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What about Nepgear?
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What about Nepgear?
MurdererNep is an okay Nep

Shitty third party pedobait clone Jap franchise. Churned out every monday to sell to gullible neckbeards who make purchases on whatever gets them hard.

Fuck Japan
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>those eyes
She and Uni should buy a cottage, live there and stop travelling, fighting and all that other nonsense. That's everything there is to say about her.
Oh and if they get kids Neptune should never hold them or babysit them.
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not for sexual
Best nep
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I feel the warp overtaking me
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Nepgears Tea.jpg
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What about her?
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noire legs.jpg
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Does Noire have the best thighs?
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>mfw neptunia victory 2 release 10 days later here in yurop

Honestly getting really tired of this. Why do we always get shafted with these.
Well that's better than waiting a month or 6.
I just hate the day they're releasing it because there's other games coming out that day.
Gotta make sure all the forms are filled out correctly to make sure the games aren't haram.
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Because no one respects us
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I prefer Boob Heart.
>doujin never
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I want to commit a crime
There were some in Japan I think. They just never get scanned in favor of Purple Heart rape/mindbreak doujins.
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nep burger.png
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Nep liek burg.
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go on
I would die a happy man if i could see some yellow heart doujins
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>mind break/rape
>Any nep
The people who do this deserve nothing but suffering
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Being raped and milked by White Heart!
You were the chosen one! It was said that you would save Gamindustri, not ruin it. You were to bring balance to the Nep, not let her lazy around!
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You know, the doujins we missed this year are pretty much all vanilla, HETERO vanilla
I want to be milked like a cow by her
Why must we suffer by not getting vanilla Nep doujins?
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I want White Heart to force me to cum until I die.
Cause 2hu and boatsluts.
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I want to fill WH until she can't go on
And then go on
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I want to have slow, relaxing sex with Blanc for her first time, and then when she realizes she loves the feeling of her insides being plastered with semen, she takes on her goddess form and squeezes me out like a tube of toothpaste.
Because Granblue fantasy is the new RPG meme game
I want to fuck all the Neps equally
except Iris Heart
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I fear the day I will have to shit on something I like because it's too popular, then again, GBF has fuckboys too so it should be safe from the kancolle/touhou crows
>gaijin invasion soon
Please help
Anon please stop being so lewd with my wife
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nep not amused.jpg
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>except Iris Heart
I actually lamented and decried out loud over how shitty this taste is.
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Did anyone else name their Netgear SSID as Nepgear?
I did. I even got this exact router.
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>tfw no beta

Not much of a loss though.
Since nobody answered your question obviously (poor OP), let me fill the gap:
Nepgear is not a very good choice as a party member (front row), since her offense power is somewhat flawed and her healing skills not powerful enough. She is balanced, but too balanced to be useful. Her coopling skills are neat though.
She is perfect for the casual player, since she is mediocre on every level. No real flaws, but no real strengths either. A normal nep.
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too obvious
cosplay freak
sexy pure maiden
>iris heart
>try hard dom
>no actual experiance
>can't decide on her personality
>tee hee im gonna use your body..... nope let's take a generic bath together yay friends!

pretend retard transforming into mature sexual predator doesn't work out when the entire cast is female.
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Memes aside Vert is the best character of the game. 8-hit combo rush attack, AOE EXE Drive attack, AOE STR + MAG buff, good AGI growth (so she can buff everyone at the start of the battle), etc.

I finished all Colosseum fights with Vert + Noire + Nep on RB1 and Vert + Noire + Nep + Blanc on RB2.
I want to rip out their clothes to molest them.
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Charlotte age.jpg
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For a sec I thought I was in the Granblue general.
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Has anyone played Neptunia U?

What the fuck is the deal with the loading times?
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Do you see shitty memes about used goods or esports?
I NEED a nep collab, I'll make a fucking water team just to use Blanc
>signed up almost instantly
>didn't make it
0/2 senpai, feels bad.
So I guess it's just normal for the game to completely freeze while loading?

Jesus Christ getting out of those first two missions just to save was a battle.
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I beat Rebirth 2 earlier today, Conquest ending though.

I don't understand what the fuzz was all about with that ending, it wasn't nearly as heart-wrenching as I was lead to believe it'd be. Only bits that moved me a bit were Nepgear's initial reaction after killing Uni, Neptune's dying scene and Vert's assistant's reaction, forgot her name already.

Wish the game had had the balls to actually have Nepgear kill Vert against her will instead of having her go with it at the very end like with every other CPU.

I did lose the will to keep playing though, so I'm unsure if I should head straight for Rebirth 3 or go for a real ending.
File: B0PKzY_CAAEaDds.jpg (68 KB, 600x680) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Do you have a safe just before the conquest route starts? It would be nice if you could share it. I want to play it, but I really don't want to spend the time needed to get there from zero.
File: B9gBxGZCUAAveeK.jpg (96 KB, 1024x933) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Eh, I have one from the start of chapter 5 I think. Can't upload it right now though, as I'm not on my computer.
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animu nepu lunch.jpg
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get a real ending. either the true ending or holy sword end

and the ending did affec you, you goomba. the proof is that you don't want to play re;birth 2 anymore. the true sword end is the best one for healing you probably
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