY should I play your recommended games? Tell me more about them."
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Are they identical to the Harry Potter games for the PC? Because I already played the first two for that.

They're why I didn't get a console that generation, actually. Them and a couple other games.
TIL the harry potter licensed games were AAA
It's hard to know 'your recommended games' without first getting recommended a game.
Probably the last EA games I actually truly liked without qualms.
Ssx 3 and tricky for me.
To clarify, you are right I should have asked for why in addition to what. But 'what' is a question I had to ask.
SSX 3's a playstation 2 game, though.
So's tricky.
>Everyday the same thread

I swear, I could make a website dedicated 100% to game recommendation lists, pay google to promote the ever living shit out of it and always be in the top search results, and you faggots would -still- fucking post these threads daily.
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I'm sorry I have a genuine question.
Got any recommendations or are you just here to complain?
I'm done spoon feeding people here. I've done it at least 50 times now.

Go use fucking google for recommendation lists, or fucking look up the complete list of PS1 games and just scroll through it until a name piques your interest.
Bear with me. I'll try to provide you with sufficient detail about these games, but it's going to be a pretty long post.

Vagrant Story - This is definitely a game for RPG veterans. Very rich equipment customization engine that you HAVE to master if you're going to make any progress. Pretty much every enemy is vulnerable to only one specific attribute, and you need to forge a lot of situational equipment to anticipate every foe you come across.

King's Field series - The English games are actually KF2 and 3 in Japan. We never got the first game. Although there's a fan translation, I'm pretty sure it doesn't work on real hardware. Anyway, KF is a sort of spiritual predecessor to Dark Souls - large open-worlds to explore, dull, muddy atmosphere, real-time combat, steep difficulty curve, etc. Love it or hate it. Some people are put off by the slow pacing and dated graphics, but others feel the pacing and atmosphere convey a strong sense of realism.

If you like King's Field, then try Shadow Tower next. It's by the same company, and possibly based on the same game engine. Shadow Tower has a more brooding / horror atmosphere than KF.

Chocobo's Dungeon 2 - Which may seem like an odd recommendation, immediately following VS and KF. Don't let its cute appearance fool you, though. The game is very challenging, especially if you've never played anything with roguelike elements before. Dungeons and item drops are randomly generated, sort of like Diablo or Nethack. Items you pick up can be combined and forged into stronger equipment, which is half the fun of the game. There's a decent bit of post-game content to keep you busy as well.
> Are they identical to the Harry Potter games for the PC?
Not entirely. I watched some footage from PC version, and I say, they differ.
At least you can play them on emulator to decide on your own, are they worth to be burned to you.
Tomba, it's outside the realm of obvious recommendation without being an obscure title, and it's a fun game. 2.5D platformer with focus on exploration and rpg elements. Aesthetics have aged relatively well.

Also, Policenauts, which you should know it's made by Kojima and it's very Snatcher-like in gameplay, if you like that. Translation is available on the net.

Lots of experimental games that should be experienced at least once: Parappa the Rapper (first mainstream rhythm game), Vib Ribbon (music based too), LSD dream simulator and IS: Internal Section (similar to REZ, great graphics)

Lastly, get some racers. Wipeout Series, Ridge Racer T4 (Rage Racer is good also) and the Crash Bandicoot kart title are fun games that have aged well both graphically and gameplay wise.
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>vagrant story
Sounds like my kind of RPG. I love customization.
FF3 was amazing for that.

>Chocobo's Dungeon
I've played the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games as well as the original Rogue. That sounds like my kind of game too. Thanks!

2.5D platformer with focus on exploration and rpg elements.
Sounds awesome. I just played Popful Mail on the Sega CD - I love RPG elements in platformers. WIsh popful mail would have gone further with it though. Anyway, sounds awesome.

Not as sure about games like Snatcher, though I do want to play that eventually anyway as an obligation.

>racers. Wipeout Series, Ridge Racer T4 (Rage Racer is good also) and the Crash Bandicoot kart title are fun games that have aged well both graphically and gameplay wise.
I'll try those too, thank you!

I don't mind if a game hasn't 'aged well' too much. I stuck with the original Final Fantasy all the way to the end. Though Dragon Warrior/DQ1 gave me absolutely nothing to work with and I'll admit I gave up on that. Early awkward 3D games I can mostly cope with.

