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Create a move or Ability and describe what...
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Create a move or Ability and describe what it does, and what Pokemon would get it. Bonus points for moves created in outside games or spinoffs that are adapted.

Pic semi-related because I needed a picture of a move being used and it was good enough.
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>Aura Storm
>5 PP
>Category: Special
>Power: 150
>Accuracy: 90

>The user concentrates the power of its Aura to the utmost and unleashes it in a destructive blast. The user must recharge on the next turn.

Can only be learned by Lucario, naturally
Move: Warmwave
65 BP
It has the 30% to sleep the opponent pokemon.

Interested in what your thought process is here.
Usually when people are near warm things they tend to fall in sleep

Makes sense.
>Follow Her
Pretty much like Follow Me except it does the opposite.
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>Horror Chant



>5 PP

> -2 Special attack

The user unleashes a curse with all its power to damage the target. The fatique sharply cuts the users special attack.

> Mismagius' signature move.
A move called "idk dance" learned by farfetch.
Increases atk, speed and critchance by 1 stage
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Any dark pokémon, but mostly Darkrai.

> Spirit Betrayal

> PP: 5
> Dark

> Summon an allied Pokémon then immediately faint it. User recovers HP equal to it's hitpoints and also receives a small boost of all stats. If it's the last Pokémon move always fails.

PS: The dark twin of Healing Wish.
My shoes

Switches all uour stats and stab with the target enemy pokemon. Lasts until seitched out
Dragon Heart
>Dragon Move
> 100% Acc
> Your pokemon loses 1/4 from its HP (for example it got 100HPs. So, it will louse 25HPs), it switch with another your pokemon. The new pokemon will be recovered in HP by the 1/4 the old pokemon switched (so a recover by 25HP) and it will be healed by any status condiction.

Inspiration by the film "Dragon Heart"
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>Triple Finish
>5 PP
>170 BP
>90 Accuracy

>"Can only be used in a Triple Battle by three Pokemon at the same time. The users fire attacks of Fire, Water, and Grass type energy. After using this move, none of the Pokemon who used it can attack for two turns."

Can only be learned by Starter Pokemon at level 99.
nah make it scale with %missing hp and add true damage to it. Then they cant attack for 3 turns
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> Fatal Chomp
> 100% chance of Dead
> Recover -9999 HP

Give it to Gyarados.

> Gyarados bites Pikachu's head off.
>Ability - "Overspark"
>"When fainting, deal damage to all present Pokemon equal combined total amount of Attack and Special Attack."

Naturally available to Pichu, Pikachu and Raichu but can be bred to Eevee or Elekid if the father is a Pikachu or Raichu.
>a grass type biting move that deals super effective damage to Bug types
>Carnivine can learn it through level up, can bred to other pokemon as well
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Magic Bullet
Special, Fairy Type
20 Base Power, 90 Accuracy, 40 Base PP
+1 Priority, 50% chance to flinch

Learned by Togekiss
Concept makes sense, but the base power should be less
>Transmit Smash
>Fighting (Physical)
>90BP 100%
>Lowers Attack and increases Special Attack by 1 stage.

idk, give it to nape and other things that can go mixed.
130 BP / 85% Acc / 5 PP / Electric-type
User loose a massive thunderbolt on the target (the target can be itself). After damage calculation and abilities are accounted for, the target's Attack, Sp. Atk and Spe are all raised two stages.

(e.g. You use Energize expecting to KO the opponen't Gyarados, but they switch to Rhydon. Rhydon's Lightning Rod and type both negate the attack. Rhydon's stats get boosted by Energize and your opponent sweeps your team because you were outplayed)

Great attack for mindgames imo. Learned by Lanturn, Jolteon and Electivire

>Short Circuit
Electric-type Status move
User generates an electric charge. If it attacks a target with a contact move or is hit by a contact move, the electric charge is passed on. At the end of three turns, the charge deals 150 BP worth of electric-type damage to whoever has it.

150 BP was chosen so it's not just a shitty version of future sight
Bear Hug
-100% accuracy
heals the target pokemon 1/8 but lowers it's speed, attack, and special attack one stage.

