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Type Matchup Changes
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ITT: What sort of changes would you make to change the balance of Pokemon's type chart?

Dark is now super-effective against Fairy (Fairy remains super effective against Dark)
-Bug is no longer resisted by Fighting or Fairy
-Ice now resists Water, Flying, and Ground
-Electric is now super-effective against Steel
-Poison is now super-effective against Water
-Fire is no longer super-effective against Bug
-Fire is now super-effective against Ghost
-Rock now resists Rock

What do you think? What are your ideas?
And with Dark being super-effective on Fairy, give Steel its Dark resist back
You had me until

>-Fire is no longer super-effective against Bug
>-Fire is now super-effective against Ghost

Shit makes no sense.
this. everything else is fine
The only flavour for bugs being weak to fire is that bugs can be burned... Well so can most things.
Fire can be used to drive away spirits, or used in summoning/banishing them. Makes more sense than bug to me.
Why are you buffing Dark and Electric?

A better set of changes here:

-Ice now resists Steel, instead of being weak to it
-Steel no longer resists Grass
-Bug resists Fairy, and Fairy no longer resists Bug
-Rock resists Ghost

With those, I think things will be more balanced. The last thing that could really balance stuff would be if a type were immune to Fire, including burns. The only types that could fit would be Rock and Dragon. Rock is weak to Water, meaning Scald would still be the same threat to them, but at least they get a SDef boost in a sandstorm. Dragon is a cooler option, because it would help them regain the prestige they lost with the introduction of Fairies, and they resist Water, but there's simply too many high-attack Dragons, and if they are unable to be burned, they'll be uncontrollable. Either choice is a drastic move
Except many species of bugs are drawn to fire and often kill themselves with it.

Fire literally disintegrates bugs, your mumbo jumbo about fire and ghosts makes less sense realistically.
Why would ice resist steel? Steel is what people use to break ice

Also, people use brute force to break ice, it just happens steel is a readily available material for tools that withstand brute force. It's different from, say, Fairy's weakness to Steel, which comes from the material itself
Still, although bugs may be drawn to fire and killed by it, that doesn't make fire more effective against them from an attacking standpoint. With that logic you could pretty well say everything should be super effective against bugs since they die easily
Dragon is no longer SE against Dragon. That was stupid to begin with. Water and Rock are now SE against Steel, since, I dunno, steel doesn't take rust and denying very well. Ghost no longer resists Bug, that was also stupid. Psychic is now SE on Fairy and neutral against Steel, because mind over matter.

I like all the ones in OP, except the retarded defensive buffs to Ice. All it needs is a Flying resist and two more SEs.
-Bug no longer resisted by Fairy
-Ice resists Ice, Flying and Ground
-Electric is super-effective vs Steel but resisted by Rock
-Poison is super-effective vs Water but resisted by Fire
-Fire is now hit neutrally by Fairy but resists Poison instead
-Fairy hits Fire for neutral damage but is resisted by Normal types
-Normal resists Fairy but is super-effected by Dark types
-Dark type is super-effective vs Normal type but resisted by Steel
-Grass does neutral damage to Flying

Think that might be good, I like the idea of Normal being just as weak to fighting dirty as they are to fighting fair and square; but Normal being hetero is resistant to the charms of a Fairy
>Poison is super-effective vs Water
Stop this shit.
nah steel is always going to be good against ice. you gotta remember the deep lore.

if anything id like steel to be super effective against dragons, like knights of lore killing dragons with fucking swords
>All it needs is a Flying resist and two more SEs.
so everyone continues to use a broken ice beam while ice mons are left in the dust?
alright, time to unleash my autism

> Bug no longer resisted by Fighting and Fairy
Agreed. I'm not well versed with the lore or reasoning behind these, but from a westerner's viewpoint, they're certainly not solid and I can see myself dropping them. Apart from U-turn, Bug coverage will probably not become a thing since you're still only hitting neutrally for the most part and doesn't provide anything useful against the ever so dominant Steel types.

