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Have you ever just ascended to a higher level...
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Have you ever just ascended to a higher level of play that you couldn't repeat if you tried? For example whooping ass in a fighting game like the stars had aligned against an opponent you feel inferior to. If so, tell the story here.
I got accused of hacking while playing a game once. Don't remember what happened, but it was probably the only remotely impressive thing I've ever done.
What game? Sounds like it was amusing.
I went on a winning steak during the last Splatfest. My team's rank was Defender, King/Queen, and Champion.

>get good as shit team
>spent the next 2 hours tearing everyone up
>managed to drive the opposing team back to spawn every match
>racked up the most splats every other match
>went one match without being splatted once

Then I went on another losing streak when I took a break.
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Sometimes in CSGO

There are times where I've literally achieved enlightenment and others where I can barely shoot for shit
I was a god at TF2 for one game as a scout. I was meat shooting like crazy. I had a similar moment in Smash 4 where a guy that I usually played evenly got rekt'd by me.
I did a perfect run of Left 4 Dead 2's Hard Rain campaign on the hardest difficulty with out even trying when I first started playing. I took down Special Infected near frame perfectly. It took me years after that one time to reach that level naturally.
MGS3 multiplayer or even the main game with the SAA
Ricochet off walls and up buildings to kill snipers
Shoot around corridors to pick off whole teams blindly rushing in to just mash cqc
dropping enemies behind be without even turning around
Is there an actual competitive scene with splatoon? I dont mean like tournament style or anything, just a decently skilled player base.
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I had moments like that back in arcades like in Street Fighter, I would concentrate a lot more than usual, and it felt like I could simply see everything.

Surely there's a way of strategy that allows us to tap into this power.
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I know people here hate LoL but last night in ranked 5's I walked away with a triple kill from a 3v1 gank as Corki mid against a Master mid laner, a diamond jungler, and a gold support.

I'm only gold so it felt good.
Mountain Blades Warband Multiplayer

>going average
>going average
>going average
>sparring matches
>go a few rounds with the top guys who are fucking incredible
>get my ass kicked
>over and over
>suddenly god mode activates
>I'm parrying so fucking well
>blocking feints like they're trash
>landing kicks like an MLG
>pulling off god like holds and landing blows
>actually start thrashing nearly everyone with a simple longsword
>still that one nigguh on server that is literally 50/1 and is the next level to everyone

I dunno what happened but I just fucking clicked and went into a hyper reactions mode

It still happens from time to time and I've still never beaten that guy that was next level to everyone but I have seen atleast 2 other guys who are rivals to him. They keep a tally of how many times they're beaten each other and shit, their fights take ages.

Feels Vegeta man
ninja gaiden 2.

i got so autistic at that game that i knew the movement and attack patterns of everyone except dagra dai for some reason.

We're all like Gohan, we sometimes get those huge bursts of power, but can't exactly tap into it at will.

Gotta find our Elder Kais.
Once in Halo 3. Was my very first ranked match of Halo ever on my own account. I had played Co op campaign and messed around in custom games via split screen with my brother but never actually played matchmaking. 3 came around and I finally had my own system so I played with my brother and a friend. Did team slayer, I forget the map, but we were getting wrecked. About half the time down and we were something like 10 - 25. We ended up winning when somehow I just got in the zone and we finished and I had like 21 kills and 8 deaths. Otherwise I'm usually Yamcha tier.
Only game I really feel like I ever got in the zone on was Amplitude for the PS2. I remember I'd hit some tricky sequence and seemingly just mash buttons only to find out that I had completed the track correctly. Felt so damn good.

Really want to play the new game (even actually contributed to the Kickstarter), but I don't own a PS3/PS4.
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>those moments where one more blow can kill you and you suddenly gain god like reaction timing
>dispatching enemies left and right
Alright OP

There is a fps I don't expect anyone on here to have played called Tremulous.

One of the only 64 player servers were full, and nearing the end of a game.

My entire team and their spawn points were all destroyed but me.

Somehow, I systematically went around and killed every person on the other team, alternating between bloodlust and gurilla tactics.