>pokemon that get it
clefable line, granbull line, slurpuff line, sylveon, wigglytuff line, azumarill line, audino, chansey, ursaring line, beartic line, spinda, bibarel line, pancham.
I'm surprised this isn't already a thing, but
>Power Exchange
Using (some sort of power), the user switches its Attack and Special Attack stats

Or even
>Shift Room
Same, but as a Trick Room variant, a la Wonder Room
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>50% flinch chance
>learned by togekiss
No, if anything he can afford to raise the base power to 70 (like Secret power) or 80 (like Discharge, lava Plume or Scald)
>Tempest Double
Electric Type, Status, 5 PP
The user creates an electric clone of itself, sacrificing 15% HP in the progress. The clone replicates the user's moves (barring status moves) and disappears after three turns, if the user faints or switches out. This effectively means that the user attacks twice for these three turns.

Give it to Manectric.
that's retarded
Move: Tristorm
90 BP
70 Acc
Has a 30% chance to burn, paralyze or freeze the target. Hits all opposing pokemon.
Ice Blitz
110 BP
100 Acc
A thousand tiny ice shards pierce the target. 10% chance to freeze the target.
10% chance to make the target flinch.
25% recoil.
electric recovery move that heals more if you use charge before it

baggage/pawn off
dark type
a baton pass that shifts status like burn and poison to the pokemon you awitch to
recharge is cool but pawn off is utterly pointless
flame/toxic orb can be put on the pokemon using it so you can give a mon with an ability that activates with status something else.
Why wouldn't you just give toxic orb to the pokemon with that ability? Your suggestion means i have to have another pokemon with an item that hurts it, a detrimental status and effectively three moves.
to make the strong stronger obviously.
>intentionally crippling a sixth of your team just so gliscor can hold leftovers
>if that mon with pawn off gets ko'd before it can pass on the status effect, you now have a suboptimal gliscor too

It isn't meant to be perfect,just a gimmick. you could also pass that unexpected burn that just hit your physical attacker and whatever stats you gained to a special attacker
Liquid Fire
60BP, 100 accuracy
Coats the target in a sticky flame that continues to burn, dealing damage a second time at the end of the turn.
>Trades tempo for raw damage.

Fall into a hypnotic sleep in order to sharply raise Special Attack and Special Defense.
>Like a boosting version of Rest.

The opponent's stat drops are passed along when it switches out.
>Essentially, lets you use stat drops as effectively as boosts. Not sure if it should maintain them on fainting the opponent or not.

Hyper Charge
Recharge moves that cause an opponent to faint don't require a recharge turn.
>Just like Gen 1! Obviously, this doesn't get given to high-power Pokemon who can just OHKO everything with a recharge move.
So would triple finish hit all 3 pokemon or only hit one?
Would triple finish hit each pokemon with a powerful fire/water/grass type move respectively?
What type is the move itself? Is it like Tri-attack where it's normal type but has a chance of burning freezing or paralyzing?
Or does it take into advantage all 3 types and figure out effectiveness based on what types are advantageous and what types are not.(ie. using it on a ground type pokemon will make it only 2x powerful because grass will be 2x and water will be 2x but fire will be 1/2)
Or do they attack each of the opponents pokemon with one type respectively?
Opponent 1 hit with fire, opponent 2 with water and opponent 3 with water?
Welcoming gift
40BP, 100 accuracy
If a Pokemon switches into this move, the damage is doubled
>dense haze
>5 PP
>Category: Status
>Power: --
>Accuracy: --
Pseudo-weather condition that clears all status changes at the end of the turn, lasts 5 turns. Longer lasting version of haze.
Or just use Dazzling Gleam that has 80 power all the time? The advantage of Pursuit is that you can't switch out to avoid it.
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Ability: Vintage
"Negates abilities."

What it says on the tin. An ability that negates all other abilities on the field (think: Cloud Nine Golduck when Primal Groudon is on the field).

- Pokemon with Vintage can set up stealth rock against Magic Bouncers
- Speed Boost won't trigger at the end of each turn
- Drizzle won't activate if Kyogre is sent in when Vintage is in play
- Sturdy won't protect you from an OHKO
- Mega Gardevoir's Hyper Voice is treated as a normal-type move
- Can abuse set up moves versus Unaware
- Can 'damage' Magic Guard Clef with Toxic
- Ghost-types with Vintage can safely switch into Mega Lopunny's HJK
- Slaking/Regigigas will murder you / best teammate in doubles
Make it do 60 damage base and it would be a lot better

Shield Bash
>Steel type
>100 Damage
>Using Defense stat when calculating damage
>Signature move of Basitdon or if you really want to get risque steelix
so you want Mold Breaker on steroids, basically

Some other dark moves:


Power: --
Accuracy: 100%
PP: 15
Type: Dark

Lowers opponent stats atk, def and speed by one stage.


