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AOE2 Thread? It's cheap on Steam right now
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AOE2 Thread? It's cheap on Steam right now
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>Friendly reminder

Also, why is there not a remaster of AOE1? I like that game much more.
Haven't played the first one in years, what do you think makes it better?

not him but
- the game actually looked better, don't know why, AoE2 always looked more muddy to me, the graphics was more crisp, realistic, the atmosphere was better
- better sounds
- battles happened more fast, the smaller unit cap made micro more important instead of sending 100 eagles in the enemy base and letting them to have fun, but I agree that the unit cap in AoE1 was a little to small
See I like the really big unit caps. Big armies are fun
Has anyone played this online around.. 6, 7 years back? Mostly on Voobly?
There was this amateur-ish but fairly competitve scene, Daut, Riut, the Chinese (and Vietnamese) players... The rating system (above 2000 = heavy cred)..
Just wondering if anyone here might have been a part of that. Also, if the Hun dark age rush into fast Castle Age and then just the Cavalry Archer spam are still way OP. And boring.

I'm fixing the AI, PER, CTY, and CPX/CPN files of the first one. Sadly, I know dick about editing the (supposedly numerous) bugs in the DAT files. I was hoping to simply fix the bugs and bring it in line with documentation whenever feasible, but holy fuck, AGE 3 looks like a goddamn nightmare to use.

I find it amusing. Mainly because I am not at all impressed with AoE2 HD.
Why not? Except for online being laggy
I see that the high rated players are still into 1v1 Huns on Arabia.
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the hd balance patch sort of cleaned up hun/viking supremacy

Would anyone be up for a game on HD?
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is the Steam netcode any good? Voobly regularly shits the bed
Maybe, could make a thread about the lobby on /v/, that should be fruitful.
dunno what netcode is, but I haven't run into any problems, although I heard people had a lot ofdesync and latency when it firstreleased, but maybe they fixed that
I could do that; are you going to join to?
Yeah. http://aoe2.net helps because my game is only finding two lobbies. I am told this is a Steam issue.
host a game amigo
Lobby is vidya.
having trouble finding it
maybe if I host
What's the name?
it's vidya
You fellas are hosting games on Steam?
It's up right now, lobby is vidya.
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Man we took a pounding from some rando

God damn advanced player joined the game
I'm willing to join you lads

Name: TheGhostmaster

Current ELO: 1824 (used to be 1856)

Favorite civs: Saracens, Celts, Incas, Berbers, Indians, Franks
Best civ: Saracens

Best maps: RLM
Best colour: Green

I also deeply hate Huns and Mayans
So feel free to add me, I'm sure we will have great fights together, lads.
>Those are nice Paladins you got there, Crussader
>But it would be a shame
>If some Saracen decides to
>Jihad them


Pure autism.


It reeks of pure cash-in. That former fans are helping them with said cash-in I find most despicable indeed. So much unnecessary garbage has been added to the game. For the longest time that's all they did: add unnecessary garbage while things like Fervor being 99% useless were completely ignored. We don't need African kingdoms. We don't need horribly clashing particle flame and water effects. We certainly didn't need crazy "every civ haz two unik techs nao gaiz!!!111". Why? For what purpose? I liked that the Goths were the only civilization to do that. I would not have minded if they had added another, like the Italians perhaps. But as it is it's just overkill. If they want to bolt such unnecessary tripe onto the game then they need a legitimate successor to AOE2 (not the horseshit we got as AOE3), rather than playing Frankenstein with the corpse of a beloved classic.
To be honest it was a fairly well developed and interesting match-up, although obviously it felt like missing out on a lot of the potential this game has.
But I still liked playing and watching it. 21 pop Feudal into 4 Scouts into Castle Age (I think I would reach it around the 19-20th minute?) for life.
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In fact, I'll elaborate further, since most people seem to think that AOE2 HD is the second coming of the man Jesus or something:

Forgotten Empires should have:

-In general focused on the Renaissance, like Ensemble should have done to begin with.

- Added the Italians, Slavs, Incas, and Indians.

-Fixed the outstanding bugs from the last Ensemble release of AoC.

-New art style for the Italians.

-No new art style for the Slavs (the use West European).

-Move Spanish over to Italian art set.

-Indians use eastern art set.

-Italians do the whole "2 unique techs" thing (the Italian city-states were absolute _monsters_ in the art of innovation once they get back on their feet in the Renaissance, so it is very historically accurate).

-New classic-style (coherent story) campaigns for Slavs, Inca, and Indians.

-New Conqueror's-style (many single-story missions with coherent theme) campaign for the Italians.

-Updated graphics, taking advantage of acceleration were possible but _no_ true 3d garbage.

-Open up the goddamned netcode officially. OK, we get it Microsoft, you're never releasing the entire source code in full. At least allow the new devs behind the scenes to refactor out the multiplayer netcode into a separate module and release _that_ portion of it to the public, so anyone can host a match.

-No CD check.

-new soundtrack (commission the Rippy brothers), with old ones in lossless quality so no CD of any kind is required again.

- New Random map, Death Match, et al maps, playing on the newly available locals like India, Russia, Peru etc. etc.

- New game types perhaps?

-Easier mod capability. Write a point 'n click editor for every type of file that is game-specific (AI Scripting, CTY plans, RMS scripting). Allow advanced actions in the editor like direct editing of unit/building HP through creation of custom units and buildings.

...Need I go on?
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Why do you dislike the African Kingdoms?
File: 1421637615970.jpg (189 KB, 960x895) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's completely unnecessary. The Renaissance era was never even fully explored, and that was a far more relevant territory than pulling out the Little Debbie "Dindu Nuffins" (TM) for some easy racial equality points.

