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Let's fantasize about Mega Eevee!
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Let's fantasize about Mega Eevee!

I'll start
Ability: Darwin (All moves hit normally, no move is super effective)

HP 55
ATK 110 (+55)
DEF 73 (+23)
SPA 110 (+65)
SPD 75 (+10)
SPE 102 (47)

Item: Eeveenite (A special type of stone, it contains DNA sample off all pokemon type, and it also boosts its stats even more)

Type: Normal

Tri Attack
Extreme Speed
Work Up
Are you happy with your post
Yes, even though I should be studying for finals
I hope you're happy
This thread is shit and you should kill yourself
>be trainer
>have a Mega Eevee
>sitting on a rock one night
>having trouble sleeping
>dick is hard for some reason
>Mega Eevee is out of her poké ball, running around somewhere
>I trust her to come back to me, she always does
>suddenly Mega Eevee runs up to me, jumps on my lap
>her fluffy body brushes against my already erect penis
>mixture of awkward and suppressed arousal
>put my hand on Mega Eevee's head in a fatherly way
>doze off

(to be continued)
I dont get the samefagging In here.
>Mega Eevee
I'd kill for this
>wake up
>my pants and underwear are off
>my supple shota thighs and hard wood are exposed to the night air
>look up
>Mega Eevee is right there
>holding my pants and underwear in her mouth
>when I make eye contact with her, she seems to smile
>Mega Eevee turns around and bends over
>giving me a clear view over her vag
>in an instant, I know what I must do
>my rational mind fires a moral objection for an instant, but animal instinct claims victory immediately
>rush over to Mega Eevee
>get on my knees
>start eating her out

(to be continued)
File: 1398629671739.jpg (163 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>lick that Mega Eevee pussy like an ice cream cone
>Mega Eevee starts making little moaning noises and pressing her ass towards my face
>I can tell she wants it
>my mid-pubescent cock is bulging hard, almost painfully
>it demands to get in on the action
>I stand up
>take my cock in hand, press the tip against Mega Eevee's vaginal lips
>"are you ready for my penis, Mega Eevee?" I ask, but before I can finish my sentence, Mega Eevee pushes her ass forward hungrily, sliding my prick into her
>"alright then, I guess you are"
>pound that sweet Mega Eevee minge
>Mega Eevee's moaning turns to full-on braying
>go faster
>rub her crotchteats
>she positively howls when I do this
>get on my knees again while still thrusting
>rub my nose against the side of her face
>she instantly turns her head to the side
>tongue-kiss her
>she's howling like she's in heaven
>I'm moaning up a storm myself
>"oh Mega Eevee you're I love you oh yes oh Mega Eevee I think I'm going to cum oh let's cum"
>I feel a huge energy building up in me
>everything comes to a stop
>shaking, I shoot my seed in Mega Eevee's womb
>Mega Eevee squirts everywhere
>I realize that this was all I ever wanted
>and I realize this was all Mega Eevee ever wanted too

(to be concluded)
That's it. Somebody get the Exodia cards
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Anon, no!
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Did somebody say Exodia?

>fucking a female Mega Eevee
>not swallowing a male's dick whole while he licks yours like a popsicle

Can you be any more of a plebian?
I hope your not that pussy summerfag who actually spoilered the forbidden one last time
Oh god no. Spare us, anon.
>10 years later
>Mega Eevee and I have beaten the elite 4 together
>we still love each other a lot
>certainly more than my parents did
>we don't have sex as much as we used to, but there's a lot of tenderness
>I know that if an Officer Jenny ever found out, I'd be carted of to prison for poképhilia
>but I stopped caring about that when I was 15
>waking up every morning with Mega Eevee next to me is the sweetest thing in the universe
>I sincerly wish more trainers could experience this with their pokémon
>sometimes I wish we could have a baby together
>but really, its fine the way it is
>everything is fine

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Holy shit I forgot this thread existed. Just gonna....leave this here.
Don't do this.
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Alright, I'm gonna go forget about this thread.
Just don't post, and he won't be summoned.
But what if I were to summon my BLUE EYES WHITE DRAGON IN ATTACK MODE
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because fuck you
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eat fresh.jpg
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nice knowin yall
brb faping
Once I get to page 10, I's be free
Thread replies: 28
Thread images: 11
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