Dark Realm

Power: --
PP: 5

Changes the weather to darkness for five turns. Dark movement power increases by 50%, Fairy movement power decreases by 50%.
Icy Tomb
A freezing equivalent to spore/twave/will-o-wisp. 95 accuracy. Given to Snornut, Avalug, Cryoginal at least.
>5 knights
>steel type
>5 pp
>After 25 rounds every pokemon is defeated.
>steel pokemon are immune and pokemon with sturdy or scarf survive it by 1 hp
>learned by any steel pokemon
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Multiheaded(Hydreigons version of parental bond)

The Pokemon attacks 2 more time. Each hit does a fourth of the damage of the original attack.
blinding escape
the pokemon switches out and harshly lowers the opponents accuracy for 1 turn
Move: Thunder Armor
target receives thunder armor, gaining +1 Atk/+1 Sp.A/+1 Spe and adding Electric-type to their contact moves. These effects are applied as a buff like stockpile, and as such the bonuses cannot be stacked by using thunder armor again on the same pokemon.

Obviously it's more of a doubles move for your partner pokemon, but being able to target foes adds a lot of defensive utility, as you could use it with something that has lightningrod/volt absorb/a ground-type to keep a pokemon from using contact moves at all. Unless of course they have effective non-contact moves (earthquake, special attackers), in which case congratulations you just gave them a free boost. It's a high risk-high reward move that would actually be really interesting for gameplay.

It would be given to the Pikachu family, Plusle, Minun, Pachirisu, Emolga, and Dedenne. I like keeping it rodent-exclusive because otherwise everyone would just use eelektross/jolteon/raikou (the only other pokemon who I can see really getting it). All the rodents besides dedenne have either volt absorb or lightningrod as a hidden ability too as a bonus.
Magic Spell
Fairy, Special
BP 60
Has 30% to inflict random status condition (freeze, burn, paralyze, poison, confusion etc.)

Learned by Clefairy line, Kadabra line, Misdreavus, Ralts line, Gothita line, Flabebe line. Maybe also Braixen/Delphox.
No replies? This is awesome
I was thinking of a move like that but it would have a 100% chance of inflicting a random secondary effect,recoil,stat ups/downs,conditions, and everything else you could imagine
it's broken
Time Bomb

A perish song that continues counting down even after both sides have switched. After 5 turns, both(all 4 for doubles, all 6 for triples) pokemon on the field will faint. Tactical use and contingency requires both sides to make measured sacrifices.

+Never fails to KO something
+May disrupt an opponent's planning
+Creates a sense of urgency

-Requires sacrifice
-Can't be removed once deployed

Give it to something that shoots stuff.
Flaming Seismic Toss (or a better name for it)
Type: Fire
BP 35
Accuracy 85%

Basically Seismic Toss and Fire Spin combined. In addition to the 35 BP initial damage of Fire Spin, it also inflicts damage equal to the user's level. Traps the enemy for 4 to 5 turns dealing 1/8 of the target's maximum HP at the end of each turn.
Always have sp.atk and sp.def raised by 1 stage, can't be lowered below that point by any means, atk and def always at least lowered by one stage and can't be boosted above minus one stage, this effect doubles when below 25% health
Guys. we need some physical Fairy moves because Play Rough is not enough.
Any ideas?
Miracle Punch
Fairy type - physical
60 base damage
50% chance of dealing a second punch
Go for it

Power 120
Accuracy 100%

This move has a high critical hit ratio and only works if the USER is 'infatuated'. USER heals 'infatuated' after it.
This is ability would be op as fuck. Maybe if it was exclusive to a gimmick shitmon, but i still think it would be kinda redicoulus.
Moonlight Dance
120 Power
A dance-like attack that lasts two to three turns. Afterwards, the attacker becomes confused.
Makes the user's next move a water type attack. Would be great on a storm drain, water absorb, or dry skin mons
Shooting Star
Fairy - Physical - 80 BP - 5 PP
Always strikes first

So basically a Fairy-type Extremespeed

The first attack used in battle always goes first

Increases attack power, but receive recoil damage with every attack
Miracle Power