I thought the way they expanded AoE 1 to AoE RoR was more or less a perfect way to do an expansion (you've covered the rise of man to the zenith of pre-Roman times, now do the advent of the mighty Roman empire and leave its fall and the ruins of the Dark Age to AoK).
>what do you think makes it better?
I like the setting better.

Also, maybe it's just me but the first one is just more fun. It's hard to explain but AOE 2 was always a chore to play for me.

Same. Love the setting. Still working on fixing it the best I can. Really wish I could find someone who knew how to use AGE 3 or similar. To fix the DAT files.
It's only hated by /v/irgins and /vr/ shitposters because black people trigger their white pride autism.

Prove me wrong, you literally can't.
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Thought so. I love being right.
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So what can you get on ZeroEmpires fast castle scenario?
So, while you put fair points to begin with, you just dislike the new expansions?
I agree that there are unnecesary stuff, like the Malian Gbeto has almost the same role than Frankish TA, or how the Ethiopian shotel warriors are ridicously OP (same as the Gbeto)

I think those new Devs, while did a bad job at coding, but a decent job on the gameplay and the game itself; I feel they took a different path of developing the game.
It's just an opinion; and it may be the nostalgia googles I maybe be using right now, but the AoK and AoC feels too different compared to the AoFE and AoAK, I get that feeling every time I play the campaigns of the latters.
You can see the difference between the 'Ensemble' Age of Empires 2 and the 'Skybox' Age of Empires 2.
Don't get me wrong, love both eras of AoE2, they are great and I like them both... but it's just not the same.

The new flame particules and the 'HD' water are... a thing, but an completely unnecesary thing; new players may find it 'pretty', but it just water texture for the old player; I dont know, maybe I'm being cynical.

I don't really mind having 2 unique techs, adds more variaty to my gameplay (Sad thing I was never intrested in Smush as Saracens, I could have use that 'Madrashah' tech quite a lot); I'm also glad the Huns and the Vikings are not that broken now (Tho Vikings are still the best navy civ, maybe too much; and the Berzerk got tremeoundusly buffed)

>We certainly didn't need crazy "every civ haz two unik techs nao gaiz!!!111"
>Why? For what purpose?
Why not? As long it's not a game-breaker change, or some trivial shit; I'm totally fine with having 2 unique techs.
What's your:

Favorite Civ?
Least Favorite?
Favorite Map?
Favorite Unit?



Water map: Highland, Team Islands or Baltic
Ground map: Scandinavia, Ghost Lake, Yucatan, Lombardia

Mamelukes, closely paired with Throwing Axemen
>Favorite Civ?

I always random, but byzantines can kick ass

>Least Favorite?
Huns, no houses to wall, play too much with them and you get housed with other civs, one trick pony that gets BTFO with halebard spamming in late-game

>Favorite Map?
arena, arabia, any land map is fine

>Favorite Unit?
I find mangonels/onagers pretty dope, always warms my heart to put them against archer/ifantry deathballs
siege onager

I'm a scrub so that probably affects my decisions too
My scottish lad

What strategies do you use?
Need an advice for celts or something?
Right now, I've been working on improving my game against AI so I've been using an archer rush with the Celts and then adding in siege and pikes. I've only played 1 online game ever so take my strategies with a grain of salt
whats up with the black guy face why is it a meme?
I dislike the forgotten empires not because there are blacks in it...

It just doesnt feel right. Its like most games that get a major updated after a looong time.

The art style is to different, its only natural.
Only the 'desert theme' kinda goes nicely with how the rest of the game looks.

The italian set is utter garbage, so is the brownish one. No idea what you call it.
Its flat, looks boring, almost no texture AND no detail.

Am I the only one that bugs that?
I know what you mean. Forgotten Empires felt more like a trial run of what the team was capable of. African Kingdoms is much more in line with the rest of the game.
Maybe we get texture pack 'fixes' for that?
I am sure the community is more capable!
t. Alberto Barbosa
Alberto Barbosa is the stereotypical name for a Portuguese person on /int/. t. means "source" in Finnish. The new Age of Empires 2 HD expansion: The African Kingdoms http://store.steampowered.com/app/355950/ was released. People thought it was weird that Portugal was included along with the African, so they used the face of the Berber guy and said he was a Portuguese person (Alberto Barbosa).

Then there's the WE WUZ KINGS meme. Some African-Americans say that the Ancient Egyptians were related to them, and the meme is making fun of the way some of the uneducated ones speak. "WE WUZ KINGS N SHIET".

Sometimes barbosa and kings combine. Since the Berber guy was an actual king, people shitpost WE WUZ KINGS whenever his face is posted.
I'm really digging Age of Empires 2, should I try playing AOE1 with this patch?


If so, were would I get it?
Listen lad, I will show you one of my strategy of mine, created by me; keep in mind I'm a 1815 ELO player; so this strategy takes a lot of skills, both micro and macromanagement

