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Romancing SaGa 3 Patch FAQ
FAQ for people new to the series
Yet again, new Bokuno patches are available!
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Since Bokuno RS3 seems to have added a ton of new Magic Spells, can someone give me a run-down on what elements are good at doing stuff (like how Earth had the best attack magic in Vanilla)
I will start with the fact that every magic now is very good when it comes to offensive. You could probably run all magic team. I will list some most useful spells (at least for me).
Restoration is a recommended healling spell, Missile Guard is useful in certain situations, Simulacram maybe? Dragon Descend if you have someone like with LP. Galaxy is very good for dealing damage (mostly by being a no-type attack). Overgrowth maybe for Subier fight.
Best single target offensive magic. Crimson Flare has the highest base damage. Soul of Fire is a must have, it gives HP regen to everyone AND increases stats! There's also LP attack which might be useful again certain enemies.
Earth Heal is a good heal, Shield Breaker against stuff with annoying shield like Apollo, Mindscape and Sharpness are okay buffs. Antimagic is very useful if you don't have enough equipement, never really used Wall of Light.
There's also Sacrifice which is a global heal, but it takes all of your JP, only to use in desperate situations.
Water Pool can be useful sometimes. There's Elixir spell which heals you but here's the thing: it's actually a status restoration spell WITH healing effect. So if you buff someone then use elixir, all buffs will be gone. Still can be used if someone is dead. Rain of Life is same situation as Sacrifice, takes all JP. Never really felt like needing Quick Time because I'm not fan of using all JP with one spell. Thunder deals a decent amount of damage while Tempest easily kills a group of monsters. Cloud Call against Saruin first form.
Light spell if you want to change environment from Moon or Abyss which enemies usually have HP regen in. Heroism for some small self-buff. Detect Treasure for increased drop chance. Daybreak for instakilling group of monsters.
Regeneration Light is the best healing spell because it can get rid of all negative statuses, even petrification if you have at least level 30 in Sun. Illusion Sun might be useful, Comet Fall deals some okay damage.
Moon shine is okay heal, Night Call is you don't want that light environment, Tsukuyomi Mirror for some % based damage (like Aerobit), Morning Moon is a good global buff but not a must have, Vortex gets rid of all buffs/debuffs, both enemies and allies, Shadow Servant is self-explanatory. Shadow Flare is okay for some damage.
Agony was pretty useful again some early dragons, Blaster and Death Hand are good for damage dealing.
Plenty of different spells, Flare for damage dealing. Unique mention to petrifaction glare, it works on some strong monsters. Mad Thunder before you will be able to use Flare is also good (3 different strikes can deal to over 10k total)
Not really much here, you will probably only use the basic spell to absorb some stats.
Magician Card, that's all you need to know.

Ginny can also get her shadow servant spell before you fight the Egg.
And I think that's all, you should have at least 2 good casters but that's my opinion.
Also writing all of these reminds me that I always wanted to make some wiki but I have no idea where I would start.
Translate the quest walkthroughs from the Japanese one I guess.
If I can make a suggestion, get a clean, basic structure in order first and then fill the sections in one by one, as you fill them check regularly if there's conflicting or redundant information and trim as much as possible.

That's what I'm making for the RomaSaGa 2 FAQ, I discourage you from starting from a single section or topic first because it's too chaotic in the long run, I find it's better to formulate a general table of content first and then work on the content itself, then again I know people who are more comfortable doing the opposite.

Just begin writing and then the rest will follow, I guess, I'd be glad to help when it's in my power to do so, so don't hesitate to post in here when you feel uncertain on what to do, I'm sure people here will give you good feedbacks.
Cool, guess I will hit up pastebin when I will stop being lazy
Holy shit the Business mini-game always kills my enthusiasm for RS3.

Also I've decided to bite the bullet and spend Crowns on the 60 pack of Stat-Raising Jewels in the shop, reset a bunch of characters and train them up again so I can take advantage of events better. Pretty gud results.

Knowing my luck I think the next banner might actually be a good one when I'm left "open" with no Crowns to take advantage of it... so I just gotta cross my fingers.
Moon Scraper

This is a very nice result, I assume you did this with at least 7* mission
Yup, all 7* missions, Stat-Boost Jewel used on each one.
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Based Steel.jpg
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Any time you need help just ask Anon.
>Knowing my luck I think the next banner might actually be a good one when I'm left "open" with no Crowns to take advantage of it... so I just gotta cross my fingers.

Be a man about it!

I think I'll wait for another good character draw campaign because none of my 4* are characters I like, so I don't want to waste my crowns training people I'm not gonna use anymore when I'll get those I actually want.

Seeing how SaGa Frontier 2 quests have been appearing lately, I bet we'll get the cast implemented around January or so and I'll sure as hell won't lose the chance of getting Gustave or Wil.
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Been fighting fungi for half an hour already to get some Mushroom Tear to drop, no such luck.
I wanted a 100% game file but this is pretty frustrating, at least I'll have a pretty strong Gustave for a while.
In the wiki for Bokuno, what exactly does the event requirement "アビスゲートを見た後" (which I guess translates to "After seeing an Abyss Gate") actually mean? Just walking to an Abyss Gate dungeon or do I actually have to seal it?

Also, how do you unlock Stanley on the world map? I can't remember
Just to see Abyss Gate, remember that if lose the fight you are just kicked out and don't lose the game
Stanley should be unlocked if you just talk to some people probably
Also for reference, sealing 1 abyss gate would be アビスゲートを1つ閉じる
Thanks, now I got to figure out the quickest way to get to an Abyss Gate (maybe the Ake one?)
Fire Palace is easiest, but you still want to rescue Fairy before that (and get Angel Wings)
Man, the RS3 business mini-game is pretty poorly designed - there's a big hump in the mid-game before you get your first "group combo" up and then it mostly drops like a rock unless you're trying to take on one of those "entire group" businesses, and instead of clever play it mostly seems to just comes down to who can drop the most money onto the scales.
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>and instead of clever play it mostly seems to just comes down to who can drop the most money onto the scales.

Not at all.
Let me give you a few tips, the business minigame is very easy if you know how to plan it out.

First of all, concentrate on getting smaller firms to increase your revenue, buy all the little independent firms and enterprises first, do not try to buy big companies or conglomerates until you have around a few millions because you'll need hard cash to keep them from being bought by Dophore or the Naj merchants.
You revenue depends on the total production value of the firms in your company, you get income each time a bid ends, whether it's successful or not, that means you can also keep on abandoning bids to steadily increase your capital, which can be useful to but bigger firms later one, buut remember that each company is subject to this, each time a bid ends EVERY company gets income based on their total revenue, so you can't quite use this to cheese through the minigame.

Secondly, once you get a strong and stable revenue, begin to put a dent on the big companies' revenue by buying all the smaller firms they own, in the long run it will drastically decrease their income and increase your own, that is a must in the second part of the subquest when you'll have to tackle Dophore and the Naj merchants.

Thirdly, try not to use economical support after you get enough capital, it's mostly useless and only undermines your allies in the long run, asking too much support will eventually cause a firm you own to bankrupt or an ally to stop supporting you in the case of the Claudius family.

Lastly, use commands like Give a Gift or all the aggressive ones like cutting comunications, spreading bad rumours or halting transports, they DO work and cost next to nothing, you do need to use them a lot though since they won't always succeed.

I hope this helps, the business minigame is pretty fun once you understand how to work with it.
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>still no Mushroom Tear

N...next battle for sure!
Those 8* quests are the shit, now to learn that Cross Break
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Simply Scandalous.jpg
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Is it just me or can you see Byunei's nip in the event splash image for Imperial Saga?

Or is this just weird colouring going on
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Guess it's just your dirty mind playing tricks on you m8.

She's a demon, she's not your waifu.
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Hot Kiss.jpg
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Professor is my RS3 waifu
Oh silly anon, Hakase-sama is married to her research.

But at least she can make you a sick turbo ultra deluxe romancing dragon machine.
They better make her playable soon in Imperial and/or a RomaSaGa 3 remake.
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I didn't expect this to get scanned

Oookk... Thomas/Sara and Katarina NTR isn't my preferred scenario at all but the business mini-game visual gag made me giggle
>3600 crowns
Now I really want to spend it
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It's pretty fun, and yeah, the second part is kinda garbage, as long as it's only NTR I'm perfectly fine with it but rape is not my thing.
But hey, there are a few nice reaction images to be had.
Careful with that, at least wait until christmas or something, I'm pretty sure there will be some crazy ass campaign with better draws.
>Careful with that, at least wait until christmas or something, I'm pretty sure there will be some crazy ass campaign with better draws.
Yeah, I will better wait. Maybe they will put some increased 5* cards chance, then I'm going to spend the crowns for sure.
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Shocking Alberto.png
2 MB, 630x1400
I really overestimated just how much "60 stat-raising jewels" are - as it turns out, it takes like 40 jewels to raise a fresh character to stat cap so I probably should have been a bit more picky in using them.

Oh well, at least I have a strong stable of characters to tackle events with now.
oh god i want to fuck ellen so hard
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sparrow shot.webm
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final letter.webm
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OH yes
Get in line son.
Noice, I dig this animation.
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So I just finished Red's chapter in SaGa Frontier, but my memory card is a bit problematic and it didn't reconize my data, will I lose something or can I just continue playing?

Does this game have something "unlockable" after all characters have been finished or the game doesn't even recognize you finished a character?
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>it didn't reconize my data
If it didn't recognize your System Data that could be troublesome because it's used to record your general game progress, the System Data is also the one that allows you to get bonuses for each time you complete a character story.
>Does this game have something "unlockable" after all characters have been finished
Yep, you unlock the Developers' Room in which you can fight all the story bosses again and a few extra ones, problem is if the game doesn't recognize your system data you won't be able to access it.
Sad story bro, I hope it's really just a memory card problem and not something related to the console, you can always get some other memory card, but if your console has problems that is a whole other story.
Have some Alkaiser, did you like the story?
Actually I'm playing on a emulator, but a very shitty one (psx) because I was lazy as fuck to configure ePSXe. My data corrupt all the time so I just created the habit of savestating on the exact slot where I saved just to be able to play. I guess there's a fix to it so I will just look for it, now that I know my data is important.