The ability negates enemy's type advantages and disadvantages and all moves by the user deal 1.3x damage

Mega Sigilyph would use it
That's just Petal Dance.
I think that's the point anon.
I like it
Mystery Power
It's basically a physical hidden power
60 BP 100 Acc

Myth Power
It's Secret Power but uses Spec
70 BP 100 Acc

Both accessible through TM
>Mystery Power Scizor
I'm not sure whether to be disgusted or aroused
Would Unown get it?
Dodrio exclusive because hes shit but I like him anyways
True Speed: This pokemon uses speed for all damage calculations (It basically becomes 110 Def, SpD, SpA, and Attk)

Don't see why not. It's SpA and Att are both the same, even though the physical attack is useless other than for Foul Play, which it's weak to anyways and would fold due to it's shitty defenses.
ability that increases the power of your move when the opponent switches in
Slumber Party
Fairy Type
100% accuracy
You and target pokemon fall asleep
>only invest in speed and HP
>suddenly you become a maxed-out 660 BST pokemon
what made you think this was a good idea
Speedy Stance; the pokemon uses It's speed to attack power and attack as speed. pokemons that have great speed and decent attack would have thatas a secondary ability
doesn't this already exist?
this nigger again.
stop it.
its not gonna be a copypasta
its like a healpulse that has offensive uses as well.

use it as a debuff when they're at full health.
use it on your balk/stallmon when they're not.

its perfect.
duplicates moves, but at half power.

a temporary megamom.
well with a name like "vintage," I'd assume it'd be a gimmickmon.
if it was like "null field" or something, yeah, I could see wide distribution or at least something big and powerful.
but "vintage?" totally on one mon/family that's gimmickbased. like mummy, illusion, or forecast.
isn't ther a move that already does this?
somebody mentioned a similar signature move for Dodrio a while ago.
>Can only be learned by Lucario, naturally

Oh good

> not Take it
that world actually be fun as hell
>the target can be itself
so basically an instant boost paired with healing if you have volt absorb
Sounds a bit to strong dont you think? Extremespeed can get away with it because it can't do super effective damage and is only given to a couple of pokemons, most of wich don't get STAB from it.
These are really good too be honest.
As long as they're not given out to super strong pokemon i'd want these in-game.

- Fighting-type / Physical
- 15 BP
- 100 Accuracy

>The pokemon attacks the opponent with a series of kicks and punches 2-5 times. There is a 25% chance that it will lower the opponent's Defense.

For the Hitmons.
Fire type hammer arm

pixie dust
adds fairy type to a pokemon

mind games
hits the pokemon with a fear inducing wave that lowers special attack and special defense
>double battle
>one pokemon has this move
>the other has contrary ability
Fuck that final smash, seriously. It was a watered-down PK starstorm and it was easy as shit to avoid.

SO glad they changed it in the fourth one.
Can't think of a name but

Type Flying
BP 95
ACC 90
10% chance to flinch

Basically, flying type Heat Wave.
I like it. We also need a physical flying move with decent BP for physical flying types that can't learn drill peck or brave bird, so they can have a good STAB move without relying on two-turn moves or acrobatics. Just look at pokemon like aerodactyl, dragonite altaria, gliscor or archeops. Also they had to give mega-salamence aerilate just because it had no such move.
Liftoff (Flying)

Increases Speed by 2 stages. The user gains Flying as an additional typing. Fails if used when already in effect.

Season Blast (Grass)
70BP 100%
Extends the duration of weather effects and field effects in play by 1 turn.

Nightstalk (Ghost)
—BP 100%
Reduces the PP of all enemy moves by 1.

Rough Love (Fairy)
90BP 100%
The user becomes infatuated (if possible.)

Klutzy Punch (Fairy)
100BP 75%
If this move misses, the opponent's Accuracy is lowered two stages.

