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ITT we share our saddest pokemon stories
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I'll start with mine

>be me 14 years old
>pokemon diamond came out
>never seen a shiny in the wild before
>swear to myself when I finally catch a shiny I'll train the fuck outta it.
>will make it the toughest, baddest, most rad pokemon anyone's ever seen.
>playing diamond
>it's... A Sentret...
>Ok I can work with this
>use a master ball to catch him. Just to be sure. Legendaries are easy anyway
>never realised before how cute Sentret is until now
>nickname him Plop
>"ok Plop, you're gonna take on the elite 4"
>train little Plop with all my might
>starts evolving
>fuckno, Plop, you're too cute.
>give Plop an everstone like Ash in the cartoon
>tfw Plop is my pikachu
>get Plop to level 80 somehow
>trashes the Sinnoh elite 4
>skip ahead a few years, Pokemon soul silver is out.
>transfer my golden Plop over
>beats Johto elite 4
>beats Kanto elite 4
>beats Red
>Plop is now level 90 something
>a few years later pokemon Black comes out
>transfer Plop over as soon as I can
>beat Unova elite 4 with Plop
>He's now level 100
>no longer needs ever stone
>keep it as his held item anyway
>a few years later
>pokemon X is out
>can finally play with Plop in Pokemon ami Nintendogs thing
>wreck the Kalos elite 4 with Plop
>he's now beaten almost every region's elite 4 apart from Hoenn
>the remakes get announced
>hated gen 3 but I'm excited anyway because Plop finally has a chance at beating all members of the elite 4 across all six regions.
>may 2015
>on a coach home from London playing Alpha Sapphire
>not at elite 4 yet.
>arrive home
>place 3DS in bag
>forget I live in pickpocket central and don't zip bag properly
>get home
>3DS case not in bag
>Some pike must have stolen it
>lost all my 3DS games that fateful day.
>never got them back
>but the worst part was I lost little Plop
>I had him for 8 years
>my first and only shiny
>got him to level 100
>beat the elite 4 in 5 different regions
>and he was a fucking Sentret...

RIP little Plop
that's actually really sad ... i hope he's doing great wherever he is
Just pretend whoever stole it sold the game to some little kid who was amazed to have a shiny sentret
Rest in Plop :C
probably not

my friends autistic brother used to steal peoples pokemon games all the time, stole one from some kid named landon, was full of rares and legendaries.
I ended up helping myself to a few of them so they wouldn't go to waste.

had another persons sapphire and just left it out on the law in the rain

and one day he managed to get a hold of my game...I looked down and it was gone from the table next to me. I finally tracked him down and got my game back and to my confusion and surprise....every pokemon I had now knew brick break.
thats all he did, he stole my game and taught brick break to everything
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>thats all he did, he stole my game and taught brick break to everything
Top Lil
>stole one from some kid named landon
i think you mean he stole one from some kid that chooses the first default name in ruby
but..it was a diamond version
well then i shall stand corrected and should not be judging your stories
>be me, 8 years old
>brings pokewalker into school because I was leveling up my ariados
>clips pokewalker on pocket
>break time, check on ariados, battle a bit, find items
>teacher notices me
>takes pokewalker away, get it back at the end of the day
>I cry because my favorite pokemon (at the time) had got taken away by some fat lady
>comes back to get it at end of the day
>checks pokewalker
>no Ariados
Basically, some teacher in my school had a copy of HG/SS, took my pokewalker with a lvl 50 Ariados on it, and transferred it to herself.
>8 years old

nice b8
>play with big bro pokemon blue together cos no money for two gameboys
>get first own pokemon game and gameboy, pokemon gold
>feels so good
>fuck yeah
>honestly that was the best time of my life
>brother has no more his gameboy
>my gameboy has a sound problem
>big brother tries to fix
>everything is fucking broken
>no more gameboy
>no more pokemon

