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>lose a fuckton of matches against opponent
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>lose a fuckton of matches against opponent
>lose any and all motivation to actually better yourself at the game
>feel so bad that you just want to stop playing the game

Fuck that aspect of it the most
>your dreams of one day gitting gud are quelled as you lose more and more
>you actually want to just stop playing for good >saving yourself the trouble and embarrassment of losing all the time
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>friend gets me into fightan
>really excited to introduce me to the genre
>he steamrolls me
>hit the lab, practice for a week and even use his main for research
>even get a stick just because I like it more than a pad
>still beaten but get closer to victory
>weeks later finally start getting consistent wins in
>wait a week, challenge him again
>turns out he sold his copy of the game
>"I only plays mobas now, anon. You should get League. So much better than fighting games."
I wish I had friends to play fightan with.

The only fightan game I've been playing recently is Smash 4 and I'm horrible at it.
>Have fun with league of legends for months
>Suddenly ever match have 2-3 bots on team
>Intense uphill struggle each time

What the fuck happened, it was fine till 2 weeks ago
Are you cute? We can play Smash 4 and be terrible together.
I tried to get into fighting games but I just don't get it. They seem so cool and fun and I wanna play them.

But then you have to do all these weird combinations for moves- something about it just makes no sense to me. Why would I step back twice just to fire a projectile? Why dont I just have a button to fire the projectile? Then I can fire it without seizuring back twice. An thats just an incredible simple example.

Is there some reason that the system isn't updated or given macros of some sort that you can customize? What if someone figured out how to use a keyboard to just press for all the moves they wanted? Would fighting fags get super assmad over it- and why?
this is why I stopped playing Depth
Kept getting put against multiple people who had 3k hours in the game and were max level while me and my team had like 2-10 hours played and would get absolutely destroyed regardless of what we did
Grrrl or gay/bi dude?
Thata literally the reason og why i stop playing skullgirls.
The latter.
inputs are used to balance moves. if you could do a fireball with one button some characters would be broken like
guile. just look at the 3ds version of sf4
That's cool, I'm bisexual myself.

Something similar happened to me.
>Friend is crazy about USF4
>I also like fightans but i was a shitter
>I also dont like loosing, for some reason i get really salty
>Friend obliterates me
>I decide to stop being a scrub and actually practice
>i start to get better and better at the game
>I even went to the arcades and won a couple of times
>Play with friend again
>I can read all his moves and block/focus everything
>win 20 matches of 7 rounds in a row
>Now im the one that teaches my friend all the details about each character and shit

Feels good
[email protected]

The input is to delay moves for combos since every tiny frame matters. Part of the skill is being able to combo successfully while doing so in a rapid and concise fashion. Depending on the game, mechanics may rely on your input for certain things, such as option selects (letting the game decide the best action in a situation where you put in a command where two moves are possible) You also have to consider your opponent is doing the same things and see if you're able to react and play faster than him. Once you get to a skilled enough level, it turns second hand nature and you don't even think about it. And lastly, it's bit of a legacy system. Many people already gotten used to it and enjoy it more because well it's just fun doing a bunch of movement to do a combo.

And there is macros that instantly do attacks. Hell, P4A has auto-combo button available, where it uses a decent but not optimal combo if you just spam light attack button. But good players don't really use that (unless it's original P4A and you're using Mitsuru because she was pretty broken if I recall) And players who use them are just like the rest, they don't do much better unless they're playing against raw beginners. Because chances are, if you have to rely on using those buttons, you're not very good.

i remember looking up tons of r34 on braceface like 14 years ago and fapping my dick off
Well said anon.
You my friend should play tekken

I'll say that a lot to people on the other team that feel their skill warranted them a win. Except I tell them it's a shitty game. I keep hoping that it'll comfort them but they assume I'm undermining them.
Tatsunoko Vs Capcom had a simple mode that made it play kind of like smash, b button was mapped to command moves that changed with direction. I remember lots of online Tekkamans scrubbing out wins with instant sonic boom lances they had no business winning.
Wow thanks for factual non freakout responses. That actually makes some sense I guess, I wish it could be time-balanced in a way that made a little more sense. But now I totally get you. Thanks
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>tfw you spend so much time on video games yet you're not actually talented or skilled at them
>At best you're non-potato and don't actively drag your team down
It looks kinda slow, what makes you think I'd like it? Not that I know much anyway about if its truly slow or not.
It get pretty fast paced when youre playing but for the most part combos make sense each button controls a limb and and that limb moves when you hit the button


watch this it explains it bettetr
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>be 2011
>trying to get into Starcraft 2
>play tons of matches, am terrible and only win if opponent surrenders
>never leave bronze
>practice for hours against bots
>read online, watch pro gameplay
>play some 2v2s or 3v3s with friends
>best friend is pretty good, coaching me
>tells me I've gotten a lot better, probably on par with silver or gold league players
>decide its time for my comeback
>lose five matches in a row
>never play again

RTS games bring the worst out of me.
do you play terran?

