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>mods actually deleted a fucking THIEF thread
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>mods actually deleted a fucking THIEF thread
fuck you fags let's have a Thief thread
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>perfectly fine thief thread gets deleted
>skyrim furry thread stays up

what are some good fan made levels to play? give me the cream of the crop.
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reposting from previous thread

To play Thief on modern computers
use TFix for Thief The Dark Project/Thief Gold: http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=134733
use tafferpatcher for Thief 2: http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=131106
Graphical mods not recommended.

Fan Mission forums:

Fan Mission listing by type:

A few worthwhile Fan Missions for Thief Gold or Thief 2:
(Do your research, some of these are parts of series that should be played in order)
T2X: Shadows of the Metal Age (it's an entire game)
The Inverted Manse
Rocksbourg series
Conspiracies in the Dark
Trail of Blood 2
The 7 Shades of Mercury
Calendra's Cistern (consider the recent updated version)
Calendra's Legacy
Between These Dark Walls
Shadow Politics
Endless Rain
The Ashen Age
Rose Cottage
The Unseen
Bad Debts
The Hand of Glory
Mystic Gems: Heart of Bohn
The Power of Suggestion
The Order of the Vine
A Better Tomorrow
Unbidden Guest
The 7th Crystal
Augustine's Revenge
Heist Society
The Seven Sisters
Broken Triad
Bones Ep1: The Old Quarter
Returning a Favor
The Black Frog
Sepulcher of Sinistral
COSAS: Mission X
Greyfeather Gems (Part 1: The Shipment, and Part 2: Rodamill)
Shadow of Doubt
Third Time's the Charm
Relic - Left for Dead
Saints and Thieves
Stone and Glass House
The Tower
The Saint of Redmound
Hidden Agenda
L'Arsene series
Amoral Dilemma
Ominous Bequest Gold
Death's Turbid Veil
Breaking the Stone
Gems of Provenance
Lorgan's Web
Lady Whitman's Disease
Chalice of Souls
Of Thieves and Rubies
Whispers in the Desert
From Beneath the Sands
Pirates Ahoy!
Sturmdrang Peak
Rowena's Curse
Evil Thievery
The Widow's Ire
Into the Maelstrom
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Why the fuck did it get deleted?

Anyway, did anyone else try to lock guards in Raoul's secret room in Song of the Caverns?
I just played the gog version. That worked fine for me.
Am i the only one that hates the levels where you need to fight zombies and shit and not doing actual THIEVING.
Just because the original thread went missing, doesn't mean the mods deleted.

You don't think it might have been stolen?
The gog version uses those patches, which is why it did. That said I don't know if gog keeps them up to date, if not they may still have to be updated in order to work with some fan missions.
>Mods deleted a Thief thread
I want off neo-/v/'s wild ride
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Hmm I wonder who could have done it.
Before reboot:
>Thief 3 sucks omg
After reboot:
>You know, 3 wasn't that bad.
No, that's why they moved away from those in T2. But I don't get the complaint, why isn't stealing from those locations not actual thieving? And it's not like you actually have to fight the monsters outside of maybe one occasion.
We can't have people actually discussing vidya, can we? Now go and report to your closest eceleb or waifu thread.
I tried Thief with an old CRT monitor. The blacks are nice and it generally looks better but at some points it's too dark. If that's the way it was designed I can understand why the guards have trouble seeing Garrett.
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why are graphical mods not recommended? does a higher resolution texture pack count?
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Does anyone recognize this mission? I saw it being posted around when Newdark came out, before I played Thief, and it doesn't look like an OM.
Because most of them are either ugly, pointless, or works in progress. The first one applies to the texture packs.
I haven't played any custom mission but that looks amazing for the thief engine.
I believe it's Sturmdrang Peak.
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Newdark enables some cool stuff.
Is mapping in dromed as easy as something like Hammer? Making custom missions sounds fun.
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I don't have much experience with it but people say it's a bitch. It seemed simple when I used it but I can imagine how it would get awkward to use with actual complex maps. It was fun though.
File: dump000.png (2 MB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1920x1080

Cool, I played the first mission from that but never got around to the rest. I liked that it was a daytime mission, reminded me of Precious Cargo.
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Second chapter of Keeper of Infinity is out
it's actually improved since the fanpatch removed loading screens though
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Was it actually supposed to do anything? When it showed in that room with the safe in Angelwatch it just ran away and then stopped in a kitchen.
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why is this allowed
Hey, I'm going to the Bear Pits tomorrow. Ya wanna come with?
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post favorite levels
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