Breakup (Fairy)
90BP 100%
The user is switched out with a random other party member.
Lucky Skills (Ability)
1% chance of fully KOing the attacked pokemon if you used a damaging move on it and it hit.
>learned by electric type immune to electric moves
do you derive pleasure from stating the obvious

Remoraid Ability- No Scope

Special version of hustle

Mismagius - Poltergust

Posess all entry hazards on your side of the field to hit the opponent, removes hazards from your side

For a joke attack

Shedinja - Life Bane
Deal damage equal to the % of your remaining health then faint. Full health = instakill to opponent
>Wide Slash
>Normal-type, Physical
>90 acc
>high crit rate
>hits all opponents in a double/triple battle regardless of the user's position
>base power is equal to 45 times the number of Pokemon it connects with (missing a target or having the move protected reduces the damage)

>Normal-type, Special
>set damage
>100 accuracy
>deals 35 damage to all opposing Pokemon
Yeah, I saw it was special. Thanks for the reminder.
File: Snorlax fuck yeah.png (363 KB, 1080x608) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Snorlax fuck yeah.png
363 KB, 1080x608
>15 PP
>Category: Special
>Power: 60
>Accuracy: 80

>The user concentrates all of its power and unleashes a destructive blast. Opponent has a small chance of flinching or being poisoned.

Can only be learned by Snorlax, naturally
it already learns selfdestruct and explosion, how do you think those work
>base power is equal to 45 times the number of Pokemon it connects with (missing a target or having the move protected reduces the damage)
It should be 60/number of Pokemon hit, except for on crits, when it deals the damage of a crit if this move is used on a single Pokemon, even against 3 Pokemon. Should also be 100% accurate, and given to Farfetch'd.
>Phantom Trick
>Ghost type, Physical
>80 damage
Priority +1 (on first turn only)
User Disappears first turn, type becomes ghost. attacks on second turn. type remains ghost until different move is used
weavile, tyranitar, other physical attackers weak to fighting, especially mach punch
>Rising Pulse
>priority +1
ground immunity for 3 turns, lowers speed by 2, coupled with Gyro Blast (special attack version of gyro ball) great for magnezone and any slow electric or steel type
I've got a ton of these written down somewhere

>Flying-type Fling
Learned by Pidgey, Taillow, Spearow, Farfetch'd, Crobat, Murkrow, Fletchling, Starly, Pidove, Rufflet, Archen, Yanmega

>Fairy Dust
>Changes foe's Ability to Levitate
Learned by Cottonee, Clefairy, Audino, Mime Jr.,

>Juice Bomb
>65BP, Special
>Grass attack that's super effective on Fire-types
Learned by Carnivine, Cherrim, Tropius, Victreebel, Exeggutor

>40 BP, Special
>sound-based Ghost attack with a 20% chance to lower the foe's Special Attack
Learned by Shuppet, Pumpkaboo, Misdreavus, Litwick, Yamask, Snorunt, Whismur, Smoochum

>40BP, Physical
>Grass attack with a 30% chance to poison
Learned by Budew, Chespin, Maractus, Cacnea, Phantump, Grotle

>Special stat Fire-type Outrage
Learned by Moltres, Entei, Infernape, Typhlosion, Heatmor, Reshiram, Pyroar, Delphox

>Weed Spore
>Grass status move that causes the foe to use double PP
Learned by Breloom, Carnivine, Cottonee, Foongus

>Comet Roll
>Fire-type Rollout
Learned by Torkoal, Cyndaquil, Tepig, Heatran, Magcargo, Numel

>60BP, Special
>Ground-type attack that disrupts two-turn "charging" moves, i.e. Skull Bash, Solar Beam, Sky Attack. Also disrupts Charge and Stockpile
Learned by Stunfisk, Mudkip, Hippopotas, Golett, Diglett, Rhyhorn, Larvitar, Baltoy, Bunnelby
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273 KB, 600x338
>Weed Spore
a grass type move that's supereffective against fire is a great idea
how about a priority status move that negates abilities, and does small damage to gt past magic bounce?
Night Terror

Dark or Psychic



Puts the Foe asleep. Normal sleep status until it awakens, it then flinches for a turn
> Gambler's luck

> Psy
> The user loses a turn where the opponent gets to attack at the peak of his power, so: critic+0, works even when oppn is sleeping (he wakes up immedialty )
> If the attack didn't work, the opponent dies.

Odds : 1/8

> Give that to a 60-lvl Slowpoke

Ability: basically iron barbs but with special attacks

For a psychic type, or any type with shit sp def
10 PP
The pokemon hardens its icy body, drastically raising Sp.Def.