>Ice resists Water and Ground
Except for the proposed Flying resistance, I also agree with these. People seem to be of the mindset that Ice Pokemon are supposed to either be awful walls or successful glass cannons, but throwing in two very useful resistances would at least make Ice types capable of targetting some important threats while still not becoming too much of a problem. Weavile won't like take any hits anyway, while Mamoswine does become much more potent but still has that speed stat to concern itself with.

>Grass no longer weak to Flying
Out of Grass' five weaknesses, I'd say this one is lacking the most. If you want to boost the usage of a particular type, then tampering with their resistances are the way to go (or weaknesses, rather), so balancing four weaknesses with four resistances seems nice.

>Rock no longer weak to Steel
>Rock resists Rock
>Rock resists Bug
Speaking of types riddled with weaknesses, we have these guys. Most Rock types are slow and bulky, thus dooming them to the role of serving as tanks and walls, with varying results. I might step back regarding the Steel nerf, but just because Steel Tools/machinery can break rock walls doesn't really mean that it should be super effective, so in my eyes, normal damage would be just fine. The two new resistances aren't rock solid either (hue), but one follows the resists-own-type rule, and the other resists-type-effective-at, but the Bug resistance can be dropped if the above Bug buffs don't go through.
Fire no longer resists Fairy attacks
Fire attacks are now SE against fairies instead
Grass or Psychic now resist Fairy instead to buff them up while making fairy a little weaker since it's too good as a type
>fairy sharing a weakness with steel
Way to indirectly buff dragon.
Since GF established a connection between fairy and fire but I always found the fairy resistance weirder than fairies simply being weak to fire, I thought I'd just switch it to retain a connection while giving the lost resistance to something that needs it.

Retain fire resisting fairy but make grass or psychic SE against fairies I guess.
Nah, either psychic or grass resisting fairies is more important than them doing super effective damage since it means there's now a fairy resist which isn't weak to ground.
Ice doesn't need a shitload of resistances; have it resist Ground and Flying and make Hail cut non-Ice mons' Speed. That way, you can give shit like Glaceon and Beartic a chance to be offensively threatening whilst justifying the balk. Generally, just making speedier Ice types would be a huge plus. Same for Rock.

Grass and Psychic should resist Fairy; Grass now being the only type to resist both Fairy and Ground gives it a nice niche. Bug should also hit it neutrally, because that type needs all the help it can get.

Like how Normal is immune to Ghost, I quite like the idea of having it resist the other 'mythical' types (Dragon and Fairy). That might be a tad too broken though, perhaps it would work better as an ability:

>Increases resistance to Ghost, Fairy and Dragon attacks

Basically a better Thick Fat with rare distribution among Normal and Psychic types
Remove all types except fire, water, and grass.
Balance is restored.
Taking the ones I like from the thread

Grass now resists fairy.
Bug is now neutral on fairy.
Ice now resists flying.

I'd also like to weaken ghost somehow while buffing a shitty type.
But there's no logic to steel resisting ice
No because they would be less likely to defend themselves
ice is now immune to water

Agreed. Somewhat.

Make that increased resistance to Fairy, Ghost, Dragon and Psychic Types and I'll fully agree.
How to make Grass type good?
Ice should be SE vs Steel
Sunk the Titanic after all.
Changes that would make sense to me but may or may not fix the game:

Poison SE on Water - pollution, etc
Steel SE/resist Ghost - spirits hate iron, etc
Fairy NVE Grass - meant to be guardians etc
Psychic neutral on Steel - can bend spoons but metal can also block brainwaves (tinfoil hats, etc), could play it either way for SE/NVE
Ice resists Dragon - cold blooded creatures, I get that's why they're weak but fuck me ice needs help
Fairy NVE Rock - fairies do nature, not minerals and shit
Grass neutral on Rock - plants can't grow in rocky soil
Bug neutral on Grass - Grass still NVE on Bug, but many plants have defenses specifically against insects, hell some fucking eat them, Carnivine should not be fucking weak to its prey.
Flying neutral on Grass - birds eat seeds but it fucking helps them spread, wind doesn't do shit to plants apart from full on hurricanes and they fuck everything up so it's a moot point.

I'm not saying all/any of this could or should be implemented, but shit just annoys me.
Thread replies: 31
Thread images: 1
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