I call it, the 'FREEDOM!' attack

>Be celts
>Aim for a fast feudal
>Having a barrack built when you click to feudal is a MUST
>Also must have dark age farms (after gathering your 2 boars of course), no berries gathering
>As you're advancing to feudal, create 6 militas and let them gather close to the enemy base (You're NOT Drushing)
>Get to feudal, start building a blacksmith; and research 'Man at arms' upgrade
>Get infantry armor, and after 'MAA' upgrade is done, start researching 'Tracking'
>Forging is optional for harassing
>Start harassing your enemy with your MAAs
>type 'FREEDOM!' to add more drama
>Speedy celtic infantry will murder all fleeing villagers
>The enemy will probably start producing archers by now
>Do not fear, for celtic infantry doesnt fear archers
>Engage the archers; you will most likely to kill them since your MAAs can catch them up in a matter of a second, and stab their faces; still avoid TC fire
>Harass berries, hunters, woodline and gold miners
>Once the enemy has a critical mass of archers, either create more MAAs or click to castle age
>Land other 2 barracks, and start stocking up wood, also get a market
>Get to castle
>Build a siege workshop
>Create 4 or 5 rams
>Enemy crossbowmen < Celtic longswordmen (Also add a few mangodels)
>Enemy knighs < Celtic pikes
>Fill all your rams with infantry; all rams must have 4 soldiers inside to ensure the maximum speed bonus, and damage bonus
>It's imperative to have your infantry FULLY upgraded, +2 armor, +2 attack, tracking and Arson researched
>Put them on aggresive stance, and roll them towards the enemy town
>Engage the enemy TC
>Type 'FREEDOM FOR SCOTLAND' as you ungarrison all your infantry and start massively killing all archers/knights/villagers
>Listen to this while attacking for extra drama https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYAaN9EMpE0
>You will tear down castles with your celtic force
>Don't give them a rest, unleash the highland warriors on your enemy, attack like there is no tomorow, slay them all

Oh also, you are NOT allowed to create any sort of archer or cavalry; monks are allowed

Warning: It's unwise to use this strategy against a Goth, Japanese, Aztec or Viking

I dunno man, AoE 1 is _super_ rough, even with all patches applied (do not go for the UPatch, not only is the author an insufferable faggot, but he's fucked with the balance significantly as well).

I mean, shit, do you know how many bugs I've been sussing out of the AI files these last few months?
That's unfortunate, is the zoobly HD thing any good? Like does the single player work using it?

Ancient civilization is by far my favorite time period, so that's one of the reasons I would like to play through it.
Thanks lad. I'll be sure to try that out

Not sure. voobly is actually run by a bunch of Vietnamese (the entire country evidently up and decided "This is our Starcraft!" one day), so not being Viet myself, I kinda stayed clear. Personally? I downloaded Binary Patcher and CustomizeAOE from that absolute madman chab at AOE Heaven and went to town. Fixed a whole fuckload of bugs (including the one that makes Neutral AIs invariably hate you) and enabled the MP3 soundtrack on my own. Hell, I even added in the one from the original AoE as well, since chab actually just reactivated old code he found lying around in the game and, wouldn't you know it, it doesn't know any better how many tracks it should actually play. :)

In another few months I'll prolly have all the AI, PER, CTY, PLY, RPS, SCN, and SCX files sorted as well. Unfortunately, the DAT file bugs are beyond my ability to comprehend. Still, the game will be pretty solid.
Will you eventually have your work available so that dummies like me can just plug in and play?
How is stronghold crusader 2 compared to AoE2
also about 2 years ago i manage to download the complete game. Now im trying to do so but i dont know where to. Can i anyone help me out
Will you make it available?
Fast speed players > Normal speed players

Prove me wrong

If I can. Keep in mind, you'll need to worry about the Win. 7 color fix or any extra bullshit required to get it to run on 8+ (I'm on Vista, no problems with 8-bit color here).

Also, the DAT file bugs will still be present. I don't mind going all-out for files meant to be user-editable like PER/AI etc, but digging around in the guts of the game's binary files with a poorly-documented tool programmed by a Ukrainian isn't something I signed up for.
Do you guys think that Hidden Path will release one more civilization expansion for AoE 2 or are they done? I think they are probably done since the only major area that isn't represented is SE Asia. Europe has been covered to hell and back, as has MENA
I don't want them to release another expansion; I want them to unfuck the game due those major hideous bugs I have been suffering

And, like you said; there is no more important cultures to represent, I guess.

I also drop any hope in Hidden Path since they replaced my cute Indian female villager quotes with a Persian-tier quotes

I'm back to my Saracen waifu

Anyone here good with the chinese?
I could need some help, I fail to make a good start.

What I am doing:
- 5 on nearest food source, berries most of the time.
- 1 builds a house. Research loom.
- Swap all villagers to food as sheep as soon as they have arrived under the TC.

I can get the 7th villager out by 1:00 - 1:10 usually. Becaues of the major drawback of not having that food buffer I need atleast 8 on sheep instead of 6 to sustain villager production. Even then only with force dropping every damn time.

Going for wood is still not really an option here. Even with force dropping and having the sheep RIGHT under the TC I often end up with 45 food or some shit. Once I have 8 on sheep and 2 on berries with a mill I can start going into wood.

Starting with the stray trees first and building a woodcamp as soon as I can. Getting a boar somewhere around the 12 villager mark.

Its all relatively nice and dandy but even then I am completely unable to click up to feudal by minute 8:00. I am missing nearly 250 food every time. The earliest I can do is feudal at 26 around 10:30 which is WAY to late.

With other civs I can do a proper 30 pop drush in 10:00 minutes if everything goes perfect.

I've been trying really hard, around 20~ times or so. Whatever I try I perform a lot worse than with other civs.

Was the nerf they got to hard? I miss having atleast 50 food at the start like it used to be in AoK.
Your wrong
Explain why you casual

not other anon, but fast only makes sense in the first minutes

its certainly error prone with oscilating ping above 150 when luring wild boars

and later on, you got plenty of things to take of on normal speed that map bookmarks and optimized hotkeys can't help much.

you likely got accostumed to playing 1x1 fast with your friends because you dont use sheep in exploring, if you even hunt boar and deer, so you though that the first 10min of game was just looking at the villagers working while you set some more waypoints for the scout every 30s

nothing wrong with fast, i like it sometimes, but the real challenge on intense games is on the multitasking on normal speed
I prefer normal speed aswell, so do most of the streams and so called 'experts' play.
In the first minutes I got enough to worry about like scouting properly and planning what to go for and where to wall effectively. Scouting with sheep and everything while trying to not even make 0.5s errors in my economy.

