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>Go back and try playing games from 3...
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>Go back and try playing games from 3 or 4 years ago that was never able to max when I first played them
>Still can't max them
>Graphics card is more powerful than any card that was on the market back then

This always makes me wonder what theoretical supercomputer of the future the game was designed to run on.

Do devs do this on purpose? Were they planning on one day a card being released that could max the game?
There must be some super deluxe graphics card that only rich people know about.
Every Assassin's Creed game
thats improbable

games need more than just a graphics card t run well

most likely your processor is a shitpiece
What if my processor is better then what was on the market back then?
well until you fucking tell me the requirements of the game and your specs this is just a bullshit hypothetical
Name the game or OP is a faggot, as always.
Assasns Creed 3. A 4.5Ghz i5 and a GTX 970
specs are more than just cpu and gpu
you ffffffaggot
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>playing SWAT4
>fps drops to 30's on some missions
>turn off shadows
>no change
>set everything to the lowest option
>still no change
game dev here, two main reasons.

Firstly, it might be some stuff left over from when we were doing promo shots or something. Crank up AA, AF, offscreen/onscreen resultions for rendertextures, etc etc etc. Don't be an idiot and call it actual gameplay screenshots, but if you want something in print or a very large image (HR background or something you'll be looking at for a while) you really need the res and quality. This runs at 1 second per frame on something we spend a boatload on that otherwise does precomputing work 24/7.

Secondly, for PC users some people like different things. X graphics card might be able to do goo AA but bad postfx and average something else. Even on the same graphics card, another user might like a different combination. Obviously to max everything is impossible at the time, but we leave the ability to do so in there so that anyone playing later can turn an old games graphics up to 11.

Hope that explains everything
Every poorfag now has 8GB of RAM so it's not even worth mentioning how much ram someone has.
The game is not optimized then.
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>run a game
>back then it was hard to run
>new graphic card
>easier to run
>sounds like an airplane taking off though

Honestly tired of dealing with this stupid shit on pc. If its not a fan acting up then its a paste. If its not that then its a gpu not being strong enough despite it being well over the requirements. If not that then shitty port and shadows and other small options just cook the gpu.

I think I need to go back to 2005 and just stick with consoles again
I liked the jokes back in early Crysis days, about how you needed to work at NASA to run Crysis optimally.
It's not just your graphics card you fucking idiot. If your processor is shit, your graphics card could be military grade and you'd -still- get shit performance.
Indie, AA or AAA?
Cant Max stable 60 h1z1 on a gtx980 ti
Can Max stable 60 Crysis
this will continue to be an issue regardless of what is released. shit like hairworks will bring even the most powerful setups to their knees.

adaptive sync is the future, but it's too expensive right now, so you have to deal with just leaving settings lower or off.
used to do a little bit of everything, not 'in the game' any more though, but will probably jump back in as a fully self-funded team in a few years.
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Any trade secrets you can share?
nothing that'd be of interest to anyone here really.

The only thing is to avoid buying from companies who should out "we don't have any more designers! Everyone helps!". If you thought programmer art was bad and the shitty scripts from designers made you cry, wait until you see the abominations you get when the programmers and the artists fight over the design.

You'll either get medal of honor YOU LOOK THIS WAS AND WATCH OUR BIG FANCY EXPLOSION AND THEN YOU TAKE 3 STEPS AND WATCH THIS from the artists, or you get some abomination of a system that's 999 levels deep of things you can only use one way or once from the programmers.

Wasn't in a company that did that, but know people who were, and it always tanks and I feel bad for the people who buy based on brands.
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