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I'm in some way affiliated with a company...
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I'm in some way affiliated with a company that created a new trailer for the pokemon company. I may work there or may be a friend of someone who works there.

As another anon has pointed out (not sure if they have inside knowledge or just got lucky), there will be a trailer dropping within the next two days. The trailer will be about 2 minutes long and will be relatively info packed. As the anon said, it'll be called "XZ/YZ" and will feature some new pokemon, but no mention of a new eeveelution

Now for the trailer's structure.
>like XY's original trailer except instead of just pikachu, two squishys that slowly appear from the top of the Eiffel Tower and close up to the screen
>they close their eyes and hexagons fill the screen
>hexagons fade out to reveal the male MC choosing his starter pokemon
>feMC in front if her bedroom mirror
>A new adventure begins!
>feMC steps outside her house into a new city "Rocherre City"
>male MC runs into grass and encounters a never before seen bug looking pokemon
>With newly discovered Pokémon!
>a lass challenges male MC to a battle with what looks like an evolved form of the bug
>New friends!
>both MCs are seen with 2 distinct character models (male and female)
>male seems is showing his dex then female interpruts and says "Show! Don't tell! Get ready to battle!"
>Her 3D battle model comes up and throws ball with opposite started from FeMC
>A new power rises!
>Team flare members standing around the group
>Flare are wearing a white uniform, basically the same otherwise
>one of the members holding a cage/jar thing containing a squishy
>female friend shouts at flare member "Let that pokemon go free!" which leads into double battle with her and male MC
>New megas have been discovered!

>female and make MC press their mega bracelets with a Chestnaught and a Delphox entering mega evolution animation
>a stylised Z bursts out of the animation ball thing to reveal a "mega" Chestnaught followed by "mega" Delphox
>Chestnaught has bigger spines and accent colours similar to the MCs clothes on its armour section
>Delphox has a shorter dress(?) And again matches colour schemes
>fades black
>green hexagons light up and reveal zygarde before fading back to black
>box art for both of the two games appear, both feature regular zygarde with different colour highlights on its body and backgrounds
>it immediately cuts out

I would assume it cuts out because it would be apart of a direct or something similar.

The female friend has short, black hair, tanned, a bit taller than the other characters and dressed in a blue jacket and three quarter length jeans.
Male friend has messy brown hair, skinny, pale and is wearing a grey zip hoodie, cinos and glasses

Flare uniform is white with red accents on collar, cuffs and shoes and seemed to be wearing a smart watch based on their 2D battle cut-in

Bug pokemon looked like a larvae with black skin and red dots near back, the seemingly evolved form was a straight up ladybird/bug with the colours inverted and stood on all legs.

Also, the lass 2D cut-in was different from the previous game. And honestly, the box art was pretty similar to pic but with obvious changes
Not gonna happen.
Please excuse the bad layout and potentially missed information, me or my source only seen the trailed without audio. Obviously I never had the game regardless if I worked there or not, GAMEFREAK provides all the content, the company I may or may not work for simply puts it together with all the fancy effects and shit
>actually spending time writing this
eh 6.5/10

Almost believable.
You have no source or pics to back it up but the actual trailer content seems plausible, desu.
It'll be called Pokémon Z
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Fuck it, Ill screen cap just this once..
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>Posts the info as anonymous so we can't screen capture and make fun of you when you're proven wrong
> it'll be called "XZ/YZ"
Nope, ZX is alreayd claimed by Capcom, and nintendo attempting to use XZ would be a lawsuit waiting to happen.
To add to this, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mega_Man_ZX
XZ is way too similiar to ZX, and as such, attemtps at using XZ in another game would basically condem nintendo to never getting a capcom game for a good decade or two.

>Mega Man X
>Pokemon X

You are retards.
Short dress Delphox,...so good for be real.
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