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What are /v/'s most hyped games of 2016?
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What are /v/'s most hyped games of 2016?

Pic related is NeoGAF, do we have better taste /v/?
>good taste

Top zoz
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>uncharted at the top
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I am excited beyond belief for Persona 5.
I know it very well may not live up to the hype, but there is something very very comfy about that kind of game. God, I can only hope there are inclement weather days, like P4's ultra comfy fog and rain. Obviously, the story will have 2-3 twists, and be mostly about friendship, and be a dating sim, but all of that is fine. GOD DAMN, I'm just so excited.

Besides that,
I'm definitely buying The Last Guardian with any special edition they may choose to throw out there, same with FFXV. DS3 is a standard pick, not overly excited, but will be more hyped near launch. Nier is too early to tell, but I'll definitely buy.
Xcom 2 will be GOTY
Deus ex will come second, but basically the same as the previous game
star citizen will be third due to let down on launch (if it ships this year)

prove me wrong

Someone tried to do a /v/ most anticipated
But as you can guess...
Shit and pleb tastes.
why exactly are people hyped for uncharted 4? i haven't really been paying attention to the game at all. is it doing anything new or cool? is it a lock to be better than tomb raider, which seems to be a similar game.
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I can't speak for anyone else but the amount of stuff potentially coming out this year that I'm interested in getting is insane

>Western AAA
X-Com 2
Mirror's Edge: Catalyst
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
Ratchet & Clank
Horizon: Zero Dawn
Torment: Tides of Numenera
Dishonored 2

>Japanese AAA
Ace Combat 7
NieR: Automata
Persona 5
Final Fantasy XV
Street Fighter V
Gravity Rush 2

>Handheld Titles
Stranger of Sword City
Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth
Trails of Cold Steel
Danganronpa V3
Zero Escape 3: Zero Time Dilemma
Atelier Escha and Logy Plus

Hyper Light Drifter
Yooka Laylee
Va-11 Hall-A
No Man's Sky
The Witness

And I'm probably forgetting a few things, too

>mfw I added up how much it'd cost to buy all of the above
Muh graphics.
That's it. It does seems to be a bit more open with varied "set pieces" (fuck ND for using that expression for a videogame seriously, especially when they dare admit they build the whole plot around those) but the gameplay seem generic and casual shit as usual.
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other than mass effect and uncharted that list isn't bad.
It's by the same writing team that did Uncharted 2, which is the best of them, and its focus on visually spectacular set-pieces and a strong cast of likeable characters with top bantz going on between them constantly has broad appeal.

It's just looking like it'll be a really well done cinematic action game, and a lot of people really like those.
>Persona 5

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Persona 5
Odin Sphere Leifthrasir
NieR Automata
Deus Ex MD
Valkyria Azure Revolution
Ace Combat 7
Rez Infinite
Yakuza 0
Danganrompa V3
Star Ocean V
Torment Numenera
Gravity Rush 2
Is this a new epic maymay?
Nah I just remembered Odin Sphere is coming this year, added it in to my list in a comment box for convenience, and accidentally posted it when I went to copy the list for later posting.
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They're missing Cyber Sleuth.
>people are hyped for a movie

I'm looking forward to:
Yakuza 0
Perdona 5
Deus Ex

...Not too much really. Though I'm excited for Dragon's Dogma PC port, but that's just few days away.
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So fucking hyped for this. Pretty much a new game at this point and it's so good
Nothing interesting coming out this year, except maybe DS3 and x-com.
Oh yeah, forgot this. I fucking love Vanillaware, so will be buying this.
Is there any word if PS4 version performs significantly better? Might be time to upgrade to one.
this has me most hyped
finally i can get my tacticool on again

the only game ill get day one next year
Pretty sure it's 1080p 60FPS on both PS3 and 4
Nothing really, I cant think of a single thing. Nothing is made for my generation anymore. The last thing that I played that I enjoyed was Axiom verge, and that was just because I'm so starved for Metroid games I needed something to take its place.
>next year
fucking i keep forgetting its already 2016
PS4 is [email protected], demo confirms its very steady as well.
PS3 is [email protected], demo apparently has some dips.
Vita is [email protected], demo indicates its rock solid.

It should be noted the vita is 544p natively, just an fyi.
I don't understand how you could possibly look at 2016's line-up and not see a single game that interests you. Do you just enjoy nothing but RTS, metroidvania, and grand strategy games?

I mean shit man I'm 35 and there's still fuckloads of games I'm hype for, tell me what you're into and I'll try to give you some recs.
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>I can't speak for anyone else but the amount of stuff potentially coming out this year that I'm interested in getting is insane
Indeed, best year in gaming ever for me, if the games turn out to be good that is.

