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>start a new file on AS
>search for modest synchronize Ralts
>use the DexNav
>suddenly shiny Ralts appears
>level 13 so it knows Teleport
>switch in my previously caught Ralts which knows Mean Look
>it uses Teleport

hold me
Teleport bypasses Mean Look, you imbecile
No, it doesn't.
You should probably make sure you're correct before you go around insulting people, imbecile.
Yes, it does. Stop playing Gen 2.
>Start with HG cause i felt like it
>on my way to professor oak to deliver letter
>encounter shiny caterpie
>dont have pokeballs yet
>The faggot switched out after using it & decided teleport bypasses it
I have never seen a shiny except the one that I got from chain fishing, which doesn't even count because it felt like cheating
File: 1296100250563.jpg (14 KB, 251x244) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>generation II to IV
>I f'd up
Gen V: Baton pass switchins aren't affected. Volt Switch now exists & works. The two newly introduced ejection moves work.

Gen VI: Ghost types are immune

Stop being retarded.
Still, it doesnt matter because everything after that doesnt change the fact that teleport doesnt bypass mean look
>not just tempting fate by throwing a pokeball at the thing
You have only yourself to blame, my boy.
That's pretty much a guaranteed catch with a quick ball

LMAOing at your life, OP.
Nice trips,
But dind op say he started a new file?
I dont think you can get a quickball this early
I saw shiny smeargle and accidentally switched to my false-swiper on the first turn.

Had to race against time so it wouldn't struggle itself to death

I got it.
Damn, OP I would cry. So sorry to hear man.
>Decide to start over in Leaf Green
>Figure I'll do a nuzlocke
>Get past 1st Gym fine, heading to Mt. Moon
>Figure I'll probably be forced to get a Zubat
>Two steps in
>Get an encounter
>It's a fucking Zubat
>Notice it looks an odd color while the daark filter is on
>It's shiny

Caught it and threw it in the PC.
>half playing and half watching something running around in the HG safari zone
>trying to find a rare pokemon
>running without looking as soon as I hear the wrong cries
>all of the sudden I hear the sparkle
>it's a shiny Magnemite
>enter panic mode
>ball after ball fails but it doesn't flee
>8 balls later I finally catch it while sweating bullets

It's got a shit nature and one IV at 0 but he'll always be my little nigga. I transferred him all the way into gen 6 too.

I also found a shiny Poochyena in some rom hack before I had any pokeballs but I didn't feel too bad since it was just a rom.
I just caught a shiny Koffing which I aptly nicknamed Cancer
>Dat blue body with purple smonk
Anon, I hate Pomf as much as the next guy, but Serebii doesn't have detailed move mechanics on his site except for a handful of specific moves. In fact I'd argue the move and ability pages are just about the only thing Bulbapedo is good for.
>MM+shiny charm breeding starters for shinies
>stuck on Squirtles for around 20h of game
>once I'm done with them I'll have only starters that have different shiny colors
same thing happened with my first shiny. haven't seen one since
Got my first shiny the other day, hatched a shiny Sableye when I was just hatching for the right nature, got 3 perfect IVs but wrong nature no egg moves ffs
>Get ORAS.
>Get my starter pokemon
>Its Treeko
>Be a cheeky cunt and level him up before the first gym
> First pokemon
>Shiny Wurmple
>Mother fucker no Pokeballs
>Take photo on phone
>Post on /r Pokemon
>Die inside as i kill it.
Don't really have a story, but caught my first full-odds shiny yesterday in Emerald. Took 1,602 RE's.
Today I was dicking around my old stuff when I found my old FireRed copy which I haven't played like in 10 years or so.
>Grinding my old team for level 100 in Cerulean Cave
>Sending Charizard to toast Parasects
>Suddenly I notice a washed colored one
>"Oh shit! Could it be?"
>Dark screen banishes
>Shiny Parasect
>Threw Great Ball... Nope
>Threw Ultra Ball... Nope
>"Ok Goddamn it!" Threw Repeat Ball
First shiny I ever caught in gen 3 feels good.
>sentret in fire red
>oh shit a shiny
>it wasnt a shiny
>set up homebrew
>download pkhex
>suddenly a pc full of shinies
Shoulda thrown a Quick Ball, OP
File: 1405441821725.jpg (28 KB, 250x196) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 250x196
>shiny ralts
>quick ball
>AS on release day
>Galade is my bro, so I want a Ralts ASAP.
>fuck around on Dexnav once I get to Route 102
>Realize things get new moves as I level up the dexnav for the area
>Suddenly a shiny of muh bro's preevolved form shows up
>It's female
I mean I still used it but that was just soul crushing.
when I played Gen 5, Bianca ran into a shiny Purrloin and caught it

