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What do you look first when choosing a character in a fighting game.
Do you go for the one that appeals to you the most or choose one with a moveset you enjoy/correspond to your style.
Do you prefer zoning on being aggresive with throw/low mixup for example.
Do you follow tier list and use cheap stuff or use honest material.
What's your main character/game , have you git gud or you have no idea wtf you doing.
I always go for the one with a weapon, of any kind.
If there's no weapon, I usually start with a stylish-looking character until I find someone else that clicks for me.
What character has cool offense?
If I don't make a mistake can I be really overwhelming with them?

Akuma (SF, any version)
Falco (SSBM)
I go for characters that have the most dynamic gameplay, a wide variety of possibilities and can perform flashy combos.
first i look for a loli
if there's more than one, i look for feet
if there's no loli i go for the barefoot girl
if there's none of that, the old man with the beard
I just go for the character that appeals to me the most. It varies from game to game: In melee it was Ganon in USFIV it was Cody and SFV it looks like Birdie or FANG

I like the kind of character that hits like a truck and only takes one or two openings to completely blow them up. These characters are generally shit when they're on the defense, unfortunately.

I never follow a tier list, and that causes me a shitload of grief. I just want to git gud with a character that I like, but it holds me back sometimes, especially Ganon in melee

I'm decent at melee, and I'm just starting to git gud at Street Fighter.
I play with my favorites
> inb4 Karenfag
Anyone SF4 EU want to play?

Post steam, if you can beat me in a FT5 I will give away a key of your choice of DmC (the edgy version) or Lost Planet 3.
>What do you look for
The character to appeal to me, be it by design or gameplay, but the moveset makes me much more interested. I like the "new" Dhalsim, but his move list was what made me want to play him.
>zoning or rush down?
Zoning, but not projectile-based, I usually don't know how to properly work with moving hitboxes that have so long recoveries, I prefer long, dominant normals or specials. Example: Bryan in Tekken with his qcb+2,4 is a terrific whiff punisher since backdashing flows very well into his command back dash.
>do you follow tier lists?
No. I only choose characters I feel like playing -or that I are simple for beginners even if I don't like them, like Ken in Third Strike- regardless of tier. The only time a tier would detuour me from continue playing a character would be if that character were so bad to be useless.
>main and game
Tekken and Bryan/Jin. I gited gud, at least to the point were even though I haven't actually played since 2013 because of horrible internet and very little competition I can beat most people I come up against that play 24/7.

I also play SC and Netherrealms games at a very decent level, but since they did what they did with MKX I didn't bother going deep with that game. I'd play UNIEL all day long, but I might be the only person in my country to have that game.

I'm also planning on getting SFV and going serious, so hopefully they don't treat the consumers like Warner.
I pick someone based on their character and make it work, even if they have a fighting style I'm shit at using because I'll get it eventually.
I like your style.
Are you into SF?
I don't really care what they look like, I play probably every character for like a couple games with ZERO knowledge of their tech or wahtever, just movesets.

If they are fun, then I play them
Whatever appeals to me first design wise and also their voice if the game has one.
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I choose big and dumb characters, because I'm big and dumb myself.
I sometimes pick characters based of of what weapons they have. If a character is using some radically weird weapon that's impractical as fuck, it peeks my interest on what their play style is like. I also like fast rush down characters as well. And since females are usually fast over strong I've played as allot of females in fighting games

SolCal2 - Taki/Ivy
CvS2 - Rock
SFIV/V - Cammy
KoF - Iori/Terry/Mai
BB - Izayoi/Kagaru
GG - Sol/Leo/Elphelt

I just love cool looking characters though so this it fluctuates from game to game.
I go for the character that is not flashy, someone who allows me to focus on the game rather then on the characters execution.
It's like maining Viper during sf4's release. It's a mistake for %99 of the playerbase. I went straight to Chun Li in sf4, and in sf5 i intend to do the same.
File: Civ 4 AE.jpg (242 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Civ 4 AE.jpg
242 KB, 1280x720
I start with the appeal but because I'm a scrub its 90% certain that I'll suck with any chosen character. After that it is just a process of elimination of picking the next visually appealing character until I find one that I can play.

