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How is that backlog going /v/? we should...
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How is that backlog going /v/? we should help out each other with our backlogs. http://strawpoll.me/6572010

What games are you playing?
How big is your backlog?
>buying to much shit
>getting a backlog

just play one thing at time anon
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well now i'm having some free time soo...yhea
If a good deal comes around you can't just let it slip away.
I currently tried playing W101 today and holy fuck I hate playing action games where you have to buy or unlock basic fucking moves, I got my ass kick by the fucking cannons because I didn't have the defensive move to knock the shots back.
what the pudding? also get the dodge as fast as you can too is weird as a platinum game you are not getting those moves at the begining
bought the dodge first but not having the pudding fucked me hard
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i need to get rid of my backlog before i move out
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>metrid having a backlog
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>If a good deal comes around you can't just let it slip away.
Absolutely this, yet at the same time, you learn that your addiction isn't videogames, it's shopping.
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almost finished getting platinum in mad max. then i can move on to Skyrim, Type-0 or Witcher 3. also need to start practicing Xrd since i just got it recently.
someday i'm going to beat Drakengard D final man SOME DAY
RE:HD is a good game but i don't know what its the difference between PS3 and PS4 versions of the game
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>have best buy gcu
>have amazon prime
>bro used to work at pawn shop and got us $4 games
>can't control myself when a good sale comes up
>probably buy 4-6 games a month on average
>barely get to play games cause I work full time

At this point my backlog will be larger than my played games
>work full time
how many hours a day is full time in the US
You should probably go with Super metroid first since it only takes a few hours to beat
Rather than working through my backlog, I've been assembling lists of all the games I want to play on the PS2/Gamecube/Xbox and PS3/Wii/360. Because I'm a moron.

On the plus side once I'm done with these lists my backlog for those systems shouldn't ever grow any larger except I haven't been looking into any JP only games so I still have those.
I work a 9-5 job. By the time I get home and eat I only have about 5 hours or so to play something.

Also I have a shitload of rpgs in my backlog
not if he get stuck in the power bomb bullshit tube
fuck i just want a regular worktime i work 1PM to 9PM it just fucking blows when i get to home i'm to tired and when i wake up is already 11AM fucking shit

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Can you spot the thing that is neither of what the title proclaims?
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now i'm jealous
steven universe?
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>make backlog list last January
>have to leave Bongland in May because the fucking muslims trying to come over is causing such a backlog in the immigration system that we got clucked and had to go back to America to renew our visas
>been seven months
>I could've been done with most of my backlog by now
>mfw I may never get a chance to finish it for the next few years because I have to get into school as soon as we get back
>mfw it was a bunch of JRPGs, MMO grinding, finishing a pokemon sapphire nuzlocke I started back in highschool, LoZ Oracle of Ages/Seasons and I think the batteries may have died by now
>mfw depression getting worse
There are over 100 games in my backlog.

Send help.
Fuck twitch.
Fuck competitive multiplayer.
Fuck MMOs.
Fuck work.

Send help
anyone have a backloggery?
i dont get why alot of people hate or love this show
Mines pretty small...
Xenoblade Chronicles X
Tales of Zestiria (already 50+ hours in)
Witcher 3
I have about 22 games backlogged, most of them PS3/4/Vita games Been working on Bravely Default and Yoshi's Woolly World first.
I backlogged making one.

Honestly what I did was abandon my PC backlog and started on my console games. Problem was the steam sales. It was better to just cut off all ties to PC gaming. I'm almost done with my console games, so I'll get back to PC and filter out games I'll never ever play (shit like Bastion or EyE)
Neither do I, I haven't seen it. I've heard a shit ton of negative things so I assume it's bad, but you know what they say about assuming.
meh just watching is a good cartoon but sometimes is too gay to me still a good carton but this gay agenda is crazy
Playing The Talos Princilple, Dying Light and Samurai warriors chronicles 3. Backlog is ridiculous and only way I finish it is if I somehow retire right this moment.
It's going okay.

I haven't bought anything on Steam since Fallout 4 and I've mainly been burning through my PS3 library.

Got the Mass Effect Trilogy for $12 on sale a couple of days ago to play through 1 and I just landed on Virmire so I'm making pretty decent progress.
I'm trying but Yakuza 5 drags on forever.
bought about 15 ps3 games. ended up reading manga this whole time

Just finishing up Dead Rising 1
takes 60 hours even if you take the time to go out of the way to do a few things
I think it's the non-cutscene scenes with spoken dialogue, they just sap the energy right out of me.

You can burn through Tomb Raider pretty quick.

Good lord all them good PS RPGs. Parasite Eve is good and pretty short.
>Good lord all them good PS RPGs.
Yeah I kinda missed out on RPGs during the PS1 and 2 era, I mostly played action games and platformers back then.
>Finished 50+ games last year
>Still a billion more to play

At least I've managed to stop buying shit I don't play for months.
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>having a backlog

I just play whatever I feel like playing. Maybe I'll try Lost Planet I bought 2 years ago now that it finally started snowing where I live.

Been playing a shitton of Dynasty Warriors recently, not really something you'd consider "backlog".
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I have finally freed myself of my backlog burden by doing one simple thing.
Instead of playing a game to completion, I just play it until I've had enough of it.
Because of this, this winter I've been able to enjoy a lot more games then I ever had. Feels great not having to worry about a huge backlog.
>Instead of playing a game to completion, I just play it until I've had enough of it.

This. If you stopped playing after 20 minutes and you never feel like playing it ever again, then that just meant that game deserved only 20 minutes of your time, no reason to think about that game ever again.

This is the only proper way to look at video games. Forcing yourself through shit you're not interested in is foolish, most of us do that enough every day working the 9 to 5 to begin with.
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