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a fire/fighting type finally
>Stealth ORAS complaint
>Stealth ORAS complaint
>Stealth ORAS complaint
>Stealth XY complaint
>Stealth ORAS complaint

Have fun, OP.
Pokemon following you
challenge / hard mode
new game plus
rebattle trainers
battle frontier
A Bug/Flying type too.
More customization options
Buffs for shitmons
Hard mode
Battle Frontier
Ability to take off the fucking skates
Long post game
Be actually a challenge
1) Difficulty levels accessible from the start of the game

2) South Kalos expansion, either integrated in the story or as a postgame exclusive area

3) No important AI trainers with less than 4 moves on their Pokemon

4) Better pacing after getting access to mega evolutions (i.e. everything after Korrina's M-Lucario battle god damn does the story fall apart after that)

5) Tierno, Trevor. and Diantha having more involved roles in the story.
Hard mode
Battle Frontier
Expanded amie (make it more useful)
Good lore/story + post game
use the n3DS added power to fix frame rate problems/3D on the overworld
Custom hard-Modes.
-Every hit your opponent lands will be a Crit.
-Every move your opponent uses has 100% accuracy

Every Pokemon having a unique (and usually hilarious) fainting animation.

Shiny Pokemon will always have at least 4 perfect IVs.

Time-Travel ala Ocarina of Time?
Post-Game Battle Facility like BF or PWT
Champion being involved in story
Unfriendly rivalry
Expanded Kalos region
1. E4 rechallenge in the post-game where they all have full teams with a Mega to use, levels match or exceed ORAS's rematch levels
2. Satisfying post game content that mostly gets your team to the levels of the E4 rechallenge
3. A way to rebattle the Gym Leaders where they have full teams of 6
4. At least one more post game facility to go with what exists in XY
5. Challenge mode that can be used from the beginning of the game
6. New pokemon, not talking about Megas but actually more Gen 6 pokemon to bring the total to a respectable number
>5 needed features
>post 6

Illiterate fuck
1) Difficulty modes
2) Pokemon Follow you
3) Better postgame (HGSS, Platinum, BW2 tier)
4) Rematches with all trainers having better Pokemon each time you beat them(By better I mean of course leveled up and evolved)
5) Make trainer customization a damn staple. Just have a default character design and have more options for customization. Like being able to remove my goddamn hat.
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Everyone keep in mind that an active developer is watching this thread to ensure that the most requested features are never implemented.
New rival characters
Replace Ramos, Olympia and Wulfric with new gym leaders
Have the gym leaders play a significant role in the story
Have team flare be more active at being dicks to people
4 phase Zygarde battle
Well, 6 is the definition of wishful thinking.
come meet me IRL and 1v5 me m8 u faget ill reck u swear on me nans lyfe
1. Optional Challenge Mode.
2. New characters, such as Gym Leaders, Elite Four, and others.
3. Lumiose Catacombs, and other new/expanded areas.
4. Expanded customization for boys, as well as girls (Examples: more hair styles, colors, and more clothes).
5. A shit-ton of new Mega Evolutions. If you're going to do it, might as well run with it. Preferably from Gens IV, V, and VI. Other gens are welcome too, but mostly those three.
The implication is that the 6th option is unneccessary but would vastly improve the game
Do I have to spell that out for you?
Interesting post game facility
Item replacements for HMs (HMs still useable)
Challenge Mode/Easy Mode AVAILABLE FROM START (and on both games if they do that)
Trainer rematches by exiting and entering area and talking to them, team changes by how many badges
sidequests that add in some worldbuilding.

