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Hey /vp/ what are you playing? whats your...
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Hey /vp/ what are you playing? whats your current team?
I'm playing a randomized fire red, chose Poliwag as my starter. Just caught a Torchic and am about to board the S.S Anne.
FireRed; Blastoise, Fearow, Arbok, Persian, Onix, Arcanine

'bout to go get the Earth Badge
Platinum. Currently preparing to go to the Survival Area. Current team: Torterra, Staraptor, Houndoom, Floatzel, Glaceon and Bastiodon. All 58.
White 2:


Almost through reversal mnt.
Pearl: Staravia, Pikachu, Lopunny, Misdreavus, Clefairy, Prinplup/BIDOOF (HM slave)
Pre-Elite 4 team was:


Just got to Kanto, replacing my Dunsparce with the Extreme Speed Dratini I was given, and not sure what to replace Heracross with.

I was gonna start a completely new team but,
>Level 40 and up trainers and Gym Leaders with low level wild pokemon
Yeah nah, not worth the horrid grind.
Watch out for electric and ground types
Nice well balanced team m8, good luck
mah nigga
shit team
excellent taste. Except for pupitar. how the fuck did you even get that pre e4, and if you hacked it in, why not just evolve it to tyranitar?
The 2nd gym is way too fucking hard.

>Prinplup L21
>Machop L21
>Pachirisu L19

Help, first playthrough of the game.
File: SS-randomizer HOF.png (46 KB, 339x254) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
SS-randomizer HOF.png
46 KB, 339x254
Soul Silver randomizer
Tunis was a total bro

Arbok is underrated - how's Onix treating you?
I got Pupitar in the Safari Zone my dude! No hacking here.

And I see you have great taste as well. Can't get enough of the Crobat dude. And this is the first time I've ever used a Poli before, love that Dynamic Punch.
>Watch out for electric and ground types
f.am I'm just playing in-game, I don't really have to worry about balancing a team in a game that's piss easy
what's wrong with it, besides not having pokemon you like?
Well. For one, you picked the worst starter, picked the gimmicky Regional electric rat, and picked a mon you need to trade in order to git gud.

Final verdict: restart, choose Chimchar.
It's my first time using Arbok, actually, I do think it's a bit underrated.

Onix is okay, other than Tyrantrum I haven't raised a rock type in a game for quite a long time.
go catch a staravia and wing attack everything
Cacturn is severely under-rated, should have gotten an ORAS mega imho. I like your city nick names too.
>HM slave
git gud fagit
I've done many playthroughs with Infernape in Diamond, and I want to try out new Pokes I've never used before, like Pachirisu, Machamp and soon Togekiss & the Garchomp
Current team. Just caught the Litwick.
Training before I face Skyla.

I really want a water type, but I have this rule about playing Pokemon games where I only use the new Pokemon from that gen, and Unova's water Pokemon don't appeal to me.

Might just get a Staryu or Lapras.
Hey man, then more power to you.
Togekiss is great, nice choice.
Although I'm pretty sure you can't get it till after the E4
>3 pokemon of the same type
>that type is normal type
Seismitoad and swanna are pretty good
do you think I'm not "maximizing my team effectiveness" if I carry around a BIDOOF for a couple routes

I just didn't feel like teaching Cut to one of the pokemon that I like this time around
I know this is not the topic for it, but is there any way for Uxie and Azelf to return? I ran away because I only needed to see them for the dex. Platinum btw.
not just that senpai, its also what this anon said >>25079355
File: R8pls.png (13 KB, 474x317) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 474x317
Doing a 151 playthrough of Ultra Violet. May get all the Gen 2 and 3 mons too afterwards, maybe.

Machop was my starter. Just beat the pokemon tower. About to head west to Saffron, to take on Silph Co.

Yes I know my nicknames are shit.
Beat the elite 4 and they'll come back
Can't imagine why you'd do that in the first placr
come on dude
Also what are you playing, exactly?
Emerald. Enjoying the ride, made a new bro and I cant wait to check Frontier. This is the first time I played on the Battle Tents and I really liked how different the battles are. Also liking how the game have a lot of Double Battles.