>mfw I added up how much it'd cost to buy all of the above
Good thing I'm going to get paid from a kickstarter project in Q2, just when the bulk of games start to get released, and spend all of it in the following:

100% going to buy:
-Yakuza 0
-EDF4.1 (EU)
-FF7R Ep1. part 1/6 sub chapter 1 of 20
-OdinSphere remake
-Aegis Rim: 13 Sentinels
-Star Ocean 5
-Tales of Berseria
-Valkyria revolution
-DragonsDogma PC
-The Last Vaporware
-Playstation VR
-GranTurismo Sport VR
-Ace Combat 7 VR

High probability:
-Ikenie to yuki no setsuna

-Gravity rush 2
-The Witch and the Hundred Knight
-Ni No Kuni 2 (male)
-Digimon Cybersluts
-SwordArtOnline if I STILL need a Jrpg fix

I pray for western releases/translation of (will 100% buy if in english):
-Dragon's Dogma Online
-DeepDown to be a thing
-Exist Archive
-Monster Hunter X
I don't think you should put it that way, a lot of people don't own console X or console Y so it's obvious the most popular platform's games are going to end on top.
>Zero Time Dilemma
Better than I expected of them, I have to admit
While it's great, it's still just baby's first visual novel
Castlevania (Not metroidvania or 3D, sick of those), megaman and megaman X, non-hypercasualized Zeldas, 2D metroids, crash bandicoot games, Spyro games, Mario games that arent done to death, twisted metal, final fantasy games that aren't action shit like kingdom farts, JRPG's that arent moeshit. FPS that arent CODized wigger shit. Racing games that dont try too hard to be realistic (like engine fucking exploding, tires falling off n shit). Turn based strategy games that dont take themselves too serious like advance wars.

Yknow, good games that aren't modernized shit dumbed down for people who lowered their standards to follow the curve of the change in gaming for the casual/normalfag crowd.

I dont like movie games, I dont like QTE's. I don't play things packed with DLC, and honestly most western RPG's suck ass because there's no effort put into them. My "problem" is I never lowered my standards with the decline in quality in gaming, so i expect things to retain quality and not be homogenized for the largest possible gain from the widest audience through casualization and oversimplification.

The only thing I'm SLIGHTLY looking forward to is Residentevil 2 remake, and that's because they have a guideline of a game to model it after. Unfortunately though, unlike RE1HD remake they dont have a base game to be lazy with and just upres and clean up textures. This is modern capcom with a modern dev team. They're going to casualize it somehow or modernize it somehow where it DOESN'T NEED IT.
The only games I'm looking forward to are Tekken 7 and SFV.

The sad thing is I'm not even a huge fighting game fan. It's just that all my favorite genres are fucking dead.
so youre just a contrarian faggot that doesnt actually like videogames?

sorry to hear that, maybe some day youll realize how to have fun again.

also bloodstained is coming out early 2017 and thats gonna be more castlevania than castlevania is right now
Contrarian=\= never lowering my standards m8. I'm also in 30's, I just never forgot what videogames were meant to be.

That being not a simple device for the monetary gain of a corporation (and no it wasnt always JUST THIS, which would mean you're probably lying about your age like most fags here). It became not about videogames, but a way to please those fat old suits in board rooms flicking their wads of cash. You've truly lost sight of what videogames mean if you can't see the massive decline in quality not only in gameplay, but oversimplified or poorly made controls, graphical quality stopped progressing due to shit hardware consoles, and the general overall quality of coding and effort has completely fallen through the floor because devs realized that they're not being paid well on top of the new audience having no standards for them to match...they dont HAVE to try anymore because faggots will simply buy anything a modern publisher's dev teams shit out of their ass.

If you really don't see a problem here,I think you ARE part of the problem.
I do not understand why some people are interested on Zero Horizon. I mean, it comes from a studio that only did one decent game in 12 years.
ok bruh
then get a different hobby
or make your own games

ill just have fun in your stead

because even if youre in your thirties (and btw, im not the other 35 year old anon) you act like a fucking tryhard teen.
yes big money is behind games, as are corporations. big fucking whoop.
thats the state of the world we live in, try making your own game and youll realize you dont have the assets and funds it would require, which a big company does have.

youre also quite young in nature, if you think making sweeping declarations ever changed anything. youre judging a whole industry in a few sentences.
have you played evry single game? or are you just prejudicially judging them?
because guess what, not every fucking game is shit nowadays, even if a lot are.

and if you want to play older games, then fucking do it, theyre easier than ever to get a hold of.

youre literally a faggot crying in the rain, it wont change anything.
youd think someone with somewhat of a brain, or in your case, some years of experience on this earth would have learned that by now.