Of course I loved the hell of everything, especially that little twist at the ending. I just felt the game was way too easy though, but it's probably because I just finished Romancing Saga 3 and was used to finish most boss fights because of sheer luck.

Also at first I thought M. Black was a playable character, Even so he's still cool as heck.
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>I just felt the game was way too easy though

It is, Frontier is the easiest out of the modern SaGa games, even though they implemented some good ideas, like Berza learning Sway and counters during battle, the difficulty is still pretty low, not to mention how easy it is to horribly break everything with a lot of tricks, from the Scrap glitch to the Glirandly abuse, not to mention Tower and Overdrive.
Some chapter are slightly more challenging, like T260G chapter, because the final boss has some nice tricks that might fuck you up, but overall it's not comparable in difficulty to the Romancing games.
The good thing about it is that the low difficulty makes it a very good game for beginners, you can learn all the staples of modern SaGa through Frontier without too much frustration.
>Also at first I thought M. Black was a playable character, Even so he's still cool as heck.
He's great right? Seems we're gonna get him as playable character in Imperial considering the plot, he's already one of the good guys in there.
By the way, you might want to do T260G chapter if you thirst for some more /m/ action, there's also a nice reference to Layzner in it which I'm sure you'll appreciate, and the Final Boss is goddamn amazing.

If you want some more difficulty and the classic medieval fantasy setting, Frontier 2 brings back asshole bosses and surprise rape, so you might have more fun with that, the story and characters are pretty great too.
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Forgot to mention, in the download pastebin there's a Zip file with the Essence of SaGa Frontier scans, so if you want to look at the designs and some other stuff you have it right there.
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rapid fire.webm
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Holy shit, another strongest waza in one day?
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cross break.webm
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Also checking nico videos, nips are doing the goddamn 12 star arakes event without any 5* card, shit's crazy. And another one shows that you can acutally spark the finisher thing
Those bonuses don't really amount to that much although it's kind of nice for Thunder and Cotton.

Dev room when you beat all characters does amount to something more at least.
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Nips are wasting tons of money on this game, no way I'm gonna empty my wallet on some shitty browser game. You've seen how crazy the top teams in the trials are, we're talking about people who maxed 10 5* characters, that means having spent crowns not only for the draws but for the flower amulets to boost their growth as well.
Also, Aunas is weak against Axes for some reason, I don't recall him having that weakness in RomaSaGa 3.
Well, they do help in some other stories like Red's when you don't have access to shops and dungeons during the first part of his story, having better armour and slightlyl better starting stats can help a bit in some sections.
I really hope anon finds a way to keep his system data, the Devs' Room is a nice bonus.
Oh shit, thought there was still time left for Arakes.

I mean the 7 Heroes content days where they stayed around for a LONG time.

Also, I see I just received some registration code for... some collabration. Not sure exactly which since I don't see a banner for it.
Famitsu three kingdom mobage garbage.
The rewards are kinda good though, but I'm still not going to bother.
Also, slight correction for Aunas, it seems he's weak to cutting modifiers in general as Great Swords do crits too.
He's a huge pussy though, he doesn't even have his innate Fire Wall.
He's also weak to Cold.

You know, for everyone who actually uses Mages for some reason.
>You know, for everyone who actually uses Mages for some reason.
I eventually plan to if I get some good ones like 5* Emerald, I already have enough crystals to make them worthwhile and I'm a few steps away from getting the sixth level magics.

I really want to have a few mages, now that Undine and Volcano have been added too my mage dream team is kind of becoming a bit more real.
File: aunas 6 star.webm (3 MB, 692x390) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
aunas 6 star.webm
3 MB, 692x390
Now that I look at it, after they pull out Byunei and Forneus the events will end at 24th so next will be some Christmas event. It's even more tempting to use crowns now because the chance is 5 times for the event characters
I don't know man, I personally will wait till the end of this campaign, the only one I really wanted was Volcano but I didn't have enough crowns, I'm not really interested in getting the Divine King and her buddies either, I might change idea if we'll get some Robin/Boston/Wod but then again I'd rather spend 3600 when 5* I like are featured, and there's also SaGa Frontier 2's cast coming...

By the by, I was browsing Pixiv and a few Boorus, Imperial sure reawakened a lot of interest. Let's hope some good artist steps in and does some good doujinshi, though alas it will probably be Fujo stuff 90% of the times, Fuse is fucking with half of the male cast already.
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IRPO badge.jpg
72 KB, 480x640
I want dis
Hey, Alkaiser, MetalBlack(Metal Alkaiser) and Asellus got a place in Lord of Vermilion Arena

They got hella cool models too.

Alkaiser is voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama, Metal Black is Hayami Sho, I couldn't recognize Asellus though.

It's Kakuma Ai
Playing Romancing SaGa 3 right now, is there any point to having characters use more than one type of weapon?
Depends on how you want to play the game really, there isn't any strict functional need like Romancing SaGa 2 because the WP growth system isn't bound to weapon proficiency, but at the same time it could be very handy to have certain waza around.

Let's say you're using Harid(swords), Robin(Epees), Nora(Maces), Ellen(Bare Hands) and Wod(Great Swords), then you find yourself in a battle with monsters who use Counter or Self Burning, usually to get out of this situation you'll need someone that can reliably hit without triggering both Counter and Self Burning, with such a team the only ones who could do some safe damage are Robin with Snake Shot and Nora with Grand Slam, because both waza have long range properties, but if you had someone use bows or axes(both Nora and Ellen are pretty good at those too) you'll get much better and safer damage output due to having waza like Sky Drive, Million Dollars or Yo-Yo.
Bosses like Aunas are a good example since he has innate Self Burning, Magic isn't a good damage tool until the endgame and even then it's not really comparable to waza, there are also other cases where a certain boss has respawning meatshields that cover him so you'll need a few people who have access to strong ranged waza.

Though again, it really depends on how you want to play the game, being also non linear you can always choose to leave those aforementioned examples for later when you'll be strong enough to have few to no problems dealing with them even with people with little ranged potential, I'd say that having a two kinds of proficiencies on a character never hurts, but that's how I play the game, I also don't like to grind at all so I get all the waza I need asap to just run quickly through the game without needing detours. One other thing you'll want to consider is that certain enemies are either resistent or weak to certain damage modifiers, like piercing or blunt damage, so having access to two of those is very handy at times.
Why does anyone outside of japan (since they love all blondes) like this slut again?
Not him, but thanks for the advice.
Bitch nigger I'll fight you!
And Cody is pretty much the second most popular Frontier 2 girl besides Ginny in Japan, I don't really know what you're talking about.
You're welcome Anon.
Actually, let me make a slight correction to what I said.
Frontier's 2 popularity regarding girls is more or less:

Ginny>POWERGAP>Everyone else>Eleanor, Leslie>Julia, Labelle

So Cody really falls in the same tier as Primiera, Diana and Meithia, maybe she's slightly more popular than those but the difference is minimal.

Afaik people like her because she's the usual yamato nadeshiko type of girl and because it was very clear that Wil was in love with her.

Meithia has become perfectly fine bullying material though.
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kenji ito.jpg
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Which SaGa song is your favorite?
Separate them into categories (battle, theme, world, town, etc.) if you have to.
Hard to choose only one, but these are the ones I never get tired of.

>Normal Battle
Prelude of Battle(MinSon ver.), Feldschlacht, Pile Up Stack, Surrounded, Battle Theme I(Unlimited Saga)

>Mid Boss Battle
The Heart of Fire, A Piece of Courage, Battle2(RomaSaGa3)

>Boss Battle
Battle with Kujinshi, At the end of the decisive battle(SaGa 2), Battle #2, Battle #3

>Special Boss Battle
Chaos Labyrinth, Believing my Justice, Besessenheit, BT ver.7, BT ver.8

>Unique Boss Battle
Passionate Rhythm, Magical Tank Battle, Gen Castle Battle, Battle 5#, Todfeind, Invitation to Death

>Final Boss Battle
Last Battle(RomaSaGa2), Save The World, T260G Final Battle, Emelia Final Battle, Mißgestalt+Todesengel, To the Altar of Revival+Decisive Battle! Saruin

>Character Theme
Blue's Theme, Emelia's Theme, Fight! Alkaiser!, Ellen's Theme, Superhero Robin's Theme ~Evil Never Prevails!, Ovation, Laura's Theme, Judy's Theme, Ruby's Theme, Iscandar

>Town Theme
Boundaries(Podorui), Koorong, Baccarat, Naturvolk, Nationaltanz, Zauberreich, Weltall

>Dungeon Theme
Burning Blood, Never Give Up, Leonid's Castle, Ice Lake, Crystal Ruins, Holy King Temple, Demon King Palace Underground, Underwater Palace, Ancient Tomb of Mu, Wakatu, Melody of Time, Black Cross Base, The Ultimate Weapon, Tobel, Manifest, Raumkomposition, Broken Desire, Space-Time Travels.

>Event Theme
We Are Pirates!, Disaster! The Death of Viktor, Together with Orlouge, Rosenkrantz, Heimatlose, The Sacred Starry Skies, DG 'Listless', DG 'Comfort', Mysterious Flame

Theme of Another Dimension, Vanguard Take Off!, Booby Trap, Hey! FUSE!, Let's Swing!, Fighting Machine Arena, Postludium, Soaring Wings, The Seven Travelers
Also Anon I forgot one important thing in my previous reply, you should keep in mind that weapons work on different base stats as well.

Epees and bows for instance work on Dex while Axes or Swords work on Str, consider that certain characters such as Tatyana or Robin share a general proficiency with Epees and Spears, but their stats are also important in damage calculation when you consider the weapon type you want to use, Robin(Slim) has both decent Str and good Dex so he can work well with both Epees and Spears, he's not half bad with swords either but Axes are out of the question since even if he can circumvent sparking problems by having another character like Nora spark and master the techs, unlike Nora he doesn't have the raw Str to be a good Axe user, Mikhail has some decent proficiency with swords but he doesn't really have the stats to pull it off and while Nora is a great Mace/Axe user in both Str and spark ratings he's also inherently great with Spears, and not a half bad natural sparker either, Zhi Lin is a decent martial artist but doesn't have the Str ratings to be even remotely decent with those but she has very good Dex which could make her potentially pretty good with Epees even though she isn't a good Epees sparker, so in her case you have all the good debuffs, All Target and race killer waza of Bows together with the great melee potential and versatility of Epees.