If only because learning about this fantasy world would be cozy as fuck.
If they include a challenge mode, what are usually gift Pokemon should be caught yourself
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>yfw pokemon z forces you to update your 3DS
agree lol that phaggot japshit with his smug smile is watching laughing and writing down ideas to not implement.

stupid smug japshit should die
1. Easy, Normal and Hard modes from the start
2. PWT
3. Pokemon following you
4. A device a la pokegear, rebattle all trainers including gym leaders, map and stuff
5. A fucking decent rival that is not your fucking friend
1. big post game, battle frontier amount of content

2. hard mode

3. more clothing/haircut options

4. new areas

5. I don't know, gym rebattles?
1. E
2. X
3. I
4. S
5. T
3. I
5. !
1) The ability to take off rollerskates and make running default, change the run button to a walk button.
2) Difficulty options. Rename Gen VI Exp.Share to Exp.All and add back the old Exp.Share from previous gens.
3) More customization options and different hair styles.
4) New Region to explore (south kalos).
5) Much better written and paced story, better characters, make gym leaders more involved in the story.
6) Let me date Serena.
>make gym leaders more involved in the story.

Do we really need or want every authority figure kissing your ass again? Let that BW1 shit die.
Just buy a new 3ds for Z and keep the old one for pokehex injection etc
Nah, who says they can't do it differently? At least Gen V made the gym leaders in Unova memorable. The Kalos gym leaders were probably the least memorable ones in the entire series.
1. hard mode without the retarded key system from B2W2
2. new battle frontier
4. more clothes for male characters
5. no EXP share until the postgame
In the style of this:
Is all I ask for.
Isn't that the point though?
Walking Pokemon.
Gym rematches.
Battle frontier.
Contests with Wi-Fi.
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Where is the Z coming from? Just because we had X and Y? Is that seriously the only piece of evidence?
Are you blatantly retarded, new, or both?
>Zygarde's existence, including its new forms
>the new series of the anime that feature's Zygarde and its new forms is Pokemon XY+Z/Pokemon XYZ
>new Tretta version is called Tretta Ultimate Z
Junichi Masuda please.

But thanks tho.
1.day night cycles
2. Weekly events
3. Battle frontier post game
4. Good starters that have a branching evolution line
5. Large map with more than 8 trainers or trainers with multiple types of pokemon.
Gym leaders *
Not trainers.
>buffs for shitmons

Agreed. I liked that XY added some +10 boosts to Shitmons. Those should continue. Keep going till they aren't shit. Add to their move pools. Give some a third ability.
Animations are made carefully and precisely.

- When Blastoise used Hydro Pump, the water came out of its 3 cannons
- When Chesnaught used Wood Hammer, it rams the opponent, not turning around

Better animations
Better story
better gameplay
more mega evolutions
>1. set field moves to quick menu.
For quick access to things like sweet scent/flash

>2. hard mode available for first playthrough
Would make it a lot more fun for me I think, I didnt wipe once during x/y and or/as. No actual challenge makes for a lackluster game
>3. pokemon following you
It was cute having them, but i'm not too bothered if its not implemented

whatever im too tired to think of 3 more
1. Day / Night
2. Rematches with NPCs + Leaders
3. At least 30 new megas
4. Hidden Power Fairy + Elemental Gems
5. Actual post game (ie, two regions)
1. 6v6 singles lobby on pss
>Blastoise, Charizard, Venasaur, Pikachu
>Blue, Red, Gren, Yellow Versions

>Ho-oh, Lugia, Suicune
>Gold, Silver, Crystal Versions

>Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza
>Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald Versions

>Palkia, Dialga Giratina
>Pearl, Diamond, Platinum Versions

>Reshiram, Zekrom
>White, White 2, Black, Black 2 Versions

>Xerneas, Yveltal Zygarde
>X&Y Versions
This with streetpass function or friend code only catchables.

More customization options

Secret bases and the overworld flight system

A hard mode like what BW2 did available at the beginning

A bigger emphasis on the lesser used battle forms outside of postgame (double, triple, rotation, etc). Possibly as major fights in the story.

A post game. It doesn't have to be the battle frontier but I would like something challenging (the PWT was fun but damn was it easy).