It was glorious, I miss that game so much.
>once you finish dealing with what you need to all of it goes away

Its so damn depressing once the God Mode burst wears off, but I fucking love whenever that happens.
I once 30-7 in MW2 with only throwing knives.

I have no idea how I did it, and it's not like the people I was playing against were shitters.

Also I was 20th or so on the xbl leadersboards for sonic adventure 2 on aquatic mine.
>playing EoSD
>I usually die like a fag to Patchouli multiple times, sometimes even I die to Meiling's spellcards
>remove the hit box patch since jaypee told me it's for scrubs
>suddenly I become one with the Danmaku
>dodge everything perfectly, beat Patchouli and everything before her without losing a single life or using a bomb
>Sakuya wrecks my shit because I'm too stupid to realize I have to stream
>next try I die to Rumia
>aquatic mine
Speaking of leaderboards, I was 1st on that vocano level in Stuntman Ignition for a very brief moment when it first came out. I loved that level and played the shit out of it just trying to get a perfect run not even for the leaderboard. Felt good man.
>playing CSGO
>enemy team has a damn good smurf
>they have 13 wins, guy has been talking shit the entire game
>our economy is fucked, I buy a P250 and push down mid.
>push double doors, their awper misses his shit and I manage to down him
>team calls that a guy is pushing down cat and lower tuns
>turn and kill he cat guy with a P250 1
Tap, same with the lower runs guy
>die but win the round, type out "had to toggle my hacks on since you wouldn't turn them off"
>get 3 kills he next two rounds, we get to round 15 and they're at 14
>final round, their MVP is so on tilt he intentionally team kills someone at round start.
>we win and all talk shit, their carry is dead fucking silent

Felt so good.
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i have yet to experience this feeling

anyone knows how to do it?
Even better when it happens in life or death situations in real life
Play without any distractions and try to let yourself be fully immersed in whatever game of your choice.
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Senetor Armstrong - MG Rising

He kepts killing me repeatedly.
on the 9th try I was so fucking mad I was destroying him, Like I had awakened a sharigan or some shit I doged and blocked almost everything. I almost gave up.,
I had a 24-1 K/D ratio in Titanfall once. Every single time I turned the gun seemed to find someone, every rocket was the final blow on a Titan. Once the game ended the whole chat was that I cheated. Never played that well again.

Tfw didn't even use smart pistol
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kinda a few moths ago i started a mega man marathon from classic to zx advent

by the time i started replaying the zero series i was already fully immersed in the game game so completed all the zero games to 100% with S rank only after that zx1 was really easy and then i decided to play zx advent on expert mode

the final boss battle was really hype because i defeated him with only one hp left and because i knew it was really the finla battle for everlasting peace(well just because they haven't made a zx3 that follows the secret ending)

anyways when i had 1 hp left the fight started to feel like this
not really an interesting story, but it was an experience for me.

>at a regional for a fightan game
>make it out of pools
>get to top 16 which is cool since I don't go out to too many tourneys
>lose my first set
>nervous as fuck in losers but i take two sets
>have to play my worst match up next
>go in thinking i'll win but not really believing it
>we go 1-1 and i'm on the ropes game 3
>normally i give up at this point, but suddenly all i could think is "i'm not going to lose this game"
>have a moment of clarity, could read and react to everything, perfect execution
>make a convincing comeback, opponent cant even believe it
but then I lost the set to the next guy. I tried to channel my final form again to no avail. I wonder if all top players actively play in that collected mindset. damn, it felt good.
My abilities shine in life when there's little time to think. Sometimes.

>Need to whip up an illustration for someone in the next three weeks?
>Procrastinate and struggle with a decent concept but suddenly in the last four hours I poop out something I'm so proud of that I just need to stare at it for a while.

>Jobbing to a critical boss battle in a game, botching every little thing.
>Suddenly when my health is at 5% I'm super fast, accurate and god damn my controller is hotter than my car engine after a road trip from all the damn finger friction.