Romancing SaGa 3's system might feel a bit too free and multiple proficiencies on one character feel pointless at times but there's also a lot of factors to consider, once you explore it you can see how such freedom isn't like FFVII or VIII where you can maximize everything to the point that all characters are more or less clones outside of special attacks, but rather the complete opposite, everyone has access to every tool of the game, but characters are not just naturally geared towards certain tools but they can also indirectly excel at other things given enough nurturing.
Huge thanks for these! My party is actually already around the 750HP mark and I probably didn't assign them the best weapons, and was wondering what additional stuff I can do aside from grinding for magic proficiency. Will keep this stuff in mind though, I still haven't touched any of the Abyss Gates yet since I was saving them for last.
You're welcome, since you're wondering about the best weapons to use on which character, some are just their starter weapons, others are unrelated to their starter equipment and others might have multiple, great proficiencies.
Generally, spark tables are the first factor people consider in determining who's good with what, mostly because the stat system varied between fixed and variable throughout the series.

More or less it goes like this:

Harid>Julian>>>Katarina/Robin/Paul>>>Everyone else
>Great Swords
Katarina/Wod/Shonen>>>Zo>Everyone else
Black/Nora>Ellen>>>Everyone Else
Black/Nora>Tiberius/Fullbright/Yan Fan>Everyone else
Sharl/Nora>>>Thomas/Leonid/Robin/Fairy>Tatyana>Everyone else
Robin/Fake Robin/Leonid>>>Tatyana/Mikhail/Monica>Everyone Else
Paul/Zhi Lin>>>Sara>Thomas/Monica
>Martial Arts
Nora/Boston/Ellen/Julian>>>Snowman/Bai Mei Nyang>Zhi Lin/Yan Fan

There are of course characters with almost no definite proficiencies, like Muse or the Minstrel, but they usually have kinda slow spark tables compared to the rest of the cast, people like Undine or Fullbright are also kinda crappy with basically any weapon but that's a given since they're basically pure mages.

By the way, you're already at endgame level, there's really not a lot you can do unless you're not exploring a lot, which I doubt considering you're already at 750 HP, did you go to the Dead Sea/Ice Galaxy/Crystal Ruins? There's great loot to be had and some good bosses, the ancient temple near the thieves' cave should also give you a respawning Ashura to spark all the end level Waza you need.
File: finishers.webm (2 MB, 888x476) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 888x476
Those unique attacks are pretty cool I guess?
Bretty cool, but I hope this will stay limited to Imperial, having unique super attacks in a SaGa game irks me to no end, it goes against the core philosophy of the game imho.
So, I've been playing the SNES version of RS1 with the recent english patch, with Claudia as my lead, and I can't find anybody in any pub except Myriam. No Guella-Ha in Northpoint, no Aisha in Uro, etc. Also, I haven't been able to activate the Claudia says goodbye sidequest yet.

So far, I've done these sidequests, in this order I think:
Innkeeper's daughter
Rescue Jean/Gian
Dinosaur Egg
Estamir Harem Knights
clearing out the dungeon
quest Isle of Evil

...and I got the chalice for the vampire sidequest but I don't have the frontier unlocked yet.

It doesn't help that I've been doing a lot battling in the interim, though. My party (Claudia, Sylvan, Brau, Gray and Miriam) can hold its own against Triceritops at this point so I'm guessing I've locked myself out of a few quests but I've even tried starting new games and still nobody other than Myriam will show in up a pub.

I assume I fucked up either with the patch or in the game, but where?
I've seen a few other people posting about similar problems here, I don't have enough knowledge of the SNES version besides that once you reach a certain level the game stops giving you other recruitable characters, there's also rumours about the patch having bugs that lock you out of quests but seeing how there's no precise description of those I don't know whether they simply missed some triggers or the game does indeed have problems with the patch.
An anon a few threads ago said that he couldn't trigger the Geckling quest at all even by following all the steps, I've heard about people being locked into an unsolvable pirate invasion quest too but as I said, I haven't tried the patch myself, I played the game years ago with Hawke and didn't have problems with it, but seeing how a lot of you guys are having the same problems with recruiting and triggering quests I think I will see for myself what's going on with the patch.
With everyone GOING NUCLEAR over FF7 Remake, it's nice that the new SaGa game is going to be untouched from such troubling modern developments, right?

File: 1421557510809.png (2 MB, 1065x902) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1065x902
>yfw there still isn't a dedicated team for the development of SaGa games
>yfw each time there's a legit new SaGa game coming square shits out a new AAA title

Just hope that this time they won't be shifting funds and workers too much like they always did.
I have no doubt it will still be a much better game than any FF related game they churned out for the last 20 years though, even with all the potential butchering, so who gives a shit.

SaGa remakes aren't entirely out of the question. There were enhanced 3D remakes of SaGa 2 and 3 for DS. Although a lot was changed, the changes were perhaps for the better. There's definitely a lot more depth to the gameplay.

Let's not forget Minstrel Song for PS2. It's everything Kawazu wanted RS to be, but could never achieve due to the limitations of SFC hardware.
Judging by the all the recent hype about the 25th anniversary I'm positive we'll get either a RomaSaGa 2 or 3 remake after Scarlet Grace.
Both Emperors and Imperial heavily reference RomaSaGa 2 and its cast is the one that has the most importance and relevance plot wise, Famitsu recently had some articles about both the entire series and a long one about RomaSaGa 2.

If they remake either ones they'll get very easy money anyway and with Kawazu directing the thing we're assured to get a greatly enhanced game without bad surprises like getting a Kingdom Hearts wannabe instead of a turn based game.
Imagine a RomaSaGa 2 or 3 with all the cut content that didn't make it into the game, much needed rebalance, new soundtrack, new content, updated mechanics, that's all a remake should have.
File: rs3_bye2.png (75 KB, 359x272) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75 KB, 359x272
I have both Muse and the Minstrel in my party which I guess seems like a waste now that I look at this list, but I've sparked most wazas already so I guess it's fine.
The only quests I haven't done yet are the Zweig tournament/Leonid's castle and Crystal Ruins/the whole desert area, after that I really should beat the game and get back to playing Goddess of Destiny.

I also noticed that after having my party use other weapons they started gaining more TP/WP, not sure if that's just a coincidence though.
Yeah, in a certain sense, SaGa is actually kind of blessed to be niche because it means they aren't tied down by popularity or obligated to "follow the trends" - all it needs is to satisfy its fans on a reasonable budget and that's it.
Muse is one of those characters that people always claim is good but I don't think the game code actually supports that. I wonder why

Also mmm Professor... I would love to help her with her "late night research", if you know what I mean
Cool, you're basically done with the game then, there's a boss in Leonid's castle that can be quite a hassle if you don't have a good martial art/mace user but at your level I don't think you'll have problems.
>all it needs is to satisfy its fans on a reasonable budget and that's it.
Pretty much, it also helps that the fanbase is very dedicated in general, the majority of fans now are also in their late twenties or thirties so they have a lifelong relationship with the series compared to popular franchises who attract a lot of young people but can't keep their interest long enough.
Muse is good because she's a blank character you can develop however you want, her growth and spark table is subpar but her advantage is that she can become almost anything and be even relatively good at a few things, the Minstrel is still the better character out of the two since while he might not be as versatile he still is much easier to get to a good level and he doesn't start as a punching bag for goblins.
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call him a afggit.png
592 KB, 1281x641
You are wrong. STFU and learn to google. Fucking idiots. This data has been on gamefaqs and various website for ages. What the fuck is wrong with you plebs?

Characters like Paul have a rare Type 09 spark table, letting them learn various types of techs, not just bow techs.

Muse is good at everything, but nerfed stats.
First of all, calm down.

Secondly, character type is a very flimsy criteria that works in a very general way and to this day people are still unsure whether certain types work like they're supposed to or have bugs since Bai Mei Nian is a Type 0 but easily learns techs that other Type 0s have a hard time to spark.

Basically, the only information you have from Types is that they have a Flag for sparking certain tech, in the sense that they can and cannot spark certain techs, the problem is that people are still unsure whether there are other calculations involved in terms of frequency and reliability.

To make a concrete example, Robin and Leonid are both type 5, that means they are virtually the only ones who can spark Final Letter, but Type 11 can spark it too, the only type 11 in the game is Fake Robin but as a main character according to the game's data, afaik and I might be very wrong here since I'm not following the RS3 scene very much, nobody knows whether the fact that characters effectively have two types influences the spark tables and rates at all, in fact I never had Leonid spark Final Letter in any of my playthroughs but Robin did.

Type 9 is basically Bow, Epees and low mixed proficiency , Shonen is a Type 9 and yet he sparks Great Sword waza faster than Paul, Chaotic Flowerfall can be sparked by type 10 too, but good fucking look trying to do it with Yan Fan because Wod, Shonen or Katarina learn it more frequently even though they all have the same flag to spark it.



I did use my memory instead of referring to hard data and I did make a few mistakes, for which I apologize.

>Muse is good at everything, but nerfed stats.
Muse is a type 0, she can spark starters to mid tier but the only really good ones you can hope to get, according to flags obviously, are Niagara Buster and Twin Dragon, she's worse than Type 9 at being an all rounder.
By the by, I just noticed there's a decent draw campaign in Imperial if you happen to like Frontier Characters, the character pool is pretty nice.
Wait, so not everyone can spark all the techs? I was trying to get Muse to spark Continuous Shot and Poet to spark Tiger Break, I figured it would take a while but is this just impossible?
>Wait, so not everyone can spark all the techs?
Of course not, that has always been the case.

Tiger Break has flags in type 3, 4, 8 and 11.
That means according to those the only ones who can spark it are Ellen as MC, Leonid as MC, Tiberius as MC, Herman, Nora, Black and Snowman.

Continuous Shot has flags in type 6, 7, 9 and 10.
Sara (both party member and MC), Paul(ditto), Sharl(ditto), Yan Fan and Zhi Lin(see previous) have the flags.

