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What did this game do right?
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What did this game do right?
Lots of things, mostly graphics, sound, and battle system.
Naw, man. The battle system was experimental at best. I thought it was tedious and unsatisfying. But literally everything else is fucking fantastic, I just wish it was more fun for me. I tried too, I pumped in a lot of hours to the game several times and just can't dig it.
I understand your sentiments. When I first bought it, I was like "da fuck?", but after playing for a while and really starting to understand it I realized it was a really cool idea. The only downside in my mind was they game never really made you master it. Too bad you didn't feel the same way. To me it was Xenogears battle system done right, and I think we can all agree that one sucked ass (but was a necessary slog to finish such a good story).
Graphics, musics, atmosphere.
Graphics, character design, atmosphere, gameplay, and music are really great.

The plot itself is pretty good; it's just told poorly.
>Xenogears good story
I hate this meme.
Not meme. opinion.

It took me about 10 years to actually sit down and learn the battle system and like it. Many attempts at playing it for 10 minutes and just not caring enough to learn it.

I played a lot of it, until that mid point where you become that fucking Lynx guy and I just didn't wan't to play as him. I looked up a guide and you were him for a long time so I stopped playing.

I don't like it when games do that for extended periods.
Music was phenomenal
World design
Game progression

Battle system is a good idea on paper but it needs some polish.
The music, which is arguably the best of any JRPG ever.
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>In one path of the game she dies
>Saving her village is a missable side quest, ignore it and everyone die
>Even if you save her village, most of the fairies will still die
>To learn her level 7 skill, you must leave both her sister and all the dwarves to die
Poor Razzly
Not much, to be honest.

While I like the game a great deal, believe it or not, and appreciate what it attempted to be and do, I can admit that its shortcomings are too numerous and egregious to casually ignore. It's not a bad game, mind you. It's just a very, very tedious. So tedious, in fact, it took me months to finish because I'd play it a bit, get bored, and not touch it again for several weeks.

And for nearly every good thing about it, there's a bad thing that counteracts it.

>Plot is good.
Storytelling is garbage.

>Playability is good.
Game is linear.

>Has New Game +.
Subsequent replays add little to nothing to the plot, story or game.

>Deepest lore.
Clumsily linked to its parent series.*

>Great visuals.
Too much tell-me and not enough show-me.

>Easy-to-learn and neat-o battle and magic systems.
Most of the time, options other than Fight3 and the occasional heal are generally useless.

>Huge, well-designed, varied and interesting cast of characters.
The vast, vast VAST majority add nothing to the story, rendering them little more than reskins of one another with the occasional bit of flavour text added to their speech boxes.

>No random battles and few forced battles.
Running from them is almost completely futile.

Basically, Chrono Cross is yet another case of neat idea, poor execution. To its credit, it's still a decent play. The music might be the only thing with no downside.

* I honestly think I would have liked it even more if it were an independent game and not part of the Chrono series. Or keep it as part, but don't necessarily shoehorn it in as a direct sequel to its predecessor. I actually like it better than Chrono Trigger in many respects, mostly because CT's plot and character progressions were utter garbage.
I'd've liked it if they gave the player the option to recruit either Home World or Another World versions of certain characters, each with different personalities, strengths and weaknesses.
Dwarves dindu nuffin.
>but it needs some polish.
You must have been playing it wrong, it's an improved Chrono Trigger
>it's an improved Chrono Trigger
Luckily it has almost nothing to do with CT besides double and triple techs.

And no, the system is good on paper but it needs a lot of polish, most characters are carbon copies of each others besides elements and and techs which doesn't amount to much in the meta, techs are still nothing but strong attacks with some elemental modifiers when you're lucky or All Target properties, debuffs and buffs here and there don't really add much to the game and the elemental field gimmick, while neat is either useless because the enemy dies too fast or too important to the point that you need to play almost exclusively around it, though it's just for a couple of fights, like Miguel and the Last Boss, and CryoSphinx maybe
The level up system would have been neat if the game wasn't so fucking easy and actually provided some challenge outside of Miguel which is just "Imma nuke your ass with Holydrgswrd, don't change the field when it's all White or I'll lose the advantage, mmkay?", hardly anything subtle.

Double and Triple techs vary from useless to more useless which ain't that much of an advantage over Trigger where at least a few of them kind of had some short moment of relevance before being BTFO by spells.

The system is better than Trigger which was pretty much RPG 101, but at the same time it's really only superficially interesting, not elaborated enough and its "novelty" features aren't stressed enough, it doesn't work harmoniously like other games, but again, it's a narrative driven game, and like most of them the actual battle mechanics are pretty boring and dull, props on them for at least trying to do something different though, that's always a plus in my book.
>Game is linear.
>Subsequent replays add little to nothing to the plot, story or game.
The game has like a thousand different endings tho, so at least there's that
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best girl.jpg
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Best girl
dont know my disc is scratched and it wont load :.(.
That fact doesn't rebut either point you've greentexted.
"Open world" or "branching storylines" aren't inherently virtuous in the first place. The burden of proof remains on you.
You can end the game at several different points during the stroy, each with a different outcome and the NG+ alleviates the pain in the ass that is starting over to see everything in the game.

Maybe they don't appeal to you, but there's plenty of incentives to replay the game
Human authority attacks innocent dwarf who rightfully gained new territory and was trying to teach a fairy how to do the backstroke.
That's the best part of the game, though.

However, once you start making all the shiny shit, it's pretty much game over.
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