Fast speed is to crazy to keep up with everything imo.
>its certainly error prone with oscilating ping above 150 when luring wild boars
I have lured boars in games with 300 ping just fine, just try to measure the lag delay by tasking a villager, see how time much she/he takes to respond.
Now you know how soon you must click away BEFORE the hunter attacks the boar; click away when he/she first attacked, the delay will let you do a second attack, then the move task will kick in and the hunter will escape just fine.

>and later on, you got plenty of things to take of on normal speed that map bookmarks and optimized hotkeys cant help much.
Explain yourself

>you likely got accostumed to playing 1x1 fast with your friends because you dont use sheep in exploring, if you even hunt boar and deer, so you though that the first 10min of game was just looking at the villagers working while you set some more waypoints for the scout every 30s
Wrong, mostly of the times I do 3vs3 or 4vs4 team games with my buddies on fast speed; tho, you're right I personally don't sheep scouting (I have a scout cavalry for that); I'm also a 1825 ELO on the HD version, so I know what Im talking about

>nothing wrong with fast, i like it sometimes, but the real challenge on intense games is on the multitasking on normal speed
Multitasking in Fast speed is way harder to do, compared to Normal speed

Don't get me wrong, the only reason why I dislike Normal speed is because I have got so used to play in Fast, I can't play on normal because is sooooooooooo Slow and boring.

It also, in my opinion; normal speed discourages harassing that relies on speed/surprise factor; I have done killer Celtic MAA rushes, Saracen Scout Rush, and Saracen Cavalry archer rush

Is not a hard stask, really; I just hotkey the important units (Say, mamelukes, bombard cannons, monks, siege onagers) and micro them properly, and I let the trash army soak up damage, let them attack while I make rain flaming stones on my enemy
Never played as the chinese, and I cant really talk about it, but if you really need it, you can build dark age farms, gather berries or lure a few deers around; since the chinese are an economical powerhouse, you should have the upper hand in terms of advancing first of age
I am new and learning the game atm.
When do you use a fast castle? Or rather, what do you make of it?

Is it only a decent option if you go for knights?
And maybe a crossbow timing attack?

To me it just seems a lot more reasonable to prepare for feudal fighting mostly.
>When do you use a fast castle?
Depends on the map, on your civ, on the enemy civ, on the enemy itself (like if you're like 1vs1 a buddy, you know how he plays and you know what he wil do), depends on what you want to do; many etc's... it's just common sense, most of the times.

>Is it only a decent option if you go for knights?
You could go knights, that's for sure, but also Archers, Cavalry archers, camels, longswords and siege w/ infantry support; or maybe a monk rush; or maybe a castle drop; war galley spam if you're in a water map

You just need to know what could happen in the game, and take your own choices then.
Can you not do a Fast Castle with 26+2 pop and a Stable+Blacksmith without TC idle-time?

With a Blacksmith+Market its really easy on 28 total pop.

As soon as I try to throw in a barracks in order to go for a Stable as my second Feudal building I either lack the wood or the food.

I'd imagine its possible if you lure the deer instead of building a mill but thats not always possible.

The best I found online is a 27+2pop with the celts.
I never to be so technical about it; I always go as I feel so, but as Chinese; a faster boom requires a lot resources, you so may to re-distribute your villagers as you find lack of resources, for example, moving villagers from wood-cutting to farms, or wood to gold; depends.

I'm sorry if I wasnt of much help
I never was so technical about it*

Fuck, a brain fart
Get this trash out of VR.
It is /vr/ you numbnuts

All he's going to do is REEEEEEE at you now, you know.
Then will I let him do his autistic rant
Then we will see if I care
Developer(s) Ensemble Studios
Publisher(s) Microsoft (Win, Mac)
Konami (PS2)
Designer(s) Bruce Shelley
Series Age of Empires
Engine Genie Engine
Platforms Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, PlayStation 2
Release date(s) Windows, Mac OS
September 30, 1999

>September 30, 1999
>PlayStation 2
>Age of Empires 2 on PlayStation 2

U w0t
I never knew that
Need pictures of it


Looks horrible with a controller. Luckily, seemed to support mouse and keyboard.
Jesus that looks clunky as fuck
Why will anybody play AoE2 in a PlayStation 2? (without a mouse and keyboard)
emergency bump.
Can you not play singleplayer with the forgotten expansion? Thats pretty shit.
Yes you can, why couldn't you? They have single player campaigns
well yeah, but againt the AI. I just wanna test some things.
>but againt the AI
*but not again the AI - as in a simple SP match.

Just play a single player match against a vanilla civ? There might be a few extra techs but nothing too drastic
he is saying he cannot play AS a civ from the expansions in a single player match, which is entirely true.