I'm at Lilycove. Team is:
>Gyarados 41
>Shroomish 40
>Camerupt 38 (new bro)
>Lairon 38
>Swellow 33

Will get a Lanturn later. The reason why my levels are so high right now is because Im also playing against a friend locally. After the 7th gym we will battle at Lv 45. I kinda want to slow down a little bit, but I already settled things up with him. Maybe I will train others after our battle.
bretty good team anon
6/10 for evolving growlithe before it learns flamethrower though
File: 92d927b5c5[1].png (19 KB, 496x379) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19 KB, 496x379
Like a day or so ago some guy complained how the Elite 4 is so fucking underwhelming compare to how the anime make it. Someone spoke of a rom hack call Ash Gray where you basically follow Ash adventure but with the freedom to catch any Pokemon and of course actually win the battles that he himself had lost.

I currently beat Brock without losing to him the first time (for the sake of plot Brock call you weak and stop the match anyway which is good as Pikachu will get a Light Ball which would been a missable item otherwise, so I am grateful for that, also the extra exp and money is of course nice too). Without grinding to level 20-ish I decided just to use Sand Attack and save scum when luck wasn't on my side.

Currently grinding up for Misty as I don't plan to make the Sand Attack tactic a habit and it seem like level 20-ish is the range I should be at anyway. Beside the Pokemons in my party I only have a Ekans, Paras, Sandshrew all extremely underleveled. I also have a Beedrill, Butterfree, Nidorino and Jigglypuff but I don't intend to use them beyond completing the dex.

I find the game extremely fun and well made. The only issue I seen so far is that there are a few bad eggs in Box 3 and based on info I had seen online they are common and in fact may ruin scripts if moved. So beside having to avoid that box I haven't see any issues with it so far.
you should contiue to use Mankey, hes pretty good up until the 5th badge or so, and highly recommend using nidoking
Like I said, Ultra Violet. Just a simple 386 hack for Fire Red. [http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/1156/] Another benefit is a greater choice in starters. The reason I'm using ALL CAPS is because it's Gen 3, where all the names are ALL CAPS. I could've given them propper grammar, but then they would be out of place from all the other names in the game, and I'm too autistic to allow that.

Thank you.
But Growlithe learns flamethrower at level 49 in Gen 3. I'll probably have swaped it for a different Fire type by the time it reaches that level. Probably.
Monotype Grass run of Pearl, with an Eevee traded from HG for Leafeon and a Hoppip because Jumpluff is comfy.

Just finished Iron Island.

>Torterra 36
>Wormadam 36
>Jumpluff 37
>Leafeon 36
>Roselia 35 (will evolve using Shiny Stone at 40 after learning Petal Dance)
>Final spot will be Snover/Abomsnow

Zubat family hurts.
is there really no other good grass types in pearl?
...well i guess theres carnivine
I heard there was an issue with the evolution stones on that game so I was planning to see what my options are in terms of completing the dex as I'm not sure if there will be ingame trades somewhere. Beside Nidoking would be kinda too fucking amazing at that level. He is literally a speedrun strat. I'm in no hurry here. Beside almost all of my Pokemon at this point would evolve at level 20-22 anyway.
Doing my first playthrough of Omega Ruby:

I'm kind of having a problem of deciding on a water Pokemon. I really need it cause Team Magma is going to destroy me if I don't get one soon. Anyone have any ideas? I'm right before the third gym trying to get my Aron up so I can have some sort of chance against freaking Magnemite.

Little cherry dude line I subbed Hoppip for.

I think Tropius is in Platinum. Might be others in Platinum.
Catch a marill, then later on either catch whishcash or lanturn. or just keep azumarill
Yeah totally forgot about Marill. Going to head off to do that!
I'm playing Alpha Sapphire for the first time, on the eighth gym. My electrode is absolutely tearing through this game, it's ridiculous.
For reference Misty first Pokemon is Staryu at around level 17. So yea, I am pretty under leveled as of right now and the rom hack doesn't let you use Pikachu for the battle. Paras is currently the only grass type available unless the tall grass give different Pokemon in the morning. Currently there are only ekans beside the stereotypical birds and rats as far as I can tell.
Nuzlocking crystal with a quilava, zubat and skiploom, and i recently got to goldenrod city. So, how bad is Whitney's miltank gonna fuck me?
your gonna get rekt m8. gg
Soul Silver, Silver was my childhood pokemon game


Grinding them to mid 40s before Elite 4
Excellent taste
what are you, 7?