>I'm done spoon feeding people here. I've done it at least 50 times now.
I'm absolutely crushed. You sound like you'd have great games to share if you weren't intent on being a jerk.

I wanted recommendations from actual people, and searching 'best psx games' gives lots of 'top picks' that are very generic. I've gotten some interesting choices here already, so if you don't feel like contributing but just want to moan, fuck off.

Ah, alright. If the gameplay's not the same I'll definitely have to try it. I've played the GBC Sorcerer's Stone game (great, btw) as well as the PC version (even better). Would love more.
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fuck forgot about EXIF data.

Here we go.
>I've gotten some interesting choices here already
What the hell are you talking about? Are you trying to say that this is the only website on the entire Internet that recommends PlayStation games by Square and Kojima?
The particular games did not appear on a lot of the lists I've looked at. And the Harry Potter games did not appear on any, though I was vaguely aware of them already.

Again, fuck off if you just want to add to the cancer on 4chan.
Do you like Zelda games, OP? Alundra is a well revered Zelda-like game, although some hate it. Haven't played it in years, but the music is fantastic.

My two favorites are obvious as fuck: FF7 and Metal Gear Solid. They're both in my top 5 favorite games of all time.

With that being said, try them out eventually, OP.
Yeah, I know I need to eventually. Thanks. :)
Get your reddit shit out of here.

Where do you even think you are?
Brave Fencer Musashi. it's Zelda with more platforming and RPG.
Twisted Metal was pretty fun, though I was a Vigilante 8 kid due to having a 64 and not a PS
I went from a SNES to a PC for Quake. :p

Similar problem.
That game was fun as fuck. The sequel? Not so much.
But Vigilante 8 was on Playstation.
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And N64.
I think I know what you mean. The N64 had pretty limited game selection compared to the PS (especially JRPG-wise)...
I just meant that in the realm of "drive car with guns and shoot each other" games, I had and played Vigilante 8 on N64 whereas a friend had Twisted Metal on the PS. We each preferred the games we owned, but would play both depending on who's house we hung out at.
Resist the urge to only buy overrated Japanese games, or nostalgia fodder that every 90s kid

on Facebook yaps about. There are many great games of all genres and themes on the PS1. I

have taken a liking to many of the earlier PS1 games. To guide your search I like to break

the PS1's long life into eras - the early era, the late 90s, and the early 2000s budget game


>The early PS1 (1994-1997)
The early PS1 games were not especially high-tech and many were PC/arcade ports or ports from

other systems. Many of these games were also available on the Saturn, 3DO, MS-DOS PC, 32X,

and to a lesser extent the SNES and Genesis. Some of my favorites from this period are:

>Ridge Racer 1/Revolution
>The Need for Speed
>Destruction Derby
>Wipeout 1/XL

>King's Field (1st person real time action RPG, kind of rare, but really fun even for those


>Doom (okay, but nothing special compared to PC version)
>Duke Nukem - Total Meltdown (same as above but not as good, has an extra episode)
>Powerslave (different from PC version, similar to Saturn version)
>Shockwave Assault
>Twisted Metal
>Jupiter Strike

>Mortal Kombat Trilogy 3/4
>Primal Rage
>Bloody Roar
>Tekken 1/2
>Street Fighter Alpha
>Battle Arena Toshinden 1/2 (like Soul Calibur, but simpler)

>NBA Jam: Tournament Edition
>VR Soccer '96
>NBA Live 96
>PGA Tour 96'
>HardBall 5

>Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee
>Crash Bandicoot 1/2
>Castlevania Chronicles/Symphony of the Night (Chronicles is more old-fashioned)
>Mega Man 8/X4
>Pandemonium 1/2
>Jumping Flash! 1/2

>Geom Cube (3D top down Tetris, and 60 FPS)
>Bubble Bobble
>Bust a Move 2

>Worms (turn based artillery/weapon combat, computer players are insanely accurate)
>Air Combat (first of the Ace Combat series)
>SimCity 2000
Valkyrie Profile, Spyro games, Crash, Star Ocean 2, Legend of Mana, Tales of Eternia are what I recommend off the top of my head.
>spoon feeding
I hate this concept, I see this bullshit on /g/ all the time. People ask you for your opinion and you act like even that is too much work.