I cannot select any expansion civ in singleplayer either. Its stupid I agree.
You can still host an online game, try to get a friend or a random player in, and 2vs2 vs 2 AIs

I can join you if you want
But I'm a 1815 ELO autist, I'm unable of 'going easy'; specially since you might want to play against easy/moderate AIs
WHAT? not even on the official microsoft gaben release of forgotten + african?
HAHAH what a joke, so they really just packed the forgotten released at heavengames in a steam dlc
keep voting with your wallets fuckers

still i dint get it, user made ai for playing with userpatch
and "age of chivalry" total conversion


as for AI using new civs, and with 'cdrom' age2, try some new user AI files

try some of the new ones

or just google
AOFE inurl:"category=ai" site:aok.heavengames.com/blacksmith/
AOF inurl:"category=ai" site:aok.heavengames.com/blacksmith/
AOTFE inurl:"category=ai" site:aok.heavengames.com/blacksmith/
forgotten inurl:"category=ai" site:aok.heavengames.com/blacksmith/
aoak inurl:"category=ai" site:aok.heavengames.com/blacksmith/
oor heavengames own search within AI files

i know these ones that work

Our guy Spirit of the Law dropped another bitchin' video

I've got the original disks (in fact, one of the few PC games I actually own), but for some reason it crashes all the time when I'm running it on my 64bit windows, compatibility mode and all. It was damn fun in my old machine.

Anyway, What's the deal with Korean ships and the Aztecs? Is it just the devs having fun or was there some obscure naval expedition from Korea that I never heard of

Devs having fun. The Koreans never made it to that region. The Mongols of Khan China may have, but no conclusive proof.

On a related note, I want my fucking old Turtle Ships back. I hate the "updated" ones included with later AoC patches.
Yeah, some of the AI is fun. Bruteforce for example.

It does not solve the fact that you cannot play with new civs does it? And especially not for the steam HD release.
>B-but muh Japanese!
Don't get me wrong, I like that guy, but sometimes his "Fanboy-ism' gets out of hand, only to get matched by the Byzantine fuckboi of ZeroEmpires

But that's okay, since he gives me an occasional laugh.

Japanese are good, but at the same time; not that good.

install "userpatch" from heavengames
or install voobly that patcheds ur age with userpatch

its a new exe that solves colour issues in windows 7, any resolution / wide screen, might very well solve ur problem
I'll try it.
Not sure if it's a color issue, the game runs fine but crashes randomly during gameplay.
I am playing now for 3 days I am so addicted to AO2, but it suckssssss on a MAC ...the version that I play always lag after I reach 75 population. And then after is just a torture. Does anybody have recomendations?
buy a 200$ toaster or something, the game is 16 year old or something, in two years it can post on 4chan
Does the original version of AoE2 run better in MP? The HD one shits the bed when we're playing as 5 players with 3 npcs, either the framerate tanks or the game just eventually times out with no chance to reconnect
AoE1's main flaws were the poor pathing AI, farm micromanagement, and balance issues.

The AoE games always struck me as a poor man's Warcraft 2 / Starcraft. AoE3 even had an attempt at a hero-based cinematic campaign like (the equally awful) War3. Most games of AoE2 usually end in giant huskarl / eagle spam and pikemen after you exhaust gold and get desperate.
There's trading to get endless gold, at least in mp matches.
well either are you just playing on an old 1024x768 monitor, or lettign ur 19" lcd scale the graphs

use it to at least play at ur screen resolution, it lets you choose 1.0c mode, or the new mode with just some small changes, like, selecting multiple barracks and shift+S makes a soldier on all barracks, beore that multi selection on building was only useful for settng gather point
total random guess but,

your 1 terabyte + 6gb RAM laptop being new and all would fool you into believing that its any more powerful than an AMD Duron 1300MHz from 15years ago, when its almost the same in processing power, that is all that AoE2 cares about.

is it by any chance some intel atom dual core, or those AMD cpu+gpu integrated A-series or something?

even a recent intel celeron B800 isnt much more powerful than a home desktop from a decade ago, and yeah, 8x200 swordsmen on your screen will slow your cpu

dont take my word on it, ill bet it wont matter which version you use, since its still simply a 2d directdraw sprite game.
No, we hosted it on my friends recent-gen mid-end i7 processor, it really shouldn't be a problem of a lack of pure processing power
Though maybe- one of us ran it on a rather shitty laptop, and maybe he lagged it out for everyone?
> we hosted it on my friends recent-gen mid-end i7 processor, it really shouldn't be a problem of a lack of pure processing power

well yeah, its a p2p game, theres no server in the sense of a counter strike match

every pc has to control 200 kights and receive position from another 1400 and show each animation.

there's a white turtle that appears beside the players name on some frameskipping matches, but i forget if thats related to ping or processor, i seem to recall that is was related to cpulag
>i seem to recall that is was related to cpulag
Correct, Also 'Computer lag' is when a machine can't really handle all the action happening on the game, and starts to get slow

And sicne AoEII was designed to keep up with the worst speed player; the whole game starts to lags only because 1 player has a shitty comp/shitty connection
when aok launched i still had a AMD K6 with 366MHz
i could barely play 1x1 200pop, if we did as good noobs and went post-imp and sent 200 paladins to fight, my computer already counldt handle 400 horses on screen

so im gonna wildly hypothesize that you need 1.5 mhz per pop in the entire match, for the worst case scenario of full200p armies in the same region (so ur cpu has to calculate movement, validate enemies, and show animation), so for a total 1600 soldiers you need 2400 MHz.

and righfuly so, with my next computer a single core athlon 1600mhz, i could enjoy aoe2 fully, save for some 4x4 castle bloods where its commons to have 1600 soldiers, sometimes even all onscreen

so you need a sempron/celeron dual core 1.2 ghz which is about the minimum laptop you can even find today, unless you go for AMD Aseries or Intel Atom, or VIA c3, or whatelse which you might encounter in cheaper NETbook

so yeah, even netbook being 15y newer than aoe2, if it doesnt say the processor name (just that generic amd/intel inside adhesive) then it wont play that good
>play solo
>pull off cool builds, strategies, have fun
>man AI sucks I think I'll move on to multi
>try multi
>every game is map explored, 2.0 speed
>notice order delay
>uh okay
>get to boar
>villager takes 5 fucking minutes to respond to order to back off
>delay isn't even consistent
>end up losing 5 villagers to a single boar because they won't back off when I tell them to

fuck that I'm going back to solo
>oscilating gamebreaking lag
do you live in a pacific microstate that you cant find players with less than humm 200ms ping between everyone?

