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Mario Kart 8 is the best in the series, prove...
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Mario Kart 8 is the best in the series, prove me wrong, you literally can't.
Unless you're a roster-fag.
Or you like battle mode.
DS is better in every single way except graphics

which is irrelevant
Came here to say this
>muh snaking
I do miss drybones though, DS is easily my second favorite.

>No SNES Rainbow Road
>No Koopalings
>No Metal Mario
>No easy way to play online with people

Nope. Mario Kart 7 is better, and that was easily topped by 8.

Not a single one of those is a bad thing, and DS online was easy peasy

try again
Post your lists

8. Mario Kart Super Circuit
7. Mario Kart 64
6. Super Mario Kart
5. Mario Kart 7
4. Mario Kart Double Dash
3. Mario Kart Wii
2. Mario Kart 8
1. Mario Kart DS
Mario Kart 7 has better glider mechanics.

God, that was such a disappointment. They literally could have just copy pasted the battle levels from 64 over and the game would have been GOAT

1. DS
2. Wii
3. DD
4. 8
5. SMK
6, 7
7. 64
8. SC
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At least you're not that guy who thinks 64 is the best right /v/.


Your shitty taste is no reason for me to try again. If you can't see why SNES Rainbow Road, more character variety, and playing with friends without stupid friend codes and severe lag are good things, then I have no further interest.
>No snaking
>No Dry Bones
It's garbage.

>A bunch of koopalings, babies, and literal pallete swaps
>character variety

Had snaking been patched and the online never gone down they might as well have thrown in the towel after DS. It wouldn't have ever gotten better than that.

1. DS
2. SMK
3. MKWii
4. MK7
6. MK8
8. MK64

I do not think time has been kind to 64.
>Can't go online with 4 players local
It's shit.

I don't know what kind of condition you have, but you need to see some kind of medical professional. Your sides shouldn't be in pain, and you shouldn't be sprouting such nonsensical shit.

The Koopalings are new, indivdual characters. They each have original voices, animations, and skills. Nothing wrong with that.

There's 2 palette swap characters in a roster of like 35. Not relevant.

We got crossover characters, we 2 games worth of tracks, and we got a customization system that's actually good. Plus, no exploitable glitches, and patches to fix the problems that are there.

Mario Kart 8 is objectively better.
>dry bones faggot
Pick one. Dry Bones a shit anyway, Toad's the superior tryhard character

except in terms of karts, battle mode, mission mode, and courses

sure, I guess
8 is the best because it has 200cc.
>Coin while in 1st

I don't like 8's courses as much as 7's, the anti-grav gimmick is kinda dumb, and Battle Mode remains an embarrassment, same as the other post-DS titles. 200cc is cool and a counter to the blue shell is fantastic but I'm hardly left sucking 8's dick otherwise.
>Who could forget 8's fantastic roster with characters like Pink Gold Peach, Baby Roaslina, and Black Yoshi?

Mario Kart 8 is a great game, but the roster is not why.
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>Snaking in 200cc
Nah. 7 have less content than DS, but is better game to play online than DS.
Finally got this game, does /v/ still play together?
I remember the fucking cries from the Casual players online moaning to Nintendo that people are Snaking around the track, What happened next? Nintendo listen and gave us Mario Kart Wii. That the power of casual gamers
+some interesting tracks and good music, I'm namely thinking Electrodrome and Dolphin Shoals
+all crossovers done fairly well
+Snaking is still dead, as it should be

-still 12 racers, instead of 8, which aggravates the Item imbalance
-which by the way are shittier than ever, including some automatic items with unpredictable mechanisms
-Blue Shells are very frequent, to the dismay of anyone that's actually good at the game, instead of items helping the lagging players catch up and battle and vie for position
-no arena stages in Battle
-camera seated at a degree that lets you see fuck all of the road ahead of you
-Karts have stats, imbalance in the weight classes
-fucking Coins
-Rubberband AI
-Flame Hopping
-backdraft results in a powerful boost, instead of just slowing you down as you regain wind resistance
-forced Points system in Battle with no revival
-and yes that roster is goddamn horrible
-amiibo shit

*MK64 Rainbow Road butchered, shortened to one lap - some like the brevity

It's not bad, but it's not good, either.
Pretty sure I can still enjoy and do competitively well at Mario Kart without jacking off my D-Pad. Learn to take turns efficiently, autist.