10 PP
The pokemon uses mud to soothe itself (or an ally), eliminating any status conditions.

50 BP, 15 PP
The pokemon slashes with rusty-edged steel. This move has a 33% chance of badly poisoning the target.

5 PP
The pokemon shrouds itself in garlic, making it immune to Ghost-type attacks for 5 turns.

70 BP, 10 PP
The pokemon attacks with a wooden stake. This move is super effective on Dark-type pokemon.
File: kill urself my man.jpg (147 KB, 1500x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
kill urself my man.jpg
147 KB, 1500x1500
>Sleep + flinch
>50% chance of working also

You're literally the worst
Sweet sap
80 accuracy
user coats the enemy in sap, moves like crunch or bug bite heal 30% of all damage until the enemy switches
Able to be learned by any grass type and some bug types
Oh no is 50% too good of odds for you? I like to think my team could handle a gimmicky dark version of hypnosis
The movie is disgustingly unbalanced.

You'd have to actually be retarded to think it could work.

>Sleep chance
>Guaranteed flinch on top of that
>50% chance to hit
Priority 1
100 Acc
50 BP
Ensures that the target can not switch
That's the joke man
Should prevent it from fainting for the next turn. Maybe be status.
>Battle in Doubles
>Toxic spikes
>For the Pokemon, both have harvest and Leppa Berry
>One has Bump, other has Follow Me
Read the first letter of every line
Do you have the patience, /vp/?

The user targets one pokemon. The user's ability (permanently) becomes the same as the target. The move is forgotten after use.

Only Smeargle can learn it and it must be tutored from an Artist.

If Smeargle levels up while knowing the move, then it will evolve.
Hidden Strength
A physical version of Hidden Power.
Ability: Psychic Healing
Restores a little bit of HP while the pokemon is asleep.

Ability: Neural Link
Allows the pokemon to use moves(as directed) when it is asleep.
File: IMG_3300.jpg (151 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
151 KB, 1280x720
Cold Water
15 PP
Power: 80
Accuracy: 100
Has a 30% chance of freezing, and is both a Water and Ice move at once.
Learned by all Water types, but no Ice types.

15 PP
Power: 80
Accuracy: 100
Has a 30% chance of causing paralysis, and is both Water and Electric.
Learned by all water types that aren't part Ground, as well as by Pikachu (gets automatically overwritten if evolved to Raichu).

Acidic Rain
15 PP
Power: 80
Accuracy: 100
Has a 30% chance of causing bad poisoning, is both Water/Poison, hits Steel types super effectively, and works like Rain Dance for both Water and Poison moves.
Learned by all water types, but no poison types that aren't part water.

10 PP
Power: 65
Accuracy: 100
Heals the target's status effect if it has one, but does double damage to them as well if so.
Learned by all water types, as well as Lucario.
holy shit this is amazing. espeon goes OU
>Steel type
>10 PP
>Recovers half of the user's HP but removes all resistances and immunities from the user for that turn. (Except those caused by items like Air Balloon).

Learned by Shieldon, Bastiodon and Rhyperior, can be bred to Onix, Aron, Nosepass, Bronzor, Roggenrola and Dwebble.
Silver Bullet
50 BP, physical, Dark, 20 PP, 100 Accuracy
Always counts as though the opponent has 2X weakness.
>Give it to all the usual crappy dark types that the Team Grunts use. Cackle.

Whenever an opponent uses a move this pokemon is immune to, they take 1/16 health damage.
>Stick it on some ghosts and watch the switchin games begin.

Blessed Blade
75 BP Fairy, Physical, 10 PP, 95% accuracy
Autocrits against anything with the Dragon type.

100 BP Fighting, Physical, 15 PP, 50% accuracy
If it misses, the user raises attack and defense.

Gas Leak
Fills the battlefield with gas for five turns. Any fire moves used in that time deal 1/4 health to each pokemon instead of their normal effects.
>Grass/poisons and the like
>magic bounce smeargle
>prankster smeargle
>simple smeargle
>Wonderguard smeargle
Well that's a scary thought
Quick Draw (Steel)
Physical, 50BP
Effect: If the target uses a move with an increased priority (even if the move naturally does not), this move gains +2 priority.

Learned by physical Steel-types, and also weapon-using pokemon. (Marowak, Farfetch'd, Samurott, etc.)
Molten Metal
Special Steel type, 70BP
30% chance to burn

(I just want more special steel types that aren't lucario)
I would just go with losing immunities rather than resistances too, otherwise it defeats the point of putting it on defensive walls a bit.

Would it affect Levitate, or just typing?
But then it becomes too overpowered. You can always just use your prediction to use this move.