Anyways, I'll describe part of my previous list of early PSX games >>2922183

>The Need for Speed
First game in NFS series, only 8 cars but the tracks and music are really good. Supports Negcon/Ultra Racer/steering wheel controller.

>Ridge Racer
A very well known game, a very basic arcade racer where you drift like crazy.

Pretty well known but it is probably the hardest normally released 2D platformer I have played. Really great gameplay/soundtrack though.

>Primal Rage
Some people might scoff at this since it is a very simple/old game, but Mortal Kombat with dinosaurs, giant apes, vomiting, farting, and golden showers is really fun.

>Tekken 1/2
One of the most popular PS fighting game series. Runs at 60 fps.

Another arcade port of an older game. 2 vs. 2 unrealistic basketball. You can play as various celebrities and President Clinton by inputting codes.

The original game is 2D, it has pretty solid gameplay and is still one of the playstation's better 2D platformers. Nothing Rayman-tier though.

I would recommend this but the game is turn based and the computer is a cheating bastard (100% accuracy). I don't remember it being that bad on the old DOS version.

>King's Field
I don't really recommend this to a casual/semi-interested PS1 gamer since it is fairly expensive and a very confusing game. If you like 1st person dungeon crawler type games you will like this. It is developed by From Software, but not really like Dark Souls at all (thank goodness), and actually much harder overall, but in very different ways. I hate JRPGs with a passion but love this game.

>Pandemonium 1/2
Both games are 3D platformers that have 2D gameplay. They are vivid, interesting games and not too difficult. I think there is a windows version that might work on modern PCs too.
Going to respond to Wipeout here. Wipeout 1, sort of like Crash 1, the ideas and vision were great but there was a lack of technical tuning and polish since they were pushed for a generation and a hardware. Both games improved on everything with the sequel by a giant leap. So that would be Wipeout XL. Crash 3 and Wipeout 3 were both great send offs where they started to push the hardware pretty well.
>The sequel? Not so much.
I beg to differ, though I agree with the other notion that it really shouldn't have been called an "Alundra" sequel.
To add on what everyone else suggested

SaGa Frontier/SaGa Frontier 2
Vandal Hearts 2
Shadow Tower
Breath of Fire 4
Legend of Mana
Wizardry: Llylgamyn Saga/Legacy of Llylgamyn
Gran Turismo 2
Rollcage/Rollcage 2
Colin McRae Rally 2
Destruction Derby Raw
Crash Team Racing
ReVolt 2
Muppet Race Mania
Armored Core games
Silent Bomber
Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes
Ghost in the Shell: Megatech Body
Medievil/Medievil 2
Chase The Express
Dino Crisis 2
Fear Effect/Fear Effect 2
Pac Man World
KoF 98
Vampire Saviour
Capcom vs SNK(Dreamcast version is better though.)
Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2
Dave Mirra BMX
Grind Session 2
Mr Driller G(JP only, but you don't need much moonrune knowledge unless you're interested in a few cutscenes.
One Piece Mansion
Harmful Park
R-Type Delta
Sonic Wings Special
Gradius Gaiden
Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius
Sexy Parodius
Star Ixiom
>Rhythm games
Bust a Groove/Bust a Groove 2
Jungle Book rhythm and groove
Parappa the Rapper

There's also some very good JP only games but I don't know whether you know moonrunes.
Einhander. Best game on the PS1.
60fps 3D, loading times are well hidden, great soundtrack.
Fuck off and learn to google.
Holy shit, that's a huge list. Thanks a lot!
I keep hearing people say Ridge Racer. I knew it by reputation but never really played racing games (besides mario kart). I'll give it a shot though!

Metal Gear Solid
You're welcome brah.
Hope you enjoy them.
Also, for a PSX racing controller, consider pic related. It emulates the Namco Negcon controller so a lot of racing games support it. Google the list of negcon compatible games before you buy it though. For me it works for NFS 1-3, Gran Turismo 1/2, Rally Cross 2, all the Ridge racer games I have, and Test Drive.
star ocean is pretty cool.
If you enjoy RPGs at all, play Star Ocean The Second Story.
Jumping Flash should be the first game on the playstation that everyone plays
Or Magic Carpet

Magic Carpet was rad

the PSX's first year was all kinds of weird new experiences
There are also many games with similar premises but very different quality or gameplay.