One more:

-vertical splitscreen in 2P, not horizontal to give you proper FOV
I felt that Mario Kart peaked at this game to be honest
>*MK64 Rainbow Road butchered
>Implying MK64's Rainbow Road was any good in the first place.
only problem is the battle mode, which they fucked up.
they could at least release some dlc maps for it
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God Tier:
Mario Kart DS

High Tier:
Mario Kart Double Dash
Mario Kart 8

Mid Tier:
Mario Kart 7
Super Mario Kart

Low Tier:
Mario Kart Super Circuit
Mario Kart 64

Shit Tier:
Mario Kart Wii
CTR>Sanic racing transformed>wii>8>ds>7>dd>64>SMK>SC
you could try, our current fascination is Sm4sh /v/kends though
>God Tier:
>Mario Kart DS
>High Tier:
>Mario Kart Double Dash

Totally Agree with you.

>Learn to take turns efficiently, autist.
Git Gud filthy casual
I don't get how this is relevant in comparison to other mario karts.
Or even other games. The fact that you can go online with 2 local is a great feature I rarely ever see.
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its the best mario kart that exists

but its stil fucking mario kart, so its not to be taken too seriously

>1st place the whole game
>get hit on final stretch
>finish 8th

also if you want an honest critique, id say the amount of random shit is at an all time high, considering you get all these bullshit boosts like if hovering and someone bumps you from behind, but oh no youre near the edge and you cant steer during the boost so fuck you i guess. or the fact that shell alerts come about 3 milliseconds before youre hit.
also the fucking camera during flight is fucking retarded as shit i can never see where i land, also the controls during flight are equally dumb because sometimes you need to fly into a turn on the road, but you can only strafe in the air, what the fuck
Lap 1 - Traditional race, skilled racers get out ahead,
Lap 2 - Item brawl, 1st has to race well or else,
Lap 3 - Distance gap between racers results in the powerful fuck-everyone Items, resulting in a white knuckle race either in 2-4 or between 1P and 2P

Not to mention the neon characters in the sky were tight as fuck, you casual.
>Can't prove me wrong unless fact
You proved yourself wrong.
thanks for reminding me to sell this piece of garbage.

MK8 and MK7 are fucking insulting compared to MK DS.
This is a good point, Mario Kart games in general seem to have a habit of screwing over people in first for balance when it would be more fun for everyone if last-place power ups were limited to golden mushrooms and possibly non-damaging bullet bills.
You mean Mario Kart Dumb Shit.

Go play a fighting game, and make sure it has string inputs. Those idiots need someone lacking actual skill but can mash buttons fast enough and well enough to bring their egos down a million notches.
that's why you hold your bananas/shells behind you as soon as you get them
DS is better but 8 is the second best
I'm still mad as fuck that my niggas diddy, dry bones and king boo didn't make it

Other than that yes.
>can't drag items behind you
>coins as items


This guy. This guys FUCKING GETS IT

CTR is god-tier kart racing.

Sonic is a bit ehh. Easy mode is shockingly easy while normal mode had the AI up my ass.
The first game didn't even have the Blue Shell. Worst it had was the Boo, the Star, and the Lightning Bolt.

Boo's random (largely),
Star is a no-brainer, and,
The Lightning Bolt helps whomever used it catch up and affects everyone on a graduated basis.

Punishing solely first place is no way to conduct a game.
>>can't drag items

low quality bait
>drag items
>cant pick up a new one whilst still holding your dragged item

this really kills it for me
That was bulshit though, if the first place has 3 bananas he became untouchable.
yeah untouchable by items
looks like youd need to learn to drive better than fucking relying on bullshit
>God Tier:
>Mario Kart DS

Only if you exclude the online.

>Shit Tier:
>Mario Kart Wii

But why? I thought the game was good. Some of the best fun times I had in my life were playing Battle mode online.
>skilled racers get out ahead
There's railing everywhere which means there's no penalty for not staying on the road and the only obstacles are a few chain chomps
Driving on N64 rainbow road takes no skill

>1st has to race well or else
Rubberbanding as fuck AI will always catch up to you whether you're way out in front or not

>Distance gap between racers results in the powerful fuck-everyone Items
This happens on literally every track.
Items are an inherent part of the balance in MK.

Driving skill is a minor factor since it's so easy. Unless 200cc.
I have to agree with >>324056345, especially when there are 12 racers.

And the 5 banana peels item of MK64 was even more broken. Red Shells couldn't touch me.
what if there was just 1 chance of getting item blocks in every lap?
i.e. one row of blocks somewhere in the middle of the lap
True! but u see people grew fond of that skill and for Nintendo to take away from them hit those veterans pretty hard that's why they hate everything after Mario Kart DS
nope. Imagine you're fighting for 5th with 4 others. you get triple bananas, one guy gets gold mushroom, one triple mushroom, another gets blue shell. Two of you are fucked.
Your Fucking right it's God tier
>Snaking around the track
i never played the DS version
what does this mean?
You have to Power-Boost and take turns the best to get into first in the first place, not to mention the initial Item brawl.
Every track takes that skill.