Might as well follow this data, it was all extracted from the game itself so it has to work unless there are bugs involved but I haven't heard anything about it personally.
Shame about that unflagged Julian Block, we'll never see it in it's awesomeness
I dreamed of Red and Alkaiser yesterday.

I have no idea why
I've been rather busy, but has anyone tried to do a Romancing SaGa 3 solo Sara run to see what would happen if they challenged the Destroyer with just her?
Your heart thirsts for Justice.
Considering how utterly broken the event flags for characters are you'd probably fight with a cloned Sara. An anon in the previous thread cloned tons of characters with the Abyss Gate glitch, pic related.

That was actually me who did that, along with playing through the game while Shonen was the MC. I just haven't found any time to play it with Sara by herself, considering that would be a very difficult and time-consuming process without cheats.

If Sharl wasn't so weak without the Silver Hand, I'd run a party of three Sharls and two Blacks.
>That was actually me who did that
Oh man, the world sure is small.

I guess nobody wanted to go through the hassle, I have a Sara file sitting around somewhere, I'll pick it up for you once I get some time and try it out, fighting the dragon in Gen Castle with Sara alone is not gonna be easy but I'll see what I can do, I'll have try to wittle it down with another character, kill him off and proceed.

Thanks. My desired result is that you fight with an empty party, lol.
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I really hope the game doesn't freeze or anything, but considering your exploits I really think there will be a Sara clone.

Also, I can't really look at her in the same way after reading that doujin, I mean, Ellen being naughty is alright, but Sara...
Well well, it might be a bit early for us filthy gaijin but according to Japan's time today's the 22nd anniversary of Romancing SaGa 2's release, happy birthday Gerald.
9 star Aunas wasn't that bad but that was with flag
Tried to draw 11 characters and except Based Gen and one 4* RomaSaGa 2 free mage I got absolute shit, oh well.

I still can't understand why Gen, who had arguably more relevance to the plot compared to Lute only gets a 4* version, but then again, Fuse and Rouge who are all fan favorites got shafted hard and Orlouge's waifus all got a 5* version.

Fucking mystics.
There's double chance for 5* card? I think I'm rolling
Holy shit, is this real?
File: forneus 9 star.webm (3 MB, 852x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
forneus 9 star.webm
3 MB, 852x480
Now I'm wondering if the growth thing pack is really worth it, 2400 crowns? That's plenty
If you use them on every single fight a unit gets into, it makes a pretty significant difference in stats.

60 pieces is not as huge a stockpile as it seems since you're going to be using around 30~ for a character - you have to bring them to high level (7* or so) dungeons so you can't quite train 6 fresh characters at once since you need some strong characters to carry the weaker members
I had a Sara game. Gave up after 10 hours of grinding. Her HP was still at about 300+.
This Anon >>2845696 is right, you got four good units, you'll need at least around 40-50 of those to train them all to max, even 5* are too weak to handle 7* monsters so you'll need to take you time with 3 or 4 other characters to babysit them, had to do the same with my Galahad, my draw sucked ass besides Gen, which is basically a Galahad with better a Leadership, I only have 9 amulets right now so I'll have to wait quite a lot before I can train him well, I think I'll also wait up until I get some 5*, some of my old 4* have only 3 LP left, resetting their stats is worthless since they can die very easily to tougher monsters, I'm really in a bad position right now and I burned 3600 crowns on a really bad draw, kinda sucks.
Oh well, at least with the way they're handling events Crowns get in a bit more quickly, but still, it will be a long way till the next 11 draw.
This reminds me, if I use return orb, will the additional stats from those crystal reset too?
The Return Orb only resets your main stats.
So, got back home all happy to start my Sara playthrough for Anon and found out I overwrote the old save file with another one.

Gotta start all over again, I kinda hate the dungeon in Podorui but at least there's decent starting loot.
Party is gonna be Shonen and the four elementals, until I get them guess I'll use Ellen, Harid, Nora and Robin as usual.
Hope this turns into a fun playthrough.
Getting good bows is a pain in the ass holy shit.
In SF2, do spell arts like delta petra, life water etc. reduce the durability of your tools?
So there's SaGa3 anniversary now?
Iirc, they do when you use them in single battles, but only because the commands you input reduce the tool's durability.
In case of special tools with embedded arts they do each time you use that command, like Johan's Scorpion's Tail.
It is, which reminds me

>You'll never get a new SaGa game almost each year
saga isn't sega...
>You'll never get a new SaGa game almost each year
I rather not have SaGa turn into Atelier. Some space is nice to ensure the quality of each game remains high.

(Obviously, the current pace is way too slow though. Too bad Square keeps making bad FF decisions)
So I just finished Saga Frontier 1, all scenarios, such a great game. I mean, even if there's some boring as fuck scenarios like Lute or Blue (which I guess are good scenarios if you already played the game and just want to fuck around with sidequests or with a super mage, but for a first playthrough they're pretty meh), but T260G, Asellus and Red scenarios were fantastic.

I played a bit of SF2 now and I don't know, it really feels so different, the game looks good but it just feels a lot less unique, but I'll see.
You're right, but if you look at the release date of the games the first two trilogies were released pretty fast, then with Frontier they started coming out slower and slower.
I mean, it's been more than 10 years since an original entry in the series(unless you consider TLR), that alone is Berserk tier slow.
>but T260G, Asellus and Red scenarios were fantastic.
Great taste, Genocide Heart is my favorite Final Boss in Frontier in terms of presentation.
>the game looks good but it just feels a lot less unique, but I'll see.
Frontier 2 is for certain things reminiscent of RomaSaGa 2, more story focused, no multiple MCs and generations of characters, it's a big jump from RomaSaGa 3 and Frontier.

I personally love it because of its presentation, story and characters, but outside of the battle system it isn't as mechanically good as the other games and contributed to the spiralling descent of the exploration side of SaGa quite a lot, limiting you to scenarios and forbidding free roaming.

You can see that the battle system is way more refined and balanced compared to Frontier, no more combos out of your ass, no Overdrive abusing, it feels definitely more polished and better planned, though not as intuitive as Frontier of course, unfortunately it's also way slower and less flashy, Frontier's combos were DMC KUHRAYZEE at times.

If you like a character driven story though it's a pretty great game, the world is also quite nice and the scenarios are well written and mostly interesting outside of a few boring ones, it's also worth to notice that you also play as a lot of different characters in the story, if it was expanded a bit more it would have been a pretty damn unique approach to narrative, but unfortunately outside of the two main "families" of character the secondary ones only have a handful of scenarios.

It's a solid RPG, but I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't like it much, even among the western and eastern fanbase it's not that popular.
I really like plot heavy games but I'm just not in the mood to play one right now.

Is there even another SaGa game like Frontier and RomaSaga 3?

Also, while not retro, is Legend of Legacy worth it? Planning on getting a 3DS soon.
>Is there even another SaGa game like Frontier and RomaSaga 3?
Minstrel Song for the PS2.

And RS2 I guess but I doubt you can read Nihongo
Minstrel Song on PS2 is exactly what you're looking for.
>Also, while not retro, is Legend of Legacy worth it?
Can't really say for myself, the general reception is very divided.

One side really likes the SaGa like system and general feeling of the game with its exploration and rather open approach, a lot of them already consider it the worthy successor of the series which was mostly dead until a year ago.

The other side considers it an incomplete, lackluster clone due to the fact that it shamelessly rips a lot of standard SaGa mechanics but doesn't add fundamental ones like a LP system and doesn't have the overall polish, depth and amount of content.

Both sides are pissed off by the ridiculously small cast of 7 characters, which makes the whole multiple MC deal kinda stupid since it ends up being a really formal and almost irrelevant decision, SaGa fans always loved the large cast of charactersm and a SaGa clone with only 7 characters doesn't really bring much to the table.

It seems to be a love or hate kind of game, much like any SaGa game ironically, but again, these are the comments I gathered from here, 2ch and various japanese Amazon reviews, it's also by far the most warmly received FuRyu game, and a real breakthrough for them considering the utter garbage they've been pumping out for years.
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1 MB, 1000x1000
Wonder when we'll get an update for Scarlet Grace.
Playing RomaSaGa 3 and Frontier 2 makes me hungry for more medieval fantasy SaGa.

Stop doing this. It is neither clever nor amusing.
It's not meant to be either, if you're so butthurt about an abbreviation that is even officially used and is faster to type I don't know what to tell you aniki.
I wish he would go back to the Final Fantasy Legend/SaGa Frontier setting along with the various races developing differently. Those are some of my favorites over the Renaissance looking settings.
That would be cool too.
Honestly, I'm so excited that everything's fine as long as we get a game that isn't too butchered.

Not butthurt. It's just an eyesore and makes your posts sound douchy and autistic.

I like SaGa just as much as anybody else in this thread, but I don't go out of my way to give it cutesy nicknames while avatarfagging my way through the discussion.
File: Cap.jpg (95 KB, 544x633) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>but I don't go out of my way to give it cutesy nicknames
>Cutesy nicknames

Even fucking Kawazu says RomaSaGa when he talks about it, what the fuck are you even on about? It's THE popular name for the series, go on Pixiv, Google, 2ch, Futaba, everyone writes or says RomaSaGa when talking about the SNES trilogy, just as much as they use SaGaFro, MinSon/MinSaGa and UnSaGa in colloquial language.

And posting illustrations is not avatarfagging either, if you get your pants in a twist for something as ridiculous as this you better filter me, because I'm not going to change my posts just for that.
File: view.jpg (25 KB, 315x315) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25 KB, 315x315

I really wish Hiro would add a filter-posts-by-same-IP checkbox.

Something going down on Dec 15, I think?
Based on Kawazu's tweet seems that we're gonna get something more than Scarlet Grace for the 25 anniversary but he doesn't specify whether it's another new entry or a remake.

>Inb4 it's the RomaSaGa 2 remake that he's cockteasing since Emperors

If he does that I won't doubt him ever again, I only hope it won't be a 3DS exclusive.
>caring about what other people use to refer to a series you like

uh huh
You guys got it, it's Romancing SaGa 2 remake for the Vita/iOS/Android

Actually, you know what, seems more like an enhanced port judging from the screenshots... which is weird, I thought they would have used Imperial SaGa's resources.