It would affect Levitate, as it would any other ability that gave it an immunity like Lightningrod or Water Absorb.
Recover gives you back 50% HP, no downsides, no questions asked.
Oh and stuff like Heatproof too, forgot to say.

Yeah but Roost makes you lose an immunity. Steel types are already so good. One turn being bad kinda balances everything imo.
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When would this ever be useful someone?
>follow her

>toxic stalling in doubles.

Does anyone have a real answer?
LESS rng, anon, we want LESS rng. This isn't fucking hearthstone
some of those abilities like lightningrod or justified
Someone was playing Megaman Battle Network recently
>"One moment, Darkrai, I must DON THE WREATH."
I totally forgot about Roost, which only proves my point that it should only be immunities.
Yeah but Flying type isn't as good defensively as Steel. Removing everything kinda balances the defensive juggernaut Steel is. Otherwise people would just spam that shit.
>Pixie Blitz
>30 PP
>Category: Physical
>Power: 40
>Accuracy: 100%
>Priority: +1

>The user charges at the target, powered by fairy dust and fucking glitter
fucking glitter man
>and the target cannot benefit from increased evasion, even after switching out
Move: Mudslide
Signature move of Quagsire, it's a 90bp dunno if that's too high Ground type move that also deals Water type damage.

It would really suck for a Magcargo or Camerupt, but still.

was thinking of an ability that just let all water moves also deal ground type damage instead, but i cant think of a name
>move hits Ground-type
>Fire-type aspect of move does 1/2 damage

Come on, man. Who fucking raised you?
This pokemon steals all self targeting moves used by the opponent.
Given to mega Banette over prankster. snatch used to be its sig move. It was the only thing that learned it without a TM.
The auto ability to snatch that magic bounce is to magic coat.
Setup sweepers? Don't mind if I do.
Recovery? Thanks chansey.
Follow me? How about you follow fuck you.

We need this.
Flashing Blade
Physical, Steel
90 BP, 90 Acc, 5PP, +1 Priority

Only usable on the first turn sent out. Can be used again if it KOs an opponent.

Impregnable: User is immune to low power moves (40 BP or lower)
Flame Trap
Fire type
BP 40
ACC 100

If the enemy stays in, the attack just does 40 BP damage.

If the enemy switches out, this attack does 40 BP damage to the enemy switching out, 40 BP damage to the enemy switching in and burns the recently switched-in pokemon.
Should also cancel, or be increased crit rate. Maybe both.
I guess it would be better as an item.
I actually rewrote a crapload of Conquest abilities as if they were mainline Pokemon abilities. Here's a few:

>Black Hole
>While this Pokemon is out, no other Pokemon may leave the battle
>Holder: Spiritomb, Dusclops, Dusknoir

>When an ally takes damage, damage is reduced by 20% and dealt to the Pokemon with this ability instead. Damage will never exceed 3/4 max HP from a singe attack, however. Does not absorb passive damage
>Holder: Machop line, Roggenrola line

>When this Pokemon scores a KO, the priority of its next attack increases +1
>Holder: Eevee line

>Allows this Pokemon to hit airborne (out of play) targets with any move, with the exception of Ground-type attacks
>Holder: Infernape

>Increases Defense for holder and all allies by 20%
>Holder: Jigglypuff line

>Raises Atk/Def by +1/+1 when this Pokemon gets a KO
>Holder: Gallade, Samurott

>In Double and Triple Battles, this Pokemon takes a hit for an ally 50% of the time
>Holder: Magikarp, Drifloon, Drifblim

>Lowers adjacent opponent's Speed -1 when switching in (ala Intimidate)
>Holder: Gyarados, Onix, Beartic, Haxorus

>Last Bastion
>If this is the last Pokemon in the team, gains +1 to Atk/Def/SpA/SpD/Spe
>Holder: Dragonite, Tyranitar, Bastiodon