also, install some player-made AI files for a better singleplayer challenge


be sure to check:

IS_Machine makes big armies and cheats 700f to simulate boar hunt, so its rush resistant like standard-AI hardest without cheating and going castle in 10 minutes

and some others

The Sayan

check /vr/ archived aoe threads for other ppls suggestions of AI files
It happens even when the other players have only 50ms and I'm in Canada
oh and

explored + fast is for lazy newbies that want to play "the sims"

i bet map type was fortress or black forest

just find ppl interested in real challenging games, and ALWAYS make soldiers in feudal and imm ediatelly attack (thats not strategic advice, but rather what makes newbie's matches more fun and force everyone to improve)

best advice i can give you is befriend players with whom you had challenging matches, and fight them frequently again after youve had played with other people

and always replay after a crushing victory/defeat on 1x1, so always ask for and always concede rematches, its when the magic happens
which version? steam or voobly

perhaps everyone in the match is behind a router withou pnp ports and youre using proxy, voobly lobby shows if a player will require proxy when game launches, so ppl know to not play anything more than 1x1 with a proxied player

also, portforward.com
>Playing with scrubs

>Not playing on RLM unexplored Fast speed lobbies

Don't join the high ping lobbies
Don't join the 'black forest explored no attack until imperial' lobbies
Don't join the 'Arabia only huns normal speed' lobbies

Also, Fast speed is for people that want a real challenge with micro
>Playing with scrubs

How could I not, for I too am a scrub
You can be a newb, but being a noob or a scrub is another thing, a really bad thing.

You should play against players of your same ELO
After you gained experiencie, start to play against higher ELO players

Play Black Forest if you want to practise your booming skills, to hone your Fast Imperial, useful for Turks and Byzantines.
Just don't get the habit of playing BF all the time; I have seen BF players... they are... kind of... bad if you get them outside of their comfort zone
Play BF on your own risk.

You can play Arabia, a very open map, with hills and scarce wood; good for rushing.
But I warn you, you will face a lot of Hunwhores, and metafaggots; who will most likely resign if you reach Imperial somewhat unharmed
Whereas realizing a good rush takes timing, skills and a lot of micro, don't get used too, or you will build a bad habit
I seriously hate most of Arabiafags, also Hunnish whores too, since they tend to be Arabiafags too
But that map is good for practising your rushing strategy, learn to Knight rush/CA rush; Scout rush or Archer rush
Huns, Mayans and Aztecs rule Arabia

Play Team Islands, Baltic, Islands, Rivers, Highlands; water maps in general, get familiarizated (Is that even a word?) with water civs; Vikings, Saracens, Byzantines, Koreans, Spanish, Turks, Italians, Portuguese, Japanese.
Learn how to 'Grush' (Galley Rush), learn the new feudal naval strategies (With those feudal demo and fire boats); learn how to land enemies; Saracens are good at this, since they galleys fire faster and their transport ships are OP.

Play Normal speed if you want to learn the base of your gameplay
Play Fast speed if you want a challenge, and to maximize your micro and macromanagement

I can teach you, if you want, I play AoE2 HD on Steam, you can post your Steam ID and I will hit you up later.
This is not the first time I teach and train rookies, I will let you know that.
File: 1373815600307.jpg (23 KB, 400x263) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Play AoE 1 for a bit
>Beat the first 2 campaigns and have a blast
>Go to AoE 2 campaign
>Have no trouble the first few campaigns
>Suddenly Jihad
>check out ZE's fast castle tutorial
>first attempt
>get D
>try again

well that wasn't fuck all was it
my big problem seems to be a huge fall-off in imperial where I seemingly don't know how to correctly boom up a military. I can be ahead of everyone else in the castle age and early boom, and then all of a sudden I have half as much shit as everyone else.
The campaigns were so good. I'm just not good enough to fend off 3 stacked attacks with what time and resources they give you in Jihad.
>The war-thorn land between is infested with enemy marauders, and we will lose many men.
>Death is an old companion by now, but for Joan, we will face it again...

M-my feelings
It still water my eyes after so many years...
So /vr/, what's your favorite AOE campaign across all of the expansions? Mine is probably El Cid but I still haven't finished all the campaigns from the last 2 expansions
So, what are the best made AIs out there?
I manage to beat the new standard AI comfortable now and am looking for user made ones.

Resbot is fun but a boom heavy one. It reacts well TO an early attack but never attacks himself. And its not particularily fast.

Crusade does not work at all on HD it seems. Constant weird market selling/buying. Refuses to build more houses. Overall very buggy.

Bruteforce is fun at times, but often bugs out aswell, or does retarded things like a dock on scandinavia.

How about Barbarian? Juggernaut?
How are they? Are there other AIs that work properly?
i like barbarosa, teutons, sacro romano imperium (made up latin)

IS Machine, havent tried all sorts of maps since i mostly like coastal, medit, arab, baltic, highlands, not sure if it was even updated for AOF AOAK

(the) Horde is on my list to try, its supposed to, well, attack in hordes

i guess its best to use a collection of ai, like i recall testing some challenging ones specialized in rushing you in arabia, higilands, with certain civs etc. not that i recall any names
>i like barbarosa, teutons, sacro romano imperium (made up latin)
i like barbarosa, teutons, sacro romano imperium (made up latin)

pretty much almost all missions where you have multiple enemies and are too weak to fight any early on, which includes the first barbarosa mission.

probably theres still ways to win that i havent tried.

its if you play the hectic way, using all knights to explore early on while trying to wall the bridges and using the footmen + catapult to fend off first minute invasions.

but its also 'fun' to play the autistic mode of raiding all enemies at once and slowing their ecenomies, then pause-raid one of the strongest enemies early on that doesnt have complete walls or army, if you were to watch yourself simultaneously on replay on two or three laptops with follow-view disabled, it would seem super human
I like Attila the Hun. So many little things in each level.