So much for the Minstrel Song level remake we're all waiting for, but this isn't that bad.
So, it's basically the old mobile port but with terrible new backgrounds and the old SNES character sprites?

Can't say I'm not happy because it's also on Vita, but this is quite a bit underwhelming.

What the hell Kawazu? Way to blow your income chance, it's the second most popular title and you don't even bother making an actual remake like Minstrel Song?
You should have waited until Scarlet Grace was out to put some decent team on a full remake, shaking my head here, family.
Just don't do the same with an eventual RomaSaGa 3 or Frontier, if this even sells at all.
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But hey, you get some SaGa whiskey too, to drown away sorrow and disappointment.
With pimping Iskandar, Gerald and Fire Bringer edition.
Vita slowly turning into the new SaGa machine.

I don't know how to feel about this.
It's not a bad feeling as far as I'm concerned, the Vita is a nifty handheld with a lot of potential, I'm quite happy they decided to go with it.
Though I'm also really surprised they didn't choose to release the RomaSaGa 2 remake on the 3DS too, you would expect they would pay respects to Nintendo like they did with the SaGa 2 and 3 remakes and releasing a 3DS port too at least, Kawazu also tweeted about being interested in the 3DS' features and capabilities almost a year ago iirc and yet we get two SaGa games for the Vita.

Guess he's one of those who still remembers the Nintendo third party treatment of the 80/90's, I see no other reason why he wouldn't release games on the console with the biggest userbase.
Ugh. I don't want to get a Vita just to play SaGa. It's looking like I'll have to though.
File: 2015-09-10-225108.jpg (114 KB, 960x544) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The Vita isn't bad at all. It is the only current generation handheld/console I own and I was surprised as hell to see a SaGa game coming out for it.

Not like you can't get retro styled games on the Vita anyway. TxK is criminally underrated on it and is essentially Tempest 2000.

Now only if they had SaGa Frontier available in the North American store.
will there be any gameplay changes?
I really liked the BP system in Minstrel Song and wouldn't mind seeing it in future SaGa games
File: image.jpg (349 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey guys, I know it's not retro but i just got legend of legacy and it's a great saga portable game. If you don't want to talk about it that's cool, but maybe someone can point me to another place that talks about it, because even gamefaqs has no faqs on this game, and I am getting pretty deep into it.
>dat frog prince character
>dose unlimited heal box items
>that water color painting style

Owens is best bro character and his ending is great.
Also seconding the Vita. I have one and it gets more use than my PS3, 4 and Wii U do.
I had to do the same with the DS back then, you'll eventually find other worthwhile games, the Vita has a decent library and there are a lot of neat JRPGs coming too.

I would be really surprised if they decided to localize both SaGa games, considering how keen Sony was with localization for Vita games there could be a tiny possibility, we got the new Oreshika which is much more niche than SaGa after all.
The article doesn't say much besides the fact that we're getting the same extra content as the mobile version that was released a few years ago, so a new class and a new original dungeon, I guess that besides bug fixes and new graphics the game will be exactly the same, which isn't bad for us /vr/ anons, but at the same time it's a bit underwhelming considering that Minstrel Song and the SaGa 2/3 got major updates.
>but maybe someone can point me to another place that talks about it
I'd love to but the only place that talked about it was 2ch and now most of the threads there died out, SaGa-likes are not popular at all outside Japan.
>legend of legacy
I'd never even heard of this, but it sounds like a dream come true for me. Thank you!
>I'd never even heard of this
It was big news back when FuRyu announced it because it was a literal SaGa clone, or rather, sister series all things considered, since everyone involved worked on SaGa before, down to Kobayashi and Hamauzu.

By the by, I just found another SaGa doujin album, I'll upload that tomorrow for you guys.
I like the SaGa games, but I don't pay attention to much news these days and am not currently playing any of them so I don't really come to this general. This is a happy surprise though.
In that case check it out and buy it if you like it, there's a demo in the store too.

As long as we make them notice we want these kind of games with our wallets they might decide to make more.
I don't know if it's necessarily considered a clone. The dev team basically said it was a fresh reboot for the saga series. If you look at the names that worked on this it's crazy. You even have chrono trigger developers on it. It's pretty legit.
File: image.jpg (72 KB, 400x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
72 KB, 400x240
Check out this link


Trailer is awesome. And not a single character is under 18, and there's even a fucking 30 year old character. That is unheard of for a jrpg.
>pic related I love those saga King characters who have this I don't give a fuck lean while they are sitting on their throne.
>I don't know if it's necessarily considered a clone.
>7 MCs
>Same sparking mechanics
>Same weapon classes
>Same level up system
>Same character archetypes
>Same aesthetic choices
>Same character designer
>Same composer
>Same emphasys on open world and exploration
>Made by most of the same old SaGa devs
>Not made by Square

If this isn't a clone I don't know what it is, call it a homage if you think calling it a clone is necessarily derogative, but it's hardly different from the original thing. It doesn't help that not the games that follow SaGa's mechanics so closely are literally this, TLR and some doujin games.
I mean, they even made so many HaridXOwen money jokes in Japan you can hardly say that LoL does its own thing compared to SaGa, sure, the pop-up map exploration and defense mechanics are original concept to this series and there are a few other little things, but it's ripping off 80% of SaGa's features nonetheless, which is great if this manages to make those standards and design choices more popular, at least it will help fight off the horde of boring and uninspired FF/DQ clones out there.
In SaGa kings or nobility are either, conqueror archetypes or both, on one hand you have people like Einrich, Duke Zweig & Ludwig, Virgil and Cantal, on the other you have Leon and his family, Mikhail and Gustave, then there are Neidhart, who's almost a FE character and Iskandar who's basically Demonbane.
it's a shame that it's a really boring game. almost nothing interesting happens for the entire game and the character selection means nothing except for weapon proficency and a 60 second opening movie.

dropped it after 20 hours, I wanted it to be so much better than it was
Maybe a future game will be better, we'll see.

So, I just lurked a bit on various blogs and websites and Dengeki had a much better article than Famitsu regarding the RomaSaGa2 Vita remake.

As I suspected it's indeed a graphic update that uses the 2010 mobile version as base, so we do get the new Ninja and Onmyoji classes unique to that, the extra dungeon with the New Queen optional battle and all the bug fixes.

However, the enemy sprites are also animated in this!
It seems the animations are similar to the ones in the DS' Metal Max games judging from the screenshots, so we get classic SNES pixel art instead of the mess that Squenix did with the FF remakes for iOS, other than those the core gameplay is unchanged, so no combos or other fancy stuff like weapon durability, which I guess also means Quicktime is still OP as hell.

One new feature we get is however a short description of each attack property which is good for those who don't know much about waza or magic properties.
Obviously, no word on localization so far, the japs seemed all very surprised and pleased to see this coming on Vita which is good, let's hope this sells enough so we get a RomaSaGa 3 remake too.



I uploaded the album I mentioned yesterday in the shared Drive folder for those who are curious, I'm also currently uploading the missing albums in the anniversary box that an anon contributed in a previous thread.
What's the album called?

>One new feature we get is however a short description of each attack property which is good for those who don't know much about waza or magic properties.
One day I hope we can actually see Slash/Blunt/Pierce/etc properties in the Equipment menu rather than have to open up a wiki
File: 005.jpg (108 KB, 600x337) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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My bad, I should have specified it, it's Noise Mutation, a short album with some techno remixes of both SaGa Frontier titles.
>One day I hope we can actually see Slash/Blunt/Pierce/etc properties in the Equipment menu rather than have to open up a wiki
Well, it kinda does that so I guess you're lucky.
I almost forgot, the same articles about the remake also mention that Kenji Ito is going to work on a new orchestral album for the 25th anniversary with all the most famous pieces he composed.
We're really getting a lot of stuff this time around, feels good.
File: image.jpg (259 KB, 1000x894) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
259 KB, 1000x894

>what is reading comprehension?
You didn't understand my response. It's a reboot for the series as I stated. He said in his interview this was to be where his next efforts will continue to go. No more new saga. It's a rebirth if you will. It would be a clone if you didnt have so many of the exact same saga staff on it. Like if a fresh group of developers were on it and attempting to copy and compete with saga. But this isn't meant to compete with saga as this will be where all future saga games come from.

So next time try reading and replying nicely before you cock off like a brash angry American.
It's no more boring then any other saga game.

Shitty small Intro for each character like every saga but saga 3. Check.
Sparse similliar story for most characters, check.
Getting pretty much any character you want whenever. Check.
In fact it's almost exactly like minstrel song in presentation and system, minus the gem system and the quest system of locking you out of quests.

Yeah I can't say other then last remnant or frontier 2 that any other sagas were more entertaining story wise.

But to each his own I guess.
>It's a reboot for the series as I stated
No it isn't, it doesn't have any significant changes to be considered a reboot, it downright rips off the vast majority of mechanics without adding anything significant to it, if anything, it has less features than SaGa. And technically speaking it's even less of a reboot, FuRyu didn't magically buy SaGa from Square, the main designer isn't involved either, you can't claim that it's a reboot, you want to tell me SaGa is a reboot of FFII because it has the a lot of the same devs? It isn't, and neither is LoL.
>this will be where all future saga games come from.
That's a rather lofty statement considering it comes from a title that sold infinitely less than Unlimited Saga, by far the most unpopular and ill received title in the series, on a very popular handheld with a vast userbase.
And the only one coming out as angry is you, you're the one who thinks that saying that a game is a clone of another one is bad, I already explicitly said that I'm more than happy to see that more devs are finally using the SaGa system to make games, but I also don't have much qualms saying that they're ripping that system off.
I've been overjoyed to see that Tri-Ace is picking up the very same Valkyrie Profile system for the upcoming Exist Archive, but it sure as hell isn't a reboot of VP, do you think I give a shit about it being a clone? I don't, it's a clone and I like it BECAUSE it's a clone.
Started playing the SaGa 2 remake last night, and I'm surprisingly enjoying it. inb4not /vr/ Did I pick the right version to play? Should I go back to 1? Which version of 3 is better?
Remakes are /vr/ don't worry.
>Should I go back to 1
>Which version of 3 is better?
The remake, because it's actually a SaGa game and not a SaGa game cosplaying as FF.
For 3, what >>2862569 said

For 2, it's really a matter of preference - gameplay wise there aren't any big leaps but it does add quite a bit of "quality of life" features like Monster Dictionary
File: 1448377856031.jpg (54 KB, 500x386) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54 KB, 500x386
I just learned that one of my CDs of SaGa arrangements I ordered got lost, luckily the other one, Hamauzu's SaGa Frontier 2 piano album, should arrive around next week.
As soon as I get it I'll rip it and upload it in the Drive account for you guys so I guess you'll have something to look for this christmas.

