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/vind/, Vindictus General
Shimapan Space Program Edition~!!

When asking for help, trading, or applying to any guild, post your character name and specify which server you're on.

>To Join A Guild
Open the guild window and search for the guild (You must search 'no_fun' or 'pawnshop' for the NA guilds).
>Applying For Guild Membership
Post in the general with your name and your server to let us know you have applied, you may also whisper a guild admin to speed up this process.
(We do this so that we know you're from /vg/ and not some filthy fucking pub).

NA EAST: No Fun Allowed, Ch. 123
>> http://steamcommunity.com/groups/thisisntmonsterhunter

NA WEST: Pawnshop Ghosts, Ch. 179
>> http://steamcommunity.com/groups/wvgv

AUS: TeaChasers, Ch. ???
>> http://steamcommunity.com/groups/vindictusau

EU: Vidya / FilthyCasuals, Ch. 130

Game Info:
> http://vindictus.gamepedia.com/Vindictus_Wiki
> http://vindictusmanual.com/
> http://vsnobs.com/


Outdated Free NX Guide:
> http://pastebin.com/NtBep0VE


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New area
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wow incandescent
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New raid
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new accesories
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So is the only difference with the Premium Fusion Runes is that they work on bound gear? Should I even bother with the 80 coupon difference?
Huh. Seems pretty standard. It looks like a middle ground between the bear and juggernaut.

Wish Lugh would just get here already.

Oop, meant for this one.
It's definitely worth it. You have two options when enchanting gear (assuming it's cheap and you don't really mind if it booms)

Either you can skip the enchant runes, then using unbinds to fuse your gear after it's enchanted, which is the most cost effective option.
On the other hand, you can fuse your gear, and then use enchant runes, saving you from using unbinds but possibly costing over 30K NX.

Premium fusion runes save you even more on the first option, as buying the unbinds are over twice the cost of a regular fusion rune.
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reminder that damage contribution is a meme and you should always shoot to support your party members emotionally and financially

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>wasting a (You)

wow fuck off
>January is going to be over soon
>Still no EP4
Fucking Nexon, Glas came out in October didn't he?
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Does Strawberry Inner only look good on Evie/Lynn? I use Arisha and I'm not sure if it doesn't suit her character. Can't really preview it with clothes in the shop.
>pop a shared storage coupon
>collect all the various level up and event enhancement runes from various characters
>totals up to 9 runes
>take +8 pillar
>finally hits +9 after eating 7 runes
>eats the other 2 without reach +10
I am upset.
I am very upset.
Ballparking, around how much would a +11 3* pair of level 70 twinswords with decisive and valor sell for?
It's on its last unbind and I'm not sure if it's worth the pots to sell, or if I should just blow it all up.
I know absolutely nothing about the prices of 70 weapons, but I'm going to throw out a figure of 50m for that, on East. I wouldn't bother trying to sell it until you +13 it.
Does anyone know where to find Delia weapon/armor recipes?
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>Next update is Karok's revamp and that's about it
>People are actually okay with this
How the fuck are people okay with this? It's been months without actual content.
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3 months with nothing, not even a Lugh teaser. I thought for sure he would be coming this month.
How good is this Karok revamp going to be? Is pillar finally going to be above bottom tier, or has devcat learned nothing from 5 years of balancing this game?
Guys, I left this game back in 2013 and there is one thing I cant understand - why all this new characters have only one weapon? Is this devs new policy?
New characters make more money than new weapons, which could instead go to a new character. I'm doubting we'll ever see another character with two weapons again.
How do I play Lynn well? I've recently come back and I've been leveling one with the redeployment gear alongside a friend who started a Sylas. I can do her just frame/golden marks consistently, but I can't seem to match him in damage or utility the further we go into the game.

I can maybe make damage 50-50 on slow bosses where I can stick to them nonstop and pop 10 stacks as fast as I can, but the moment we get to something that runs out of melee reach a lot like Klaus or something with multiple enemies like Laghodessa his damage completely outstrips me. On top of that, him actually having a guaranteed boss stun SP move for the party and the heal makes it feel like he's just helping a lot more beyond the higher damage, while I'm usually just chasing the boss around trying to land stacks or mashing dodge trying to get out from under two spiders stuck on top of each other.

Any advice on gitting gud welcome.
The chinese version publisher is making suggestions for devcat to look into developing second weapons for the released characters. I'm hopeful that one day we'll get some new toys for everyone past Hurk.
she's pretty much prevamp scythe evie you need tons of gold to make her do damage because everything about her are shit stats with shit skills and damage but I doubt that even with goldbuyer stats you are going to be useful or hit top deeps so play something else
Damage doesn't matter until endgame raid bosses, the fights are over far too quickly for it to matter.

That being said, her damage isn't on the same level as most characters, but this is nowhere near useless levels like some people might think. The only advice I can give you is to keep playing her and see what works for you. Her Long Armed Devil SP move does some decent damage by itself, so I would use that if Jade Fox is on cooldown and you have lots of SP.
pretty rude
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This makes me pretty mad. Tons of people were able to abuse this easily exploited system multiple times for a free +15.
doesn't matter they're still shitters
All right, so she just has lower damage right now in general. Thanks, was wondering if there was actually some technique more efficient than Jade Fox/max stacks I was missing out on.
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It sounds like you have the fundamentals down. Just don't expect to get top deeps unless you're playing with a lot of shitters.
>Tfw your free rune failed getting you to +9
>tfw free enchant rune still ended up costing me 40m for a failed scroll
How do you guys continue to play this game day after day? Running the same 10 bosses gets boring.
>tfw still haven't logged in in 4 months because I knew this shit would happen
Is this what people are going over to now, BnS and Black Desert? I would play either of those to get away from Vindictus if the combat didn't make me want to vomit.

It's been almost a month since I've played.
Dignifried, NA East
Applied just now
Ded gaem
Why so dead?
Nocontent, that's why. There's also the very big problem of new players not sticking with the game due to how repetitive and bland the first few areas in the game area. I can't even think of anyone that's started playing this game within the previous year.
Sylas was basically Donte. Devcat never got it into their fat skull that nobody liked Donte.

Sooo we're basically dead till Karok Update, Delia, and Lugh comes.
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>mfw realizing Nexon is probably going to make Karok the January update and we won't get Lugh until March at the earliest

Holy shit, I know that they're starved for content post S3E4, but still.
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>UO event ends next wednesday, usual patch day

Yep, Karok update for sure. At the very least we're getting the s2 hp scaling in the same patch so we can solo farm for r7 scrolls in a reasonable time.

I'd bet if we got that part with the UO event we wouldn't have failed half of the s2 raid ones.
>Implying solo matters when you can just do easy mode

Although now at least I can get a group together to do 2-3 man S2 raids.
Oh right, easy mode did count.

Still though, I think people didn't want to run things on easy just because no seal/r7's in the drop table. With scaling health hard mode that wouldn't be a problem.

I know it's mostly because we're ded as fug
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