I don't always get shit done, but when I do, it's at the last possible second. Some sort of state of flow where outside influences are no longer a concept. Only seems to happen in video games and drawing.
Yep, we old men call it "The Zone". I felt that when fighting Henry in No More Heroes. Dodging, and dark stepping like a motherfucker.
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Yeah, I ended 10 games of Slayer in halo reach in under 5 minutes in a row, then proceeded to have a 100 1st place win streak in swat. I remember that weekend. I was like a machine, did only headshots, landed every single nade, perfect reloads, my eyes were on the enemy at all times and my predictions were precognitive level. I still got the slayer videos saved up in my xbox but the laser died on me 3 years ago and ever since then the 360 is rotting in my closet. Good times.
>Playing Kabuto in Battride War 2
>trying to play like Kabuto would fight
>actually doing it and looking stylish as fuck
The planets did align on that day.
>Playing in an abandoned building as a child
>a pack of stray dogs goes after my shota body
>Run like the wind
>tall fence that I can't jump over
>Dogs catch up
>Suddenly I manage to wall jump over the fence
It's I have ninja blood in my veins.
You better have done the right thing and play Full Force in the background.
I would anon if I had planned to be that good.
Battride War Genesis next month. Get hype.
I do that frequently, to the point where its become a running joke with some of my friends.

I'm pretty fucking shit at games a lot of the time but then I'll have a random moment where I'm suddenly fucking awesome and untouchable. And then I'll promptly go back to being shit.
I reached an enlightened meditative state where time slowed down and I could hit super fast notes that were normally impossible for me in Osu. I could never repeat the experience again.
Can't wait.
Yes there's a huge competitive scene. Japan had a tournament where the winning team got S1 million split between them.
A few games of DoD:S people used to regularly accuse me of hacking.
I'm really good at piloting in Battlefront, which I put down to years of flight sim experience.

I was absolutely killing it in a beta, I was winning games by myself and taking out fighters that had a 3 on 1 with me. Even in the snowspeeder, I would grab it and survive until I could do the tow cable. Fighters just couldn't shoot me down in the snow speeder cause I'd just try to lure them into canyons and get them to crash sine they lack the maneuverability.
I have a friend who used to play CS1.6 competitively with high-profile players. They would gather on IRC and play 'mixes'.
So anyways, this one time my friend tells me to hop in IRC and play with them and I say sure why not. The entire time I spent playing my heart was racing and I somehow performed better than I normally did.
But there was this round in de_inferno. Everyone in my team is dead, 3 Ts left are on B and I'm going there via CT base. Managed to kill the three of them and defuse the bomb.
As far as single player goes, all i can easily recall such a thing happening was probably in Demon Souls and Dark Souls. Getting wrecked in a boss and then suddenly i beat him without a scratch. I remember doing a SL1 in DaS and i beated the living shit out of every single player invader that tried to farm on me. I just obliterated them. Was a fun playthrough.

Now on multiplayer, i remember playing a Rubrick in Dota 2 and dear god i was a monster. Just blinking, force staffing, stealing spells left and right, i became a force of nature in that game. Was amazing.
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> only to discover what you were waiting for is everything you wanted and more
>July 2014
>playing OSU
>have been trying to perfect guren no yumiya on insane difficulty but everytime I ended up making a fool of myself
>this day particuraly I don't know what happened
> got into the Zone, and started to play
>renember to watching all the notes being slow and I just barely breathe
>only 30 seconds left on the song and doing a perfect run.
>James Rodriguez makes that fucking Goal aganist Uruguay on the WC
>my mom is so impressed tha she felt the need to shake me off to see THAT MOTHERFUCKING GOAL!!!!
>lost every shred of concentration and the stage on less than 10 seconds

I had a streak of 3k notes, I don't know what face did I do but my mom felth my anger I can tell that,
>dragons dogma
>hunting faggot griffin
>me and party fucking battered from a golem fight 10 minutes earlier as well as scaling the fucking tower to reach the griffin
>healer pawn is picked off during a chase sequence
>reach the top of the tower with two weakened pawns and no curatives
>awaken some latent rage and begin beating the griffin to a pulp
>npc whom i had helped in a quest a couple days earlier appears and fucking kills the thing in 10 seconds

god damn it
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the zone.gif
971 KB, 500x500