Or El Cid with those Muslim priests hiding in the corner.
>Do Knight raid for my pocket
>Knights harass is successfull, but they end severely wounded
>Pocket: 'Bring those knights to my base, I will heal them up'
>tfw nobody ever bothered healing my knights before

He was a good player and a cool guy
Would play again with him
>can flush very quickly
>very fast castle rush
>have absolutely no idea how to boom properly and I lose every game because of it
what's the best civ to cheese with, i have aoe2hd
Define it

Been there, buddy.
Keep practising, or play Black Forest
But Black forest is where weak boomers suffer the most. They're easy to defend against flush/crush.
That's the point, it's either boom or die.
If you really want to get a good boom, play BF, it literally FORCES you to boom.

You still can send a few petards to their walls and send knights or CAs then.

Also, practise 'Fast Imperial', as Byzantines or Turks
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528 KB, 1400x1982
Any fans of Rise of Nations?

One of my all time favorites.
That's cool. I'm just getting into it now and it feels pretty good. Only problem is that you find yourself having to do a lot of tasks simultaneously, while time is of the issue, and that it gets micromanage-y at later game.
Also my Windows 10 kinda doesn't play well with it.
I got the HD version on Steam. Pretty fun
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Based Spirit of the Law dropped yet again an ABSOLUTE KILLER tip

File: 1448129012434.jpg (58 KB, 454x486) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>mfw I figured this shit out back in 2001 after a week of playing
same aas everyone, that anon must be the actual faggot* youtuber uploader building up some S.E.O..

* i dont mean faggot, as a neutral idiosyncratic vocative on 4chan, load the video, its an actual faggot, from the annoying voice, to him not shutting up, to silly "tips", dont bother checking out other videos, its just pure useless faggotry
epic meme my legion /b/rother
teuton dark tower rush
This got to be the third time my game crashed from out-the-fucking the nowhere

Fucking devs man, they can't get their shit together
never crashed on me, the devs are doing a pretty shitty job on path finding for units.

Isn't it wonderful that Ensemble did such a good job meticulously balancing and stabilizing the holy fuck out of AoC only for glorified ascended-fan chuckelfucks to completely fuck the codebase in the ass? :)
Sadly, yes.

Huns and Vikings were not that balanced in my opinion, but whatever.

Huns were a bit OP. I never had a problem with Vikings.

Two things irritated me about the final state of AoC:

1. Ferver not working.

2. Camels/Mameluks coded as a naval class.

Well, Bombards doing melee instead of pierce was a bit offputting too, but I see why they did it.

*Fervor, not ferver
>Camels/Mameluks coded as a naval class.
I think that's fixed in african kingdoms, I haven't bought any expansions yet though
>2. Camels/Mameluks coded as a naval class.
Holy shit this, everytime I tried to mass up mamelukes, a castle always stood in my way; and if I wasnt carefull enough, I could lost all my mames in 2 castle hits.

I also remenber how a bombard tower 1 hit my mames; specially when it was a turkish bombard tower.


They actually fix it, they STILL get somewhat damaged, but it's only 2 or 3 plus damage; it's not that of a big deal; camel harass is a viable strat now.

Yeah, but the whole reason for making the change in the first place seems hazy and ill-thought. Surely a unit with multiple uses (or that can have, in a pinch) is better than some hyper-specialized thing that only gets whipped out for a very specific set of circumstances?

Someone just needs to take AGE3 to vanilla AoC 1.0c/RoR 1.0a and just go the fuck to town fixing obvious bugs/retarded shit without succumbing to the urge to add a bunch of unnecessary crap. So far everyone with the patience to navigate the vagaries of AoE's DAT structure can't resist doing more than just cleanup.
The Forgotten and it's civs were fine; albeit buggy as fuck and unplayable at first

Then it came the African Kingdoms:

>Malian Unique unit, the Gbeto; fast moving fragile low-HP unarmored (female) ranged very strong melee attack unit

I dislike it, it completely over-shadows the throwing axemen; literally a glass cannon version of them.
Good for nuking TCs and to support fire, such for mowing infantry down, but they have so low hp than siege and archers fuck them up so badly; I rather take Throwing Axemen, they can still get hit and still live, and dish out decent damage

>Ethipian Unique unit, the Shotel Warrior; fast moving fragile low-HP (not as much as the Gbeto tho) unarmored highly damaging melee unit; only costing 50 food and 35 gold; Ethiopians lack of Champions.