>As long as this Pokemon does not attack, it will restore 1/16 max HP at the end of its turn. Stacks with Leftovers.
>Holder: Munchlax, Snorlax
You know what type sucks? Water. Let's give them a buff.
>110 BP
>5 PP
>90% accuracy
>This move is super effective against moves it is barely effective on or if it has no effect.
I assume you meant it hits pokemon that resist it or are immune to it for SE damage? Dragonfag or not they could use one move to help with fairies, like ice and freeze dry.
>This move is super effective against moves
Maybe you have multiple Pokemon with guts or other similar abilities, one would be as normal, just the orb, while the other(s) holds another item.
Reflect Screen
Sets up both screens on both sides of the field, also raises both defenses by one on both sides. Given to Pokemon with insta-crit moves, Pokemon with Sniper or Super Luck, and Farfetch'd.
that would be broken. fuck off.
how exactly? it's basically just spore. the only problem i see is how snorunt learns it
>froslass becomes OU in a day becoming the best spike setter
>no frozen clause so you can freeze the whole team
It would be hell, but a hell i'd want to live in
Not him but sleep is guaranteed to end after a certain time. Freeze has a 20% chance to end every turn, and that 20% could possibly never happen
>10 PP
>The Pokemon charges its body with enough energy to maximize its Special Attack, at the cost of 50% of its HP.

Basically, Belly Drum.
Because it has a PURE HEART, and AURA, and stuff, man. The kids will love it! That's why we gave it stuff like a steel type and Bone Rush, remember?

It has at least one good use. Give Flame Orb to something bulky with Pawn Off, set up, and then pass the boosts and burn off on Guts guy that can now run Leftovers or something.
it has Bone Rush because it's a dog.
Wallop (Normal)
Physical, 50BP
Has a 50% chance to confuse the target. If the target is already confused, deals double damage and removes the confusion.

Learned by Wigglytuff.
Threads like these are pretty much unlabled generals.
>Sonic Scream
>100 bp 100 acc flying special
>30% chance to confuse

Exclusive to regional bats, like Noivern, Swoobat, and Crobat lines.

Contact moves against the user have a 50% chance to result in Toxic poison affliction.
>Pokemon enters battle under the effects of Rest. Tired also kicks in when Pokemon is switched out. This Sleep status cannot be cured except by waiting.

>Slowpoke, Slowbro, Slaking, Snorlax, Meowth and Persian, Skitty and Delcatty, Glameow and Purrugly, Purloin and Liepard, Espurr and Meowstic, AND MOTHAFUCKIN' REGIGIGAS
Would this be broken?
A non-damaging u-turn that has a 100% chance to flinch.
Learned by: a handful of Psychic Pokémon, including Musharna, Uxie
>when asleep, the user randomly uses Psychic-type moves and power is doubled
>free switch-in move
if it has a very exclusive distribution it may not be
and then you wait for the next games/gen and everyone and their mother gets it
mandatory on most mega evolutions
Supporting move, 10PP
In a double battle, if your ally uses a protection move that's bypassed by Feint, and the opponent actually uses Feint on said ally, Feint will fail.
ice type
the user unleashes all ice energy to create a storm of ice,the user then loses its ice type. you have to switch out and back in to use it again
Got one that I think could be a lot of fun.

>Field Hazard
>Pokémon gain the Ghost type on switch-in.
>Aura Spear
Category-Special. Deals physical damage.

User moulds its aura into a spear and strikes. Lowers Sp. Attack and Sp.Defense.
I'll nerf it abit more
This is retarded. It has more base power than Hyper Beam.
>the user then loses its ice type
>it has Bone Rush because it's a dog
>just like Growlithe, Snubbull, Houndour, Electrike, Lillipup, Furfrou, and Poochyena do
Given to mega tauros.

All charge and head-based attacks become spread attacks without weakened spread damage.
>Anti-Follow Me
>Water Absorb
>Dry Skin (Redirecting both fire and water)
>Volt Absorb
>Motor Drive
>Sap Sipper
>Flash fire
>Redirecting a 4x weak move to your opponent's mon.

It's useful you singles stallfag.
a few abilities
special attack version of intimidate

Short Circuit
pokemon gains charge status in a pinch,including the SDef buff

can use one-use items twice

Physical rock,steel,and fighting moves are greatly lowered in effectiveness
Are you retarded?
It COULD never happen, but you can also break out of it with certain moves. Also, just revamp how freezing works using sleep as a base. It's just copy and paste at that point.
And the likelihood of it never happening is astronomically low.
You have an 80% chance to stay frozen each turn. .8^5 is like a 33% chance.
>Avalugg becomes a ??? type
Not every pokemon has a fire attadk to unfreeze itself with, idiot
Make it a Sing equivalent. Warmth that makes you fall asleep doesn't hurt, it feels good if anything.
Still retarded.
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