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Has anyone given any thought once the modding...
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Has anyone given any thought once the modding tools come out to try and rework Fallout 4's abortion of a plot?

I have a few ideas and I'll lay out a loose blueprint, and maybe we can start a discussion of how we can work this out.

Spoilers ahead.

>remove voice protagonist
>since we're most likely gonna have to rewrite dialogue along the main story, it makes sense to cut it out of the game so he/she won't contradict what we're making him/her say
>rewriting much of the dialogue to give the protagonist more depth
>implement a mass effect wheel, since we've only got 4 slots, one will redirect to extra dialogue options
>no more yes, yes, yes sarcastic, no (yes)
>more diplomatic choices
>remove horrible outro movie
>reimplement slideshow that shows impact on various factions, cities and NPCs

As for faction selection, let's say you go with the railroad, here's what I think should be a viable choice

>pick railroad
>you try to work out an alliance with the minutemen, they will most likely accept (there's obviously gonna be all sorts of thresholds, you can fail, or you can get their help to a lesser extent)
>you try to ally with the BoS
>they're far more reluctant, borderline offended
>you prove to them that the synths are actually just as human as anyone else... somehow)
>you agree to relinquish your gauss rifles and other powerful tech
>you agree to hand over PAM
>in exchange you get their tech support to fight the institute
>you disable institute's various synth bureaus, damage their production beyond repair
>kill all basic synths, liberate most human-like synths
>disable teleportation, only leaving them their sewer tunnels
>maintain loose contact with the institute, making sure they won't be up to no good anymore
>railroad helps synths find a new life, be safe from anti-synth humans and BoS
>BoS agrees to keep the Commonwealth safe, patrols
>trump image
>thread is full of shit and wall text

make sense
>in exchange, BoS confiscate whatever tech they can
>minutemen do their minecraft thing, also help keep Commonwealth safe
>Institute left alive, but severely disabled and isolated

Say you chose the Institute

>no more kill everybody lol they're a threat to my research and ambiguos saving of humanity
>you still have to take out the BoS, they can't be negotiated with
>the railroad can't be taken out physically, they're an idea
>final mission is to jump in their headquarters
>you capture the leaders, show them that synths are tools
>show them all the synths they ever liberated were only the ones they allowed
>they're all sleeper agents
>give order
>all human synths kill the nearest human to them
>deacon wakes up, shoots tinker tom in the head, speaks in synth basic voice
>railroad stops existing
>institute wins

What do you guys think? Anyone think we can make Fallout good again?
>lol werds r gay
Don't you think that Fallout 4's story is really lacking?

Couldn't we feasibly fix it with mods?

Everything I say is unironically.
Everything I;ve posted is a loose blueprint. I don't wanna change the one choice of every faction into one other choice. I want them to branch out, like New Vegas

>inb4 New Vegas fanboy

I want every faction to have at least 3 ways to complete the main quest, not just nuke everything.
Mods can't fix a fundamentally bad story.

The game is unfinished. The map feels lifeless and all the story's supposed moral questions are made irrelevant when it doesn't actually feel like you're affecting people's lives.
Because it doesn't feel like people even live in the region.
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I believe it can, I mean look at New Vegas and how it's putten in almost like extra DLCs. They bountry hunter thing and all that.

I'm not a programmer, but what I think needs to happen is

>replace dialogue texts
They've already had that happen in a mod
>disable quest targets
>set up new ones
>change NPC affinity to the player
Like, some won't be hostile where they should've in the original main story
>give NPCs new routes to walk, so they'll move to where you need them to in the rewritten quests

I can't imagine needing more than that.

>remove optimus prime, fucking meme shit
>since you can build settlements, we can build our own new areas that we might need
>remove outro movie, replace with logical slideshow of screenshots

Am I missing anything else that needs to be rewritten in the code?
I imagine that the entire code for the main story is just a series of
>if (protagonst = did this / is here)
>return (this quest target)
Not absolutely everything needs to be reworked.

The first half of the story where you try to find your son is good enough. Pretty lackluster, but fine.

I want the portion where you pick factions and work shit out with them redone.
>bring back the slideshow
That shit was retarded even back in New vegas, I dont want my ending to be a fucking power point.
It doesn't HAVE to be a slideshow.
But a meaningful ending that shows the consequences of your actions is far more agreeable than a vague bullshit emotional scene where the voice of your protagonist says some shit you will never relate to.

But hey, is that all you found disagreeable with my ideas?
I want your input. What things would you change with the faction system of F4?
Here's a major gripe with a minor thing I have with Fallout 4 writing.

I chose the male protagonist.

>veteran of war against chinese comunists
>find chinese sub
>meet a chinese ghoul captain that tells you he nuked america
>Im fresh out of cryogenic stasis
>the war took my world, my family
>there's no conflict when I talk to the guy
>I'm not mad
>he begs for my help
>just give it
>there's no dialogue options to ask him
>what's it like
>how's china
>why'd you nuke my country
>why are you a commie basterd

It was such a disappointing experience, and that was just a little thing that could've been written really well, really easily. But no. It's all casual, dumbed down bullshit. I hate Bethesda for that so much. Even if they kept their bullshit action adventure, no RPG, poor faction system Fallout 4, they still could've at least put in the effort to write a bit more intelligently, but no. They made a deliberate choice not to.
Thread replies: 12
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