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>Online lore portal

>UI addons for PC

>Other Links
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All memes aside, is ESO worth playing now that it's FTP?
It's not F2P, it's "buy to play", as in you pay for the game once, but there's no subscription.

Obviously, I would say yes.
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>page 10

Are the quests in this game shit or fun? Probably gonna buy this when it's cheap to play with my bro.
Not to mention it has the best cash shop I've ever seen for a b2p MMO.
I was skeptical at first when I was planning to buy it, the fact that it wasn't subbed anymore, made me afraid that they would go full jew.
You can only really buy cosmetics, and some low tier XP boosters.

I've stopped playing the game for months now, but the cash shop makes me so happy that it isn't jewing to the extreme.
if you liked the quests in Skyrim I don't see you hating these either. They're very similar.
Yeah, I know some people really only play for PvP, but I love going around with some friends and co-op'ing quests. Exploration + quests is pretty good for gaining XP too, seems faster than grinding, but that might just be because it's more entertaining.
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>eu server down
oh dear
Currently running a stam Sorc (Imperial race). I've pretty much spent all my stats so far on stam, use medium armor and use a sword/board. How will I fare tanking instances as I level? Can it be done if I wear 2 pieces heavy (chest and legs) and use a sword/board or will I get mashed? Never actually bothered to do instances last time as I just leveled to PvP.
Can you play solo? How much of the content is only for group players?
I don't have any experience with such a build, but I imagine if you feel pretty confident in PvP groups you will be fine in PvE instances.

Most things are solo'able. Some important storyline quests are even exclusively solo. No normal quests require groups.

"Public dungeons" can absolutely be done solo, some might be challenging depending on your build and level. Since these are not instanced you can also simply out-level them. And most of the time you will probably meet other random players inside, though they might not help you and you don't have to help them.

"World bosses" are similar, depending on your build/level and which boss, they can be easy or hard to solo, but you can out-level them and you are likely to run in to random players that want to take them on.

I believe most "Group dungeons" can technically be done solo, but it's very difficult since they are designed for groups and are instanced (enemies scale to your or your group's level / you and enemies "battle level" to something like VR14 or VR16), and so only you and your group will be able to help each other (no random players).

As for PvP, you can do it solo, though you won't be taking castles by yourself (though I've heard tell of Dragonknight emperors that have flown into the keeps with a certain exploit and captured it solo). But Cyrodiil has all of the above too, which you can do solo, with the exception that you can run into enemy players that can kill you.

Grouping does give you an overall exp bonus, so it's usually recommended for faster levelling.
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what are some good places to explore for good lore stuff?
My first character was an altmer but I couldn't deal with the absurdity of the Queen actively defending the other members of the Aldmeri Dominion and having the guts to call those who dislike cooperation with the savage elves and fur niggers "racists"

Morrowind and Black Marsh have been bretty gud so far though
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If not for the intervention of the Vestige(s), Ayrenn would almost certainly have been killed multiple times and replaced. She's a radical who happens to have a big gun (soulless, immortal player characters), post-Three Banners War when cannibals and furries aren't so useful as trained cannon-fodder, people go on being as beautifully racist as they please.
only v2 right now.

this is taking so long holy shit
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everyone must be playing
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or sleeping
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Complete noob to ESO here. What do I do? What're some fun newbie friendly things to do other than quests? Any good ways to get some decent starting gear,or some cash?
just quest for cash.
Once i hit v1 i had about 60k by just selling junk.

if you dont want to quest do some dungeons or explore. the world is massive. go to cyrodiil and pvp or just go there and look around

alot of stuff to do

or pick up a profession
i just got to this place

i fucking love it.
the city is in a huge tree. so cool
I keep seeing v1 and v14 thrown about- what are those?

