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>Official news

>Sales and deals for purchasing the game

>Online lore portal and map

>UI addons for PC

>Assorted links
literally ded edition
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The saddest doggy.
I'm new to the game and have been messing around with the crafting, particularly clothing.

I took the skill which gives you a helper who supposedly sends you items related to that craft every day. I took this skill over 48 hours ago and as far as I am aware I have received nothing yet, how does it work?

I assumed that it would send me a letter with items attached but that doesn't seem to be the case.

If it just silently puts items into my inventory sometimes then it must surely be very small amounts or I would have noticed.

What's going on?
*points wand at thread*
anyone want to do the pledges?

im on PC and V3
im an enchanter
i get runes everyday in my mail. its kinda cool.

you should be getting them, weird that you havent yet.

they come in the mail
It does send you a letter in the Mail, unless you've been sitting in the same area for 48 hours without logging in/out then the Mail should have updated with a letter from your helper.
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wake up sleepythread
i just finished the vet pledge for today.
this game looks soo good.

why the hate?
anyone want to do the normal pledge?
>why the hate?
I think it took a year to get to this point, all the hate I heard was back on release. Only started playing a couple weeks ago. I played the beta before but was like "pshh it okay". But it look like it got a lot of potential now.

I don't know if I missed an mmo that done it before but the PvP in this feel like it's got substance, like I'm actually fighting a war with other factions.

Like today we were defending a keep from yellows and they breached the outer wall, we fall back to the keep and load up on siege, holding them back for awhile but the inner wall breaches and we're on knifes edge. I'm stood on top pouring oil and turn around to see a zerg of reds charge into the yellows causing a massive 3-way all out brawl with the red and yellow whittling each other down, it gave us enough time to regroup and bolster our defenses to push out of the keep and finish off both forces.
this sounds great.

hey, anon. i just did the vet pledge and it was great. the bosses are soo good in this game.
after coming here after various MMOs this is great.

there has been an influx of people coming to play this game

i can find a group so quick
i love it
I'm currently doing a lot of dungeoning, but not quite at pledge level and not on PC. Just using group finder for now.
Yeah did my first ever pledge today, pretty fun being a tank, nice to be wanted all the time.

Following, in term of potential, I really like idea of getting rid of veteran and just having account wide champ points, that really good idea to cut of that chunk of grind, allowing people to easily play and level up multiple characters.

One thing I've also got praise is the way quest work, like when you turn up to some city like the hollow city, it's run-down you have to sort it out after you've completed the quest the cities are usable like there actual sense of progress with quests, rather than go collect 30 plants, here some xp.
Alright guys. I'm in some shit.

I can't use medium armor. Never have, never will.

But... I use a two-handed weapon. Meaning, I'm trying to DPS.

I'm doing fine. No issue what so ever at VR5, but I'm worried if I might run into an issue once I hit VR16.

Am I going to have enough DPS for dungeons? That's the only group content I really care about. I might go into Malstrom's Arena, but I can do that if I can do vet dungeons.

Will I DPS enough when you count Camp points, other passives, armor set bonuses, and enchantments?
You'll be fine for anything.

The game lets you do anything you want with your character. (Within reason.)

Using Heavy armor as a DPS character isn't going to make you an issue in any group. A lot of people do it. Honestly, your healer might love you for it because he/she will have to focus on your ass less and can focus on healing the tank.

Yes. You are losing a little DPS potential. However, that's only one passive and it's only a 12% bonus to your weapon damage. That little amount can be made up through champion points.
I'm going to add this:

You're loss of that 12% weapon damage boost isn't even the biggest thing you're losing. You should honestly worry about all of the passives in medium armor that give you better stamina recovery. (Even that can be evened out through gear enchants.)
This man is correct
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What axe is this? Looks fuck'n cool.
>Using a controller

Doesn't it make dungeons and PvP extremely unbalanced in your opponent's favor?