nothing will ever top playing Crystal as a kid: shiny Caterpie on my way to Mr. Pokemon's house to get the Egg and shiny Sentret when being taught to catch Pokemon

I'm not, nor was I ever, a Gardevoirfag but maaannn, Ralts line is about the only good shinies from Gen 3 (fug is great too). M-Gardevoir is GOAT shiny.
>Hatching rotoms in Gen 5 for competetion with friends
>rotom is one of my favorite pokemon
>one comes out shiny
>It has 30s and 31s in 5 stats
>It has something like a 30 in attack and 2 in Sp. Atk
>decide i've had enough of this bullshit and won't be cheated out of my shiny being fucking usable and edit it in Pokesav using Pokecheck
>lose my autistic hatred of hacking but still prefer to breed my own mons

Why don't you RNG abuse?
I bred flawless Timid shiny Rotom in HG. I didn't even need it. Just did it because I could.
Better than letting it get away.
>Hatch a couple of Mudkip eggs to fulfill anon's request for a Damp Mudkip
>4th egg hatched into a shiny
Feels nice
>MM for Mienfoo in XY without shiny charm cause I didn't know what I was doing
>3,000 eggsish and I finally get it
>Reattempting now in ORAS with shiny charm and good parents
>2000+ eggs

Mienfoo is a fucking curse
That's what chain fishing was programmed for, though.
>Somewhere between 2003 and 2005
>Family member accidentally restarted my Gold version on a vacation trip
>Restart over his save file with another of my own
>Progress up to the Bug Catching Contest
>First Pokemon is a Shiny Beedrill
>Close battle, my pokemon nearly faints
>Manage to catch it and immediately exit the contest to the results

tfw it lost in the contest to some random who took first place with a Caterpie
>In mount pyr trying to get Dawn Stone from hex maniac
>Randomly run into shiny Duskull
>Easily catch it and instantly trade it
>Get level 100 Groudon in return

Fun I guess.
I've told it so many times, but my first ever shiny was in Emerald

> Dicking around in Safari Zone to see what Mons there are
> Suddenly Shiny Wobbufett
> jizzinmypants.jpeg
> Toss a few Balls and Bait
> "Wild Wobbufett fled!"

About a week later I caught a shiny Oddish, but still. The heartbreak was real
File: wtfdidIsee.jpg (342 KB, 536x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
342 KB, 536x640
>be training mons in victory road in Y by Floatzal horde farming
>encounter usual horde of Geodudes
>see the golden turd with arms
>go to throw a quick ball
>forget I'm in a horde battle
>only know single target moves
mfw they are all level 12ish and know magnitude
did they even crack the b2w2 rng?
>My green arrow and words invalidate all credibility!

State logically why using Bulbapedia warrants mockery?
>Breeding 3000 eggs without good parents
Are you retarded?
>9yo playing Silver
>dont know wtf about any fucking thing at all
>tard my way to blackthorn city
>surfing in that dragon cave
>weird lookin dratini
>dgaf smoke its shit with sickass typhlosion and forget about it
>remember years later
>dragonite has always been my favorite
Yes, yes I was.
>Mega-Beedrill will be dragon/poison
>Age is just a number
>Mega-Pidgeot will be flying/electric.
Smh senpai no swag at all
Get recked wombo combo happy feet where u at where u at
File: 1438713799905.jpg (66 KB, 238x410) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>in Safari Zone
>Leaf Green
>suddenly a goldeen sparkles
>hm this goldeens a little golder than usual
>quickly notice its a fucking shiny
>catch and name it "Shiny"
>evolve to Seaking
>move it to Pearl
>forgot what I did with Pearl

cool shit

>playing Ruby
>was walking around house doing something else while roaming grass area near biking route
>get into a battle but dont see the start
>see an Electrike that was an odd shade of blue instead of the usual green
>wasnt too aware of shinys back before LG but do remember noting the odd color

I honestly cannot remember if I caught it or not.