Every run, every time. Best evo line introduced gen 2.
Why does everyone hate legendaries?
It broke my heart when I found out that the elemental punches weren't available to Amphy.

Cuz they feel like auto-win machines with stats that let you bulldoze the main game.

You don't really feel anything when you use em, there's no connection like with other pokes that need some training to get going.
You might as well quit
Come on now son
Well it learns Fire Punch...
Through Move Tutor in End Game
Currently playing Emerald, my team:


Using Pokemon with designs I love, but are generally considered very poor stat-wise (and that I haven't used in a playthrough before). It's something I should do more often, it's fun using more unconvential Pokemon, and my team is surprisingly really effective for the campaign.

Also OP is giving me the idea to play a randomized run after this, never did one before but that sounds like a lot of fun.
Even better, Ampharos gets Fire Punch by move relearner starting with gen 4. It truly is a force in Johto.
>Move Relearner
Don't you need a Heart Scale for that? Also isn't Amphy better with Special stats anyway?
Yes and yes, but:
>1. You can get Heart Scales with Rock Smash and there's a hidden Heart Scale near Union Cave.
>2. Having the option of Fire-type coverage is great, even if it's on the weaker attacking side. Some teams just need an extra fire move.
Nice team, seems like a fair challenge. Middle of the road/weaker Pokemon are my absolute favorites to use in-game since it feels like you really earn your victories. I also always use at least one "mascot" mon on my in-game team to make things more challenging. Downing Cynthia's Garchomp with my little Aipom was an incredible feeling.
File: IMG_3949.jpg (2 MB, 1500x1125) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1500x1125
I was just messing around with an all Psychic team (Machamp in case of emergency but havent used it) and I'm surprised how many wins I'm getting, either the team is gud or everybody that I've encountered so far overthinks about why am I using a Hypno
I'm going to be playing HG again to catch the legendaries again, should I nuzlock it or play casually?
Playing through Platinum for the first time. At the snowy routes rn, and I also suck at nicknames.
That's a beautiful team. I don't really play competitive but how does Exeggutor perform?
Mine aren't exactly much better. >>25079424
Got a lvl 13 Shinx,14 Turtwig, and a lvl 5 geode for rock smash.
Pokemon Reborn, current team:

- Cacturne
- Pyroar
- Greninja
- Garbodor
- Meowstic-M

Have not decided my 6th pokemon, I'm about to get Fighting Badge, any suggestions?
Nuz it homedog
But beware of Whitney
Are there any good GBA Romhacks?

Anyways, I just beat Crystal for the first time, fun/10. Somehow I've never played a gen 2 game until now.
I fucked up and had a couple Pokemon pretty underleveled when I got to the E4, but Feraligatr just shit on everything with Ice Punch anyways. Anything that he couldn't beat was taken out easily with Gengar.
>inb4 hurr you used gengar cheater
I used a randomizer to allow impossible evolutions, sue me.
Pokemon X

Dunsparce lv 42
Emolga lv41

Iv being playing since red and blue came out. The only way I can have fun anymore is to use Pokemon I dont usually use.
Playing Alpha Sapphire. This is my current roster. The Torterra and the Celebi are my extras. My team can run without then. None of them are anything special. But I love them.
>raised all from catching them.
Shiny Gold was my jam, though a little outdated (Last update was before HG/SS were announced.), Pokemon Gaia looks fucking amazing, and I remember playing Quartz before it was finished and having fun.
Playing Pokemon Yellow on my phone lately. I dumped Pikachu because I forgot how bad he REALLY was. So I swapped him for Jolteon.

So my team right now is Jolteon, Charizard, and Nidoking. Think I'm going to end up with a Kabutops, Exeggutor, and Kangaskhan as my final 3.
File: Pokémon Quartz.png (6 KB, 240x160) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Pokémon Quartz.png
6 KB, 240x160
>Quartz is just a shitty reskinned Emerald