>Rubberband AI
Was referring to racing with other Human players.

>Distance gap/powerful items
Yes, and you're spread out enough at that point to where it wasn't such a Fuck You to the people that were doing well, and let the others catch up as the Items were intended.
Because on a track like Koopa Troopa Beach and its shortcut, or Wario Stadium's jump, or Banshee Boardwalk's or Yoshi Valley's lack of railing, those Items' effects get massively magnified.
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this was cool
Well aware. I lived through it.

Tough break for them.
you know whats the actual gayest shit about mario kart as a whole?
beyond the randomness and the bullshit items and bulshit rosters and bullshit AI ?

the fact that youre whole race can be fucked by fucking up one single turn
i mean once you go off the main track even by one fucking millimeter, your speeds drops down to basically zero instantly. if someone bounces you off the track youre usually fucked

it should just be more slick so turning is real hard instead
>pressing left and right on the D-Pad really quickly

It's a quick way of spamming mini boost
I loved it, but I feel like the items could've been handled better.
Everyone getting the same items and depending on what balloon you pick is what item you get sounds good in theory, but if one player is front running by like half a lap there's virtually no chance to catch up unless the guy in 1st fucks up somehow cause he'd be getting the same items as the guy in last.
Maybe if players further behind got items that were automatically powered up without having to get more than one, it would be better?

Other than that the game blows MK64 out of the water.
oh that sounds like a dumb mechanic, but i havent played so i cant really say
Problem is, it both made the game physically painful to play AND offroad had no effect on it.
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Not Played: Super Mario Kart + Mario Kart 7

6. Mario Kart Wii
5. Mario Kart Super Circuit
4. Mario Kart 64
3. Mario Kart Double Dash
2. Mario Kart DS
1. Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart DS would have won if it wasn't for the top value DLC in Mario Kart 8. I do miss a proper battle mode, and the missions in DS were a lot of fun, but Mario Kart 8's attention to detail, music, and stage selection just barely pushes it into first place for me.
File: Mk9_boxart.png (2 MB, 772x1107) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 772x1107
Lets hold out for Mario Kart 9
File: 441.jpg (31 KB, 298x403) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Well I'm waiting for it
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mkw custom mod.jpg
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Another mario kart thread filled with retards as usual

anyway this is the best in the series
I'm out, peace.
All I really want is GBA Sunset Wilds to be remade. It's the course that takes place in the desert with dinosaur tracks in the road while the sun sets as you're racing. It would look beautiful on the NX.

Otherwise if the anti-gravity is coming back(Which I don't see how they can remake MK8 tracks without it) I think GCN Wario Colosseum to come back since it would compliment the anti gravity perfectly.
And a new track based off the comet observatory would be cool.
The problem is Nintendo tends to reuse some of the Retro Tracks more than Twice like with SNES Rainbow Road - MK7 & MK8 won't count GBA
Honestly, the whole series' formula has just gotten stale. New tracks, retro tracks, Mirror.

And features keep getting added to where that MK8 is critical mass. It's already so complicated that it's driving people away, and adding more features is going to kill the game.

So, I'm hoping MK9 keeps things simple. You can have MK8 tracks, because the anti-grav is barely noticeable. We already had the loop in MKDS' Rainbow Road, and that didn't need anti-grav.

I say retool the levels to be traditional, or just fucking go with it since it's a kids' game.
1. DD
2. 64
3. DS
4. Wii
5. 8
6. Super
7. 7
8. Super Circuit
It's an exploit of the mini-boosts you get from cornering. You basically "corner" in a zig-zag pattern, and the resulting boosts allow you to go faster than the same kart simply going straight.
that's dead
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Let's revive it!
>doesn't even have on screen map
>lowest skill ceiling of all in the series
>worst rubber band AI
>laughably limited online
>no missions
>no new tech

quite literally the worst, actually the only good thing it had was music
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Thanks anon. What time are people generally on?
CTGP is shit tier, only good thing about it is the speedometer.
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DS > 8
>not maining entirely-socks
His static-shock ability lets him plow through obstacles practically unhindered, it's the OPest thing imaginable.


no. Its aged horribly
>entirely-socks yoshi
that may be a thing given that Yarn Yoshi exists.
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