Any and all others were gen 6 shinies and thus do not count
same, and a few in the safari
been playing since the start, probably about a thousand hours per gen
File: Shiny flowre.jpg (4 MB, 2874x1739) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Shiny flowre.jpg
4 MB, 2874x1739
>start a random set pokemon run in white 2.
>lurking un the double battle grass for a certian mon.
>eventually get in a battle with pic related.
>Catch it in a nest ball for balltism.
>made a thread on vp to name it
>end up naming it after some sunflower anime grill
Too bad I couldnt use it due to the challenge rules. Still have it on the white 2 cart.
Was playing Platinum, wanted a Cyndaquil, had an Action Replay. Turned on the Pokemon Modifier code, and what the hell, put the always shiny code on too.

Run into a Cyndaquil and... it wasn't shiny. I ran into a Pokemon that would have been shiny if I wasn't cheating. Still wouldn't have been legit since it was a wild Cyndaquil and all, but fuck I still think about it to this day
Himawari was the name I end up getting.
File: feels bad man.png (980 B, 56x56) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
feels bad man.png
980 B, 56x56
>TFW emerald has a potential glitch that could render finding shinies impossible but could also potentially slightly raise shiny rate

It's sad. I really wanna shiny hunt in emerald, but I know it could be futile.
File: Nightmare Fuel YES.png (223 KB, 462x355) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Nightmare Fuel YES.png
223 KB, 462x355
>missed a Shiny Golbat in Emerald on my way to Steven because of an OHKO Crit and not having many Balls to waste
>missed a Shiny Primeape in FireRed because of No Balls when I only went there to grind some Tyrogue since my team wasn't ready for E4/Blue Rematches
On the opposite side, disregarding Chain Fishing, I've caught a Ponyta and Starly in Diamond, Articuno in Heart Gold after deciding Soft Resetting for an entire week was a good idea, Solosis in White and Trevenant in Y.
Emerald's problem/benefit is that it didn't have actual RNG, and could easily be exploited to guarantee Perfect IV and/or Shiny Pokemon via Eggs and Wilds if you knew what you were doing.
>Be a kid
>On Pokemon Ruby
>Catch a wurmple that looks a bit different, think nothing of it
>Evolve it into Dustox, make it my Flash HM guy
>Box it when I don't need it
>Months later
>Friend looking through my box for trades
>Interested in my Dustox
>Tells me it's shiny
>"Oh snap! Shiny Dustox!"
>He understands when I don't wanna trade it
>1 year later
>Disenchanted with pokemon, into Magic: The Gathering instead
>Friend wants to play Pokemon Ruby
>Let him have it, cool with him erasing my save because don't give a fuck

I don't feel too bad about this. I got back into pokemon and have a shiny sandslash now, who is way cooler than that fucker Dustox.
burn in hell
I wouldn't say it''s cheating, it's just cheap. Don't worry as long as injecting exists all pokemon are worthless.
Tried breeding a Walrein to go with my gen 3 Pokemon in Y.

I kept getting the wrong IVs, but eventually I got a shiny. The color wasn't too bad, but purple isn't my favorite color. I recently swapped it for a new shiny.
File: rip.png (25 KB, 118x251) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25 KB, 118x251

My nigga from the future

>go to grandma's house for her birthday weekend
>got Gold for Christmas and want to start while I'm there
>get file going while everyone's getting ready for lunch
>on way to Oak for first time
>Caterpie appears
>looks funny
>ask Mom what color it is to be sure
>looks yellow or gold
>mfw shiny Caterpie and no way to catch it
>mfw shiny Graveler commits allah akbar in same playthrough
>2 days ago
>EV training Ninetales by horde slaughter
>green radish
>"oh fuck me now I have to kill the others one by one"
>kill every Oddish except the green fucker, catch it
>FF to yesterday
>horde slaughter because EV training Kingdra
>green radish again
>almost used surf anyway because I just wanted to train my fucking Kingdra