No problem, I like helping new players.

Just practice and learn your moves and eventually everything becomes second nature.

The great thing about fighting games, is that often once you understand the fundamentals and general fighting game strategy, you can play most fighting games at a okay level right fairly quickly. You'll still have to learn new combos, learn the different mechanics, and get a "feel" for the game, but you'll understand the basics and what characters in game X is similar to the characters in game Y.
Terran or sometimes protoss.
>>tfw you spend so much time on video games yet you're not actually talented or skilled at them
Fucking this.

>pride yourself on your ability
>tell yourself you're actually bretty gud
>that crushing realization that you actually suck
>me and my friends all decide to get a game to play together
>its a game i'm apparently fucking terrible at
did you build the same thing against each race as terran?
>playing a team based game
>play perfectly
>doesn't matter because your team a shit and there is nothing you can do about it
This is me with trying to PvP in Darksouls.

I play the way I find most enjoyable, unfortunately, it's not the best way to kill other players with.

Not terrible at the game, just suck balls against the hardcore PvP players and makes me want stay Hollow forever.
I can't remember exactly what I did, but I know I had different strategies for different opponents. I just got stressed in a 1v1 game and did everything poorly.
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Hey, I want in on this.
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>30 ping
>aimbot tier good, killing everything and everyone
>100+ ping
>absolute shit tier, can't fucking hit anything

thanks valve.
Email me.
>rocket league
>everyone on the other team is fucking Germany in the World Cup
>everyone on your own team will score in your team's goal, will fucking ram into you when you're about to hit a goal, and go "Wow!" when anything happens
>but that feel when you make a great goal

This game makes me so fucking amd but oh my god when I make a good goal, I feel great. Then I realize we're 5 points behind.
>Now im the one that teaches my friend all the details about each character and shit
When you get to that point after being the shitter, it feels amazing to look back on it all. Fightan games is truly, truly, an amazing journey.
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Dark Souls.jpg
56 KB, 392x500
>spend hours putting together a well thought out build in DS1
>only to fight the same mom mask wearing shitters that use their hong kong connection to chainstab you
>torture myself through DS2 to make a more complicated build
>only to fight the same pussy ass faggots who still need to summon 2+ people to get through an area while over 170SL
video games
Its cool as fuck mate
>want to get better at 1v1 in game
>game's community is small
>most people just want to play free for all on some boring custom made maps that don't fit the game's weapons or movement
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>play a lot of Third Strike when I was young
>best in my group of friends
>feel pretty good
>enter a local tourney
>get my fucking ass destroyed, they're levels above me

It's like one of my Japanese animes, except I'm the smug motherfucker that everyone hates and loved when he got rekt.
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>play three hour 3v3 game of CoH2 with friends
>at the end of which one of the losers uninstalled his game, another was so salty he left our teamspeak server, and the last was only barely able to hide his frustration and exasperation while saying "good game."
>the winning team was so exhausted and likewise irritated that we couldn't even savor our victory over the Slav dogs
>none of us even touch the game for another year, at which point we've long since forgotten how it makes feel and foolishly begin the cycle anew
>Friends want me to get pokemon.
>all they do is breed and grind.
>but never battle.
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>all they do is breed and grind

me and rts games. only ines ive been good at are sc1 and wc3. i guess dow too but i played with /tg/ and dear god are they horrible.
I love that shit man. I get so mad when I lose a bunch of great vet3 units in a long slog of a match and feel so ready to give up. but then I overcome it all against the odds and its the most satisfying feeling I've gotten from any videogame. 10/10 game imo even if i get platinum mad when i get rekt hard
>tfw you cant play any games with your friends because they always go full autisim mlg pro on them resulting in them always becoming huge piss babies.
>games like sim city and even stupid facebook games can't even be played with out of them exploding on someone else.
Bruh 3 fucking hours? The longest game I've played went just under 2 in a 2v2. Damn man
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>on a win streak
>doing the same thing I always do
>lose to some scrub shit because I was caught in the rhythm and couldn't react to a deviation from the norm
>lose all motivation to play
File: 1446495004583.png (34 KB, 190x195) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Three horrid hours of back and forth attrition and shit flinging. It only ended because the game ran into the wee hours of the morning, and the losing team just got tired of wasting their time. They were the smart ones, come to think of it.