I lived a gloomy life for a year and a half, I got both Pokemon Ruby and GBA at the same time when they came out.
No way where you 8 when HG/SS came out. That would make you, like, 14 now. And I thought I was young for being 14 when Diamond and Pearl came out...
R. I. P Plopo
>be me, like to get both versions of the main games
>around the time I got BW
>I still play with my older games sometimes to transfer stuff to the newer ones
>my nephew (about 6 or so) and a friend of his come over
> I know my bastard of a nephew has stolen all my games before because his GTA/CoD isn't good enough for him
>hide them up on a shelf in a little drawer out of view so he doesn't get it; lock room
>have to leave somewhere; tell his mom and my mom not to let him into my room
>ok anon, I'll watch him
>come back some hour or two later
>nephew and his friend have gone home
>look in my room; everything appears to be ok
>feeling suspicious, I check to see if my games are there
>they fucking aren't
>call up his mom to ask about my games
>asks why should I care about games I don't play with all the time and just let him keep them
>bitch her out saying that isn't the point and that I bought those games with my hard earned money and for me, not for him and he shouldn't be stealing like that or take anything without asking
>she asks my nephew about it; I find out him and his friend somehow busted into my room and found em' (stupid bitch didn't watch her own kid in other words)
>both took their fair share of games
>she says she'll try to get them all back
>sometime later I go over to his house for my games
>I check them all; nothing changed
>realize my HeartGold is missing
>ask why its gone
>his mom tells me that his friend's brothers found the game and they won't admit to taking it nor give it back at all
>she doesn't go over there to demand it back nor give me the money I lost
>I can't go get them back because I didn't know how to drive yet nor know where they were
>all my HeartGold mons lost, even a few shinies I got such as Eevee and Murkrow
>Had to go buy a new one

To this day I'm still pissed off about it, and I make sure to steal my nephew's games and sell them to make him suffer.
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I was seven when Red came out!
found a hitmonchan card in the grass outside of a restaurant, later I trade with some kid for a charmander because I don't know any better. My mom ended up buying me another one, it must have costed fifty buck and i didnt even care i had lost it. I still have it now, and also a holo ditto i didnt trade back to a kid who wanted it back the next day after trading for the duck
Cards always make me sad
>year after release of d/p
>younger brother loves to clear the save file off of games that he's barely played
>we both own pearl
>turns on and deletes my game (he memorized the deletion code), wiping my entire, completed dex without checking who's game it was
>still mad about it to this day
R.I.P Plop

Sentret is like a permanent member of my party, I never really appreciated it before but now it's one of my favorite cutemons.
>Flipnote Hatena days, made friends with someone who also liked Pokémon
>Talked about Pokémon at least four times a week for 6 months or something
>Person says they've been trying to level up their recently bred team in BW
>I had a level 100 Victini I had gotten from a trade, so I offer it to them so they can train faster and they can give it back to me once they're done
>weeks go by, hear nothing from this person
>months go by
>It's been 3 years
>Still holding a grudge over that fucking Victini
>Now have a hard time even trusting friends to trade Pokémon that evolve via evolution
I guess I was the dumb one here, but still, I was just trying to be a good friend
Calling bullshit.
Not just for age, but you can only have a Pokewalker synced to one game at a time.
There is literally no possible way for this to have happened.
Rest in pieces plop
Uh huh


Nevermind that you: A - Can't move pokemon from one game to another through the Pokewalker and B - Have to erase all of your Pokewalker data in order get it to work with another game, AND you can always recall a pokemon within the pokewalker by going to the Pokewalker menu and pressing Up+Select+R

You can do it right now and get your dumb spider back, and put it right back in the Pokewalker like nothing happened

Sad sotry ;_;7
>didn't even get into Pokémon until I was 19
>have no friends
>don't take my 3DS out in public because the only times I leave my house are for work and grocery shopping
Never had a sad experience with Pokémon, and I doubt I ever will.
>implying that isnt one
>for an outsider
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Thread images: 3
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