The only real exception is Sheeva that I've always liked playing and who makes me peepee hard. Of course she tends to suck in every game she is in but I'm not playing on high enough level for tiers to truly matter. If you understand your character you are far more likely to win than just picking a S tier guy and spamming.
I liked SFIV, but never got deep into it because I only had a PS3 up until 2013 -when I got my PC- up to that moment, I had AE for PS3, and you know how bad that version is. I love Third Strike, -but I only got a decent fiber connection 2 months ago in a country with trash tier internet, so again I had nobody to play with- yet I would say I like SF, since I never played ST or the Alpha games, but enjoyed the competitive scene in IV. But I am very interested in the new SF.
good taste
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If I pick up a new fighting game, I look for the girl that I like the most. Cause more often than not, girls are generally faster in fighting games, and being able to get hits in is important. Good moves are nice too but not a deal breaker cause I can deal with adversity, being a Taiga main in dengeki, Bridget main in GG, and an Asuka main in tekken just to name a few.
I do use guides to get a rough idea how to play the character/predict what my opponent will use, but I just mostly skim through it, way faster to learn through experience.
Main game is uniel right now, I'm a Hilda/Eltnum main.
I don't know what gravitated me towards Chun-Li, but it clicked. Now I love charge characters. I use Chun, Bipson, and Decapre. And in 3S I use Urien.

I guess I like both playstyles since I can switch it on a dime with these characters mid match.

I can't wait for Urien to drop in SFV. I can main him and Chun-LI
I go for a QT that matches my playstyle, that being a Really agile "fuck you up with 103846 connected combos" character.
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I select character based on his moveset. Characters I like usually "click" with me. If I play against someone with interesting style, I might try this char out.
I'm not that great at the game.
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I hate charge characters in SF but I've been fucking with Bison allot recently. Something about seeing him move in V got me wanting to git gud with him.

I'm still maining the shit outa Cammy though. Best Buy pre order here I cum!!!
The pre order costumes are a godsend
File: guile-sitting.png (193 KB, 438x407) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I only use charge characters and prefer zoning with a projectile and punish everything.
Mostly play Champion edition and Super turbo on fightcade , main is Guile , got a dictator and honda on the side.
Really tried to like sf4 but I couldn't.
File: Jam2.png (488 KB, 529x736) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
488 KB, 529x736
I choose the cutest one most of the time. I want to do that in SIGN but Jam isn't in until Revelator, so it's Slayer for now.

In BB though, I want to play Rachel because she's the cutest, but Mu-12 is the one that clicks for me the most. Still trying to get better with Rachel though.
Someone introduce this bitch to salad
I don't like her hair in this one. They look fine on pictures, but not so great in motion. It just grates me how her swept back hair defy gravity and momentum and stay in flat shape perfectly throughout the whole animation.
Nothing wrong with being a karenfag, as long as you're ready to lose against min-maxers.
Every competitive games need more peoples that play to have fun
I don't understand how people pick one character and still enjoy fighting games

I like the genre, but if I wasn't messing around with all the available options I would get bored real quick
I pick whoever I can do combos with, usually go into training pick random, practice a bit, see if I can do combos or any setups if I can do it easily I'll try to main that person.
Oh and I'm getting into Guilty Gear and am loving Millia.
>What I look for first

Design > Gameplay > Difficulty

>What I end up going with

Gameplay > Difficulty > Design

Or course I'll always try out the characters who I think look the best from a design standpoint first, but ultimately it comes down to how they actually play and how easy it is for me to learn them. Like I just can't get into zoners no matter what the game even if I do like the designs of some of them.
This is how I justify being bisexual
people usually start going deeper into strats, it requires a lot of time and dedication.
But almost no one sticks with 1 char all the time, this is why we use term "main".
I'm a diehard character specialist most of the time, and the reason why is I want to my character inside and out. Every option, every matchup, every little trick there is to know. I want to get AMAZING at one character, not pretty good with a lot of them
File: Potemkin.png (1 MB, 965x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What seems to happen is that I always pick a character that is low on the tier list. I never do it on purpose, it just happens that I enjoy their playstyle a bunch in comparison to the others. For example:
>Skullgirls: Big Band
>Third Strike: Q
>Alpha 3: Birdie
>Guilty Gear Xrd: Potemkin
I hate these "really fast but low damage" characters you find in fighting games most of the time. Let me do a chunk of damage every time I hit you. The problem is that I have to work a lot to get those hits in, which makes me a little upset. I do play shotos a lot too since I'm relatively new to fighting games (for instance I mostly play Ryu and Sagat in USF4), and I like how they're kind of the medium between "huge damage but slow" and "fast but weak".

