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What's the best way to play the Chalice...
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What's the best way to play the Chalice dungeons?

After DLC? Before?
Right after I obtain them?
New game?
Pretty much never unless you feel like you need better bloodgems.
the only correct why is
don't i love bloodborne but the chalice doungens are wank i only played trough them once to get the trophy for killing queen yharnam and it was a chore

Play the normal chalices as you go along the game, if you don't you'll be lacking in damage, only bother with FRC root chalice nightmares when you want to pvp.
After you finish the game in NG+.

If you do them through the game you will be overleveled.
The dlc fixed all the dungeons and bosses though
>if you don't you'll be lacking in damage
Are you high?
He's correct, you need to get the high level gems in the late game root chalice dungeons if you want to do High damage in pvp. He's only high in ar I'm hilarious
>only bother with FRC root chalice nightmares when you want to pvp
He was talking about PvE.
After you gain access to a chalice, start one up, do an area in the main game, return to the chalices and pick up another, do another area in the main game, and so on.

I think /bbg/ has chalice dungeon speed run images and maps. To help you get the loot, and warp out of them clean and quick.

>Reminder that you only need to do the main chalices.
>Root chalices only provide you with higher tier items and gems, as well as enemies and blood echoes, but are unnecessary.
>Root chalices are the only completely "randomly generated" chalice dungeons.
>Every non-root chalice is actually the same for every player all over the world.
>Selecting the "Shared Chalice" option when creating a chalice dungeon will allow you to see player ghosts and messages, and allow for summoning and invasions.

At first you may take an hour or more to finish one chalice dungeon, but as you become more used to it you can cut it down to 15 to 20 minutes. Where you spend just 5 minutes per area, and the average chalice dungeon has 3 areas.

I haven't actually done any chalice dungeons. I got up to Rom without too much trouble but now Yahargul is kicking my ass, have I messed up?
No. But Chalice Dungeons have like 5 tiers.

Based on my experience...
Tier 1 = Enemies are like level 10, 15-30 when cursed/rotted offering is added
Tier 2 = Level 25, level 50-75 when cursed/rotted
Tier 3 = Level 50, level 60-70 when cursed/rotted
Tier 4 = Level 75, level 80-100 when cursed/rotted
Tier 5 = Level 100+, level 125-150 when cursed/rotted

So when you reach level 200 for example, even the highest tier chalice dungeons will be a cake walk if you master your foes and use your gun to effect.

*Cursed and rotted are offerings that you can add to chalices to make them more difficult. Some mainline chalices have them by default
>Cursed = HP bar cut in half permanently inside that chalice dungeons, but loot is one tier above the ordinary chalice dungeon
>Rotted = Enemy HPx2, but loot is one tier above the ordinary
They stack.

So the only thing you might see is enemies attacking you and they end up doing little to no damage when they attack you if you start doing the chalices late game.
Oh, I messed up. My mistake Its actually:

Fetid Offering
Requires Sage's Wrist or Sage's Hair. Boost enemy stats, increases blood echoes, and increases number of items dropped by enemies.

Rotted Offering
Requires Inflicted Organ or Yellow Backbone. triggers one of, or a combination of the following effects: the eye collector appears and summons mad ones, tomb prospector hunters appear, the labyrinth ritekeeper appears, and increases the chance of getting powerful blood gems.

Cursed Offering
Requires Bastard of Loran. The player suffers by only having one half of their normal health. All enemies will drop cursed Blood Gems. Blood Echoes rewards increased by 20%. Increased drop rate for rare items.

Taken from Fextralife.
Never. Unless you're arcane.
So what's so bad about these chalice dungeons? I don't have bloodborne yet but was planning on buying it. The idea of procedurally generated extra areas sounded really appealing. Are they just boring?
Boring, sometimes stupidly frustrating, and all but a few of the bosses are interesting. Sometimes the bosses are just regular enemies with larger health pools. Also they're pretty much mandatory if you want to excel at PvP because enemies in the main game don't drop very good bloodgems.
Nothing, you're in /v/ this is a place of a brunch of fucking faggot who whine about everything
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The environments are super samey

The hidden bosses in the deeper ones are cool, especially since there's a 'storyline' set of them that takes you through a specific progression to the super secret hyper-optional boss, but getting to that requires a fuckton of grinding.

Plus, the best gems- items you can socket onto weapons to give them special boosts- require insane amounts of farming the same dungeons over and over again. The procedural generation for the best farming spots are nice, but after running through it a dozen fucking times in hopes that has the effect you want on it is enough to drive even the most hardcore korean bonkers
If you're up to Rom you should be able to smash out the first several Dungeons with ease. I always go back to them when i'm overleveled just to get through it fast.
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to be fucking honest, if the actual design could be half of this level, the dungeons should double the fun than current version.
Whenever you want, they go from levels 25 to 125+ depths 1 to 5.

The Fetid/Rotted/Cursed versions of depth 5 are even harder.

So who are the Watchers anyway?
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ANOTHER Bloodborne thread
They're pthumerians who still continue to extend the chalice dungeons. There isnt much lore about it, but thats basically the gist of it.
Fuck off.

Are they undead or just sort of devolved tribes?
Wait till you're about level 100 so you can breeze through most of them.
This is if your main goal is to get to the queen.
Pthumerians are an ancient race that the Byrgenwerth scholars met when they explored the tombs. They're just ancient beings, there isnt much lore about them.
Chalice dungeons would be 1000x better if they were just boss runs

Yeah, but I thought they were ancient humans, like atlantis-types. If they're mortal then they've probably got some sort of cities or settlements down there, but if they're undead or immortals or whatever then they wouldn't.
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