Are any of the professions particularly good, or are they all balanced with regards to ease and cost/profit?
Once you get to level 49 and progress through that level
you go onto veteran ranks instead of 50, 51, 52 ect.

its really hard to get veteran ranks.

in the upcoming DLC that includes the dark brotherhood they will get rid of these veteran ranks
dont know what they will be replaced with

they are all balanced. there isnt any "auction house" but every guild usually has a store that you can sell in but professions are mainly for your own benefit
unless u openly sell in chat or find someone wanting to buy an item u can make

im an enchanter and its pretty cool cause i can take basic weapons and gear and make them better
Ah, okay.
>Dark Brotherhood
Oh baby...

I'll give professions a look, thanks for the advice.
Crafting gear will probably be cheapest and get you the most optimised gear, if you want to invest some points in the appropriate trees.

Gather materials you see even if you aren't going to use them, because just refining them gets you some exp and the refined materials sell for good prices.

V or VR = Veteran Rank, currently when you reach level 50 you become Veteran Rank 1. They're just levels that take longer to reach. They're being "replaced" with a system that only uses Champion Points, which earn after level 50 and invest in special skill trees for percentage bonuses on certain stats.

I personally like Provisioning and Alchemy as the "ingredients" are found in every zone, though Provisioning can be a little annoying at the start since you need to procure specific recipes once to learn how to cook the requested foods. Guild traders usually have plenty at low prices.

With Alchemy, you can always cheat and look up the combinations of ingredients if you don't want to experiment to learn them.
oh, also, go rob houses

i found this to be really fun and i made a good amount of money doing it

just go into a city and sneak around then go sell to the thieves guild
there's good shit to be found in people's drawers, what doesn't fetch much on the black market can fetch decent prices in guild stores once you launder it.

careful of getting caught, guards are ruthless killing machines if you don't pay up.
i have a good system. I just stealth out of the city...go to the theives guild and pay my bounty then sell.

never get caught cause i have stealth lol
I'm bored as fuck, what with Fallout 4 being a disappointment and already burned out, and XCOM2 still so far away. So I think I'll give this game a go.

Normally for a mmo i'd ask for the most OP race/class/faction combo. But since this is still a "Elder Scrolls" game technically, in the spirit of the thing i'm just gonna roll with whatever. Just got a few questions if anyone could answer.

Is this game completely Pay to Win? Or is it the Hearthstone method where you don't have to buy the OP store items, but grind for centuries for them?

Is there still a decent population so at some point i'll be able to party up? Or is it well populated so I'm gonna run into some faggot every five minutes and completely fuck my immersion up?

What is the dominant playstyle in this game? Melee, Magic, or the go to for Elder Scrolls games, Stealth Archers/Daggers?

How do the classes work? Can I pick Templar and start sneaking and stabbing dudes in the back?

What seems to be the most popular/least popular factions and races?

Thanks for any of these.

No, not at all. The cashshop only has cosmetics.

Yeah, its a mega server so there are people everywhere in towns but in the "field" you might run into a person every few minutes.
The first person aspect is great for immersion

You can pick nightblade and be a tank.
Its kind of amazing how they made it so plasic

I dont know about this one. I think its well balanced but all the factions interact with eachother unless youre in cyrodiil and then its all out war
i feel ya anon.

I just started playing this game again a few weeks ago. Its great.

The new DLC and the future DLCs look great.
I got ESO a few weeks ago, I'm really enjoying it so far, I played it in the beta, and a few years ago at Gamescom, I had a feeling they'd drop the sub. Really good game though, very elder scrollsy.
exactly...there is so much hate towards this game

but its really good. the dungeons are so challenging and actually really fun. I love the fact that every guild has a store and the world is just so big
I know, it is one of the few games that I am happy just exploring in, you can just fuck off to anywhere and find more quests.
yeah, i hated that in the begining cuase id get so side tracked but now being in veteran levels I love it. Its so hard to level now so anything helps
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guess everyone is playing
I'm playing, so that's half of us at least.

i just laughed

i did the vet and normal pledge already so im off questing.

kinda want to go rob houses
i love grahtwood
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How do I git gud at tanking as a Dargon Knight? Can I use a two hander and still tank effectively? I went into Fungal Grotto at level eleven and it seemed like I couldn't hold anything for shit. and we wiped. Often. Granted, the deeps were higher level than me and the healer, but isn't it scaled?
When you get to level 6 and fuck off for 2 months do you continue where you left off or reroll?
I have 2 VR16's and 500 champions points. Rank 24 alliance in pvp. basically everything unlocked. Even got emperor when the passive buffs still gave you an edge when you weren't emp.