Zoning is something I do like, which is funny since I used to be one of those guys that would laugh at Street Fighter when I saw people "spamming fireballs".

List of mains just to finish off this blog:
>JoJo: Heritage for the Future - Kakyoin
>Garou: Mark of the Wolves - Terry
>SF: Third Strike - Q
>SF: Alpha 3 - Birdie
>USF4 - Ryu/Sagat
>Skullgirls - Big Band/Beowulf/Filia
>GG:Xrd - Potemkin
I also play KoF '98 and '02, but not as often and don't really have a team yet. When SFV drops I'll be sticking with Ryu a bit and trying out new Birdie.
It's a matter of finding that character that clicks just right with you, like a weapon or playstyle. If you really enjoy a character or weapon, you use it more than the others. You can still use other ones, nobody is saying they won't, but it's nice having a preference you have the most fun with instead of always changing.
All of those characters are actually just huge hilarious men.

>Q: [heavy breathing and grunting]
>Big Band: "I gotta see a man about a cat."
I'm a faggot so I always end up going for the speedy characters that have less health than someone with my skill level should have.
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2015 - 1 (2).jpg
89 KB, 626x834
first i try the most close combat/fist character (bonus points if its a chinese girl like jam)

then i try everything else and i keep the ones that just click in
File: Faustspriteani.gif (39 KB, 316x242) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The first I choose is always by design, and usually it's the quirky/eccentric ones (Faust, Wario, Arakune, Dudley, Charade, Big Band). I may or may not end up maining the chosen character, but I'd usually still put it on the bench at least for fun.

Playstyle (with a design I don't hate) would be the next one, and this is usually a character with good range in their gameplay (Chun Li, Robo Fortune, Toon Link). Guess I would hover towards being a zoning faggot in that sense, though I don't actually like playing full zoner like Dhalsim, I like to rush in and attack most of the time after annoying the enemy with some projectiles/pokes first.

Overall, design > playstyle for me. If I like a character enough I'll just suck it up and learn to enjoy his/her playstyle.
I go for characters I like but I probably shouldn't because it takes longer to learn the game properly. I play pretty passively in general. I don't really pay attention to tier lists. I used to play chun and oni in sf4 but I was only ok like 2000pp, online scrub only. I fucking suck now, stopped playing a while ago because my new place has bad internet.
Of course Gamestop nabbed the Beard Ryu (at least in Sweden) so fuck that. Two of the stores I usually buy from got Cammy so I guess I'll go with that.
Haven't seen if anyone has the Bison one though.
hair is a big problem for the majority of the cast. Just look at Necalli's dreads. They look like they weigh 50 grams.
low test anon detected
I will never understand how he's supposed to be played. Sure I've watched matches with him and fucked around with him, but it doesn't make me any brighter about it.
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He's one of the quirky design characters I immediately went for but couldn't get into at all.
Eccentric characters with a fittingly semi-eccentric playstyle. And most of them just happen to be grapplers.

>Clark Still
I pick the rekka character or the one with good mid-range normals. Only charge character I like is Balrog.
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>want to get into kof
>look at those inputs
>all I know to do is charge moves
That is also part of it yes. For specific moves and such on those guys:
>Q: "HMMPH"/his command grab that launches upwards
>Pot: "POTEMKIN BUSTA"/"HEAT....EXTEND!"/his entire insta-kill/basically everything he does.
Sumo wrestler ------> Fat guy ---------> Disgusting guy

I always go like this

Remember to optimize your crush counter punishes!
I like trying out all fighting game characters and seeing their moveset, then I decide which one is coolest based on design + moveset.

For Street Fighter V, I'm almost certainly gonna main F.A.N.G.
Long range normals
Invincible DP
Fast walk speed
Good fireballs

If the fireballs have tons of plus frames and move slowly then that is better.
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Any character with counters or a super counter.
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I usually go with ones that have a pro-wrestling background. I don't know why, just really into Jap wrestling I guess.
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my mains.jpg
1 MB, 1437x940
I gravitate towards either the weirdest motherfucker on the roster, or the coolest one.

if they're too technical for me to play well, then I go down the list until I find one I can actually play. exception here is Dante, I can't play him well at all but I fucking love Dante so I try to make it work anyway.
File: ZA WARIO.jpg (95 KB, 600x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Me too bro
My rule is always go for the weird character
If that doesnt work, go for the giant character
Bonus points if its a giant weird character
>SF: Rufus
>Blazblu: Tager
>Guilty Gear: Faust
>SSB4: Wario
>P4A: Kanji
>JJBA ASB: Funny Valentine (not sure that counts but whatev)
>Skullgirls: Big Band + Fukua
Fast rushdown characters with no projectiles solid zoning and top notch jagga toofs are my jam.