We got ourselves quite a collection, I'm really glad.
I guess I'm curious if 1 is worth going back to, especially coming from the DS games.

"The legend of legacy is a spiritual successor" as stated by the saga creator.

Sorry bro , not a clone. Clones copy and compete, they aren't successors.

I don't want to do this but... BTFO

They also literally call it a reboot in my country.

>link related.
File: image.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3264x2448
>shitty Slavic country web site
Into the trash it goes
Yes it is worth playing.
>Nintendo Central
File: hypnoblade.png (19 KB, 768x672) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19 KB, 768x672
How do I get hypno blade or falcon blade to work? no idea what the 0 means. I only briefly played Saga Frontier and the guides don't help much.
The 0 is the WP cost, Hypno-Blade should be the Mind Stare waza iirc, it has a chance of paralyzing the enemy but no damage, I don't have much experience with SNES RomaSaGa though and I played it too many years ago so take what I said with a grain of salt.
File: 1422981190336.jpg (32 KB, 317x317) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32 KB, 317x317
Is there even any romance in Romancing SaGa?
that's a nice image, where did you get it?
File: 1445412776733.gif (1015 KB, 500x470) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1015 KB, 500x470
Yes. It is in the title two times, Romancing SaGa.
One of the definitions of romance: a quality or feeling of mystery, excitement, and remoteness from everyday life.
Then for saga: a long, involved story, account, or series of incidents.

So yes, you can call it a romance.
Word of God AKA Kawazu says that the Romancing part in the first one is the whole Raphael quest and his love story with Constance, which makes sense since it's the most articulated quest in the first game.

Romancing SaGa 2's Romancing quest has been speculated to be the Cumberland quest since it's the only quest in the game where you can hear the series' leitmotiv, and the only part too except the main screen and again it's one of the most articulated and long single part quests in the game.

Romancing SaGa 3's Romancing quest is Julian and Monica's love story, which I guess was supposed to be a reference to Raphael and Constance.

One wise anon also suggested that the Romancing part of SaGa games is that feeling of getting raped during your first playthrough, because rape is also part of Romance.
File: 1450608632999.jpg (102 KB, 639x644) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
102 KB, 639x644
File: Slowpoke glimmer.png (79 KB, 400x502) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Slowpoke glimmer.png
79 KB, 400x502
A bit late to the party, are you?
It's just one week ago, v-tard. And since Nipspon only, it won't be translated until 10 years later.
You can NTR in Romancing Saga 3, I think.
Saga Frontier's Assellus is literally fujoshit.
File: 11657761_p0.jpg (322 KB, 800x533) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
322 KB, 800x533
Gee, japs are already making jokes on Squenix making formations DLC for the remake, there's also some quite merciless comments on Imperial being utter garbage, not like they're any wrong though that must sting a bit for the devs.

If you're curious

By the way, the FF iOS remakes were around 1800 Yen, I suppose this one being on Vita will be around 2000/2500, good thing for the people without a Vita here is that you can play it on your computer with Bluestacks, given that they make a good job with the Android version.
I'm really happy that we're finally getting a remake of the RomaSaGa2, but after learning that they will rebalance the game means I'll have to look up at wikis all over again for the FAQ to include the differences between the SNES version and the new one.

I'm still working on it in case you guys lost hope, I've just been really busy with real life to properly dedicate enough time to it, the bulk of the FAQ is pretty massive though, even after finishing most sections there's still quite a lot to do when it comes to explaining how certain stuff works and translating all those lists.
Since when was lesbians "fujoshit"?
So, I've been playing as Sara for a while using almost exclusively commander mode, but it seems to me I've been jumping BR abnormally fast compared to other characters, is it my impression or there's some bug or gimmick I don't know about?
File: 34719773_p0.png (189 KB, 650x730) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
189 KB, 650x730
ded thread
ded series
ded Christmas
Forgot to do the Byunei part of the Imperial SaGa event before maintenance. That's a bunch of crystals and crowns lost.

Looks like SaGa Frontier 2 characters are next to be added
So there's third story route, egg route in imperial
Yeah, Egg Route is real.
Characters added are:

Gustave(young):5* with Great Swords
Has a unique special attribute which grants him 25 native resistance against all attack modifiers.

Nebelstern:5* with Spears
Earth user/Anima

Johan(Assassin):5* with Martial arts
Dark user/Anima

Cielmer:5* with Martial Arts
Fire/Earth/Light user/Anima

Kelvin(young):4* with spears
Light Attuned/Anima

Ventarbre(young): 4* with maces
Water/Wind/Dark user/Anima

SaGa Frontier 2 leadership bonuses seem to work on those who can wield elements rather than being limited to gender or series, interesting gimmick.

Dat Gustave tho, 40 STR, 40 DEF and 22 SPD and that embedded 25 defense against all damage modifiers, pretty fucking insane, he must be a tough cookie to kill when maxed out, sasuga Steel.
That Johan original costume is goddamn awful though, what were they thinking?
File: 32035545.jpg (145 KB, 550x780) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
145 KB, 550x780
>SaGa Frontier 2 leadership bonuses seem to work on those who can wield elements rather than being limited to gender or series, interesting gimmick.
I think that's going to be the best use of having characters with access to Magic.
pretty much, at least it's coherent with the game's lore.
>25 defense against all damage modifiers
magic only
To the anon who asked about Sara soloing the final boss, I'm almost there, I just need to finish one of the Holy King's Trial, defeat Byunei and defeat Galatea to get the Death's Bow.
Doing it with the fairy tale team is pretty fun, having to deal with Dragon Rulers with a team made of wet paper is not so fun though.

I'm sure this'll all be worth it... right? Maybe~
Truth to be told I'm having fun messing with Boston and co.
Yousei is easily dishing out 2000+ with Triple Supremacy, Boston only really needs Tiger Break and a normal Niagara Buster does 2300 already, Sara can deal stable 2000-ish damage with both bows and magic, Zo and Shounen are the tanks with greatswords to rape bosses, the only one who can't get good no matter what is Yukidaruma, poor guy can't catch a break, he's almost completely unkillable with a Titan Suit on though much to my surprise, if only he was at least a good healer, even the Dragon Ruler in the Dead Sea ruins only hurt him for 80-90 HP with Dagger Jaw.
It's a very good party if you play offensively because everyone but Yukidaruma has amazing attack potential, I stupidly didn't make two Kris Naga for Yousei, I bet that with a Silver Hand and Final Letter the damage potential would be pretty fucking high, Boston's Trim in a good offensive formation does 1500 damage already at 31 proficiency and he's a pretty decent caster too. The problem is that even with the tankiest setups you still get tons of damage, Yousei can't survive a Kamaitachi no matter how much I try to pump its defense, Boston gets fucked by blunt attacks and so on.

I've already tried to solo Gen Castle with Sara by the way, but the red Dragon Ruler pushes my shit in and if I can't get past it there's no way I'll beat the Abyss Naga as I am now.
The problem with Sara is that it's really hard to go beyond 600 HP and even with a Fort or Titan Suit and shitloads of accessories she doesn't last much.
I guess I should farm water mirror shields and grind some more HP, WP and proficiencies, even with magic shenanigans I can't seem to make her last more than four turns alone against an endgame boss.
But yeah so far it's been fun, as long as you like the SaGa system it's hard to get bored.
I'm trying to steal Alve's sword in Leonid's castle since...almost two hours now.

the RNG doesn't like me I guess, at least I'm kind of getting more HP and proficiency level, Sara's barely getting anything now and she's at 620 HP.

I guess the next stop will be grinding Ashuras in the ancient temple ruins until my patience runs out and see if I can get her to at least 750 HP without too many problems.
File: youmas.jpg (306 KB, 682x483) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
306 KB, 682x483
2000 years later still no fucking sword, the despair is palpable.

I guess I'm gonna live with it now.
I'll try to get to the Abyss Naga and somehow savescum my way through it.
So, I just saw the last 2ch Videogame Music poll:
Regarding SaGa music:
933 下水道 ロマンシング・サガ
857 バトル1 ロマンシング・サガ
822 ラストバトル ロマンシング・サガ2
762 Last Battle -Asellus- サガフロンティア
745 Todfeind サガフロンティア2
675 呼び醒まされた記憶 -The Battle With Sherah- ロマンシング・サガ ミンストレルソング
673 ラストバトルロマンシング・サガ3
657 Battle#4 サガフロンティア
643 全軍突撃! インペリアルサガ
585 Roman サガフロンティア2
524 七英雄バトルロマンシング・サガ2
489 バトルテーマEX アンリミテッド:サガ
483 Feldschlacht I サガフロンティア2
478 Feldschlacht IV サガフロンティア2
376 バトルテーマI アンリミテッド:サガ
254 Battle#5 サガフロンティア
205 四魔貴族バトル2 ロマンシング・サガ3
200 Feldschlacht III サガフロンティア2
186 決戦!サルーイン -Final Battle with Saruin- ロマンシング・サガ ミンストレルソング
128 熱情の律動 ロマンシング・サガ ミンストレルソング
89 Last Battle -T260G- サガフロンティア
65 Mißgestalt サガフロンティア2
62 四魔貴族バトル1 ロマンシング・サガ3

Our little sister game LoL also got one song in:
167 双次元バトルレジェンドオブレガシー

Last Battle T260g got dethroned hard, two years ago it was still in the first 200, guess people got tired of it, the Full Army Assault thme from Imperial got a hell of a lot of votes.
Also, for some reason 4chan thinks the link to the poll is spam so here's a pastebin with the link
File: 1450149023109.png (42 KB, 171x197) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42 KB, 171x197
Correction to my own post, I confused the column with votes with the ranking one so those numbers are actually the ranking positions, forget I said anything.
It seemed strange that certain songs were so low in the list, I guess I need some serious sleep now.
Imperial saga
ukomu trials have started
So, the CD with SaGa Frontier 2's piano arrangements arrived just before I was getting out this morning, problem is I'm stuck in a place with shitty internet till the 9th of January at least so I won't have a way to upload the rip which I just finished to do.