Really pissed they cancelled world pvp in their yearly announcement for plans ahead.

Invested so much time in to this game over the past 16 months or so and i just want pvp to be fun again not this laggy shitfest it's been for the past 8 months.
I'd probably just reroll, that's just leaving the tutorial area level.

>but isn't it scaled
The scaling levels out your base attributes, but higher level players will still have an advantage with their higher level gear. And I think "battle leveling" in dungeons only happens when you use Group Finder or something, they can also scale to the group leader's level without affecting your stats. In the Character page it will say if you've been scaled or not when your in the dungeon.
I feel bad when I think of ESO. This game got a lot of flak when it initially released because everyone expected it to be 'Skyrim Online' and even the devs were bigging it up to be. Obviously an mmo could never have the level of interactivity and modability of Skyrim so naturally a ton of people were disappointed.

I've been playing it on and off since release (EU megaserv) and one thing that does impress me is the amount that it has improved since then (especially compared to other mmos.) I like that you can steal things, the bounty system is cool and unique but they really need to remove those veteran ranks because I cannot be fucked to get to 50 and then have to grind another 14 ranks to be able to wear competetive gear.

Another thing that needs to happen (which I believe is in the works) is making all the regular zones level scaled. One of the big things about elder scrolls games is that they are so open world and un-linear but ESO is about as linear as you can get which really fucking sucks. I reckon that once they get that shit sorted out, eso will be a pretty decent mmo.
>Another thing that needs to happen (which I believe is in the works) is making all the regular zones level scaled.
not for a loooooooooooong time. they currently have no plans for this. only future dlc zones will be; like how orsinium is now. they are getting rid of VR ranks in the next dlc i believe.

im having trouble just getting to v3

i didnt think itd be this demanding in terms of XP

but it is fun. i have to say the dungeons in this game are amazing. the bosses are so cool thinking
The dungeons are pretty fun, what the fuck is up with that skeleton boss on the beach though? Tried him about 10 times and he fucked us hard each time.
not sure. Ive only done maybe 3 total..ive just been really into questing and just got back into the game in the last few days
Yeah, it gave me a message on screen that I was scaled to Veteran Rank something-teen. I didn't think to check my character sheet. So with groupfinder I get scaled, if I find some fags to run with it'll be normal? Fuck me because im on console
If you form the group normally and then enter the dungeon, enemies are scaled to the group leader's level, and player's aren't scaled at all.

When Group Finder is used, either to join a totally random group or with friends, enemies and players are both scaled to VR16, just like how Cyrodiil/Orsinium work.
Can someone link me a good DK build? I have a lowbie lvl9 Dunmer and thinking about a laceration build, but cant find a proper one.
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I just rolled a Khajit NB and I am about to hit lvl 10. Shoud I check out Cyrrodil, is it worth to try pvp- does battle leveling work at all?
Also should I buy more bag upgrades or save money for mount?
Any nice helpfull guilds for EU PC Daggerfall Covenant?
The battle levelling works fine. If you want things to be a little more fair you can join the non-Veteran campaign (only players below level 50 can play).

You will probably want a mount if you go in to PvP, so you can keep up with battles. The mount will let you get some more bag space too, every 20 hours you can pay 250 gold at a stable to train your horse in speed, stamina, or carrying capacity, and each point put in carrying capacity = 1 extra slot in your inventory.
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Furries, pfft.
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I think I'll come back, but not till they add the Housing update.
that wont be for months anon maybe not till the end of the year
Well then I got a while.
to be fair you are going to have to have a eso general up for a while before people realize one is up. that and people have to realize talking about eso in the main elder scrolls general is badwrongfun because eso doesnt have waifu mods

just hit vet 1 as a breton templar
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