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>Delta Episode deals with the Litleonid...
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>Delta Episode deals with the Litleonid meteor shower
>said to only come once every thousand years
>Jirachi sleeps for a thousand years
>shooting stars commonly used to make wishes
>Jirachi is the Wish Pokemon
>mfw no Jirachi sidequest after the Delta Episode

ITT: Wasted potential
Hard mode: Nothing relating to the Battle Frontier
Lysandre's ace is a fucking gen 1 mega.
Ice gyms should not be later than 5th.
Ground, Ghost, poison and fire have only had 2 gyms in 6.5 generations.
Hoopa Unbound isnt a box legendary with its own plot.
Literally 3 battles against a mega in XY.
Glacia's ace isn't Mega Walrein.
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Coming soon in Pokemon Delta Emerald! :^)
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Fucking Mega Houndoom man
>not a cerberus
>gains awkward heavy looking bone armor, still somehow has 115 base speed
>fucking Solar Power in the gen gamefreak decided to kill weather
>his "rival" Manectric gets a much better Mega both aesthetically and competitively speaking
>this was likely Houndoom last chance atvgitting gud
why the fuck isn't this lysandre's mega
they could've given him mega manectric in Pokemon Y since houndoom is version exclusive and it still would've made more sense than him having a fucking water-type mega
Becuase gyarados is just a place holder
For what, Mega Pyroar?
Yes, I know the mythology. Zygarde going from single cell to planarian to skyscraper-sized humanoid would have been fucking amazing if, for some god damn reason, it didn't have a stopover in "now it's a dog".

It really takes Zygarde's percentage formes from being this bizarre inscrutable gaia-worm trying to reform itself, to being a gimmick.
Mega Steelix not having magnet pull and having retarded ass sand force.

The magnetism even makes sense with the design, in which steel floats around its body so don't give the crap that it doesn't fit.

Seriously that made me so mad, at least with magnet pull it can manage to kill metagross, magnezone scizor and excadrill
Well, at least Jirachi is mentioned in Team Aqua's hideout.

>>not a cerberus
Thank god, becoming retarded after a battle is the dumbest thing possible.

>cell to worm to dog to snake to human is a gimmick
>but cell to worm to snake to human is fucking amazing
I don't understand. There's literally no reason why it couldn't be a dog.
>Delta Episode
>Not Pokemon: Armageddon Edition
>Gen II
>Dark Tunnel becomes wasteless since it's not an obligatory dungeon
>Meanwhile the Power Plant reactivated and all the mons that lived there were forced to leave
>an empty cave right next by
>could've made a new floor only accessible with Rock Smash just for those mons
>make it look like the Gen I power plant dungeon too

>Gen IV
>again they don't do this
>Zapdos could've had a proper dungeon
>instead it sits right outside the plant power door like an idiot

Complete. Wasted. Potential.
>his "rival" Manectric gets a much better Mega aesthetically
hahahahahaha, no
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It's a Unobtainable Pokémon.
All it needs is a good setter. Ninetails is trash.
Sand gets Tyranitar and Hippodown, who are both awesome. Rain gets Politoed who, while not a powerhouse, can at least be a great support mon in doubles. Ninetails is ass. It's probably my favorite fire type aesthetically but it is horrible competitively in singles and doubles. The only thing you can do is Nasty Plot and hope something faster than 100 doesn't come in with EQ, Stone Edge, or rock slide or you can choice scarf Grudge and remove one move for the entire game, but you're still down a mon.
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I'd rather not pick on XY because "muh third version" and whatnot. So,
>no old-school gen 3 outfits easter egg in the gen that introduced trainer customization
>No online contests
>No gym rematches
>Black City/White Forest don't connect via internet, neither does entralink
>The C-Gear
>The Pokemon Musicals
>Castelia City is rather lackluster and limited in exploration
>You can only use dive in one area, even in BW2
>The Canalve library didn't have informative books about legendaries/hidden routes/rare berry locations/etc. that you could read and later go to that area yourself
>North Sinnoh only has one route (as in pathway) that leads to one city
Thread replies: 18
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