Descent and Forsaken are both flying indoor vehicle shooters with 6 degrees of freedom. Both are PC ports. Descent lags like shit and Forsaken runs at 60 fps.
Its Ridge Racer!

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidge Racer!
I like train simulators, got any suggestions?
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densha de go!
If you're into mini games or Japanese challenge games at all, check out Incredible Crisis. It isn't for everyone, but you might like it.
I'm not huge into minigames, but I think I'll try it.

In the meantime, having trouble getting FMV to play full-speed. I'm using Taiyo Yuden CD-R's and a known good burner at the proper speed.

I've tried adjusting the laser diode, I think I'm gonna have to swap in a PSOne laser pickup though.
A few games I enjoyed as a kid
>X-Men Mutant Academy 2
>Crash Team Racing

Then in my teen years
>Chrono Trigger
I've already got chrono on the system it was intended for (tm), but apart from that all those look good. Always kinda wanted to try Spyro.
>and maybe "Tomb Raider II"
Tomb Raider II actually sucks compared to Tomb Raider. It gets too hard in a way that looks like they didn't test it much. Enemies fire upon you as soon as you turn the corner etc, and its not fair because the game is barely a shooter, you can't strafe.

SO in conclusion get Tomb Raider 1.
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Star Ocean 2
Final Fantasy Tactics, haven't noticed either of these on your list.

For my money, SO2 is better than any and all Tales games, and FFT is my favorite video game of all time.

No, seriously Anon, of all time. Really check it out if you can do SRPGs at all.
Also, play Tomba! 2. Not as challenging as 1 necessarily, but just a really cozy game with occasional bad Japanese translations to boot. Can't beat that. I do a couple runs a year, most recently having acquired it on my Vita.
Yeah I was just throwing out games that stuck with me. Spyro is a really easy relaxing game, collecting gyms are satisfying and it has some great music.
Here's some of my favorites:

Hogs of War
Crash Trilogy + Kart
Wild 9
FF7 through 9
Metal Gear Solid
Suikoden 1+2
Ace Combat series
Tony Hawks 1 & 2
Libero Grande
Silent Hill
Silent Bomber
Chicken Run
Dragon Quest 7
You CAN play Chrono Trigger on the PS1 but I don't know why you would
I hope you've seen this.


Fuck I love the original Spyro trilogy.
Spyro, Spyro2, Spyro3 / Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot2, Crash Bandicoot3, Crash Bash, Crash Team Racing, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater2, Tekken3, Medievil, Collin Mc Rae Rally 2.0 ... Just to name my favorites and it's still not much
Also all of the people ITT recommending Crash Team Racing are my niggas. Best kart game of the lot.
What's wrotng with Crash Bash?
I've got Wild 9, i mentioned it. Glad to see I chose wisely.
Besides Colin McRae, it's like you're basically me.
No, I haven't that was really interesting though. I've always heard that Copeland really enjoyed composing for those games.
That game is flawless jesus christ. The sound of the exhaust is so mezmerizing to hear and the soundtrack are fast and dynamic. If you haven't played CMR2.0 then you must if you want to be me as you as me as you.
What have you played most from the list I mentioned?
the only bad thing about CMR2.0 is the england track, asinine difficulty, never managed to finish in the points (and thus couldn't ever complete the game)
Spyro and Crash, probably. MediEvil was fucking awesome though, and Tekken 3 was my first of that style of fighting game.
Threads of Fate
Vagrant Story
crash bandicoot 1-3
Final Fantasy Tactics - better if you play the psp version with slow mo fix
You mean U.K? Yeah it was hard when I was a kid my bro had to beat it. But it's the last Rally so it's ok. The game is really hard and ou will not get gold medals on all rallys. You must be perfect all the time. We also played V-Rally with brother and that game was fun as hell 2 players. We always played like I'm the one stoping the other team and he's the one trying and racing.
I played Medievil only on demo, but it didn't matter I played it a lot to enjoy it because the style was horrificly-cartoonish and very addicting. I think I'm the guy who played Spyro3 the most because I could do that game blind... Nothing was better than tekken. Street fighter wasn't popular in Slovakia and Mortal Kombat had parental issues almost always. I remember when I stil would get in trouble for playing a fighting game. I also wanna play Star Ocean someday and was waiting for it for 10 years I can't find good rips for ps1 and when I play it on my Ps2 it might have problems. any tips?
Get Ape escape.
File: Untitled.png (484 KB, 933x5512) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Not OP, but I ordered some games (and a math textbook) on Amazon. Did I get a good deal?
File: klonoa.jpg (163 KB, 1016x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This thread has a disturbing lack of Klonoa.
Terrific game. Great presentation, solid gameplay and a heart bursting ending ;_;
D-did you just... like, do that

