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Do you remember your in-game teams, /vp/?...
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Do you remember your in-game teams, /vp/? Of course you do.
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all you need

my nigga
I remember them as much as I remembered to get a gift for Splinter.

That is to say, I don't remember them at all.
Currently building memories
>captcha: experiences
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Fugg, i forgot my image
Starter, a backup, and a couple HM slaves.

Who the fuck maintains a whole team?
Everyone other than you, apparently.
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This is mostly from memory, the teams I had on my first run. Red is ones that I didn't play or didn't complete.
As a kid I never had full teams, just the starter, a regional bird for fly and an hm slave. I think it wasnt until emerald that I actually tried building a full team.
I always like to go with random pokemon and pre deciding them before playing the games, it helps with managing your exp and its fun to find and raise them, and you always end up picking mons you never would normally pick
mah fucking nigger
I was gonna make a long winded post about doing that exact thing but decided not to, currently trying that with Drayano's ORAS hack with some additional rules like Set battle style, only 2 Recovery Items during battle aside from held items and no EXP Share.

Been really fun so far.
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first teams.png
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Didn't play R/B until I'd been into Pokémon for a good while, so have some Colosseum.
does set battle style do anything? I am still kinda of new to pokemon
Removes prompt to switch your current mon when an NPC is switching in their next one. Removing the prompt means the battle continues and if you want to switch you have to sacrifice a turn and risk getting hit or them buffing.
>that fire red/ leaf green party
Literally type advantage whore
I see, that's pretty cool actually
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I used some Pokémon from my Yellow team, too; I just didn't feel the need to repeat them.
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in game teams.jpg
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nigga, just pick a normie type and kick the shit out of half the gyms, them have the rest of your team focus on two non physical types if possible, maybe one fighter or psychic and that's it
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FR got AR'd & Pt & W1 were hacks

Dat type variety in Gold
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I've always had this "Good Luck Gengar" ever since RB.
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You can't transfer Pokemon RBYGSC to RSE FRLG. Nice try though.
Where did he say it was the exact same Gengar?
Everything from RBY to DP is just my starter, which is always the Water-type, except Pikachu in Yellow and Sceptile in Emerald (used Swampert in Sapphire).

Platinum was Infernape/Togekiss/Roserade(?)

HGSS was Feraligatr solo

BW1 was solo Samurott

BW2 was Emboar/Golduck(or some Gen 1 Water-type)/Tropius (traded from another game)/Lucario/Krookodile. Wanted to do a "one from every Gen plus starter" but never settled on a Gen 2 rep.

XY was Greninja/Farfetch'd/Raichu/Gardevoir(Mega)/Goodra/Pangoro. In hindsight I should've used more Kalosmons, will do so for Z.

ORAS was Swampert/Masquerain/Minun/Cacturne/Camerupt/Flygon, wanted to do an all-from-one-region right after half-assing it with XY.
wow, your teams are just the worst
>>this "Good Luck Gengar"
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OP here. Here's mine.
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These are the teams I beat the E4 with for the first time in each game, with the exceptions of X and OR, which are just my current parties, not necessarily what I'm going to use.

Pretty sure they're all in the order that I caught them in too, again excluding X and OR.
am i the only one who doesn't like to use any of the 3 starters? usually i just catch the first non shit mon i can find and make him/her my main, its just so much more fun, specially when its a normal type which allows you to use him as a champion almost all the time
That can be fun, it's certainly a much bigger feeling of accomplishment when you can get through the game using only regular mons, not super rare welfaremons. I do like the starters though, they always seem like some of the coolest, design-wise.
In short, no, you are not.
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In game teams.png
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Had to look at the hall of fame for some. I honestly don't remember my Pearl and Soulsilver teams being so weird.

I didn't remember my Platinum team and I already reset it for a new playthrough, so I just posted my current team. Speaking of which, I've been thinking about using a fire type. Should I use Houndoom or Magmortar?
Great taste, m8
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