Only the chosen can enter the ZONE
you cant force it. it just has to happen
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is this guy in the game?
>Battle of gods dub
>They can't enter the zone at will

You have to move without thinking. Do without trying.
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Fuck you Kreia, I won't do what you tell me
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>gear of war 2
>almost 150 kills
>still lost the match because we got greedy and let them get the rings to prolong the match
>don't matter fukken wrecked em

Getting a tired of people throwing webm around.
> wants nothing to do with fighting
> go years without training
> hurr shit sayain
I do it all the time in TF2 as sniper. I don't know why but it is always TF2. Most other games I'm just average with aim, except csgo because i don't know the recoil patterns so I'm utter shit. When I play sniper though, i get headshot after headshot and usually top the leaderboard. Too bad everything else about TF2 is shit

>Wants nothing to do with fighting
>Warrior race

Yeah that is exactly what makes him a shit sayain.
>implying he isn't a shit Saiyan for endangering his family and not even going to see his father to train at least once a week
The kid knows how much crazy shit there is out there in the universe.
I just hope that him not being with the others during the tournament arc means he's training.
>his entire life he has seen many beings that want to destroy earth and kill everyone hes ever loved

>Has always trained and fought to protect them untill he gets a family, stops giving a fuck about training because lol i will entrust my families protection to other people now for some reason
I used to play this old game called Conquer Online which hands down was the best pvp experience of my life. The game was like 90% reflex and eye hand coordination so you really felt rewarded for skillful play. Eventually I became so good that I obtained legendary status on the server, and was considered the best dueler in the history of the game. I not only mastered and pioneered techniques for the warrior class, but the trojan class as well. It eventually got to the point where I was training other players, called them my students. I literally developed them to the point where they would go off and wreck other kids and I barely dueled at that point.

It was incredibly surreal experience and explaining the methods of my dueling and how they adapted felt VERY akin to martial art themes. It got to the point where I was sharing philosophies on life beyond aspects of the game. It sounds insignificant, but I truly reached the "zenith" of skill in that particular game, and it feels amazing to know you were essentially a "pvp god".

Anyhow, onto my best battle in the game.

>Guild wars happen every saturday
>Guild wars zone opens up however on Friday
>You can take the castle and hold it early if you want
>The "turks" aka romanian's etc represent one side of the whole server
>Literally everyone else is pretty much against the turks
>Hard to believe how racist it was, but that's how it goes I guess
>The turks are holding the castle on Friday
>They never win guild wars, but they put up damn good fights.
>There's no point in taking the castle this early, but I guess it gave them some kind of pride
>I recently was given access to my friends account
>Account has really good gear
>plenty of people on the server have good gear, but it makes you "competitively lethal" to have this gear
>I already had high recognition on the server for skill
>Most of the players with really good gear paid for it
>One of the leaders of the turks is a friend of mine named Morandi
File: 1444045115161.gif (1 MB, 250x188) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I've entered the zone plenty of times but in no game has it ever been as frequent as Tribes: Ascend. That game was just my jam and I went on unstoppable rampages quite often.

>I decide it's time to test my buddies gear out
>Go on allied forces server ask if anyone wants to mess around with the turks
>Get 7 people who say they're down
>one of them is solid, the rest are ok
>It's common for people to take stabs at the Turks early for fun, but nothing ever goes down on friday
>I lead 7 people into the guild war area
> I proceed to unleash a demonic level of wreck upon the enemy forces
>7 people try to support and distract, and kill revivers while I essentially annihilate their team at the gates
>Pop both gates to both sides of the castle
>Literally takes forever to pop, the whole time they're hitting me from out side and reviving people on the gate walls
>their best players are helpless against me.
>this would be like 1 pro fps player beating 20 at the same time
>Pop the gates and all hell breaks loose. Bodies everywhere.
>The turks are FURIOUS and they literally retreat from the castle
>I don't even capture it
>Turk leader Morandi, tells me he's reporting me for hacking (People have been known to hack in this game)
>I'm literally amazed because I'm actually decent friends with this guy, even if we our on opposite forces.
>He says to me, and I'll never forget
>"I don't care men. No one men beat 50 people. No one. It's no way"
>People talk for weeks about how a group of 8 kicked entire group of turks off the server.
>The one decent guy out of the 7 comes up to me after
>"Dude, I've never had that much fun in my life. My adrenaline is pumping like crazy."