Not even a poorfag but you seem impulsive
>Spyro nowhere to be seen

Shit list

Spyro was released in '98
Remake is excellent too.
A little bit, yeah. I don't spend much money on games though. These were all pretty cheap. I am thinking about getting Gauntlet Legends too since I liked it on the Dreamcast.
Both of the Legacy of Kain games on PSX (Blood Omen and Soul Reaver) are great, you should go for them. They'll make you appreciate vampires again.
Yeah I was going to get around to that. I was attempting to group PSX games by era but ran out of ideas. Basically there is the early era (1994-1997) which is a lot of arcade ports and games shared with the 3DO, Saturn, Jaguar, 32X, and to a lesser extent the SNES and Genesis. Sony itself didn't have a lot of game development going on at this point. Psygnosis, SingleTrac, Namco, Taito, among many others made excellent games for the PS1. Even Technos survived just long enough to make an excellent 3D tetris style game:

By 1997 or 1998 Sony was really getting AAA games developed by their own studios and second parties like Naughty Dog, Insomniac, etc. This led to Crash Bandicoot becoming a more polished series and the flagship of the PS1. Spyro came in here as well. The 3D platformer was a genre with wide appeal. At the same time, Sony took over some earlier titles like Cool Boarders, which went downhill (no pun intended) in 1998, when Idol Minds took over from UEP Systems and made the series into a very generic game. Games around this time were really taking the Playstation to the limits.

The "golden era" of the PS1 pretty much ended in 2000. This year Sony relaxed the licensing requirements for PS1 games (I think they removed or lowered the license fee) and released the PS2 and the PSone (PS1 slim). The low price of development and extreme popularity of the console lead to an influx of cheap budget games. Most of them were crap but there were a few gems in the pile of shit. Publishers such as Take 2 were releasing many games to stores to be sold for 10 bucks. The sports games continued into around 2004.
Final Fantasy Tactics. By far my favorite game for the system.
bimp 4 interest
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Agreed. That and Front Mission 3 are amazing SRPGs.
Can anyone find a flaw in Spyro3? I sure can't...
Some comments on these games and accessories (not all of them arrived yet of course)

UltraRacer controller
>Full Negcon support, it works with my GT, Ridge Racer, NFS, Test Drive, and Rally Cross games
>Steering wheel is very sensitive and precise
>Buttons are kind of weird, it was clearly designed for the N64 first and remade as a PSX controller.
>The best steering wheel PSX controller for the money.

>Most easily compared with Wipeout
>fairly large selection of cars with different stats
>missiles and machine guns
>You can refill missiles and fuel by going over a refilling area. You don't have to stop but you can slow down to refill completely.
>A pretty good combat racing game, but not impressed with framerate and fog

>Flying vehicle shooter
>Controls are kind of hard to get used to, at high speeds you control like an airplane but at low speeds you control like a helicopter that can strafe, hover, and lift.
>Lots of weapons resembling the early Twisted Metal's
>2nd level is horribly hard, if you dont progress fast enough a meteor shower kills you
>Not bad overall

Ford Racing
>A cheap budget racing game
>Starting cars are shit, you have to unlock the good ones
>Gameplay is okay overall but nothing special, no steering wheel support either

Marble Master
>A puzzle game where you have to match marbles but balance them on scales(?) at the same time. I have no idea how to play this.

Need for Speed
>Great soundtrack
>Only 8 cars
>Realistic steering wheel/interiors
>Occasional police chases
>Fairly difficult
>Pretty good overall

Cool Boarders
>Not as good as 2 but similar in gameplay
>3 courses at start, 1 hidden
>Fewer tricks than 2nd game, few characters
>Fairly good music
>Average for a snowboarding game, not that bad but a lot worse than Cool Boarders 2

>An addictive puzzle game
>Unfortunately it was basically ported from the SNES but with added effects and backgrounds
>Has fairly good music
How do I burn PS1 games at 1x with modern DVD drive?