So we got another glass cannon unit; it's the bastard kid between an eagle warrior (fast as fuck) and a huskarl (fragile but highly damaging).
The Berber and the Portuguese are the other 2; Berber has 20% cheaper cavalry, so their knight rushed are borderline OP; and they have mounted skirms (Genitours) as team bonus (same as the italian conditiero), Genitours are trash units, a mounted skirm that benefits from stable upgrades, beats the shit outta other archers and regular skirms; and fares decently against halbs, provide them don't get impaled first (they are still cavalry); they got the camel archer; they counter another cavalry archers and mangudai, but it's too weak to be a standalone unit, compared to the mangudai. The berbers has no Paladins; no halbs, no arbalests, no siege engineers, no siege onager, no bombard cannons. They also lack of Sanctisity.
Their castle unique tech gives them and their teammates 25% castle unit creation rate; and their imperial unique tech gives their camel units (Both camels and camel archers) a slow, steady HP regeneration. They also have 20% faster moving villagers and boats.
The Portuguese is an abstract kind of Turk/Italian hybrid; archer/gundpower/naval; their organ gun is inbetween 'Meh' and 'It's okay'. a 'siege' (its not an organic unit; so you need to repair it; cant heal it with monks) variant of the hand cannoner, deals high damage in a small area, since it fires multiple bullets. They fuck up shit when massed and elite, and they have 2/6 armor, with a decent HP; they are still a support role unit. They lack of hussars, paladins and camels; they lack of siege ram and siege onager, but siege engineers + bombard cannons make it up for that. They lack of Illumination. They lack of Hoardings.
Their navy is broken as fuck; their naval units has 20% extra HP, they have 15% gold-cheap units; their castle unique tech gives their boats +1/+1 armor; their imperial unique tech let their gundpower units be affected by ballastic (sniping bombard cannons/towers/galleons and hand cannoners/organ gun); and their unique water unit; the caravel, literally a buffed up galleon with penetrating scorpion attack, damaging multiple units at once.

They literally beat Vikings on their own game.

Last but not important, they got the feitoria; at cost of 20 population; it generates free resources per second, it's not that much but you can create multiple feitorias and the income stacks; in 1vs1 you will swimming in gold and stone in the late game with a bunch of Feitorias behind your base. They are huge as castles and has around 7500 hp; they dont have no attack, so they are defenseless against assaulters.

They are added 'feudal fire ships and demo ships', which... is quite cool I admit, it will change the feudal navy battles a lot.
Before I forget:

Malians get +1 pierce armor on barrack (Gbetos are not affected by this bonus) infantry on feudal/castle/imperial age; a fully upgrade malian champion will boast 7 pierce armor.
They get gold mining techs for free, their buildings cost 15% less wood; their castle unique tech lets their Town Center to fire arrows without needing to garrison vills inside; and the arrows stack if you garrison vills inside, like shooting 10 arrows.
Their imperial unique tech gives their cavalry +4 attack; they lack of hussars and paladins; so their cavaliers/heavy camels are damaging as fuck; but you can spam 14 damage light cavalries and literally mow down castles with them. Just don't let a malian spam his cavalry.
They lack of blast burnance/bracer; they have no siege onager, no siege ram, no heavy scorpions, no siege engineers, they get bombard cannons; they dont get hand cannoners, their archers and navy are quite bad; lacking shipwright and elite bombard galleon; also lacks of fast fire ships.

Their team bonus is that university technologies research 50% faster.

Ethiopians has 20% fast firing archers (doesnt affect skirms), they get extra 150 food and 100 gold everytime they advance of age; they get pikeman and halberdiers for free; their castle unique tech gives their Shotel warios to be created almost 'instantly'; and their imperial unique tech gives their siege units bigger area of splash damage.
Barely noticiable on their heavy scorpions and bombard cannons; you can notice the difference on their siege onagers, but it's not that much a big deal.
But their Siege rams.... they literally splash the buildings 4 pixels away from them; they will splash your ENTIRE town, destroy everything at once.
They lacka of bloodlines, they lack of hussars and paladins; they lack of champions (So you're obligated to create Shotel warriors as infantry role), their monks are decent. They have decent navy too. They lack of hand cannoners.

That's pretty much it.
Want me to explain the Forgotten civs and their changes on the African kingdoms?
File: 1453026050685.png (2 MB, 1065x902) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1065x902
no, I can look it up myself
>2. Camels/Mameluks coded as a naval class.
you don't srsly think they simply ran out of ids on a 8bit classid right

its just part of the balancing
you're assuming that fixing the so called "bugs" as the techtree saying +33% actually being +20% werent last minute balances that never made into the manual..
or neglected settings that after the resulting gameplay being well balanced, they rightfuly decided to not mess it up, and just forgot to go and change the manual to reflect the actual values

but yeah, the conpect of taking ror/aoc to age3 engine is cool

but i would thin AOM is better, there isnt much more improvement in age, capabilities-wise, just more polygons, and the improsed easeness of organizing and handling tropps and villagers are already there in AOM, without the extra hardware requirements of aoe3

we could play multiple civs with 500popo or 1000pop liek we do in aoe2.

and frankly, aoe2 sprite graphics are just fine, if they somehow managed to make a complete makeover and make the UI and controll as versatile as AOM/age3 that would suffice
File: 1440241194312.jpg (28 KB, 554x560) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 554x560
What is this?
probably stemcell serial for aoe2 negletec vempires

>thinks AGE3 means Age of Empires 3

Imma stop you right there and just laugh at your silly ass for a bit, k?


Who the fuck ever said anything about them running out of IDs? They weren't even coded that way 'till AoC. It was a conscious design choice that I happen to think was made for highly dubious reasons.

Has anyone tried this out before? Is it good?
no, but I will in the future, thanks for posting this
>>thinks AGE3 means Age of Empires 3
>Imma stop you right there and just laugh at your silly ass for a bit, k?

what is it then?
next youre gona use Area Of Effect abbreviated AOE in an age of empires thread
> Including "modern" technologies like OpenGL and GLSL


dafuc is this, the RTS equivalent of today indie "8bit" platformers that even though are intentionally pixelated mimicking 640x480, require a gamer laptop to run ???

It means Advanced Genie Editor 3. It's how they're able to edit DAT files in AOE 1/2 without breaking out the hex editor.
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