I main Adon in SF.
File: dudleystance.gif (106 KB, 106x116) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I base my character choice firstly on aestetics. If i think they look cool ill try to pick them up. I always felt i was better at defensive/ zoning playstyles than rush down but always seem to like rush down characters. Also i dont look at teir lists to pick charactets, I play who i think is cool. I play pic related in 3s/ 4 and im ok i wouldnt say im good or bad
File: problem, sagat.jpg (30 KB, 480x268) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
problem, sagat.jpg
30 KB, 480x268

>Go for weirdest char or go the big guy

Muh nigga
I look for Ryu

Because I've been playing him since around 1995 back when I was just mashing on a SNES controller trying to figure out how I got him to do a shoryuken.
coolest looking guy -> hottest chick -> whatever comes after that.
File: 1398656828201.gif (6 KB, 569x510) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>enjoy character's playstyle
>hate the design or character itself
What's his/her name?
File: 1440456753971.png (142 KB, 301x443) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I just choose the one I like the design of the most and get good at them.
Carl Clover. Jesus fuck I hate that little fuck but he's so amazingly fun to play with.
I like fast swords. I like holy swords.

I like command grabs a lot - that satisfying "gotcha" feeling that just clicks. This is even better in games like Xrd where pot buster does a latching sound.

I dunno what it is. Some characters just click and some don't. Some days I find Ryu to be the coolest character and some days it's someone else.
I usually just play around and find characters I enjoy, but it depends.

In SF4 I started with fei long because I liked his rekkas and normals

Then I learned Rufus because of his dive kicks and c.mk and I learned to FADC

Then I learned Dudley and Makoto because I just liked those characters

Finally I learned T Hawk because I wanted to learn a grappler and I liked his play style better than Gief's

In V's betas I started with Ryu to get a feel for the game, learned Mika because I love tick commamd throws and corner resets, and Gief because holy shit Gief in V is so fun and versatile
>parry a j. hk at earliest possible frame
>not even +1

Poor ryu.
99% of KoF inputs is standard SF legacy of quater circles and dps.
Maybe some half circles here or there.
And quater cirlce + half circle supers, which should not be a big issue ether.

The crazy pretzel stuff is tiny fraction of moves in KoF.
File: bestgrappler.jpg (165 KB, 700x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
165 KB, 700x1024
Does it have to be traditional big-guy sumo wrestler or does pic count too?

Doesn't matter if it's the coolest looking character in the game, I don't like playing as charge characters.
I plat characters mostly based on their aesthetics, or their personality. After I find someone I think is cool, I mess around with them to see if I dig their playstyle. I don't give a fuck about tiers.
List of mains
SFIV: Cody
3rd Strike: Sean
Guilty Gear (any of them): Axl Low
BB: Taokaka
Tekken: Miguel or Paul
JoJo: Oldseph
UNIEL: Akatsuki
KoF: King
Persona: Junpei
ASB: Okuyasu
Soulcalibur: Raphael
Darkstalkers: B.B Hood
MvC: Joe, Arthur, Thor
File: ky.jpg (168 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
168 KB, 1920x1080
i have a preference for characters that have a simple and aesthetically appealing art design, and have an array of good normals to control the neutral game:

ky kiske
fei long
File: fightan mains.jpg (3 MB, 2310x4818) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
fightan mains.jpg
3 MB, 2310x4818
I guess I like robots
File: Zafina_TTT2.png (141 KB, 250x634) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
141 KB, 250x634
>I like trying out all fighting game characters and seeing their moveset, then I decide which one is coolest based on design + moveset.

same. shame she's not coming back.
File: GohPortraitVF5.jpg (170 KB, 1280x683) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
170 KB, 1280x683
I first look for a game that's balanced.
It's not Street Fighter or Tekken's case.

Then I look for something that suits my playstyle and how a character looks in appearance and style.

Unlike Street Fighter where players only pick a character to win easymode and fast, my Ryu counter is still going on.

In KoF I main Kyo and in VF, Goh.
Thread replies: 82
Thread images: 30
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