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ITT: Great tracks you definitely didn't...
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ITT: Great tracks you definitely didn't expect.
Main games, spinoffs, remakes, etc all allowed.

I'll start.
>expecting to hear an arrangement of Route 1
More than makes up for the cut down Viridian Forest
I guess I'll get the obvious one out of the way


As for the main series, I remember being absolutely entranced the moment I entered route 113. The stark difference of the route compared to everything that came before, the ashes that started falling and the music starting all make it the best route in the series.

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I'm aware that the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series tends to have pretty good music, but this one still caught me completely off-guard when I got to the end of SMD:

Perfectly captured the feeling of it being the final climb.
Never really liked the Sinnoh Battle theme but the BW2 remix did it wonders in my opinion
Also that baller as fuck Kanto Legendary theme in XY
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A lot of the music in Super caught me off guard with how incredible it was.

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I recently started watching the anime and movies again and I realized that the soundtrack in the movies is fantastic. I'm talking about the original Japanese, my all time favorite is probably Tears of Life from the first movie.
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The rival themes are always shit to me, unless you address yourself as ???.
>Think you beat the game
>Wait what Kanto
>You're only halfway through the game nigga

gen 2 best gen


Literally the deepest theme in the series
Lance's HGSS and GSC themes were the best part about him desu
Hype as fuck
>that overarching melody
I wish I still had my copy, I got stuck on Dialga and gave up. I dont know where it went after that. Still a nice ost though

>awesome song wasted on a shitty "educational" spinoff

i'm not ok with this

It's too bad that the trunk theme was so lackluster after that, but luckily >>25056984 played soon after and kept things hype.

Another Mystery Dungeon song, it's pretty popular now but I certainly didn't expect a bitchin' remix like this when first playing the game.
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Best song from best gen
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>That GBA version poking in and out

The moment that part of the song played, it hit me like you don't even know
>the ambiance of the crashing waves while this plays

Might as well be in Chrono Trigger (Secret of the Forest feels) definitely surprised me that such a song would be in Pokemon though.

Ghetsis gone insane from failing to two 10 yr olds. Can't blame him
Posting best melancholy song

And best 5th gen battle theme
An obvious one, but hit like a truck the first time you heard it regardless. Wally's cheery little theme was cute when you encountered him before, and then GF goes full anime and this is what comes out of it. It sounds nothing like anything you'd ever hear in Pokemon, and that's why I love it.
>cool part
>a little more cool part
>absolutely no change at all just keeps repeating the same few measures
>everybody has their dick hard for this
If my dick likes it, then it can't be helped.
And? The Super-Ancient Pokemon theme was the same thing. Since the original RS. As has been the normal victory theme since the beginning. This is nothing new.
Are you talking about the theme that plays when you beat a trainer or a gym leader? of course that repeats youre only supposed to be there for like 2 seconds.
Funny you should mention Chrono Trigger

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Didn't really enjoy their theme in Black & White, but B2/W2 took their theme and made it so much better. Made me generally excited to run into Team Plasma grunts.
I had this song stuck in my head for a while and for some reason I thought it was from Link to the Past or some other 2D Zelda
This thread has some great music so far, solid tastes
I love the gen 4 ost.
This one sounds so dreamy and adventurous.
This bitch right here is what hit me with the nostalgia truck

Man Conquest's OST came out of nowhere to me
This is my favorite song in the entire series, almost made me import a japanese copy of SS but I couldn't afford it at the time, ended up importing White when it came out instead and had a blast. The run of Pt --> HG/SS --> BW --> BW2 is by far my favorite time of the series, and this song brings all those memories right back.
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>tfw there will never be another game as good as BW2

Everyone always goes BW2 this BW2 that but nobody ever gave a shit about this city or its music. But i did.

Sadly the dialogue is short so you never hear it fully.
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holy shit
>Did you know what you just did?
>You just made your first step into KANTO! Check your map!

For just a moment, I thought literally anything was possible in a Pokemon game.
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After a soundtrack full of disappointing renditions of my old favourites this thing shows up, hits it out of the park and makes me think there may be hope for Game Freak's composers yet
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>listen to it
>couple of words go by
>hold the fuck up
>realize the words actually go with the music
>realize it's karaoke
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Miror Best.jpg
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I came here to post this.

I'm glad someone already did.
Ultimate music coming through. Everyone step out of the way.

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>The ending portion where all the different languages show up.

So beautiful.
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