Both male.
>studying 14 hours straight for finals
>quit for the day, continue my second run of X
>decide to go catch a Binacle
>first rock smashed outside of Ambrette, it's a shiny Binacle
>stare at the screen for a full minute before my fried brain can process what happened
> quick ball does its job
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Duke sweat.png
72 KB, 250x250
>find shiny audino in friend safari
>use Spore, and then False Swipe
>Audino wakes up and uses Secret power
>use Spore again, catch it
>check its moves
>it knew Take Down
>not trading over a master ball before you get to the first gym in case of shinies

>see different colored pixels
>don't give a shit
>kill different colored pixesl and move on with my life
>he doesn't catch them all
You are such a big guy, crossboarder-kun.
>Post in a thread about a subject
>It is a subject I couldn't care less about.
>I just like the less than 1 second of attention.
>Anons like this one >>25096063 and this one >>25096124
encourage me to keep doing this.

>all these sperglords defending colored pixels
fucking kek
trying too hard, here's your (You)
>playing HG when it came out
>get to Ho-Oh
>have the hardest time catching it cause my team was under leveled
>had to soft reset over 20 times
>encounter shiny Ho-Oh
>use all my balls except my master ball
>thought that using it on Lugia post game was more important
>kill it instead
>2 years later my game gets stolen
I still think about why I didn't use my fucking master ball not that it would of matter
I push the shiny button on pkhex
No Quick Balls available at that point in the game. I was at one badge.
Shit, nigga you're still on that?

They made a little mistake and now everything they say is unbelievable?
Only shinies I've ever gotten outside of trades or in-game events were a rattata and a zubat. Rattata was in my copy of soul silver which later shit the bed and no longer works, while the zubat was in a romhack. I just have shit luck with shinies.

Meanwhile I have friends who've gotten a shiny houndour, a charmander, and a boldore, along with a few others that I can't remember, but they sure as hell were a sight better than a rattata and a zubat.
> Flag hunting in secret bases to get closer to getting Garchompite
> Go through desert route
> Horde encounter
> Holy shit, green Sandshrew
> Gets burned
> Kill the non shinies
> Manage to catch it at 1HP

Shit looks good in a Heal Ball, I tell you what.
>Shiny Gyarados in the lake of rage as a normal encounter. fuck you game.
>Shiny Pidgy as the first encounter in fire red on the first patch of grass with no pokeballs.
>Shiny Oddish years later
>Shiny Zubat in sapphire
>Another shiny Oddish
>Some shiny shitmon in diamond that I forgot about.
>Fishing for barboach to evolve and fod
>Green marill
>Catch it
>Show friend asking if I should relase it cause thought it was a glitch
>yells at me it's shiny

Still laughs at me to this day over it.
Catch and box, now I want a fucking shiny spinda
File: 1452513751273.jpg (692 KB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
692 KB, 3264x2448
>not injecting or cheating for shinies
>actually playing the game
>having fun

Makes me sick
i've been playing pokemon since gen 2 and the only shiny pokemon i've found at complete random was a finneon in OR
otherwise it was a relicanth in Y

also this >>25091413
>just got Pearl
>get home and start that shit up, so excited
>get to route 201
>Sparkly Bidoof
>never seen a shiny, only knew from online
>no pokeballs, too early
>no Sparkly Bidoof

I got over it pretty quick, didn't know exactly how rare they could be. To this day it's the only shiny I've ever encountered.
How the fuck did it get burned
I should've explained, that's my fault. The only Mon I had on me was a Fletchinder with Flame Body. The ShineShrew hit it.
He probably had a Flame Body Pokemon out front. The same thing happened to me with a horde of Scraggy. I didn't care and was gonna just kill it with my Talonflame, the Shiny Scraggy got burned but had Shed Skin so it healed itself. I thought "Fuck it, if you wanna get caught so bad, fine." and just caught the thing.
He probably had a Pokémon with Flame Body bro
I literally just explained it to him like
flame body
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