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Earthbound 64 thread
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Does /vr/ remember this?

Yes. One day...
I wish it had come to fruition.
I cri
Somehow I want to translate this image to find out what it says. The text is very low-res, and it would be difficult to. Nintendo of Japan still has the webpage but the text is a mess of characters and symbols that I am unable to translate.
I'm sure it summarizes the mechanics and characters, setting, etc.
Change the page encoding
>Earthbound 64

Baby don't hurt me....
Just how much of Earthbound 64 was completed before it was cancelled?
I seem to remember about 45% or so? I think they talked about completion on the itoi and iwata interview from a few years back.

Then the only english-speaking guy who worked with Nintendo on the GBA version, and who got to play the prototype, said that the entire tazmily village and I assume full first chapter was ready.

I think they had different set pieces for the game, tazmilly, the desert, the forest, which were playable at nintendo spaceworld 99.
>Nintendo of Japan still has the webpage but the text is a mess of characters and symbols that I am unable to translate.

Link it?
Honest question from someone interested in this series, albeit borderline non-retro in the question's nature:

Earthbound 64 vs Mother 3 for the GBA, good adaptation or a lost opportuniy?
Okay, here's the pic in high res, want me to translate it?
If you're using Firefox: View > Text Encoding > Auto-Detect > Japanese

You're welcome

Hmm, seems like it's the same as >>2905029. Will you translate it or should I? If you'd use MT, I'll do actual translation myself.

Feel free to translate
I remember hearing about it around the time of the gba translation release and it seemed pretty interesting but honestly I'm glad they did it on gba. Because 1. it would have been less likely for a fan translation and 2. it wouldn't have had the same charm as the first two earthbound games. Or rather it wouldn't have felt like a proper successor. They did an amazing job on the gba game and I'm not really disappointed at all that it's what replaced earthbound 64
Okay then. Part by part.

Through Mother games, reflect about family bonds.

Mother 3 豚王の最期
Mother 3 Last Moment's of The Pig King

開発度 50%
Planned for release in May 2000
50% completed
Planned price 6800 yen (without tax)

The third entry in Shigesato Itoi's popular RPG series. What kind of story awaits you in a small villaged enclosed by woods?

Flint - the father
Lucas - twin brother
Claus - twin brother
Boney - pet dog
The protagonists of this story are four members of a family living in a certain quiet village and their dog. Ever since once day an unidentified object appeared in a nearby bay, weird things started happening in the village.

さらに森の奥から聞こえてくる、不気味で恐ろしい叫び声。 「森で何かがおきている!!」 父親であるフリントは、森を、村を、そして愛する家族を守るため、森の奥へと向かうのでした…
From deeper parts of the forest, a terrifying eerie scream is heard. "Something's happening in the forest!!" To save it, the village and his beloved family, the father Flint heads out deep into the forest.
It's a game full of enjoyment, suspense and excitement!

? chapters in total
This Mother game will be divided into several chapters. Each chapter will have a different protagonist and together they'll form the story, so each of them is important.

The fundamental element of RPGs, battles, aren't the usual either. Run, jump, ram! Follow the pattern to attack continuously! Elements of strategy are deeper this time, so tactics in battle become crucial.
Timing is of the utmost importancy. Harnessing the battlefield's "energy", you can use powerful magics. But be careful, if you overuse them your head will overheat.

Varied BGMs ranging from the orthodox to little what? will bring the battles to climax. Outside from the main plot all sorts of strange events are ready for you. You might even burst out laughing.

And that's it.

Thanks for the translation anon.

I personally like how the GBA version turned out, but it would have been admittedly interesting to play the original version, especially because of the battle system that implemented environment attributes, which I guess was changed for the rhythmic combo system on GBA which was also nice, but more of a secondary thing and not really mandatory.
>Harnessing the battlefield's "energy"

Upon further reflection, I realized this is wrongly translated.
It's more like
>Using your position in battle

The usage of the word "energy" in the sentence was a bit confusing at first.

To properly explain what they mean, it's probably that the posibilities to use magic change depending on the course of battles and also the enviroment.
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Unseen64 probably has the biggest collection of pictures from it.


God how I wish the 64DD blunder never happened and all the DD games were just released on carts. A fair handful of those games were but the 64's library would've seemed much stronger with Earthbound, Fire Emblem, Dragon Warrior, Diablo and Resi Zero among the others...
I can read most of it
IMO the switch was for the better. EB64 would have had the graphics you see here and been released so late that the GameCube demos would have already been out (like the famous Zelda videos) so it would have been unimpressive at the time. On the other hand during development EB was just starting to get US traction again thanks to early internet and emulation plus Ness's appearance in Smash.

But I think ultimately the game being on the N64 would have made it too much of a departure. Except for a handful of things Mother 3 is barely related to Mother 1 and 2, but its graphical style on the GBA serves to link the games together thematically and make them feel like a series more. Plus I'm scared to see how the battles could have looked on the N64, part of ,e thinks they would have gone for an FF7/8/9 PARTY ON A GENERIC FIELD style which would also be inconsistent, and while you could make some rad ass 3d psychedelic backgrounds for a properly done DQ/EB style battle it would have been a REALLY hard sell to casuals in 2000/2001.

I think the GBA game is better off in the long run, although the N64 version is an interesting curiosity and a look into a time where Nintendo was willing to take more risks.
Hype for EB64 was pretty big in America, lots of people were rediscovering the series thanks to Smash and emulation. The fact that it had a solicited English title proves to me that they intended to release it in the US.
I wonder if 64 would have gone into more detail about what happened to Ness.
Same thing that happened to Ninten. He lived happily ever after.
Thats a really interesting website, thank you for posting the link, Anon.
i still have all of my old nintendo powers with early mother 3 coverage. itoi stated that several chapters were cut from the final version that was released on GBA. the original trailer showcased a minecart sequence with lucas and claus that most likely would have occurred at the game's outset. i think i remember reading that 4 chapters were cut from Mother 3.
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