Pisses me off because everything just crashes
Sonic 2
Legend of dragoon is a damn fun RPG and easy to find for cheap!
Do all CDRs not read properly on PS1s?
Burn them at the fastest speed.
Get Metal Gear Solid and experience the true power of the PSX.
Ape Escape

It's better than both Crash and Spyro. Seriously.
>It's better than both Crash and Spyro.
Not really but it's still a pretty fun game which makes good use of the DS controls.
I have used cheap Sony CD-Rs and had success using the swap trick. The PS isn't really picky. The dreamcast was actually worse in terms of actually reading the discs even though it didn't require modding or swapping.
>The PS isn't really picky

The PS is very picky. Any media that I've used other than JVC or Taiyo Yuden does NOT work properly. Either you'll get skipping / stuttering FMVs or the games will just lock-up. Some of it has to do with the quality of the rip itself, but even with a perfect rip, the PS1's optical unit doesn't like certain types of media. I think a lot of it has to do with the disc backing. If it's anything but opaque, the lens will have difficulty reading the disc.
We literally have a website for game recs
vs recommended games wiki nigga
The recommended games' wiki is full of absolutely bottom of the barrel shit.
File: Hellnight_Pal.jpg (51 KB, 473x470) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Op, burn a copy of Hell Night. It was released in PAL regions and Japan (Dark Messiah) only. It is a very fun horror game made by Atlus that is very original. I can't recommend it enough.
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete

seconding for Incredible Crisis
Just DL'ed both as PS1 Classics for Vita on your recommendations. Man I love the Vita... I basically use it like a mini Playstation with internet. I have more PS1 and PSP games for it than current gen lmao
brave fencer musashi
So what's the difference between Silver Star Story Complete and Silver Star Harmony?
Silhouette Mirage
>Good action platformer with tight controls and multiple paths

Threads of Fate
>ARPG that's very light on the RPG and heavy on the action, with two main stories/characters that are both fairly well written with some pretty sweet character and enemy designs

Shooter: Space shot
>Sidescrolling shmup with some pretty neat stuff, although it can be pretty difficult and it's only in nipponese

Shooter: Starfighter Sanvein
>A different kind of 2d shmup that's top down and very fast paced with customizable ships and some unique encounters.

Gundam Battle Assault 2
>If you're a fan of old gundam this game has fucking everything, on top of being an above average fighting game

Monster Rancher: Hop a Bout
>It's a game where the primary mode of transportation is a pogostick. It's a very odd pseudo-platformer that I don't even really know the rules to, but I have fond memories.

The Legend of Dragoon
>An ARPG that's a lot heavier on the RPG and lighter on the A, this one has a lot to offer as far as an above average plot, a paper-mario esque battle system, and ROD TYPHOON .

Brave Fencer Musashi
>I don't know much about this but I get it recommended a lot. Another ARPG.

Then you have your gexes, your crocs, and your other off-brand platformers that there were a billion of. Some of them great, others control like vaseline.
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/tv/ here.
>Jedi Power Battles
>Gran Turismo
>Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back
>Metal Gear Solid

Probably my top 5.

Silouhette Mirage is great but avoid the US version by Working Designs, they fucked up the game balance for whatever reason and kind of ruined the original game.

Play the japanese version.

Saturn version is also better due to the Saturn's background dedicated chip, but the PS1 has a few extras to compensate.
Great game.

Jedi Power Battles

My fucking nigga. That game was fucking awesome.
>Colony Wars: Vengeance

Great dogfights in space, different ships, multiple paths and endings.

>Duke Nukem: Time to Kill

Duke doing what Duke does best and through different time periods.

>Tenchu: Stealth Assassins

Be a ninja, great music.

>Parasite Eve 2

Not nearly as good or iconic as the original, but more Aya and parasite powers before the series went off the rails retarded.
Got Geom Cube last night and it is a very fun and comfy puzzle game.
Grandia if you like rpgs. Elemental Gearbolt if you have a lightgun.
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