Excellent taste.
File: 100_8688.jpg (980 KB, 1276x646) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Male Gardevoir lv98, Female Electabuzz lv74, Blaziken lv 75, Lanturn lv100 (I need a new ice/water pokemon to replace it since it reached level 100 when I beat Lance, suggestions?), Crobat lv84 and Pilowswine lv 70
Esmerald,this is my current team
Pokemon X
Dave is a good friend thats why i called lucario dave.
Lol picture too large
Team is:
Fire Red random nuzlocke
Sadly I didn't make it very far. Starter was Ghastly and I caught a Squirtle on the first route. Every route after that had something explode on me and when I got to Brock he had a bolt beam Raikou that killed everything I had. RIP in peace Rick and Koops.
wait for mid-end game

you are not going to enjoy full team so early
Well im around mid i think (just finished Luminose city gym) but thanks for the tip anon
File: Cuckold Emerald.png (7 KB, 240x160) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Cuckold Emerald.png
7 KB, 240x160
Cuckold Emerald nuzlocke, 4th gym
I'm almost crying already
Currently doing Fire Red nuzlocke, team is
I'm playing Storm Silver, a Rom Hack of Soul Silver, playing Nuzlocke on it.
I always try to get full team as early as possible, but then again I switch around even after I have assembled a full team based on movesets. I love having great type diversity in movesest.
I got stuck at slateport in ORAS because I completely forgot how to progress forward and never bothered to figure it out.

I want to play Star/Meme sapphire, but I'm worried that I'm too bad to actually beat the game. I want to play Bloody Platinum since I'm a huge gen4 faggot, but then I remember how much I want a gen4 remake and realize the game probably wasn't as good as I remember. I could play through NeoY, but I can't get the cia to install. RIP

I might go check out Clover or Cuck emerald.
>Swampert&Gardevoisr ~70
>Shitmons ~30
>Snorlax level 5

What the fuck are you doing/playing?
I just got that Snorlax through a trade. The others are currently being trained.
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1 MB, 2951x2218
Currently playing through Colosseum, took me at least an hour to catch Suicune though
To be fair Pokemon games are easy anyway so who really cares? Sometimes a legendary just fits your parties "theme". Besides he mentioned playing Silver as a kid, maybe he's recreating his old team?
im currently playing ruby and have a team of
Lv.30 Pelipper and 5 Bagon eggs
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6 KB, 200x200
Playing Emerald right now, should I raise a Heracross, Grumpig or Donphan?

My team right now is:
walrein is a good mon imo but get what you're saying
This Anon here, I finished the game with the team I mentioned. The highest I had was 41. Nidoking shat on his Jolteon with an Earthquake.

Weakest and most lackluster member was Kangaskhan though by a long shot. Died to nearly anything with a special move in one shot sadly. I feel like I wasted that Body Slam TM. Oh well, it's not a big deal in the end.

I move onto Crystal now, 1 game down 7 games down for the twenty year anniversary playthroughs. Only thing I know about Crystal is I'm using an Ekans, because I can.
The one you almost never use
I too can't use legendaries because of the trucking. The stats are overpower always and the game is not always easy if you do a nuzlock run which is a ton of fun because u use pokemon you never used and they become your favorites somehow over time. If u like Lugia that much it's cool and noone can blame you. I always like the dog trio and used Raikou that I remember and it wasn't a big difference, yet to me, the feeling of being an underdog as I work my way through is everything to me in these games. I
I just finished a diamond playthorugh with torterra, starraptor, luxray, floatzel, medicham, and mismagius. i had to trade missdrevious over form pearl since i didn't know it was a pearl exclusive and i really wanted to use one.
Playing Pokemon X with a themed team of three headed Pokemon. Currently in Azure Bay with:

Magneton (will be Magnezone)
Deino (long ways off from being Hydreigon)

I forgot how much I missed my bros Exeggutor, Magneton, and Dugtrio
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54 KB, 351x480
I was thinking about going back to 3rd Gen just so I could play the original Battle Frontier after all these years.

How do I make a Pokemon Emerald save file? One where I'd be 8 badges just before the elite four, with a party of Pokemon of my specifications (IVs, EVs, ect.).

What I was planning to do:
>Make save with team of 3 good lv100 mons
>Beat Elite Four, get legit Hall of Fame, and go to Frontier. Not sure if you can also make Hall of Fame data
>Load it onto MyBoy! on my Android
Doesn't exeggutor have 6 heads?

Depends what gen you are going off of. Don't know when it changed, but in Gen 6 it's only 3 heads.
I'd imagine easiest would be to download a save file off of Gamefaqs, load it into VBA, and then just use a save editor/Mon editor. I think the most common one is A Save at the moment. Then you'd just see what file type My Boy saves in, I'd assume the same as VBA, and just put it on your phone.
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