Literally a 300 spartan's moment.
>counter strike
>enemy clan on CT side
>they were farming T team for lulz
>log in as terrorist, no money to buy anything
>run to bomb site
>defend it from 3 angles as enemy pours in to the bomb site
>kill entire clan team with terrorist starter pistol. switching back and forth to and from burst fire when time calls for it.
>they flip their shit
>banned for "hacking" before next round even has a chance to start
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>5v1 as a Titan in Fall of Cybertron and winning
>Beating Sam's story in MGR on Revengeance
>beat Orphan of Kos at BL4

Doesn't happen often but when it does, hot damn.
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>tfw accused of using an aimbot in TF2 while playing stock launcher Soldier

Half saiyan
Son of the most unsaiyan-like Saiyan in existence
Doting mother who would rather him lead a normal life
>Son of the most unsaiyan-like Saiyan in existence
You say that but he loves fighting just as much as any other Saiyan.
Goku was also kind of an asshole until he trained with Kami. After that he started sparing the bad guys.
I just moved recently, and I was playing on a desk before but now I'm at a temporary set up.

But I played a game of CS:GO right before packing up and went like 22/4 k/d and I'm NEVER that good. Haven't had a chance to play sitting upright since.
november in blops 3
no weapons except combat knife, throwing axes and ripper specialist
went like 20/5-ish about 3 games in a row, chaining wallrun thrown axe kills into dubs and trips kills with knife or ripper. it was pretty good that night.
i was also drunk, and i notice i infrequently play much better when drunk.
I took 3 24oz monsters, 5 sugar pills, and epedrene one time playing CS:GO. My body was in a fucking overdrive. I could see everything in slow motion. My blood pressure was above 210. I was boom headshotting everyone and after 2 hours I passed out and woke up on the floor. I shit and pissed myself and I never did it again.
There's been different times, different games.

Battlefield 4 for example, I never played it competitively.

However, one time when I was high as shit.

>Playing 64 Siege conquest
>High as a red bull balloon
>Decide to play support but as a spec ops agent
>Silenced weapons, C4, bowie knife, smoke, grenades and claymores
>I fuck shit up for a while until I realize we are losing
>Operator mode is now engaged
>Infiltrate the skyscraper
>Tangos down everywhere
>The supports where already damaged but the enemy team was defending them to hold the skyscraper
>Take out a couple of defenders
>Place a c4 on the supports as an escape plan
>Make my way up the elevators
>After a few minutes they realize I'm up there
>Defending myself somehow
>Finally run out of ammo and claymores
>The tickets are almost dead even with only 70 or so per side
>Our team is capping one of their other points
>Make a break for it
>Somehow dodge all the gun fire
>Jump off the roof and detonate my c4
>The building starts to collapse as I fly to safety
>Land on the ground behind A
>Silently take out enemies with my bowie as the sky scraper collapses
>We end up winning as I get taken out by a tank

If felt epic as shit, I still have no idea how I managed to survive it all.
Felt like time was moving at half the normal speed.

>mfw I dove for safety off point C
I really hope I didn't hit my peak in playing starcraft in 2012. Hit masters a bunch of times. Just never been as good in HotS or LotV and its been a lot harder to play for long sessions.
>"He wasn't super saiyan."
He lost that ability when he became mystic, right? He can't turn off the power. Why do they do this?
Super Saiyan was still there but it was redundant because he had all of the power it gave drawn out so he doesn't need it.
But that shit took more maintenance than Super Saiyan.
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played quite a bit of bullet hells since last year, unlocked the extra stage for all major touhou releases and tried reaching the EX boss, dying miserably after getting there

after a few months break I decided to play extra in th11 and cleared it. jesus fucking christ I used EVERYTHING I had and almost had a heart attack
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Thread images: 20
Thread DB ID: 460418

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