>,I think you ARE part of the problem.
very well, if thats your opinion, then i am part of the problem.
but its only a problem you created in your head.
once you let go, there wont be any more problems

fucking faggot
I'm going to be so fucking poor this year it's not even funny.
>Day 1
Deus Ex:MD
NieR: Automata

>Highly Likely
Gravity Rush 2
Yakuza 0
Ace Combat 7
Torment: Tides of Numenera
Mass Effect: Andromeda
Star Ocean 5
The Last Guardian
Aegis Rim: 13 Sentinels
Dishonored 2

And then there's 2017 stuff like FFVIIR etc.
Zelda will forever be at the top for me.
Hate me all you want,it's the only series that make me feel like a child again.

I miss those days.
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After that pic i dont think we need to prove anything.
Wow, lot of you guys assume that Mass Effect: Andromeda will come out this year. I don't think that's possible. Next year, with luck.
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>starts to talk about corporations and people in suits

I couldn't bare to read through that. You are somehow stinking out this place even more. What a foul odor.

holy shit, throw your 30+yo rotting body out of a ravine already and be done with it.
isn't this the neogaf poll?
al you had to do was read two sentences

in a two sentence post
you read one sentence
and immediately posted a dumb question

go back to your favourite forum
>unmemeted 4 at the top
But the gameplay is ass and there's no replay value either. The writing also isn't anything special
>the division even made into the list, not to mention almost top 10.

They drink the kool-aid daily it seems.
Xcom 2 even being on that list is amazing to me.
Theres no replay value in half-life, still a good game. That said i haven played uncharted games, but replayability is a flimsy argument to make, unless it has those qualities advertised or implied, upon which you could judge on the quality of it. Open world games kinda imply of non linear fashion, so do-whatever, but usually their replay value is pretty shit, unless the components are diverse enough and the game isnt paper thin on its core mechanics.
>Theres no replay value in half-life
File: 1381430051850.png (204 KB, 409x446) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>meryl streep
>there's no replay value in a rollercoaster
Pretty much this.
>ahead of last guardian
>ahead of no man's sky
>ahead of legend of zelda
>ahead of ffxv
why are people retarded, /v/?
I have 0 interest in all but 2 of those titles. DS3 and XCOM2 are on my hype list, but the rest of those games look like console exclusive trash.
1. Xcom 2
2. Deus ex: MD
3. Dark souls 3
4. Overwatch
5. Nier
Not really hyped for anything else

>people hyped for Odin Sphere HD
>demo still has the same slowdown issues the PS2 version had

why even be hype?
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>that font
I'm hyped for Persona 5, Zelda, FFXV, and DaSIII. If all these games turn out to be great then this will be a very good year.
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Games I'll get on PC:
>Dark Souls III

For PS4:
>Ratchet & Clank
>Uncharted 4
>No Man's Sky
>Mirror's Edge
>Horizon: Zero Dawn
>Nier: Automata
>The Last Guardian
>The Tomorrow Children
>World of Final Fantasy

For XBO (Crossbuy if applicable):
>Halo Wars 2
>Quantum Break

For Wii U:
>Zelda U
>Star Fox

NOT TO EVEN MENTION the NX could very well launch this year, in which case I'd likely be getting that as well.

being an idort is bittersweet.
>muh setpieces
>muh drake
>muh strong women
There's no arguing about tastes, anon.
Literally every other site has better taste than /v/

Mainly because we don't use terms like "meme" and "fedora" to describe games
dont insult rollercoasters.
*they dont use

fuck my brain
File: 1439050148855.jpg (12 KB, 258x245) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Overwatch at the bottom
File: 1449644204041.gif (38 KB, 250x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I know it's said practically every year, but this year looks pretty stacked

>Final Fantasy XV
>Shin Megami Tensei IV FINAL
>Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator
>Odin Sphere Leifthrasir
>NieR Automata
>Gravity Rush 2
>Dragon Quest VII & VIII
>The Last Guardian
>Setsuna whatever
>Ni-Oh so long as KT doesn't stuff DLC up its ass (who am I kidding)
No you use sailsman buzzwords like "cinematic" "core gamers" "mobile apps to enhance your experience" "fish swim away from the player AI" as a selling point.
Dark Souls III
Odin Sphere: Leiftrasir
Nier: Automata
Street Fighter V
Ace Combat 7
Persona 5

No particular order.

#FE might make the list depending on localization shenanigans.
why is there 2 wargreymon? an orange and a blue version, number 152, 153.

If this can maintain quality unlike The Divison then it will make my list too. Particularly now that I have a PS4 and don't have to deal with Uplay.
Is it normal for Persona fans to not enjoy the social aspects of the games?

I enjoyed the combat, but found it nothing all that special. What made the game for me was the story and characters, and how you had to be a regular student on top of stopping this grand evil.

Also, I enjoy 4 > 3 which I heard isn't normal.

Persona 4 is definitely the most popular, and social links are basically Persona's shtick at this point. So yeah, it'd be unusual to be a fan of Persona not not like the social links.
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