It's bretty gud though, and the bonus track of this version is decent too.
I'll post when I do get to upload it, I tried a few seconds ago and the upload speed was abysmal.
Also, I don't know if any of you is interested but there's a neat booklet with all the tracks' notation and a little note by Hamauzu, if you guys are interested just ring a bell.
Which of these games is the WORST to start with?
Worst for complete newcomers?

In order from worst to slightly less worst I guess: Unlimited>Romancing SaGa 2>SNES Romancing SaGa>SaGa Frontier 2.

All the rest is "friendly" enough for people who don't have experience with the series, the PS2 remake is pretty complex but it also explains quite a few things in game, surprisingly, so I wouldn't say it's a bad game to start with.
OP here, seems people have been complaining about this thread in another one here on /vr/.

I'm a bit dissatisfied with it myself since there has been no real traffic for a while, I'd still ike to keep it at least not completely dead, quite a lot of you contributed albums and scans and I don't want to let your (and my) efforts go to waste.

It's also the only place in the internet I can talk about the series without problems and it kinda makes me sad to see this place gone, but if the majority wants it there will be no objections.

So what do you say?

Do we keep going or we let it die?
I still plan on uploading stuff on the Drive profile and keep on collecting stuff so you'd better keep the links if you're interested.

Considering these generals aren't actually useful to anyone and have more or less devolved into a single guy LPing and posting his autism over and over, I don't see any point in continuing. If anyone has any questions about the series, there's nothing stopping them from starting a thread about whatever specific game they may be playing at the time. The result of that would probably be a lot more productive than having to wade through the endless autism of "hey guiz i just started my uptemth RomaSaGa playthru and im going to detail everything i do along with highres moe artwork!!!"

I suspect any serious posters have long since jumped ship, if not hidden the thread entirely.
File: whaaa.jpg (61 KB, 407x405) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61 KB, 407x405
So your complaint is about someone legitimately playing through a game, posting about it and posting Pixiv art of those games?
And this specific case includes four posts in a span of 3 days?
Are you by chance this guy>>2852837, because you sound pretty much like him.
> If anyone has any questions about the series, there's nothing stopping them from starting a thread about whatever specific game they may be playing at the time.
I made this thread to also avoid flooding /vr/ with the same usual threads like it happens with FF2 or CT shitposting threads, but it seems I was wrong if you people prefer having three threads about the same thing on page 1 constantly pushing down other ones and not contributing anything to the board.
>The result of that would probably be a lot more productive than having to wade through the endless autism
Autism isn't a synonim of "shit I don't like/I'm not interested in", people have been on topic, they've been talking about the games and contributing stuff to share in almost every thread, if you're really butthurt about someone playing a SAGA GAME and zomg, talking about it and even posting art of it on an imageboard than I'm afraid you're your own problem here.
If that's all the complaint you can muster I'm not going to give up on this thread just because you get all butthurt about people posting ON TOPIC things you don't like.

The fact that you explicitly say that you'd rather stop instead of contributing to the threads' content and discussion the way you like only points out that you're the one who doesn't have any reason to come here, at all.
Some Scarlet Grace concept art
And that's all.
Well, guess there's really no point in making these threads anymore.

As I said, keep the pastebin around as I'll keep uploading stuff.
I'll find a way to keep it up to date and for those who are interested.
What's scarlet grace anyway, is it suppose to be a remake by another name like legend of legacy?
It's an actual new entry in the SaGa series.

Not much info other than it being on the VITA though
It's a new entry, seems like it's going to be pretty much SaGa Frontier 2.1.0 as there's two protagonists and seemingly the same Free Scenario system as far as we know, but besides that there's really no particulars yet.

There are deities in this one though and they seem to be pretty important plot and lore wise.
Ah I haven't kept up with the news so I thought they were still calling it SaGa 2015. Also >>2884268 looks familiar, iirc the head is similar to an enemy in romancing SaGa minstrel song.
Is Unlimited that bad or did people just not get it?
Yeah, it's a zombie, pretty much identical to the mushroom men/zombies in Minstrel, but then again fungi and zombies seemed to go pretty well together in the Romancing series so I guess the design grew up on them.
Same problem as Wizardry 4, it's pretty hard to get into it unless you know how the series works, and even then it can still be pretty hard.
As far as the battle system and general roleplay-ish mechanics go I consider it Kawazu's magnum opus, the fact that he removed orthodox exploration in favor of abstract chessboards and made the game more linear than previous ones is a big let down for me though.
The graphics are still great though and the music ain't half bad, though it's not Ito.
File: 1442515006417.jpg (215 KB, 636x636) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
215 KB, 636x636
Often times not get it or repeat what others say.

One of the biggest problems that people have with Unlimited Saga that is often cited is the reel system. It is pretty obvious with people who never played the game and repeating what others say is that it is the game in which you gamble to attack an enemy or not which isn't the case. The reel only stops when you tell it to stop, and the reel loops thus if the reel loops that means there is a pattern. You can used a well timed button press to get what you want just like in the Mario RPG's, Vagrant Story, or Legend of Dragoon, but in those games you have a limited window in pressing the button unlike in Unlimited Saga. You get more success or technique panels on the reel with higher level skill panels on your character. It is like a board game so you will have the reel come up for almost all of your actions outside of standard observation of the area or movement. Reels come up often because you have a lot of field skills such as disarming traps, searching the current space for traps or chests, negotiating with enemies to make them go away, swimming rivers, unlocking locked objects, foot step listening, and so forth.

The other thing is that it is fairly obtuse if you were raised on standard JRPG's. If you want to go out of town and explore you just don't exit the towns map and then select a point on the map and go explore. You have to select adventures at the inn and accept them to go out of town and do quests. None-the-less it holds onto older conventions like HP when HP isn't the same thing as other JRPG's. You lose HP when you make an action during battle and you lose much more if you get hit during battle. When your HP is 0 you aren't knocked out. The best way to think of HP is more of like fatigue points. It takes some fatigue to make an action, and takes more out of you when you get hit, and you can recover some fatigue when you put a character on the bench for battle.
I've never played any of these games, and I know this particular example isn't /vr/, but is the remake of Romancing 1 good?
Yes it is good. It includes mechanics from pretty much all the games leading up to its point in one way or another.

Though be warned, it isn't very beginner friendly and it is best to play it while not looking anything up due to the fact that part of the fun is stumbling around being lost and then actually finding your way.

The Romancing SaGa remake is easily my favorite JRPG.
I can never get the reel timing down (unlike Mario RPG timed hits, which was easy enough that I can generally nail it 99% of the time)

So US's reels ended up being a more tedious form of luck for me, because at least simply rolling a RNG doesn't require me to wait 30 seconds in between every reel roll in order to try to time it right and fail anyway.
It's amazing, one of the rare cases in which a remake is much better than the original in almost any way while keeping mote of the stuff the original had.
Reels can be modified by getting better panels, at the end of the game your reels should be so broken it would be more difficult to end in a wrong tile than getting a good one, it is frustrating in the beginning though, especially if you're trying to disarm traps/open chests or worst of all, repairing an item, lost a great deal of stuff while ending on the wrong panel.
Though admittedly the reels speed is VERY fast so you have to know how long it takes you to press a button to make it stop. Usually when you have a couple technique panels on your skill you will have enough land marks to know when to stop the reel to get the results you want consistently. Otherwise the final boss can be a huge pain without techniques that bleed him of his life points.
File: ABSOLUTE MADMAN.jpg (137 KB, 512x384) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
137 KB, 512x384
>Otherwise the final boss can be a huge pain without techniques that bleed him of his life points.
It is, though if you want a kind of easier time on that regard you can always have everyone use daggers since they are better than most weapons at attacking LPs, killing it with magic is so satisfying though.
I hope Kawazu comes up with something similar for Scarlet Grace, once you get the hang of it the Unlimited HP and LP system is neat.
During boss fights it actually got fairly tense in Unlimited Saga trying to conserve your life points. Was probably the best implementation of the life point system yet. In a lot of other SaGa games I just didn't lose life points too often, and if I was getting low I could easily just head to the inn.

Though I am wondering how Scarlet Grace will turn out. I wonder how much will be packed in. I hope there will be field skills like in US and RS:MS. I would really like to have to need skills to actually go to places to complete quests like scaling the mountain with the climb skill or leaping gaps in the underwater caves. It would just work so well with SaGa as well since a lot of games have a ton of quests but a lot of them aren't essential to get to the end of the game but they add to the experience.

Either way I am going to remain optimistic, especially since the only thing I have current is the Vita.
>Was probably the best implementation of the life point system yet.

That it was, and you're right, most other SaGa games aren't punishing enough when it comes to LPs, unless you decide to challenge yourself with a party of low LP characters, but even then there's hardly any risk most of the times.
>Though I am wondering how Scarlet Grace will turn out. I wonder how much will be packed in.
Considering it will come out this year I don't really know, with two years of development time they should be able to come up with something juicy, considering they don't even have to push for AAA graphics they should have more time to polish mechanics and make more content but we'll see.
Unlimited was a bit short when you take out the MCs' special quests, and even then it's not too long a game, Minstrel Song had more stuff to do but was also slower in pace so that helped diluting the content quite a bit.

Being it on Vita I guess that it will focus even more on content rather than flashy graphics, I too hope they'll implement field skills and also stuff like Unlimited's various utility skills like repairing equipment, haggling or prediction skills, I really hope they'll reuse all the unique stuff they came up with Unlimited honestly, the Detect spells and field modifiers were really cool and would be a great addition to any SaGa system.
I'm already waiting for the RomaSaGa 2 remake to hit the shop, Scarlet Grace better be good, sell well and consolidate the Vita as the next SaGa machine.
Can someone sell Frontier 2 to me?