It stopped being fun about and hour and a half in.
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>mfw resorting to unconventional warfare to win uphill battles
>mining every strip of ice and bridge
>planting TNT at the feet of my own engineers to goad the enemy into a suicidal attack
>destroying enemy barbed wire with cheap tier 1 vehicles
>harassing lone infantry units with machine gun-mounted motorcycles and jeeps because I literally can't afford anything else
That's what happens to most people who feel they're good just because they're the best among a small group of people. Just remember that there's always people better than you, and being bad doesn't mean you can't improve. Keep at it!
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I really wish fighting games were more popular (besides MK and other western trash). My friends who think fighting games are just about mashing buttons never want to play with me because I actually know what I'm doing. Worst of all, I live in bumfuck egypt so my internet is absolute trash for fighting games. 100 ping on the best of days and connections. Having irl friends that like long sets like I do would be the best.
but it's still correct.

it's just a fucking game. virtual.
>be best in a small group of friends
>they start to catch up
>get rekt by them
>act like you went easy on them

>never thought I was that great at games but at least thought I was competent
>get into counter strike, trackmania and osu in the same week

That was a humbling/soul crushing experience.
let me guess, that pic is a guy?
I love crushing shit talking steam sale noobs in wargame. That game has the best community
tfw always being late to the party.
Always one step behind in the flavor of the month game...

>hey anon we are playing X game now, it's really good
>buy game, install game, play game
>I lose every battle because I'm not familiar with the mechanics and strategies
>fucking boring
>want to play with friends though, so practice and study
>start to become pretty good
>start to actually win a lot of matches
>hey anon we are playing Y game now, it's really good
>everybody totally abandon X game forever
>fucking hell
i releave love the art style
...but not enough to turn into a faggot for it, into the trash it goes
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Cute boys aren't gay, anon.

nah, suck a dick faggot
ain't even gonna click it
File: 1441004607914.png (905 KB, 987x599) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Suit yourself dork.
wow that insult really hurt me, is that the best you got faggot?
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You're awfully defensive for someone who secretly lusts after cute boys.

Settle down, hun.
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>all the gamers i know are either normie CoDfags or annoying tourneyfags
>tfw the tourneyfags wouldn't ever play any games with you because you arent considered "good enough" to
you are the one taking dick up the ass
not me
>lose because someone exploits a glitch which is impossible to beat
>get calle da bitch for backing out because i dont want to be mouth fucked by some kid because he cares so much about winning he looks up glitches online to abuse them in game
>never go back because game is broken
>Play Age of Empires 2 HD version
>Doing bretty well, steamrolling noobs and fighting back decent players
>Get into a group players
>Fight this one guy
>He steamrolls me before imperial
>If I get to imperial, Im getting attacked from 3 different fronts, while constantly harassing me
>I try to somewhat hurt him, barely any damage
>I get completely annihilated

Way to kill my gaming mod, Shump.
You did the right thing, fuck those literal faggots.
>in the heat of the match
>things are getting intense
>think to myself what the fuck am I doing with my life wasting it on shitty video games
>make coffee
>back to browsing /v/ because nothing else to do
I seem to be that guy who learns the game quickly and gets to somwhere above average skill tier and then stuck there forever never improving.
>people like OP actually exist
Why are you even playing games, if not to have fun challenging yourself?

>win pretty much all the time
>top or top3 scorelist every game on the first try
I'm fucking BORED AS FUCK M8
To the point where I started playing fighting games because occasionally you'll find someone there that absolutely destroys you and suddenly you're having fun again trying to beat this guy, suddenly there's a reason to get better, a motivation to improve yourself and to actually play the game properly
Who here /superbatonegame/?
I've been accused of hacking several times while playing Chivalry.
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>MBII mod for jedi academy
>70% of the players use red saber style and spam one combo that's op as fuck
>train on duel servers for long time to git gud
>later obliterate said players with yellow style like it's fucking nothing
>mfw they whine because they just can't repeat the same shitty ass combo on me
>some of them even accuse me of hacking
At least now he is in a place where he can always have 4 other people to blame and report when he loses. I played League since season 1 and I'm migrating to fighting games now.

What stick did you get?
>Why would I step back twice just to fire a projectile?
>Why dont I just have a button to fire the projectile?

dont you mean step forward twice?
there wouldnt be enough buttons for all the moves. also, having to step forward means you cant block and then instantly do a special move, makes it less turtly
Replace this with me being leagues above Everybody Online, but then put Actual Challenges in and have them completely dwarf every other graph. FUCK trying to get truly competitive in video games, that shit is such a miserable grind.
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