>Steam Controller

Fucking sucks. This shit is an abomination of a controller. Why the hell didn't they just give us a second joystick? It's not like you can't have the touchpad AND a joystick for looking around.

You will die in a normal delve with this shit.

>Xbox/PS Controller

Perfectly fine. Works a little slower than M&KB, but this game isn't like an FPS where super fast reaction time with the camera gives you a huge advantage.
Rate my Slutmer
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Forgot image
I'd fulfil her meat mandate, ifyouknowwhatimean
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I've just made a Bosmer Nightblade. Which skill line is best for me?
Have you looked at them to determine which you might find most fun?
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Yeah, but I'm torn between Assassination and Shadow. I kind of want to do dual wielding, but also bows at the same time.
You can use two weapons at level 15

And you don't have to focus on just one skill line, take skills from all of the class lines (even if you don't use them it's useful to have them on your bar because it levels up the skill line)
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so many places in this game look amazing.
So, I'm a VR5 Nord Templar Werewolf.

And I have been for a year. Made this character a month before the change to B2P.

I'm starting to get bored doing the same shit.

>Play Two-Handed DPS
>Really enjoy it
>Stay with it
>Always have something in the back of my mind wanting me to respec to something else.
>Have been mage
>So squishy it hurts.
>Die in normal delves two VR above me
>Play tank
>Fucking rule
>I am a tanking god
>Groups love me
>Always miss being DPS
>Tank build doesn't let me roll through quests as much as my DPS setups do.
>Always go back to DPS
>Always want to play something else
>Unsure if I don't like DPS, or if it's just because I want to play something different for a while.
More like Nerd templar werewolf lmao.

Everyone likes DAMAGE, but not everyone can have it. If you can afford to re-spec all the time there's nothing wrong with doing that.
im an imperial NB

i have bow for long range fights and two daggers for close range.

i love sneaking up behind people and cutting them up.

with that one shadow spell i have a 100% crit rate i one shot most mobs

ive been thinking about making a mage

maybe ill do that today
>Every female character model is equally flat
But why?

i was thinking about this today

really fucked.
anyone want to do the V pledge on PC

ill even do normal
I can't find Potency runes anywhere. Still getting my cert in Enchanting
i cant find jade

i just got my enchanting up to 19 last night

I'm a level 15 player who wants to go into cyrodiil for those high exp quests and sky shards, is this a good idea or am I just going to get ganked into oblivion?

youll be fine anon

just look for the base that is under attack and stay clear
You say I'll be fine but you laugh, I'm getting mixed messages here.
im laughing cause the last part you said.

you wont get ganked into oblivion, anon.

File: hide-or-get-ganked.jpg (640 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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If you want to stand more of a chance in a fight, maybe stick with the non-Veteran campaign.

I hang around Cyrodiil a lot, often without any armour. As long as you keep your eyes open you won't get ganked much.

Many players are fine with not obliterating every enemy icon that appears in front of them, though it never hurts to be cautious.
anyone want to go rob houses?

this is alot of fun
I've started playing recently, so far lvl 18. Is it worth to respec and go with Omega Templar build? Vids looks promising and I like an idea of caster templar instead of 2h and heavy armor.
ok two questions.
one im a lvl 49 nord DK and i think ive made a shit character for pvp can i fix it?
alternatively if i roll a hig elf sorc whats the quickest way of getting into pvp as I dont want to have to troll through all the pve quests all over again i just want to go into pvp
I've started playing a couple week ago, was looking at builds and trying to follow but what you find out is some build just ain't gonna happen like you see at low level, like I've gone for standard wreaking blow spam but it just doesn't work out that well if you don't have the stam for it.
I.... Never thought of that. My main character is only level 13, so I guess I wouldn't know about the two weapon stuff.
Yes. Server?
Find a shrine in chapel of capitals, can't remember which one it is but it let you respec but at a cost of gold.
ok whats a good site to find pvp dragonnight builds on? also if i want to dps should i go two handed and heavy? thanks
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