I played a few hours of it when I was a kid and it being mostly linear compared to Frontier was a big disappointment at the time.

But here in the year 2016 I figured I might give it a second shot if it has enough attractive points over other "mostly linear JRPGs"
Well, it's hard to convince someone to play Frontier 2 if they don't like linear RPGs, but I'll try.

It has some of my favorite characters in the series and a nice story that keeps the dramatic moments without being melodramatic.

I found the double protagonist sytem to be an interesting narrative choice as Gustave and Wil are polar opposites in terms of character and develolopment.
Gustave is an ungifted noble who has to crawl back from the abyss and prove his worth to the world and himself while Wil is an exceptionally gifted nobody who ends up involved in a huge mess that will end up having him fight a lonely struggle to save the world.
Both stories are intertwined and the change in generations while a bit confusing keeps the story fresh and interesting.

There are quite a bit of scenarios to see and places to explore, looking for treasure is also very important.

The battle system is basically a huge rebalance of Frontier's, no more broken combos out of your ass, no more stuff like Overdrive or nukes like Tower to cheese bosses, you have to fight harder this time, bosses and monsters are also generally stronger.

To rebalance the changes from Frontier you have another way of sparking and a unique secondary battle system in the form of single battles where you input special basic commands that can help you create spells or arts or even a fusion of both, curiously, the manual had notes regarding how to create them too.

Characters stats are fixed in this game, unlike Frontier, so you can't powerlevel by stacking equipment bonuses or Glirandly to cheese the game.

The final boss is pretty hard, if you fight it without killing the optional bosses he's more or less on the same level of bullshit as 10 Fatestone Saruin, for some reason he was also a bit buffed up in the western release of the game.

The OST is wonderful and is the first work of Masashi Hamauzu in the series.

The graphics are timeless and some of the best 2D graphics you'll ever see.
>Characters stats are fixed in this game, unlike Frontier, so you can't powerlevel by stacking equipment bonuses or Glirandly to cheese the game.
Does that mean the only ways to increase your power is Gear and new Techs?
Mostly, yes.
It's like the old Romancing system where proficiencies, gear and abilities are more important than raw stats, gear is especially important in this because it's the only way to get magic.

And you'd want to keep in mind that Magic is really important in this game, both lore and gameplay wise.
You can't learn Magic the usual way, there are no shops or mentors that teach you spells, but rather you learn them by using basic commands together to form a crude magic formula that ends up creating a spell, though certain characters come up with prelearned spells too and sometimes a character, mostly magic oriented ones like Wil, can also innately learn a spell by using the right element, like you do with gun techs in the first Frontier game..

There aren't limitations like previous games where you can't use opposing elements or schools of magic and the whole system works differently too.
Magic is element based, to gain access to an element you must equip a Tool or a Quell with those elemental properties, sometimes you can tap unto an elemental power also depending on the field you're fighting in, grassy plains can be used to channel Wood, rocky canyons grant you Stone powers and so on, it's a very neat system that re-elaborates the Field element mechanics the Romancing Series introduced.
File: WA3_2604.jpg (48 KB, 640x415) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48 KB, 640x415
>You'll never get drunk with Kawazu on a limited edition SaGa whisky and play his imaginary tabletop games

One of the things I always wondered about was how he and Sakaguchi went along, Sakaguchi often said how he was buddy buddy with Uematsu but I never heard anything about Kawazu even though he's one of the fathers of FF and worked on a lot of other games besides SaGa.

He's also one of the few old Squaresoft member that's still working in the company and yet he's still kind of a low profile dev, outside of Japan obviously.
Ok, so started Frontier 2.

Just one thing I need to know - I know this game has some generational system where characters will die from old age or other reasons as part of the story, but is the game smart enough to unequip their items when that happens?
>but is the game smart enough to unequip their items when that happens?

Actually, there's a little catch to that, there will be a few NPCs around cities that will get the items back for you, good thing is that you can even get the items equipped on characters that are part of a different scenario route, that is to say Gustave's characters.

Wil's story is the one with most gameplay while Gustave's story is the one with most exposition, so you'll often have the possibility of getting items back when playing Wil's storyline since Gustave's doesn't have that much of gameplay.

One little trick you should know regarding this is that during one of the Knights' family scenario you'll get some items called Life Seeds, normally those items will disappear since a certain character asks you for those, however, since they can restore all WP/JP/LP on one character they are really handy to have around, so equip them on your character before reporting back and you'll be able to keep them.
Would you guys recommend playing the FF Mystic Quest series to fully appreciate SaGa?
Mystic Quest is completely unrelated to SaGa though, not sure why you ask.
If you meant FF Legend, well, those are SaGa games, so yes, do play them, the DS remakes are pretty good too.
Yep I meant Legend. I get them confused because they were both out on Gameboy and I probably owned both at some point but I don't remember.
I thought as much.
The first Legend game has a Wonderswan Color remake that fixed some bugs and has better graphics, there's also a handy english patch for that.
The DS remakes are excellent if you feel the originals to be too archaic, FFL3 remake is pretty much completely superior to the original because the mechanics are completely revamped and it now plays as a SaGa game instead of a messy FF game.
Mystic Quest came out on the SNES, you are probably thinking of Final Fantasy Adventure for the Gameboy which is a Mana game.
A little bit into SaGa Frontier 2 now (Showdown with Alexei's Gang) - gameplay really isn't captivating me at all sadly (maybe because I'm really bad at figuring out combos in those 1v1 duels).

Was hoping for some resource management because of breakable tools but as it turns out casting Sparked spells doesn't use up your item durability so there's that.

Storyline's kind of interesting despite the wonky translation standards of the time - Gustave is one Delita tier MoFo.
File: 21021_front[1].jpg (69 KB, 640x643) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69 KB, 640x643

Doesn't Help that Final Fantasy Adventure (Seiken Densetsu / Mana) was released in Europe as Mystic Quest...
Frontier 2 question - how the hell do I get Punch/Martial Arts to show up?

For some reason, Tyler has access to it despite holding 2 weapons but Patrick doesn't even when I completely unequip him
File: Gustavefig.jpg (39 KB, 511x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39 KB, 511x600
You can follow a guide if you want to get better in duels, there were even instructions in the official manuals about combo commands so you don't have to worry about cheating. Actually, the game even had PocketStation features, one of those was getting all kinds of arts formulas by talking to NPCs in various scenarios, it was a neat ideas but sadly the west never got the PocketStation...
Tools don't lose durability if you cast spells while in your party but they do lose it if you are in a duel, so it kind of balances it up though Minstrel Song did a better job at managing durability.
Actually, you'd want to break tools because they'll give you chips to use as currency, though most shops still give you the option to exchange tools for chips too, I don't remember whether the chip exchange amount is better or worse than the chip break amount though, but I think it's the same anyway.
The translation is actually not THAT bad in this one, some lines end up being pretty dry compared to japanese, but at least it's not as bad as Frontier and yeah, Gustave is a fucking awesome character, though I also really like Wil's story even though it's a more classic storyline, it gets real good as it goes on though.
Some characters don't have access to Martial Arts sadly, if you noticed Wil doesn't either, it's a strange decision since they're not even that strong in this game, once you get Hybrid Arts going you'll see some shit, like doing 4000 HP of damage to all enemies.
File: art of PARRY.jpg (344 KB, 497x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
art of PARRY.jpg
344 KB, 497x700
The absence of news regarding the remake is pretty frustrating.

Let's hope it will be out for february, they said winter 2016 after all, it's not like they need a whole year.
File: 233153_p0.jpg (418 KB, 561x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So, there's a new Kujinshi event on Imperial.
And it seems they've made new Gerald, Viktor and Leon 5* cards too, which is good because the previous one had Leon looking like a stoner.
And Gerald gets the all attack finisher
How is the fan translation for SaGa 3 on DS?
I'd like to know this also
Pretty good, same with the SaGa 2 remake.
File: RoSa2Emperor.jpg (359 KB, 402x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
359 KB, 402x600
Goodnight sweet Emperor ;_;
what about him
Wait, so they kind of retconned Soul Steal in Imperial into Energy Steal because of people butthurt about losing LPs?

Talk about backpedalling, and what's with Kujinshi being weak to cutting damage and lightning of all things?

Anyway, here's the link to Square's official Romancing SaGa 2 remake homepage: http://www.jp.square-enix.com/romasaga2/
saga for gameboy is absolutely evil. it's so bad.
It was nice for its time but now it's really archaic and clunky, the wonderswan remake adds some quality of life adjustments but it's still a very barebones game even compared to SaGa 2.
How so? I love it. I love the sequel even more.
Just dropped by to say that I've uploaded the Frontier 2 album rip on the Drive folder this evening.

Title is Rhapsody on a Theme of SaGa FRONTIER 2, I'd stay a bit in the thread but I need some sleep, badly.

Good listening, it's great stuff if you're into piano and orchestrated pieces, do buy it if you like it, it's pretty cheap too.
File: Type-Omega resize.jpg (842 KB, 1000x1376) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Type-Omega resize.jpg
842 KB, 1000x1376
File: Carnage.jpg (25 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25 KB, 480x360
Still hard to believe that they didn't got into trouble with V-Max quoting Layzner.

Also, new event on Imperial with Tiny Feather, new card redesign yadda yadda.

By the by, I just found out that Roufas comes from Shrike, didn't know that, Shrike sure is a based region considering Red and Asellus come from there too.
>new card redesign
And I was hoping my albert would get some cool shit, but no, it's a separate card
The card updates are pretty scummy.

I don't even think the new special attacks can be sparked if you didn't draw the card AFTER the update, my Shonen never sparked his special attack.
Kind of suck really, but they gotta get a lot of money from mobage addicts this way.
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This Parry meme is getting out of hand.

I've been reading a bit of the Essence of SaGa Frontier's Q&A, didn't know that the kid in the mansion in Yorkland was actually Annie's sister, that's pretty neat.
File: Romancing piece.png (606 KB, 897x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Romancing piece.png
606 KB, 897x333
So, what do you think of this?
I've seen it floating around internet, seems kind of a bullshit theory.
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