I won't say "mega evolutions" because obv we're getting more but I do have some hopeful candidates in mind.
Something other than battle maison, give us unique battle optionS

Give Lysandere a more menacing pikemon, Mega Gyarados makes absolutely no sense, maybe if Pyroar wasn't a garbage mon it would've been a legit perfect threat

Give better character development for diantha

Malva being a team flare member meant absolutely nothing, don't slap things like that

Make the intro when you get your Pokemon short, make it a quick to start process I just want to soft reset for a shiny easier
Not turn based
Real war
Soul crushing story about the horrors of war
No pokemon
Kill off diantha or whatever the champion was called
Call of doody
>2) Pokemon Follow you
Way too much work for something so meaningless
HGSS used sprites, so it wasn't too bad then
>just use the models they already have
That's not going to work, a lot of them are not meant to be walking around
1 to 5 = not made by jap fuckheads. Let whites blacks or preferably koreans make it
And it doesn't even add that much to the experience besides a little immersion. It's not worth the effort they have to put in.
more than one cunting goddamn motherfuckin son of a shitting dickbutt SAVE FILE
>No one realized the first track from Z dropped today

Either that or it's been too long since XY
this is the gayest list ever

Three words against the Pokemon Z argument.

Dragon. Ball. Z.
>Lumiose Catacombs
That sounds awesome.

PikachuGET incoming!
>At least 30 new megas
Are you fucked?
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5. !!!!!!!!
- More casualization.
- More maison.
- More leaders with 1-2 pokemon.
- An obligatory exp. share handed by mom, with x2 and x3 exp when needed.
- An auto win button to online; im tired of lose because my opponent was lucky.

Am i doing it righ, kazoku?
Just tidy up the rumble ones.
I don't get the appeal of this. Unless you are poor and have siblings.
Pokemon World Tournament
Better customization
Better post-game (practically guaranteed)
Stronger Elite 4 and Champion
Fix Lumiose City so it isn't fucking terrible to navigate.
Fix the frame rate. Like, learn how to make a good looking 3DS game. Fuck.
I'm assuming that general new-areas-redone-story stuff comes as default.

1. Improve your friends. Having more of a human element was good, but their implementation was just so flat. Make them less comically incompetent and give them more relevance to the plot. More gameplay integration would be good, too, like them offering to trade / fight / train / hang out with you once a day or something, with more / better options as you become better friends.

2. More to play post-game. Looker was fun (and had surprisingly good characters for a Pokemon game - why couldn't the main game have gotten that?), but was too short and lacked exploration. Something at least on par with the Sevii islands is needed; a whole new and rewarding area to explore.

3. More customisation options, especially unique or costume-like ones that you find rather than purchase. It's ideal side-quest/exploration reward material - I can't believe that they had literally one single piece of clothing that isn't just bought.

4. Better battles - hard mode with higher levels, fuller parties, and strategically-built teams you have to counter to beat without massively overleveling. Doesn't need to be anything too over-the-top, just stuff like "use a Substitute" or "get rid of their weather" or "catch one of the two Unaware mon we conveniently put just before this gym". Rematches would be nice, too.

5. It's absolutely not going to happen, but honestly, a few wholly new Pokemon to fill out the tiny amount Kalos introduced wouldn't hurt. We're not playing on GBAs anymore, guys. Patching in updates in the middle of a generation is totally fine.

Oh, fuck it, they probably did something asinine in the implementation that would make it totally impossible. This is GF we're talking about, after all.
1) Pokemon who follow
2) Mega-evolutions for obvious ones... Raichu when
3) "Unique" pokemon - a second shiny variant that either changes the color further or adds a special feature like spike-eared Pichu
4) A Pokemon League that is a tournament, not a victory road->e4
5) idfk
1. Expanded region (to the south)
2. Side mini games (cycling race in Cyllage, rollerblading comp on route 5, Rhyhorn race on route 22)
3. More megas (Golem, Machamp, Dragonite, Butterfree and Froslass because 'muh patterns')
4. Changed up gym leader roster (with updated teams for originals)
5. More customization (mainly for the male protag).
>still can't navigate Lumiose
big boobs
super mega evolution
10 more legendaries
explore every region
go back to kanto
Megastone pouch storage
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Better anime
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